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Yuzuru Hanyu GIF Train

Hey guys! Below is a compilation of my favourite GIFs of the one and only Yuzuru Hanyu.  My challenge to YOU is to reblog and add YOUR favourite GIFs of him.  Let’s see just how many we can compile!!

*falls on a jump and casually does the splits*

His reaction to the crowd cheering for him after his FS 

At the press conference for Skate Canada 2016

screaming “MITAKA” (”did you see that?!”) after his Worlds 2016 SP

Requiem of Heaven and Earth because wow is that a beautiful program and wow is this a beautiful gif

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Piece of Art

Pairing: Enzo Amore x Reader

Pic. Credit: @safty 

Warnings: Talk about anxiety and stuff like that. Pretty fluffy!

Rating: PG

A/N: I love this suggestion from @still-a-shield-fan!! It’s so beautiful!!! I kinda added more to it but I think it’s still pretty okay!

You could not stop bouncing your leg. “Please stop, your eyeliner is going to be so messed up.”

“Sorry, just nervous,” you said. Your makeup artist signed. It wasn’t your first press conference but for some reason you were losing it. Your anxiety was absolutely killing you. You were shaking and your stomach was flipping. She finished your eyes and then lined your lips.

“Sweetie your lips are shaking.”

“What if I say something stupid?” Your eyes filled with tears.

“Honey please don’t cry! That eyeliner won’t stay!” She started fanning your eyes.

“Man I don’t know if I can do this,” you whimpered.

“Honey,” she put her hands on your shoulders, “you’ll do fine. You always know what to say. You are the future WWE Women’s Champion you can do this. Deep breaths, come on do it y/n.” You took deep breaths with her. “Okay I’m gonna finish this, alright?” You nodded.

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Red Velvet Reaction to: How Their Relationship With a Girl is Found Out & Dealing With Anti’s

Irene: is a lady and takes care of it with all the poise and respectability of a lady. she holds a press conference to confirm the relationship and asks people to support her falling in love with you.

“I didn’t choose to fall for another woman but now that I have, I have no regrets. I feel happier being with this person than I ever have before. and people don’t have to like it. but that doesn’t give them the right to threaten us or our families. please, respect our love. thank you”

then struts out of the conference with her head head high, looking like a beautiful goddess

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Wendy: immediately reacted by breaking down and crying. “why do people hate us, just for being in love?” but with the support of the rest of red velvet and you, she learns how to block out the hate and appreciate the people who support the relationship

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Seulgi: just like wendy, she’s a softie with a kind heart, and cries for days on end. until she’s cried to the point where there’s no more tears left. and she catches a glimpse of her disheveled hair and red blotchy face in the mirror. and she realises “oh my gosh. I am a grown woman and I’m crying like a baby”

so she womans up. and starts to confront the haters (not aggressively) but explaining that she has a right to live her life her way and this earns her a lot of respect around the world

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Joy: denies it at first. sm uses sungjae as a cover up which works. until joy gets to the point where she can’t live with herself, keeping you a secret, as if she’s ashamed of loving you. which she isn’t. so against sm’s wishes, she comes clean and it’s a massive, dramatic scandal with lots of publicity. and there was talk of kicking her out of sm.

but through the chaos comes true fans who support her no matter what. and they say they won’t buy any of rv’s future albums without joy so sm can’t kick her out. and in fact she garners lots of attention and respect for the group and for gay/lesbian rights in korea

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Yeri: panics and freaks out. she tries to bottle her fear up at first, keeping on a poker face and starts acting distant towards you. she even considers breaking up with you. but her unnies talk her through it, give her advice and tell you to give her the space she needs to think.

and just as you think she’s going to dump you, yerim shows up on your doorstep at 2 am one night with tears pouring down her face. “I’m sorry for being so cold! I love you so much and I don’t want you to leave. please don’t leave me. I can deal w the anti’s but I can’t deal with you leaving me”

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BTS - Bangtan Host Club
  • Manager: oh no, im a little late for the meeting. We really need to discuss the new concept tho lemme just meet them insi-
  • Jin: *throws flower petals* welcome to the bangtan host club
  • Manager: what the fuck
  • Jin: here at the bangtan host club we let people talk with beautiful people like me- i mean us
  • Manager: this is a press conference not a fucking host club
  • V: *whispers to Jungkook* who's that guy?
  • Jungkook: *whispers to V* i don't know but he looks really stupid
  • Manager: guys i can hear you, J-Hope why are you on Rapmon's back and why are there like five pieces of cake behind u and what is behind ur back
  • J-Hope: what are you talking about?
  • Jimin: *pushes up glasses* I believe he is talking about Rapmon-Senpai
  • Manager: first of all, we aren't Japanese, second of all, where's Suga
  • J-Hope: does he mean Suga-Chan? *pulls Suga out from behind him*
  • Manager: why does he have bunny ears on and Suga isn't some doll J-Ho-
  • Jimin: well actually *pushes up glasses* Suga is a born singe-
  • Manager: shut up Jimin you aren't even fit to be the cool type
  • V and Jungkook: Should we get him boss
  • Jin: wait my children
  • Manager: wait are you planning to kill me or something?!
  • Manager: Did this just turn into some occult shit?
  • Suga: yes

This is just…no. Not acceptable. Look at him. This is a vampire, this is not the beautiful and glorious Huang Zitao we all know and love. 

This is from the same damn press conference and you can tell they still edited his skin, but they just didn’t go clorox bleach crazy on it like the one above. Don’t forget that his makeup artists cake his face up with light ass foundation and concealer that does not match his skin tone.

THIS is his natural skin tone. No lightening, no extra over the top foundation and concealer bullshit, just HIM. Now just compare this pic to the ones above. You see the difference, I see the difference, EVERYONE sees the difference. Don’t fool yourselves into believing that Tao is a Chinese vampire who happened to rise from the dead to become a rapper.

[TRANS] YoonA ELLE China April Issue Interview

When i entered the keywords “Korea No. 1 Naturalism Cosmetic brand Global Endorser YoonA” on search engine, the results that i got  "The most beautiful face", “Female idol that you want to hold hands with”, “Female celebrity with the prettiest smile” etc of news of her winning no. 1 for different kind of polls. “The Top Asian Beauty’ this title make me full of curiosity towards this national goddess who is born in the 90s. Fortunately, due to a press conference by Innisfree in Shanghai, YoonA came down personally and an opportunity arises for a exclusive collaboration with ELLE China to film for Spring 2015 Makeup edition. At the filming site, YoonA appeared infront of us wearing a hoodie, jeans and sports shoes, her slender figure, her flowing long hair, her exquisite small face, and also her fair and dewy skin left a deep impression. To YoonA, it seem like "Right now its Girls’ Generation” is not just a slogan, but the feeling she brought to the people around her. During the filming process, she has her eyes opened wide looking at the photographer and translator, patiently listening to everyone’s opinions, times to times she has her right index finger pressing down her lower lips, looking like she is thinking over something seriously, making everyone on the set cheering “cute” loudly. Also, there is one thing i have to mention, YoonA’s skin is really very good. Each time the makeup artist applied a makeup style for YoonA, there is no need to use cushion, brush to touch up on her makeup. Under high definition and zero beautifying camera , one cannot detect any flaw on her skin too. This is considered rare among celebrities. However, if you think that she must be an expert in taking care of her skin then you are wrong. ELLE realized that compared to using many different luxurious skincare products, YoonA focuses more on giving her skin “less burden”, she is into simple skincare methods

Taking this collaboration opportunity with YoonA, ELLE also had an exclusive interview with SNSD’s makeup artist Jo Juyoung, for her to share with us her secret of applying makeup for Korean stars (t/l note: Not translating this, I will only translate YoonA’s portion interview)

ELLE: Other than the makeup applied by makeup artist, what kind of makeup do you go for usually?
YoonA: Dewy foundation and straight brows that can help to make one looks younger than actual age are the 2 most important points for me. I don’t really like to apply eye shadows. If i want to apply some highlights (on my face), i will go for lip gloss. Other than applying it on lips, i sometimes use it as blusher, spreading it on my cheeks can make one looks better

ELLE: Share with everyone your skincare secrets to maintaining skin of a young girl.
YoonA: Cleansing step must be done well, especially when removing makeup, and also replenishing your skin with moisture. Usually, i like to apply moisturizing serum that is easily absorbed after cleansing my face, for example Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum. As for my diet, i opt for food that are light and avoid oily food and drink more water, eat more fruits. Unlike many girls in Korea, i don’t drink coffee, and only drink orange juice, because orange juice is full of vitamins which are good for the skin.

ELLE: As a celebrity you often need to fly, what are your skincare tips?
YoonA: The air inside the plane’s cabin is very dry, so everytime when i board planes i will carry facial mist and moisturizing masks with me. If your skin is lacked of moisture, it will look dull, so moisturizing is very imprtant.
(YoonA’s airport photos are one of the top among celebrities, her photos are often used as outfit matching examples. But ELLE thinks that knowing how to match outfits is not that amazing, what is more amazing is that her makeup are all done well! Even though most of the times she has her sunglasses on, but one is still able to tell and be amazed by her overall skin condition, seem like her skincare tip in plane’s cabin is done well)

ELLE: What are the makeup items in your bag?
YoonA: I don’t like to wear makeup when i’m not working, so i don’t have much makeup products in my bag, but lip balm and cushion foundation are things i definitely bring along with me, sometimes, i also brought a small bottle of perfume with me.

ELLE: Teach us some tips on how to take beautiful selcas.
YoonA: I think that lighting and angle are very important, you can take beautiful selcas under good lightings! If the lighting is bad, get your good friend provide lightings for you with their phones.

Source: Interview images by 没有那么多的你以为
Trans: mystarmyangel


 Q: “Does George feel that he’s not as popular as the others?”

JOHN: “He goes a bum in Sweden.”

GEORGE: “Not really. And, you know, it didn’t really bother me. As long as the group’s popular.”

PAUL: “He is popular, anyway.”

Excerpt from the press conference held at the Crystal Ballroom in the Delmonico Hotel before their August 28,1964 show at Forest Hills Stadium in Queens, New York

This Day in 1D History - February 21



  • “What Makes You Beautiful” behind-the-scenes video posted (but not BTS of the WMYB music video) (just like. general BTS while they sing WMYB) (just watch the video ok)

  • 1D attend the 2012 BRIT Awards and win British Single for ‘What Makes You Beautiful’



  • Miami Memories video posted (yes I know the post says Feb 24 trust me on this kids)

Portland, I’ll never forgive you for taking something as beautiful as the carpet at the airport, ripping it up and replacing it WITHOUT REALIZING HOW BELOVED IT IS and then using all of our sadness over losing it as a marketing gimmick. But also, gimme that growler.

BNHA - Too Bright
  • Class 1-A: *does something nice for the Midoriyas*
  • Izuku and Inko: Thank you all! *give the same smile*
  • Class 1-A: *is blinded by the power, beauty and purity*
  • [Later at a Press Conference]
  • Reporter: Nearly 20 students and All Might are unconscious at the present time. Why?
  • Aizawa: Please look at this photo of the cause.
  • (picture of Izuku and Inko smiling but not as strong appears on a projector behind him)
  • Reporters: *understands*

George Harrison, Friar Park, 1974

Photo © Harrison Family

“Everybody’s looking for something outside - but it’s all right there within ourselves.” - George Harrison, Los Angeles press conference, 23 October 1974 [x]

Q: “In retrospect, looking at all your accomplishments that you and The Beatles have done, which do you personally consider as your crown and glory?”
George Harrison: “As a musician I don’t think I’ve got that yet. As an individual just being able to sit here today and be relatively sane is probably the biggest accomplishment.”
- Los Angeles press conference, 23 October 1974 [x]