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How tf can you live with yourself making "pride" flag edits while leaving out the fucking creators of pride????? And I guess since we don't exist to you I better spell it out for you: G A Y S A N D L E S B I A N S

hi so haha what if hypothetically, i’ve never had sex before 

i also might be on the ace spectrum (to be determined)


i started this blog for my long distance ex and then i afterwards i liked being able to come up with posts? i’m a writer (a term used loosely since i rarely actually,, you know, write) also sex sounds pretty great so?

here’s a lil somethin i wanna talk about just cuz it made me happy

i went to best buy to get a new aux cord and after i grabbed it i went to the back to look at gaming keyboards and as i was looking at them one of the workers who i have talked to many times before (a cute boy with a sweet face) said hi to me and was like “checking out the pc keyboards?” and i was like “yeah i really want one, but i don’t have enough money rn lol. i just came to get an aux cord and got distracted” and he was like “yeah that’s easy to do here, but if ur ready i can check you out” and i said ok and as we were walking to the register he noticed the blue in my hair and said it was cool :’) and when we got to the register he asked me if i wanted to sign up for their rewards thing or whatever and i was like oh i guess so i gave him my name and number and stuff and as he was typing it in i was looking at him and asked him if he knew who ben platt was (cuz he kinda looks like him) and he said no and i told him he reminded me of him and he was on broadway and stuff and he should look up dear evan hansen if he wants to see what he looks like i guess and he was like ok cool and then he was like “you said he was handsome?” and i giggled a little and i was like no i said u remind me of him haha and he was like oh lol (silly boy i see what ur doing) and then he complimented my glasses and said it was different from the last time he’d seen me and i was like thanks :( and then he got done with everything and came around the desk to give me my bag and said “i gotta say carly ur really unique” and i almost gotdamn cried bc i’m mega insecure about my blandness and he made me feel like i was some rad chick from an indie movie like romona flowers or somethn and i was just :((((( <3333 but ya i was about to leave and he said “it was nice to see you again carly” and i said “u too, you’ll probably see me again” and smiled and he smiled at me and i went to my car and smiled more and i like boy :(


This. Everyone knows this feeling. When someone you love says something hurtful without realizing it. You can’t help but feel betrayed in that moment. You keep calm and collected while they’re there. Yet as soon as they’re gone, your walls start breaking down. Your breathing picks up and anger fills your veins. Rage fills you and all that you want to do is scream and cry.

Look at him in all his glory!
I made Blegnorph during the multi stream with @squigglydigglydoo
And @spudinacup
I love Blegnorph. He is my child.
(I swear if you people draw Blegnorph I will cry in happiness)
I hope you people like Blegnorph as much as I love him and feel free to tell me things that you think I should add to him or something!
SO I should probably note his things
-His pie cuts are on the top of his eyes instead of the side
-One eye is lower than the Other (the left eye)
-He is basically a walking puddle with no legs, feet, or hands basically
-His bowtie is kinda melted too
-His horns are basically backwards/inside out?
-Yes, he can move.
Hope you guys like Blegnorph!

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Ah Jiminnie! You precious thing, I hope that everything works out and all good things come your way. Good things like whoever you like will like you back!! /hugs/ -🍓anon

Jimin: Yeah… easier said than done.. but thank you……

((warning: angst and maybe eye sore idk also the words behind jimin will be like below the more angsty pic i guess))

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((i think i might take a break from davesprite. i love my shitbird a lot but lately ive been feeling like being on him causes more anxiety than anything else (which might be related to the fact that just about anything causes me anxiety)
ive been having a real bad time with depression lately and idk. i guess ill try concentrating on art and shit more. i mean at least my fucking awful sleeping schedule seems soooort of fixed for now))

Hey, guys! I wanted to announce that I’m joining the PIxel Horror Jam that starts in July. It’ll be about four months long, running until the end of October, but because of ~reasons~ I’m not certain I’ll be able to commit to all that time. Details on that below.

But the game itself! It’s called Achroma, if the art up there didn’t give that away. It’s… a difficult thing to describe, but the idea is that you play a robot person living in a society governed by an autocratic AI. Also, um, the robots have technicolor blood - except for you. Yours is grey. Listen it’s a little bit of a weird game.

But, good news: you get to play as this cute robo person:

(I got real lazy with the hands and feet…)

Also here’s some more random concept art (I’ve been satisfying my urge to get started by messing around with random pics.)

I’ve got the game outlined and about 50% of the script done. My plan is that it’ll be fairly short, maybe an hour or two at most and visual novel-y in genre. I’m not trying for anything real ambitious here, just a small little thing.

So - what about DE, and what about the time thing? Well, my next semester of college includes a few very demanding classes. During that time, I doubt I’ll be able to focus much on else besides. So DE will have to go on hiatus until after next semester - I might work on it in the meanwhile, but I don’t want to make promises. As for this: I didn’t want to start DE and then drop it again, but I also didn’t want to do nothing. So I’ve decided to try and make this little oneshot game. If the due date comes and it’s not complete, I imagine I’ll just post what I have, maybe return to it when I have more time to devote.

Anyway, thanks for hanging around. I’m excited to see where this goes.