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I’m sure the queens are very happy to have performed at the VMA’s and all…I mean it’s not often that we get to see SO many drag queens on mainstream media like that….But I can’t help but feel uncomfortable….It seems that Miley is always taking advantage of anyone that’s “different” just to seem more “accepting” and edgy etc. Black people, little people, trans people, and now drag queens..idk I just can’t trust her tbh….She used the queens as props….I mean I’m pretty sure everyone at the award show didn’t even know who they were because they didn’t even get a proper introduction…I don’t think she actually cares about any minority or the issues they face in society? She’s just that white girl who wants to be friends with all the “weirdos” and tries SO hard to be one despite her privileged background. I could be wrong…It’s just what I think…


my CR Fashion Book came in the mail today and i am absolutely speechless at how gorgeous it is. both covers are stunning and the photographs are beyond. i’m so glad to have it. 😭💗💘

(PS all photos (of the magazine) are my own don’t steal them and be weird about it please thanks)

I call this look the ‘stayed up till 5am to watch Miley Cyrus appropriate black culture and use our queens as props in her song about weed’ :~)

Happy Birthday, Van Morrison!

Sir George IvanVanMorrison (b. August 31,1945) is a Northern Irish singer-songwriter and musician. Learn more about this 1993 Inductee at the Library and Archives.

Image: Set list from Austin City Limits performance on September 14, 2006. From the Austin City Limits / KLRU Collection.

Ma lei voleva solo qualcuno che l'amasse. Non con quell'amore dei film o dei libri. Quegli amori lì sono troppo scontati,tropo finti. Lei voleva essere amata in modo semplice. Non voleva i fiori o la metà cuore al collo. Lei voleva solo sentirsi amata come non l'aveva mai amata nessuno. Non voleva nemmeno che qualcuno le ripetesse sempre “ti amo”,“ti voglio bene”..o cose così. A lei bastava solo che qualcuno l'abbracciasse quando ne aveva quel bisogno infinito. Che le dicesse che magari tutto si sarebbe aggiustato. Anche quando non era vero. Specialmente quando non lo ero.
—  Me il-diario-di-un-incubo
Where we are now - Dinner Tales - AAG Verse - TheDane

AN: The last chapter of Dinner Tales! When I started this series based on a conversation with Nyx, I had no idea it would be this long or this hard to write. Chachki-Liaison and Nyx has both been amazing supports, and I’m eternally greatfull for both of you. Thank you. Thank you t everyone that has read along, it means the world to me ❤️ Tons of love, Dane.

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