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Luke Brooks Imagine: Singing in the Dark (Requested by Anon)


You had been tossing and turning all night. As much as you wanted to go to sleep, you couldn’t. Like at all. 

You rolled over to look at the time on the clock, frustrated and annoyed. The time read 3:30 AM. 

You huffed and lay flat on your back, staring up at the ceiling and twiddling your thumbs. Luke had been sleeping soundlessly all night, snoring softly and too caught up in his dream world to even feel the bed move whenever you tried to get in a more comfortable position. 

You stared at Luke with jealous eyes. Lucky bastard. Why did he get to sleep and not you?

With a sigh, you gently climbed out of bed and padded soundlessly downstairs to the kitchen to make yourself some tea. Maybe that would help you sleep. 

When you took a careful sip of your piping hot tea, you felt two strong arms wrap around you from behind and a warm, bare torso pressed against your back, causing you to jump slightly.

“It’s just me.” Luke mumbled sleepily, his nose pressing down on your shoulder. 

You instantly relaxed in his arms and let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding.

“What are you doing up?” you whispered.

Luke snorted and softly kissed your shoulder.

“I could ask you the same thing.”

You sighed and took another sip of your tea. This time, it wasn’t so hot.

“I can’t sleep. It’s driving me nuts.” you mumbled in irritation as you leaned back in his chest, Luke’s strong arms still supporting you.

Luke lifted his head and softly kissed your cheek, still sleepy but awake.

“Come back to bed.” he murmured in your ear, “I have an idea.”

You nodded and followed him upstairs. Luke was practically dragging you by the hand back to your room when he collapsed on the bed face down.

You rolled your eyes and giggled at him.

“Is this your idea?”

Luke instantly sat up and got under the sheets, opening the blankets as an invitation for you to join. 

He opened his arms wide for you. 

“Come cuddle with me.” he mumbled, his puppy dog face evident even in the dark.

You smiled widely at him as you set your mug down on the nightstand and snuggling up next to him. Luke pulled you in by your waist and wrapped one arm around it while the other hand rubbed the small of your back lovingly. Your pointer finger was lightly tracing his Simba tattoo, making him hold you tighter. 

He moved his head so that it faced you and softly kissed you on the forehead before softly singing to you.

“Slow down

Make it last

I’m having the time of my life

And take your photograph

I don’t want to leave this behind

What seems so out of reach…”

You instantly recognized the song as your and Luke’s song. It was All I Ever Wanted by Brian Melo. You had found it in a tumblr post and replayed it over and over, eventually making Luke listen to it. The two of you soon declared that song to be your song. If anything could get you to sleep, it would be Luke’s raspy singing voice and your favorite song.

We’re holding it right in our hands

Let’s give up everything

Let’s jump in and never look back [x2]”

“This is all I ever wanted

but life got in my way

You’re all I ever wanted

I didn’t see how it could change

That something was missing until today”

Luke’s soft singing lulled you into a calm and peaceful state. Immediately, you could feel yourself finally falling asleep.

“The city comes alive

As soon as you walk through the door

Another sleepless night

But i don’t want to sleep anymore

I don’t want to sleep anymore”

You didn’t make it even halfway through the song. You had fallen asleep before Luke had reached the second chorus. But that didn’t matter to him because he kept singing anyway, just to make sure you were finally off in your dream land.

“This is all I ever wanted

But life got in my way

You’re all I ever wanted

I didn’t see how it could change

That something was missing until today”

“Climbing so high

just don’t look down

we can see everything from here

for once in my life

feet off the ground

I don’t wanna come back down”

“Take your photograph 

I’m having the time of my life”

Luke realized you had officially fallen asleep and wouldn’t be waking up anytime soon, but he decided to finish the song for the fun of it. 

A small smile crept on his face as he sang the last verse of his favorite song.

“This is all I ever wanted

But life got in my wayYou’re all I ever wantedI didn’t see how it could changeNothing could get in the wayYou’re all i ever wantedDidn’t know what i was missing until today”

When he finally finished the song, he smiled softly at you and gave you one last kiss on your forehead before falling asleep alongside you, warm and tangled in your embrace.

A/N: Here is the song in case you wanna listen to it :) –> (x)


Jack Johnson Text AU: You are texting Johnson about how much you ‘miss’ him while he’s in the studio recording.


A/N: I hope this want you wanted, Anon! Don’t forget to request; Omaha squad, Janoskians and 5sos imagines, preferences and text AU’s. I’ll probably start writing the imagines after I am done with finals but I can still do text AU’s right now.

Luke Brooks Imagine for anon:

I was sat in the kitchen with Luke as he played his guitar, he was at one side if the breakfast bar and I was at the other side eating my cereal just talking about what we going to do for the day. We didn’t have anything in particular that we wanted to do so we decided that all of us would just take a walk around the town and getting into some mischive like the boys always do when they head out. Id just finished eating so I went around to where Luke was sitting, strumming his guitar and stood next to him waiting for kiss off my musical boy, he paused what he was doing for a split second to turn his head towards mine and reached up to give me a quick peck. It was at that time when there was an awful banging noise and god knows how many people charged into the house demanding we get on the ground. I thought for a moment that this was an armed robbery and I fucking panicked like crazy, but it didn’t take me long to realise that  with all the gear they were wearing that they were part of the forces. What a relief but why the heck were they here anyway?


I clung onto Luke like there was no tomorrow, he gave me a reassuring look but did what they said. He never let go of my hand though, even when we got on the ground he had my hand in his making sure I was alright all the time. Currently they were interrogating James about all weird drugs that none of us guys had ever heard of before and quite frankly I had to hold back my laughs at some of the names they were coming out with. Seriously, like you just can’t make that shit up.

I would have never imagined that the reason all these incredibly intimidating people were rummaging around the house was because it’s a drug raid. Hell none of us have ever touched a drug never mind used it and had possession of it!

In the kitchen there was only me Luke, James and Skip so while we were all being questioned and fucking tied up, like wtf man? Anyway yeah while we were being questioned we all sat together to kinda give each other support and comfort I guess, it’s not nice being in this situation so we all huddled together with me being in the middle. Maybe because that’s more protective or something.

It wasn’t long until they moved us into the hallway, just below the stairs and by then we wasn’t just us 4 anymore. By the looks of it everyone had been gathered into the hallway, it was nice to have everyone there though during this frightening circumstance but I suppose no matter how many people there were that were able to comfort us, we would still be pretty scared seeing as though they weren’t shy with the big ass guns.

As soon as we all made our way to join the others they were all asking if we were okay and making sure that none of us was hurt. Every single one of us had our hands tied behind our backs with cable ties so Luke couldn’t hold my hand to comfort me anymore and I could tell that he wanted to. He was squeezed up next to me talking to me to keep me distracted and calm. The last thing anyone wants is for me to end up having a panic attack. Talk about causing a scene eh?

There wasn’t many of the big scary guys around us anymore, most of them was upstairs searching for the non-existent drugs within the house. What idiots.

“There just wasting their time” I said to Luke

“I know babe but just let them do what they gotta do and leave them to it” he replied

“But it’s stupid, there’s nothing in this house that’s illegal” I half-heartedly stated and questioned.

“I know Y/N I know but they’re not going to stop until they’ve searched the house” he informed me

It was at that moment in time when they had apparently found what they were looking for and the wanted was thrown from the first floor down to where we was all situated.

“That’s not ours! We’ve been set up!!” Beau pleaded instantly

None of us could believe what the fuck was happening. And where they found all this because I’ve been in the house long enough to know there’s fuck all drugs here so where they found all that bullshit is beyond me.

Luke and Daniel both came closer to me as though they could tell that something bad was coming just around the corner. And of course, it did they pulled Luke up to his feet and with that he let out his rage.


As soon as those words came out of his mouth they began to drag him out of the hallway and into the room that lead outside. A whole multitude of thoughts were running through my mind at that time, what if they had a police car out there waiting for us and they would arrest him and deport him like they had threatened. I couldn’t take it.

“LUKE!!” and with that I got up, violently shrugging Daniel’s arm off my arm as he attempted to hold me back but I was too angry and frightened to care. I ran after him and found him outside having a joke around with the men that took him outside. I just looked at him with tears streaming down my face thinking that I’d never get to see him again if they deported him, I just ran into his arms and he laughed me off.

“What’s happening? Why are you laughing?? What’s so funny Luke?!” I just didn’t know how to feel with him laughing this serious situation off as if it was all just a big joke.

“Y/N! Y/N stop crying, it’s a joke, they just told me! It’s all a big prank” he half yelled.

“What??” I said still sniffling not fully understanding what he’s talking about

Everyone seemed to pile out of the door I recently rushed out off, and they all seemed pretty relieved too.

“So it’s a joke?” I asked Luke again in denial

“Yes Y/N, no need to be upset now darling” we reassured me while pulling me in for a hug

We all spent the rest of the day laughing off how gullible we were and hanging out with the guys that pulled off the prank, all I can say is hands down to them. They did a good fucking job.

A/N I’m really sorry about the ending, it sucks again, I don’t know what’s wrong with me!! Anyway thanks for the request, I’m guessing the drug raid prank is a popular request? ;) hope you enjoy:DD xox