to the bum

Seungbae in the light offering Yoonbum salvation, and protection…. but Bum is lost in the shadows of doubt and fear to move.
Doubt there’s a change he could leave or come out of this innocent.
Fear that he will too go to jail once Seungbae finds out Bum is the one who killed Jieun and helped hide her body.
One thing though in Bum’s though process not once did he think I have to protect Sangwoo. Which is good for Seungbae, it means Yoonbum won’t betray him for his love of Sangwoo. Bum is way past that, he has shown he’s over him and was just settling with being stuck with him just to survive.
The draw back. Bum will do anything to not be murdered painfully by Sangwoo (suicide he’s okay with because it’s by his own hands) since Sangwoo has returned will Bum sell Seungbae just to survive a bit longer?

ch29 SeungBae

Ok so there are 4 possibilities of what will happen to Seungbae now that SangWoo came home.
1. He’s going to hide. Either with or without Bum. He gonna hide somewhere and later he’ll get out. Something like that. Cuz if you noticed it, they heard that SW is home but he hasn’t entered the house yet. Still 2 seconds left to at least hide in that wardrobe or whatever it is. If he’s going to make it out, remember - Bum spilled the beans by saying “she’s already dead”.
2. Sangwoo see’s him with Bum. He’s going to play it all cool like bruh he my cousin what’cha doin here get out or I’ll call the police (lol)
3. Sangwoo ain’t gonna play it cool but captures SeungBae in the cellar.
4. SeungBae dies WHICH I don’t think since he seems like the only person who’s clever enough to investigate SangWoo and still half of the story is left so why would he die, he clever. (at least he won’t die yet)