to the fistpumping

little (link) things from botw that i love

- the little song he hums when he cooks
- that little cheer/fistpump he does when he cooks something good
- that pose he did when he first got the gerudo vai outfit
- at the zora inn after choosing the special water bed option he spends a good few seconds jumping on it and laughing before actually going to sleep
- any of his interactions with zelda and the champions
- playing with/feeding the doggos
- petting horses
- that look of utter shock he gets when he reaches for his weapon but doesn’t have anything equipped
- the little giggle he does after a great fairy boops him

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Ok but listen

One of the Paladins, probably Hunk, got off earth with his wallet in his pocket.

He doesn’t think a thing of it; earth cash is worthless in space

A few weeks into life flying through the galaxy in a castle ship finds him sitting around feeling really comfortable and realizing he needs a simple task done. Maybe he left the oven on. Maybe he forgot the Thing he was working on in another room and needed it in this room. Maybe he was thirsty and wanted a drink.
Point is, he didn’t wanna get up

So he kinda side eyes Lance
“Hey Lance, do the thing for me.”
“Dude no. Do it yourself.”

A lightbulb pops up in Hunks mind: “I’ll pay you” he says

Lance perks up: “how much we talkin’?”

Consideration: “five dollars”
Negotiation: “make it ten.”
Refutation: “dude I bet I could get Keith to do it for three.”

Keith shrugs. Hunk translates that to “I probably wouldn’t actually, but I want to see where this goes” or possibly “I heard my name and this is probably an appropriate acknowledgement of that, but I haven’t actually been paying attention.”

Surrender: “fine. Five.” Lance goes and does the task, and comes back, “pay up, Hunk.”

Hunk roots through his wallet.
“You got change for a ten?”
“Well… Tens are all I’ve got… So… I guess I’ll give you one and you’ll owe me a five-dollar-favor?”
“Yeah sure. Sounds fair enough.”

Lance leaves the room, satisfied, just in time for hunk to break out laughing. Hard enough that the rest of team Voltron is Concerned (is this an existential crisis? Hmmm. No, not yet). Breathless, hysterical. In subsides after a time.

“You… Realize earth money is worthless in space, right?” Keith asks

Hunk starts laughing again, but nods. He just gave Lance a worthless piece of paper with a number on it in return for two favors. And it’s Priceless
(If we’re being honest, the favors were actually worth like, maybe two dollars each, but who cares? A favor is a favor, and earth cash is utterly useless anywhere but planet earth, what else is he gonna spend it on?)
But wait this definitely continues. Lance keeps doing tasks for worthless money.
Eventually Lance tries bribing Hunk back. And y'know what? Hunk was running low on cash, and it’d be good to have some in reserve, just in case he’s feeling especially lazy and wants to bribe Lance. So Hunk accepts. He gets ten dollars back (he managed to wrangle it so that it was ten dollars for a six-dollar-task especially well-done, so the ten is all his)

And it’s funny, it’s kinda fun, and it works. Lance does tasks for money, hunk does tasks for money to give to Lance to do tasks (you probably see where this is going)

Suddenly one day, the other Paladins realize how well it’s working and yknow what? They. Want. In.

Hunk started it all out with oh, about thirty dollars; a ten, a twenty, and about 63 cents. Lance had four ones. Pidge brings in two tens, three fives, and seven quarters. Keith adds about 5 dollars in loose change that he won’t admit to why he has.
Shiro didn’t have anything to add bc he spent the last year as a space prisoner, and Allura and Coran aren’t from earth and don’t use the same currency

It starts tame. Lance was bartering for a task to be worth a full ten. Keith pops up and says he’ll do it for five. Lance says fuck that, he’ll do it for four. Keith says $2.50, Lance says $2, Keith deliberates for a minute but says $1.25, Lance gets on his knees and begs to do it for $1. Keith surrenders the bid. Lance fistpumps and almost shouts about winning (who am I kidding. He definitely shouted) he sprints out of the room to do the task.
Keith high-fives Hunk. Hunk returns it, with a sense of foreboding
(Keith doesn’t really participate, except to bait Lance into doing a task cheap)

Shiro did not have any money to start. He rectifies this by quickly earning Hunks twenty and one of Pidge’s tens. Keith bribes him with three pounds of loose change for something else, something secret. He accepts the bribe. He now has $35. He spends it wisely. Responsibly. And definitely does not use the twenty to convince Lance to shut up for one 24 hour period. (He actually doesn’t! They decide that one dollar for one hour of silence is a perfectly acceptable wage. He buys 20 hours of silence. The other 4 are wasted to sleep. It’s kind of hilarious watching Lance try to charade his way through the day. After that, that’s usually what the twenty gets spent on)

Pidge does a fairly similar thing to Hunk, but quickly becomes known for being a ruthless haggler. She will get what she wants out of this five dollar bill or else. The Paladins fear her. But they obey.

Allura and Coran don’t really get it. But them not getting it has very different results. Allura simply does not participate
Coran… Thinks that Earth Money looks cool, and starts collecting it.
“Hey Coran, I’ll give you a ten if you do this task”
“Hmmm no, I already have one of those… Ooh! Do you have one of the small brown circular ones? I don’t have any of those yet!”
One day he gets ahold of the ever coveted twenty
That day is… Eventful.

All five Paladins crowd around Coran, offering to do anything for that twenty dollar bill. Literally anything.

Hunk breaks first, surprisingly.
This all started with a worthless ten dollar bill and a subtle prank on Lance. After all, earth money is worthless in space.

And now…

In some ass-backward way, his spending-money-because-what-the-hell-it’s-already-worthless has… Made a booming economy, right here in the castle.
A booming economy of about $75.38
Objectively, that total number is not enough to buy a robot. But here Pidge is, offering to build Coran a robot, not even for the seventy-five, but for one single twenty
The money was worthless, but now it is not because he started using it because it was worthless. Causality is confusing and terrifying. Hunk considers having that existential crisis. The money was worthless and now it is not, because he assigned it worth
He wanders off and flops down beside Allura. Her shoulders are shaking slightly. She is laughing.

He turns to the Paladins.
Keith is egging Lance on again, so far Lance has offered to not speak again for a week, no two weeks now. It seems Keith is aiming for one full month of silence.
Pidge is upping the numbers of promised bells and whistles for the bot. So far Hunk is starting to wonder, if Pidge even builds it, if it will replace Coran outright.
Shiro seems to have accepted that he will not win the twenty, so now he is managing the others offers: “no Pidge, the bot may not automatically fire death lasers, we don’t want any accidents. Make it manual control.” “Lance, three weeks of not saying anything at all is a bit excessive. Be reasonable, three weeks no speaking except from a word bank the rest of us choose of no more than 100 words (and except on missions)”
Meanwhile Coran doesn’t really care for a cool robot so much nor for Lance’s silence. He does rather like this “twenty dollar bill” though, because it completes his collection

Keith gets Lance to agree to one full month of silence, except for no more than 100 words from a word bank the others will decide on for $20.
Keith whips out a twenty dollar bill that he’d had in his back pocket all this time and slaps it into Lance’s hand.

Everyone loses their shit.

(Lance’s word bank includes a few useful words like “me,” “you,” everyone in the castle’s names, “space,” “fuck,” “please,” and “thanks” as well as a few out-there but useful ones, like “apologies,” “affirmative,” “negation,” “assemble,” “post,” “prior,” “cerulean,” “vermillion,” “chartreuse” “midnight,” “golden,” “rainbow,” (bc you know, lion colors) and the like. The rest were fairly nonsense, and a few of which were memes; “smorgasbord,” “brouhaha,” “Simba,” (actually, most names from the lion king) “Pepe,” “loss,” “Beyoncé,” and so on.
One memorable day (more like meme-orable day tbh) they got the quote “post smorgasbord, me, you [gesturing at all other paladins], assemble rainbow Simba. Fuck Space Voldemort’s vulnerability”
Translated roughly; “hey guys, after breakfast lets form Voltron and hit Zarkon where it hurts!”

They never do completely stop calling Voltron Rainbow Simba. Like you think it dies down, then suddenly it’s back, like it never left.
Also “yeah man! Fuck space Voldemort’s vulnerability!”)

It’s one of Keith’s favorite things he’s ever done



  • 1/3 of the wild squad
  • sings along to every song, edm effects included, and sings so loudly he goes hoarse
  • asks “HEYHEY ARE YOU HAVING FUN???” every 5 minutes
  • goes hard on the dance floor–that one guy who keeps fistpumping and going AY AY AY
  • winks, sexy tongue action, and lip bites increase by 5X
  • may or may not end up making out with a very clingy and very drunk youngbin


  • touchy/horny drunk (sweet and needy)
  • as he drinks, he migrates from sitting in a seat to someone’s lap
  • crawls over people’s laps and insists that everyone kiss him, uses his leader status to threaten those who are unwilling
  • takes a bunch of drunk selfies, his phone gets confiscated so he won’t post any to social media
  • giggles at everything and keeps tripping bc everything is moving sooo fast
  • accepts almost all advances, dances with a boy who has beautiful feline eyes and big hands


  • 2/3 of the wild squad, touchy/horny drunk (aggressive)
  • is the first to leave the table and has made out with five people by the time someone finds him half an hour later
  • the one guy going through the crowd pinching butts at random
  • somehow manages to keep all of his drink in its cup even though he’s dancing
  • has this sexy cocky half-smile permanently on his face
  • leaves with lipstick smeared over his mouth and bruises on his neck


  • 3/3 of the wild squad
  • starts scream-singing at the top of his lungs, even if he’s at a bar/club and not at a karaoke
  • isn’t even dancing, he’s just jumping up and down and flailing his arms around
  • manages to spill alcohol on everybody in a 6-foot radius, including himself
  • stumbles onstage, grabs the mic–is then removed from the premises


  • happy drunk
  • pretty tame, sits at the table with chani and assists chani w/keeping track of the other guys
  • constantly giggling, has a goofy smile on his face
  • also confesses to chani about 20 times and thinks it’s hilarious when chani tells him “i don’t love you”
  • unsuccessfully tries to get hwiyoung to dance
  • manages to get all of his noodle limbs wrapped around a very unamused chani


  • an affectionate drunk
  • always hanging off someone’s shoulders or backhugging them
  • cute baby who follows his friends around by holding their hands or linking pinkies
  • probably the one who indulges youngbin the most and just lays all the kisses on
  • gets jealous when he sees inseong and youngbin kissing and interrupts them bc he wants kisses too
  • jaeyoon indulges him (i’m not the only one seeing all this juyoon on twitter right)


  • the invincible drunk
  • needs constant supervision or he’s going to kill himself doing something stupid
  • “hey, dare me to drink this entire bottle of vodka? hahaha okay!!!!!”
  • gets up on a table and starts gyrating and stripping, much to everyone’s delight horror
  • attempts to pick up people, regardless of gender, who are very obviously taken and narrowly escapes being punched in the face
  • eventually makes his way to the dance floor and ends up in the middle of a dance circle


  • a sad drunk
  • sits in the corner of the booth with his knees hugged to his chest
  • stares mournfully at rowoon and chani bc he wishes he could be forward with his feelings to people
  • starts crying for no reason and lets his tears drop onto the table, makes a constellation by connecting the dots
  • eventually slides beneath the table and falls asleep
  • chani panics when they’re about to leave and no one can find hwiyoung bc the kid’s sleeping on the floor


  • designated driver/mom friend
  • having the time of his life drinking soda and rolling his eyes so hard that he can see his brain
  • records blackmail material with his phone in one hand
  • the other swats rowoon away and tries to keep him at arm’s length
  • seriously contemplates buying baby harnesses to keep track of his older brothers
  • ends up with a bigger migraine than any of the ones who actually drank

A/N: so i know hwiyoung isn’t 20 in korea though he will be in 3 months but if any of y’all are strongly offended by the thought of underage drinking and such lmk and i’ll switch those hc’s out

okay, you know what i wanna talk about next? drunk jack zimmermann

3k, M, fluff!, alcohol use, basically happy fun sexy times with zimbits, fits in the dan erikson universe (but you don’t have to have read it to get it)

So, Drunk Jack Zimmermann:

I’m thinking that after Jack and Bitty come out, Jack is finally, finally able to take Bitty to a team fundraising event and they both dress up in nice suits and are more nervous than they are willing to admit because… it’s a hockey event for very wealthy people and, well, Bitty listens to his pre-game playlist and Jack goes in with a bit of a game face (and personally vows that he will cause a fucking scene if anyone says one wrong word to Bitty because he is done with being quiet. Bitty should not have to deal with anymore silence in his life.)

Of course, no one is more aware of Jack’s ‘ready to fucking throw down’ face then Eric R. Bittle because they’ve been dating for four years at this point and the last time he’s seen that face, Jack had gently but firmly taken the phone from Bitty’s hands and informed Mrs. Bittle that she was not to call again unless she planned on doing something other than crying.

So Bitty puts on his (slightly more mild) version of a ‘here to fight’ face and they head out.

And then it is very, very awkward because here they are, two gays boys ready to take on the establishment, and it seems no one even wants to fight them. Jack gets swarmed when he arrives (obviously, he is the Captain who led the Falconers to a Stanley Cup Victory in his third year in the league) but no one tries to separate them and no one rudely ignores Bitty in favor of talking to Jack and, really, many people seemed absolutely thrilled that Bitty is there.

So, when a server comes around and offers the group drinks, Jack feels confident enough to release his hold on Bitty and actually take one.

And it just keeps getting better and better. After the first hour or so, Jack has put in enough face time to keep the high-ups happy and they are free to hang out with his team and their wives and more servers come around and Bitty has switched to his left side so he can drink and let his arm dangle off his boyfriend and then when he sees one of his teammates sneak a quick kiss from his girlfriend, Jack realizes that he can do that too and does and–

This is fun.

They are out and no one is being a jerk and Bitty looks fantastic and Jack is allowed to put his hand on Bitty’s shoulders and his lower back and–

“Jack!” Bitty hisses, laughing and pushing at him. “We are at a formal event!”

Okay. Not there. He can’t quite put his hand there.

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New video for Nowhere Now :D

In Defense of GOT S7

I am the last person in the world who should be writing this post. I’ve never been one to wax poetic about GOT as a whole show. For years I had a love-hate relationship with it. I’ve enjoyed it as much as I’ve criticized it, every year finding myself going, WHY AM I STILL WATCHING THIS SHOW. This sideblog name really does say it all. I was Here For The Starks. Everything else I merely tolerated. Last year was probably the only season since Season 1 that I enjoyed wholeheartedly and that’s mostly due to three episodes. 

So, this was not the post I planned to write post-finale. I started several posts on other things, left unfinished. But somehow, this was the post that I was compelled to finish. Go figure.

Below, I explore the role of the audience reaction, how assumptions can be used to mislead, and a limited Stark POV can be a narrative strategy. From there, I consider the season’s expectations, flaws, and possible intentions by breaking down one example of the season’s structural writing.

Full disclosure: I discuss my own personal reactions in this, and as a Starks fan that sees Jonsa and Undercover!Jon, I am biased. But far before any of those things, I was a Whedonverse fangirl fascinated by the potential in solid structural writing across a season of television. Over a decade later, it’s still one of my very favorite things to analyze. What results is a weird combination of both a personal and analytical look at this season. Yeah, I don’t know either.


I’ve sat on my GOT finale thoughts for a good week now. When I reflected on it, I discovered it was mostly because my honest reaction was more in response to other fans than anything constructive about the narrative itself. My years in and out of fandoms make me hyperaware of the black hole that is commenting on other fans’ reactions. I try my best to avoid it.

I’m especially hesitant about my reactions to this show, knowing how fast the deck can be flipped, leaving you cold clocked in the dirt. The minute I’m laughing my head off about one thing, I leave myself wide open for the show to blindside me. As a general rule, I’ve always thought that the second you are sure of anything in GOT/asoiaf, you better watch out. Unexpected has always been the name of the game. 

But as GOT Season 7 progressed and more things sharpened into clear view for me, I found it more and more difficult to discuss each ep without including the nebulousness that is this audience reaction factor.

Particularly since 704, I’ve felt that our reactions are a necessary part of the season. It began as just a lowkey feeling but grew with every episode. More and more, I felt like I was purposely being mislead and like a stubborn mule, I dug my heels in to look closer. What I saw was a season laying traps for its audience in the form of missing scenes, unreliable narrator techniques, and misleading dialogue, to use our fears and worries and assumptions about these characters, especially House Stark, against us.

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So, something I love about my job: I have a lot of free rein in how I do things, I get a lot of input into how my program operates, and my supervisors treat me as an on-the-ground expert with expert input into my own working conditions.

Today that was especially sweet because a potential client came up to me at the agency I was working out of today and said, “I’d really like to talk to you, I have a question and want some information.”  We chatted a bit and I said, “To help me organize my thoughts, do you mind if I pull out my notebook and do this in my paperwork?” and she was okay with it and wanted copies of the completed version of the assessment I designed (*fistpump*) 


she didn’t want her name or her child’s name on anything, and she didn’t want to sign the consent form, even when I explained everything to do with it. “I’m just not comfortable with it,” she said. “I don’t know what you’re going to do with that information, and I’ve been asked a lot of really invasive questions here, and I just don’t want to.”

And the sweet and beautiful thing was that I’m no longer monitored for compliance; I’ve won myself a special status and some freedom from having to be complicit in the system. I’m past the days when a supervisor would have marked the sheet with a big red X and sent it back. I know enough about our funding structures, our system, that I just got rid of the form she didn’t like and wrote across the top of the assessment: Verbal consent, limitations of confidentiality explained. Jane Doe does not want her name to appear on any [agency] paperwork.

TW: Institutionalization, genocide, anti-Indigenous racism, homophobia, child abuse, gory imagery.

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Do you mind?

Request: Nope, I was just sick of never being able to find Grayson smut, so I wrote my own!
Word Count: 2.8k
A/N: First ever Dick fic! Haha. My requests are open, so if you’ve got any ideas, smutty, fluffy, angsty, send ‘em my way! I also plan on extending to the rest of the batboys and maybe some characters from Young Justice, but I don’t know, we’ll see. Enjoy some Dick for now!


He stood on the balcony of his apartment, arms folded over the railing as he watched the world go by, a bottle of water at his feet and sunglasses pushed up onto his hair, it was darker now, he didn’t really need them. The air was warm and the sun was just setting. If he was honest he would say it was breathtaking, watching the pinks and the oranges dip and weave around the skyline of Blüdhaven. But he had spent too many rooftops watching the sun go down as his shift finished, they really start to lose their spark after awhile. He wouldn’t trade his life for anything but sometimes he really wished he could. He sighed, looking down to watch the cars drift along below.

He heard the familiar sound of a glass door sliding open and he glanced behind him worried that he had become lazy, relaxing for once instead of paying attention to his surroundings, if someone had broken into his apartment he should have noticed long before now.

His door remained shut, and he looked to his left to find his neighbour on her own balcony, eyebrow quirked up at him in humorous curiosity.

“Did I scare you?” She asked, laughing and he smiled. He didn’t recognise the girl, she must be new in his apartment block. “I’m your new neighbour, I just moved in today. Came out here to check the view.” She extended her hand over the abyss below towards him and moved to the side of his balcony that faced her own. He reached out for her, his fingertips barely grazing hers. “Huh, maybe we should skip the handshake.”

“And cuddle?” He joked, grinning at her. He don’t know what had come over him, but something about how she glowed in the low orange light drew him to her.

“Hot and funny, you must be a real ladykiller.” She said, leaning on the railing the same way he had done previously and he couldn’t help but let his eyes rake down her body, her baggy nightshirt draped the curve of her waist so perfectly. “They didn’t lie when they sold me this place, the view really is breathtaking.” Her eyes fixed on anything but the sunset and Dick was suddenly acutely aware that he was missing a shirt. Oh if she wanted to flirt, so be it.

“It’s real hot out here don’t you think?” He asked her playfully, reaching for his water bottle. He let the dimming sunlight bath him as he took a long drag of the cool water, allowing it to dribble down his throat and run down his chest. He didn’t have to have enhanced hearing to catch her gulp. He splashed a bit onto his hand to rub it on his face sighing as it made his skin shiver. “Ah, that feels better.”

“Okay fuck it, is your door unlocked?” She asked and he smirked knowing he had won.

“It can be.” He said, as he fought off the smile on his face as she slipped back into her apartment, heading for his own. He made sure she was gone before he fistpumped, practically skipping to his front door. As soon as she knocked, he swept it open and he fully succumbed to the smile on his face as she panted in front of him. He reached for her and she jumped on him, long, smooth legs wrapping around his waist. He lowered his face to kiss her as he hitched her up further on his hips so she wouldn’t fall, and he splayed his hands across her ass, fingers resting on her lower back.

She wound her fingers in his hair and he groaned as she tugged on it, kissing her hungrily as he walked forwards until her back met with the wall. She opened her mouth in surprise and he seized the opportunity, slipping his tongue passed her lips to toy with his, she moaned against her and he gripped her tighter. She pulled away to take the shades of the head, letting them fall to the floor and he chuckled realising how absurd the situation was.

“I’m Dick by the way.” He said, moving her shirt to the side so he could lavish kisses on her clavicle.

“Y/N.” She said, letting her head loll against the wall, Dick smiled at her neck.

“You’ve got a pretty name.” He said, letting himself kiss up her throat.

“You’ve got a pretty face.” She shot back and he pulled back to let his forehead rest on hers, twisting the end of her shirt in his fingertips.

“Mind if I take this off?”

“I’d mind if you didn’t.” She leaned forward into him so he could reach around her, bunching the material in his hands as he pulled it over her head. He whistled lowly at her chest and pushed her firmer to the wall so he could reach his hand up and to squeeze her gently, satisfied as she moaned again.

“Nice bra.” He said as he slid a finger under her bra strap, letting it ping against her.

“Would look nicer on your floor.” She hissed at the sting and he chuckled, reaching around her back again, his nose buried in her hair.

“Cheesy, but I agree.” He undid her clasp, and it followed his sunglasses to the floor. He kissed her again, more passionately as one hand held firm on her waist, his hips pinning her own as he let his hand cup her breast, squeezing gently their tongues did battle once more. She was so soft, so warm and Dick found himself not wanting to come up for air as he kissed her, hips grinding against her as he swept a thumb across her nipple. He groaned against her, his mind slowly losing control of his body.

“Back up a sec, hotstuff.” She said and he reluctantly setting her down, wondering if he had fucked up and she wanted to leave. He was relieved when she stepped forward after shaking some feeling back into her legs to reach a hand down his sweatpants, gripping him over his boxers. “My turn first.” Her another hand gripped his hip to turn him so now his back met with the hard plaster. She sank to her knees, taking his sweatpants and boxers down with her and he whined as his dick was finally free of his pants, she kissed the tip and he nearly spasmed against the wall at the sensation, how long had it been since he had been this hot and bothered? “Poor baby, how long have you been this worked up?” She moved closer to him, her tongue rolling up his shaft in one, slow, teasing movement and his hips stuttered.

“As soon as you knocked on my door, kitten.” He moaned out his reply and it made Y/N herself shiver.

She got to work, swirling her tongue around the head of his cock as her hand wound around the base of his length, pumping him in her fist. She let her head bob down further and Dick’s hands flew to her hair, she pulled off back temporarily before taking him in further than before, relaxing her throat and getting used to his size. He groaned at the feeling, hands gently trying to coax her further down and she complied pulling her hand away so she could take him further still. One of her hands grounded her on his waist, while the other reached past her head to squeeze at his thick thigh. He was panting now, looking down at her face as her tongue sweeped against him as her head bobbed and Dick let out a quiet “fuck” as she hollowed her cheeks and his hips canted against her.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry.” He practically chanted, as he saw her eyes water and he worried he had hurt her, but she made no move to get off him and instead reached for his hands, guiding him to push her head forwards. His breath got heavy as he focused on keeping his hips still and instead moving her head against him, he moaned louder as she took the pace herself, swallowing him down again and again. “Stop I’m gonna, I don’t want it to be over yet, Y/N, Y/N-” His hands pushed her away and her mouth left him and her gaze flicked up to his face loving how furiously he was blushing, even his chest abs and thighs were blemished with red.

“Fuck me.” She said to herself as she traced the lines of his abs, but Dick caught the comment.

“Oh I intend to, after I repay the favour.” He said, helping her as she got to her feet before kissing her again, walking her backwards to his bed. He lifted her up with ease so her head laid on his pillows and he pinned her wrists down above her with one hand, the other stroking at the waistband of her underwear. His lips travelled from her mouth down her neck and he paused at her breast, eyes meeting with hers mischievously. He licked at her nipple, tongue hot against her as he sucked her into his mouth, she moaned at him as his fingers moved to rub against her soaked panties, the lace coated in her. He pressed kisses in between her breasts as he run a knuckle down the lace, feeling just how wet she was. “Was it the water that did it for you?” He asked cheekily as he kissed down her abdomen, pulling her underwear down her legs.

“That and the nice view of your ass I got when your pretty face was watching the sun go down.” She said, as he sat back to finally rid her of that final piece of clothing. His finger grazed her clit as he covered her body with his, her tits pressing against his chest. His eyes locked on hers.

“Oh really?” He asked as he slid one long finger inside her and he smiled as her breath hitched.

“That’s when I knew I picked the right place to live.” She mused and be curled his finger with in her as she bit her lip. She was so tight, even with only his finger he could feel her squeezing him. He reached his thumb up to dry small circles on her clit and her head keened forward, meeting with his shoulder. He was grinning again, he barely knew her but she was so goddamn loveable. He slid another finger along side the first and she gasped gripping his shoulders as the added stretch made her call out. “Right there, Dick, right there.” He did as told, pistoning his fingers in and out of her as he kissed down her again.

He stalled his fingers and he could feel her tremble below him, desperate for release as her fingers curled in the bedsheets. “D-d-dick.” She mumbled unsure of herself, breath uneven. He winked up at her before tonguing her wetness, licking up her slit as his fingers moved again, curling more harshly up inside her as he pumped her faster, tongue lavishing her clit. She rocked her hips against him, his name being forced from her throat as she came, back arching off the bed as her thighs clamped around his head. He continued through her orgasm, stroking his fingers real slow as he lapped at her. She was shaking. He withdrew from her, licking her wetness from his fingers making sure to watch her as he did. He was sure he saw her mouth “holy shit”.

“How the fuck are you single?” She asked as his hands returned to her waist as their faces were level once more. He allowed her to play with her hair as he let her calm down, not wanting to do anything while she was too sensitive, even when his erection throbbed painfully hard against her thigh.

“After what you did to me earlier I could ask you the same thing.” He said and he watched her cover her mouth to giggle, trying to keep his heart from melting at the sight. She took pity on him then, her other hand pumping him leisurely and his head fell into the pillows next to her, oh fuck he needed this.

“Condom?” She whispered against his ear, and his arm reached over to dive into his nightstand, ready to go within fifty seconds. His cock twitched at her entrance and she put a hand to his chest, halting him. Was she about to tell him that she didn’t want to? That she was uncomfortable? That oral was enough? That she just wanted to cuddle now? Maybe she wanted to leave? He backed off a bit, giving her some room, a thousand words ready to tumble from his mouth before she turned on to her hands and knees, ass pressing against him. Oh. Oh.

He lined himself up again and slipped just the head inside, grunting as she squeezed around him, God that was heavenly. He drove his hips forward until he was fully inside, sweeping her hair out of the way to kiss her back. “All okay?” He asked as she nodded, feeling the delicious stretch of having him all the way inside her, he was big, she knew that much from earlier but she didn’t mind the dull pain, she felt so perfectly full. His hands held onto her tight as he bucked his hips forward, her face falling to the pillows in pleasure, all minuscule flashes of pain leaving her as her finger found her clit again, length being driven into her faster. Her arms gave way and she flopped forward, the only thing holding her up being him and she moaned his name again as he dick rubbed against her g-spot with ever single thrust. His finger pressed harder against her clit and she cried out again, his name leaving her lips so easily now.

He moved faster still, now pulling her back against him, he could feel her clenching again around him. He wrapped an arm around her abdomen and pulled her back against his chest, the new angle forced her orgasm from her, her hands desperately grabbing at Dick’s shoulders for support. His hips thrust up against her, desperate for his own release and screamed in pleasure, praising him as his fingers tightened around her waist again, dragging her back onto him, again, again and again. She praised him and he groaned.

“You’re doing such a good job, Dick, holy fuck I’m gonna come again. Harder, Dick, harder.” She purred at him and something broke within him as he flipped her own to her back, yanking her legs over his shoulders as ruthlessly bucked into her, knuckles whitening as he gripped the headboard, and she shuddered around him again, falling into ecstasy once more as he drove into her as deep as he could with her now clenching hard around him, he came. Calling her name as he fell forward, arms catching himself to keep from crushing her. They both breathed heavily against each other until Dick finally got his breath back and moved off her, disposing of the condom and fetching a damp towel from the bathroom to clean her up with. Aftershocks still made her body tremble as he wiped her down and brushed the hair from her face, grin lazy as he threw the towel on the floor.

“D-do you mind, if I, if I umm stay the night? I don’t really uhhh think I can move my legs right now and-” He cut her off with another kiss, sweet this time and he flipped them both over so she could snuggle into his chest and he pulled the covers over them. Placing a final kiss on her forehead, he flicked off the lamp on his nightstand his arms wrapped warmly around her so he could draw circles on her back with his fingertips.

“I’d mind if you didn’t.”

I sent @lukemagnus shit abt Drunk!Luke letting it slip that he wants to date maryse and she wants a rebloggable version because apparently its worth it lmao

like before he walks away luke remembers that he has to ask jace something important and he makes a show out of remembering (because drunk!luke is also v forgetful and thinks out loud) so he’s like ‘jace… jace…. jace wayland-herondale-lightwood…. lightwood…. you’re a lightwood!!!….. i was gonna ask something about lightwoods…. lightwoods… like would maryse go out with me???? wait but i need to ask her ki- aha! That’s it! Can I date your mom?“

jace and clary are just watching this all unfold with varying looks of shock on their face (jace is shocked, clary is not) and luke just looks at jace. "you’re asking me permission to date my mom?” Luke nods a sloppy nod, because he’s a lil drunk and its pretty great. 

“Normally i’d ask her parents, but her kids will do the trick.” Luke stops, and his eyes widen. “Oh god, what if her kids hate me? What if I’m the last person they’d pick to date their mom!!??”

Jace laughs, and shakes his head. “Luke, you’re the best choice for maryse. You can date her." 

Luke fistpumps, a grin on his face. "I’m getting myself a girlfriend, hell yeah!” His 'hell yeah’ turns heads, and Jace waves his siblings over from their little discussion in the corner. 

Alec is relaxed, and his eyes only flicker to Magnus once while he walks over. Isabelle is bright and bouncy, lipstick a little smudged and eyes bright. "What’s up?“ 

"Luke has something he wants to ask.” Jace laughs, and Luke spins around. 

“More Lightwoods! Great! I want to date your mom!” He yells, and a few wolves look over in enjoyment.

Isabelle breaks out into a grin and, more surprisingly, Alec does the same. “Yes!” they yell in unison, and Luke laughs, before pulling them all into a sticky hug. 

“Oh man this is gonna be great.” Jace laughs as best as he can when pressed against a werewolf’s bicep, and Isabelle gives him a thumbs up from her place against Luke’s chest. Jace looks at Alec, and feels rather than sees the smile on his face. Yeah, this is gonna be great.

165. “Why did you choose me?”  for anon (human au)

Send me prompts?

The city is dark and quiet, night weighing it down like a thick blanket. Sparse lanterns illuminate empty streets and half-finished buildings, blinking red lights of cranes looming over wooden skeletons and stacks of bricks. This is the kind of district you don’t want to find yourself in after dusk, populated only by stray dogs and garbage trucks, where every shadow feels like a nightmare with eyes at your back, ready to jump and take your wallet before taking your life as well.

Apart from the distant hum of busy highways, cars rushing like blood through urban veins and sirens singing a song of crime, there’s a rumble of cheers and chatter coming from one of the lit up warehouses near the river’s edge. Off-white cigarette smoke rises in wispy plumes towards the high ceiling criss-crossed with beams and holding cheap halogen lights that make every face look hollow.

The metal sliding door opens just as a limo stops in front of the building, a wave of cacophonous noise pouring out onto the concrete. A tall figure steps out of the car, all sharp lines, black coat and a black hat with a wide brim shrouding most of his face in mystery. Even though the space is crowded shoulder-to-shoulder, the sea of bodies parts before Magnus as he makes his way up the staircase and into the VIP area, the electronic music bouncing against his ribs in an erratic beat. Between the tables and chairs half-naked girls with smiles stuck to their faces carry trays laden with bottles and glasses of expensive alcohol, as well as with packets of white powder for the more exotic tastes.

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Fanning the Flame


Marinette wrung her hands together, stubbornly not looking down but up at the boy in front of her. She’d practiced what she was going to say to him for the last week, since it seemed she couldn’t do this impulsively. “Adrien I really enjoy hanging out with you and, well, we’re friends,” she would not make that a question! She knew they were! “But I, I wonder if you’d like to be, um, date friends instead? Because I really think you’re wonderful.”

Adrien blinked in surprise. That wasn’t a bad sign.

He put his hand behind his neck a rubbed it. “Oh! Wow!” A good sign perhaps?

“I’m really flattered.” Uh-oh!

“I really value our friendship.” S.O.S!

“I mean I think of you as one of my best friends.” At least he meant it.

“It’s just that, there’s someone else.” And Marinette’s heart sank.  

Forcing to keep her smile, Marinette nodded. Adrien looked worried which was both sweet and frustrating. He cared but just not in the right way. “Oh, um, well, I’ll see you later.”

She saw the way his hand moved to her, just as she turned. She couldn’t look him in the eye and it was just best to leave the awkward situation. After all, there was nothing more to say. She ran off, but waved her hand behind. He was still her friend, and she wanted to at least maintain that. Just as soon as she got over the heartbreak.

As soon as they were out of sight, a red kwami was trying to reassure her charge. “It will be okay Marinette,” Tikki said quietly, peeking out from the girl’s purse.

Marinette rubbed her eyes with the back of one hand. “I know you’re right Tikki. It still hurts though.”

“Of course it does. And I know it doesn’t seem like it right now, but telling him was for the best. You don’t have to keep worrying about ‘what ifs’.”

Marinette made a choking laugh. “At least, at least he still wants to be friends.”

If Tikki was going to say more she didn’t get a chance as another voice caught Marinette’s attention.

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[DRABBLE REQUEST] Soulmate!Jeonghan

Request: Soulmate!Jeonghan AU
Requested by: @keshuasd
Word Count: 2,622
Genre: F L U F F
Warnings: None!

A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long to write, school work has really got to go man. Anyway, I hope you like it cause I had loads of fun writing this one! Enjoy!


Originally posted by wonshi-17

That section of your hair wouldn’t stop glowing. It started of as a faint shade of red, but within the last hour, it had turned a bright red colour, and it wouldn’t fade at all.

“Wow, your soulmate must be pretty worked up over something.” Your friend commented, taking a sip from her iced latte.

The two of you were chilling in the cafe that you frequented. You initially planned to talk about your school work with her, but eventually the two of you got distracted when your hair started to glow.

It was a magical thing, this whole soulmate business. You found it absolutely fascinating that there was someone out there who was made for you, and you found the fact that you could actually see how they were feeling fascinated you even more.

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The Pancake Saga

Wanna hear a really stupid thing i came up with just now when talking to me friend? No? Well, too bad.

So we were watching the aa anime again cos it’s year old now and I was complaining about capcom never letting them be happy (says the one who makes AUs so they can suffer more). And my friend said that it’s a murder game so it won’t be interesting if no one dies? So i came up with some trash

So you would play as Phoenix obviously. But instead of solving crime and going for trials, you do mundane things. Like go to the supermarket to get groceries and stuff. Sounds cute right? But he’s Phoenix. Nothing ever goes as planned.

I don’t know why ok, but Maya wants pancakes. So many pancakes. And like one (1) specific type of pancake that they sell at this one (1) singular special shop. And Phoenix has no choice but to grumble and go down there to buy some. Except there are none there. He can’t go home without pancakes! This is an essential quest in this game!!

Then he asks the staff about the pancakes. And they’re like “Oh, that weird frilly guy over there swiped them all.”

Phoenix turns around… And lo and behold… It’s Edgeworth. With an entire trolley of pancakes. Phoenix is too shocked to go up to him, to ask him what he’s doing, why he needs so many pancakes, if he can have one… And then Edgeworth is done paying and he’s gone.


The next thing Phoenix does is head over to the Prosecutor’s Office. On bicycle. Which is super far away. It takes him forever. By the time he gets there, he’s exhausted, panting, almost collapsing at Miles’ office door. But he knocks anyway. And promptly collapses into Miles’ office.


He wakes up in just a few minutes. Phew. And Miles is hovering over him, frowning. But it’s not his usual grumpy frown, it’s his concerned frown. Phoenix knows ok. But the first thing Phoenix asks is, “Where are the pancakes.”

Now it’s the grumpy frown. The really grumpy frown.

“It’s none of your business.”

Phoenix immediately sits up and demands to know where the pancakes are. Miles demands that Phoenix get out. Phoenix does his big puppy eye look. Miles grumbles. Phoenix wins. But Miles still refuses to tell him where the pancakes are, what he needs them for, and will not give Phoenix even a single pancake.

Phoenix is outraged. “This is ridiculous, Edgeworth!” he says. “We’ve been friends for nearly twenty years and you won’t give me a pancake!”

Still no pancakes. Phoenix decides to make a call.

Within half an hour, there is another knock on the door. It’s Dadworth. (this is a happy game. DL-6 never happened. Grego is alive ok) The first thing Grego says is a disappointed, “Son.” And like holds his hand over his heart like he’s been shot.

Anyway, Grego has great powers over Miles and Miles quickly caves and says he’s dropped the pancakes off back home and agrees to drive them over to give Phoenix one (1) pancake. Phoenix does a fistpump and every audibly goes, “Yes!!!!”

So Miles begrudgingly drives them both back to his fancy home in his fancy sports car. If his car is a 2 seater, Phoenix is probably in the boot or smth. Phoenix questions his relationship with this man.

Once at his house, Miles shows them in and opens this door with a pained expression, meaning to show them the pancakes. But all he gets is a confused “Huh?” from Phoenix and his dad. Then he looks in. There are no pancakes.

There are no pancakes.

Miles screams.

The next thing they know, Gregory is hugging and gently stroking the head of a crying Miles, making gentle soothing noises, as Miles screams at Gumshoe on the phone to gET TO THE BOTTOM OF THOSE MISSING PANCAKES. IMMEDIATELY.

So, once Miles has pulled himself together, and Phoenix has probably made Miles some (awful) tea to calm his nerves and stuff, they call Maya too cos missing pancakes dude. And all 4 of them go investigating together to find those missing pancakes. Maybe some other people get roped in too. Like Kay. Since she’s an expert on theft. Plus, she too would like some pancakes. Maybe interpol is called. Lang happens to be in town. He’ll sniff the perp out with his wolf nose. Fran somehow hears of this and thinks it’s a foolish endeavor but she’s helping too. Maya calls Mia and Pearls. There are now too many people looking for pancakes. Miles despairs over having to share with so many people. Gregory knows and shakes his head at his son.

Anyways, I’m not entirely how their adventures ends up going, but I’m pretty sure they end up helping lots of other people along the way. And it turns out it was Oldbag who stole them all along. Her rationale was that if she had all the pancakes, Miles would have to go look for her for the pancakes.

Yep. A great story. A great game. Hire me, capcom.

Ink (Tom Holland X Reader)

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Tom convinces you to go get a tattoo with him

Requested: nope

Warnings: N/A

Word Count: 362


Tagged List: @parkersenses @tom-cinnamonroll-holland @thelifeofanengineeringstudent @underoosie @grant-valdes-quackson


“You’re gonna get a spider tattoo on your foot?” I ask my boyfriend of 4 years incredulously. “Yes. Spiderman means alot to me.” He says. He’s been trying to convince me to go get a tattoo with him for months now and he’s made an appointment for the both of us. “Just get something small love. Please for me?” He begs, puppy dog eyes and all. “FINE!” I shout exasperated. He fistpumps and kisses you. “Yessssss!” He says with that dorky smile that you love so much on his face. “When’s the appointment?” I ask expecting  few hours to prepare myself. “In 45 minutes. Meaning we have to go now. I’ll go first so that you have time to decide what you’re getting.” he says, grabbing his jacket and my bag. I blanche and, with my mind racing with tattoo ideas, I follow him out to the car. 30 minutes later, we arrive at a tattoo parlor called The Ink Poet and we check in. A artist named James sits Tom down and ask what he wants. Tom shows them his his drawings and reference art and they are on their merry way. I sat down with an artist named Genesis and she helped me pick two tiny tattoos. We pulled up art and Genesis was ready to start tattooing in less than 5 minutes. “Are you ready?” She asks. “Ready as I’ll ever be.” 25 minutes later and I have two brand new art pieces on my body. A small spiderweb behind my ear, and a small (Y/F/F) flower on my ankle. Genesis bandages me up and hands me a paper on tattoo aftercare and i’m off to go check on Tom. Toms tattoo turned out better than I expected, thanks to James artistry. “Soooooooo what did you get?” He asks. You show him the flower first “It’s the flowers you got me on our first date.” I explain. Then I show him the small spiderweb “Because I’m always gonna support my webslinger, no matter what.” I say. “I absolutely adore you woman.” Tom says, pulling me into his lap. “Then it’s a good thing I love you too.”