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I wish that we saw Andromeda and Ted Tonks in the movies. I feel like they had a big part but then I also wish that Teddy Lupin, Victorie Weasley and many others were given their part, as I never liked the movie’s Nineteen Years Later - it wasn’t just about the children that Harry & Ginny, Ron & Hermione had at all. Least not in my eyes. And the one major, major thing that annoys the hell out of me is that they LEFT CHARLIE WEASLEY OUT OF THE MOVIES. SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY HE ISN’T RELEVANT?

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things i just got from this one freezeframe of GB:

  1. once upon a time, Erin called Abby a fearless scientist 
  2. Abby went to Yale (!!!)
  3. the first day in the movie (excluding the opening scene at the Aldridge Mansion) is September 3rd

Rewatching pitch perfect and i honestly DO NOT understand how Beca comes around to Jesse, he oversteps his place in her life at the Semi Finals and doesn’t respond to her several attempts to apologize because he’s butthurt when she says she needs space. and Beca all of a sudden starts pining after him????? For some reason the time when he is being the biggest dick to her is when she starts getting feelings for him??? Really???? He’s ignoring her and she decides this is the time to change her likes to cater to him and dedicates her FUCKING finals performance to him and I just don’t understand why she only tries to get close to him after he starts really being a jerk

10 characters / 10 fandoms

@jiimothy was so lovely to tag me in this, thank you, darling! Tbh, I could probably just copy most of your list cos those are all great characters! 💕 But here we go. I’m not sure if this list is going to surprise anyone anymore, but you never know.

rules: tag your 10 favourite characters from 10 different fandoms

  • Eomer (The Lord of the Rings // Tolkien)
  • Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy (Star Trek)
  • Portgas D. Ace (One Piece)
  • (Baby) Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy // Marvel)
  • Diana Prince (Wonder Woman // DC)
  • Dr. Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds)
  • Finn (Star Wars)
  • Kate Beckett (Castle)
  • Alec Lightwood (Shadowhunters)
  • Samantha Carter (Stargate)

& I’m tagging these amazing guys: @cassainandcr, @taurielsilvan, @spacvengrs, @sitharmitage, @greenlantrens, @celebrlan, @undomiel, @charlsavier​ & @dianadethemyscira​. (As always, feel free to ignore if you don’t wanna do it or just did it. 😘)

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My depression has gotten bad lately but your blog gives me life. U help me so much. I love ur characters and art. Also would Rein help me? Like cuddles or something or would he be kinda confused what to do?💜💜💜💜💜💜

I’m glad my art is able to make you feel better! But yeah, Rein has a deep understanding of what depression is like– So he’ll more than willing to cuddle! He’ll cook you whatever you’d like and wrap you up in a warm blanket while you guys watch a good movie. Even if you fall asleep, he’ll still have you wrapped up in his arms. <3

(Used Generic Girl for this drawing–)

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Happy Halloween! XD how about some dark!wife headcanons for Mukuro and Byakuran? Like, how would their wife's life be like?

// Happy Halloween! Hope you had a safe, happy, and fun one! Also, I hate how in all mafia movies/tv shows, the wife is always portrayed as the damsel in distress. Or she was forced to be in the mafia life. Just for one I want to see someone who’s just as power-hungry and ambitious as her husband/boyfriend :/ is that too much to ask?  //

~Admin Reborn~


  • Byakuran’s wife would lead a pretty classy life. I have a feeling he would want to spoil her rotten. Lavish gifts such as jewelry and clothes, all made from the best material in the world, will be constant. Exotic trips will be regular too.
  • Byakuran will not mind having his wife around when he is planning attacks or the like. In fact, he thinks her opinions can help him a great deal.
  • If she proves to be a good strategist, then Byakuran might even allow her to be in charge of a few of his men. 
  • At home, she will have absolutely nothing to worry about. Subordinates left and right will attend to her every need.
  • She will do her best to get involved in whatever interests Byakuran. Sadly, it seems the mafia is what really keeps them together.
  • I can totally see these two taking down their enemies together. They may even be keeping score.
  • Overall, Byakuran’s wife will act as her husband’s second in command. And you better believe she will be hella strong.


  • Mukuro’s wife will be interesting
  • His wife won’t seek out any expensive gifts. Just seeing her and Mukuro’s enemies fall will be enough for her.
  • She will honestly only be involved in what Mukuro wants her to do. She doesn’t seem like the type of person to be intruding in everything.
  • She will be tough, no doubt, not cowering in the face of danger. Mukuro will surely take pride in her.
  • Again, she will take part in only what Mukuro wants her to, so if he needs help with something involving the Vongola, then you can be sure his wife will there with aid.
  • I think she will be corrupted by Mukuro’s past and ways. As in, she may start out nice, but eventually her dark side will surface.
  • She will be just as ruthless and secretive as her husband, Mukuro, and again, just as tough. Be sure to get and stay on her good side unless you want double the illusions!

Hey! I’m Roman and I’m a sort of new studyblr! I’ve lurked around the community for a year or so, and I finally made a sideblog for it a month or so ago, but I just now finally feel ready to make an intro post!

a little about me:

  • I use it/its pronouns and it would be pretty cool if you could respect that
  • I’m a high school drop out trying to complete my GED by May/June
  • I want to go into physics or fashion! an odd mix, but my loves of life
  • I love The X Files and RWBY
  • my fave book is The Martian and my fave movies are Interstellar and Moana
  • I’m a stationary and makeup hoarder
  • I have an orange cat named Snowflake
  • I love Harry Potter but shh
  • I can list off my whole birth chart and yes I 1000% believe in astrology
  • I sold my soul to get this url
  • for personality quiz type stuff: Slytherin, Horned Serpent, ENTJ, Libra sun/Cancer moon/Scorpio rising, airbender

and now, my fave studyblrs!

@rhubarbstudies @night-studying   @study-katherine @thefashionstudies @studyblr @studyign @studylustre @emmastudies @nocturnalstudyblr @studyrose @sprought-studies @apricot-studies @athenus @yume-studies 

<33333 @ all of you! your blogs are all a huge part of why I’m making this intro post, so thanks for the inspiration!!

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I am sad. I am learning German and I feel like I will never reach fluency. And I see many people who learn German and actually end up fluent, and sometimes I think "if they did it, why not me?" and then my brain answers "because that's them, and you're you. a fucking boring good-for-nothing who will never achieve anything she wants in life" and I'm feeling like a failure. A big, shameful failure. sorry it makes no sense idk why i'm telling this to you, i'm a mess, ignore me

I’m sorry you feel that way baby, but first, how about changing your goal? because if your goal is fluency it’s kind of vague and it will throw you off!
Make a lot of small, achievable goals like I don’t know, understanding your first video in German, or movie or show. Then after this goal make another, and another until you’re satisfied completely with your level in the language! Fluency takes a lot of hard work and it’s not something you can achieve in a year or two.

Also!!! Stop comparing your success to other people’s. It’s hard to do but everyone is different, and like you said. If they can do it, so can you! Good luck bob ❣️

// for those of you who don’t know me from other blogs, I should probably illustrate just how absurd my stargate blog-making problem is. in the course of my time on tumblr I have made:

  • a sha’uri (aka the movie version of sha’re) and she’s my other main muse
  • a vala (who is still semi-active)
  • I’m working on a teal’c
  • I’m also working on a teyla (sga but still u feel me)
  • a jack sideblog briefly
  • a cam mitchell for ages
  • a jonas quinn blog that I love but never got much use out of
  • a catherine langford
  • a spader!daniel
  • a dead (but could have been great) multi-muse with the underappreciated ladies of stargate: catherine, ishta, carolyn lamb, sarah gardner and more
  • my (sort of) active multi-muse which features sam, jennifer hailey, and ishta

guys you don’t understand how this fandom owns my ass

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relationship status: not looking
favorite color: pale peach #fccda9
lipstick or chapstick: chapstick (i love maybelline baby lips)
last song i istened to: hard times by paramore
last movie i watched: the immortal life of henrietta lacks
top 3 tv shows: atla, black sails, bojack horseman (this is sf hard)
top 3 characters: sana bakkoush, inej ghafa, marya morevna
top 3 ships: max/anne, kaz/inej, victor vale/murder of eliot cardale and getting away with it
books i’m currently reading: inferno by catherine doyle

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the cheesier the romance, the more invested i tend to be.

books and movies have it right, you never get to see the icky stuff in them, the downright sad stuff, the lonely stuff, the things that would turn a romance into a tragedy.

we were like that, one step away from a tragedy at a time, you with smiles and dreams and me, i had you and my writing. my writing that would never be able to capture the way that you make me feel.

cheesier the romance?

we had that covered, i had you.

that was enough.

—  M.L. / national poetry month 23/30

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After analyzing the work of Rian Johnson, one of the things that make him a particular director is the use of flashbacks, all of his movies have flashbacks that determine a character arc and show why the character changed and show where they are now

The past and the future are always very interconnected with him; I’m really hoping for some Luke/Ben flashbacks; I feel this is one of the only ways Rey can really find it in her to understand Kylo Ren and eventually forgive him (as Carrie has said, “Rey is very forgiving”. Furthermore, I wanna see who plays young Kylo, if they just CGI Adam’s face or hire Finn Wolfhard (I really loved him in Stranger Things he would be perfect)

Get to Know Me

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1. relationship status: taken ;)

2. favorite color: blue?? 

3. lipstick or chapstick: lipstick but chapstick is also good

4. last song listened to: Work Song- Hozier

5. last movie I watched: A FRENCH LESBIAN PERIOD DRAMA MURDER MYSTERY: Mystere a la Tour Eiffel

6. top three fav TV shows: I just binge watched Versailles but I’m also a fan of Sense8 and Black Sails

7. top three fav characters: ????? dude idk don’t make me choose. I enjoy writing Nesta the most probably? Also Mor and Elain. 

8. top three ships: mesta, nessian, elucien

9. book I’m currently reading: I’m finishing up books for school so I’m rereading part of Canterbury Tales rn (WHICH IS BORING BUT I DONT HAVE TIME TO READ MUCH ELSE) 

Tagging anyone who wants to do this because I’m lazy and also salty 

I got tagged by @spasticstars for a get 2 know me post and I reblog an embarrassing amount of their posts so I thought I’d come out of the shadows a lil?

name: lin

nickname: linz, lil lin, linister, leonard, lanyard, lint ball…uhh

gender: female? eh

orientation: aro ace afaik

ethnicity: chinese/japanese

star Sign: sagittarius

height:  4′10″

time right now: 10:33 p.m

last thing I googled:  chinese to english translation

favorite Bands: seventeen, day6, akmu, astro

favorite Solo Artists: ailee, sam kim, dean, amber

song stuck in your head: first time- day6

last movie I watched: my egg boy

last TV show I watched: legion…unless watching clips of ofd counts

when did you create your blog:  my svt sideblog…6 months ago? but my main is like 7 years old lmao

what kind of stuff do you post: seventeen, with a sprinkling of other fandoms

when did your blog reach its peak: the giggly gyu bday video…also that cursed gyu/woozi headswap pic eheheh

do you have any other blogs:  1 for memes and random social/political opinions

do you get asks regularly: nahh

why you chose your URL: i’m p ace, and shua was my gateway into svt land!  also shua is the cutest nickname i’ve ever heard and you can tack it on to literally anything and it sounds adorable so

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hogwarts House: ravenclaw

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favorite colors: teal

average hours of sleep: 7.5

lucky Numbers:  4 

favorite manga characters: haruhi fujioka is forever

how many blankets do you sleep with: if the comforter counts…then three

dream job: the job i just started as a product designer is pretty lit

dream trip: japan >> singapore >> new zealand >>>> stockholm

Favorite book: the number of books i’ve read recently is really… /sigh. but the lotr series will always be high on my list

What I’m wearing at the moment: wine?colored flannel, leggings

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Our ship may have been spoiled by a homophobic racist asshole but we still have positive things to think about such as: - A new Star Wars movie with familiar faces - Finn and Poe will get a more in depth story - We can still ship who ever we want - Mark Hamill is back in the Franchise - More POCs - We will all witness the lovely Carrie Fisher in Star Wars one last time😿 So yes we are all sad but we still have our ship and if anyone is feeling down feel free to message me or anon me my ask box and messages are open

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As I’m Laying on my floor with wet post shower hair, flipping through a sticker book, something came to me. As uninteresting as if seems to most, I realized that I’m at such an important time in my life. Experiencing so many weird and exciting new things that I need to take advantage of. Going through these growing pains is odd to process and I typically cope with them by screaming into a non sound proof pillow and dramatically writing in my diary as if I’m in some cliche teen drama movie. 17 years. I feel as if I’ve done so little yet so much. Isn’t it weird to realize you might not know yourself better than someone who isn’t you? Or how you can romanticize an object so often that you’ve created a different object? Or how I never stop thinking to myself and how am I hearing my thoughts? I have ears but I’m not talking, so how is my brain hearing my thoughts? And why do flour tortillas look like old white woman’s hands? And why do pieces of circular cut ham look like the moon in certain lighting? Why does a first kiss with someone new make my body freeze up and feel like I am floating in space? And what if the 95 percent of the unexplored ocean actually holds the city of Atlantis and mermaids are real? I realize I romanticize everything in order to make my life feel like some kind of unrealistic Sofia Coppola movie that is so visually pleasing you think it’s a dream. It’s not very late but I’m tired. My eyelids are heavy and my book does not interest me anymore. I don’t think it ever did but I gave it a whirl because I love the smell of the old paper pages and flipping them over as I discover a new thought. It’s not very late but I’m tired. I think I’m asleep

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for the ship thing: nick wilde and judy hopps

i was trying to type 10 but this is more accurate lmfajdodjfjdjdn like, no QUESTION

god i lov them sm ;_____; their dynamic is just the cutest thing and like i literally . idk if its BECAUSE it wasn’t made explicitly canon that i love it so much bc they let them build up a friendship first, u feel ? and their chemistry is sososososososiosiosoosoooo good its so good theyre super flirting for the entire 2nd half of the movie and theyre best friends who also ARE IN LOVE