to the boy who is now a man

First Reaction vs Now - BTS Edition

First 2 videos I watched: Fire MV, Blood, Sweat and Tears MV, Not Today MV

then: that smile is lethal and i wasn’t ready
now: you mean to tell me.. this man… is the youngest… hahah i nned to sit down

then: smooth voice and beautiful lips!
now: protect this beautiful sunflower from harm for he deserves love and light

then: he seems so cool. hold on am i blushing
now: let me tell you baby boys this man is full of sweetness despite his tough image. bless

Rap Monster

then: thank you universe for allowing me to hear this man’s voice
now: so much respect for this intellectual and ambitious father *eternal applause*

then: a quiet angel
now: awkward-and-highly-precious mother who just wants her ducklings to succeed and be happy

then: hello sunshine!
now: random screaming in the background? must be j-hope

then: his eyes are drawing me in. i want to hold his hand and have hot coco with him.
now: hello to my favourite meme of all time i am simply in love with you (the hot coco thing was written before i read about his ideal type and i was too shook afterwards)



So for those of you who know me know i am in a relationship with @cornma and those of you up-to-date w our relationship may know that as of midnight we will have been together for 6 months!

now i know its early in america still but it is 12AM March 24, 2017 in italy where they live and i am so glad i got this done today!

if you know that i have had a pretty tough time with drawing/motivation lately i wanna take a second to tell you i find inspiration and encouragement on a daily from corn cob they are the love of my life n this is already supremely gay so ill leave it with:
I could never express how much you do for me but i hope this is a fair token of my affections!!

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*cheers and drinks in celebration* ITS TIMEEEEE PAPPYYYY FINALLY HUGGED SANSSSSS IM SOOO HAPPY! SKELE-BROS HUGS ARE THE BEST! They need to happen more often seeing at how broken these boys are, what better way to heal them in the comfort of your siblings arms! ❤😭😍😊💕


Yeaaah, it finally happened, i’m sure things will be good from now on!

Or at least better!

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Psh, sock kid probably has a friend apprenticing in the stables who freaks out about Caesar disappearing and goes looking for him and winds up in Erik's lair, sobbing, because they can't find their horse and are now lost in some random below-ground house

oh no!! help these children!!!

tbh ghost man would probably make spooky noises from the shadow to eventually frighten the kid into running the correct direction (the correct direction being Out of the Cranky Boy’s Lair) until they got back topside and might then slip the kid a note in the following days briefly saying that Caesar is on an adventure with the Opera Ghost, eating sugar and oats to his hearts content. horse kid would be reassured and would keep quiet about the ghost’s role in the disappearance despite everyone knowing it anyway

thinking now about this boy in my art class who is disgusting (as a person) and sleazy (as a man) and asks me to be his boyfriend (as a joke?? I don’t know). it makes me sad for two reasons 1 is how come the bad guy has to think of me that way. 2 is how come I still like the attention? can I get over myself? goodness




While Maccachin is having THE TIME OF HIS LIFE.

Now, let’s face it, the only reason Yurio agreed to go along with them on the trip, was because Victor bribe him with A WHOLE BUNCH OF SMOL AND BIG KITTENS.


ALONG WITH HOW VICTOR’S HAND IS AROUND YUURI’S WAIST, the boy is not only sitting on his lap, but Victor has him on a kind of embrace while driving their pink convertible, like two newlyweds.

This piece of official artwork, IS GOLD.

(i) aphrodite spends her nights stumbling out of bars the hands of unfamiliar men wrapped around her waist. she smells like hard liquor and cigarette smoke. when dusk turns to dawn she’s always the first to leave. always running. It’s better this way, safer this way.


(ii) artemis traded in her bow and arrow for a gun. she still hunts she just hunts a different kind of prey now. she goes out at dusk and comes back home at dawn. bruised and bloody. a few bullets missing from her gun. somewhere buried deep in the body of a man who wore cruelty as if it were a second skin. who did not take no for an answer.

(iii) persephone first saw hades in a club. He was the kind of boy her mother had warned her about. Boys like that her mother had said are nothing but trouble. but persephone had never minded trouble very much. she walked up to him her lips painting a shade of pomegranate and asked if she could buy him a drink.

—  modern goddesses part one 
my mom's comments on every act 1 hamilton song
  • Alexander Hamilton: this is about Alexander Hamilton I'm guessing
  • Aaron Burr, Sir: Stay away from that Hercules boy (me: mom he died a long time ago) still
  • My Shot: is this a drinking song or a song about guns (me: both)
  • The Story of Tonight: they're drunk
  • The Schuyler Sisters: id hate to be Peggy
  • Farmer Refuted: sea furry has a good voice (me: thayne jasperson?) yeah that guy
  • You'll Be Back: he's acting like he and the colonies are a couple (me: that's the point) oh
  • Right Hand Man: is this Thomas Jefferson
  • A Winter's Ball: don't hang out with these boys
  • Helpless: this is cute aww
  • Satisfied: "you strike me as a woman who has never been satisfied" is this a sexual innuendo
  • The Story of Tonight Reprise: they're very drunk now
  • Wait For It: wow. (Me: yeah pretty much)
  • Stay Alive: wait so he's at war now? "Alexander you're the closest friend I've got" they are in like two scenes together why are they so close
  • Ten Duel Commandments: why are they fighting each other is this war
  • Meet Me Inside: he's mad
  • That Would Be Enough: "how long have you known" known what?? (Me: she's pregnant) she cheated on him????
  • Guns and Ships: he talks fast
  • History Has It's Eyes On You: intense
  • Yorktown: did they win? (Me: yeah) ok
  • What Comes Next: ok so they broke up now?
  • Dear Theodosia: *tears up* I wish I loved you that much
  • NonStop: why is he non stop now I thought that he was going to spend time with his son (me: john laurens died) so?

Okay so I’m sure someone else has already pointed this out, so I’m sorry if I’m late to this realization but in the original Arthur Conan Doyle stories, one of the stories is called “The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire.” 

In the story, a man writes to Sherlock worried that his second wife (and mother of his youngest child) is sucking their baby son’s blood; thus believing she may be a ‘vampire.’ However it turns out that instead the man’s eldest son from his first marriage is actually behind the marks that have been appearing on the baby.

The boy was attempting to use poisonous darts on the baby, and the boy’s stepmother knew and had been trying to suck the poison out from the wounds. This poison the boy was using was initially tested out on the family dog.

Now, in BBC Sherlock, when John was texting who we now know to be “Eurus” who was going by “E,” John texted her and asked her if she was a night owl, to which she replied “vampire.” She clearly doesn’t seem to be a very nice person, now yet is a supposed sibling to Sherlock; and we all know Sherlock loved his childhood dog…

I don’t really know if there’s anything to be made of all of this, but it felt like something worth mentioning! Food for thought!

modern dregs in high school would make the most interesting squad. they’d represent everyone, their friendships completely demolishing societal barriers. like there’s that one kid with a serious glare, stuck in an everlasting emo phase who only wears black and never talks in class but is actually a lowkey nerd that practices magic in secret.

there’s an adorable but nauseating on again off again couple consisting of the loud mouthed and breathtakingly beautiful homecoming queen who has the whole school under her spell and the moody but talented star athlete who’s never done anything wrong in his life except for getting caught making out under the bleachers.

there’s also the socially awkward, perpetually mistaken for a freshman, straight A’s all of his life band kid that blushes and stutters at any sort of attention. he dates the most charming boy in school that treats the world like a stage (and he’s some sort of one man show), who’s now betting on luck to get him into college because his inability to sit still and focus makes his grades suffer.

there’s even a shady foreign exchange student that once accidentally on purpose set his lab station on fire and put it on snapchat, nearly getting expelled until he lied about not being able to comprehend the lesson.

and lastly there’s the quiet girl that spent so much of her time buried beneath books in the library no one knew she existed until she launched an anti-bully campaign that went viral because she publicly called out the school’s principal for doing nothing disciplinary about the harassment. now she’s the student body president and might be dating the emo kid?? who knows?? they’re good with secrets.

Day Sixty-Seven

-Turning around, I found myself face to face with an unnaturally large cat with a two foot-wide head. After a moment of reevaluation, I found myself face to face with a hyper-realistic cat purse. This did not ease my fight or flight response.

-A father and his son came through my lane in matching Batman outfits. While undeniably adorable, I do wonder if the child realizes he already has more than Bruce Wayne ever did.

-In regards to his purchase of a bland gift bag and white tissue paper, a man asked me, “Is this cute enough? For a girl?” Before I could get out a polite but definitively dissenting answer, he told me that it was good enough, and that he was now done shopping. I cannot imagine the woman who is lucky enough to deserve this level of thoughtfulness.

-I met either a young boy decked out head to toe in elf garb or an elf stopping by after a long shift at the workshop. The date is December 17th and, whichever it may be, they made my day much brighter.

-I was unfortunately forced to ring up a legitimate Nazi, complete with tattoos, long white dreadlocks, and Confederate flag badges. I almost considered saying something, but then I noticed the gun on his hip and decided that I was too hungry to die without another good meal.

-A woman purchased two boxes of Dark Magic. I was disappointed to find out that was merely the name of a coffee blend, and the store had not decided to start delivering what the people really want.

-I was asked to pull up a woman’s credit card and charge it using just her name. It was not even a Target card, so I am unsure as to how she expected me to accomplish this, but I know that as soon as we achieve this ability, several people will find themselves donors to the Get Tom A Pet Sloth Foundation.

-A pair of white men in black leather trench coats loitered around my register for far too long without so much as looking at an item. They each wore a fedora with the brim pulled down, showing only the scraggly remnants of a beard in the act of escaping to their necks from their faces. Never before in my life have I been so sure that I was going to get shot.

-I had the delight of seeing a young girl skipping around the store in a fuzzy Chewbacca onesie, the picture of  comfort and style. This is truly where fashion meets function and I hope to see more of this movement in the future.

-A man in his thirties purchased a bottle of Hawaiian Punch and a copy of The Notebook at ten o'clock. He is in for a night I truly envy.

-Approaching the bathroom to blow my nose, I heard a series of beeps coming from inside. As I stepped through the door, I found that it was a man dialing his phone from inside the stall. He was then on the phone with who I believe was a doctor. I do not know the details of what happened in this stall or why it warranted calling his doctor so late at night, but I am grateful that it was not me this time.