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concept: victor secretly hides yuris tie before a press conference and when yuri tells victor that he cant find his tie victor is like: "oh thats such a shame here take my fashinable 999$ designer tie and because it doesnt suit with your suit take my 30000$ suit as well and oh while your at it take these wool socks that i knitted myself for my beautiful fiancee and wear them too just remember to hide them well under your shoes im bad at knitting and people shall not see you in low quality socks"


Bat-Aunt: Part 6

Prompt: How Bruce Wayne’s life changes when a little sister is thrown into the mix

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

    You find yourself grinning at your phone screen when it pings. Bruce raises an eyebrow at you, and you ignore him. Instead, you answer the text before setting it face down on the table. Not even a minute later, your brother asks, “Who was that?”

    You smirk, “Nunya.”

    His scowl intensifies, “You’ve been texting someone non-stop for three months. Who is it?”

    You smile, “It’s work.”

    “You never smile about work.”

    “Bruce, get a clue, I’m not telling you who it is.”

    “I’ll hack your phone.”

    You give your sweetest smile, “You’ve already tried and failed, Bruce Wayne. What’s even worse is you had Dick try and fail. Mind your own business you nosy bastard.”

    “Language, Miss Wayne, and Master Bruce, hacking is only for Gotham’s scum, not your sister.”

    Bruce scows at you, and you stick your tongue out at him. One look from Alfred stops it, and you both return to the task at hand. “Back to the Gala?”

    You sigh and nod, “I don’t even get why we’re doing this thing.”

    Bruce sighs, “It brings in a lot of money for the Wayne Foundation, and it’s tradition.”

    “After two hundred years, don’t you think it’s time for a new tradition?”

    “It’s called a tradition for a reason.”

    You lean back in your seat and scowl, “Alfred doesn’t force you to try on three dozen dresses by designers begging you to wear their stuff. All you have to do is pick a suit and you’re done.”

    Bruce’s grin is one of confidence, “I think I’m going with a blue one this time.”

    You throw an apple at his head, before pushing back from the table. “Whatever. Just let me know the day and time, and I’ll be there.” You walk over to him, and drop a kiss on his cheek. “Don’t forget I have a business trip this weekend.”

    Bruce rolls his eyes, “I’ll hand deliver your invitation.”

    You check to make sure Alfred and Richard aren’t around before flipping him off, and walking away. The office was calling.

    You walk into the WE building with all the confidence your position affords you. Everyone smiles at you, and you say hello at least two dozen times on the way to your office. Hilda was already waiting on you. The smile on her face was forced, her company smile she liked to call it. Stopping just short of the door you ask, “I’m not going to like who’s on the other side of that door, am I?”

    “Only if you like perfectly respectable surgeons.”

    You have to stop your eye from twitching. “You have extra strength Tylenol in your desk, right?”

    “Ready to go.”

    With a deep breath you push the door open, and walk in. Thomas Elliott was one of Bruce’s best friends, and in your opinion, total scum. You got an uneasy feeling from the man.

    He was the same age as Bruce, eight years older than you, and seemed intent on winning you. He was a pain in your butt, and a constant annoyance at any and every gala. “Hello, Thomas.”

    His smile would have been considered friendly, even charming by most. But you had worked in a restaurant long enough to know a slimeball on site. Thomas was the kind of person who racked up a hundred dollar tab and only left a five dollar tip.

    He approached you with large steps, before wrapping his arms around you in a tight hug. You awkwardly patted his back a few times, before he pulled back, but not before he tried to brush a kiss against your lips. You turned your head so that he got your cheek. The smile never left his face, but you could see the anger hidden behind his eyes.

    Walking around him, you sit behind your desk, putting some distance between you. “How can I help you, Thomas?”

    “I received your invitation to the Wayne Christmas Gala.”

    You cross your legs, and watch as his eyes follow the movement. You instantly regret the action, and do your best to draw his attention to your face. “It’s not my invitation, it’s my brother’s. Those charity galas and the Wayne Foundation are his baby. The corporate boardroom is mine.”

    Your eyes narrow as he sits on the edge of your desk, and crosses his arms against his chest, “Well no one can deny that you’ve done a marvelous job with the company. The price of stock has risen, along with the company’s annual profit. The company’s growth hasn’t been this good since your parents’ death.”

    “What can I say? I’m good at what I do.”

    “The best, I’d wager.” There’s a moment of silence before he says, “Still, I imagine it’s lonely. The papers are starting to talk.”

    You shrug, “Let them. What do I care?”

    “You haven’t dated since taking over the company.”

    You smile flattens into a straight line, “That the papers know of. I keep my private life, just that, Thomas… private.”

    You watch as he raises an eyebrow, “So you already have a date for your brother’s gala?” You hesitate, and his smirk slips into a wide grin, “If not, I’d be happy to escort you. Maybe even take you to dinner tonight?”

    You stand up, “No thank you, Thomas.” You watch with satisfaction as the smile drops from his face, “And I’m afraid I have a meeting I have to prepare for.”

    Your day is filled with meetings, but unlike most days, you stop at five. You’ve changed into jeans, tennis shoes, a sweatshirt, and a ball cap by 5:05. You’re out of the building by 5:15, and by 6 you’re on the plane. You only start to relax when the plane takes off. You use the time on the flight to catch up on work emails, and when you land, you turn off your work phone.

    You walk quickly to your gate, through the hallways of the Central City airport, and you find yourself running at the sight of him. He’s standing there with a cheesy handmade sign, and a cup of coffee. He sweeps you up into a hug and you allow yourself to relax in his arms. With a smile you kiss Barry Allen firmly on the lips.

    You walk to the baggage claim with Barry’s arms around your shoulder, and yours around his waist. “So how’s my favorite corporate tycoon?”

    You lean into him, “Exhausted. The day started off in hell, and gradually I climbed out.”

    “What happened?”

    “My brother’s camp friend stopped by.”

    “And he stinks?”

    You quirk a smile at the bad joke, “Thomas Elliott is a successful brain surgeon and he knows it. Now however, he’s looking for a socialite girlfriend to turn into a wife, and the Wayne Family Fortune is calling his name.”

    Out of the corner of your eye you watch him smirk, “How badly did you tear into him?”

    You smile, “Not too bad.”

    He let’s out a laugh, “So like a bull dog at feeding time?”

    You shrug, “He’s known me since I was in diapers. He should know better.” He kisses your forehead and the two of you drive to his apartment.

    Later that night, dressed in one of Barry’s t-shirts you stare out at the Central City skyline. Your “business” trips to Central City were becoming more and more frequent. You had no doubt that you only had a little bit of time left before Bruce figured it out. Or at the very least, Alfred.

    The thought scared you. You’d had very little that you could call yours since your brother had returned. You’d given up a lot for the family quest of saving Gotham. The fact was, that you couldn’t escape that quest in any way. Barry was a superhero. A good one. The entire city adored him, and rightfully so.

    The man was kind, caring, and smart. He made you smile without any effort. You hadn’t been this head over heels crazy about someone in your life. That scared you too, because you weren’t dependent on people. You had arranged your life to where you could survive if someone walked out. Bruce had already left once, and some part of you was sure he’d leave again. Richard was a bit of a wild card. And then there was Alfred.

    Alfred had always been a constant in your life. He had been there for every parent conference, bake sale, and father-daughter dance. He was the only person you’d ever allowed yourself to lean on. And now you found yourself slowly starting to feel that way about Barry. The feelings themself didn’t scare you, but the quickness did.

    You’re dragged out of your thoughts by arms wrapping around you, and lips pressing to the side of your throat. “Does that big, beautiful brain of yours ever take a break?”

    You smile, “Only when you make it.”

    You squeal as he swings you into his arms, and kisses you, when he pulls back he says, “Time for a brain break.” You laugh.

Some Unholy War (Part 3)

Part 3 of MMA Fighter!Tom AU

Part 1 Part 2 Part 4 Part 5

Summary: Ultimate fighter Tom Holland walks into a diner at two in the morning and finds something more than greasy eggs and dusty stools.

Warnings: Language, violence, blood and some sexual content (no smut though I don’t write that stuff)

Word Count: 7000+


I just want to say thank you for all of the love for this fic I worked really hard to write it and to see that you guys like it warms my heart so much. There’s still more to come so don’t worry I didn’t leave you hanging! Let me know if you’d like to be added to the tag list for this also send me compliments because I crave Attention and Constant Validation™

Waking up next to Y/N was a dream come true for Tom. Ever since he’d met her, there was no way he could get her out of his head, everything he saw, thought, or said reminded him of the beautiful girl lying next to him. Tom asked her to stay with him every night since he found out Raymond kicked her out, Tom said that he wanted to make sure she was safe, but it was really to make sure he wouldn’t go crazy without her.

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Imagine bringing your son to see Chris.

A/N: I just really like the name ‘Jack’, this is not part of a mini-series.

In the third week of September, Chris and Dodger traded the comfort of your beautiful home in Los Angeles for a simple two bedroom apartment in Atlanta. After two weeks of rest from filming ‘Red Sea Diving Resort’, Chris was back to work for the second part of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. Marvel was still yet to give Chris a definite wrap date, but it was estimated he’d be home before Christmas. If the two of you were to compare your schedules for 2017, Chris had had it a little tougher. He worked out that in between the the press conferences and promotion events for ‘Gifted, and the back-to-back filming for ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and ‘Red Sea Diving Resort’- he only had three measly months with his wife and son. Those had been his words exactly so it wasn’t hard for you to work out that he was dreading his thirteen weeks in Atlanta.

You understood his dread, it was the same one you felt whenever you had to leave for months on end. The dread had nothing to do with the job itself. The job was the fuel for the fire within, it sparked excitement and passion and immense joy. Acting, filmmaking, the idea that you could change someone’s life through a simple film- it was what got you out of bed in the morning. You weren’t numb to the difficulties of being away from each other, but as veterans of the industry, both you and Chris had been well ferberized; long distance became a friend rather than a enemy. It wasn’t until the birth of your son that changed how the two of you viewed your fulfilling yet incredibly demanding jobs.

Before, thirteen weeks in Atlanta would’ve been nothing to Chris. Atlanta was just another state in America, he was just a short flight away from home. He could take Dodger along with him, he was surrounded by his cast mates who really felt more like his second family, and it was easy for his friends and family to visit if they wanted to. You weren’t constantly on his mind because he knew you were busy with your own career, and when you checked in you were checking in as his wife and not the mother of his child. It was different now, when you called it wasn’t just so you could hear his voice. There was a child in the picture, a three year old who didn’t understand the industry and wanted his parents around. It eased Chris slightly knowing you were on break while he was in Atlanta, he would’ve felt much worst knowing his little man didn’t even have you with him.

It was hard, neither had admitted otherwise. Every interview, every time someone asked “are you thinking about Jack right now?” The answer was always yes, it didn’t matter what you were doing or who you’d left your precious boy with- Jack was always on your mind. You were a little better than Chris, you could say goodbye without making too much of a fuss. Chris would’ve taken you and Jack with him to South Africa if you’d let him. Every day for the two weeks before he left for Atlanta, he’d a specific amount of energy dedicated into convincing you to come with him for the thirteen weeks he was away. “You’re on break, Jack’s three. We’re in a sweet spot right now where neither you nor him have to be anywhere, if our roles were reversed I’d definitely take advantage of the situation and go live with you.” His reasoning came to no avail. It wasn’t because you didn’t think he was right about how things were currently in a sweet spot, but because you knew he was going to have sixteen hour days ahead of him. You and Jack were hardly going to see him, you didn’t want to get in the way of their shoots by being on set. Whatever moral support he craved from the two of you were going to have to be given in spirit whether or not you were in the same state. You loved him and you wanted him to have his wife and son with him but you couldn’t do thirteen weeks in Atlanta.

You did, however, agree to two weeks after a week of your boys begging, whining, and pouting. And when you said boys, you meant Dodger included. It was Chris’ puppeteering, he had a masters in manipulation and tugging at your heartstrings. He knew how much you loved him, it never took long for you to cave. The sentence that got you this time was, “I just need my girl.” It was a sentence that got you every time, really. After you hung up, you went online and booked your flights. You didn’t verbally tell Chris you’d agreed to his request, you just forwarded your e-ticket confirmation. Ten minutes later, you received a MMS of his happy face.

Chris’ day ended around 7:18PM and arrived at the apartment a few hours later at 9:28PM. He stood outside his front door and just smiled knowing his little family was waiting for him behind that door. He had no idea how literal that thought was because inside, Jack and Dodger were waiting in front of the door ready to pounce. Their sharp ears had heard the jingle of Chris’ keys, causing them to barrel from the bedroom to the front door. All the while Jack was shrieking with excitement, “Daddy’s home!” You would’ve been surprised if Chris didn’t hear it through the walls.

“Oof,” Chris stumbled slightly when Jack and Dodger threw themselves at his legs. He looked down and chuckled, resting a hand on his son’s head. “Hiya, bud.” Chris closed the front door behind him and lowered his bag. “What are you-” he lifted Jack into his arms, “still doing up? And-” he sniffed the air, narrowing his eyes at the strong smell of cinnamon. “Why does the apartment smell like cinnamon?”

“Waddles is making cinnamon waffles,” Jack explained as Chris followed the scent around the corner to the kitchen. He chuckled when he saw you making waffles with ‘Waddles’, the penguin shaped waffle iron. He still couldn’t believe you’d brought that along for a two week trip, but then again he was glad you did. It was a Sunday tradition to have penguin waffles, Jack couldn’t be deprived of that while he was in Atlanta. “We’re having a midnight snack.”

“But it’s only nine-thirty-”

“Yeah, but his bedtime’s eight. Nine-thirty is his midnight,” you said and Chris laughed, setting Jack down on his feet. Jack padded off to join Dodger on the couch whereas Chris walked over to you, pecking you on the lips. “I missed you too, Captain,” you winked and he chuckled, patting your butt.

“Why is he up past his bedtime?”

“He wanted to wait for you,” you answered. “Usually he falls asleep while waiting, but tonight he’s just not tired. Which is surprising considering we spent the whole afternoon at the trampoline place. I don’t know, I think all the excitement from being Tigger is still coursing through his little body. It was so cute, I wish you were there. He wore his little Tigger onesie and sang ‘The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers’ while jumping. I got photos and videos, I’ll show you later.”

“That’d be great. Thanks, baby,” he kissed your cheek then walked over to join Jack and Dodger on the couch. “How was the trampoline park?” He quizzed, plopping down next to Jack. Dodger jumped off the couch then jumped back up onto the other side of Chris. “Did you have fun?”

“So much fun, Daddy,” Jack crawled onto Chris’ lap, cupping Chris’ face in his small hands. “I bounced and bounced and bounced.” Chris smiled, scrunching his nose at Jack. “You should’ve seen me, I bounced so high! Tigger would have been so proud of me.” He said with a wide grin.

“Is that why you’re hungry again, because you bounced so much in the day?” Chris asked, tickling his sides. Jack giggled and squirmed, falling into Dodger as he tried to escape Chris’ tickles. “You’re lucky you’re three, pal. Otherwise you’d have to join me and the rest of the Avengers at the gym tomorrow.”

“The gym?” Jack gasped excitedly as he rose to his knees. “I want to go to the gym!” Chris looked over at you and laughed when you pursed your lips at him. Jack idolized his dad, anything Chris did- he wanted to do too. “Can I come to the gym with you tomorrow?”

“Why don’t you come eat your waffles, mister?” You called and Jack’s eyes lit up. Chris helped him off the couch and he quickly ran over to you, making speedy sound effects with his mouth as he did. Chris and Dodger followed at a slower pace, settling at the dining table where you and Jack were walking over to with a plate of penguin waffles. “Do you want syrup, buddy? Or are you just going to eat them like that?”

“Syrup and ice-cream, Mama!” Jack clapped excitedly.

“No,” you laughed with a shake of your head. “You get syrup, or nothing.”

“But we had syrup and ice-cream the last time Waddles made waffles, remember?”

“What?” Chris turned to you with a dramatic gasp. “He had syrup and ice-cream, Mama?” You rolled your eyes, involuntarily smiling. “All the times you reprimanded me for feeding our son unhealthy foods, you look like a total hypocrite now.” He teased and you rolled your eyes. “What exactly do the two of you get up to when I’m not around? Do you phone it in and just feed him candy and pizza?”

“You can’t forget ice-cream, we eat ice-cream at every meal.”

“And we stay up all night watching Disney movies,” Jack added, grinning.

“Do you?” Chris gasped, giving Jack the enthusiastic response he wanted. “Aw, no fair.” He pouted when Jack nodded. “Do you know you are living the life I’ve always dreamed of having?” Jack giggled as he took a bite of his waffle. “How come Mama lets you do all the fun stuff, yet I have to eat my vegetables and go to sleep on time?”

“That’s ‘cause Mama loves me more,” Jack retorted, drawing laughter from the both of you. Chris looked over at you with a raised brow and you stifled your urge to laugh even harder. “Do you love me more, Mama?” Jack asked the same question Chris had silently asked moments before. You just chuckled and reached down to pat Dodger who’d rested his head on your lap.

“I love Dodger the most,” you answered.

“Dodger?” Both your boys gasped and you laughed.

“He doesn’t bother me with ridiculous questions like who do I love more.”

“I know it’s me,” Jack shrugged nonchalantly, a little too smugly for Chris’ liking.

“You keep wishing, little man.” Chris bit playfully. He really wouldn’t have cared if you said you loved Jack more, after all a mother’s love was incomparable. But he was competitive and he liked competing with his mini-me. “Mama makes you waffles and lets you stay up late, do you know what she does for me? She-”

“Hey, no,” you cut him off, laughing. He smirked, wiggling his brows. “Chris Evans, eat a waffle and shut up. I’m ending this, I love the both of you equally. Jack, Daddy, Dodger- I love all three of you with my whole heart, okay? There is no need to compete for my love ‘cause I have distributed it evenly amongst the three of you, okay?”

“Okay,” they nodded and you let out a sigh, resting your chin in your palm. You watched them as they ate, smiling at the way they were playing with their penguin shaped food. You loved every silly little moment with them, all that domestic bliss. You were glad you decided to fly out, get a good dosage before you had to depart from Chris again. You didn’t really notice how much the two of you had missed him until now. The fact that Jack fought so hard to stay awake just to spend time with Chris was a real eye opener. You’d lied when you said he wasn’t tired, you’d seen him yawn a few times while waiting. But he was wide awake now, happily chatting with his dad and munching on his waffles.

“Daddy, guess what?” Jack said after a while.

“What is it, pal?” Chris asked, unaware he was about to be attack by Jack’s quick wits.

“Jack, Daddy, Dodger,” he repeated what you’d said earlier, much to both your confusion.

“What?” You and Chris quizzed simultaneously with narrowed eyes.

“Mama said my name first,” he answered with a cheeky grin and the two of you burst into laughter.

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Can i request headcanons for Mc with a fainting problem? With the RFA! maybe she has an episode at the party?

Guys I genuinely normally try to be hella eloquent but I’ve been depressed and I cope with shitty English so I’m sorry my children


  • This boy has just come back from a huge ass mission with Seven where they almost died
  • He’s making a speech proclaiming his love for you and then you just, fall
  • Thank God Zen caught you because you were on your way to bashing your head in on a polished marble floor
  • Yoosung runs over mid panic attack like ‘Is2g MC if you died I’m gonna die.’
  • The Doctors that you had invited rush over to help you and inform the party goers that you’re fine and have just fainted.
  • They sit you in a chair and prop your legs up to try and help the blood flow return to normal
  • Yoosung is still having a panic attack, don’t mind him
  • When you come to though he’s sitting next to you and holding your hand.
  • He kisses you almost immediately and sits with you until you feel all back together and conscious again


  • You were watching in partial awe and horror as you saw Zen take the stage to try and clear up everything that had happened in those ten days with Echo Girl
  • Of course you were happy to know that he did love you dearly.
  • He called you up on to the stage and s2g you were almost there and you just dropped
  • Zen is s h o o k
  • Everyone is still photographing this mind you, be prepared to be like, dead in the paper in the morning
  • After collecting himself, Zen picks you up and carries you to a room that’s not populated by the general public and lays you down
  • He can’t help but laugh at the fact that he set up this huge press conference and you just friggin f a i n t e d right in front of everyone
  • He’s worried yes, but he knows you’re breathing so at least you aren’t dead?
  • When you come to he’s still chillin with you, drinking some champagne that he was given
  • “Hey sleeping beauty ;))”


  • Literally nothing had even happened yet and you’re down for the count
  • Jaehee is just like C h i l D
  • She rushes over to make sure you didn’t bang your head too hard
  • When she’s sees you’re fine, well, fine for someone who just fainted, she calls for Zen to help move you somewhere more secluded
  • When you come to Jaehee has you explain to her that this is normal and that you’re okay
  • She’s become prepared to basically ‘trust fall’ with you at any moment


  • He is preoccupied with his father to notice you faint when it happens
  • But he can hear Sarah cackling
  • “They’re so pathetic! They’ve just fainted!”
  • Jumin had to restrain himself from decking Sarah
  • Sarah and Glam are forcefully removed from the party
  • He calls a doctor and has them take you to a hospital because this boy is Extra
  • The doctors explain to Jumin that you just faint regularly ever since you were young
  • When you wake up Jumin is sill adamant you stay in the hospital to recover and you have to fight him to make it back to the party on time


  • Of course, because of Seven’s background check on you he knows you’re constantly fainting
  • He’s stayed with you long enough as well to know you faint more often than he thought
  • When you faint at the party he’s ready
  • Kid is ready to catch you and already knows what to do to help you
  • He makes sure your legs are propped up
  • When you wake up he feeds you and sneaks you out of the party so the two of you can relax at home

Love, Peony

soulmate! Seokmin (pt.2)

anon requested:  Hi! I recently got into Seventeen and woah did I slipped into the diamond life so hard ㅋㅋㅋ I really like your blog and I’m hoping for a part 2 for Seokmin’s Soulmate post. Than you so much in advance!

  • you thought you had seen it all
  • thought you could predict it all
  • working with celebrities everyday and just being all around busy as ever when filming for MBC music
  • you really thought the world wouldn’t be able to surprise you with anymore happiness
  • lol were you wrong
  • because there was Seokmin in front of you
  • your actual sunshine
  • standing in front of you, holding flowers and a plane ticket
  • pulling your suitcase
  • “Seokmin what are you doing here?”
  • you had been absolutely ecstatic knowing that MBC let you film a special of Seventeen’s Diamond Edge World Tour
  • which meant you got to travel with them at their concerts
  • and you were leaving tonight to meet them at the next stop
  • but the best part had been hearing you would be able to spend time with Seokmin
  • you had both called everyday, him generally from a different country
  • “I can’t wait until you get here and we can go on dates.”
  • “When I get there Seokmin, we can do it all.”
  • and you had felt his anticipation through your shared emotions for weeks
  • but you never expected him to meet you from the airport
  • with not only your ticket but a ticket for himself too
  • “Let’s fly together and go together”
  • he reached for your hand
  • “You’re actually flying with me? You’re actually here? I thought you were with the others.”
  • he gave you his light laughter that never failed to make your heart flutter, the smile that always lit up even the darkest of places
  • “Yep the company let me fly back here to pick you up and fly with you to the next world tour stop.” He pulled you into a hug
  • you hadn’t seen him for what had been the longest 1 month, 4 days, and 3 hours of your entire life since you last found out he was your soulmate during the last filming for show champ
  • yes you kept count
  • yep you were that girlfriend
  • hey that’s what happens when you find your soulmate, anytime spent apart felt like forever
  • seriously the time dragged on without him
  • you never really noticed how much you missed him
  • before you had seen him often on music shows
  • now of course you hadn’t seen him for a while cause of the tour
  • but he was always on your mind
  • and now he was in front of you
  • holding you in his warm embrace, an actual person, not just a face or voice through a phone
  • you hugged him tightly, sighing slightly at how comfortable it all felt
  • “We’re going to miss the flight lets go!”
  • and you both took off towards the security station to check your bags -until you both settled into the plane seats
  • him giving you the window spot so you could look out
  • you excitedly looked out the window into the night sky, the lights along the takeoff platform flashing
  • grabbing onto Seokmin’s arm tightly when the plane took off
  • and him laughing at your reaction and taking your hand in his
  • drawing little hearts on your palm while you asked about the concerts and about how he’s doing
  • “It’s tiring but I had so much fun and I’m so thankful to all our carats!”
  • or him asking about your life
  • even though you guys call everyday and talk
  • all the tiny details flew out of you as you talked about the prep for the Diamond edge special and how you selected the crew specifically
  • and as you talked about how you had filmed some carats who had seen the diamond edge in Seoul
  • you hear heavier breathing and feel Seokmin’s head fall on your shoulder
  • his hand still holding yours in his
  • his breathing slow
  • “Guess you must be tired.” You giggle
  • and you ruffle his hair a bit as he sleeps on your shoulder
  • before you fall asleep too
  • the both of you sleeping on the plane side-by-side
  • his head gently resting on your shoulder and your head resting gently on top of his
  • the flight attendant walking past the two of you thinking you’re both the cutest couple she’s ever seen
  • the whole filming process and the concerts felt like a dream
  • the two of you walking in a foreign place trying all the different foods
  • holding hands wherever you go
  • looking at all the local shops for little keepsakes to buy
  • you getting to film parts of Svt’s concerts
  • but mostly you just staring at how incredible they were at performing
  • but especially Seokmin
  • and when it was time to go home
  • you didn’t want to leave
  • didn’t want to leave the walking the streets of foreign places
  • the late night runs to the hotel’s vending machine for snacks
  • and all the giggling at the other Svt members sleeping
  • but Seokmin was going to go back with you and you would have a whole week together before he’d have to go to the next leg of the tour
  • and so in that week
  • you both tried doing it all
  • literally having all the dates
  • going for boba tea every afternoon in one of those really cool boba tea places
  • where they have board games and Jenga to play as well as popcorn chicken, waffles, ice cream, and ramen
  • stealing sips from each other’s drinks
  • “hey get your own!”
  • “yours tastes better though!”
  • “it’s the same thing Seokmin!”
  • holding hands to walk into Starbucks in the morning to buy coffee
  • taking cute selcas together even though you can’t yet post on SNS
  • “What did the company decide about the soulmates?” You say nonchalantly stirring your tea
  • “well now that everyone’s found theirs, they’re going to have to make a press conference for all of us. We have to tell the fans but they’ll understand, our carats are the best.” His eyes sparkled talking about his fans and you loved it
  • “Won’t your fans rampage, I mean since you’re super good looking and you got stuck with me as a soulmate.” You laugh
  • he grabs your hand tightly making you jump a little in surprise
  • “You’re beautiful and amazing ok? Our fans understand, after all they all have soulmates out there too.”
  • he must have felt the insecurity you felt behind your joking comment
  • but the added empathy and feeling of happiness when he told you that
  • made the both of you smile
  • “Plus you’re so pretty how could they rampage?”
  • “Mmkay Seokmin, whatever you say.” You laugh
  • you hadn’t met all the members’ soulmates then though you knew you were the last in svt
  • you and Seokmin weren’t together as long as the rest of them, but you felt impossibly happy
  • every piece seemed to click
  • and you were happy to finally get time to spend with him
  • walking along the streets to look at all the stuff for sale
  • you trying on a pair of sunglasses that makes him smile brightly at you in the way you love so much
  • “I’ll need these sunglasses if you keep blinding me with that smile Seokshine.”
  • “Stop omo, y/n.”
  • buying matching sunglasses
  • until a shop plays boom boom
  • and you both burst out laughing and he pulls your arm and starts teaching you the choreo. In. The. Middle. Of. The. Freaking. Shop.
  • pumping his chest at the chorus “boom boom” part
  • making you bend over with laughter
  • and the shop owner to come over to the both of you
  • “You guys are such a cute couple!”
  • “Thank you.” You hide a smile
  • “Do I know you from somewhere?” She asks Seokmin
  • and you both laugh
  • “I get told I look like that Dokyeom guy from Seventeen”
  • you smack his arm, dying
  • the shop lady just winks at the two of you and turns away before the both of you break into a fit of giggles
  • you both wander from shop to shop looking at stuff
  • “We should get those keychains that I promised last time.” You smile at him while linking your arm with his, a skip in your step
  • “I have a better idea”
  • he drags you into this tiny jewelry shop on a corner
  • “What the heck Seokmin?”
  • he laughs ignoring you and turns to the staff there
  • “I called earlier about my order?”
  • “Ah yes sir please wait a moment.” They go into the back room
  • “What order Lee Seokmin?!?!”
  • “You’ll see.”
  • and you watch as the employee brought out a pair of matching rings from a display case in the back
  • placing it in front of the both of you
  • as you look closer you see they’re couple rings
  • one is a crescent moon with your initials on it
  • and the other is a sun with L.S. Engraved on it
  • Seokmin lightly takes your hand and the sun ring, gently helping you put it on your ring finger
  • and he puts on the moon one with your initials
  • “Look they match and everything!”
  • he smiles at you shyly and you feel the nervousness he’s feeling
  • wondering if you’ll like it until it feels like his heart might burst
  • trying to scan your emotions for your response
  • until he feels the immense amount of happiness as you look down at the ring and start tearing up at how pretty it is
  • “Seokmin…”
  • “Do you like it?”
  • “Of course!!!!”
  • “Good because no refunds”
  • “Omg stop!”
  • “Hehe I got the hyungs to help me pick it.”
  • “When did you…?”
  • “yesterday morning when you were filming something.”
  • “It’s beautiful thank you.”
  • “not as beautiful as you.” He laughed
  • “Staaaahhhpppp!”
  • “By the way this isn’t an engagement ring no, that ring will be different.”
  • you blush, smacking his arm flustered
  • “YAH!!! You!!!”
  • “I’m just joking.” He chuckled pulling you in to hug you
  • “Don’t look at anyone else now. Even all the cute idol boys who will call you PD-nim and noona.”
  • “Yah Lee Seokmin, I’m not that old!”
  • he pulls away to look at you before placing a kiss on your cheek
  • “You’re mine though.” He says giving his signature smile
  • and you both wear the rings out as you walk
  • holding hands and talking about anything and everything
  • the sun starting to set in the evening as you walk towards the Han river
  • “Oh one more surprise!!”
  • he pulls you over to an area by the Han river
  • where there’s a picnic blanket and food packed
  • “Seokmin when did you have time for all this???”
  • “Well I’m leaving soon again for diamond edge and I wanted to make the most of our time.”
  • he pulls you down to sit next to him on the blanket
  • “there’s kimchi, kimbap, anything you want to eat.”
  • “Did you ask Mingyu for this?”
  • you giggle and unwrap some of the plastic wrap to eat
  • and you both eat the food happily while looking up at the gradually darkening sky
  • “The fireworks show should start soon.”
  • he points out toward a barge and the crowd of people sitting by the river
  • and you rest both your hands on the blanket and look up at the stars
  • and he scoots closer to sit next to you wrapping an arm around you
  • and that moment is when the first brightly colored burst of firework sets off in the sky
  • and you gasp at how pretty it all is and point up at the sky
  • leaning yourself against Seokmin’s chest
  • just enjoying the beautiful scene and the fireworks booming and exploding in the sky to the time of your rapid heart beats
  • and you turn to look up at his face
  • and you reach gently to kiss his lips when he turns to look down and meet your gaze
  • your lips meeting right as another round of fireworks goes off
  • your heart rapidly beating in your chest rivaling the sounds of the fireworks
  • and both your emotions just being a happy mess that can’t be described in words
  • as you stay there in that blissful moment
  • lips gently on each other’s with the sky lighting up in colors above you
  • until you pull away blushing snuggling up into his chest again
  • your emotions you both felt from each other explaining more in that moment than talking ever could
  • it was perfect
  • the sky was bright with reds, blues, yellows
  • fading gently

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The Seventeen Soulmate Series

|| Seungcheol / Pt. 2 || Jeonghan / Pt. 2 || Joshua / Pt.2 || Jun / Pt.2 || Hoshi / Pt.2 || Wonwoo || Woozi / Pt.2 || Seokmin / Pt.2 || Mingyu / Pt.2 || Minghao || Seungkwan || Vernon / Pt.2 || Dino ||


~ admin jess

Steve Rogers's x POC!Reader Headcanons part tres (its a long one guys)

Ok so part one and two are on my blog so check those out idk how to link shut on here so you are just gonna have to check out my blog anyway let’s get into it (these headcanons are kinda based on ur marriage and the proposal and shit)

-your proposal was lit

-Steve was HELLA smoove wit it

-like even u were surprised

-I mean u have to admit Steve is a pretty awkward person

-but this proposal…THIS PROPOSAL

-he had that shit planned out for months bitch MONTHS

-this wigga fuckng proposed at some huge live event just to show his love for you to the world

-Steve is so extra

-he held a freakin press conference after just to say y'all were engaged and that he loved you (who knew u could make so many analogies about loving someone)

-“I love her sooo much y'all don’t even understand…don’t interrupt me I was in the ice for this dumbass country for 70 years let me talk about my fiancée”

-he loves saying “fiancée” so much

-“and what’s the name for this order”

“fiancée please and that reminds me you wanna see a picture of my fiancé they are sooo beautiful she doesn’t like mayo so definitely make sure there isn’t any mayo on the sub”

“sir you told me all of this every single day for the past couple of weeks you don’t have to show me”

“Well then wow how unpatriotic she is a gift to this country”

“I’m sorry sir but u talk about her everyday”

“Lemme speak to your manager”

-he is THAT© guy

-“I’m so lucky”

-“iM So LuCkY”

-of course y'all had a Romantic© night later (y'all pretty much just watched world of dance and cuddled)

-everything was wonderful

-up until the moment you told the team and your family and loved ones

-your family was allllllll up in ya business about planning it

-your best friend wanted to twerk down the aisle (if that’s what ur best friend is like lmao)

-sugar papa tony wanted to pay for the whole thing (of course u let him)

-t'challa and Sam were up in arms that u were actually marrying the white boy© (I’m kidding they were really happy for you)

-Bucky and Sam were arguing over who would be Steves best man

-your nosy ass auntie wanted to come with y'all to cake tasting

-you got your period (if u get periods) the day of fuckin dress (or tux) try ons

-really the whole process to actually get married was a hard one

-but the wedding day was beautiful

-Sam caught the bouquet (you already knew t'challa was getting ready to propose to him anyway)

-zendaya and Beyoncé were at your wedding

-solange sang at your wedding

-so did frank ocean

-y'all had griot, curry chicken, fried chicken, macaroni , fuckin everything all the food was good as fuck (honestly I hate the weddings that are catered by some white people and the food tastes like water and air like I cannot)

-Bucky was twerking

-Steve cried the minute he saw you

-and was continually crying through tour the whole ceremony

-you had to pinch him as you were saying your vows cuz it was getting annoying (lol I’m just kidding)

-Steves vows were long as fuck (Bucky yawned while he was saying them)

-seriously his sappy ass had a 20 minute speech at the reception about how much he loves and adores you (u are flattered though)

-Nicky’s best man speech consisted of him insulting Steve on numerous occasions and promoting his mixtape

-Sams best man speech consisted of insulting Steve (on accident) and really heart felt words

-ur wedding themes color were whatever u wanted them to be ( i was gonna make them red white and blue but that was too cliche)

-Steve got drunk at the reception

-then made another speech that was long af while drunk

-“and when she breaks her hair things whater they called….combs! Thas when I…ME…. I know tha I Larb her she’s so beautiful like warm…no hot fresh linens when they are jus clean oh BUT when we are in the BED room she is anything BUT clean oh the thing she ca do wit tha’ m-”

-at that point you have to pull Steve away from the microphone

-ur honeymoon was Amazing

-y'all went to Oahu cuz it’s really chill there (if ur ever going to go to Hawaii go to Oahu there A LOT of things to do)

-y'all have a little private house on the beach

-Steve gets sunburned

-y'all receive word that Bruce and Thor got engaged about ten days in to your honeymoon

-and t'challa and Sam about two days into your honeymoon

-they’re all copiers tho

————— dirty things under this————-

-day one- sex marathon

-day two- sex marathon plus beach

-day three- museum and sightseeing………….and sex marathon

-day four- hiking and cuddling marathon

The rest of the honeymoon goes much the same

——————ok I’m done it wasn’t even that dirty———

-y'all are so domestic after 

-y'all o grocery shoppin and shit 

 -steve always forgets to buy toilet tissue 

 -he leaves the tooth paste uncapped 

 -he leaves the toilet seat up 

 -he eats all the damned food in one day -

“what the fuck I bought this thirty minutes ago" 

 -“in my defense the battle was very small" 

 -"steve it was a whole gallon" 

 -but you love him for his flaws 

 -and his strengths 

 -like his wizardry with a nail polish brush 

 -and his learned ability how to wash 4c hair

 -and his big heart 

 -and his compassion 

 -and his abs 

 -and dat ass 

-and he loves u too obviously (everyone at subway knows that)

 I hope y'all liked it! Love y'all ;)

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Idk if you accept HC ideas but I love your writing sooo what do you think Yuuri and Victor are like when they win gold? Like would they be the crying type, the singing the anthem loudly type, the man of steel type....

I do accept HC ideas! I love them, so hit me up. I think both of them have had multiple reactions, especially because both have been competitive for so long. ANYWAY here have one particular occasion

Yuuri is definitely the crying type, and he knows it. That’s why when he watches Vitya cry, slow and proud, as he stands on the podium at his return to the ice, he finds himself surprised. Or, well, he should be. Viktor hasn’t cried, not in over ten years of medaling– just ascended the podium with a smile and diplomatic wave, Russian prince that he was.

But this free program was Viktor’s equivalent of Yuuri on Ice, so maybe Yuuri’s not surprised at all.

“I won,” Viktor seems to realize, when he approaches Yuuri, who’s managed to end up at the ice’s exit. “I skated, just me, and I won.” No story of playboys or Italian men, longing for a lover, little pieces of Viktor tailored to fit into beautiful, sad stories. Just an expression raw and bold: the story of Viktor Nikiforov. 

Yuuri kisses him. “You were, how do I say it… amazing!”

Viktor makes a face. “Mocked! On this, the day of my return to the ice–”

“Shhhh,” Yuuri laughs, wrapping an arm around him and turning. There’s the press, attention-starved and failing to appear patient. “I’ve never seen you skate like that,” he says quietly. “It was breathtaking.”

“I’m a man in love,” is Viktor’s simple reply. Then there are press conferences to attend– even Yuuri has his shoulder caught by an astute reporter, who finds him in the crowd despite his glasses and sweater. Yuuri doesn’t know how they keep managing to recognize him– he looked far different, taking Gold at Worlds.

“You’re Katsuki Yuuri, yes?” Fiance of Viktor Nikiforov, yes. “Is it emotional, watching your fiance and coach skate for you?” 

Yuuri shakes his head. “That skate wasn’t for me,” he says, and for once, he’s not being self-deprecating. It wasn’t for Yuuri, wasn’t for Yakov, wasn’t for Chris, wasn’t even for Russia. Viktor, exposed on the ice. “He skated for himself.” 

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If you get a chance,Am I allowed to request a Monsta X Jooheon Mafia AU where you're new to the city and he falls in love with you and your passion for life but have no clue what he does for a living so you're always wondering why everything goes so smoothly for you like finding a job, getting an apartment, people being nice to you, etc after you meet him. I'm not sure what sort of genre would be best for this so can you help decide that? Thanks! :)

Thanks for your request Anon! Jooheon is my bias from Monsta X and I’m totally excited to write this! I hope you like it <3 Also, I apologize it was so long… This was just a really good one I got totally invested in! ~ Gaishō

Reader x Jooheon Mafia!AU - “Precious Thorns”

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You have just moved to Chicago and finally settled into your new apartment. Peering out your window to look at the skyline you sigh and say,”wow, this is it! The Windy City! I may have spent most of my savings to move out here, but I think I can go for a few drinks. Mama needs to wind down.” You start to put on your outfit; a cute slim black dress that went down to mid-thigh, fishnets with a rose design, and black boots with studs. Last but not least, winged eyeliner, a little bit of mascara, and a maroon matte lipstick to top it off.

Walking down the street you’re in complete awe by the bustling streets and the beautiful lights. You stumble upon a night club and decide to go in and have a little fun. The music is loud and there must have been at least a couple hundred people in the building. You squeeze your way to the bar and order a drink, “vodka and cranberry with a lime please.” Taking a few sips here and there you start to people watch and enjoy the view.

“You’re not going to dance?” asks a young, handsome man in a black suit with a cherry red tie. “Oh, haha. I’m a terrible dancer. I prefer to people watch and enjoy the music,” your say nervously. ‘He’s really good looking. I don’t know how he can make dark brown messy hair look so sophisticated.’ “So, why aren’t you dancing? What’s your excuse?” You take a sip of your drink while keeping eye contact. He moves a little bit closer and you try not to show that your heart is ready to jump out of your chest. “Well, unfortunately the only girl I want to dance with is busy people watching,” he gives you a sly side smile. “Well played, sir, well played.” You reach your hand out for him to grab and guide you to the dance floor.

“I’m serious though, I really don’t know how to dance, I might even step on your nice expensive shoes,” you jokingly say, but being very honest. “Just follow my lead, sweetheart.” He twirls you around like you’re a beautiful princess in a ball gown. Suddenly he brings you closer and his hand sits at your lower back. “You know, I don’t think our dancing matches the upbeat club music.” He stops. “You’re right, but who wants to conform?” He winks at you and smiles. ‘This man is killing me. He is way too charming.’

After a few drinks and getting to know each other a little more you finally ask, “So, how does a man like you become interested in a girl like me?” You twirl your straw around. “What do you mean my dear?” He tilts his head. “Oh c’mon, I’m just another punk city girl and you’re clearly a big businessman. The suit, nice shoes, and you even have a Rolex watch.” You raise your eyebrow challenging him. “Even so, it doesn’t mean I don’t know when to appreciate a beautiful rose such as yourself.” He leans against the bar table like he just won. “And every rose has its thorn,” a snide comment only you would say. He claps and chuckles at you. His phone rings and he answers it. “Ah, I see, I’ll be there in five minutes.” He hangs up the phone. “Well, it looks like I’m needed for a late press conference.” He slides a business card to you. “I’ll leave it up to you to make the decision on whether or not our paths will cross again. Till then, Y/N.” He winks and walks away with his hands in his pockets. ‘He is TOO good.’ You look at the card and read: CEO Lee Jooheon. ‘Ugh, he even has a sexy name.’

Two Months Later…

“I’m home!” You come walking in to your apartment and immediately take off your work shoes. “My dogs are killing me! Babe, could you please give me a foot rub?” He motions for you to put your feet up on his lap. “Anything for my jagiya. Now, tell me how was work?” You had explained to him that waitressing is really taking a toll on you and you’re not sure how you’re going to make rent this month. He genuinely looked sympathetic for you, but you didn’t want him pitying you. “It’s okay. I make things work out.” You giggle and head off to the kitchen. He remained on the couch thinking to himself.

The Next Week…

“You did what!? How!? I-I don’t understand.” You start to pace back and forth. “Honey, baby, relax. I have contacts everywhere. I told them how much of a hard worker you were and besides, they owed me a favor. So, I got you a new job as an executive assistant for a major law firm.” He gives you a silly grin. “I’ve been a waitress ever since I can remember! How am I supposed to fit this new role!?” You start to freak out. He grabs you and kisses you. “You deserve more. Just please give it a chance?” He stares at you with his puppy dog eyes. You couldn’t resist.

Another Month Passes…

“The people at the law firm are so nice to me! I’m so used to customers complaining about their meals that it feels like I’m getting the special treatment. Do you have something to do with this?” You furrow your brows. “Me? Whaaat? No way. Don’t be silly.” His phone rings and he continues to sit there and look at you. You roll your eyes, “aren’t you going to answer that? You pretty much get a call every five minutes.” He let the call go. He quickly pulls you in close and grabs your hand to kiss it, “you’re more important.” His phone rings again. You let him answer it this time. “DAMNIT WHAT!?” He explodes leaving you suddenly anxious. “You fucking get the shit situated and I’ll be there as soon as possible. Do not let him go.” He slams the phone on the coffee table and lets out a long sigh. You were left completely speechless. 

I have never seen this side of him. He’s always been so sweet and full of charisma.’ You tug on his suit. His shoulders drop from being tense and he turns around to face you. “I’m sorry you had to see that. *Ahem* It seems we’re having trouble with a client so… I need to go to work and sort this out.” He kisses your forehead and heads for the door. “By the way, I have you scheduled to move into my condo tomorrow. I suggest you start packing.” He blows you a kiss and closes the door behind him. ‘He did not just…’

Several Months Pass…

You have never been happier. You have a wonderful job, you live with your handsome boyfriend in his massive condo located in on of the cities most expensive high rises, and he even bought you a new car. But, you start to wonder. ‘It’s… It’s way too good to be true.’ It was your day off and you were totally bored with yourself. You start to think even more. ‘To be honest, I have no idea what company he even works for or where he goes most of the time. He never bothered to show me.’ You go snooping into his belongings and stumble upon his laptop. You went to Google maps and decided to track his footsteps. ‘God I feel terrible doing this… But, I have a right to know my own boyfriend and his whereabouts. Right?’ Your fingers clicked away on the keyboard. You finally found a destination he’s been to almost every day since the day you met him. You printed up the directions and headed for the door.

It was late and Jooheon already texted you that he probably wouldn’t be home till tomorrow because of an emergency business meeting. You were just a few blocks away from the destination. Your heart was pounding and you felt so uneasy. ‘Why do I feel like I’m being a horrible person? Oh my god, I’m stalking my own boyfriend!’ You arrive to the location. You sat in your car for what seemed like hours, but was only a few minutes. Swallowing the lump in your throat you take a deep breath in and head out to the building before you.

The location was fairly secluded on the outskirts of the city. You walk towards one of the side entrances and try to take a peak into the windows. Unfortunately all the windows were covered by closed blinds so you had to look around. “Ah, jackpot!” You found a basement entrance. The door was surprisingly unlocked and you let yourself in. There was nobody around. It was an interesting room. The only things in the room were a wooden desk with one lamp and some scattered papers. 

You looked at a few papers and started to notice a pattern. Each one had a picture of a man or woman with a written profile of the person. All of them had an ‘X’ over their faces except for one. You read that one’s profile. “…Several fraudulent accounts… Millions of dollars stolen… Five accounts of… MURDER??? And… RECENT ASSOCIATE OF JOOHEON!?” Your head was spinning and you had to prop yourself up against the table. ‘I’m starting to think I know nothing about my boyfriend.’ You hear yelling in the adjacent room and a loud crash. You try to peak in through the cracked door. 

“I didn’t take you under my wing so you could eventually undermine me and my work. I came from nothing and built an empire of my own from the little amount that I had. Did you really think that this would slip past me so easily?” You see Jooheon pistol whip the fallen man. You cover your mouth with a shaky hand. Jooheon starts to circle the man. “Do you know what we do with people like you? People that steal from me and my mafia?” He crosses his arms and whistles to his men. A couple men in black suits start to drag the man away. 

“Also, will someone please bring in my beautiful jagiya. We are not monsters here. Please show her some manners.” Your heart stops and knees become weak. You try to bolt away, but a strong man drags you into the empty room and forces you to sit in a chair. “My dear, I’m sorry you had to see such a sight.” He caresses your face with the back of his hand. “W-what is the meaning of this? Joohoney? I d-don’t understand… Why -” He covers your mouth. Tears start to fall down your cheeks and onto his hand. He licks the tears from his hand. “Are you afraid my precious flower?” He lifts your chin up although you flinch. “I think you will get used to it. Just let daddy do his work…” Suddenly he pulls your hair back making you shriek and he’s face to face with you. “But, if I ever see you back here again meddling in my business, we’re going to have a problem.” He gives you a kiss on your cheek. 

“Every rose has its thorn,” he says before he laughs maniacally and exits the room. You’re left in the chair, alone, and with an empty mind. You say to yourself with an insane look on your face, “and now I bleed from picking the rose with the most thorns.” 

my impressions of the btob members after seeing them irl for the first time
  • eunkwang: he is really so cute irl and exudes warmth... his smile is so wide and genuine and he 100% has an undeniable positive vibe to him. he is extremely bright and just seeing him made me happy.
  • minhyuk: he has a very small face and looks just like he does in photos. his stage presence while performing is no joke and he was literally bursting with confidence up there. he was so sweet to us too.
  • changsub: i didn’t see him that close up since he wasn’t at the press conference but when he came towards my area he looked really soft and kind? like being with or near him you would be safe. he is also very funny without needing to try.
  • hyunsik: okay, wow. i can’t say if this is just my bias speaking here but hyunsik seriously took my breath away. he is absolutely stunning irl and his skin literally glows. cameras can’t even begin to capture how he looks irl. he is just beautiful and every time he looked my way i completely froze.
  • peniel: he has a small head and really broad shoulders. his smile is very cute and friendly and he talked to us a lot. he also seemed so comfortable (and confident during ‘that girl’!!!) which made me happy.
  • ilhoon: omg he is literally tiny irl... i mean most of btob are small anyway but he is noticeably small even with them. his sharp features really stand out and his eyes and smile in particular are beautiful. he quite often talked to us in english too.
  • sungjae: he looks exactly like he does in photos tbh he is very handsome and he really does have large hands. he also looked broader from working out and he made so much effort to speak to us even when he couldn’t figure out the words he wanted to say.
  • conclusion: every single member seemed genuinely warm and wonderful in person. the concert venue was not full by any means, yet they still said that more people had come than expected. they made numerous efforts to communicate with us through different languages although they had a translator, and as performers their stages were practically flawless. any time that they didn’t sound like their official tracks, it was because they sounded even better. they were everything that i thought they would be and more.
A Smile is the Beginning of Love;

Summary: A soulmate AU where no one can see color until they meet the love of their life. However, when Y/N meets Natasha and can suddenly identify every color of the rainbow, things get a little complicated.

Y/N was one of the few people her age who had yet to meet their soulmate. Most of her friends were picking out the right shade of green to paint their living room, or the right dress to match their significant other on a date. Twenty-five was the average age for Americans to meet their soulmate, as published in a recent government study. Well, Y/N had just turned twenty-six, and therefore was falling behind the masses. 

“You’ll find someone,” her mother assured her while helping the girl pick out outfits with colors that actually matched, “I mean, I met your father when we were fifteen, so I can’t imagine what it would be like to wait this long. But the time comes for everyone, I promise.”

But recently, there started to be more stories of people not meeting their soulmates, or marrying people who weren’t their technical match. What if the love of her life was married to someone else already? Y/N would never pursue a married man, it wouldn’t be fair to anyone involved.

Y/N was beginning to accept her life as a perpetually single adult. She managed to successfully secure a job as a press liaison for the Avengers, rent a decent apartment in New York, and adopted an old cat she christened Pancha. 

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Leaving him hot and bothered

Usually it was him leaving me. Usually it was him jetting off with a bag for a week at a time leaving me stuck in our empty flat. Usually it was him leaving for months at a time on tour. Usually, but for once it was me leaving. I was headed to a conference in Paris and Harry would not leave me alone to pack.

“Babe, remind me why you’re leaving again?” he whined from the bed with his hands covering his face. His t-shirt was riding up to expose his petite love handles, the only feature of his anyone could call petite.

“Networking and learning,” I answered. “This is how you stay connected and up to date when you have a real job.” I poked him in the ribs, he folded to protect himself with a yelp.

“Hey! You should be nice to me. You’re leaving me all alone,” he protested. “And why can’t I go with you?”

“If you go I won’t learn anything,” I responded. “We’ll spend the whole trip in bed, sampling cheeses.”

His hands drop from his face and a playful expression graces his features.

“Uhuh, sampling cheeses,” he wiggles his eyebrows. “That’s what you’re calling it.”

I slap his shoulder as I finish folding the shirt and placing it in the bag.

“If you’re not gonna help me pack, get out of here,” I faux-complain. “I need to get this done. I literally leave in less than 4 hours.”

He pouted but got up and shuffled out of the bedroom. After his departure I finished packing rather quickly. I toted my bag out to the living room and plopped onto the couch next to him. He tapped away on his phone and studiously ignored me. A pout chiseled into his features. I nuzzle my face into his neck and weave my arms around his torso. I leave a trail of  kisses up to the column of his throat. I reach his ear and take his lobe between my teeth with a gentle tug. My hand works its way into the short locks at the nape of his neck as I move my lips across his jaw to the corner of his mouth.

“S’not fair to get me worked up and then leave me hanging fo’ four solid days,” he mumbles.

“Babe, I just need a little something before I leave,” I answer through kisses pressed across his collarbone.“We’ll see how your story changes when it’s you leaving for tour.”

I swung a leg over his lap and rested my hips right over his. I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned into whisper.I shifted my hips back and forth delighting in the friction of his zipper.

“I think I can find time for a quickie before you go.”  He tried, he really tried to hold out and ignore me but with a particularly deep flick of my hips he finally gasped and gave in.

His pupils dilated, his mouth went slack and he tapped my thighs signaling me to sit up a bit so he could shimmy off his trousers and pants. Fortunately I favored traveling in dresses as it was much less restrictive than jeans. He hiked my dress up around my hips and pushed my underwear to the side. He teased my clit in alternating figure 8’s and X’s. I moaned at the sensation of the coil starting to wind up in my stomach. I ground down into his hand seeking more friction. A self-satisfied groan rumbles through Harry’s chest as his hands shift to my hips. I watch him and he is focused on watching me grind into his pubic bone. I wrap my hand around his cock and give him a few experimental tugs. He moans in delight. Feeling sufficiently flushed I line up and sink down on him in one go. Harry’s face scrunches in pleasure and his lip slips in between his teeth to become that gorgeous bitten red.

“Sorry babe, it’s gotta be fast. I have a plane to catch.”

With that he lunges at my neck and attaches his lips to the hollow and nibbles. Through a combination of my bouncing and his thrusting I’m nearing the brink. His pace and inability to make noise tell me he’s close too. In my haze I can’t vocalize my need for more pressure. I blindly search for his hand and press it into my pubic bone. He quickly catches on and begins tracing patterns into my clit. I can see he’s desperately trying to hold on. I feel near to the finish myself and grant him the permission he needs to finish. The expression on his face, this bliss, this face a select few have seen pushes me over the precipice. I slump with my face in his neck and feel his uneven breathing puffing on my neck as we both come down.

“Thanks for that H.”

“You just can’t resist my cock,” he mumbles with a smirk.

When I’ve regained command of my limbs I stand up and head to the bathroom to wash up. I walk back through to the living room seeing Harry still wrecked on the couch.

“Bub, taking me to the airport or am I going alone?”

He snaps out of whatever stupor he was in and hikes his trousers onto his hips. After cleaning up he hoists my bag into the car and we’re off. We ride to the airport in comfortable silence. I occasionally pick up our clasped hands and press a kiss to each knuckle. He pulls up to the drop-off curb and I start to get out when I feel his hand on my wrist stopping me momentarily. I turn to look at him and his face is inches from mine, a crease etched into his brow.

“Babe, that was great but you are so in for it when you get back,” he says with a smirk on his blessed beautiful face. He presses a hot quick kiss to my lips and pulls back, leaving me stunned.

I clench my thighs as I feel all the blood drain from my face. I make a quick exit  and dash for the check in counter. Focusing at this conference just got a lot harder.

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Last night after also seeing Jack's flannel on Bitty's door I went through all of CP to find every occurrence of the flannel and determined that while not always worn at times of trouble, it's definitely worn in some significant moments. During, Shitty's dibs, the roof of Faber, Jack finding B's cookies after Kent, and Jack hearing about the oven breaking, the shirt is being worn.

Haha, oh gosh- continuing this post about everyone trying to steal the flannel–

what if the boy start noticing this pattern?

Like “bro, the first time I wore the flannel, ransom and i officially declared we were best friends!” or “i was wearing it when I met lardo!” or “I wore it when I met Jack’s dad (over the phone) and that guy freaking loves me!” “actually, i was wearing it when I ran into Farmer!!!!!!”

The longer this game continues the more data comes out of this - all the instances you said above plus a million we didn’t see – Jack wore it to fly to Madison, Shitty steals it for a weekend and that’s when he and Lardo finally hook up, Dex is wearing it when he and Nurse manage to go a whole day without fighting, Bitty is wearing it when he hits 10k followers on Twitter.

So, at some point, someone finally says it “dudes, the flannel is like lucky” and then it becomes even more coveted! like


“Guys, it is me and Farmer’s year anniversary!!”

“Please someone give it to me to give to Ransom. He is taking the MCATS on Tuesday. I am demanding this as your captain.”

There is pretty much an all out war to see who is going to end up with the Flannel for Valentine’s Day and it becomes customary to steal it and hide it until you have an important day coming up and at one point there is a metaphysical debate about whether or not good things happen because you are wearing the shirt or whether your dedication to finding the shirt causes these good things to happen and usually requests for the shirt are not at all honored (”we all want to have swawesome things happen to us- you cannot demand the shirt!”) but when Jack asks for it for the first time ever and promises to give it back the next day, Nursey hands it over.

So, of course, when Jack gives a press conference and comes out, he’s wearing the Lucky Flannel.

(Also, Shitty wanted to get married in it but Lardo put her foot down. Only to wear it over her dress. Shitty thought it was the most beautiful part out her wedding attire.)

Moonlight Reign Ch. 5

A/N: I’m so lazy rip. I’m still working on the drabble game requests and convoluted code and a yandere Tae fic. Why do I do this? I’m also trying to get a job. I finished this chapter at 3am, so please make me feel good about it. I’m a mess

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Word Count: 2.7k

Pairing: Mafia boss! Yoongi x reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff, possible Smut later

Warnings: Mentions of violence, death, and blood

Chapter Summary: You go public and remember your family as you lean into danger

This world was a circus, and you were back to rolling with the ringleaders. The audience thinks they’re in control when they’re the ones being controlled. The audience oohed and aahed at the fun tricks, glamorous showings, and gut wrenching suspense, all unknowingly drowning out the horrific sounds behind the scene. The deception, the disgusting exhibitions, and the literal gut wrenching. Those who looked close enough could see it behind a translucent curtain, but they were smart enough to look away. The likes of you do tricks because you want to because you have no care to mop up blood in front of children, it’s just easier that way, so you dance. You dance with the show until the crowd is ready to face the real music. However, the audience and act know this show will forever go on, You and this circus will live in every town.

You hadn’t gotten this dolled up in years. Your hair was styled elegantly, your dress was an ironic green, your bruised neck covered with a matching scarf, and you were being coached on your questions. This nation treated the beautiful as celebrities, so you had to look the standard, now being apart if the group.

Cameras were everywhere outside the prison. Your father was given the speediest trial of a lifetime, seeing as he “took a deal”. However, you knew the truth. He was hauled into prison before he could even blink. That’s when the information was leaked. The green haired girl steps forward and turns in her own father. What an utter joke, but everyone was laughing, enjoying it.

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Thorns x Roses : Story of Moriya Akane (守屋茜)

Sometime the first impression is the right one. Is it what you call love at first sight? In Moriya Akane’s case, i absolutely didn’t noticed her when Nogi’s sister group hold their first press conference. Not someone who stun you with their beauty like Shirashi Mai, or would give this cuteness vibe like Nakai Rika from NGT48. But Moriya Akane, Akanen, has unveiled herself as one of the fiercest, most well rounded character in Keyakizaka46. Her lean figure bloomed like a rose and her hate of losing is sharp, like thorns. She is the blade of Keyakizaka.

”Even if it’s life most severe, most painful thing, there will be no regrets. If i say Ok, let’s do this one more time, i will certainly do it” - Moriya Akane

There has been many hints of Akanen trait. First, in Keyakitte, Kakenai video introduction, she proudly shows off her tennis awards and certificates. In her “jibun history” (my story), she shows her old video winning a judo battle against a girl bigger her size. This girl likes to win. But was it always like that? Well not really, in a recent BUBKA interview, she said at first she wasn’t particulary mad at losing, but she changed when entering Keyakizaka.

Akanen was 17 when passing Keyakizaka audition, and as every japanese highschooler, she had to make a choice after graduation. It was a tough decision between going to the audition or going to college. While her family and friends were concerned of her choice, she didn’t wavered and took Keyakizaka audition. Since there was so much at stake, she was determined to give it her all as a member, thus explaining her “hate to lose” character. She also started to be self-aware of her apparence and professionnal attitude, learning make up or how to appeal to fan (she already knew her catchphrase). At the very debut of Silent majority, people noticed her change. “you give me a strong feeling” they said. Exactly, for akanen, it wasn’t college activities. To her, Keyakizaka is “work”.

“Akanen is the kind of girl you would think twice before approaching”

But as the fanbase grew larger, different opinions emerged. “You are kind of scary” “You are S, are you?(sadistic)” “You’re a tryhard fisher”. Akanen realized that being sharp was a double edged sword, that would put some fans off because she would look unproachable. Not only she has the beauty that makes wota think “she’s too pretty, i have 0 chance” and the attitude “if i talk to her she will feel i’m weak and i will be rejected”. As a matter of fact, she is not the easy-going type. Once again, there was a choice to make at the debut of “Sekai ni wa Ai shikanai” promotion. Either she would tone down, and hang over the cute field as a try, or she would pursue her “serious” character and definitively be recognized from it. Things have been decided during the “karai queen (spicy)” challenge when she ate a whole bowl of spicy tofu, to the point of crying right after. She doesn’t like spicy food, but she doesn’t like losing even more. For the first time, Akanen stole the show through determination.

It was a significative impact. Imaizumi Yui was known as the best singer, Sugai Yuuka had this lady personality, Neru was the most intelligent and Yurina was the Wondergirl. Despite the minor drawback, Akanen stayed true to herself and showed her ferocious competitive character. It was the best choice because no one in Keyakizaka had claimed the “strong type”. Her individuality was set in stone, and it was just the beginning. There was no guarantee it would work, but Akanen took it anyway. Because it fits her the most.

”When the time comes to do it, i’ll do it. And when i do it, i win.” - Akanen

What became an hot topic was the famous sports festival episode, when Akanen was the captain of the “serious team” against Yuuka’s team. Akanen not only displayed her natural sense of competition but was also credited as viable leader, pumping up her team spirit and lifting their morale. In a young group as Keyakizaka, a leader/sempai is often mandatory for the group cohesion. Throwing some taunts at the other team to make things funny, shaking her teammates up when they were questioning their ability to win, Joking with the MC to loosen up the tight atmosphere; once again Akanen shone in her natural environnement : competition. But what probably was the turning point was the last sprint against the second fastest member, Koyabashi Yui, where she managed to bite few meters on her but eventually lost by half a feet.

Not only you could feel from the screen she put everything on this sprint, raising the excitement to the max, but you also witnessed Akanen bursting into tears from losing to Yuipon. What could be seen as a bad loser attitude ( being fair play, you would shake hands with the winner) but in the case of Moriya, it was more of a genuine reaction for deceiving her teammates at the last second. Even though it was obvious she got paired up with the weakest members ( Yuuka’s team had Neru AND Koyabashi), even though she was like 6 meters behind, she blamed it all on herself. On her own incapacity to bring victory.

Fans felt sympathy toward Akanen and praised her strong will. The cold, hard to approach Akanen vanished to make way to Akanen, the girl who do everything with passion. Her being fired up is actually fuel for others to do their best, and her presence in Keyakizaka took another meaning.

“If it’s for my beloved teammates, i will do everything” - Moriya Akane 

She can be seen as harsch sometimes, but the one she’s the most severe with, is actually herself. Her strong will to win can be interpreted as a strong will to not disappoint those who believed in her. A strong character, is also someone people rely on. She want to be that kind of person to Keyakizaka46. During Sekai ni wa Ai shikanai, she didn’t remorse her position in second row, she accepted it. “In that place, i have a goal, a reason to move forward. “This is also a place i can learn a lot from” She said. An humility, unfamiliar with people who are self-centered. Akanen is not the kind of person who think of things as granted. She wants to earn things, with her own strength.

It paid off. In Futari Saison, she finally became front row, increasing even further her visibility and popularity during keyaki single promotion. Sugai Yuuka, who will be promoted to captain, congratulated her for her senbatsu position and wrote that Akanen is an existence that put her at ease when confronting tense moment like live performance. “Big sister” Akanen was also a significant trait that made her being loved by teammates in backstage. At the time, the girls didn’t known each other very well, especially Hirate Yurina who was the youngest. Akanen felt it was her responsability to make things easier and decided to break the ice by inviting Yurina to a meal together. Little by little everyone got along and the training room atmosphere got lively, thanks a bit to Akanen. Moriya Akane is working hard as an individual, but isn’t neglecting teammates bond, which is essential for Keyakizaka unity. Akanen truly loves the group.

“When Akanen is around, i allow myself to act like a spoiled child” - Techi

Akanen is a lethal weapon, with great use of visual, sexiness and flawless smile. But she uses her ability to protect those she loves, being a reassuring older sister when members finish rehearsal and are exhausted, being a leader when the girls are doubting. A versatile jack of all trades that allow Keyakizaka to hold it’s ground on a solid base. When you realize Moriya excel in visual but truly show her amazingness with her personality, you can’t help but be admirative. “Ah, Keyaki is in good hands with her” some fans on the internet said.

If she’s such a good leader, why isn’t she captain, you would say? Well another quality in Moriya, her “hating to lose” character doesn’t mean she crave for the spotlight as well. She has this self-awareness that holds her from having bad decision that would disturb Keyakizaka balance. Sugai Yuuka, who she’s very close to, has a refined style that may suits more as a representative. Moriya natural strictness balance well with Yuuka’s natural sweetness. Together, they make the ultimate captaincy. Moriya is definitively a girl to look forward, either it’s about her, or her interaction within the group. As we speak, she’s Tier 2 (she’s solding out round 2 of handshake event, she’s still not fans top priority) but Akanen’s potential shows no boundaries.

“If Akanen is S, does that mean her fanbase are all M? LOL” - Oda Nana