to the barracades!

Hey guys! So it’s been a while since I posted anything, and I am sorry, shit went down in my personal life and I had to step away for a bit of time. But I am back, and I promise to make my way through the requests I have. I haven’t forgotten about you, I promise.

This one was requested by leonielunatic:

Heya:-) could you do a ben bruce imagine? Like she’s a nurse & meet him in a Hospital ? ( he doesn’t have to be a patient) & fluff fluff fluff :D

Warnings: None

Rating: PG-13


Rain poured from the sky onto the dark pavement outside the ER doors. It was a relatively quiet night on the emergency front, something that is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because no one was getting hurt. It was a curse because it meant you had to spend 10 hours bored out of your mind, except for the occasional tummy ache from a child.

A sigh left your mouth as you leaned back in the desk chair and turned to your co-worker who had just come on shift.

“Anything fun happen today?” She asked you, her arms crossed over her chest.

“Not a thing. Only the occasional kid with a stomach ache. You’d think that it would be worse since it’s raining cats and dogs out there, but apparently not,” you chuckled and sighed once again.

“Well then I might be able to get some studying done for my exam on Friday,” she chuckled as she sat down beside you and pulled out a textbook. She was currently a student trying to get into a surgical program. But you were content being an ER nurse, you get all the exciting cases.

The doors to the ER suddenly opened, catching your attention, but it was just someone walking in to visit a loved one who was already in the hospital.

“How long have you been here?” You suddenly heard.

“Seven hours,” you told her and looked over at her.

“That explains the excitement you just gave off when the visitor door opened,” she laughed and you pouted at her.

“I like it when people come in looking for help,” you explained to her and she shrugged. Then the two of you heard the Emergency doors near the ambulance entrance open and heard a gurney being pushed into the building. Immediately you shot off of your chair and followed the gurney into a trauma room.

“What’s going on here?” You asked and a paramedic handed you a clipboard.

“27 year old male with a head laceration and bruising along the shoulders. He fell off of a stage and landed on a concrete floor. He was unconscious for a few minutes but is now awake,” she ran through his case to you and you nodded.

“Thanks, alright,” you paused and looked at the chart. “Mr. Bruce. I’m (y/n) and I’ll be taking care of you. Rate your pain for me on a scale of 1-10.”

“Probably a 7 at the moment,” he winced as he tried to move his arm.

“I can get another nurse to grab you a sling. Can you tell me what happened?” You asked him and he looked up at you. The second his eyes met yours, a smirk formed on his face.

“Uh, I was performing a show and I slipped on a cord and fell face-first into the barracade and onto the floor,” he smiled and you nodded.

“That head laceration looks pretty deep, I’m going to have to do some stitches, is that alright?” You asked and he smiled.

“Only if it’s you doing the stitches,” he said.

“Okay Mr. Bruce,” you chuckled and then turned to your co-worker.

“Can you go grab a sling for him and also grab a suture kit for me?” I asked and she nodded before walking away.

“How is someone as hot as you a nurse?” You heard from the bed. He must be drunk, you thought.

“I don’t know, how does someone as good looking as you fall from a stage?” You asked and crossed your arms over your chest.

“I knew I was going to meet you so I just had to fall,” he joked and you rolled your eyes.

“So what is it that you do Mr. Bruce?” You asked him as you logged into the computer to update his chart.

“I’m a guitarist in a band,” he started.

“Oh yeah, any band that I’ve heard of?” I asked and he chuckled.

“Asking Alexandria,” he answered and you stopped typing before looking at him. You knew he looked familiar.

“You’re Ben Bruce. I’m actually a pretty big fan. I went to your show last night,” you told him and he smiled bigger.

“I knew you looked familiar,” he flirted and you shook your head.

“Is the rest of your band coming up or are you all alone?” You asked him.

“Not too sure. I think I’d rather be alone,” his eyebrows danced and you rolled your eyes. From behind you, you heard your co-worker walk back in with the items you requested. As she began putting the sling on Ben’s arm,  you opened the suture kit and sat down in front of him.

“Do you want me to numb it or not?” You asked.

“How many stitches do I need?” He asked.

“Three, four at the most,” I answered and he shrugged.

“I can handle the pain,” he said and you chuckled to yourself as you began cleaning the wound. The two of you were quiet for a few seconds before he began speaking again.

“What was your favorite part of the show last night?” He asked.

“The whole thing,” you answered and he chuckled, which moved his head.

“No moving,” you gave him a stern look.

“Sorry,” he apologized. As you got the needle ready to suture the cut, you heard a group of people walk into the room you were in.

“Damn Ben, that’s one nasty cut,” you heard someone comment.

“Okay guys, you can be in here, but please don’t get in the way. I wield a needle, and I know how to use it,” you joked and they all stepped to the other side of the room.

“So (y/n), who’s your favorite member of the band?” Ben asked and you raised an eyebrow.

“It’s not you in case you were wondering. I’m actually quite fond of James,” you giggled and Ben gasped.

“How dare the fuckhead beat me,” he exclaimed and you gave him a stern look again because he moved.

“I told you no moving,” you said and he shrugged.

“She knows our band?” I heard one of the others ask.

“She does and she was at a show last night,” Ben answered and I smiled at them. The room then grew quiet. As I finished with the stitches, the band all began to grow rowdy from standing for the five minutes they were standing there. When I finished, I stood and threw away the suture kit and my gloves.

“Those stitches are going to dissolve on their own so you don’t have to worry about coming back to get them removed. Do you have any questions?” I asked Ben as I crossed my arms over my chest.

“Wanna go to a bar when you get off?” He asked and you chuckled.

“For all you know I could have just started my shift,” you said and he smiled.

“Based on the tired look in your eyes right now I’m guessing you’re at the end of your shift,” he said.

“I have three hours left,” you told him and he shrugged.

“I’ll be at Grinchow’s Bar at around 11, if you wanna get drinks with me, meet me at the bar,” he said and then handed me a piece of folded paper.

“Look at that after I leave,” he chuckled as he walked towards the desk. You stood in the trauma room and watched as the band walked away. Did you just agree to go out with Ben Bruce? You opened the piece of paper and saw scrawled on the paper a ten digit number with two B’s under it. Apparently you did.


Blanc moved through the streets of the seedy town of Windpath, her wandering journey across Anima bringing her her closest to Mistral yet. She even felt like, if she took a deep breath, she could smell the city in the distance. However, what caught her attention wasn’t her imagined smell of Mistral, or even the people moving around her through the streets, but a strong, strange, yet oddly alluring smell somewhere in the city. She sniffed a few times, just trying to get a beat on it, before realizing it must be an Alpha’s scent. The young Omega had smelled Alpha’s before, but nothing had ever stood out to her. Her legs were moving before she knew it, carrying her through the streets, towards the source of the smell.

When Mantle had told him he would be leading troop movements in Mistral, operating with the kingdom’s local forces, Ash had forseen glorious marches, great barracades, men by the thousands armed with hybrid technology crushing all in their way.

Instead; he got a bunch of Mistrali volunteers, mostly non-Huntsmen, who had barely held a sword, let alone a Mantle MA5D assault rifle. They were more a danger to themselves than to the enemy…

His actual Mantle troops were better, but there just weren’t enough of them…
Oum, what a MESS.

The Alpha rubbed his eyes, tired, feeling his paitence slowly chipping away. Idiots, all of them…
And worse; the few Omegas he could smell were weak. Spineless. 
All he had in terms of a unit was his Beta Hester. She was good, but a Beta needed an Omega or two to keep them happy…
He stretched, looking around. 



A dozen terrain elements I painted over the weekend. These are cast in resin and are intended to be used as set dressing with tabletop games such as Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons. (or wargames, like Warhammer, Warmachine.) We play Pathfinder! Currently I’m a 2 foot tall frog creature called a Gripplis who is a ranger. I am trying out the new hooded champion archetype from the Advanced class guide. It lets you be a swashbuckler type character, but with archery. I lose all my ranger spells and pet though as a trade-off.

The terrain is just a touch oversized. We do 28mm gaming, and I think this is for 32, but it’s close enough that it shouldn’t be too off-putting when put on the table. I liked the example paint jobs from the manufacturers online, so I attempted to mimic them as best I could.

  • The woodland + stone pieces are Plast Craft forest barracade and Plast Craft forest obstacles.
  • The dwarven ruins are Scibor Dwarven Ruins
  • The face + inscription ruins are Scibor Egyptian Ruins

Tumblr savior “miniature painting” to not see minis posts from me!

Just imagine though

What if Vax’s death scare actually really did get to him and he takes his promise to Vex to like the extreme? Like he promised to stay close to her but imagine:

  • Vex waking up in her room to find Vax curled up in a pile of blankets next to her bed.
  • Vex and Keyleth having a girls day in town and Vex spotting her brother following them around in the shadows.
  • Vex working through the groups finances with Vax constantly looking over her shoulder watching because he’s bored.
  • Vex trying to train Trinket but Vax keeps distracting him.
  • Vex literally having to shove Vax out of her room and barracading the door because he’s getting on her last nerve.

Are ya still looking for something to write about? What about you’re at a hotel and you get stuck in the elevator with one of the guys? REQUEST

I hated being caught in a group of people, especially the ones screaming expecting their favorite celebrity to hear them so many floors up. I was a fan of the group currently making this hotel their home but I wasn’t going to play hotel bingo with the elevator to find their floor while I’m too busy focusing on my own. 

I was here for winter break, my friends and I decided that New York City was better at Christmas time, so here I was waiting in a crowded elevator making my way down to the lobby. 

The Elevator seemed to never stop stopping so after looking and counting the tile on the floor I looked up to see a band member looking at me in amusement. 

“I’ve already counted and there’s 3,099 tiles, in case you were wondering,” his accent echoed in the shaft and his eyes sparkled under the light. His curly hair was wrapped around a green bandana that made his eyes look even more gorgeous. “I’m Ashton” and he stuck out his hand, waiting for me to shake it.

“I’m Y/N” I responded with a smile, one he mirrored back. I could see why so many fans were in love with him, he was as nice as he seemed. “So do you talk to strangers all the time?” I asked and bit back a smirk as his laugh filled the elevator and the people around us joined in silently chuckling at the drummers outburst. “Only the beautiful ones” he responded with a wink. I rolled my eyes at his response. Typical. 

“Where are you heading?” he asked looking over my shoulder, seeing google maps on my phone and directions to Rockefeller Center. “To see the tree and maybe ice-skate” and he made his way closer. This was what I needed, to be seen exiting an elevator with a band member and finding out my twitter has been found by tweens who think I slept with their favorite. “Where are you going?” I questioned back, hoping that he was going to get off on the floor where the game room is or where the five star restaurant awaits. “I have an interview with some networks, I’m uh in a band, 5 Seconds of Summer. Have you heard of us?” He asked and seemed anxious for my reply. “I have, I’ve had that damn underwear song stuck in my head for a good three months, but don’t worry I won’t scream or demand you follow my twitter. You’re a normal person with an abnormal job, I can’t hate” and I swear right then I could have swimmed in his dimples or made myself at home. “You have no idea how refreshing that is to hear, I mean I love my job but it’s not everyday where you get to talk to someone outside of your work who doesn’t want you to be a prop to their selfie or another follower on their twitters” I simply nodded. “Well uh, this is my stop. It was lovely meeting you y/n and for the record, I would follow you. So if you want to may I have your twitter?” he asked hesitantly as I spelled out my username and got an update on my phone that Ashton5sos was now following me. “Bye Ashton, I hope you have a nice interview” and watched him watch me as he walked down the hotel hallway. 


Later that night after exploring the city and buying some clothes I made my way back to the elevator, the lobby somewhat less crowded than before and the barracades from earlier that littered the sidewalks were gone, I simply smiled as I waited for the elevator to open. Only to be greeted by the same dimples and sparkling eyes from before.

“Hey y/n! Going up?" 

Danganronpa 3: Future Arc - Episode 9

I’m not even gonna recap. :(( This is worse than the SC killing game (sorry student council fans). 

But I’m pretty weak when it comes to MCs dying. THEY’RE THE MAIN FOR GOODNESS’ SAKES. Anyway. I’m gonna go on theorizing (because recapping is too much of a stress for me to even make :(((, it even took me the whole afternoon to muster looking up at the dr tags huhuh)

1) That Door

I won’t be budging that that door still has something in it. Okay, maybe the surprise “Oh no we’re underwater” might be it, but in every Danganronpa series, the secret door has something that holds a secret of some sort. So, Juzo must not have checked it yet, but there’s got to be something. Or maybe not.

2) Juzo Sakakura

First off, I wasn’t fond of him at the beginning, but back stories really do make characters at least human, so I guess I got neutral with him. Second, betrayal really is the name of the game in that anime world, huh? Okay, three points about him:

  • He’s not dead yet - He was just stabbed, he wasn’t particularly shown dead. Yet. I think we saw something like this before, when Tengan got stabbed by Munakata. At the end, we thought he’s dead. But in Danganronpa, no one is dead unless we’re shown the dead body.
  • His face - He seemed to be getting unhinged with Munakata’s expression and words before he got stabbed. Like, “Something’s wrong with Munakata”. If he were to survive this thing, I think he would go up against Munakata already. To add to the drama.
  • His confession - I think this has something to do with flashback last episode. But, did Munakata know it already? Was that what Tengan say to him before he died?

Okay, so I’m building up a theory here: What if the thing Juzo was going to confess was somewhere along the lines about Chisa, with Juzo failing to protect her, IF to protect her means to keep her from despair (but failed to do so), then the Chisa in Future Arc is already in despair and Juzo knows about it, that’s why he’s willing to fight for Munakata to make up for it, that’s why Munakata was shocked when Tengan told him about Chisa (if ever)? 

Just a hunch.

3) Kirigiri’s Death

Is she dead, or is she not? 

We all saw her dead, presumably from her energy cord. But theories have surfaced regarding this to contest that death.

  • Fourth Time Limit - Someone was saying she couldn’t be dead since it’s still not the Fourth Time Limit. Excluding Chisa’s, then it still would have been the third. But I do think it’s already the fourth. She’s obviously looking at her bracelet while the wimpy guys and the ever so strong Aoi were barracading the door. So she’s worrying about the time limit because it is the fourth one. But then again, Kirigiri is smart. She’s a detective. I think she’s been through a lot of these games (and being a detective to know her way around). Which brings us to the salvation-filled theory…
  • Using Seiko’s Drugs - From this episode, we were given a glimpse of how Kiyoko already noticed a lot of things beforehand without the episode telling us that she does know (underwater, trap door, Yoi’s death, door of the office), and of how calculating of her surroundings she is. Knowing this, then she might have planned earlier as to how to cheat her forbidden action. She’s not the type to go down without a fight. Then, I want to pray that this is the one theory that everyone is right again: that she used Seiko’s drugs before she even passed out.

4) The Freaking Death Counter

9! It’s still freaking 9! But we’re only seeing 7 human characters, 1 fake robot, 3 presumable dying. So WHO ARE THOSE SHADOW PLAYERS? I’m getting reaaaallllyyyy skeptical who those are.

5) Ryota Mitarai

I saved this for last just because this could be the big revelation that we need to know, since it’s the root of everything in that building.

So, is he really the mastermind or not

Something bugged me here, and I think everyone noticed that.

When Naegi confirmed Tengan’s death and told them about “I entrust the hope of the world to you” thing he wrote, Kirigiri was shown to be looking at Ryota, and Ryota murmurs “I can’t keep…”

There are only two options, of course. He’s either the mastermind or the savior.

If he’s the mastermind:

  • the whole Future Arc could be his anime, and he’s toying with all of them while being despair
  • that would give justice to one theory of a user where Kirigiri was bluffing about Munakata knowing about the underground and him possibly being the traitor, then looking at Ryota for confirmation
  • the “I can’t keep…” might mean he can’t keep the charade any longer and gonna go all out in killing them

If he’s the savior:

  • those words written by Tengan could possibly be for Ryota, not Naegi
  • just a hunch, but what if “Hope of the World” is some thing, not a drama-heavy last words? My guess would be that “Hope of the World” could be something like the Neo World Program, but with a twist, it’s actually a virtual reality anime created by Ryota, and Tengan is entrusting it back to him to save hope?
  • if not another program, then those words probably mean that some thing really is in need of entrusting again
  • “I can’t keep…” could mean he can’t keep a promise and doesn’t know if he can do this alone?

So, how was your day, fam?