to thai

So, normally when we prepare for walkies, I “dress” the cats (put on their harnesses) and then they walk into their carrier boxes to get carried outside. Today, however, they suddenly decided to sit on top of their boxes instead. And looked at me expectandly.

It’s crazy to me that after all Taylor has been through, all the anxiety she expressed feeling before and during writing Reputation because of forces and judgements out of her control, she still has it in her heart to trust us one hundred per cent? She called the Secret Sessions a sacred space, and now I totally understand. There was a bond in that room that didn’t even need to be spoken. She’s so right though, you can’t know if you can trust someone…..until you trust them. So unless we break this trust, it’s here to stay. We should feel bloody proud of what we’ve got going, here. It’s one of a kind, for sure.