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What counts as offensive under your rules? Besides the obvious mean unnecessary comments, is "obscene" language and the such okay?

Swears are fine! Our own group has quite the collective potty mouth, and we know most games aren’t rated PG. :) 

Generally, “offensive” means slurs (including racial and gendered) - words or insults intended to hurt or demean. It also includes offensive or hurtful actions (especially sexual assault), or references thereto. As long as you avoid those things, you’re fine!

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  • Plagg: How long have you been dating Marinette?
  • Adrien: What?
  • Adrien: I don’t even get… Why would… I…
  • Adrien: I’ve never dated with anyone anywhere.
  • Adrien: It’s none of your…
  • Adrien: You have the nerve, the audacity…
  • Adrien: And how… How do I know, frankly, that you’re going out with her?
  • Adrien: Maybe you are.
  • Adrien: Maybe you’re trying to throw me off.
  • Plagg: *Looks unimpressed*

Ronan: I have one to suggest, how about this–

Gansey: Heyyy, alright!

Ronan: Twenty-raven-teen: We’ve all got ravens.

Gansey: Hmm. HMMM.

Ronan: Now here’s the thing about it, is, by the end of the year, everybody’s got a… sort of pet raven. Everybody’s got raven.

Noah & Gansey: Everybody’s got ravens!

Gansey: I like it and I’ll tell you why, they got long, smooth beaks.

Ronan: Mmhm, mmhm.

Noah: Now, the problem, Ronan, is going to be educating the masses about the differences between ravens and crows, because I think that’s probably a very common issue with me, and everyone else.

Ronan: Well it’s actually pretty easy to tell the difference? If you see a crow you think “there’s a black bird,” if you see a raven you think “oh god…. something’s terribly wrong.”

TYPE: Ghost Shell Recording

DESCRIPTION: Conversation




[Commander Zavala] Just making sure it’s still there, I see.

[Ikora Rey] You know I love to watch the lights at night.

[Commander Zavala] It really is quite the view.

[Ikora Rey] And it was a long time coming. A long time, and a lot of work.

[Commander Zavala] Greatness always requires both.

[Ikora Rey] Another Titan aphorism, I’m sure. Someday I’ll catalogue them all - as it stands, the volume shows a fairly even split between insightful wartime maxims and jokes about punching. I suppose I should add this one to the former. You’ll run out eventually.

[Commander Zavala] It seems I’ll need to think of new ones, then.




[Ikora Rey] As much as I love to see the streetlights and the lanterns and the sparklers, my favorite part to watch is when all the lights in all the homes across that great expanse are turned off. Do you know why?


[Commander Zavala] Because it means they know they’re safe.

[low chuckle]

[Ikora Rey] I shouldn’t have asked. I wonder how many times we’ve had this conversation. How many times we’ve forgotten that we’ve had it.

[Commander Zavala] Feeling sentimental?

[Ikora Rey] Perhaps. Is that so surprising?

[Commander Zavala] I would have called it rare.

[Ikora Rey] You and many others. But when you’re at a distance and you can see it shine, see the lights dance… It’s a beautiful sight.


[Commander Zavala] It is.



[Ikora Rey] Every one of them, a little beacon of hope - for families, friends, loved ones…



[Commander Zavala] Resting, now. As we should be.


[Ikora Rey] Mm. Goodnight, Zavala. Dream, but not too deeply.

[Commander Zavala] Another Warlock saying?

[Ikora Rey] Hardly an official one.

[Commander Zavala] All the more worth saving, then. I would bid you the same, if I still believed you slept.





[Commander Zavala] Goodnight, Ikora.

  • Geoff: You were right, Jack. I needed to let my baby birds fly. My bratty little baby birds fly with their crappy little wings. Sometimes you gotta push ‘em out the window.
  • Jack: Yeah.
  • Geoff: You gotta just push 'em right out there and if they fall flat [slaps hands together] then that’s them.