to spend lots of time with my nephews

@stacksonstacksonstacksgirl asked: Okay so here’s my request! How about something where Niall has some family thing to go to and you of course go with him and you spend a lot of the time there with his nephew and he loves it so later on in the night he tells you that he wants to try for a baby only to find out you don’t need to try anymore 😉

Niall couldn’t see how big his smile was, but the ache in his cheeks was saying he was smiling a little bit too much. You, a grown woman, were sitting on the floor with his nephew, a toddler, playing with his new toys Santa had got him for Christmas. You went all out, making sound effects from roaring dinosaurs to a firetruck siren. The two of you were having an absolute blast.

He felt like his heart could explode in his chest, the love he had for the both sending fireworks all over his body. Watching you like this with his own family encouraged endless fantasies about how you’d be with your family that the two of you would come up with. You two had talked about having children, and Niall hadn’t stopped thinking about it ever since. He knew you’d be a fantastic, caring, fun mother to you children. He wanted to experience it sooner more than later.

The conversations you’ve had about starting a family were totally hypothetical. What would your kids names would be, what traits they’d take form each of you, asking each other about what you would do in certain scenarios. The conversations were easy and interesting to carry, fun to talk and fantasize about. Talking about it for real set Niall’s nerves on edge. He didn’t know why. He knew you wouldn’t be opposed to the idea. 

You were sitting next to him in bed, playing a silly game on your phone. It didn’t matter if you had children of your own or were playing with one, you were generally a big kid just as Niall was. He awkwardly kissed your cheek, trying to get your attention without actually saying anything. It worked. You turned your head to look at him, eyebrows raised a fraction. Niall shyly smiled, still not using his words. You paused your game as you chuckled at him. 

“Why are you looking at me like that?” You wanted to know. You could see his hands fiddling, picking at a hang nail in the bottom frame of your vision, a tell sign that he was thinking way too hard about something. 

Niall sighed, slowly letting his body fall dramatically on you, his head landing right in your lap. You snorted, hands flying up to his hair. Niall turned over on his back so he was looking up at you. There was a longer piece in the front that framed his face, you took it in your fingers and started to braid it.

“You still want to have kids with me, don’t ya?” Niall questioned, sounding and feeling silly. He most definitely knew what your answer would be. You tilted your head.

“Yes. Of course I do.” You confirmed. You didn’t even have to think about it, you were actually more focused on braiding his hair. “Why do you ask?”

“I want to start. Like, as soon as possible.” He blurted out. 

You two were staying with his family for the holidays, maybe this wasn’t exactly the right time to be talking about it. Also, such a serious conversation shouldn’t be brought up on a whim like he was doing now. You talked about it all the time, but actually sitting down and planing for a baby needed to be thought out carefully.

Niall frowned when you made a face. He couldn’t tell if it was a good or a bad thing. Your lips puckered, eyebrows raised and a weird look in your eye as you played with his hair. He started to over think. Had you changed your mind, even though you said you wanted children with him not even ten seconds ago? This was definitely a weird time to bring it up.

“Well, not as soon as possible but, like… Soon. But not too soon, whenever you’re ready is the most important thing. But I don’t want to wait. But also, I feel like we should? Is that what you’d want?” He babbled, talking way too much. 

He sat up, even though you were still in the middle of his braid, and adjusted himself on his knees. You tried to hide your smile, but really couldn’t help it. A chuckle accidentally escaped.

“Stop laughin’ at me, I’m bein’ serious!” Niall complained, he also let out an awkward laugh. He took your hand in his. You always had incredibly soft hands. He gave your palm a kiss.

“You hear what I’m sayin’? I want to have a baby.” Niall said. You nodded.

“I hear what you’re saying.” You whispered. Niall kissed your hand again, then sent kisses all the way up your arm, to your shoulder, to your cheek, and then working his way back down to your hand.

“We don’t really have to try.” You muttered, pressing your lips together. Hopefully that was all you had to say for Niall to catch, but knowing him he’d need way more detail than that. 

He stopped, then looked at you. He shook his head a beat, as if trying to understand what you were saying. He thought he knew what you meant, but there was no way. 

“What do you mean? What’re you talkin’ about?” Niall quizzed, his spirit rising each second. 

“I’m already pregnant, Ni.” You answered. 

Hearing the actual words immediately made Niall smile, ear to ear. And he was suddenly unable to sit still. He jumped up, hands flying to his hair in surprise, stuttering a response. Your knew he would be happy, ecstatic, over the moon, but Niall standing to his full height on the bed caught you off guard. You put your hands out, telling him to sit back down before he fell and hurt himself. Niall half listened, coming down from off the bed only to pace around the room.

There was no way he was awake right now, or even alive. Niall was pumped, his blood running and adrenaline rushing through his veins. He asked if you were sure about six times in less than a minute. Each time, you confirmed. Niall giggled, and then burst out into loud laughter. Then he realized something. You had known for a while.

“How long have you known? How far along are you? Have you been to a doctor?” Niall pressed. 

You unintentionally found out you were pregnant when you went to the doctor for a totally different reason. They ran a test on you and dropped the bomb. But they let you know that everything was alright and running as expected.

“I’ve known for… a while.” You claimed. Niall was standing at the edge of the bed, so you crawled to him, sitting up on your knees. Niall’s hands went to your waist to hold you close to him.

“When were you going to tell me?” Niall wanted to know. He wasn’t hurt that you kept such wonderful news from him, more so why you waited to tell him about it. Niall had undone the cute braid you had given him, his hair crinkled at that part.

“Soon, I swear. The holidays came up so quick and… I guess I just forgot.” You half smiled, shrugging.

It was sort of the truth. No one just “forgets” they’re pregnant. You mostly wanted to wait until you were out of the clear for pregnancy complications, but by then Niall would have surely noticed something was different about you. 

“I guess I don’t have to ask if you’re happy about it.” You joked, according to the way Niall behaved. He was still smiling, cheeks flushed with pink. You don’t think you have ever seen him this happy.

“You kiddin’? I’m… I’m… Shit, what’s the word? There isn’t a word in the dictionary that can describe how thrilled I am! I’m gonna be a dad for Christ sake!” Niall grinned. You giggled.

“I’m gonna be a mommy!” You smiled.

Niall’s lips came on yours for a quick kiss, and then he sank to his knees in front of you, rolling up your shirt. You saw this coming, he was such a cliche sometimes. A bump wasn’t even close to showing, but you could feel that there were more than two people in the room currently. Niall’s huge hands were on your sides. He kissed right below your belly button, and pressed his ear to your stomach.

“Hello? Can ya hear me?” Niall cooed. He tapped his fingers on your skin. You rolled your eyes, laughing at how silly he could be, and buried your head in your hands.

“They’ll be able to soon.” You mentioned. 

“I’m going to talk to it and sing to it every day, so they’ll know me voice. It? He? She?” Niall then questioned. Whether he had a son or a daughter, he really didn’t care. He did talk about having a boy more so than he did about having a girl.

Your hands went into his hair as he peppered more kisses all over your stomach. Niall’s heart fluttered at your touch, losing himself in kissing you. He couldn’t wait to watch you grow and blossom. He wished he could fast forward through time so he could cuddle you and your newborn. Then again, he didn’t want to miss a single moment of your pregnancy. 

“Ooh! It could be twins!” Niall realized. You scoffed.

“Don’t even joke.”

My nephew and I are alike in a lot of ways but we also have our major differences. I’m a very extroverted person. I have a huge personality. He on the other hand is a complete opposite. He’s quiet, he’s introverted. He’s chill. I’m not. I have no chill. Because of this him and I can only spend a limited time together. My extroverted personality is exhausting to his introverted personality and when we spend too much time together and I exhaust him, he completely shuts down and ends up completely silent. I feel bad for bringing this on but I can’t help it. So we’re spending the week together at his dorm. We’re on day 3. He’s hit that point. It’s about 5:30pm and I haven’t heard him speak a word since about noon. So I’m just wandering around his building trying to give him some space.


Derek : “She’s gonna be fine ?”

Peter : “I hope”

Derek : “You spent a lot of time with her since she is here. You seem to care about her”

Peter rolled his eyes, he would never admit to anyone what he feels for you. He’s got too much pride for that

Peter : “I didn’t care about anyone. After the time we spend togheter my nephew I think you know that”

When Derek had finally left the room, the old alpha sat near you. While you were asleep he gently stroked your hair before he approaching his face a bit and he whisper an “I love you” in your ear.


I wanted to put these comics about spending time with my baby nephew in one place.  He is my little round pal!  He barfs a lot.

Nothing pleases me more than when I talk to my nieces and nephews about Steven Universe. I show them this and my goodness do they flip out. I don’t get to really spend a lot of time with all of them, but they think I’m the coolest person for liking Steven and the gang. My niece said that it was cool that I’m a grown up, but like kid stuff. Ha. Little does she know how much adult scenarios are in Steven U. She’s 11 so I’ll wait for the day she becomes a teenager and have that talk with her.

Until then, I’m going to talk gems, comedic relief, and explain to the best of my abilities of how no one should be ashamed of who they are.