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  • what she says: avatar is one of my favorite shows.
  • what she means: avatar: the last airbender is one of the best shows i have ever seen. words cannot describe how much this show means to me. every single one of the characters were diverse, three-dimensional, and well-written, with arcs and character development that were all beautifully orchestrated. the characters were all so human, with flaws, and ambitions, and compelling back stories and motivations. it even shows how the antagonists weren't evil and heartless monsters, but how they were just as human as the heroes. the stories the show itself followed were just as beautiful, mixing humor and playfulness with important, hard-hitting life lessons that have shaped me as a person. the show stressed the importance of friendships and familial bonds, and how everyone is not only deserving of redemption, but can achieve it. it showed the strength in kindness and humility and forgiveness, and how you aren't defined by your past. it showed that just because you're related by blood to someone doesn't mean they're your family, and how friends can be your family too. the show even depicted how animals can be like family. it showed how unhealthy relationships and abuse work, and it showed how you can move and work past those things. it taught how to deal with grief and pain, and how those things can help you grow as a person. it showed that even if everyone is telling you something is right, it doesn't mean it is, and that you should stand up for what's truly right. the visuals were absolutely stunning, and the soundtrack is the best soundtrack of any show or movie i've ever heard. the stories and the characters of this show have resonated with me deeply, and are still affecting me today. to me, nothing will ever compare to avatar: the last airbender.
the signs as brooklyn nine-nine quotes
  • ARIES: "I'm Detective Right-All-The-Time, and this is my partner, Detective Terrible-Detective" -Jake
  • TAURUS: "If I had a mic right now, I'd drop it" -Gina
  • GEMINI: "What kind of woman doesn't own an axe?" -Rosa
  • CANCER: "Terry loves yogurt" -Terry
  • LEO: "Doing work and hanging out with dogs. That's my lifestyle" -Amy
  • VIRGO: "Let me tell you something about Tinker Bell. Tinker Bell is a loyal lieutenant and a real thorn in the side of Captain Hook." -Boyle
  • LIBRA: "I work best alone. Except when it comes to sex. Actually, sometimes including sex." -Jake
  • SCORPIO: "I cannot believe that I'm considering a non-violent option." -Rosa
  • SAGITTARIUS: "So much time with your ear to the pavement, it's a pity a truck hasn't run over your head." -Holt
  • CAPRICORN: "If I was a unicorn I'd never be angry" -Boyle
  • AQUARIUS: “Ok. No hard feelings, but I hate you. No joking. Bye.” -Gina
  • PISCES: "This is taking too long! I'm gonna miss the farmers' market!" -Terry

@ trans guys trying to pass:

don’t colour your eyebrows in. don’t fill them with a pencil, don’t draw them on thicker, please please i am begging you. it doesn’t work. it’s just really obvious that you’re wearing makeup (if you want to wear makeup by all means, do you. this isn’t about that tho, this is for those who want a natural look)

instead, find eyebrow/lash dye/tint or a really basic mascara (no lengthening or whatever - waterproof is good though). make sure it matches your natural hair colour or is just a little darker. don’t go for jet black unless you actually have black hair, it’ll look fake.

use that instead. only colour the hairs, not your skin. try to get all the little hairs. done. dye is good because you don’t have to reapply it every day! but if you use mascara use it lightly & try brushing your brows around a bit so they don’t look too neat. 

it’s a lot more subtle and i promise will masculinise your face more effectively than pencilling on unnaturally thick brows. 


Me: The Lego movies teach people to be inclusive to people who are different than them, accepting people for who and what they are. 

My dad: “It’s also teaching and influencing the young people in this country to engage in activities they were not born into (being gay). Now when the children play with legos, they might think…do not try to teach our young children that it’s okay…”


Why what you do doesn't seem important, but actually is

When I was in college, I had a wonderful mentor/professor who helped me learn lessons that keep being relevant as I go through life–which, if you ask me, is the tell-tale sign that he was a great professor.

One of those lessons was that it could be almost impossible to establish self-worth, and to recognize self-acheivement. After we’ve learned how to do something–ANYTHING–really well, it seems almost like second nature for us to do it. Even if we’re producing quality work, we look at it and think ‘well, sure this turned out well but anyone out there could have done it if they put the time in.’ We forget that WE are the ones that put the time in to learn the skill, and that WE are the ones who now have something special for it.

Here’s an example:

This professor told me about a time when he was at a conference giving a talk. After he was done with his seminar (which was probably about something awesome like chaotic oscillators) he went on to listen to other professors and industry professionals give their talks. There was one he was sitting on, thinking to himself 'WOW this guy is cool. Here he is building a genetic search engine (or some other incredible topic) while I’m just dorking around with chaotic oscillators.’ but then, after the talk, my professor went up to him. He wanted to tell him how neat he found the subject and the guys research… And when he got up there, the guy went 'OH WOW you are that professor with the chaotic oscillators! I saw your seminar and I was so excited by it! You’re really doing something incredible while I’m just dorking around with genetic search engines.’ And thats when my professor realized that JUST BECAUSE THINGS SEEM COMMON TO US DOESN’T MEAN THAT THEY ARE COMMON. Our skills, our lessons, and our experiences are unique to each of us, we just are looking at them through the fogged glass of 'been there, done that.’ Others won’t be looking at them through that same glass.

If you ever see artwork and say 'wow I wish mine was that good,’ or read a story and say 'gee I wish that I could write like that,’ you have to also remember that there is probably someone out there saying the same exact thing about your work to themselves. It might even be the exact same person who you’re envying.

Please never forget that your experiences have made your own work into something valuable. YOU have put the time into it. YOU have something unique. YOU have something that it would take somebody else at least as long to duplicate, and it would still never come out the same way that you do it.

We fixate so often on comparing ourselves to other people, but we judge ourselves the most unfairly. We look at what they have, and we fret about what we don’t have, and we forget that we aren’t defined by what we don’t have.

Your work is important, and it is only going to get more important from here.


McHanzo is about two men with similar pasts and exponentially different upbringings, about learning to recover from the hardships they faced even after years of telling themselves they are terrible people. It’s about two men looking at eachother and seeing a painful reflection of the same suffering and loneliness instilled by factors outside of their control and working past that because they each found something they need to protect. Eachother. Mchanzo is about two incredible characters who, even through it all, can’t find forgiveness themselves, so they found it in each other’s company. That is why I love McHanzo.

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When people complain that the food "doesn't look like the picture" -_- like?? What do you want me to tell you? It's supposed to get you to buy it and it worked. Like the milk on cereal boxes is actually glue but if I gave you a bowl of cereal and glue, you'd have a lot more problems than your food 'not looking like the picture' and I would be fired. If you want food that looks like the picture, go eat some peanuts or something.

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Hi, can you write something quite angsty but with a happy ending. So Aaron and Robert decide to work through it but Rob is constantly scared that Aaron will change his mind, so really starts to over compensate. Maybe, constantly cleaning, and making food, just being perfect, and keeping his distance to not pressure Aaron, doesn't try to kiss him. And he feels isolated, and alone, doesn't go to the pub. And Aaron realising all of this, and reassuring Rob that he's not leaving. Thank you so much😌

i need something (tell me something new)

Robert is cooking tea. It’s not his turn. It wasn’t his turn yesterday either, but he’s cooking tea anyway. He’s making homemade pizza, because it seems like a nice thing to do. Something that takes time and thought. Something that says I put in time and effort because I wanted to do something nice for you, because I love you, and I hope you love me too.

It could just be pizza, but he can’t think of anything as being just anything anymore. He can’t afford to be complacent.

He’s putting the pizza in the oven when Aaron gets back from the pub. He comes up behind him, waiting for him to stand up straight before threading his arms around his waist and pressing his nose into his shoulder. It should be easy; a welcome closeness, but Robert’s heart batters against the inside of his ribcage. His arms hang loose at his side, despite how badly he wants to turn to Aaron and embrace him. He lost his right to initiate months ago.

‘Looks fancy,’ Aaron says, peering over Robert’s shoulder at the various ingredients spread over the work surface. ‘We could have ordered a pizza if you’d fancied one, though.’

‘We still can,’ Robert says so quickly that his words trip over one another in their rush to leave his tongue.

‘What? After you’ve literally just put a pizza in the oven? Don’t be dim.’

Wrong again. Always wrong.


Aaron places his hands on Robert’s hips and turns him around to face him. He smiles, lifting a hand to his face to wipe some flour off his cheek. It takes all of Robert’s strength not to lean into his palm.

‘Don’t be daft,’ he says. ‘I was just thinking, if we’d ordered a takeaway you could have come to the pub with me.’

‘You had Adam.’

‘Yes, but Adam isn’t my husband.’ You’d be better off. ‘And I’ve been at work with him all day. I wanted to spend some time with you.’

Robert bites back the word that’s been leaving a bad taste in his mouth this past few weeks. Why? Why do you want to spend time with me? After everything I’ve done, after I hurt you in the worst possible way, why do you still love me? Why me? When you deserve someone so much better.

Put your feet up a minute,’ Aaron says, putting his hands in his pockets and glancing around the kitchen. ‘Get yourself a beer. I’ll tidy up a bit while the pizza cooks.’

Robert shakes his head. ‘No.’

Aaron frowns. ‘No?’

‘Sorry, I mean,’ Robert takes a breath, trying to steady himself. This shouldn’t feel like a test. Aaron isn’t testing him. ‘Don’t worry about it. I was just about to start tidying up.’

‘How about you go and tidy yourself up? You’ve got flour and God knows what all down you. You really need to get an apron if you’re going to be so adventurous in the kitchen, by the way. Go and get changed and I’ll tidy up.’

Robert wants to argue, but he can’t. He doesn’t deserve to argue.

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  • What I say: I'm a computer science major.
  • What people hear: I can resolve any tech issue you have ever or will ever have on any machine that exists in this universe. I am jacked into the Matrix at all times. I am the IT god. Look upon me and despair.
  • What I mean: Sometimes I try to tell the computer to do something and I cry when it doesn't work.

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i was working the register today and this kid comes through with their mom to buy some toy or something and the kids just drops a handful of cash and change on the belt. i get that they're just a kid but it annoys me when the parent doesn't correct them.

FYI It irks me as a parent when a cashier tells me it’s okay when I try to correct my child. I did this a couple of times with my daughter and each time was told “oh it’s fine!”. This pretty much happens no matter what the situation though, so I’m a bit sensitive about it. Let me make sure my kid doesn’t turn out to be an asshole. I’m not sure if they’re saying it because they’re on the clock or because they’re too lenient with kids because everyone does it. -Abby

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hello! i just wanted to say that, even though i don't personally agree with all your headcanons (more specifically the hair) 100%, i can still appreciate your talent and hard work. i just thought this is important to share, just to say to some people that just because you don't agree with something doesn't mean you have to disrespect it :)

Thank you :)) everyone has their own headcanon indeed. My blog shows what I believe Harry Potter would be as an adult but since their hair (specifically) are not canon, it’s not like I’m telling people should agree with me. I’m just a fan with lots of my own ideas about auror Harry’s life and I’m sharing them with the fandom through illustrations and stories, without expecting people to believe that. When they do, it’s amazing. When they don’t, I know I’m just having fun and that’s what matters! I don’t often see young adult Harry and Ginny art so there’s nothing to lose! :)

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I definitely don't want to be one of those people telling chronically ill people to do other things when they've tried everything, and it doesn't help the withdrawal, but have you tried an antihistamine nose spray? idk if that has sulfates but you can definitely get ones without scent. I'm allergic to something in daily antihistamines but it doesn't affect me the same way. It might not affect your menstrual health as much?

I use one of those on top of the other meds. It works for some of my allergies, but not the more insidious ones I’m afraid. At this rate I’m just going to buy a bubble to live in. Thanks for the thought though <3

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I'm not sure what to do. Had a regular today who is normally friendly and jokes around a lot tell me that she really doesn't like one of my co-workers because said co-worker is rude to her, doesn't bother checking signs to verify sales if something doesn't show as on sale, and has argued with her multiple times about fabric. We all know this employee has an attitude problem too and all the managers are constantly telling her to work on her attitude. Should I tell my manager about the complaint?

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I want to go into the Air Force for behavioral sciences and other medical fields, but my girlfriend doesn't want me to leave her for the military. It's a passion of mine, how do I tell her that it's something I really want to pursue.

This is Kristen’s girlfriend. She handed me the phone to answer this. Telling her that that is your passion should be enough. I get it trust me, it’s hard to think that you might not be together for a couple of months at a time but being together in person isn’t what makes a relationship work. In a relationship both of you are different people, both of you have different passions, different views for life. She’s a very very important part of your life but remember she isn’t all of it. You gotta do what makes you happy too and if it’s meant to be she will see that & accept it.

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Everybody knows that you're a Prideshipper, period. Yet, it hurts non prideshippers to see, while you're doing the episode analyses, a time and again reference to the men in that ship being boyfriends. Your analyses are supposed to be neutral in that point. It's like you're imposing the ship, and believe me, it's not cool. The same goes to other ships, if and when that happens.

Can you real quick point to where in my contract it says my analyses are supposed to be neutral? Did I sign a shipping treaty I’ve forgotten about? Did I forget to put up a disclaimer saying my recaps aren’t always fully serious? 

I don’t know how to make it clear, except from context, that some of the things in my recaps are genuine narrative and character analysis and some of the other things are jokes?? Are flippant?? Are comments that reflect the personal opinions of the author and do not constitute an unbiased rendering of the source material??

I’ve jokingly referred to Kaiba and Yami as being boyfriends in recaps three times, over 93 episodes. Marik and Bakura once or twice maybe? I also once said Yugi and Yami got married? 

So I don’t really think saying I do this “time and again” is very fair. I don’t think saying I’m hurting people is very fair. I don’t think saying I’m “imposing” a ship (or multiple ships) on people by making occasional jokes is very fair. I don’t think anonymously telling me I’m behaving in a “not cool” way by making jokes in my own recaps is very fair. 

Actually I think telling someone off for making a joke is what hurts someone. Because this comment hurt my feelings and made me feel shitty about something I wrote, something I put effort and time into, something I did to make people laugh and smile. Something I didn’t think anyone would take seriously enough to come and tell me I’m doing my hobby wrong and I should feel bad. Well, okay, great, I feel bad, but I don’t feel guilty and I’m not going to change the way I write.

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I could use some 'dealing with parents advice'. Hello I am an older asexual, 27, and I've been having a bit of trouble with my mom. I'm fully out as asexual in my family and have been since I was 19. It's always been one of those 'don't talk about it/don't mention it' kind of things. My mom doesn't like to be reminded of it and the trade off for me not mentioning it is that she doesn't ask me if I'm dating. It's not ideal but it's worked decently. 1/4

Only I’m now thinking about and in the process of starting to become a foster parent and actively pursuing adoption. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and planned on doing but it’s…put a very large strain on my relationship with my mom. She finally broke the other day and called me crying, telling me how disappointed she is in me and how this was never the life she wanted for me. That, if it was up to her, I would be getting married to some man and having kids with him. 2/4

I wasn’t exactly sure how to handle the situation and I could only really mention that I was still open to artificial insemination if she really wanted a biological grandkid (it an option I’m still happily open to for other reasons besides that of course but I thought it might comfort her) which sadly only seemed to make things worse, because apparently that wasn’t the ‘point’. ¾

I’m at a loss at what to do now. The whole situation has been making my mother far more angry and upset and I don’t know if I should put a halt on me becoming a foster parent until its all sorted out or if it’s time to start cutting ties. I want my mom to be involved in my life and I’ve tried to be as understanding and kind to her about everything regarding my sexuality but if it’s going to prevent me from becoming a parent myself I don’t know if I want to keep trying to be civil about it. 4/4

Well, you presented your mom with several options that you felt comfortable with, but she obviously was trying to convince you to go her route and only her route. That’s a very aggressive situation, and I don’t blame you for feeling very frustrated.

I can’t claim to guess what your mother is thinking, but if she doesn’t want you to be a foster parent or deliver offspring through artificial insemination, then she must be thinking about the poster scenario of ‘man, woman, 2.5 children’. As far as families go, that’s only one limited option out of many happy, healthy lifestyles.

Regardless of her feelings about you not finding a partner to sire offspring, that’s no reason for her to be ‘disappointed’. Disappointed in what? Being a woman who doesn’t marry a man? Being a woman who doesn’t deliver children by her husband? Being someone who fits the image of heteronormality?

There’s no way she can justify that sort of behavior. I can’t offer any quick fix to your situation, but you should take some time to circle through our ‘positive’ tag, where we do have some stories submitted by ace parents - some single, some not. Perhaps it’s not about changing your mother’s feelings, but giving you the confidence to pursue your own life.

- Fae 

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Today a guy asked me if I could markdown something in produce that was going to be expiring 2 days from now. I tell him I can't, and directed him to some of the produce employees nearby. He just kinda stands there, watching them for a few seconds while I run off to do my job. He comes back and says he doesn't want to ask them because "they look gripey(?)" and asks me to mark it down again. I just tell him very flatly "I can't because /I don't work in produce/". He just said okay and left. ??????

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Do you have any suggestions for responses when people ask me about my leg braces? I'm so tired of grown ass adults asking me like it's not hella rude. And telling them it's none of their business doesn't go over well.

Oooo, damn. This is incredibly annoying, and I only have a little advice

Dodging the question with a joke could work. i.e “Oh, these? They’re actually part of my robot legs showing, I’m a cyborg. *Laugh*” or “Ah, I got in a fight with a pretender to the throne, haven’t been able to walk properly since. *Once again, laugh*”, something along those lines. The more persistent will push it, but if you don’t explain after making a joke, most people will get that you don’t want to answer

There’s also “I don’t want to talk about it”, but people will make assumptions from that. It does have the benefit of coming off more ‘polite’ than “none of your business” whilst still not answering

Unfortunately, that’s all I’ve got. Able bodied people are just generally annoying, it can be hard to make them back off.

-Mod Rhys

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It's a good thing you're distancing yourself from that convention... because someone - I'm not gonna name names, but it starts with a C and ends with an olin O'Donoghue - said he doesn't like to take his shirt off even at the beach. BLASPHEMY!!!

No, I saw lol. 

I completely admire him though. It’s a stark reminder that while we may think someone/something is a certain way, it may not be the case at all.

For example, someone close to me revealed the same thing recently. She’s absolutely stunning, looks like a model, and yet she’s very self conscious right now because even though people tell her she looks lovely, she doesn’t feel it within herself. She’s not happy with the way she feels/looks in her own body, and she’s taken to working out more to make herself feel more comfortable in her own skin. So while everyone else is telling her she’s got nothing to worry about, to her, she does, you know?  I think we all go through that at some point. I know I have. I’ve always been one to cover up and hide myself away so I totally get it. (even though now my attitude has turned more to “fuck it, this is what i look like. i know its horrible but it’s me. it is what it is” lol) 

I think it was absolutely admirable to admit what he did, it shows that even if we assume someone is a certain way, they don’t see themselves the way we do. It’s human. 

So while I would love to see that lovely man sans shirt, I completely respect that he’s not fond of it. At the end of the day its not about what me or anyone else thinks, it’s about how he feels and what he’s comfortable with and i fully support and respect that. 

A/N: I also just want to be clear, just incase anyone gets any wires crossed… I know I often jest and focus a helluva lot on his physical attributes (he’s a beautiful man in every way and i like to celebrate that lol) I would never in a million years even think about directing any of it to him, or demanding anything- i’d never dare mention it or approach it if i were to ever meet him again. I have far too much respect for the guy to put him in such a mortifying and uncomfortable situation. I just wanted to be clear lol. i know i’m a pervert but i’m a firm believer in what happens in fandom stays in fandom. And this is not me having a go at anyone or policing- people can do what they want, i’m just being clear on what i’m about. 

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Hello senpai 👑 sooo one of my fav ao3 writers just announced there quitting for awhile because there fics aren't doing well or something and been comparing themselves to "bigger" writers and doesn't know how to improve. what can I say to them to help? 😢 I love your fics too and your short sick fic you just wrote on here!!!❤

Ahhh, this makes me so sad to hear.

It’s so important to tell authors (especially the ones who don’t get much attention) that you enjoy their work. When you compare how many HITS a fanfic gets to how many kudos or comments, it’s pretty sad.

Writing fanfic is not easy, guys. And it’s very, very lonely.

When authors write, they’re sitting there by themselves in a quiet room, tapping on a keyboard. For hours. Days. Weeks. I have personally probably spent about 10-20 hours on EACH INDIVIDUAL chapter of Winter Song. Some of the later chapters took more than that. Those are hours I didn’t spent with my family or friends. When you make that sacrifice and no one bothers to acknowledge it…well, to be blunt, it kind of hurts. Being ignored is a terrible feeling.

Though many authors write simply because it makes them happy, there is nothing more encouraging than to get a comment, even if it’s just a smiley face or one word to say “Thanks!” It means A LOT.

I’ve been feeling frustrated myself because my fic Drive is not getting the same attention as my other fic. But I try to remind myself that that’s not why I’m writing it. I’m writing it because I find enjoyment in these characters. The kudos and comments don’t matter. The joy I get from Victor and Yuuri … that’s why I do it. So I’m going to keep doing it as long as they give me joy.

When writing isn’t fun anymore, it’s important to find a way to make it fun again. If that means taking a step back for a while, then that’s okay. If that means starting a new story to refresh your creativity, sometimes that helps, too. That’s why I started Drive.

I hope your friend is finding a way to be happy. Hopefully that will mean returning to writing soon. <3

Support fanfic authors, guys. One word. That’s all it takes to make an author’s day and make them want to write more.