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But helped make you special. - Clark Kent/Superman

Art by Stephen Segovia

How is it that we can go from years and years of lackluster Superman stories to instantly having both Action Comics and Superman be some of the best the character has ever had? I do think that having the original Superman gone for a while has made us appreciate him more though.

me: I’m fine.
what I actually mean: why is Kit Walker so underrated when not only is he one of Evan Peter’s best characters on American Horror Story but is also an incredibly sweet, pure, loving, genuinely a good person AND also goes from hot gas station worker to hot (innocent) convict to cute 60s hippie dad………… why is he slept on when he’s such an angel???

Odasaku Appreciation

Despite the fact he essentially only appeared in one book, I’m here to prove why Odasaku is one of the best and best developed characters in the Bungou Stray Dogs universe.

He has epic skills

               While not necessary for being a great character, it makes him more awesome. From his assassin days, he has picked up some great skills, including his keen observation and his duel-wielding. This creates cool fights scenes, and you want to root for Odasaku.

He’s witty

               Odasaku delivers some of the best lines of the novel. One of the most notable (even making it to the anime) is when Gide tells Odasaku his intentions, and Odasaku responds by telling him he can he can introduce him to a funeral business for a discounted price.  Not to mention, when Odasaku basically sasses Mori twice: first, mentioning how he saw Mori’s behavior with Elise, after he is told to forget he saw anything; second, he refuses to answer Mori’s question. For someone supposedly terrified of Mori, Odasaku sure says a lot of gutsy things.

He is also relatable

               Despite being as amazing as we all know (or will come to know), he expresses a lot of self-doubt. He sadly lacks confidence, a feeling a lot of you can probably relate too. But he doesn’t do it in a whiny, wallowing-in-self-pity way. He’s not unbearable. Instead, his low confidence becomes apparent through his self-comparisons to others (especially Dazai–like cut yourself a break, no one really compares to Dazai) and his under-estimations of his own skills. I’m sure we can all relate to these thoughts.

He has routines

               Odasaku is a person, and, accordingly, he has an apparent life outside the Mafia. This includes his routines. He frequents the same bar–the bartender even knows his drink! He even has a favorite meal from a favorite restaurant, curry. It’s these little details which  make Odasaku come to life as a character.

He has meaningful relationships

With Ango:

               Odasaku considers himself to be Ango’s friend, and that is shown again and again, from casual meetings at the bar to Ango’s betrayal. As the story progresses, Odasaku tries harder than anyone else to believe in Ango. As evidence appears suggesting Ango’s betrayal, Odasaku tries to deny them (within reason). He wants to trust Ango.  Even when the whole Mafia is convinced that Ango is Mimic’s spy, Odasaku believes otherwise. He puts himself in danger to save Ango’s life. He keeps believing in their friendship until Ango physically leaves him when he is poisoned.

With Dazai:

               Odasaku is the most important character in Dazai’s development and characterization. Although they had a casual friendship focused mainly around trivialities, Odasaku is the only character to understands Dazai. He is able to see Dazai’s loneliness, and he realizes (albeit almost too late) that he has the ability to help Dazai because he understands him. After his fight with Gide, he regrets not reaching  further  to Dazai, not helping. In the end, he does see Dazai one last time, and this meeting is a critical point in Dazai’s development. He forces Dazai to confront the truth–he’s not going to find the answer he is looking for in the Mafia; he may never find it. But Odasaku provides Dazai with hope and a direction. He guides Dazai to the good side. He is the impetus which starts Dazai growth to a better person.

But he also has many meaningful relationships outside the Buraiha Trio.

With the children:

               Odasaku becomes the father of these five orphans. Certainly, he doesn’t live with them (it’s too dangerous), but he feeds them, and he plays with them. He nurtures their dreams–except for the one kid who wants to be a mafioso. In that case, he guides them. On a similar note,  not that a child wanting to be a mafioso is a good thing, but it demonstrates their respect and love for him. In the future, he wanted to leave the Mafia and secure the children safety and success.

With Natsume Souseki:

               Aside from being the author of his favorite book, Natsume Souseki plays a bigger role in Odasaku’s life. In the same way Odasaku guides Dazai to the good side, Souseki points Odasaku in the right direction. He gives Odasaku a goal and motivates him to become a better person, which leads to my final point…

He has a dream and he works towards it

               Thanks to Souseki, Odasaku decides he wants to be a novelist. He wants to write about life. However, as it established many times, you cannot just leave the Mafia. But, that does not deter Odasaku. Instead, he turns his life around, so he can be qualified to write about life when he does get his view of the ocean. He stops being an assassin, and, in fact, he stops killing all together. For Odasaku, this is a significant step towards his dream; he would be unqualified to write about life if he continued to kill. Although he never finds his room where he can see the ocean, his efforts ultimately make him a better person.

And for those reasons, Odasaku is truly “Flawless.”

I'm Stressed

Summary: With homework, mid-terms, and hunting on Y/N’s plate she finds herself in a terrible predicament. She stressed beyond all means and finds herself having an anxiety attack. Sam discovers her in her time of need and swoops in to rescue her. He shows her that he’ll be there to back her up no matter what. He also teaches her the best way to relieve stress. 

 Pairing: Sam Winchester X Reader 

 Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester (mentioned), Reader 

 Warnings: NSFW, smut, dirty talk, oral sex (female receiving), self doubt, stress, panic attack, a smudge of angst. 

 Request:  Hi. I saw that your requests are open… I was wondering if you could write a piece where the reader is stressed with school (that Sam encouraged her to attend) and Sam comes in to her panicking and him calming her down? A little bit of fluff, smut, and a smidge of angst? [I love your work by the way!]- @volleyballer519

 Word Count:  2,716

 A/N: Thank you for being so patient with me. I’m getting several requests done this week. I’m going to try to have SS out to y'all tomorrow! Until then enjoy this Sam smut.

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but in SJ they still buried their gays

Yeah, I know. It’s just, in terms of writers having to kill off gay characters, San Junipero does like, the best possible job:
• each character is individually built-up, unique, and fleshed out.
• their relationship is neither over-sexualised nor desexualised
• interracial w/w relationship
• there was a very realistic feel to the relationship, I thought? (excluding the plot, I mean)
• acknowledged homophobia w/t focusing on it or it making the show misery porn
• ended happily !!!

They did still die, but Bury Your Gays as a trope is a lot more complicated than just having gay characters who die. Mostly ppl cite Bury Your Gays when:
• a gay character is killed for ‘shock-factor’
•a gay character sacrifices themselves/dies to save a straight character
•a gay character dies because they’re gay
•a gay character dies right after sex
•a gay character dies in the midst of realising they’re in (gay) love/professing their love
•a gay character has just had a significant moment/relationship advancement etc w their partner

these pose problems because they have significant history (eg the Hays Code, where you could only have gay characters if you killed them/had them repent etc) and promote the idea that you can’t be happy if you’re gay. (They’re awful for lots of reasons but I won’t get into all that lmao)
SJ does technically play into the trope, but I feel like it’s a model for what to do if you have to kill off a gay character. also, the problem w killing gay ppl off on tv is that they can’t be happy - SJ circumvents this (they die so they /can/ be happy & together)
Plus, it’s sci-fi & death isn’t really death, so I don’t think we can really compare it to other BYG examples, you know? I mean, they end up together, happily.
you can definitely still be uncomfortable w them dying & not watch it if you think it’ll upset you, and ofc I’d rather have media where gay characters don’t die, but I wouldn’t write it off completely for BYG




*NEW* Last Tango in Halifax 4, cast member!

Spotted Lorraine on set filming with Nicola Walker on Tuesday night, driving a ‘Harrogate Wines’ van.

Then spotted her at Caroline’s house on Thursday, sneakily getting in the car with Sarah.

Could she potentially be Caroline’s new lover?
Gillian’s new best friend?

What character do you think she’s playing?

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pst, if you look closely at the snap of jake at his skaianet office you might notice he /still/ wears shorts even as the CEO of a company worth billions

Jake English is such a good character I wish him all the best holy shit

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I just want to reblog this and stress this: Mei lost her entire squad. She didn’t lose 20% of her squad. She didn’t even lose 50%. She lost her whole squad. Look at what it’s done to her. You can see the death in her eyes, but she keeps on going. This is why Mei is one of my favorite characters.


Mei is. The best.