to spite you


                                              I hate them so much.
                                      I do not have… No words to say.

I love how Sportacus is never even slightly surprised when it turns out to be Robbie causing all the trouble around town. I’m like 80% sure he’s playing along with Robbie’s schemes at this point tbh 


“So What Do We Do Now?”

*pulls your face real close to mine* Listen. To. Me. 

You fucking fight

I’m not american, I can’t imagine how terrified those who are LGBT+, POC, Disabled, Female, Islamic, and any other minority of the US must feel right now, despite how scared I am myself. 

But you wake up tomorrow and you fight. You show that fucking orange dickbag that you will not go quietly. You will survive. You are smart, brave and important to your country no matter what anyone tries to tell you. 

You fight to keep yourself safe, you fight to make your voice heard, you fight for your future, you fight for those around you. 

This is not the end, this is the beginning of a long road ahead but I believe in you. 

Stay safe, look out for yourself, stay informed, and survive just to spite them. 

I love you all. Let me know what more I can do. 

Your first book became a massive global success, and the series gets turned into a massively disappointing TV show. You can’t break the contract but to spite them, you start making the plot increasingly difficult and expensive to filmatize. Write a random excerpt from the 12th book.

This is disgusting. We had one of the most prepared, capable candidates ever, and the country just spat on that to vote for a fucking racist, moronic excuse of a person. It’s truly heartbreaking that so many people were hateful enough to vote for this man. And to those taking comfort in their own “moral integrity” who either didn’t vote, or voted third party, or voted trump out of spite…fucking congratulations, you helped get this bigoted asshole elected. Hope ur proud.

tips for motivation i’ve learned/cultivated
  • say your game plan aloud
  • have a to-do list, but don’t cross off your accomplishments
  • if you’re feeling down about grades, look at your previous successes
  • completely kill any distractions
  • create an atmosphere for learning
    - this can include having studyspo tabs open, watching studytubers, etc.
  • put on music that motivates, yet calms you
    - I recommend (not too chill) classical, instrumentals, trip hop, soft electronic, etc.
    - ambient generators work wonders too
  • remind yourself of your end goals– think of your desired uni/s, the grades you’re striving for, the progress you’ve already made
  • make sure your goals are realistic
  • declutter your workspace
  • have water nearby, as well as possibly other drinks and snacks
  • open curtains to let in natural light
  • think of anything that motivates you! friends, fictional characters, spite, whatever
  • take breaks when you need them + forgive yourself for doing so

Whoniverse: Class - In Quill, we call this the First Fear. This is the one you always go back to and the one you can’t face, and everyone has it.  Everyone.  Even Quill.  A soldier without fear is useless, inefficient. They win battles, but they lose wars.

Let’s turn this into a game;
How far can I run before I boomerang and find myself on the road straight back to you?
How many times can I cry to my friends before they get tired of hearing the same story?
How long can I stay awake for purely out of spite to the fact you use to help me sleep?

How long can I live in this world without you?

—  Games I never wanted to be playing
It was a weird time. The people who were managing us were whispering in our ears and trying to turn us against each other and it became like a feuding family. In the end, I think John had some tough breaks. He used to say, ‘Everyone is on the McCartney bandwagon.’ He wrote ‘I’m Just A Jealous Guy’ and he said that the song was about me. So I think it was just some kind of jealousy. I had to try and forgive John because I sort of knew where he was coming from. I knew that he was trying to get rid of the Beatles in order to say to Yoko, ‘Look, I’ve even given that up for you. I’m ready to devote myself to you and to the avant-garde.’ I don’t know if it’s true. One thing I’m really glad about is that I didn’t answer him back. It’s very difficult to do that when someone is attacking you. But I would have felt sick as a dog now if I had.
—  Paul McCartney, interview w/ Diane de Dubovay for Playgirl. (February, 1985)

you see but i’m just too good at this.
i can never be in-between.
i am black and white,
never grey and i’ll never change.
and i can make you hate me.
i want you to spit my name out
like it burns, like it’s poison on your tongue.
i want it to make you sick.
“she’s fucking toxic,” you’d say.
“i dodged a bullet.”
i want you to say i’m insane,
that you never want to see me again.
i can make it happen,
i’m good at disappearing without a trace.
and i’ll do it.
because i can’t make you love me.
hate is the next best thing.

Protecting What’s His. (Derek Hale Imagine)

Request: Could you do an imagine of Peter or Derek I don’t mind who, is overprotective of his pregnant girlfriend. Maybe he growls at the pack when they try to touch her. Thank you.


I Hope You Enjoy!

You never imagined your life to be like this. It had been no secret about your attraction to Derek Hale, but in a moment of weakness and to spite your father, whom you had been estranged with at the time, you had some intimate moments with the werewolf. Those moments lead to life changing events and here you stood in front a mirror with a hand over your swollen stomach. 

After word got out that you were carrying Derek’s baby, your bond with your father had somehow grown stronger. He provided the support you needed and Derek had been with you every step of the way. “I never understood why my mother was always called beautiful when she was pregnant with Cora.” Derek whispered, causing you to snap your attention onto him. “Now I know why.” 

“You’re so cheesy. I have no idea why my brother calls you sourwolf.” You smiled as you walked over to him. “Isn’t there a meeting that you should be entertaining downstairs?” 

“The whole pack has to be there, (Y/N), and you know that includes you.” You smiled as your hands intertwined with Derek’s. Everything about the two of you felt and looked so right. You started to think that this baby that you were carrying was truly a gift sent from above. 

“There’s the lovely couple.” Peter remarked, his feet on your coffee table. You frowned at Derek’s uncle before swatting his feet off. “Oops, I forgot. My… That child is growing ain’t it?” His hand reached towards your stomach, and naturally you were used to people attempting to rub your belly to feel the baby kick, but Derek growled. 

All heads snapped towards the former alpha whose eyes were glowing a piercing blue. “Der?” You questioned, backing away from Peter to go console your boyfriend. But the moment that your gentle hand caressed his forearm, his eyes instantly faded back to normal and he looked less alert as he leaned into your touch. “You okay?”

As if nothing happened, he said he was doing fine before continuing on with the meeting. You gave a confused look and silently questioned your younger brother about it. Stiles acclaimed himself saying that he knew everything there is to know about werewolves for his best friend was one. He only gave his spastic shrug before listening into the meeting. 

During the meeting you decided to stand up and walk around to stretch your legs. After a few minutes, Kira asked Scott to get her something to drink and him being the most caring person he is, went to do so, in the process unintentionally bumping shoulders with you. You saw Derek tense up again, his eyes shifting colors, as he growled a second time.

Scott stopped in his tracks and turned around. “Is he… jealous?” Scott questioned. You tilted your head, studying Derek’s body language. He’d never give into his wolf side when he was jealous. And when this happened before, he seemed to be in a state of anger before you touched him and woke him up. 

“Scott, touch me again.” You whispered. Scott gave you a wary look before poking your cheek. Derek got up from his seat and growled louder this time, barring his fangs. You smiled a little. “He’s not jealous. He’s Protecting What’s His.” Lydia awed at this before stating that it was absolutely cute. You walked over to Derek and pecked him on the lips which made him calm down immediately. 

“No one touches my girls.” You put your hand over your mouth as tears welled up in your eyes. You made Deaton promise not to share the information about the gender to anyone, including you and Derek. 

“We’re having a girl?” You questioned, putting your hand on your stomach. Derek nodded before pulling back into a kiss which you actually pulled away from moments later. A sudden mood swing happened and you found yourself slapping Derek on his chest repeatedly. “IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A SURPRISE!” 

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