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The scene with Hot Pie was my favorite

I mean, yes the 4 ladies and their Table Of War as well as finally seeing Nymeria and her pack was amazing.

But there was something about the Arya/Hot Pie scene. Arya is seeing a friend again - the first time we’ve seen her reconnect with anyone she knew before Braavos-and initially she doesn’t seem to care. She’s not sad, but she’s not excited or particularly happy- I know Hot Pie wasn’t particularly a beloved friend of hers, but she showed less of a reaction than she did meeting total strangers in the pop star cameo scene last week. You’d think she’d be at least as animated as that, but no . A girl needs to eat. And Hot Pie is filling her in about his meeting with Brienne - so many seasons ago- and she’s not really reacting. A girl needs some ale. And you can see Hot Pie is affected by this. He almost looks like he feels sorry for her: like somehow he knows this change could not have been brought about by anything happy or pleasant. She focuses on chewing and barely makes eye contact. When she talks about cooking and preparing human flesh she sort of kicks herself for not browning the butter. It’s unclear how this Arya will fit into society- will she be able to connect to anyone?

And then, the moment he tells her that Jon Snow is at Wintefell, she stops chewing. Drops the half eaten pie. Half heartedly accuses Hot Pie of lying because the possibility of this being true is too much to hope for. And at that moment she almost looks her age again. She almost looks hopeful and happy. Not smiling about a kill she just made- not Faceless Man satisfied. But she looked like Arya again. Like there might be some of that child she used to be still left- despite the fact that her childhood ended long ago.

And she has that one long moment on the horse, where she has to decide to go south or north. And you see her let go of what had been driving her- her mission to kill the queen. Her duty as assassin- even one that is more or less freelancing since abandoning the House of Black and White. She turns her back in it, literally, for the chance to see her brother again. A girl is still Arya Stark.

Two girls being in a relationship for yEars so they know the other person inside out, and then whenever they have a bad argument they keep being passive aggressive towards eachother, but then when outside people join in they immediately defend each other and destroy the others because it’s something between the two of them and they know they’ll forgive and forget by the end of the day

‘’I don’t want all those girls who believed in hope to cry anymore’’

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#ehhhhh#i know this is true#but why does it feel like the only people who say this#are people who are already in relationships#i've read so many books about christian dating and what-not#all written by married people of course / I can relate to this so much. Also, every Christian dating book I've read has been awful purity culture bullshit, I wish I never read them because they fucked me up

I’m guessing you’ve read “I Kissed Dating Goodbye”? My dad got that book for me as a teenager and it’s one of the worst offenders. The fact that the author has since apologized for some of the things he wrote and is making a film about the book’s impact is proof to me that the stuff he said doesn’t work. When people can’t get to know potential mates in a low pressure environment since the weighty expectancy of marriage is always there, no wonder so many people have been messed up.