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Hey! Look out for that moving van, Driving down our streets, Dwight better lock up his man, before he meets: The new girl in town! Who just came on the scene,mThe new girl in town! Who might just be more than sixteen, And she's got a way of making a boy act like a clown! Owoahwoahwoah! And we don't know what to do, bout the new girl in town!(I thought this might be funny to imagine XD,Props if you know where this is from! 👍)

oh my god… i didn’t know and i had to get help figuring out what thats from and I CANT STOP CACKLING NOW AHAHA


a mix for the man who always walked into the shadows, but your heart always tried to find the light; Royce Melborn. [listen]

01. black // 02. blood on my name // 03. vengeance // 04. if i had a heart // 05. honor for all // 06. fire // 07. god’s gonna cut you down // 08. ambients // 09. beautiful crime // 10. long way home // 11. oh death // 12. hurt // 13. i come with knives // 14. pyre // 15. run boy run // 16. silver star // 17. seven nation army // 18. weak and powerless // 19. castle of glass

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Question: Have you ever been on a date? :)

No, unless you count going to a disco when I was 11 with a boy who then ditched me…because that happened…was totally not worth it and that boy is now a man and a very misogynistic and kinda racist one…so i’d count that as a close call and dodging of a bullet really!

Come ask me questions, don’t worry about how personal they are if i’m not comfortable I just won’t answer it :) xx

Losing respek for niggas left and right

Man just the other day i was in class with homeboy talkin bout nothing.

Him: “Oh , you know they’re making a new wonder woman movie with..” *idr who*

Me: *remembering that glorious edit of Serena Williams in that Wonder Woman costume* “Eh I’d love if Serena were Wonder Woman”

Him: “Serena?..”

The look on his face already made me want to gag.

Me: “Yeah… Serena Williams.. Tennis pla-”

Him: “Serena’s too black to be Wonder Woman.”

Me: looking home boy dead in this face thinking bout how he “The Darkest Night of All the Land” would have any audacity to comment on skin tone shades… I’m in awe.
The disbelief sways me.

Me: “Too black?”

Him: “Yea , like she’s too black.. Wonder Woman is from the Amazon.”

I almost drop the topic because this guy is really smart. Like I usually aim to be best in class and dude is always the only thing close to a challenge. And i don’t even know anything about the Wonder Woman Comics because he starts talking about the way it’s written.. but then…?!

Me: “So you’re telling me Hollywood hasn’t changed anything from how things are written in books when they produce the movie ?”

Him: “Not when it’s made to be that way.. like Wonder Woman’s charact-”

Me: “So you mean white people aren’t out here playing Egyptians.. and Scarlett Johansen wasn’t just the whole lead role in a movie about a book that was centered strictly around Asian culture?”
*every image reference clouding my mind of every time the character placement was off*

Me: *remembering he used “she’s from the amazon as a rebuttal* –"And i know you’re not going to sit here and tell me she’s from the amazon .. like black people wouldn’t exist in the amazon when you know black people exist in pretty much every part of land you can think of despite what media will fool you into thinking.”

Him: “The Amazon isn’t real–”

Me: “Oh.. so now you’re telling me Serena Williams is too black to play a fictional character from a place that isn’t real???”

Him: *talking about how its written in the comic or w.e*

Me: *thinking about how Serena is and can be all those things* Ok?

Him: *realizing he fucked up* “You know what _ never mind.. you’re annoying.”

Me: *is annoyed*

This the same dude that’s always projecting to be so pro-black. I thought we were on the same team. I was rooting for you!

Can I just say that two years ago and a year ago, at this time I was sitting in my favourite coffee shop with a broken heart and writing letters to a boy who never cared to read it, and today I sat there writing one to a man who makes me feel as if I deserve all the good things in life and looks at me like he sees stars, a letter to someone who deserves my words.

Okay but like imagine, mundane!AU where Jace and Izzy decide they want tattoos, and Alec comes along for support, and when the shop owner comes out Alec is just like??? He’s so cute??? And the man introduces himself as Magnus and won’t stop flirting with Alec.

And if you want to go even further, Alec works at the flower shop a few blocks away and Magnus wanders in one day and, oh look it’s the cute boy who came into his shop the other day. So Magnus keeps coming back because “plants, Alexander, my shop needs more plants.” And one day when Alec isn’t there, Magnus comes in and buys a rose and leaves it for him.

So eventually they get together and Alec lets Magnus draw all over his body and Alec hates having to wash it off at the end of the day because Magnus is so good??? And Alec will sometimes wake up to doodles on his arm, or the words “I love you” written in different scripts on his wrist, and they just fall so in love together.

Time to sit down and talk about Danny boy here who is killing the hobbit hair right now. Honestly I think he’s grown up a lot, he’s matured (slightly) into this amazing looking person. I wish this amazing person would notice me…but doesn’t everyone. Anyway along with the change since becoming a fan of him (I’ve been a fan since the start). I’ve learned that somethings about him that just don’t change, Dan Howell will always be the extremely tall noodle, spawn of Winnie the Pooh and Slender Man, with hair that was cool in 2007 and wet looks like a poodle. So to everyone just now becoming fans of Dan and Phil just know you haven’t missed much, yeah sure they’ve changed in appearance but they’re still the same awkward people who we all know and love. [ @danisnotonfire ]

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“IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER” part one! For the first time, the Man of Tomorrow and the Boy of Steel team up with the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder in a father-son adventure you won’t want to miss! Damian Wayne has been hearing a lot about this mysterious new Superboy, and now’s his chance to find out who he is…

On sale NOVEMBER 2 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

protect Gabriel Reyes??? Like?? god this man just wants some recognition he’s probably always been the guy who does the dirty hard job and never gets any thanks i mean we’ve all been there and the ppl who always get stepped on, you know??? you turn bitter but you bottle it all up anyway because you’re not supposed to be mean you’ve always been the one doing the job so why should you expect anything now

his theatrical bad boy personality as Reaper now makes a lot of sense like all those bottled up feelings he just gets to act like an asshole and feel like he’s getting back at the world for never letting him have the light of day or recognition. reaper is the wall that gabe puts up so he doesnt have to be that person anymore

Hero (RWBY AU Snippet)

Jaune Arc, greatest of mortal heroes, was dying. It was no monster or warrior who had defeated him. Instead, it was time. He was an old man now, and he was waiting for the one fate that awaited all old men. He was waiting for Death.

He did not wait alone.

His children were all waiting outside his bedroom, for he had permitted only one other to be with him in his final hours. Pyrrha, Goddess of Victory and Righteous Battle, was the mother of his children and the love of his life. She had taken a poor, untrained boy and helped him become a living legend. 

And now Pyrrha waited. She waited for Death to arrived. And she waited with her sword in one hand and her shield in the other. On the bed, Jaune slept.

For Jaune, she would fight Death.

Pyrrha knew that Death was close when her children gave a great cry that echoed through the house. They were demigods and legends in their own right, and their divine blood let them see what others could not. They could see Death coming for their father, and they would not let Death have him so easily.

But scarcely a moment passed before stillness and silence once again reigned over the house.

The door of the bedroom trembled. Pyrrha had barred entry into the room with every magic and power she could muster. Not even another god of war could have broken into it so easily. Yet the door swung open as if by its own accord. Pyrrha’s brows furrowed. It was true then. No door could bar Death’s passage, not when Death had command of the greatest door of all: the Gate of the Dead that separated the realms of the living and the dead.

A chill swept through the room, and the candles wavered though no breeze stirred the air. A vast, bloody shadow swirled in the doorway. There, at last, was Death. Her blood-red cloak moved as if alive, and her scythe, as dark as the dead of night, drank in the candlelight and plunged the room into an eerie twilight.

Death raised her head, and Pyrrha found herself staring into silver eyes that seemed to see everything that she was and ever could be with but a single glance. Then that gaze shifted to Jaune.

“You cannot have him!” Pyrrha snarled. Her divine power flooded into the room, and her armour blazed as though wrought of fire and starlight. Her sword became a spear, its point so sharp it could pierce the fabric of reality itself. Her shield trembled in her grasp, a shining, gleaming mirror that could reflect any attack that fell upon it. “Take even one step closer and -”

“And what?” Death murmured. “You are powerful, Pyrrha, Goddess of Victory and Righteous Battle. Even amongst the gods of war, there are few who could claim to be your equal, and none who can truly say they are your better. But I am no mere god of war. I am Death, and even gods can die.”

Pyrrha’s power blazed brighter still, a sun to beat back the chill and darkness that came with Death. “I have fought a thousand gods, Death, and never lost. Do you truly think that I will give up my beloved without a fight?”

“How brave you are,” Death replied, and Pyrrha could almost have sworn that there was true sorrow in her voice. “Braver even than your children.” Pyrrha’s eyes narrowed, but Death spoke swiftly. “You need not fear for them. They are merely unconscious. It is not their time yet. I would have passed by them entirely, yet I knew they would never forgive themselves if they did not at least try to stop me.”

Pyrrha swallowed thickly. Her and Jaune’s children were demigods, but they were amongst the mightiest of the half-gods. To have defeated so many of them and so quickly… Death’s prowess was terrible indeed. “Even so… you shall not pass.”

“You cannot stop me.” Death lifted her scythe, and Pyrrha tensed, anticipating an attack.

Death attacked but not in any manner that Pyrrha had anticipated. As the scythe drew to a stop, the shaft level with Pyrrha’s chest, the red-haired goddess collapsed to her knees. Her strength fled from her, and she felt as though the entire weight of the world were pressing down on her. Her spear clattered from her grasp, followed shortly by her shield, and a second later she was sprawled face down on the floor.

As she fought to stand once more, Pyrrha sensed Death walk past her and sit on the edge of Jaune’s bed.

“Don’t!” Pyrrha wailed, unable to so much raise her head from the floor. “Please! No! Stop!”

“It is his time,” Death replied. “And there are laws not even we can break, Pyrrha.”

“Please…” Pyrrha wept. She clawed at the floor. “We were friends once, when we were but young gods. Please, for the friendship we once shared, spare him, please, Ruby! Please!”

“I cannot spare him.” Death’s power eased a fraction, and Pyrrha found herself able to look up into the other goddess’s eyes. “But for the friendship we once shared, I can promise you two things.”


“His passing will be swift and gentle. He is still asleep, Pyrrha, and he will not wake again before he passes. Instead, he will dream of his youth and the days you spent together in happiness. He will pass peacefully and go then to the blessed fields and noble halls that await great heroes of renown.”

“And I will never see him again after he enters those halls. I will never walk with him through those fields.”

“No, you will not.” Death’s eyes glazed as though she were seeing something far away in space and time. “But when the Last Battle comes, the gods will not fight the darkness alone. Instead, the Gate of the Dead will open for the first time, and all of the heroes and legends of the past shall stream forth to do battle once more. Jaune shall be the leader of the mortal heroes, and he will be as he was in his prime. You will fight the Last Battle side by side, Pyrrha.”

“I would gladly lay down my sword, my spear, and my shield for him. Please, do not take him. What is glory to me if he is gone?”

Death shook her head sadly. “Remember my words, Pyrrha, and do not despair. For if the night and day cannot be together until the Last Battle, then you too must wait.” A lone tear trickled down Death’s cheek. “And you are not the only one waiting. Even Death’s chosen must die, and I will not see her again until you see Jaune.”

Gently, so gently, Death laid one hand upon Jaune’s brow. Then she was gone and so was Jaune.

“I don’t want anything more than a fuck buddy right now. If you want to be friends I guess I’d be okay with that but don’t expect me to be around all the time. If you want to fuck though just call me and I’ll stay however long you want.”

That’s not coming from a sex crazed 15 year old fuck boy. That’s a 25 year old man who I dated for three years.


High praise from Vince Gilligan on Bryan Cranston’s memoir, A Life in Parts.

“Boy, you think you know a guy! I worked six solid years with Bryan Cranston and figured there weren’t any secrets left between us. All those hours I spent watching him wander the desert in his underpants? That alone should make me an expert on the man.

But now, along comes A Life In Parts – and suddenly I’m reading about a whole other Bryan, one who performs weddings in airplanes and camps out at mortuaries. This Bryan bathes in the blood of chickens and stuffs mackerels in air vents. He even accosts poor Alfred Hitchcock.

Yes, it’s all in here. Better still, there’s an exceedingly honest discussion of his craft, which will be a godsend to struggling thespians everywhere. Think your job waiting tables sucks? One of the world’s greatest actors had it worse (what with being under suspicion for murder and all).

I loved this book. It’s just the right mixture of funny, sad and heartfelt. If I’d known Bryan could tell stories this well, I would have had him writing episodes of Breaking Bad.”

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i already made a dumb text post about it but i need to share this idea...ok so imagine a fic where young!jesse (who is of age of course) from the blackwatch days walks in on gabe and jack fuckin and jack’s obviously flustered but oh boy. gabe just beckons a (very) eager jesse over, sayin how this can be a part of his training….he shows the younger man just how jack likes it, where he likes to be touched, what makes the blond shake and moan–

Park Jimin is the epitome of ‘get you a man who can do both’

i mean, he can be smol and cute with his eye-smile™

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i mean look at this boy

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he is perfect

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but like then also, this happens

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and he’s just so ???

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like i feel personally attacked

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and like now he’s even blonde??? boyyyyyy

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anyways, the point is, i love Park Jimin & i hope he’s happy 

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george lundgren or george costanza?

how dare you make me choose between two excellent georges 

you can’t really compare them though, they’re both like. they’d be on opposite ends of the alignment chart. George Lundgren is a good boy, a kind-hearted soul, he’s a Lawful Good George. whereas george costanza is a wretched little man who works primarily for his own self-interest. he’s like a… True Neutral George with a neutral evil undercurrent.  

C: I never understood why my mother married my father and had three kids with him. They are polar opposites, and not in a way that compliments each other. My father is abusive and conservative (he, a Nigerian Black man, voted for Trump). My mother is an absolute angel, very liberal and voted for Bernie. She said she was only attracted to him so that we could be born. It was a cosmic pull. After I, the baby of the family, was born, everything in their marriage fell apart completely.

I see what she meant by the cosmic pull now. I am pregnant with my first, by a boy (can’t really call him a man even though he is 25) who is, quite honestly, the stupidest person I could have ever hooked up with. Ignorant on every level. Complete ankh nigga, too. I was crazy about him at first, pulled to him like there was a magnet between us. As soon as I conceived (before I even knew I was pregnant), the magnet lifted, my eyes were unveiled and I saw just how idiotic he truly is.

Now I’m stuck with him for life! I’m DEFINITELY not marrying his ass but he’s family now. I have to come to terms with allowing him to teach my baby girl what he thinks he knows. I would be perfectly happy to raise her on my own but this man wants to be there for her. I feel terrible for complaining about that because every child deserves both parents to be there for them, but I wish he just disappeared. I wish I didn’t tell him about our baby.

He is a nice man with good intentions but I do not want my child to share his genes. I don’t want her to look like him. I don’t want her to think (if that’s what you can even call it) like him. I didn’t plan for this to happen. The condom slipped off. And I want my baby more than anything I could ever even imagine wanting, and I will love her no matter how she turns out. But just knowing that this man will be closely linked with me and the true love of my life for the rest of our lives… I am so ashamed of myself for liking him in the first place. I’m embarrassed.

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hasnt gillian anderson made transphobic comments in the past?

hoo boy okay 

i’ve never seen the skit (and i bet none of the people who have started this whole discourse have either) but old gregg is a half fish half man character (this person explained it pretty well, i’m basically just gonna quote everything) who thinks he has female genitalia except it lights up (which he, in the skit, referred to as a downstairs mix up)

now if you take that information and re-read gillian’s tweet, she’s poking fun at 1) how she looks in the photo 2) letting us know her genitalia doesn’t light up like old gregg’s 

when i first read the tweet and looked up old gregg i didn’t understand why everyone was saying it was transphobic like i would’ve understood if he was a canonically transgender character but he’s not, he’s a fish. i understand now how it could be viewed as such and i didn’t find the joke that she made funny but that’s all it literally was. a joke. she’s a 48 year old woman who made a bad joke on the internet. my grandpa has done the same. 

i also don’t understand how quickly it takes people on this website to label people something. i bet in my lifetime i’ve laughed at something transphobic. i probably didn’t know it was transphobic and ive never in my life ever hated transgender people but the point im trying to make is that we’re all guilty of laughing or even making a joke we weren’t supposed to. celebrities aren’t exempt from that rule

anyway. she’s voiced her inclusion of trans women before (in an interview where she talked about co-writing that book “we” she specifically said she includes trans women but no one bothered to look that up because it’s convenient to side with a popular post instead of doing your own research apparently)

idk. it’s good to be critical of your faves and to be like “hey that wasn’t cool” when they say something bad (+ to recognize that p much all celebrities are problematic like it’s hilarious when ppl act shocked when something like this happens) but tungle is really extra about literally everything and take everything you read here with a grain of salt 

A quote from Russian “Figure skating confessions page”
“If by the time of the Olympics, watching Yuzuru we could see a young boy not formed fully with an enormous crazy potential, now we can see a young man who is showing us a real deal of adult talent. Without fear, without limits, he is skating touching hearts, making people stop breathing from amazement and admiration, which would be impossible if he didn’t carry that ray of light deep in his soul. Simply the most amazing and the most loved figure skater of our time." 

–translated by Marina Khevkh in YH Int’l Fan Grp on FB. 


Loki smirks as the Heroes stand chained before him, “did any of you actually think that I would be beaten by weak, pathetic mortals like you?” He was cocky and amused with his victory over Midgard and their armies. He walks slowly before them all, “the infamous Captain America, the man of Iron, two spies and my very own brother,” he paused at that and stands before Thor, “but we both know now that I was never really your brother,” he hisses, a flash of rage coming over his eyes. He glances to his guards and signals that the boy be brought in. It hasn’t been very hard to track him down given who his father was, but he wondered what their reaction would be.
Thor is still trying to reason with Loki, “Brother, please, you know not what you do. This realm has never done harm to any other realm, they don’t deserve this pain you give them!”
But Loki snarls, drawing his knife, “call me brother again and it’ll be the last thing you say. I mean to rule these people and the only reason they will feel pain now is because they fight me. If they obey, there will be no pain.”

I don’t know about you, but the idea of Kouta growing up into a hero gives me the warm, fuzzy feelings something fierce.

It doesn’t mean he’s going to a hero in the usual way. He might grow up to a policeman, an officer, a doctor, a fireman, or even a heroics-lawyer. 

Izuku never lets go of the letter this young boy has given him. This is the moment he realized he wasn’t going to turn back. This is the moment his dreams and aspirations were going to be realized.

For Kouta, seeing this young man who he treated very poorly up until then risking his life to save him time and time again (never giving up) actually restored some of his hope. I’d just love to see how far that little hope of his will go in the future.

Imagining Izuku (the now current symbol of peace and pro-hero) in his mid to late thirties, and he meets this new up and coming hero. He’s at some press conference, and this young man with his surly looks feels familiar. He sounds familiar, and it doesn’t take him ten seconds to realize.

Kouta’s still a little embarrassed because although he’s waited years for this moment to happen he doesn’t expect tears from himself and Izuku.

“You’ve grown up so much!” He pats him warmly on the back, and that quickly turns into a giant bear hug Kouta can’t escape.

“Okay, sure, whatever, dammit you’re getting my suit wet, old man,” but he’s crying too, and Izuku really doesn’t care if his suit gets wet with tears and snot. He’s seen worse.