to the boy who is now a man


@jccaylen the ocean is the biggest cockblock ever

@kianlawley​ @jccaylen no ? just fly over here bby we’ll finally be together

- - -

@kianlawley​ @jccaylen late night skate?

@jccaylen @kianlawley​ you know i’m always down

- - -

@jccaylen i feel like getting naked

@kianlawley​ @jccaylen together ? i’ll be over in a bit

literally the gay in Carry On is so soft,, so pure… we need more books like that where there’s just kissing until their mouths go sore,,,,, and kindness,,, Simon Snow who never kissed a boy in his life is now Simon “I Solve Problems With My Mouth” Snow kissing the BF whenever he needs to calm Baz down……………its great it’s a great time I may have cried a little

Shout Out To My Ex Lyrics

This is a shout out to my ex
Heard he in love with some other chick
Yeah yeah that hurt me I’ll admit
Forget that boy I’m over it
I hope she gettin’ better sex
Hope she ain’t fakin’ it like I did, babe
Took four long years to call it quits
Forget that boy I’m over it

Guess I should say thank you
For the ‘hate yous’ and the tattoos
Oh baby I’m cool by the way
Ain’t sure I loved you anyway
Go head babe I’m gonna live my life
My life, yeah

(Chorus) Shout out to my ex
You’re really quite the man
You made my heart break
And that made me who I am
Here’s to my ex, hey look at me now
Well I’m all the way up
I swear you’ll never bring me down

Oh I deleted all your pics
And blocked your number from my phone
Yeah yeah you took all you could get
But you aint getting this love no more
Cause now I’m living so legit
Even though you broke my heart in two
But I snap right back I’m so brand new baby
Boy read my lips, I’m over you
Over you

Guess I should say thank you
For the 'hate yous’ and the tattoos
Oh baby I’m cool by the way
Ain’t sure I loved you anyway
Go head babe I’m gonna live my life

(Chorus x2)

You’ll never bring me down.

(Chorus x3)

You’ll never bring me down.

Why I Must Leave You First:

i. My mother always took my father’s tantrums. It was one of those things where if she got mad, he got mad at her for getting mad. And every time they fought, she would never win. Even when she was right, she would lose.

ii. I am tired. I am drained. If I keep this up, I will have no love left for the day that one person who is so deserving of it, walks into my life.

iii. I’ve survived loving a man who didn’t love me back. And you are a boy.

iv. You say you’re staying in my 2016, but you and I both know you’ve left already. You left me first.

v. You were once my escape. Now you are the reason I need another paradise.

vi. It’s a horrible feeling to hold on to someone who needs to be set freed. It’s a terrible thing to wait for something when you must leave. But it’s worse to waste your time running in circles for the bullet to hit when it shouldn’t have been shot in the first place.

vii. I am not the roses I never received. I am a garden. I am the rain. I am all of the stars. And I am my own sun.

—  Stories I’ll tell one day #80 – Ming D. Liu
📢Appreciate Choi Youngjae📢

hi, what you’re looking at is the same person. on the left is pre-debut choi youngjae at 16 years old, and on the right is current youngjae at a strapping 19 years old. holy shit is what you’re probably saying right now and- oh mAN i feel you, i know. i know. 

but yet- this boy on the right is still insecure and doubtful about himself, and it’s our fault. we honestly aren’t loving him enough. to those who don’t stan youngjae and to those who do, can we just- send him positive comments whenever given the opportunity (i.e. concerts, sns, if we were ever blessed to see him in broad daylight, etc.)? just one per person- a simple “youngjae you’re awesome, handsome, funny, cute, amazing, etc.” here’s a cheat sheet if you aren’t sure on what to say- and here’s another cheat sheet that contains korean phrases so he can understand faster, just add 최영재 or 영재 to the beginning of it- so it’s a for sure compliment towards youngjae himself. because the amount of hate he gets is practically 1/3 of his comments, especially during vlive streams. don’t believe me? go check for yourself- if you can’t even find comments about youngjae, it just further proves how unappreciative as a fandom we are of him. even i’m contributing to this terrible fad, because i don’t even leave comments, so the hateful comments always outweigh the few good ones. it’s just easier to accept hateful comments.

you want youngjae to feel loved? you want youngjae to know he’s perfect just the way he is? start contributing and tell him. compliment him so much he’ll actually start believing it.  

i just want to remind everyone that- without youngjae, you wouldn’t have gotten got7 as it is today. got7 wouldn’t have even existed. 

just in case you didn’t know about him, i just want to lay down some facts:

  1. he had to audition twice because he failed the first time
    1. instead of moping about his “failure” and giving up on his dream, he begged his parents for singing and piano lessons and had them pay the train fare to and from mokpo and seoul, despite their constant lecture for him to choose a different path
    2. when they told him they couldn’t pay anymore, he faked his age and got multiple jobs secretly to pay for the lessons
    3. he later made a formal/informal apology to them on his instagram for all the world to see on how sorry he felt for mistreating them and being pushy- but this only proves how dedicated he was to attaining his dream
  2. he had absolutely no prior dance experience, and to have learned such demanding choreographies in only 7 months is astonishing while the others had years to accomplish this
  3. he wasn’t well received from the public because he had no prior exposure and wasn’t taught idol etiquette, so he most definitely had a rough start
    1. he is so fucking strong and thick skinned you wouldn’t even believe, he just doesn’t show it
  4. his dramatic weight loss which no one really considered in only 7 months:

and there is so much more i could say, but i’m going to cut this short and say, appreciate choi youngjae and if you ever see a spiteful comment, you refute it back with a compliment. diminish the hate by expressing love. that’s all i ask. this has been a psa, bye.

Losing respek for niggas left and right

Man just the other day i was in class with homeboy talkin bout nothing.

Him: “Oh , you know they’re making a new wonder woman movie with..” *idr who*

Me: *remembering that glorious edit of Serena Williams in that Wonder Woman costume* “Eh I’d love if Serena were Wonder Woman”

Him: “Serena?..”

The look on his face already made me want to gag.

Me: “Yeah… Serena Williams.. Tennis pla-”

Him: “Serena’s too black to be Wonder Woman.”

Me: looking home boy dead in this face thinking bout how he “The Darkest Night of All the Land” would have any audacity to comment on skin tone shades… I’m in awe.
The disbelief sways me.

Me: “Too black?”

Him: “Yea , like she’s too black.. Wonder Woman is from the Amazon.”

I almost drop the topic because this guy is really smart. Like I usually aim to be best in class and dude is always the only thing close to a challenge. And i don’t even know anything about the Wonder Woman Comics because he starts talking about the way it’s written.. but then…?!

Me: “So you’re telling me Hollywood hasn’t changed anything from how things are written in books when they produce the movie ?”

Him: “Not when it’s made to be that way.. like Wonder Woman’s charact-”

Me: “So you mean white people aren’t out here playing Egyptians.. and Scarlett Johansen wasn’t just the whole lead role in a movie about a book that was centered strictly around Asian culture?”
*every image reference clouding my mind of every time the character placement was off*

Me: *remembering he used “she’s from the amazon as a rebuttal* –"And i know you’re not going to sit here and tell me she’s from the amazon .. like black people wouldn’t exist in the amazon when you know black people exist in pretty much every part of land you can think of despite what media will fool you into thinking.”

Him: “The Amazon isn’t real–”

Me: “Oh.. so now you’re telling me Serena Williams is too black to play a fictional character from a place that isn’t real???”

Him: *talking about how its written in the comic or w.e*

Me: *thinking about how Serena is and can be all those things* Ok?

Him: *realizing he fucked up* “You know what _ never mind.. you’re annoying.”

Me: *is annoyed*

This the same dude that’s always projecting to be so pro-black. I thought we were on the same team. I was rooting for you!


Some of the best act-closing numbers from musicals.

one day more - les miserables / a light in the dark - next to normal / i remember how those boys could dance - carrie the musical / sante fe - newsies / this time next year - sunset boulevard / who i’d be - shrek the musical / our love is god - heathers / pretty funny - dogfight / now (it’s just the gas) - little shop of horrors / i’ve never been in love before - guys and dolls / bring it on - bring it on / defying gravity - wicked / ever after - into the woods / i believe - spring awakening / man up - the book of mormon / to dance again - a very potter musical / quintet - west side story / happy ending - twisted / i am what i am - la cage aux folles / so much better - legally blonde / there’s a fine, fine line - avenue q / this world will remember us - bonnie and clyde / marry me a little - company / the book report - you’re a good man, charlie brown / bottom’s gonna be on top - something rotten! / everything’s coming up roses - gypsy / status quo - starship / a little priest - sweeney todd / pinball wizard - the who’s tommy / non-stop - hamilton
Boy faces assault charges for kissing 14-year-old girl on dare | National & World News | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KOMO News

This is assault. The way this gross article is written is part of the problem, like if a grown man kissed a grown woman, also assault: inappropriate and unwanted touching is assault and men need to learn this young.

School officials took a report regarding a 13-year-old boy who kissed a 14-year-old girl during school hours. The unwanted kiss was allegedly the result of a dare made by students.

Police confirm that the boy is now facing a second-degree assault charge as a juvenile. No one was injured during the incident, police say, and disciplinary actions related to suspension or expulsion will be handled by the school system.


On the drive to Fairview Cemetery in the Boston neighborhood of Hyde Park, six seniors from Roxbury Latin boys’ school sit in silent reflection. Mike Pojman, the school’s assistant headmaster and senior adviser, says the trip is a massive contrast to the rest of their school day, and to their lives as a whole right now.

Today the teens have volunteered to be pallbearers for a man who died alone in September, and for whom no next of kin was found. He’s being buried in a grave with no tombstone, in a city cemetery.

“To reflect on the fact that there are people, like this gentleman, who probably knew hundreds or thousands of people through his life, and at the end of it there’s nobody there — I think that gets to all of them,” Pojman says. “Some have said, ‘I just gotta make sure that never happens to me.’”

'Today We Are His Family’: Teen Volunteers Mourn Those Who Died Alone

Photos: Kayana Szymczak for NPR


*wipes sweat and tears off my tablet* what do you mean that isn’t even all of them?

“I can remember speaking to a 12-year-old boy, a football player, and I asked him, ‘How would you feel if, in front of all the players, the coach told you, you were playing like a girl?’ Now I expected him to say that I’d be sad or I’d be mad or I’d be angry or something. No, the boy said to me, 'It would destroy me.’ And, I said to myself…. if it would destroy him to be called a girl, what are we then teaching him about girls.” - Tony Porter

This quote is from an excellent TED talk by Tony Porter, an educator and activist who is internationally recognized for his efforts to end violence against women. In his talk, “A Call to Men,” Porter explores the social conditioning that he refers to as the “man box,” which can lead men to disrespect, mistreat, and abuse women and each other.

To watch his TED talk, visit Porter is also the cofounder of A CALL TO MEN: The National Association of Men and Women Committed to Ending Violence Against Women:

Thanks to Free Your Mind and Think for sharing this image!”

As seen on the A Mighty Girl Facebook page 

Adam Parrish, very successful, handsome man in his late twenties is teased constantly by his co-workers who just don’t understand why he wont get a new car!   What is that piece of shit you’re always driving around?  They ask.   It’s not like Adam can’t afford something new and sleek now, and deep down he knows that’s what he used to want…but ever since Gansey’s death he can’t bring himself to ever get rid of the shitbox - one of the few gifts from the Gansey family.  He never let his best friend give him anything, and now that he’s gone, he wishes he had something more to remember him by.  So, that is why he spends all his weekends keeping his shitty car from finally biting the dust.  That is why he never lets the mocking looks get to him.  That is why he never lets his boyfriend dream him up something sexier.  He wants to drive to work everyday with his best friend, and he never wants to forget him.

Alright, so Geoff has been in X-Ray and Vav. Ryan was in X-Ray and Vav. Now Michael is in it.

The man Mogar is looking for?

An elusive, nearly unstoppable criminal, who hides his villainous through kindness in the public eye. Such as taking care of a small orphan before leaving him to survive in the woods because lesser things that tie them together the safer it is for the boy.

And now many years later Mogar is now on the hunt for the man who smells distinctively of wild flowers.

A man voiced by Jack.

Boys that are DFAB, and after coming out have been faced with people saying things like “if you see yourself as a man, why don’t you work out?”, “I just can’t see you as a man, you’re too feminine”, “well since you want to be a man, you better do all the things a man would do now.” Being male does not mean adhering to strict gender roles, and people holding you up to specific standards of what they think a man is, is their problem and not yours. ESPECIALLY if they hold you to these standards, but not cis men.

Bad Boy

Lovino Vargas was a man who had a close relationship with a few ladies. Danger was one of them. She and Lovino had an on and off fling for a few years now. There was nothing wrong with taking a few risks and getting into a little trouble every now and then. Danger gave him a good adrenaline rush, made him feel alive and like he belonged. 

Stupidity was the other. She was the one who always had him doing dumb shit like smoking, or picking fights with the local gang that he couldn’t win. She wasn’t the best, but sometimes she seemed to have good ideas. 

His ladies were double edged swords, but damn if he didn’t love the relationship with them. 

The boy sat in the back of his high school, contemplating how he was going to explain his black eye to his grandfather once he got home. He took a long drag on his cigarette and exhaled deeply. It was going to be a shit storm either way. Him and his dear old grandfather didn’t see eye to eye. But that was no secret. 

Can you imagine how proud Liam’s family are? Like, they watched Liam grow up with intense medical complications, observed as he was bullied, saw how heart broken Liam must have been when no one showed up to his 16th birthday party. They watched Liam finally catch a break when he got to judge’s houses on X Factor in 2008, and then watched him be crushed again when he was sent home. Think about them now: watching Liam conquer the world, getting to live a life he loves, receiving endless praise and devotion from all around the world. Just imagine how proud they must be, watching as the boy who had the world against him grew into a man with the world at his feet.