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Tuesday Fic Rec #13

Open Up My Mouth and Sound Stupid by Made_Of_Stardust | stiles/derek |
| t | 2.7k | 

“Did you see the gorgeous stenographer we got today?”

“Yeah. He’s beautiful.” Derek didn’t notice the slight echo or the fact that the reporters had all frozen in their spots.

When Isaac bumped him in the side with his elbow, Derek heard the telltale feedback screech of the microphone in front of him.

“Dude,” Isaac said. “The mics are working now.”

In the unnerving silence that followed, Isaac unnecessarily added, “Also, I was talking about the girl next to him.”

Or Derek blurts out his attraction to the male stenographer at a NCAA press conference.

Oh this is so precious I love it. Basketball player Derek and stenographer Stiles. It’s so cute just read it. 

Derek Hale Does Not Giggle by saviourhale | stiles/derek | t | 2k |

Stiles doesn’t know how they got here.

He doesn’t remember the exact moment they toppled off the couch in a heap of limbs, all he knows is that he is currently straddling Derek’s waist, helplessly trying to pin his strong arms down to pry the damn remote away. He hears a small sigh, or giggle? Was that a giggle?

Derek stills, eyes wide once he realizes that he just giggled—he freaking giggled right when Stiles’ hand brushed his side. A giggle—Derek just freaking giggled.

Derek Hale does not giggle. Ever.

“Did you just—was, was that—did you just giggle?” Stiles asks giddily, mouth hanging open not quite believing that was Derek.


Just High School by @dexterous-sinistrous | stiles/derek | t | 4.5k | 

Derek and Stiles have been dating for some time.

The only thing is, nobody else really knows.

Coming out is difficult. Stiles doesn’t want to hide and Derek struggles to understand until suddenly he does. Alive!Hales, non-evil!Peter and high school AU. What’s not to love?? 

New Morning by Captain_Loki | stiles/derek | t | 2.7k | 

Stiles was caught in the Supernatural crossfires and ends up in the hospital, a protective Derek is dutifully at his side, despite the Sheriff’s concerns.

YESSSSSS. PROTECTIVE DEREK. Stiles IN SUPERMAN UNDIES. Sheriff getting schooled by the nurse about his son’s relationship instead of getting a chance to charge in and freak out <3 Stiles standing up for himself!! 10/10

Thorns x Roses : Story of Moriya Akane (守屋茜)

Sometime the first impression is the right one. Is it what you call love at first sight? In Moriya Akane’s case, i absolutely didn’t noticed her when Nogi’s sister group hold their first press conference. Not someone who stun you with their beauty like Shirashi Mai, or would give this cuteness vibe like Nakai Rika from NGT48. But Moriya Akane, Akanen, has unveiled herself as one of the fiercest, most well rounded character in Keyakizaka46. Her lean figure bloomed like a rose and her hate of losing is sharp, like thorns. She is the blade of Keyakizaka.

”Even if it’s life most severe, most painful thing, there will be no regrets. If i say Ok, let’s do this one more time, i will certainly do it” - Moriya Akane

There has been many hints of Akanen trait. First, in Keyakitte, Kakenai video introduction, she proudly shows off her tennis awards and certificates. In her “jibun history” (my story), she shows her old video winning a judo battle against a girl bigger her size. This girl likes to win. But was it always like that? Well not really, in a recent BUBKA interview, she said at first she wasn’t particulary mad at losing, but she changed when entering Keyakizaka.

Akanen was 17 when passing Keyakizaka audition, and as every japanese highschooler, she had to make a choice after graduation. It was a tough decision between going to the audition or going to college. While her family and friends were concerned of her choice, she didn’t wavered and took Keyakizaka audition. Since there was so much at stake, she was determined to give it her all as a member, thus explaining her “hate to lose” character. She also started to be self-aware of her apparence and professionnal attitude, learning make up or how to appeal to fan (she already knew her catchphrase). At the very debut of Silent majority, people noticed her change. “you give me a strong feeling” they said. Exactly, for akanen, it wasn’t college activities. To her, Keyakizaka is “work”.

“Akanen is the kind of girl you would think twice before approaching”

But as the fanbase grew larger, different opinions emerged. “You are kind of scary” “You are S, are you?(sadistic)” “You’re a tryhard fisher”. Akanen realized that being sharp was a double edged sword, that would put some fans off because she would look unproachable. Not only she has the beauty that makes wota think “she’s too pretty, i have 0 chance” and the attitude “if i talk to her she will feel i’m weak and i will be rejected”. As a matter of fact, she is not the easy-going type. Once again, there was a choice to make at the debut of “Sekai ni wa Ai shikanai” promotion. Either she would tone down, and hang over the cute field as a try, or she would pursue her “serious” character and definitively be recognized from it. Things have been decided during the “karai queen (spicy)” challenge when she ate a whole bowl of spicy tofu, to the point of crying right after. She doesn’t like spicy food, but she doesn’t like losing even more. For the first time, Akanen stole the show through determination.

It was a significative impact. Imaizumi Yui was known as the best singer, Sugai Yuuka had this lady personality, Neru was the most intelligent and Yurina was the Wondergirl. Despite the minor drawback, Akanen stayed true to herself and showed her ferocious competitive character. It was the best choice because no one in Keyakizaka had claimed the “strong type”. Her individuality was set in stone, and it was just the beginning. There was no guarantee it would work, but Akanen took it anyway. Because it fits her the most.

”When the time comes to do it, i’ll do it. And when i do it, i win.” - Akanen

What became an hot topic was the famous sports festival episode, when Akanen was the captain of the “serious team” against Yuuka’s team. Akanen not only displayed her natural sense of competition but was also credited as viable leader, pumping up her team spirit and lifting their morale. In a young group as Keyakizaka, a leader/sempai is often mandatory for the group cohesion. Throwing some taunts at the other team to make things funny, shaking her teammates up when they were questioning their ability to win, Joking with the MC to loosen up the tight atmosphere; once again Akanen shone in her natural environnement : competition. But what probably was the turning point was the last sprint against the second fastest member, Koyabashi Yui, where she managed to bite few meters on her but eventually lost by half a feet.

Not only you could feel from the screen she put everything on this sprint, raising the excitement to the max, but you also witnessed Akanen bursting into tears from losing to Yuipon. What could be seen as a bad loser attitude ( being fair play, you would shake hands with the winner) but in the case of Moriya, it was more of a genuine reaction for deceiving her teammates at the last second. Even though it was obvious she got paired up with the weakest members ( Yuuka’s team had Neru AND Koyabashi), even though she was like 6 meters behind, she blamed it all on herself. On her own incapacity to bring victory.

Fans felt sympathy toward Akanen and praised her strong will. The cold, hard to approach Akanen vanished to make way to Akanen, the girl who do everything with passion. Her being fired up is actually fuel for others to do their best, and her presence in Keyakizaka took another meaning.

“If it’s for my beloved teammates, i will do everything” - Moriya Akane 

She can be seen as harsch sometimes, but the one she’s the most severe with, is actually herself. Her strong will to win can be interpreted as a strong will to not disappoint those who believed in her. A strong character, is also someone people rely on. She want to be that kind of person to Keyakizaka46. During Sekai ni wa Ai shikanai, she didn’t remorse her position in second row, she accepted it. “In that place, i have a goal, a reason to move forward. “This is also a place i can learn a lot from” She said. An humility, unfamiliar with people who are self-centered. Akanen is not the kind of person who think of things as granted. She wants to earn things, with her own strength.

It paid off. In Futari Saison, she finally became front row, increasing even further her visibility and popularity during keyaki single promotion. Sugai Yuuka, who will be promoted to captain, congratulated her for her senbatsu position and wrote that Akanen is an existence that put her at ease when confronting tense moment like live performance. “Big sister” Akanen was also a significant trait that made her being loved by teammates in backstage. At the time, the girls didn’t known each other very well, especially Hirate Yurina who was the youngest. Akanen felt it was her responsability to make things easier and decided to break the ice by inviting Yurina to a meal together. Little by little everyone got along and the training room atmosphere got lively, thanks a bit to Akanen. Moriya Akane is working hard as an individual, but isn’t neglecting teammates bond, which is essential for Keyakizaka unity. Akanen truly loves the group.

“When Akanen is around, i allow myself to act like a spoiled child” - Techi

Akanen is a lethal weapon, with great use of visual, sexiness and flawless smile. But she uses her ability to protect those she loves, being a reassuring older sister when members finish rehearsal and are exhausted, being a leader when the girls are doubting. A versatile jack of all trades that allow Keyakizaka to hold it’s ground on a solid base. When you realize Moriya excel in visual but truly show her amazingness with her personality, you can’t help but be admirative. “Ah, Keyaki is in good hands with her” some fans on the internet said.

If she’s such a good leader, why isn’t she captain, you would say? Well another quality in Moriya, her “hating to lose” character doesn’t mean she crave for the spotlight as well. She has this self-awareness that holds her from having bad decision that would disturb Keyakizaka balance. Sugai Yuuka, who she’s very close to, has a refined style that may suits more as a representative. Moriya natural strictness balance well with Yuuka’s natural sweetness. Together, they make the ultimate captaincy. Moriya is definitively a girl to look forward, either it’s about her, or her interaction within the group. As we speak, she’s Tier 2 (she’s solding out round 2 of handshake event, she’s still not fans top priority) but Akanen’s potential shows no boundaries.

“If Akanen is S, does that mean her fanbase are all M? LOL” - Oda Nana

I’m reposting my poster of my beautiful cinnamon roll, too pure for this world. I still can’t believe he won both the jury and popular vote, thank you Europe!!!
I got touched by the nice gesture Salvador had at the press conference after he qualified to the Eurovision final. The message was clear and mature and he used his European exposure to send it. I couldn’t ask for nothing else.
I’m bad with words, so I’m letting this illustration to talk for me.

Piece of Art

Pairing: Enzo Amore x Reader

Pic. Credit: @safty 

Warnings: Talk about anxiety and stuff like that. Pretty fluffy!

Rating: PG

A/N: I love this suggestion from @still-a-shield-fan!! It’s so beautiful!!! I kinda added more to it but I think it’s still pretty okay!

You could not stop bouncing your leg. “Please stop, your eyeliner is going to be so messed up.”

“Sorry, just nervous,” you said. Your makeup artist signed. It wasn’t your first press conference but for some reason you were losing it. Your anxiety was absolutely killing you. You were shaking and your stomach was flipping. She finished your eyes and then lined your lips.

“Sweetie your lips are shaking.”

“What if I say something stupid?” Your eyes filled with tears.

“Honey please don’t cry! That eyeliner won’t stay!” She started fanning your eyes.

“Man I don’t know if I can do this,” you whimpered.

“Honey,” she put her hands on your shoulders, “you’ll do fine. You always know what to say. You are the future WWE Women’s Champion you can do this. Deep breaths, come on do it y/n.” You took deep breaths with her. “Okay I’m gonna finish this, alright?” You nodded.

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The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth [Chapter Five]

Summary: Although the Association of Supernatural Species (yes…A.S.S.) brought together all the various magical beings for conferences they didn’t much mingle. At least not until Phil met Dan. Pastel!Vampire!Phil and Punk!Fairy!Dan

Warnings: Violence, smut, noncon touching in later chapters.

Title is from A Midsummer’s Night Dream

Master list of Previous Chapters

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Yuzuru Hanyu GIF Train

Hey guys! Below is a compilation of my favourite GIFs of the one and only Yuzuru Hanyu.  My challenge to YOU is to reblog and add YOUR favourite GIFs of him.  Let’s see just how many we can compile!!

*falls on a jump and casually does the splits*

His reaction to the crowd cheering for him after his FS 

At the press conference for Skate Canada 2016

screaming “MITAKA” (”did you see that?!”) after his Worlds 2016 SP

Requiem of Heaven and Earth because wow is that a beautiful program and wow is this a beautiful gif

ok that’s all I’ve got, now REBLOG AND ADD YOURS!!! HAVE FUN!!

Here’s another internet fiction alert for you: For almost twenty years, i’ve been reading that our marriage was annulled in 1998, but in fact, a legal marriage is not annulled just because an eccentric rock star says it in a press conference. That’s like you saying your marriage was annulled because you took off your ring before you hit on someone in a singles bar. That is not a thing.
—  The Most Beautiful: My Life With Prince
Fuck You, Barry Allen

Iris West couldn’t help but roll her eyes at the sight of the tall man in the red suit, who’d been taking photos with the customers of Jitter for the past half-hour.

On his arm was a beautiful blonde woman, probably mid-20s, completely enamored by whatever dirty things he was whispering in her ears, as the photog snapped away.

‘I’d get my ear tested if I were you blondie.“

She’d come to Jitters to work on her article, expecting to get some quiet time away from her noisy office life, just to be bombarded with Flash paraphernalia and the man who’d inspired it.

Flash Day. What a go*damn stupid concept. A hero was supposed to be noble, humble even. Not an attention seeking asshole who’d held a press conference to announce his identity to the world.

Since that day, nearly a year ago, the press had been chronicling his daily activities, following him along on his rescue missions, among other things. He’d grown more arrogant by the day, gallivanting around like his powers made him better than others.

He always took the longest, most complicated routes to apprehend his criminals. He threw lightning bolts when the situation didn’t call for it and left trails of fire everywhere he went, with no regard to the people who would have to extinguish them.

The sound of Iris’ chirping phone alarm tore her away from the scene in front of her and prompted her to resume work on her article.

She’d never been good with deadlines, and if she could be honest, was easily distracted. She’d set her alarm to fire off, periodically, to remind her to re-focus, if she needed to. She couldn’t afford to get another late strike, otherwise, she’d be fired from Picture News.

“If you want to turn things in at your own pace, start another damn blog. Otherwise, the deadlines I give you are not optional.”

She could hear the condescension in Mr. Bordine’s voice. Even though he’d sought her out because of her blog on Central City’s most arrogant hero, he harbored an unhealthy amount of contempt for blogging, just like social media and the internet in general. Damn technology for making the spread of information, of all thinking more accessible.

That was just like the older generation to have their knickers in a bunch because the younger folks had found ways into arenas they could never have dreamt of.

Sure, she was sometimes a day or two late with assignments, but that’s because writing was more than typing away at a keyboard. It was an artform. One that took time to master, sometimes more than was allotted, and one that Mr. Bordine just didn’t understand anymore.

Iris had admired his work as a young, budding writer, hungry just to get his words out there. Bordine, as an editor–not so much. Now, he only cared about his bottom line, how many papers sold; how sensational a headline could be–how much the paper could charge for advertisements.

She scoffed at her industry’s prioritization of click bait over real news; at the fact that a man could gain fame just for being fast.

Sure, he helped a lot of people, but he did it for the glory, for the accolades, for the perks. Even through the tapping of her keyboard, Iris could hear Flash gumming it up with the crowd of people that surrounded him, dramatizing his recent rescue of the kids from the pediatric ward of the hospital, to anyone that would listen.

“Yes, yes. I mean, it was not easy. The flames blazed, smoke billowed through the floor, no end in sight,” he used both of his hands to mimic goggles, “but I had to do it–for the children. Because…as you know…they really are the future.”

Apparently, they’d moved on to the interview portion of Flash day. Various media members from papers, magazines had gathered in Jitters and were eating up every single word that Flash spit out.

When he was done recounting his heroic tale, applause rippled throughout the room. As if on cue, Barry smiled and bowed before the cameras.

It was such a stark contrast to the Flash Day from the year before; before he announced his identity to the world. That man, an anonymous guardian for the city, bashful, hesitant to even receive such and honor, was the epitome of class and grace.

“Tell me, how many heroes do know you know that have gravitated towards the spotlight the way that The Flash has? How many have revealed their identity to the world via press conference?

We live in a world where it’s become acceptable to exploit our personal lives for financial gain, but shouldn’t heroes be held to a higher standard? Not to mention, it would seem that The Flash, in spite of all of his degrees, doesn’t understand that by making his identity public knowledge, he’s put not only his life but everyone he holds dear to his heart in danger. This danger is only exacerbated by the fact that he constantly tips off the press of his whereabouts, at all hours of the day.

Yes, I’m aware that he’s done some heroic things, saved a lot of lives–and I would never try to negate those deeds–but I must pose the question: for whose benefit has his service truly been for? Ours? Or his?

Iris typed up the final paragraph of her op-ed column for Picture News. “Flash: Hero or Reality TV Reject?” then emailed her her draft to Mr. Bodine. “How’s that for sensational?”

Any edits her boss would suggest wouldn’t come for at least a few hours. That meant that she basically had the rest of Friday off. After a few more sips of her coffee, she packed up her laptop and left a tip on the table for the waitress, just as Flash was wrapping up his interviews.

Thankful that she didn’t have to endure any more of Flash’s humblebrags, Iris headed for the door. On her way out, a large frame bumped into her from behind, sending her binder full of notes to the ground.

“Oh excuse me, ma’am. I wasn’t paying attention,” the voice behind her called out.

“That’s really oka-….” When she turned, her eyes made contact with the clumsy stranger; it was none other than Barry Allen, who’d dropped down to pick up her spilled notes.

She immediately blocked him with her foot. “I got it, got it,” she said, obviously annoyed.

“Oh-okay, sorry.”

“Aren’t speedsters supposed to have super sight or hearing or whatever. How the hell did you not see me?”

Slightly taken aback, the superhero offered his explanation to the beautiful woman. “Well, even speedsters get distracted.” He offered his hand, only to be met with an icy gaze.

“What did you see your reflection in the window or something?”

The man flashed her a cocky grin, that put all of his perfectly aligned teeth on display. “Well, you know I do look good in red.”
He shifted his weight from his right foot to his left, and waived his hands down his body in a comical fashion.

Iris choked back her desire to expel the contents of her lunch, all over the sidewalk. “You’d look good with a little humility. Do me a favor and watch where you’re going.” Before he could respond, Iris pushed past the scarlet speedster and headed down the block to her apartment.

“Wait-wait, ma’am-”

“What?” Iris shot him a look of contempt, as she whipped around. Can’t you take a hint?

“We’ve obviously gotten off on the wrong foot, m’lady” He extended his hand once more. Let’s start over? It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m The Flash–Barry Allen, whichever you’d prefer.”

Iris reluctantly shook his hand, pulling it back when he tried to bring it to his mouth for a kiss as if his lips were peppered with cold sores. “Iris,” she said matter-of-factly. “You think I don’t know who you are?” she added.

“I know, I know it’s an honor, right?” He displayed a cheeky grin, then bowed before her. “Well, I can assure your mademoiselle, the pleasure is all mine.”

She narrowed her eyes in disbelief. She’d met a lot of douchebags in her day, but none of them had been this tone deaf. Was he screwing with her? Was she being Punk’d? “More like–It was the biggest media circus that town’s ever seen. Couldn’t have missed it if I wanted.”

His press conference had been aired on every single local news channel. In the days after, he’d appeared on the cover of every major magazine, wearing designer clothes, couture re-imaginings of his Flash costume.

“Well, you know, what can I say? The press loves me.”

“Not nearly as much as you love yourself, though right?”
He started to speak, then hesitated as a dumbfounded expression spread across his face.

At the same time, Iris’s phone started to ring. “Yeah, Wally? Again? Okay, I’m on the way.” When she hung up, she turned to Flash, who was still standing there, for whatever reason.

“As much as I enjoyed this little meeting,” she started, her voice ripe with sarcasm, “I gotta get home.”

She waited a moment for his response, but to her surprise, he didn’t follow her or waste any more of her time. He just nodded at her and sped away.

If she didn’t know any better, she would have thought that her comment had gotten to him, but it wasn’t likely that anything could penetrate his thick skull It’s much more likely that he’d grown bored of her, once he realized she wasn’t going to fawn all over him. Definitely, no love lost.

After a ten minute walk, Iris arrived at her apartment building. When she made her way to her apartment, Iris gave the lanky man sitting next to her door an apathetic smile.

“Wally, how’d you forget your key again? This is the second time this week.”

He shrugged nonchalantly. “Well, I left early to go meet a friend and I forgot…I guess.”

Iris pushed her key into the lock, and allowed her brother to waltz in, before locking them both inside. “Would that friend happen to wear little dresses?” She asked, knowingly.

“Iris. I’m 17. I can meet girls for breakfast before school. It’s not a big deal.”

“Yeah, you just better not bring any of them back here.” Her accompanying glare was one Wally had seen many, many times. He knew not to push back too much. Not if he didn’t want to be treated to a lecture for hours to come. “Speaking of food, I’m starving,” Iris said to change the subject, once positive that Wally understood that her two-bedroom apartment couldn’t accommodate a third.

“Same. Lunch was trash.”

“Sandwiches?” Iris asked as she rummaged through her fridge. “I just bought some more of those hoagie rolls you like and,” she pulled out two family sized bag of chips, “the grocery store had a sale on these.

“You always know how to find the best deals, sis.” Her brother snatched the bag of sour cream and onion chips and ripped them open, causing a few chips to hit the floor.

“Yeah, well when I have a little brother who eats like a cow, I guess I’d better be a little frugal.”

Iris turned back to the fridge and laid out deli meat, cheese, and various vegetables. “Hand me a couple of plates will you? Paper–unless you’re doing the dishes.”

“Sure.” As Wally retrieved the paper plates from the cabinet, Iris turned on the little TV that sat on their kitchen counter”

The sight of The Flash, riding on a float at the Flash Day parade, nearly made her lose her appetite. “Ugh,“ She immediately started to change the channel.

“Wait-I wanna see this!”


Jenny Khan: “As you can see, this year’s Flash Day Parade has a marvelous turnout, compared to last years.”

Michael Moore: “Well Jenny, I guess that’s what happens when the honoree actually turns up.

JK: He turned up last year, but he left before the parade.

MM: He also moped around like he didn’t have a friend in the world. It was actually a little depressing to watch. Definitely didn’t make for good TV.

JK: Right. Well, The Flash definitely has a little more pep in his step this year. He’s living life to the fullest. And loving every minute of it.

On the screen was The Flash smiling, and waving to the people who lined the streets, pushing and pulling against each other to get a peek of the scarlet speedster.

A motorcade of police motorcycles surrounded him, and though Iris couldn’t see them on camera, she knew that at least ten snipers were nearby just in case any metas or disparaged criminals decided to go at Flash while his guard was down.

Not to mention that ever-so-rare non-evil metas’ the city had employed to be his personal security guards. They were littered through the crowd, dressed to blend in with the screaming, citizens, but were ready to run interference on anyone who might try to get at The Flash.

Iris sighed, as she watched her little brother watch the mayhem on the screen. He was just as enthralled by The Flash as the rest of Central City. Maybe a little more and that worried her to no end. He was still really young, and a man that waltzed around like he was God’s gift to the world, was not the kind of influence he needed.

“Willy there’s gotta be something better on to watch.”

“Iris, I know he’s a little cocky, but he’s not a bad guy, Iris. He’s a hero,” Wally mumbled, a mouth full of chips. “You don’t gotta hate on him the way you do.”

“Oh please, he is NOT a hero. He’s a glorified public servant, who wouldn’t know the beauty of silent charity if bit him in the ass. Not to mention, he’s a male whore. He has a new woman on his arm every single week. ”

“You’re mad that he enjoys himself? If you gotta kick some ass for a living, you may as well have a little fun on the side.” Wally chuckled to himself, briefly he caught Iris’ glare. “Or not?”

Iris sighed. “ Wally he is not a good example. The city even pays the bastard for God’s sake! He gets 2 million a year to protect the city, Wally. 2 million dollars! He does the SAME thing the policemen do, for far more pay, and more benefits. As far I’m concerned that makes him an employee; heroes don’t get rewarded.”

Wally rolled his eyes and grabbed his sandwich from the counter. “And he did it how long before that? For free? But really. So what if he gets paid. He works hard to keep us all safe. He deserves it. Besides, food ain’t free.”

“You know what? ” Iris rambled in her drawer for that weeks’ grocery receipts. Her eyes trailed down the long piece of paper until she reached the bottom. “I’m sooooo glad that you think so. Cause your share of this week’s grocery bill comes down to 62 dollars, 52 cents.”

Wally, who’d headed for the living room, settled onto the couch with his food. “What I MEANT to say was, he probably don’t got a big sister that loves him like I do.” Wally looked back at Iris, who stood with her arms folded and fluttered his eyelashes, animatedly.

Iris tried to feign annoyance, but couldn’t stop a smile from spreading across her face, as she walked over to the couch with her own plate. “And don’t you forget it.” She nudged him in the chest, almost causing him to drop his sandwich.


“But seriously, I need you to get a job if we’re going to make it. Picture News pays well and I got us on the homefront, but we gotta put forth a team effort if you’re going to go to make it to college next year.”

“Right. Right. Gotta get ready for those college women.”

Iris hit him in the shoulder, this time with more force. “And-and the valuable education and life experience I’m gonna receive as well,” he added before she circled around for another lick.

“Have you been looking?” Iris asked as she bit into her own sandwich. “And don’t lie to me.”

“Yep, I have an interview next week. At that new pizza joint.”

“Alright! Cause I’m not going to be the only West with a college degree. Besides, you’re too smart to let that giant brain go to waste.” She nuzzled his head with her semi-clean hand.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

“Yeah yeah, nothing. You’re ridiculously smart, Wally. You just don’t push yourself hard enough. Lucky for you, I’mma stay on your butt. All day, every day.”

Wally sighed. He knew this was true.

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Star Athlete and School Reporter AU

Javid college AU based on that story about the basketball player from Wisconsin who commented to his teammates with out realizing the mic was on at the final four press conference the other day 

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“Looking at some of the other characters you’ve played, if you could have a film to fill in those blanks, which character would that be and why?”

anonymous asked:

Hey I read your Winter Sonata AU and it's BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you for writing it! I was wondering how Marinette reveals to everyone that she's Ladybug (I'm most curious about how Alya reacts).

Thank you for reading it!

I imagine that before the press conference where they officially announce Chat Noir’s return, while Adrien reveals himself to his friends, Marinette does a little reveal of her own to important people.

But when I do the rewrite I’m thinking that at least Alya and Marinette’s parents will find out she’s Ladybug shortly after Adrien “died” because Mari’s absences and angst are too conspicuous.

“For strikers it’s very important to score because the goal is your life. I always said I was very pleased with his commitment and work for the team. Sometimes he was lacking in different circumstances but I was always confident about him.”

“If you remember, in the Tottenham press conference I said he was saving his goals for the final part of the season. It’s important for his confidence and for us. He scored two beautiful goals where he showed good quality and good combinations between him and his team-mates.”

“The crowd were great with Diego and all my players. In this part of the season everyone must understand the real importance to reach our targets. Everyone feels a bit of pressure, the players, the club and the fans who want to win after this incredible season.”

“It’s important to stay together and understand this moment, to be ready to push our team in the right way. For this reason I want to say thanks to our fans because they showed great passion.”

-Antonio Conte; source: Chelsea FC


“I dont think people should forget President Kennedy and all of his effort that was made for two and a half years. You know, it is just going to be forgotten or ended, or is some way to be found to keep going in some seed that he planted? You know, maybe it will be taken up by some young boy who’ll be like he was in his Harvard days. After all, that’s when he wrote Why England Slept. That’s where he sort of started. And maybe he’ll plant a seed somewhere. Then someone like President Kennedy will come along. And those are the kind of men who are going to save the world. ”

– Jackie’s press conference after Harvard turned down the original site JFK chose for his presidential library. This speech was given after November 22, 1963.

“As they say ‘to be in the world, but not of the world.’ You can go to the Himalayas and miss it completely, and you can be stuck in the middle of New York and be very I mean, I noticed in certain places, like New York, it brings out a certain thing in myself. If I go to some place like Switzerland, I find a lot of uptight people because they’re living amongst so much beauty there’s no urgency in trying to find the beauty within themselves. If you’re stuck in New York you have to somehow look within yourself—otherwise you’d go crackers. So, in a way, it’s good to be able to go in and out of both situations. Most people think when the world gets itself together we’ll all be okay. I don’t see that situation arriving. I think one by one, we all free ourselves from the chains we have chained ourselves to. But I don’t think that suddenly some magic happens and the whole lot of us will all be liberated in one throw.”


Press Conference, Los Angeles, 1974

Red Velvet Reaction to: How Their Relationship With a Girl is Found Out & Dealing With Anti’s

Irene: is a lady and takes care of it with all the poise and respectability of a lady. she holds a press conference to confirm the relationship and asks people to support her falling in love with you.

“I didn’t choose to fall for another woman but now that I have, I have no regrets. I feel happier being with this person than I ever have before. and people don’t have to like it. but that doesn’t give them the right to threaten us or our families. please, respect our love. thank you”

then struts out of the conference with her head head high, looking like a beautiful goddess

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Wendy: immediately reacted by breaking down and crying. “why do people hate us, just for being in love?” but with the support of the rest of red velvet and you, she learns how to block out the hate and appreciate the people who support the relationship

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Seulgi: just like wendy, she’s a softie with a kind heart, and cries for days on end. until she’s cried to the point where there’s no more tears left. and she catches a glimpse of her disheveled hair and red blotchy face in the mirror. and she realises “oh my gosh. I am a grown woman and I’m crying like a baby”

so she womans up. and starts to confront the haters (not aggressively) but explaining that she has a right to live her life her way and this earns her a lot of respect around the world

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Joy: denies it at first. sm uses sungjae as a cover up which works. until joy gets to the point where she can’t live with herself, keeping you a secret, as if she’s ashamed of loving you. which she isn’t. so against sm’s wishes, she comes clean and it’s a massive, dramatic scandal with lots of publicity. and there was talk of kicking her out of sm.

but through the chaos comes true fans who support her no matter what. and they say they won’t buy any of rv’s future albums without joy so sm can’t kick her out. and in fact she garners lots of attention and respect for the group and for gay/lesbian rights in korea

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Yeri: panics and freaks out. she tries to bottle her fear up at first, keeping on a poker face and starts acting distant towards you. she even considers breaking up with you. but her unnies talk her through it, give her advice and tell you to give her the space she needs to think.

and just as you think she’s going to dump you, yerim shows up on your doorstep at 2 am one night with tears pouring down her face. “I’m sorry for being so cold! I love you so much and I don’t want you to leave. please don’t leave me. I can deal w the anti’s but I can’t deal with you leaving me”

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Just dropping in because I absolutely have to emote about how lovely Aediteia is. <3 So happy you shared her with us in that list of art tips! I just adore her aesthetic: short, lithe and graceful lady turians are my all-time favorites and she fits the bill 100%, with a delightful personality to match, too! Such a cute little momma, absolutely gorgeous and she's got me excited about my own OC's (admittedly similar) design again. Please, please PLEASE share more of her, she's beautiful! <3

deep inhale



tysm!!!!! im so glad ppl like her she’s my darling….. i actually almost trashed her cause of a shitty ex-friend who loved her so producing as much #contnet with her as i have been is sorta me claiming her firmly as my own……. she’s a really personal oc 4 me she started as a generic “significant other of canon character” filler oc so i put a lot of work into making her her own character…………….. im really glad she’s getting some modest popularity fhsladfkalfd

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Last night after also seeing Jack's flannel on Bitty's door I went through all of CP to find every occurrence of the flannel and determined that while not always worn at times of trouble, it's definitely worn in some significant moments. During, Shitty's dibs, the roof of Faber, Jack finding B's cookies after Kent, and Jack hearing about the oven breaking, the shirt is being worn.

Haha, oh gosh- continuing this post about everyone trying to steal the flannel–

what if the boy start noticing this pattern?

Like “bro, the first time I wore the flannel, ransom and i officially declared we were best friends!” or “i was wearing it when I met lardo!” or “I wore it when I met Jack’s dad (over the phone) and that guy freaking loves me!” “actually, i was wearing it when I ran into Farmer!!!!!!”

The longer this game continues the more data comes out of this - all the instances you said above plus a million we didn’t see – Jack wore it to fly to Madison, Shitty steals it for a weekend and that’s when he and Lardo finally hook up, Dex is wearing it when he and Nurse manage to go a whole day without fighting, Bitty is wearing it when he hits 10k followers on Twitter.

So, at some point, someone finally says it “dudes, the flannel is like lucky” and then it becomes even more coveted! like


“Guys, it is me and Farmer’s year anniversary!!”

“Please someone give it to me to give to Ransom. He is taking the MCATS on Tuesday. I am demanding this as your captain.”

There is pretty much an all out war to see who is going to end up with the Flannel for Valentine’s Day and it becomes customary to steal it and hide it until you have an important day coming up and at one point there is a metaphysical debate about whether or not good things happen because you are wearing the shirt or whether your dedication to finding the shirt causes these good things to happen and usually requests for the shirt are not at all honored (”we all want to have swawesome things happen to us- you cannot demand the shirt!”) but when Jack asks for it for the first time ever and promises to give it back the next day, Nursey hands it over.

So, of course, when Jack gives a press conference and comes out, he’s wearing the Lucky Flannel.

(Also, Shitty wanted to get married in it but Lardo put her foot down. Only to wear it over her dress. Shitty thought it was the most beautiful part out her wedding attire.)


You are the only thing I think of.
You are the only one I want close.
You are everything I wish for.
You mean to me everything I never thought you would.

I never thought I would think like this, never thought she would be the person who would be stuck in my head for months. I never thought I could possibly love her, specially the first time we met. I’m embarrassed to admit that I actually hated her; maybe not her but what she meant. She meant the end of my freedom, she meant the death of my dreams, my love dreams.

“Junmyeon, be nice okay?” My mother told me before her family arrived. “This is very important for your father, for the company”. We were waiting in what seemed to be the girl’s favorite restaurant, pretty elegant I must say. I already knew who she was, I had seen pictures of her. Beautiful, was the first thing that crossed my mind. Terrible, was the second thing after my mother announced she would be my wife. 

People think that just because you belong to a higher class you get to do everything you want. But it’s all lies, all appearances. The truth is that our lives are strongly related to our business, our money. We depend in relations, in possessions, in pure material things. Sadly, that’s how the world still works. We might not be royals, like people in the middle ages, but high classes love to think we are royals, love to act as if this was the XVI century. 

“Why can’t you be happy Jun? Why can’t you just accept your beautiful future wife?” A month had passes, a month full of scandals, press conferences and contracts. 
“How am supposed to like someone who doesn’t like? Look at this…” I showed her the press website I was reading. “She’s all over the internet, she’s clearly doing it on purpose.. kissing that guy… just for me to break the engagement”
“But you can’t Jun, we’ve talked about this”
“Then what am I supposed to do? Sit and watch?” It was very difficult to no lose it when your supposed to be fiance did everything to make you look like a fool”
“Love her. I know you can be happy”

Of course I didn’t listen to my mother, of course I tried to hate her even more. But the more I tried the more I found myself thinking of my mother’s words.
“You really are a hard one” She told me as we watched the Han river together after a long day of running away form the paparazzi.
“What do you mean Y/N?” I asked confused, staring at the few stars that started to appear.
“Well.. I do everything I can for you to hate me and here you are… protecting me from the press”
“What kind of husband I would be if I didn’t protect my wife?” We stared into eachother’s eyes for a couple of minutes; she started laughing.
“You really are unique oppa… you aren’t as bad as I thought you would be”
“We can be friends if you want, after all we are going to spend the rest of our lives together” I sighed as a closed my eyes. 

She didn’t answer for a while, I thought of opening my eyes to check if she was just there. But before I could do so, I felt her lips on mine. I won’t say I expected fireworks or butterflies, but to my surprise I felt something similar. When did I start to feel like this? Probably when I realized she was just as lonely as I was, probably when I realized that it wasn’t her fault, that she wasn’t the girl the media made her seem.
“You know oppa… if we weren’t in this situation.. I probably would have dated you, even fallen for you” She whispered, trying to hide her breaking voice.
“And who said we can’t try it now?” I proposed just before she kissed me again.


A/N: I hope you like this :3 I’m not very inspired tonight. Xoxo, Ara~

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How are the RFA (including V and Baeran) when they pick up how self conscious you are of acne and that you pick at your skin?? <3

  • a/n. hi! shoutout for a friend! check out her page! everyone please send love to my pretty friend ( lyssa ) for me okay?? she’s one of the few people who inspires me to write!! without her encouragements i may not be where i am now~ here’s your request anon! please enjoy reading!

RFA + V and Saeran with an MC who has acne/picks on her skin


  • he was so confused at first when you two went grocery shopping one day
  • you were buying hella lots of FACIAL CLEANSERS when i say lots it’s /hella lots/
  • from those charcoal masks from etude house to the white heads remover ones sold at skinfood inc.
  • because your face looks pretty and fine for him why do u need to use those stuffs??
  • when you two got home you immediately locked yourself up in your bathroom and never came out till 2 hours later you missed dinner
  • he got so hella worried he marched up to your bathroom door and knocked frantically
  • “MC? Hey? Are you alright there? You missed your dinner too!” poor worried bby he didnt eat he was waiting for you
  • “Y- yeah! I’m fine! I’m coming out later!” but your voice was faltering badly and he eventually forced himself in he forgot he had a spare key
  • “I’m coming in, okay?!” and when he saw you crying yourself while hiding your face behind your hair he rushed to you
  • “W- What happened?! Oh god, MC!” he’s so teary-eyed now because he hates seeing you suffer & he’s with you but he couldn’t do anything about it
  • and he’s not used to see you looking so broken
  • he roamed his eyes and saw the messed beauty products on the floor; some were opened and the others not
  • “Hey… Look at me.” he tipped your face up towards him, caressing each scars visible “You’re beautiful for me. You’re more than enough even with these scars. I’m lucky to have you in my life, sweetie.”
  • “But… look at my face… I’m ugly! I’m a mess!“ you cried into his touch as he gently pulled you to a tight hug
  • “I love every inch of you, even the imperfections… Because it’s a part of who you are, okay?” you felt yourself calm down a bit at this because he is being such a romantic ball of sunshine
  • since he got so worried that this might bring your spirits down, he tried to look for some alternative safe facial cleansers you can use that is safe for your skin
  • he called zen numerous times but he won’t pick up so he resorted to calling luciel
  • the next day he asked seven what would be the perfect medicine for acne and scars on the face and seven told him to buy a certain cleanser and a tablet and mix it together, an ointment and a herbal soap ( he said he used it once when he got pimples & acne when he stayed up 5 nights straight because of a mission in a harsh environment and it miraculously healed his face )
  • when you got home that night, you were so surprised to see him sleeping on the couch; you went to wake him up by kissing him lightly on his lips & you were so surprised when you saw what he was cradling in his arms
  • he was carrying a mixture in a bottle, a sort of ointment and a soap you can use for your face tied together with a green ribbon and a note in it,
  • “Seven said this works like a miracle! I know I told you you’re beautiful the way you are but I don’t want you upset and less confident about yourself. Use this so you’ll feel better! But I still love you even if you look like an unshaven gorilla!” uHM yoosung that’s not entirely a compliment but he was still successful to cheer you up
  • he was so surprised to see u snuggling next to him the next day and you are both in your living room’s sofa
  • he was happy to see you finally have a smile on your face after the fresh events of yesterday he may or may not have stolen a kiss from you then

Zen *trigger warning: light face imperfection shaming

  • for zen, having skin imperfections is almost considered a sin of the well-being ( he’s pretty oozy when you talk about skincare and since he’s an actor who walks up to stage and shows his face off to many people, it’s a must that you know how to take care properly of your skin )
  • but he overlook the fact that you had some on your face, he loved you for who you are, acne-filled face or not because he loves you as a whole with all of your imperfections and assured you countless of times that it’s alright and he loves you no matter what and you’re still very beautiful to his eyes
  • so when one day, you were receiving letters from your mails, you have read a fan mail that was not enclosed in an envelope
  • ‘She will ruin your career! She is super ugly! Someone as beautiful as you deserves someone equally the same! Blahs blahs’
  • you couldn’t finish reading the fan mail since your eyes started prickling with tears
  • so you thought you’d take the matter in your own hands
  • you went out that day and bought hella lots of facial cleansers from all of the famous brands you know of ( you’ve seen some that zen are using )
  • and when you got home you tried some and you cried when your face started to become itchy and reddish, the acne seemed to have gotten worst
  • you locked yourself up in your bathroom and cried
  • when zen got home from a rehearsal, he was so surprised to not see you anywhere inside the house
  • “MC! I’m home!” silence “Huh… She’s not here…” he laid down the groceries he bought along the way when he noticed a really looooong receipt laid on the kitchen counter
  • when he read what it contained, he was so surprised to see that everything was for facial cleansing
  • his eyes caught a pile of letters and an opened one he swore he saw only red that time when he read the content
  • he immediately rushed to the only place he knew you’d be at: the bathroom
  • and he was right, you were there, muffling your soft cries
  • he hesitated to knock at first but then just proceeded to do so
  • “MC? I know you’re there… What happened? Are you crying?”
  • “H- huh? N- nothing! S- something just pricked my eyes! I- I’ll be going out in a sec!”
  • but no, he did not wait for you, he slowly unlocked the door ya boi zen used a spare key and let himself in
  • he was kneeling before you before you can even compose yourself
  • “Tell me… is it that fan mail? I saw that you’ve read it…”
  • “W- what? No! Of course not!” you frantically shook your head without letting him see your face
  • “Why are you not looking at me?” his voice was full of concern and as soft as a coo
  • you hesitantly raised your head as you watched what his expression would be but no, he was not fazed by your reddening acne
  • “I- I’m too ugly for you, Zen…” you said sadly and you felt fresh batch of tears running down your cheeks
  • he touched every reddening part of your face as he, himself reflected a sad look towards you
  • he only hugged you so tight as you cried gently into his arms
  • “I’m sorry… I feel like this is all my fault… I might have failed to show you how much I love you no matter what at some point.”
  • you shook your head as you hugged him back tightly “No… it’s my fault. They were right… I will just destroy your image…”
  • “Please don’t say that. What they say don’t matter to me. I am your lover, not them, alright? You only listen to what I say… and I say that you’re beautiful. Too beautiful for my own good…” you gently laughed as he kissed your forehead and then your nose and then gently on your lips
  • “Don’t worry, tomorrow, I’ll hold a press conference and tell my immature fans that if they kept on bothering you, I’ll resign as an actor.”
  • “What?! No! You can’t do that! They’ll go crazy!”
  • “You’re more important to me, okay? Your welfare always comes first. If they started to disrespect you just like that, then I won’t have any assurance that it won’t happen again in the future. I can’t operate on such a harsh fan base.”
  • and the next day, you were so surprised by the amount of apology and gifts you received you even got a 10,000KRW worth gift card from etude house holY CHERITSU
  • zen holds such tremendous destructive power


  • you were in jaehee’s office ( aka jumin’s lair lolol ) when this happened
  • her co-workers saw you and they started gossiping
  • “Is she Ms. Kang’s lover? She looks like swiss cheese!” i’ll fucking punch these girls is2g giggle gossip giggle gossip
  • you pretended you didn’t hear what they said when you saw jaehee coming to you with arms open
  • you beamed at her as you hugged her back
  • but when your eyes spotted those same girls who laughed at you earlier who was still laughing at you, you couldn’t help yourself tear up
  • “U- uhm… I need to go to the toilet first. I have- uhm, business there! I- I’ll see you around!” and you ran your way towards the nearest restroom
  • “MC! Wait!” jaehee shouted after you ran off but no, you’re too embarrassed to face her
  • you washed and rubbed your face using water and ur handkerchief, you kept on rubbing and rubbing until your face turned red
  • and your tears mixed with the water you kept on splashing, hoping these pimples and acne would just disappear
  • you heard a soft knock on the bathroom door and since you locked it, the person couldn’t enter
  • “…MC?” you heard jaehee on the other side, tone laced with concern “I know you’re there. I… checked the CCTVs.” UHM WHAT
  • “W- wait a minute! I’ll be done!” but your tone was quivering and jaehee noticed this one
  • “Are you… possibly crying?” she asked, her knocks now getting louder “Let me in, please.
  • you got guilty when she basically begged for you to let her in and you did as told
  • when you opened the door, she immediately hugged you, caressing your hair in the process as she rested her face on the crook of your neck you both are of the same height
  • “What are you doing to yourself? You’ve… been acting a bit strange.” she whispered as she slowly let you go
  • “T- those girls… They… said I looked like swiss cheese.” you blushed because you sounded like a child telling on her mother
  • “Who?” her face scrunched up, confused
  • “Where did you see them?”
  • you looked away and spoke in a small voice, “U- uhm… those girls in the receiving area. I think they’re working here.”
  • and her face lit up in realization
  • she enclosed your hands with hers and said with a gentle smile, “You’re beautiful no matter what. They’re very blind if they can’t see the beauty standing in front of me.”
  • you looked like a ripe cherry in season because jaehee stop making my heart beat fast omg
  • “Please wait for me at my office. I shall… take care of some things.” she tugged you as she held your hand and gently dragged you back to the office
  • and you were so surprised to see those two girls who were laughing at you to be madly apologizing and even giving you some tips of how to get rid of acne
  • ??
  • you looked over to the side and you saw jaehee smile proudly on her own while giving you a thumbs up
  • the power of a chief executive assistant is scary in a corporate aspect


  • there was this dinner party you and jumin attended together
  • but you were too nervous to attend jUST BECAUSE YOUR FACE IS FILLED WITH ACNE
  • though jumin didn’t seem to mind about it but he never actually said anything about it either
  • at the back of your mind, you thought that maybe he was trying to ignore the fact that you look like a fucking cheese grater
  • but he told you he loves you countless of times and even made you feel it
  • but it didn’t seem enough for you lately you were being a bit needy for his emotions
  • and when he started mingling with other guests, both respectable business men and gorgeous bachelorettes, you felt incredibly insecure
  • because they are so dazzling and every lady inside these halls perfectly suited jumin more than you
  • he didn’t even accompany you tonight!
  • you were left alone sitting and eating your dessert on the table when you noticed the other girls on the next table giggling your way while looking at your face
  • you couldn’t take it longer so you stood up and went for the powder room
  • when he couldn’t see you anymore inside the halls, he grew frantic
  • “If you may excuse me for a while, I have something to tend to.” and he immediately went looking for you
  • he was about to give up when he couldn’t find you and just decided to visit the CCTV room to look for you there
  • but he heard you mumbling angrily inside the powder room
  • two women just went out from there while giggling badly, he knitted his eyebrows as he softly pushed the doors of the women’s powder room
  • “MC?” you jumped in surprise when you heard his deep voice and dropped your foundation that caused it to break apart and spill all over the floor
  • you stared at it as you felt your eyes getting watery at the current predicament
  • “Are you alright? What fell?” he asked in curiosity as he finally took a step forward
  • “No! Stop right there. Don’t come near me!” you spat angrily as you tried to gather the broken pieces together, hoping to get it back together
  • he was taken aback by your sudden hostility that he couldn’t help but ask in concern, “What’s happening to you? Did I do something wrong? If it’s your make-up, we can always buy another–”
  • “You don’t understand!” you lifted your gaze up as you glared at him with tear-filled eyes and tear-stained cheeks but he just stares at you confused
  • “What? I won’t understand if you won’t tell me. Why are you crying?” oh gr8 he just throws sarcastic remarks at you
  • “No! Leave me be! I have some business to take care of!” and you went inside an empty stall, banging the door on his face
  • “…Nobody has business to do inside an empty stall.” he flat out says, making your anger boil more
  • “Get out! I will poop!”
  • “Then, I’ll wait here.”
  • “No! This is the girl’s restroom! I’ll call the security!”
  • “My men are currently the ones who are guarding the hall.”
  • “Just… Go! Get out! I don’t want to see you!” your voice hitched because of your tears god why is jumin sometimes so infuriating!!
  • you heard him sigh exasperatedly as he said out of frustration, “You are being absolutely childish.”
  • “Whatever! I won’t leave if you stay here! Go back there, they might be looking for you!”
  • “…fine.” and when you heard him step out of the room, you let out a frustrated sigh
  • just as you moved to open the stall, you were so surprised when you saw him leaning against the door with a dark look upon his features
  • “Have you calmed down?“ he asked without any evident emotions on his voice but you can tell he’s a bit irritated “If you have, you are coming with me.” and with that, he dragged you out of the powder room and back into the party hall & you were so confused because he just went directly to the center isle and checked if the mic was on
  • your eyes widened at his next movements
  • “I hope everyone is having a good evening. Well then… Let me begin. If any of you insult my very beautiful wife here, you will pay. This is because I love her so much.” he breathed and turned to kiss you passionately
  • “Insulting her means insulting me as well. So you better watch what you say from now on.”
  • he smiled softly at you as he tucked a loose strand of hair behind your ear, “Come, my love. Let’s leave. Have you been doubting what I feel for you? Is it the reason why you’ve felt so insecure? Then tonight, I will make sure you never question my love again.”
  • did he realize he’s announcing that on public? omg


  • he was so confused when he saw you surfing for the most effective brands that will remove acne from your face
  • because your face looked perfect for him and it is part of what he loved about you??
  • he can’t help but notice that you’ve been feeling under the weather lately just by observing your bodily actions
  • “Honeyy~~! Do you want to play Immortal Combat with me? Come on, I’ll let you win this time!”
  • and when you straight up ignored him, he was so surprised that he got extremely worried because you were not being yourself at all
  • one day, when you got home with a bag full of cosmetics and facial cleansers, he asked you, “Ah!! Welcome back, my baby! Ohh!! That’s a lot! What are you gonna do with those?”
  • “U- uhm, nothing!” and then you immediately rushed to your room, locking the door
  • oh god help the tomato head he’s getting extra worried coz you have not been talking to him properly for 2 straight days
  • he gently knocked on your door after 30 minutes of waiting for you to come out but you didn’t
  • “MC? What are you doing?” when he gently pressed his ear against the door, he couldn’t help but hear you cry softly “MC?!”
  • he panicked so bad he immediately went looking for his spare key
  • when he opened the door with his heart beating madly against this chest, he rushed to you and when he saw you lying down the floor with a bottle of opened facial cleanser and blood on your finger tips, he had already thought of the worst
  • “What happened?! Dammit!” he gently picked you up as you struggled to get away from his grip
  • “No! Get away from me! I’m hideous!” you cried but he didn’t let you go
  • “Stop! Stop this, MC! Ow!” he cried in pain when you accidentally hit him on his cheeks and on his jaw
  • you immediately calmed down when you saw how he bit his lower lip to prevent himself from feeling the pain
  • “Luciel…?” you got worried because you accidentally hit him and when he lifted his gaze up on you, it broke your heart so much; he looked so broken
  • he closed his eyes as he inhaled sharply then he dipped his head on yours and kissed you
  • “Please… don’t scare me like this again.” he said, pain evident on his quiet voice “Oh god. You don’t know how scared I was! I saw… blood on your fingers.”
  • “Luciel…” you bit your lower lip but you couldn’t prevent your voice from faltering “I’m sorry…”
  • “No matter what, you’ll always be my beautiful MC! Ahh… I hope you realize that soon…” he smiled again as he gently caressed your reddening cheeks, touching gently every scar he can see
  • “Without this, it isn’t you. Then you’ll no longer be my MC…” you slowly smiled at his attempt of cheering you up because it was hella sweet
  • when he saw this he smiled fully as he pulled you into a deep hug “Don’t ever do this again, alright? Promise me…”
  • “Alright, I- I promise… uhm, I love you, Luciel.”
  • “Me too. I love you. Always will.”


  • he had not been used by your sudden change of behavior
  • he woke up to you one day not even finishing the breakfast he prepared for you nor even the lunch he made that day
  • you went out without telling him anything that’s why he got worried
  • but he decided to wait for you at home
  • when he saw you carrying shopping bags filled with nothing but FACIAL CLEANSERS he became concerned
  • “Hm? What are you going to do with those, MC?” he asked as he gently touched the bag but you immediately pulled it out of his reach
  • “Nothing! I- I’m going to head to bed soon, okay?” he was so surprised because this was the first time you became incredibly snappy at him and it was still afternoon and you’re heading to bed already??
  • he sighed because he decided to let you calm down first and that he should not deal with you when you’re still this heated
  • but when he found some stashed photographs on the dining table, and it was all pictures he took of you, he became confused
  • and then he realized what you were going to do with those cleansers you bought
  • he headed to the common bathroom connected with your bedroom and he was right
  • he saw you there, rubbing cotton madly at your reddening face
  • he immediately grabbed your arm to try and stop you from frantically destroying your face
  • “MC! Stop! What do you think you’re doing? That will irritate your face more!” but you did not listen
  • you cried as you continued rubbing the cotton and when he finally grabbed your hand and grasped it tightly with his is when you finally stopped
  • “Please… stop doing this to yourself…” he pleaded, pulling you into a hug
  • “J- Jihyun ??” you were so surprised because you felt tears falling down your shoulders coming from him
  • “Stop… destroying the face of the one I love…” he continued to plead and soon you felt yourself cry more
  • “I’m sorry… It’s just that… I’m not pretty. I make your photographs ugly. I’m sorry…”
  • “Ssh… don’t say that. To me, you are the most beautiful work of art.”
  • and he ended up teaching you how to gently apply it to your face since he doesn’t want to see you so depressed with your current problem


  • “Hey, Saeran… what is beauty to you?”
  • you had asked him once when you two were on the way home from eating out
  • he turned to look at you with a deadpanned face while letting out a small sigh
  • “What kind of question is that?”
  • “Ehh! Just answer me!” you remembered yourself whining because of his answer
  • “Jeez… alright, alright. Stop being so pushy. Beauty is something only few can appreciate and are lucky to have.”
  • he pouted his lips as he whispered ( you almost didn’t hear it ) “…and I’m lucky to have you.”
  • you looked at him quizically as he just shrugged and continued to sip on the fruit shake you two had for a take out
  • that conversation has been playing on your mind like a broken mp3 player since you noticed your facial problem have returned
  • you have a cotton ball on your hand and a few bottles of opened facial cleansers while you were looking at the mirror on your bathroom— you had gone frantic since your acnes began to show up once more
  • when you dabbed gently on it, you were so surprised to see that your cheeks only reddened further as you felt a burning sensation on your face
  • what you did has made your face irritable and urged for the acnes to swell more
  • “Oh god…” you choked back a sob because wtf it has gotten worst than earlier!! goddammit!
  • what face are you gonna show him now?? you looked horrendous! your face is red with swollen pimples!
  • when saeran got home, he was surprised to see your disorganized shoes on the foyer and the kitchen was messy
  • the worst of the worst has come circling inside his mind and he immediately yelled for your name, his tone shaking
  • when he finally arrived at the bathroom door, he was surprised to hear your sobs you didn’t notice him enter the house and you thought you’re still alone
  • he came knocking heavily on the door that you jumped from surprise and you hit your hands on the sink’s surface, making you yelp in extreme pain
  • when the door suddenly slammed open, revealing a saeran with heavy beads of sweats on his forehead, disheveled hair and panting madly
  • “What happened?! Goddammit! MC?! Fuck!”
  • he rushed to your side, immediately tending to you since you were crying from the pain of hitting your hand and the pain of being not beautiful enough for him
  • when he saw the scattered cleansers and make-up supplies, he immediately realize the situation that happened he’s p much knowledgeable with this stuff trust him on this one
  • “No.. please, don’t touch me!” you cried further and this has certainly took saeran aback like he couldn’t believe what you were saying “I look horrible! Oh god… I’m sorry… I’m not good enough for you…” you choked back a sob
  • “What are you talking about?” his tone was quiet yet with conviction “Since when has physical appearance became a hindrance to us?”
  • there he is again with his quizzical remarks!
  • ”…I have been a monster. I believed I cannot be saved after everything came crashing down. But you… you accepted me. Despite everything… despite my own ugly past… and you got the guts to call yourself horrible?!”
  • you lifted your eyes to him when you heard how his tone hitched then quivered, he looked broken and sad and you can’t help but feel a lot sadder
  • “Beauty is something only few can appreciate and are lucky to have.” you heard him repeat what he answered to your question before. you steadied your gaze on him as he stared at you intently
  • “I love you. Isn’t that enough? You’re beautiful for me. What more do you want? I’m lucky to have you in my life. Are you still looking for more?”
  • he was blushing hard while saying this and is not looking directly at you ( you got up and tackle-hugged him because wow you didn’t know he was this romantic?? and what he said really lifted your spirits )
  • you laughed with glee as you urged him to repeat what he said
  • “…NO.” and he went outside without any second glances he was so embarassed excuse him for a moment
  • awe shucks you do know he does love you to bits