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On National Dog Day, learn about one of the most iconic fossil canines of all time—the dire wolf. Known to science long before the similarly named animal characters in the Game of Thrones, today the best record of dire wolf populations comes from the tar pits of Los Angeles, California. 

This is a dire wolf skull excavated from the La Brea tar pits, one of several tar pit predator specimens in our fossil collection (the majority of Ice Age fossils from the tar pits is curated in California). The dire wolf was about the same size as modern grey wolves, but the former had a more robust skeleton. These top dogs represent the pinnacle of pursuit predators in the evolutionary history of dogs, having leg joints specialized for long-distance running, with a range of motion restricted to a single plane for increased efficiency. They lived in North America at the same time as large hoofed mammals such as camels, horses, bison, and gigantic ground sloths (a skeleton of which is visible in the background), none of which were easy prey. Evidence of the intensity of predation, or perhaps competition with other dire wolves, can be gleaned from healed injuries such the blow to the top of the braincase that this animal survived prior to being laid to rest in its asphaltic grave. 

Research heavily based on the Museum’s fossil dog collection—the largest of its kind in the world—shows how dogs evolved in response to a cooling, drying climate in North America over the last 40 million years. Learn more about this new research.



Here are some updated screenshots.


We’ve zoomed in the camera x2.

We’ve updated Frisk’s talking dialog to choice boxes. This mimics JRPG’s heavily and we feel it’s the best option for non-binary characters. This may or may not apply to Chara, we’re unsure. We want to make everyone happy.

Nameplates have been added to dialog. The reason for the names is so people who have never played UNDERTALE before don’t get confused.

UNDERFELL by ManiaKnight refers to the game. I do not own the AU, of course. I’m not sure who does right now.

“Yikes, they are really bad for each other!”

(quote by Garnet, Jailbreak)

Steven Universe is a series of mid-tones and grey-areas. The theme of the show is about how it’s sometimes impossible to say if an action is “good” or “bad”. We see that in Steven’s identity struggle as he learns more and more about his mother Rose Quartz, a rebellion leader.

No character in SU is 100% one thing and 0% the other. They are mixed characters, complex characters. Even the best characters have flaws, like Steven being intrusive when taking over Lars’ body in “The New Lars”.

Now, this is not about flaws and merits. Writing about Lapis and Jasper means writing about being a victim or an abuser. Or, about being both, a victim AND an abuser.

Lapis starts out as a victim, being trapped in a mirror for millennia. When she finally gets out, she’s trapped again, first on earth, and then by the homeworld gems. When she gets the chance to lash out to one of her abusers, she does so by trapping Jasper in a fusion.

Jasper mirrors this development (no pun intended). She gets introduced as an enforcer, powerful and controlling. When Jasper fuses with Lapis, she does so to use her and doesn’t even think about what Lapis wants. That’s why it catches her off guard when Lapis drags her down to the bottom of the sea.

It’s the victim turning into a punisher and the abuser being punished as a representative for all past abusers combined.

The imagery shows clear parallels of this temporary role-reversal.

First, Jasper prevents Lapis from fleeing, then things reverse and suddenly Lapis is preventing Jasper (in the form of Malachite) from fleeing.

So, as for the victim/abuse debate: Saying Jasper became a victim here in that specific situation does not negate her being an abuser in many other situations. Just like saying that Lapis became an abuser while being Malachite doesn’t negate her traumatic past of continuously being trapped.

I think the whole point of storytelling here is, even victims can lash out and do harm, even if it feels justified. Also, even absuers can get hurt, even if one would want to see that as justified punishment, it’s still something that inflicts harm.

Is Lapis now a “bad” person for after all this time understandably wanting control at the expense of someone else? No.
Is Jasper now a “good” person since one could have sympathy for her getting hurt? No.

The point of the whole series is, as I said above, no character is only one thing. Nobody is “just bad” or “just good”, even if we want to believe this because it makes things easier.

That’s not what this is about. To quote an anime here, Armin Arlert in Attack on Titan says:

“I don’t like the terms ‘good person’ or ‘bad person’, because it’s impossible to be entirely good to everyone or entirely bad to everyone. To some, you are a good person, while to others, you are a bad person.”

Meaning, in complex situations with complex characters, your judgement depends on the perspective you take.

And as Garnet says in the title above, “Yikes, they are really bad for each other!”

And since I can see it coming people are twisting words in my mouth: I am NOT saying Lapis is an abuser of the same type like Jasper. Lapis’ abuse comes from a place on continuous powerlessness despite being powerful (she can control the whole earth’s body of water at once, and that with a cracked gem), whereas Jasper’s abuse comes from a place of superior power despite this power being underused by Yellow Diamond. Lapis and Jasper are obviously not the same.

tl;dr: Even a character rendered as a victim like Lapis can inflict harm, and even a character rendered as an abuser like Jasper can be traumatised.

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...What about time-travel AUs...I mean there are many ways to take that but whatever ya think is best I just like time-travel

  • Character A’s life isn’t special, but when they accidentally save Character B’s life – from walking in front of a car/stopping a mugging/driving Character B to the hospital/etc. – Character B says that Character A is exactly the type of goodhearted person that Character B has been looking for to take on as an apprentice…a time traveler’s apprentice
  • While visiting the past, Character A is arrested for a crime that they didn’t commit, Character A finds themself in jail with Character B, a thief. Character B offers to break Character A out of jail, if Character A does something in return for Character B.
  • “I’m sorry, but who are you? Where am I? The last thing I remember was my ship crashing and– oh my carriage, I meant my carriage crashed. Of course.” AU
  • Character A is Character B’s sidekick, and Character B had finally admitted that it’s time for Character A to learn how to pilot the time machine. Character A is ecstatic. Character B is terrified.
  • After being saved by a mysterious stranger, Character A tries to thank their savior, but Character B has vanished. Character A sees Character B  around town – sometimes changing their appearance radically, sometimes recognizing Character A and sometimes not – and Character A can’t help but wonder what Character B really is.
  • “Oh goodness, what’s the proper greeting for this time period. Uh…Top of the mornin’ to ya’!”

“All the best novels are about one thing: how we go on. The characters must survive the fallout of their own cowardice, folly, denial or misguided passion. They squander what matters most, and still they pick up the pieces.”
–Julia Glass

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Maryse literally slut shames her daughter and forces her son to fix their messes/makes him feel like shit. She had a very racist and homophobic reaction when Alec kissed Magnus. Robert(same thing) Magnus: immediately befriended Isabelle and obviously thinks the world of her, obviously has a soft spot for Clary, immediately told Alec there was nothing wrong with him upon realizing he wasn't out. Didn't hate Lydia at all, still remained kind despite everything. Hmmm....

Moving On AU

Character A is really bad with processing out their bad emotions – they would rather cover it up with a fake front – but those emotions can’t be held back forever. While watching a movie with Character B – their roommate/significant other/best friend/etc. – the movie hits a nerve with Character A, and Character B finds themself having to comfort a crying, emotional Character A.


oh god… i still have no idea why y’all follow my trashy ass blog but anyway!!! harley is such an important character to me, i always try my best to do her justice and even tho i always feel like i’m shit at this & 10/10 should leave, you guys really do make me wanna stay and keep doing what i do cause i’ve never felt so welcome in any other place on the internet. i’ve met so many nice people and made so many good friends over the past few months and everyone else is just so sweet and talented!!!! so all i can do is return the favor and thank you all!!!!!!

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thank you again!!! i love u all!!!

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Hi, i just wantes to tell you that I'm so grateful for you. NO matter how many animes i watch, snk always stays my number one and yeah, hanji levi and erwin are my fav ones but i won't interfere, if you feel like killing one, i trust you, that (pt1)

Pt 2) has to be what you think is the best for anime. Characters, story, art everything is just epic itself, no matter my ships, i dont want any of them to become canon, cause it just doesnt fit in the story, sorry for the long massege, I love you!

Don’t apologize for such a beautiful message! I love you too!

The thing that pisses me off so much about that article is that it reinforces that there’s something SPECIAL or RISKY about female led action projects, and that it’s SO MUCH better to wait for the perfect project, the perfect moment, the best team of people with the best story and the best characters.

This all SOUNDS good until you remember that while female geeks have been waiting 15 movies for a single shot at fair and equal representation, male geeks have plenty of mediocre to awful films produced with male leads just inside the MCU. Where’s our Ant Man? Where’s our Thor 2?

The idea that the MCU’s first ever female led project needs to be exceptionally good reinforces a toxic idea that female led projects are not allowed to be just sort of good, just good enough, or fail completely. By extension, women and girls are being cheated out of their opportunity to fail.

Failing is important, failing means learning from mistakes, failing is a step toward learning how to keep trying rather than just give up. Women can’t fail because their failures are seen as evidence of an inherent lack of skill, especially in male dominated settings like comic books, action, and STEM.

You wanna know why the majority of female led superhero projects are so bad? I would argue that it’s in part because they are written, directed, and produced almost entirely by men, but in large part its because there’s 1 Supergirl movie and 6 Superman movies, 8 live action Batman movies to 1 Catwoman movie, 15 MCU movies centering men and ZERO centering a female character.

These films are not going to get better while Hollywood is being “strategic” about their female led projects by putting them off, they can’t get better if you don’t go ahead and MAKE THEM.

I think I’m just going to keep riding this #ghibli kick I’m on. One of the best side characters, #calcifer. I had a video going since I was trying a new technique, but then I got a phone call. I’ll try again soon.

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The world of anime can be an overwhelming if you’re new to it (and a bit much even if you’re a hardcore fan). Don’t give up! As baffling and strange it can seem, it also contains some of the most memorable characters and best stories to grace any medium. Tales with heart, humor, romance, and awes…