to tell me when i did that to you

sherlock trying to pick a random person up vs sherlock trying to pick john up
  • random person
  • sherlock: um hi, i just wanted to tell you that your eyes look like a pair of eyes that i experimented on 3 days ago.
  • person: ???
  • sherlock: the colour reminds me of a burnt cookie
  • person: *getting creeped out*
  • sherlock: so tell me, how did you break your arm when you were 8? i already know of course, but i want to hear the story first hand.
  • person: *tries to walk away*
  • sherlock: tell me about your three sisters and two brothers! i want to know why you decided to become an accountant for a law firm!
  • person: *literally turns around and runs*
  • JOHN
  • sherlock: *stares into his eyes* i know exactly your profession and your sister's marital situation
  • john: woah.
  • sherlock: i also know that your not close with any family, do you want to shoot a man to save my life tomorrow?
  • john: *moves in with him*

Y'all the bts concert was amazing. The boys seemed to really enjoy performing for us and interacting with us. The reactions the fans gave them were so encouraging and you could see at the end of the concert that some of them were starting to tear up. Especially Rap Monster, Jimin, and Yoongi. J-hope was being extra the entire time (and he kept speaking English to us). Jimin’s high notes were on point and his English was super adorable. Jin’s voice was so beautiful to listen to live and Awake was bomb. Rap Monster killed Reflection and he really seemed to be super happy to see us American ARMYs. V threw water at the crowd (I think J-Hope did too) and it wet my friend. He also killed Stigma. I cried when Yoongi did First Love. You could tell he was pouring his heart into the lyrics. Jungkook almost made me cry with Begin but the dance break was dope. He also got an American flag at the end of the concert and was running around with it on stage. The encore stage was perfect. The entire show was perfect. They were so happy to be here with us American ARMYs, and we gave them all the love they deserved. This concert was absolutely wholesome and 100% lit and I hope they enjoy the other four they have left in America.


a/n: i don’t really know what this is, but i based it off of a dream i had last night. also i didn’t know what to title this (if you have a better title, or want to request something, tell me)

You were sitting on your bed, typing something out on your laptop, when Shawn walked inside your apartment and collapsed onto the couch. You two were in America for a few weeks, while Shawn did some promo stuff for his tour. He was at a magazine interview all morning, so you thought you’d work on some stuff for your journalism class. “Hey, baby, how was your interview?” You asked, closing your laptop and setting it on the coffee table.

“Was boring.” Shawn replied, toeing off his shoes and stretching out on the couch. He laid his head in your lap, and your fingers began to card through his hair. “Mm, feels nice.”

“You tired?” You asked, smirking. “Why don’t you take a nap? Get some rest before that press thing we have later.” You suggested, knowing Shawn was supposed to attend a small gathering for people in his label.

“Can you nap with me?” He asked, stripping out of his black shirt and jeans.

You nodded, plugging your phone into it’s charger. You crawled into the hotel’s bed and curled up next to Shawn, after setting an alarm for a few hours.

The setting sun woke you up, and you saw it had only been about forry-five minutes since you fell asleep. You saw Shawn was still snoring away, so you carefully rolled off of the bed, and walked into the bathroom. You exited the cool room and did your best to open the sliding door to the room’s balcony as quietly as you could, as to not wake Shawn.

You had grabbed your phone on your way out, so you sat on one of the plush chairs and scrolled through Instagram, liking some pictures that you saw. Setting your phone on the table next to you, you grabbed a book you had brought out with you and began to read.

Sticking a bookmark in the page of your book, you looked up when you saw Shawn step outside. “What time is it?” You asked, standing up.

“Little past five.” Shawn sniffled, running a hand through his sleep-matted hair.

“Ok,” You nodded. You two had to be in the lobby of the hotel in a little less than two hours. “Guess we should start getting ready?” You asked, wrapping your arms around Shawn’s torso.

“In a little.” Shawn said, kissing you. You early kissed back, and only broke apart when you two needed air.

“How was your nap?” You asked quietly, opening the door. The cool air from the air condtioner welcomed you, and Shawn shrugged.

“I’ve slept better.” He stretched, and your eyes were torn from his face to the sliver of skin peeking out from his shirt. “Why don’t you go take a shower? I need to call Andrew, check in on some stuff.” Shawn smiled.

Once you two had gotten ready and met up with everyone in the lobby, you all headed towards the hotel’s restaurant. Shawn grabbed your hand as you two followed Andrew to one of the tables, and you smiled at him.

Sitting down, you looked at the menus, and Shawn’s hand stayed on your knee while he looked at the menu and talked with some of his labelmates. You all ordered your food, and Shawn moved so his head was resting on your shoulder. “You comfortable?” You asked quietly, knowing it must’ve been awkward considering you were shorter than him.

“Perfect.” He said, lifting your hand to his mouth. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” You smiled, sqeezing his hand.

a/n: how do u finish something because i never know how to end these. also i got a desk in my room after about 269276 years of asking for one :D 

You’re the one I want to tell my kids about 20 years from now when they ask me what love is. I wanna tell them about this annoying guy who always want to catch my attention but little did he know that i am always waiting for him to notice me. I will tell them how i laid my eyes on you and how my heart beats for you for the very first time. I want to tell them that true love still exists and i found it to you. I wanna tell them about how we met, our roller coaster love story, our adventures together, all our memories and how we took care of each other’s heart. I wanna tell them how i fell in love with the most amazing person in this world. I wanna tell them how you took my breath away every time i look at you and how you can melt my heart with your love. You’re the one i’ll tell my kids how a wonderful person you are and how i love everything about you. I’ll tell them about this man who thawed my ice in my heart, that you’re the only person who made it. I’ll tell them about you, about the man i love, about their hero and tell them it’s their father.
—  An open letter for my future love

before jinyoung even had his score on singderella mark already had his thumbs up he’s so confident in jinyoung’s abilities and talent and rlly truly believes in him when jinyoung is unsure of himself it reminds me of when jinyoung was worried he wouldn’t have enough time to revise for the driving test but mark said it doesn’t matter and when jinyoung passed mark was like “what did i tell you!!” like he rlly has the utmost 100% confidence in jinyoung and believes that jinyoung can do anything i’m a sobbing mess

Was going to mention this to someone earlier but I think it deserves a text post.

I reckon Gladio’s ladyfriend after the time skip is Sania the crazy frog lady. He was teased for chatting her up, they both love the outdoors and if you watch him in the Regalia he’s a total bookworm! Makes sense he’d like an intellectual. Also he’s rather cryptic when Noct’s like “how did you talk to her?” and Gladio’s just like “oh you know me”. Was totally flirting with her

I also think Iggy and Aranea hooked up. Did you hear her adorable surprised girly giggle when he called her an ally? And when she gets a little flustered when he tells her to ‘take care’ walking her path after you get the Mythril. She needs someone who’d look beyond her tough exterior and he would. Iggy would need someone patient but on the same sass level as him after he goes blind. You hear from Talcott the three chocobros aren’t seen together often after Noct goes into the crystal; so who helped Iggy relearn to fight?

Those are my theories and I’m sticking to them! :)


Fudo, where are you going? And what happened to the beast? We heard a roar after the storm cleared. When things went silent we feared the worst!

I- we’re leaving!

I can see that! Just tell me why! I’m not mad. I just want to know! 

You.. promise not to get mad?

Just let me listen. I know you.. don’t feel we care about you. What happened back then happened. We did what we did. Koshi doesn’t feel much different than she did when we executed your exile. But it’s better you tell me than she hunt you down and drag it out of you.

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  • Robert: What are you doing?
  • Liv: Painting. What are you doing?
  • Robert: Psychic Night is not really my thing.
  • Liv: Yeah, I think I lasted a good ten seconds before I made my escape. Aaron will be gutted he missed that.
  • Robert: Still doesn't feel real he's coming home.
  • Liv: Yeah, it's like I'm still waiting for someone to say: "Oh yeah, the appeal, he didn't win it."
  • Robert: But he did. And now we go back to normal, whatever that is.
  • Liv: Yeah.
  • Robert: So when are you gonna do a cartwheel and actually look pleased he's coming home?
  • Liv: Don't be stupid. I can't wait to see him.
  • Robert: But? If you're still worried he's mad at you for telling me about the drugs...
  • Liv: I know you said that he doesn't hate me, but if I was him, I'd hate me. I would. I'm his sister and I'm stabbed him in the back.
A Day in the Life

I really feel the need for some fun and fluff so here is another tease.  Still working on the new chapter. 

“Take your clothes off,” Felicity tells him as she starts to pull his shirt off.  Oliver’s brain is short circuited.  Did she say take his clothes off?  Is she taking his shirt off right now?  

“What?” Oliver almost loses it when he feels her hand removing his belt.

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Domestic & arguing over the remote #prompt :D

Also available on ao3.

Thank you so much for your patience!

Monday Nights are for The Bachelor

Stiles knew from experience that Derek could be stubborn. He knew that mostly because Stiles held himself to a pretty high standard of stubbornness that was, on occasion, met with an even higher amount of stubbornness in the six feet that built up Derek Hale. In every instance, Stiles always found himself surprised and, if he was being honest with himself, impressed.

This was not one of those occasions.

Monday nights were dedicated to The Bachelor. Derek thought it was a fair request since it was only two hours, one night, each week, for six weeks out of the year, that he required the television in his own loft. The pack had other thoughts on the matter – the use of Derek’s television, not on The Bachelor – the pack had no clue about Derek’s secret love affair with the reality show. Derek did decide to turn four teenagers into his betas, but he was not an idiot. Okay, ignore that last example.

The point still stood that Derek had every right to lock himself in his apartment on Monday nights with a box of red wine and bowl of movie theater butter popcorn to watch a reality show that may or may not contain the use of tears, wildly concocted fights, and artfully chiseled men. The pack was settled and there hadn’t been any supernatural issues in months. Well, unless you counted the time Scott contracted a were-flu and all the werewolves in the pack were reduced to sniffling blanket piles. Stiles had shouldered the brunt of mothering everyone as they regained their strength and while he complained profusely, Derek had suspected the whole ordeal had been an ego boost for the kid.

A ding sounded from the kitchen and Derek took the popcorn out of the microwave, taking care not to burn his fingertips as he grasped it by the corners and tried in vain not to rip the bag in half. The effort was futile, as it always was, and Derek inevitably had a steaming cloud of popcorn explode in his face before falling to the floor. You would think that growing up with werewolf strength would give Derek the time and opportunity to figure out how to do something as mundane as opening a bag of popcorn without it staging a coup, but this was one skill he could not grasp. He stood there, dumbfounded, when he heard a key turn the tumblers in the apartment’s lock and Stiles walked in. He looked at Derek and blinked.

“I have so many questions,” started Stiles.

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It always amuses me when people are like “it’s ooc for that character to swear!”

Because lmao let me tell u that sometimes the ppl u least expect to drop an f-bomb are the ones with filthy mouths.

Look if you follow me you’re probably no stranger to my language–but offline that’s not how I first come across.

It was HILARIOUS because this one time I was talking to a customer at my last job and dropped an f-bomb (we swore–as long as the customer did first to indicate they’re okay with swearing and they’re the only ones in the store).

His response was essentially “no you can’t say that you can’t swear you’re polite and nice and that doesn’t fit the image I have of you at all”

Like he said it in a way that it wasn’t insulting, and he was a regular so it’s not like we’d never met.

He made a gr8 face when I was like “I have a filthy mouth anywhere but work”.

I’ve had customers apologize to me for swearing (not at me, but like “this game fucking sucks”), and be totally floored when I’m like “lmao fuck is my favorite word to use”.

It’s hilarious at my last job I got to shock a few new-hire coworkers (as well as my long-time boss) with my language when there were no customers in the store.

So, like, when people are like “no x character wouldn’t swear” I’m just over here silently laughing because unless they have an explicitly shown/stated canon aversion to foul language, they might very well be one of those with a filthy mouth that keeps it to themselves mostly rather than sweet and innocent.

It’s such a good feeling to motivate someone.. especially kids! There’s this special glow in their eyes telling you: “I’ll show you! I am capable of more!”. It reminds me of the times when I was a child and felt like I could do everything and nothing could stop me… But where did this energy and glowing eyes go to?

Well, the answer is that as grown-ups we think way too much! Children are carefree.. When they run and fall they immediately get up and run again.. -as if nothing happened! Actually they are the ones who motivate and teach us :)

When my heart first cracked,
I spent weeks alone in bed,
Suffocating in blankets,
Binging only on Netflix.
Days filled with,
Staring at walls thinking,
Where it went downhill.
What I did wrong.

This tine it was different.
In a text just as before.
Those words bringing me back.
“I think you’re a great guy,
I really do.”
But this time.
I walk away from my phone,
I go and eat breakfast.

I go to school almost happy.
I do calculus and for a second,
I push you out of my head.
I forget about you.

I want to go back to a time,
When the day is remembered,
As something more,
Than just Thursday.
Back when I didn’t start,
Preparing myself for this,
The moment I met you.

—  you can get used to pain after reliving it enough times // Harper Calloway

SasuSaku Festival 2017
Day 03- Her Intimates
: Her Uchiha Butt
Summary: It’s date night for the Uchiha couple,  and he’s surprised to see her dressed in nothing but his shirt and panties when he arrives at their cottage. She looks incredibly good like that, but there’s a problem hovering over her lower cheeks. What is that symbol doing there?
A/N: Okay, this idea came up after I saw a fan art on tumblr, and I just couldn’t stop thinking about that! It’s supposed to be a funny, cute one, and I’m quite happy with the way it turned out! I hope you like it as much as I did! Enjoy the story, and please, tell me your opinion!
The moment he enters their rented cottage, Uchiha Sasuke already knows she hasn’t forgotten his promise.

All the lights are on, save for the ones from the kitchen. The sight of an empty table, ridden of that mess of medical scrolls and empty cups of coffee, tells him that his wife’s mind is anywhere but stuck in work on this warm, summer night. The atmosphere inside the cottage is light, as the soothing air of the Hidden Mist fills his lungs and moistens his dark hair. It is, indeed, the perfect night for a romantic date. And thanks to such perfect conditions, he knows there is no way he will be able to escape Uchiha Sakura’s plans.

For as much as he hates to admit, the original idea of going out tonight came from his own, grumpy lips. Lately, she has been exhausting herself more than she usually does, and for he has also been busy with his own meetings, Sasuke didn’t have the chance to press her stop button at least once or twice a week. They are both busy with their own personal missions, and it has been long since the last time they have spent some quality couple time alone.

And if he were to be honest with himself, he misses that time as much as she does.

He also wants to spend some time with his pink haired Uchiha, but he doesn’t want to leave the cottage for that. Not after spending 4 hours inside an office with the Mizukage, listening to her harsh words and insecurities regarding her future.

Sasuke just wants to lay down and sleep, as every worn out adult should want after arriving home.

But he can’t cancel his plans with his wife. Not when she seems to be so excited about it.

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Title: The Secret (Part 4)

Code: LB0004

Requested by: @alfabravo666

Words: 1,260

Note: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Remember when I said this would be the last part? I lied. One more after this and then I SWEAR I’m done.

Warning: I tried smut. I tried. So, there’s that. SMUT AHEAD

Previously on “The Secret”: You smirked, and whether you would call it the warm evening, the wine, or the laughter you’re sharing with the man in front of you, you leapt. “Truth or dare?”


“Sissy.” You smiled, and he shook his head with his own smile coating his lips, sipping his bourbon. “So tell me, Jethro…” you paused, “what did you think about the view earlier?”

He nearly spat out the alcohol.

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Author’s note - so a while back, like 10 months ago, we got a request for “ideal” hairstyles, and I don’t believe in “ideal” anything because it’s mostly discouraging to a lot of people. i did the request like this, what kinds of hairstyles different types of people might wear out or have doing different things with the members.

as usual i tried to make it diverse, this time i included hijab styles, which i didn’t last time and i am sorry about, i noticed that when i was looking back at them a few days ago and wanted to hit myself in the face

feedback is always important, tell me your favorite picture or style in this, tell me what you thought!

-admin tal


other things like this that i’ve done:

Default Guidelines:

  • we’re doing requests for all members right now, but if you’re going to request these hairstyle things then please keep it at 1 member per request because they take a long time!
  • one group per request

anonymous asked:

I read your dab fic and it reminded me of this great story. In a speech class, we had to do tongue twisters in pairs, one would tell the other what to do while saying the tongue twister (spin, jump on one foot, etc) - I got an entire paragraph as mine. First thing my best friend made me do was say it all but skip every other word and dab (with enthusiasm) every three skips, and then when I finish, go back and do it again backwards. The fic made me think of it, so lmao I felt I should share.



Send me one and I’ll tell you about my muse when they’re…


Miku isn’t really a “relaxed” person, being pretty hyperactive and high strung, but when she is relaxed, she tends to be sad too for some reason. Rin, on the other hand, is angry at the rain for making Miku too relaxed. Where did her meekchan onee chan go. who is this solemn person. help her.