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exo reaction // when you cry in front of them

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~ minseok ~

Minseok is on edge all day, noticing the absence of your radiant smile. When you were going through times of emotional stress, he felt it too. You were much of his happiness; when you were sad his heart ached for you. He becomes very alarmed when your tears begin to fall, gathering you in his arms. Minseok would try and soothe you with comforting words. Having his arms around you helped ease your sadness a little, knowing that he was there for you. His shoulders relaxed a little as your cries turned to sniffles, rubbing your back in soothing circles until you felt ready to open up to him.

~ junmyeon ~

One of the things Junmyeon hated the most was to see you in pain. Whether it be sadness or a cold that had significantly weakened you, nothing hurt his heart more. He would try to ease your pain in any way possible, especially if you began to cry. Junmyeon would take your hands, his eyes soft, kissing your knuckles and whispering words of kindness. He would be a little on the frantic side in these situations, desperate to find a way to get a smile back on your face. Seeing his effort to make you smile by cracking a few terrible jokes, your tears would stop flowing in no time, grateful for your goofy boyfriend.

~ yixing ~

Yixing knew that you needed space when you were feeling blue. Even though it killed him to see you struggling with stress by yourself, he would wait until you approached him, lending you a shoulder to cry on. Yixing wouldn’t say much, letting you cry yourself out as he placed kisses on your temple. If you did decide to confide in him, he would listen intently, pulling you in closer if tears began to fall again. Even if he didn’t like it, he knew that seeing you become upset was something that was bound to happen every once in a while; he would just try his best to be there for you when you started talking again.

~ baekhyun ~

Baekhyun tends to be very grounded in these situations. As soon as he sees a tear fall from your eyes, he drops all jokes aside and takes on a more serious tone. His arms open immediately, sighing when you fall into them, only releasing you after you calm down. He would stroke your hair gently, asking what was wrong as you confided in him. Baekhyun can be quite an insightful man, offering ways to handle your stress and asking if there is anything he can do to help you out. You would take great comfort in his words, seeing your issues more clearly as he helped you through them. 

~ jongdae ~

Jongdae hates nothing more than to see you upset. As much as he hates it, he tries his hardest to stay strong while you break down, head in your hands. At first, Jongdae tries to help you talk through your issues, but ultimately he is the best at listening. Jongdae makes sure you are well taken care of; gets you a hot drink, covers you in a blanket, and moves your piles of work out of sight. Eventually, you would share with him what was bothering you, to which he would simply listen, letting you lean against his chest. Jongdae would sit with you however long it took for your tears to run dry, kissing your cheeks. 

~ chanyeol ~

Chanyeol is very empathetic. Knowing this, you tried to hide your sadness from him. Even so, he would notice you walking around in a daze all day, his shoulders slumping as he watched your lips settle into a frown. You wouldn’t break down until he would ask what was wrong with big, concerned eyes. As tears began to flow down your face, Chanyeol pulled you into his arms, rocking you back and forth as you cried. His heart would grow heavy as you sobbed into his chest, letting you get everything out. He wouldn’t pressure you to talk to him, but he would listen intently if you did, holding your hands tightly.

~ kyungsoo ~

You knew that Kyungsoo was very good at helping you solve your problems, so if you were struggling with some stress, he was the first person you confided in. Sometimes, however, you let the stress get the better of you. Out of the blue, you would feel tears trickle from your eyes, taking you by surprise. Glancing over at you, Kyungsoo would sit up straight as he noticed you crying, taking your face in his hands and wiping your tears away with his thumbs. Knowing you needed to just cry it out, he would press his forehead to yours, rubbing his hands up and down your arms as you took comfort in his presence alone.

~ jongin ~

Jongin really wasn’t sure how to handle your sadness. He felt his own heart break as he watched you shuffle about your shared apartment, sniffling occasionally. Not wanting to upset you further, Jongin would wait until you came to him, arms outstretched for him to hold you. Tears wouldn’t fall from your eyes until your face was buried in his chest. Wrapping his arms around you as if to protect you from the world, Jongin would whisper sweet nothings into your ear as he felt the material of his shirt dampen with your tears, rubbing your back and patiently waiting for your beautiful smile to appear once more. 

~ sehun ~ 

Sehun is quite perceptive when it comes to you. He can tell the moment you wake up in the morning if you are having an off day. Throughout the day, he tries to cheer you up in small ways, like taking extra time to kiss you goodbye before he leaves and sending you cute texts all afternoon. Sehun knows that sometimes this isn’t enough, so when you begin to cry, he pulls you into his lap, sighing as you nestle your head in the crook of his neck. Sehun prefers to allow you to talk, staying silent as you vent, holding you tightly. He won’t offer advice unless you ask, knowing that sometimes an open ear is all you need.

~ admin C

whether they are aware of it or not, tn are causing so much anxiety and sadness with these tour dates. keeping international fans on edge isn’t fair. please just release all the dates at the same time.

Okay, there was one thing about this episode that caught my attention. It was the way that Dean behaved after the fight and Ketch showed up, asking if he’d found the angel. Dean was immediately violent. His tone of voice, his body language. He didn’t really have the self-control that we’d expect of him in that situation, even if he was angry about realizing that it wasn’t Ketch’s twin after all. And that violence—it was Dean on edge and so afraid that Cas was going to be gone again, because Cas was missing, just days after his return, and god knows where he’d gone.    

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Hoi Magnificent Tortoise \o/ Hear my question ! What will be the reaction of the skelebae if s/o have a bone disease, like "crystal bones" ?

*For those of you that don’t know, crystal bones is called osteogenesis imperfecta–otherwise known as brittle bone disease.   

This depends on the severity.  If it’s not as severe a case, then the skeletons would just be careful with their s/o.  Papyrus would likely treat them like glass–as would Edge, but accidents happen.  Eventually, someone would be too rough and they’d break a bone–and everyone would cringe and freak the hell out.  

Anyone from a Fell verse, plus the HT bros, knows how much it hurts to break a bone.  They can’t even imagine what it must be like to get fractures so easily.  

If they kept breaking bones courtesy of something the skeleton brothers did, some of them (all Sans-personalities, plus Edge) would back off the relationship, unwilling to hurt them anymore.  The remaining skeletons would just be extra-careful–aside from Blackberry and Crooks.  

Crooks doesn’t know his own strength.  If he hugs them, it’s game over.

Blackberry, on the other hand, doesn’t give up what’s his.  Unfortunately, he’s not great at being gentle.  Mutt will try his damnedest to keep the tiny tyrant reigned in.  

Rick taking care of you while you’re sick would include:


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• Him trying his best to manage the things in Alexandria from your house, just because he feels the need to stay close to you and take care of you as good as he can

• Him sitting on the edge of your bed while you’re snoozing, all while kissing your forehead and stroking some hair strands out of your face while trying to figure out what could make you feel better just because he hates to see you suffer

• Him making sure that you got all the medicine you need and don’t have to go without anything that could somehow make you feel better or quicken recovery

• Him leaning against the backrest of the bed next to you, only to let you lay your head in his lap before he’s running and stroking his fingers through your hair as well as letting them caress your neck to make you feel at least a little better

• Him refusing to go on runs for as long as you’re sick, just wanting to be with you as well as having the fear that you might feel worse and turn sicker when he’s outside and far away from you

• Him telling you how much Judith misses you because you can’t play and cuddle with her through not wanting that she catches the same sickness as you, only for him to pull you over into his embrace and reassure you that you’ll soon be fine and able to do anything as usual again

• Him trying to cheer you up, with things he knows you enjoy or even make you laugh a little bit, all while he’s feeling better as well whenever he sees how you begin to smile and forget the headache or anything else that’s bothering you for at least a second

• Him being glad when he begins to see that you’re feeling better, but still making sure that you rest until you feel completely fine again, all while making sure that others or he himself take over your usual shifts to give you the chance to fully recover

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Mox plus 170 please?

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170: “ Bend over. ”

Mox tightened the grip on her hair, pulling her up from the floor where she’d been sucking (or choking) his cock, tugging it hard enough to tell her she needed to get up.

“Bend over.” He commanded, Pushing her forward and moving her legs up so she was all fours and dragged her towards the edge of the bed. His large hand slammed down on the pale skin of her ass, making her yelp violently at the impact.

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Squeezing in two more fairy wings for today’s batch! The Aynia wings are done in White Satin iridescent film with a rose blush fade on the edges, and gold veining. As all of my painted wings, the inked part is sealed inside the vinyl, so you won’t have scratches or flaking on your wings and the extra vinyl layer makes them even more durable. Stay tuned for one more new set, and remember we have just a little over an hour till it’s time to pounce :D

i have a few food aversions. when i tell people this, at first they’re horrified. ice cream? you can’t eat ice cream? oh i had a terrible stomach bug, once, and it was involved. oh, you poor thing. 

first time i tried tequlia i thought it was like vodka and did nine shots in an hour and ended up in the hospital. five years later i can finally drink it again but i no longer can do shots in any situation. same, buddy, happens to the best of us.

can’t eat nutella. i thought you liked it? used to love it before i was allergic and now it gives me itches. sorry about that, i feel for you.

milk? always. what about milk and cookies, i’ve seen you eat that. sometimes, if i’m careful, and other things are in my stomach, my allergy to lactose is okay. sometimes i can have quite a lot in one day. sometimes none at all. makes sense, okay.

i can’t look at bare razors. specifically, x-acto blades. if they’re in a holder they’re okay. but if they’re out and by themselves my brain starts to shout things. when people tell me to lose weight, sirens start sounding. 

but you can’t tell people that. “triggered” is a joke now. what, are you triggered by a dropped plate?

i don’t like to eat meat if i don’t know where it came from. oh, that’s fine, then. i don’t like to listen to certain songs because they remind me of when bad things were happening. i don’t get it, though. it’s over and done with.