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@ trans guys trying to pass:

don’t colour your eyebrows in. don’t fill them with a pencil, don’t draw them on thicker, please please i am begging you. it doesn’t work. it’s just really obvious that you’re wearing makeup (if you want to wear makeup by all means, do you. this isn’t about that tho, this is for those who want a natural look)

instead, find eyebrow/lash dye/tint or a really basic mascara (no lengthening or whatever - waterproof is good though). make sure it matches your natural hair colour or is just a little darker. don’t go for jet black unless you actually have black hair, it’ll look fake.

use that instead. only colour the hairs, not your skin. try to get all the little hairs. done. dye is good because you don’t have to reapply it every day! but if you use mascara use it lightly & try brushing your brows around a bit so they don’t look too neat. 

it’s a lot more subtle and i promise will masculinise your face more effectively than pencilling on unnaturally thick brows. 


McHanzo is about two men with similar pasts and exponentially different upbringings, about learning to recover from the hardships they faced even after years of telling themselves they are terrible people. It’s about two men looking at eachother and seeing a painful reflection of the same suffering and loneliness instilled by factors outside of their control and working past that because they each found something they need to protect. Eachother. Mchanzo is about two incredible characters who, even through it all, can’t find forgiveness themselves, so they found it in each other’s company. That is why I love McHanzo.

I was tagged by @shoujomomo to list “10 songs I love that are about love in like several different genres!” Thank you so much (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

1. Waves by GAD

2. Alive by Adelitas Way

3. Take me to church by Hozier

4. Marry you by Bruno Mars

5. Say you like me by We The Kings

6. Counting stars by OneRebublic

7. Tip Toes by Jayme Dee

8. Jet Lag by Simple Plan

9.As Long As You Love Me by Justin Bieber (my highschool self is judging me so hard rn)

10. Πόσο σ'αγαπώ - Σταμάτης Κραουνάκης (I kinda wonder if this sounds good to people who don’t speak greek too?)

Well I don’t think i have a lot of different genres in here and half the list is filled with mainstream songs? But that’s what i like what can I do ;.;  and tbh finding 10 happy love songs was a bit hard?? And i feel kinda worried about myself??

Anyway i am gonna tag  @grumpy-frog @satyr-syd @shockandlock @dicks-out-for-aizen @cheetahleopard @sacrasm

i guess i really need to add some new songs in my playlist  ╮ (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) ╭

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hey sorry to bother you but do you remember me asking about all the jackson,April, and Japril deleted and extended scenes

Here you go!
Jackson in 6x14 (deleted scene)
Jackson in 6x14 (deleted scene #2)
April in 7x01 (deleted scene)
April in 7x01 (deleted scene #2)
Jackson in 7x01 (deleted scene)
April in 7x13 (deleted scene)
April in 7x16 (deleted scene)
Jackson (and April) in 8x10 (deleted scene)
Jackson in 8x14 (deleted scene)
Jackson in 8x15 (deleted scene)
April in 8x18 (deleted scene)
Jackson in 9x02 (deleted scene)
Jackson in 9x09 (deleted scene)
Jackson in 9x09 (deleted scene #2)
Jackson and April in 9x09 (deleted scene)
Jackson looking for April in 9x15 (deleted scene)
Jackson in 9x17 (warning stack.son) (deleted scene)
Jackson in 10x04 (deleted scene)
Jackson in 10x08 (deleted scene)
Jackson in 10x23 (deleted scene)
The scenes from extended 10x17:
Jackson #1
Jackson and April
Jackson #2
April #1
April #2
all s11 deleted scenes are here
Jackson scene #1 starts at 3:11, Jackson in 11x07 at 4:47, Mama A & Mama K in 11x11 at 9:03
extended episodes that I couldn’t find on youtube but there’s a couple or more scenes with Jackson or/and April: 6x24, 7x18 (found one) and 8x13

                                               ;; @hisdaughxer –  ♥’d

There’s a duffle bag slung over his shoulder, car keys held loosely in his fingers.
He stops just outside the door of the motel room and digs his phone out of the
pocket of his coat. He looks at the one missed call and five new texts from his
brother that are displayed on the screen. Something about another case, he can’t
handle it alone, that Dean needs to “haul ass”–blah, blah, blah.

He seems to shrug lightly to himself before tucking his phone back in his pocket.
Next, he pops open the trunk of his car and tosses the duffle bag inside. His eyes
gaze around the parking lot of the motel room that is becoming increasingly
brighter with the rising sun. Most of this tiny town seems to still be asleep, as
Dean would like, but a long drive didn’t grant him an extra hour or two of sleep.

His eyes stop. There’s a girl. She’s young, all alone. His gaze lingers on her for
a moment before he looks around the parking lot again, as if searching for a
parent she might be with. But there’s no one.

He sighs and considers his options. He has somewhere to be in just a couple
short hours, but he doesn’t know if he could forgive himself if… Fuck it. He shuts
the trunk and begins to approach the child. The hunter looks around again before
he stops in front of her and squats down, balancing on the balls of his feet.

      “ – Hi, there. ”

Dean’s voice is soft. Obviously he wants to avoid scaring or intimidating the girl.
She doesn’t look very scared anyway, but–better safe than sorry, right?

      “ Are you lost?

                                             – You, uh… Your mom or dad around?

Update on My Working Theory of The Location of Night Vale:

Alright, so after getting caught up, and finishing the novel, I can say with certainty that, not only was my original estimation for the location almost undoubtedly accurate, but using the new data from these sources, that I can narrow down the search even further.

Night Vale must be within a triangle that consists of fifty miles of the westernmost border of California and Arizona, Thirty odd miles of the southernmost diagonal tip of Nevada, and run parallel to the county lines of Southern California via the Mojave Desert, which all run at a certain parallel.

Carnival mentions the city of Modesto (word up to my home town) as being close enough that a wrong turn along the highway would lead you to Night Vale instead, and both King City and Soledad of Monterey County (as in Monterey beach and aquarium) are very close by, and play an integral part within the Novel. 

Using Maps, I’ve found a stretch of the Mojave desert that is still sparsely inhabited, but does not connect to any of the other major highways whatsoever.

Using that parallel I calculated, and my previous thoughts about it being near Coalinga, which I found runs roughly parallel between King City and Las Vegas, I found a patch that is just west of Death Valley National Park and just east of Ponderosa where the Highway dead ends that seems conspicuously blank, even when zoomed in.

That smattering of gray flecks east southeast of Visalia, where the road refuses to intersect with that other highway, is the general area I believe Night Vale to be in, as it runs the general parallel of King City, if the Man in the Tan Jacket had just driven east aimlessly until he arrived in Night Vale. Additionally, if the Carnival had been headed north to Modesto, and taken a wrong turn at Bakersfield, and headed west past Ponderosa, they would have ended up in the same area. Topographically, there are enough bluffs and vales to constitute both city names, cliffs and Ponderosa Pines enough to justify the existence of the ill-fated Pine Cliffs, and right smack dab in the Middle of the Mojave Desert.

I know the location of Night Vale is both in and out of normal existence, a liminal space at best, but if one were to go looking for the edges of that liminal space, this is where I’d start. It’s south enough that what few Krogers you find are called Ralph’s, follows a ley line, and it’s still in the part of California, where only a town this liberal and permissive yet paradoxically conservative and restrictive could exist.

Another point towards it being in California has to do with the Novel, and the emphasis on Jackie’s mom’s green lawn and how annoying it is to her neighbors, as we are Californians and always in a drought, and hate to see green lawns as ours suffer and wither. The obsession with avocados, and avocados being fake, doesn’t hurt either. That this region was also considered instrumental for things like mining and military weapons assembly doesn’t hurt either. I’ve heard about people looking for Uranium and Plutonium in those general areas of the desert.

I’m still open to other interpretations of the location, or theories of there being several ways to get to Night Vale, but seeing as how Joseph Fink is a once and always Californian, something nobody from California can ever escape, I’m going to say that his experiences have molded much of where Night Vale is going to be.

As it stands, I say it is northeast of Bakersfield, southeast of Visalia, roughly parallel with King City, Coalinga, and Las Vegas, and on a part of the map that is unusually blank for California.

i was doing one of those aesthetic generator things and the first result that came up was ‘cool goat’, but now it wont let me generate a new one it just stays as ‘cool goat’ and even when i refreshed the whole page all it gave me was ‘cool goat’

i think its trying to tell me something. 

ahh yes. very good. cool goat.

Be Ok (2/2)

Summary: So now Max wants to date her two best friends. How’s that gonna work?
Rating: T (for implied nsfw and some pda)
Notes: Continuation of this! Thanks so much for all the feedback on the first part, you guys are all amazing. Now here is the Chloe/Max/Kate; again, lots of good feelings and fluff. Enjoy.

“Sooo I need to tell you something now,” Max said. 

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One Direction in Cardiff, Wales - June 5, 2015 


there is just one thing I’d like to remind you all: negativity, harassment and hatred have never accomplished anything wonderful. (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿) if you can, be kind to each other. the world is already rough enough as it is.

Good News, Everyone!

The Writers’ Helpers have finally remodeled! (Yes, even our icon.)

Go feel free to look around and check out some of the cool new things we have planned for the future, along with some awesome new features. (Note: The About the Admin pages and Playlist pages are still under construction, because I can’t shake my other Admins awake to get them to fill out their forms this late.) It’s also very shiny and colorful.

You wanna know the best part?

The Navigation page has been updated with all working links. As we roll around our new tagging system, it’ll also be kept up to date – to give you guys better access to all of our stuff. If what you’re looking for isn’t on there, we also have a custom Google Search again to allow you to look yourself.

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I know. I’m your favorite.


It’s all about the stories we tell ourselves…

This is mostly just me thinking out loud with my hands on the keyboard. So take it as stream of consciousness or something of that kind. It’s really nothing thoroughly thought through, but rather a collection of things that I keep mulling over in my head. So from here on out: I might not make a lot of sense, probably won’t answer a thing, but just pose tons more questions. You have been warned! :)

What I keep coming back to is how tightly the show has been structuring this season around stories and how slowly but surely every single story we get told gets proved not entirely true to completely false. In a way that has always been something SPN has dealt with since they always gave the lore and legends a few twists and turns along the way, but I feel like the second half of S9 and particularly this season it serves a broader narrative purpose and all of it centers around the myth arc.

To me the thread about stories has been made a big and important point in 9x11 “First Born” for the first time, which makes sense given it was the episode to launch us into the myth arc that centers around the Mark of Cain and how Cain tells Dean and Crowley the true story that the bible did not tell. The story of how he killed his brother not out of envy, but out of “love and care” and to prevent him from getting corrupted and a slave to Lucifer. In return he received a mark, became a “soldier of hell”, a bringer of “darkness and chaos” – which btw is one pretty awesome contrast to the one entity he owes the curse to: Lucifer – the light bringer.

In a way I had to think back on Cain’s whole story when mulling over “Hansel and Gretel” some more and how their story differs from the fairytale. Just like Cain didn’t kill Abel out of envy, maybe Hansel ate Gretel’s heart (there is something about this image that just kind of bugs me, but I cannot get to what it is about) thinking that way she’d be at peace (of course there is a long string of creepy problems to talk about here with the witches and Hansel’s relationship in relation to that – so I won’t), in heaven and for that willfully gave himself to the witch. One could even say he got a Mark of Cain of his own – a scarred face.

If you take these two stories as a mirror or parallel to the Winchester’s story, it poses some interesting, yet scary questions. Cain’s story was already “kind of repeated” (with some twists and turns) by Dean, question is, will we now see Sam take into account working with a witch believing it is the only way to save Dean? The signs of him possibly making a deal of some sort with Rowena or being vulnerable to a scenario of that kind have been there, so I wouldn’t be terribly surprised. But the question is: How would that break the toxic cycle of self sacrifice the Winchesters are caught in? Possibly not at all. Instead we know, the river ends at the source. I’m sure we all have our headcanons, I personally think if they are doing a really neat tie in it means Lucifer, in a broader sense I’d say it’s god it all ends with (especially now that we know god (Chuck) is alive and back), but given how this season has also highlighted fucked up family dynamics and crappy childhoods due to messed up parents it could also mean John Winchester – it’s highly unlikely though that will be the case.

Maybe it means going back to the start, for them to start over – like Tina was able to and like Dean wished he would have been able to – and do it all again, but different. “Alter the sigil, alter the spell”, alter the story you tell about yourself…

But it’s not just the stories of others that continuosly get rendered false, it’s the main characters addressing this very thing in relation to their own life stories as well. From Crowley telling Dean in 9x17 “Mother’s Little Helper” “Whatever you need to tell yourself to sleep better at night” in relation to Dean’s growing dependence to the blade and the powers of the mark Dean was not ready to admit to struggle with to Dean telling Cole in 10x07 “Girl Girls Girls” that “This was his story” and that he’s got one of those, too, but that those stories sometimes blind them and take them to dark places (a freaking amazing contrast that is painted in this one sentence within the show *bows down in front of the writers*). Storytelling - It’s a tool of reflection and projection at the same time. And with 10x05 “Fan Fiction” as well as 9x18 “Meta Fiction” the show has been delving pretty deep in terms of meta and addressing the pushes and pulls of creating content and story. Metatron said he is an entity of his word. While he loves himself some big talk, I think with this line he might have given away more than he wanted, a plan to destroy him and “destiny” all over again.

In 6x20 “The Man Who Would Be King” Castiel monologues about how they “ripped up the ending and the rules” and with that already playing with the notion of stories. Maybe in order to find balance, I think, because even after their biggest obstacle – the apocalypse – was averted nothing truly changed for the better. Maybe that is due to the big story having been derailed, but our main characters being to pre-occupied with “thankfully”” saving the world, but not picking up the pen themselves and write their own story, how they intend it to be. They are the paper, they are the ink, they are the pen, but they seem to have no idea or seem to be too afraid to start writing. Hansel said something important in that regard imo: “It was based on a true story, they just gave it a happy ending.” Maybe that is exactly the Winchesters’ problem. They only know how to write a tragedy while all of them desperately long for a happy ending.