to the fistpumping

When I first read the chapter, I fistpumped at Harry using Imperio to defend McGonagall against the Carrows. But re-reading it, it’s really disturbing the way the narrative plays off taking away someone’s free will with the “Bellatrix was right, you really have to mean it”, joke. I mean, I understand that he was defending McGonagall and they’d been torturing students all year, but I just think it’s out of character for Harry to laugh off the use of an unforgivable curse.


Three gifs of Tom Hiddleston that will either make you smile and laugh, moan loudly, cry or cry. Because Tom is perfect at doing all of those things.

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Enthusiasm, for the non-verbal emotion post

Mr Aries over here doesn’t hold back. I can’t remember many instances where he’s gotten the chance to be enthusiastic over something like a personal hobby, but he’s certainly shown it when a little brother’s succeeded at something.

Whether it’s successfully not being killed by a rogue murder bot.

Or the sun.

Scott’s pride is always pretty clear to see. And when he gets REALLY excited he’ll even do a fistpump.

And who can forget that time he’s so eager to see how Alan got on with his driving lessons that he RUNS from Thunderbird 1?

The other time Scott’s shown enthusiasm is when he got to visit Mars just like his dad did once upon a time. I kinda thought he’d be a bit sick of space after the events of Falling Skies, Relic and Comet Chasers but nope, he’s pretty happy to see the red planet.

Look at those shiny eyes //clutches heart//

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ahh you read six of crows tell me all your feelings about it

  • this is the only series i can remember reading in my entire life where i’ve shipped all the main couples, even the het ones
  • what a roller-coaster of a plot
  • i mean, no one can even get from point A to point B without getting kidnapped or shot at?? Everything is Terrible All the Time and somehow it works and i love it
  • i’d quote a favourite line but literally everything she says when angry is gold
  • i can’t see or think her name without experiencing a strong pavlovian craving for waffles
  • i loved her duels with dunyasha, white blade of wherever, most Extra assassin to walk the earth
  • it took me one and a half books to come round to kaz but i love him too (i can’t unsee him as a slightly more skeevy-looking otabek altin, complete with perpetual :| face)
  • wylan is my son, my salty genius son, and i fistpumped every time he did something badass (i.e. constantly through the series). i have adopted him and will fight kaz for custody
  • J E S P E R my walking disaster trash son-in-law. you deserve all the good and tender things
  • i am so proud of matthias’s character development. he is a precious brooding tulip and i’m glad he lives to a hundred and two and settles down to raise an entire litter of tiny wolf pups with nina
  • tl;dr 12/10 would recommend

Patty cake patty cake Baker’s man *starts fistpumping* bake me a cake as fast as you CAN * starts headbanging* roll it *somersaults* and punch it. And mark it with a B, and ​I couldn’t finish this post

  • Narrator: Add is a 16 year old boy. His specialty is drones. But I guess you know that by now. When he was just a kid, he lost his family to extremists and was sold off to slave labor. While trying to escape the slave owners, he slipped into a crevice and into the deep bowels of an underground ancient Nasod library. He spent years upon years learning about the Nasods and finally managed to escape. That was how he acquired a taste for technology.
  • Elsword: So that's why they call him "Mastermind"...
  • Narrator: No. "Mastermind" isn't because of that. It's because he's good at math.

The sort of sequel to the green Phoenix dress I drew before! The idea for this Phoenix-inspired outfit struck a couple months back… I drew it on a sketch card so I wouldn’t forget, and then I told myself, I have to draw it out in its entirety. I have to, I have to! And now, somehow in between mountain loads of work, I’m finally done. Yes! *fistpump*
(sorry, it might seem weird to be so enthusiastic to have completed an artwork, but I’ve been dying to draw out all these dresses in my head but real-life work always gets in the way T_T)

(pre-order for print available here)