to steal an antman

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Holy shit! Scott Lang is so tiny and adorable! How did he ever end up with you guys? (Did he use his adorableness to steal things or???)

Hank: He’s my apprentice. He’ll be the next Antman when I hang up my cape. As far as ending up with us, he happened to break into my house and get into my suit vault. On a dare. And I decided he’d be better working with us as a hero than in Juvie.

“what the actual fuck” you whisper, pan in hand. you glance around the corner, seeing a figure going through your wallet, and some other things in your bag. you sneak up on the robber, not quite sure what to do next. 

“Uh, W-what do you think you’re doing?” you ask, voice loud so he could clearly hear you. he turns around, eyes widened. he looked genuinely surprised. 

“This is unexpected.” he says. now you’re the confused one. you look at him, seeing more details of his face. he was…. cute. wait what? you shouldn’t think that about a guy who was robbing you. but you couldn’t help but stare. 

“i-i w-wil” you struggle to form words. “I’m sorry, but you’re really hot, and i can’t really speak to- let alone threaten- a handsome man whom is robbing me.” you laugh.

“technically i’m burglaring.” the man smiles. “I’m scott.”

Luis and his nervous “hahah… Ah… Fuck. Fuck. Hahaha!” smile when he suddenly has no idea what’s happening right now.

Luis being cultured as fuck and also being a total dweeb.

Luis going back to save that guy because “Oh shit! That guy!”

Luis realizing this is not his scene and calmly saying “Back up. … Baaack it up. Back it up. Back up.”

Luis stealing the entire movie.

Luis for President.

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What do you guys think of Tony Stark? He seems to cause trouble (in all the movies).

Scott: To be honest, Wade, I wouldn’t let you borrow my suit either…

Wade: W-what? Oh, Scotty, I feel betrayed…!

Peter: I don’t want you to use Starks suits either… 

Wade: Now you both stab my back? Well, thanks, I don’t want one of this super cool suits… not really…