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Hello guys! 

Today was a big day for me because I finally had my BA defence/exam. I passed and earned my BA degree, yay~ I’m so happy tbh it’s been long three years since 2014 (there are two more to come for MA degree) but now I’m finally educated enough to do lots of stuffs; even to teach kids at school! (Bachelor of Arts in English philology)~ I’m really happy I managed to pass all the exams along the way. It was stressul af haha but… one life mission was accomplished today, finally!

(btw the text on the cover says “BA thesis” in Polish; my thesis was written in English tho)

So.. I went to check if the Gedõ Mazõ was still destroyed and found this =o

[[Hahahha this is “The hand of the desert" located outside my city. The twin is located in Paraguay. I kept crying because i didn’t bring my Akatsuki cloak since i wanted to climb a finger and pose there but i forgot how big this thing actually is xD]]


Most Memorable Dresses: Diahann Carroll’s show-stopping pink gown with a sparkling translucent overlay at the 41st Annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles, California 1969.


Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles, AHBL8 Melbourne
[photography by me]