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Just some Dutch nonsense

[image transcription: Dutch phrases saying “he has played with my rhinoceros, and now he can’t move anymore”, “even the dogs in the Netherlands are tolerant”, “I have no balls”, “sleep is for weak people”, “I am decreasing the distance between my mouth and the cheese” and “why are you throwing a stone at my cat?”]

What about thermophilic humans tho, the ones who intentionally play in volcanic water or death-grip a hot mug of *whatever* or just sit in patches of sun or by the ship equivalent of a radiator, like ‘human, are you aware that scans indicate this has dangerously high levels of thermal radiation?’ and the human is just 'but it feels good’

study group smiles, movie suggestions, subtle compliments. dark eyes and light hair. freckles and dark lips. having picnics, calling each other princess, picking berries together. baggy tees and torn jeans. leather jackets and red bandannas. long hugs, hot days in the sun, holding hands. just me and her. she’s beautiful.