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I’ve had quite a few people over the last year and a half tell me that they think Lapis is nothing but a scheming manipulator, and quite a few others tell me that everything she’s done, she’s done for herself, and that Steven was a tertiary concern at best, that she’s been using him or hiding behind him.  I was willing to give that point of view some credence; Lapis is an enigmatic character, guarded and closed off at the best of times, and the things she’s done, even when I’ve asserted that she’s doing them in Steven’s defense, have dipped into the outright horrific.

I’m not willing to give that point of view any credence any longer.

This is real.  This is immediate, instinctive panic, fear that what happened to her has happened to Steven, fear that overwhelms Steven and Peridot’s assurances that it hasn’t and causes her to try to break Steven out of his “prison.”  This wasn’t faked.  Lapis genuinely cares about Steven.

Jake English likes to fight, and likes the Brobot.

TW: Physicality, Discussion of Physical combat

So, like. It’s long past time I wrote about my favorite character in this webcomic.

Jake English is the best and most interesting character in Homestuck, and it’s pretty tragic that barely anybody knows it. This is partly due to Jake’s narrative and personality being one of the most understated and subtle in the comic, but it’s also due to a Fandom Narrative building up around him that unfortunately  paves over a lot of Jake’s most unique and interesting character traits.

Let’s try and rediscover this diamond in the rough as we wait for the game that will largely center around an alternate version of him, yeah? Here, I’m going to debunk some pretty common misconceptions about Jake, what he likes, and what he dislikes. 

Brawls, Wrestling–Scrums and Whatnot. And the Brobot.

Let’s put it plainly: Jake English likes fights. A lot of the discourse surrounding Jake’s relationship with the Brobot seems to ignore this, or implies that the Brobot, like, Ruined Fighting for him somehow because it was outside of what he initially envisioned when Dirk sent it:

A point commonly further backed up with this quote Jake gives Jane: 

There’s a few issues with this interpretation. Jake’s initial negative reaction is his very first encounter with the Brobot, and his quote with Jane is one he delivers as a passing remark. And by simply comparing Jake’s actions before and after the Brobot is sent, we can tell Jake really wouldn’t rather deal with the monsters.

Before the Brobot is sent, when Jake is 13, he explicitly avoids going outside:

Which is easy to link to being afraid of the monsters, since Jake complains about them himself…

And has no problem going outside three years later, after the Brobot is sent. To some extent, this can be put down to Jake’s increased experience and competence. But…

That clearly doesn’t account for the entire shift, since Jake does indeed need the Brobot to save him. I’ll come back to that later, but really, we don’t even need to do all this backwards story introspection to decide what Jake Really Feels. It would be easier to just listen to the guy himself. 

So yes, Jake complains about the Brobot to Jane in one passing remark…while he’s still dancing around the tangled web of his relationships with Jane, Dirk, and Roxy. A period of time when Jake, by his own admission, is thinking very much about what other people think and not entirely being honest with the people around him. 

What does Jake say when he is being honest, though? What does he tell John in his letter, which Jake wrote when he was 16, after 3 years of dealing with the Brobot?

What does he tell Caliborn–who’s opinion he doesn’t care about–after entering the session, after 6 months of dating Dirk?

And what does he tell Jane about the Brobot when he’s actually being honest with her–which he’ll CONTINUE to do for six months, complaining about all of Dirk’s myriad issues and shortcomings as a romantic partner…without ever once bringing up the specter of physical fear or discomfort?

Wait, hang on. Let’s zoom in on that one, that one’s important:

Woah. Is that Jake conceptually linking the Brobot…to the thing he was most consistently excited about for the entire comic? Interesting. Wild. What could it mean. It would almost imply that after spending three years with the thing, he doesn’t really hate the experience of having it in his life. 

Again, Jake is no stranger to complaining about Dirk over the course of their session–he complains to Jane endlessly about him, as well as to Erisol and even Caliborn a little. (Though never Roxy, hmm…I wonder why…(I know why and I’ll get to it in another post.))

But he never really complains about fighting or about the Brobot in general, and his general attitude towards fights seems to be changed absolutely not at all whatsoever–right up to [S] Credits.

And he ultimate views Dirk as a figure of comfort and safety, so much so that he trusts Dirk with protecting him even more than he trusts Grandma or his own powers–after all, even after Brain Ghost Dirk tells him that he wouldn’t need him if he unlocked his hope potential, Jake still chooses to simply make Brain Ghost Dirk real rather than doing anything on his own when he wants to feel safe:

So yeah, I find the idea that Jake was bothered by the Brobot on any meaningful level pretty hard to square with the avalanche of counterevidence that is in the canon. The Brobot was an imperfect gift, but Jake still ultimately enjoyed it.  

Jake English likes to fight. Plain and simple. This is weird to a lot of people, and that’s fine, but it’s not actually that uncommon.

There’s plenty of sports that center around fighting or come with the risk of physical harm, like boxing, martial arts, etc. I’m a longtime fencer, and I genuinely liked going without protective padding and getting bruised from the sword impacts. Physicality appeals to some people. 

Jake’s love for fighting established, feel free to join me tomorrow and we’ll take on a smaller issue. A tighter one. 

I’ve written an obnoxious amount about Dirk, but seeing how quickly I was able to put that Dirk post out, I decided I’d like to use the next couple days to put out similar smaller posts about the other Alphas–Jake, Roxy, and Jane, In that order.

I’ve got at least two more posts of Jake in me before we move on to Roxy, and I should be putting out at least one of these posts a day–the next one’s already pretty much written, so I may post it early in the day tomorrow.
Hopefully, by doing this I can help people understand just how tangled and complicated the tangles of mutual hurt and mutual love are in this group of friends, and why I love this severely underrated group of Homestuck characters.

If you enjoyed this post and think others like it would be interesting to you, well–stay tuned. If you have a counterargument or you disagree with this post, feel free to respond and I’ll do my best to get back to you. I enjoy testing my ideas so long as we’re all nice about it.

Keep rising. 

Bits of Zestiria staff interview with Producer Baba Hideo and Director Hase Yuuta. From the Complete Guide.


馬場:今回は、ひとりひとりのキャラクターを今まで以上に印象づけたかったんです。それぞれが本当に強い思いで背負っているものがあるんですね。 アリーシャは騎士でありながら王族でもあり、デゼルも自分の復讐を、言葉は悪いですけどロゼを利用して遂げようとしてたり。そういう個々の目的を成し得るための最良の選択ってなんだろうと考えたときに、アリーシャだったらああいう選択をするよね、デゼルもそうだよね、と結果としてパーティアウトする形になりましたが、ユーザーさんにも納得してもらえるよう、スタッフたちと細かい肉付けを丁寧にやっていきました。

長谷:チーム内でもかなり意見が割れたんですけど、どうしてもテーマがテーマなので、キャラクターたちの 本当にやりたいことを否定するわけにはいかない。 だから、アリーシャ個人としてはスレイと一緒に旅をしたいと思いつつも、王族として生きることを選ぶだろう、と。スレイと道は分かれてしまうけど、そうじゃないと 『ゼスティリア』のテーマはニセモノになっちゃうよね、 ということでああいう形になりました。

──During the adventure, there are shocking developments like Alisha leaving the party and Dezel being replaced by Zaveid.

BABA: This time, I wanted to leave more impression than before on each one of the characters. That there is something that each one of them carries with a really strong feeling. Although Alisha is a knight, she’s also a royalty; Dezel also takes his revenge, and sorry for my bad wording, but he tries to use Rose. When thinking what would be the best choice [for these characters] to be able to do these individual goals, we thought about how Alisha would do this to make her choice, as well with Dezel, so it turned out that they left the party. We carefully flesh out the details with the staff so that the players could be convinced.

HASE: Although the opinions were quite divided within the team as well, the theme is the theme no matter what, so it is impossible to deny what the characters really want to do. So, as an individual, Alisha, while she thought of travelling with Sorey, would ultimately choose to live as a royalty. Her path is separated from Sorey’s, so if it is not, then the theme of “Zestiria” will be a fake theme, so it turned out this way.


長谷:その一方で、情熱っていつも正しいわけではないんですよね。「復讐」みたいな、 負の情熱 もあるんですよ。それを否定してしまうとけっきょく綺麗事になってしまうので、デゼルはひょっとしたら良くない道に進んでしまったのかもしれないですが、だからこそロゼは助かったし、そういう彼の生き方が残したものもあった。だから情熱は大事なんだよね、とユーザーさんに感じてほしくて、このようにしました。説明しすぎるとかっこ悪いというか興をそそいでしまうので、大事なところは秘めています。表情で描いたり、背中で語らせたりと演出には気をつけたかったので、「深読みかな?」と思うくらい読んでいただけるとうれしいです。

On the theme of “passion”.

HASE: On the other hand, passion is not always right. There are also negative forms of passion, like “revenge”. Denying that [negative forms of passion exist] would basically mean glossing over it, so Dezel perhaps chose a bad path, but for this reason Rose was saved, so there’s also something that still remains in his way of life. That’s why passion is an important thing, we wanted the players to feel that, so we’d done it like this. If I explained too much, it would be bad or too puzzling, so we concealed the important thing. I wanted to pay attention to the directing that I drew with the expressions, body language, and such, so it’d be nice if there are people who think “Am I reading into this too much?”

Just to remind people of what Zestiria is really about, and how the writing decisions were made.

My Top 10 Favorite Women Characters

I was tagged by @darkcyradis  It was so cool to see how many cool female character are; I’ve so much fun. Thank you!! ◝(⁰▿⁰)◜

10. Eliza Sommers   from  Daughter of Fortune
She dare to leave a comfortable life where Eliza have everything, she follow the love of her life, starts a long journey away from home to another country, a totally unknown city and find something way better.

9. Kagura  from  Gintama
Kagura patting his beloved pet Sadaharu; but don’t get fooled by this two, she’s not feminine more like a tomboy, bad manners, say pervert stuff, very strong in more that one way.

8. Touka Kirishima   from  Tokyo Ghoul
Even tho Touka have been tho many things she’s a lovely person who supports, help and keep going forward even if it’s difficult.

7. Yuzuki Seo  from   Gekkan Shōjo Nozaki-kun
Seo try to helps others but no in the conventional way, say what she think, cannot read the atmosphere or context, kinda rude but funny, she makes me laugh so much.

6. Shirayuk  from  Akagami no Shirayukihime
Doesn’t want to be a prince concubine, run away to another kingdom and Shirayuk is determinate to become a pharmacist even tho she start a friendship with royalty doesn’t take advantage of, work very hard and is very talented. Shirayuk is kind, always is helping in whatever she can and speak her mind.  

5. Arrietty  from  The Secret World of Arrietty
Arrietty love adventure, don’t chicken out, loves her family and she’s so strong, keep going and make the most beautiful friendship ever.

4. Nanaba  from  Shingeki no Kyojin
I love this woman, she’s so cool, strong, determinate and don’t debut to protect others event if they may not be worth it; of course she have personal dreams and beloved ones but her human side is more bigger.

3. Haruhi Fujioka  from  Ouran High School Host Club
Haruhi don’t give a crap about what others think, determinate to reach her goal; in the process have new friends and help them to be a better human. Even tho have a sad part in her life she keep going and learn how to enjoy life.

2. Sheryl Nome  from  Macross Frontier
Even tho Sherly is not the main heroin she doesn’t give a second tho to fight for what she want, she’s sweet and cool, even tho she’s orphan keep going and don’t let the sad part of her past took over her present.

1. Candice “Candy” White Audrey  from  Candy Candy
OMG! Tragedy after tragedy, orphan, best friend cut the friendship, fall in love, so many deaths, fall in love again, can’t be together, going from one place to other, from one city to another continent. Don’t blame her for crying so much it’s really sad, even tho Candy is the main character Candy lose everything all the time!! Don’t hide resentment, is positive and keep going, Candy have a super strong will, meet her goals and always is helping others event tho some of then don’t deserved it. Candy always give love.

Every female character that I like they have in common a strong will, do your best! Don’t give a crap about what other think. If you want something Go for it! When the shit hit the fan well… Just keep going and enjoy your journey!!

P.S. Also I like so much from:
SNK - Riko, Historia, Ymir.
Ghibli movies - Shopie and Chiro
Cowboy Bebop - Faye Valentine
Noragami - Bishamonten  and Hiyori
and probably I forget to mention many others.  ( ゚ヮ゚)

I‘m tagging @nangnuk @pinkjasmink @shtarka @survey-corps-rookie @blueweil @k0zuha @rsn258 @zedsdead1001 @winglysimmer @gallifreyanphd @acrknowyou @eruri3xpress @ongzori
and anyone else who want to do it are welcome… Have fun!!

Horizon: Zero Dawn, Please Platonically Marry Me

(&:) We’re breaking our long repost/shitpost/unnecessary comment tradition for the sake of the most awesome game we’ve seen in a long, long time. ChristopherOdd’s LP of Horizon: Zero Dawn just ended today and we’ve been licking the bottom of the barrel to try and find new things to watch because the emptiness in our souls is real and profound. This game is so fucking good. It would be pointless to try and list off all the ways in which it is so, so good. If you can get your hands on it, it’s amazing. If you’re broke like us and just like watching vids while eating, COdd’s LP is quite pleasant. (His work is generally a restful breath of fresh air compared to most other LPers I’ve watched.) OMG, it HURTS, how good this game was. It is so overwhelmingly good, all the damn time.

Do you know what one of the most unexpected and wonderful parts of the plot was? NO ROMANTIC SUBPLOT. AT ALL. NOT EVEN THE OPTION TO START ONE. The main character is just an incredibly skilled, attractive, 19-year-old woman who has WAY TOO MANY IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO TO BOTHER WITH THAT RIGHT NOW, AND IT IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING I HAVE SEEN A MAINSTREAM PLOT DO IN AGES.

THAT DUDE: Gosh, thanks for saving my life, Aloy. You’re amazing. I made special armor just for you. I worked really hard. *___*
ALOY: Wow, nice. Good craftsmanship. Thank you.

THAT OTHER GUY: You are such a mighty warrior that you might even be a mightier warrior than my mom. I am constantly stunned by your badassery. You’re even favored by the local deity. Please allow me to follow faithfully wherever you lead. *_____*
ALOY: Sounds good. How about you manage our defenses out yonder. I’ll be counting on you in that one battle.

THAT SUBPLOT GUY?: Girl, I have never seen anybody who looks as good splashed down in the blood of evildoers as you do. We should partner up together and spend our lives happily taking out human trash all over the world. Also, I look fucking scrumptious in this armor. ;D ;D ;D
ALOY: Wow, you’re kind of creepy and sociopathic. I hope I never have to see you again.

OTHER OTHER GUY: I may be a bumbler with motivational issues, but I have a heart of gold and a lot of enthusiasm! Thanks to your guidance, I’m turning my life around and growing to become a better, more effective human being! How are you amazing like how my sister was amazing?? *______*
ALOY: Good for you. I have faith in your ability to do well from now on.

THAT TOTAL BABE: Allow me to openly hit on you, you super cutie.
ALOY: Allow me to not acknowledge that because I have to fix a civil war and kill robot dinosaurs.
THAT TOTAL BABE: My, I love how you get things done. If I come through here again, I’ll have to Thank You Appropriately~~~
ALOY: *pulls out to-do list and starts plotting map coordinates*

ACTUAL KING OF THE CIVILIZED WORLD: I know my love interest was horribly murdered, but you’ve supported me through my time of trials and I wonder if we could work toward more intimacy.
ALOY: Gee, if you really loved your love interest, perhaps you shouldn’t instantly rebound hard enough to get whiplash.
ACTUAL KING OF THE CIVILIZED WORLD: Damn, you’re absolutely right.
(much later)
ACTUAL KING OF THE CIVILIZED WORLD: Hey, I apologize for hitting on you before. That was really unclassy of me.
ALOY: We’re cool. Just don’t let it happen again.

ALOY: You’re being an obstacle, you inadequate scrub. *stab*

CUTE ENGINEER: Your tech-savviness is painfully charming. I am dazzled despite myself.
ALOY: Your enormous weapon is great for killing all kinds of things. Really nice work!
CUTE ENGINEER: I may be a fiercely independent isolationist, but please come back and see me lots.
ALOY: Probably not. Got stuff to do.
CUTE ENGINEER: Well, don’t mind me if I accidentally turn up to fight and possibly die for you at that one big battle. *_____*
ALOY: Reinforcements are always appreciated!

I don’t know if this might be called a canon asexual character. I think you could spin it that way if you wanted to, but I also think that a character shouldn’t have to be asexual in order to just have rational priorities and to thus understandably rate flirting/romance/hookups as really low on the list compared to genocide and world-ending. I really, really like both explanations. I LOVE the lack of an obligatory romance. I EXTRA LOVE how they deliberately included all those characters who crush so hard on Aloy so that she can be completely unconcerned about their dokidoki. I FUCKING ADORE THIS GAME TO PIECES. NUMBER ONE NON-ANIME WAIFU. WILL NOT PRINT ON A DAKIMAKURA COVER BECAUSE I RESPECT ITS UNIQUE INTERESTS AND LIFE AMBITIONS. MY HEART~~~~~ TTT_____TTT

Characters in American Gods
  • Laura Moon: I would kill for my husband
  • Mr. Wednesday: it's called a hustle sweetheart
  • Me. World and Co.: here come the men in black
  • Czernobog: "Fuck you and fuck your mother and fuck the fucking horse you fucking rode in on. You will not even die in battle. No warrior will taste your blood. No one alive will take your life. You will die a soft poor death. You will die with a kiss on your lips and a lie in your heart." - best curse in all of fiction tbh
  • Me. Nancy: best character 10/10 anxiously waiting for the movie adaption about his kids
  • The Zoryas: Slavic aunties with magic powers
  • Media: My speech is italicizes for emphasis. EMPHASIS!
  • Bliquis: ooooh here she comes, she's a man eater, oooh here she comes, watch out boy she'll chew you up
  • Buffalo God: BELIEVE IT
  • The cab driving ifrit: doesn't matter had sex
  • Tech Boy: we get it you vape
  • Jacquel and Ibis: I believe in my cool funeral dads
  • Whisky Jack: fuck this shit I'm out
  • Easter: sugar and spice and everything nice and about to save the world
  • Loki: surprise bitch I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me
  • Shadow Moon: I specifically asked for the opposite of this
  • Hinzelmann: hello naughty children it's murder time

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RIP coco jumbo, best stand user, best jojos character 2001

Hey now, nobody can defeat Coco, and tortoises live for a long time. It was a very mild plot point during the Grateful Dead chapters!

The oldest living one is an estimated 184 years old! His name is Jonathan, and he’s a Seychelles giant tortoise.

He can’t see or smell any more, but his hearing is good, apparently.

Here’s a video of him getting his first ever bath.

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Do you ship/Will you draw Rick x Michonne?


Anyway, I don’t fanatically ship it but on the other hand, I don’t mind it. I would say I like it.
Michonne is on top my ‘best tv female character” and she is also the best woman who Rick loved through the series, so I am completly fine with that. I mean, Lori was a bitch and I wasn’t sure if he loved him anymore after that affair with Shane. More like she didn’t want to feel guilty and got back to Rick. Jessie was like meh, she was a weird character to me and Rick seemed to have an unhealthy obsession with her. These both relationship were annoying. But with Michonne– you can see that this relationship is good for both of them, I don’t think there is something wrong about it. You could see that in 7x12, they both looked so happy.
But this is only my opinion, lol, don’t take it too seriously. I hope they will be together for some time now.

Anyway, here it goes. I wanted to do it properly but for the god’s sake, I am struggling with Rick so much that I gave up and just sketched the thing.
Also, feel free to send me requests! I have few in my inbox already, so it will take a while but they are definitely welcomed!

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hey if you don't mind,,,, can i ask what sort of research you put into having a diverse cast in Sharp Zero? Did you have anyone you could ask about respectful representation questions? I ask because i was thinking about diversifying my own cast but m worried that i'll mess something up

uh i go according to the opinions and wants of that people group and talk to em? like p much write them as people with their experiences in mind when it comes to framing your story. like be careful who you frame as bad guys and how they’re interpreted in the context of your story. like aka white savior trope or only POC character is the villain and shit like that. the best is to just talk to people and how they feel about media and which already existing characters they identify with. 

read reviews by different kinds of people about media and listen to them and how they think and feel. always remember that they’re real people and not a list of traits and always treat your characters like that too. and remember that everyone feels differently about things and not one person is an advocate for that entire people group. 

and honestly its better to create a diverse cast and get things wrong but work on making it better and learning than having an oatmeal cast just to play it safe. 

best wishes!

  • gf: what's wrong
  • what I say: im fine
  • what I mean: ryouma hoshi is a great character with a tragic yet meaningful backstory and a well rounded personality with deep and interesting motivations and mindset. additionally, him/saihara is a great ship. however he's either ignored by the ndrv3 fandom or reduced to "LOL TENNIS GREMLIN". this is so unfair but predictable because characters with nonstandard designs (sakura, twogami, etc) are ignored in both the dangan ronpa fandom and elsewhere. it's a shame because often times these not-conventionally-attractive characters are among the best written but they're shoved to the side because they're not pretty enough.

And that… was episode 09.


Fucking Kyouko, man. Why did the best character have to die?

Well. I must say that the way she went out was… kind of weird. It was… very sudden, and not in the good (Mami) way. It’s… kind of hard to explain, but I’m not very satisfied with it.

And now, Madoka has to live with the fate of Mami, Sayaka, and Kyouko on her head.

I predict that either A: She’ll wish for them to all come back to life or B: Homura will do some timeline hopping and bring people back into “our” timeline, meaning Mami, Sayaka, and Kyouko will be around to face the WALPURGISNACHT.

Oh yeah, and we got that crazy ridiculous explanation for Kyubey’s motivations. Freaking heat death of the universe. Seriously…

I rate episode 09 an 8/10, and I’ll see you next time.

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I'm a little shy, so I'm going to ask this on anon. I'm also an artist, and I've been drawing for four years now. However, I feel as if I haven't improved as much as I should have. Do you have any tips on staying motivated to continue? Thanks so much.

awww ;-;/// (huggies)

there is no specific rate of improvement artists go through, and you shouldn’t worry too much about your own. often times you’re improving without realizing the significance of it. something like only having to erase a hand 3 times instead of 15 can seem like so little, but it’s a huge improvement!

for me, i improved on one thing at a time, and even then things i thought i was ‘good’ at declined while i worked on another aspect of my style. for a long while i worked on anatomy, and during that time, the faces i drew became more distorted–for whatever reason, i forgot a little bit of the measurements that i had gotten used to, and the whole face became too narrow… after i was satisfied with anatomy, i went back and worked more on faces and now i’m happy with them again.

it’s a slow process, but the most important thing is to not focus on if you’re ‘improving’ or not. draw what makes you happy, try out different styles you like and they’ll teach you things you’ll want to incorporate in your own–and never be afraid to use references! i remember back when i was little i thought referencing was ‘cheating’ in my art somehow… forget all that nonsense and enjoy yourself :3

Joseph is a prime example of someone who did the right things and bad thing continued to happen to him. On a surface level one would look at his obedience  and call him a fool. He had such a close relationship with God that his character reflected that of God.
—  God’s Best In Love & Life

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HOLY CRUD, okay so i was watching Wall-E the other day and replaying dr1 for free time events when I figured out something amazing to imagine! So through the whole movie just imagine Wall-E as Makoto and Eve as Mukuro and everything else in the movie is pretty much the same, but its adorable to think about honestly. Makoto's just a lonely garbage collector with a pet cockroach and Mukuro's this badass future soldier and they go through all this space adventure stuff and fall in love. Its great

This is so cute wtf. Why you gotta feed me with this good shit. And you know what the best part is? EVERYTHING. Like how in character they’d still be if you fit them in this au. Mukuro is that badass soldier who’s all about the mission and Makoto is just this harmless garbage collector who brings change to his surroundings. And let’s not forget how hard makoto will be crushing on mukuro. This is good shit. Thank you so much for making my day.

can you believe there are people on this site that will

  • make fifty posts complaining that the fandom is drawing a character the “wrong”way (aka fat)
  • reblog  people’s art and ask them not to tag it with [x] because that’s not how they’re supposed to be and ask them to tag it with #fake [x] 
  • compare drawing [x] fat to erasing canon sexualities
  • Say “I’m not fatphobic [x] is just meant to be skinny !” over and over again 
  • shit on cosplayers because they’re fat people cosplaying a character that’s “supposed” to be skinny
  • Act like they’re superior because they care about “canon” more

and then when the creator , who determines canon , states that [x] can be seen as fat , say “ i hope he knows he is ruining the best character who came out of the podcast” , “rip [x] 2014-2017″ and then making posts like

can you honestly imagine hating fat people that much