to spare you all from a spam

Yes this is exactly what it looks like ahahha.

We’ve been pondering what to actually do for the 1000+ followers achievement and perhaps inevitably we’ve come to the, perhaps cliche, good old Q&A. We’ve had a few questions popping up recently about us Admins so figured why not do a collective posting about it for any of those little queries you guys have while we rebuilt our drafts of finished RPs~

So starting today, for a week we will leave the inbox open for prompts as usual, but also be collecting any questions about the RPs, how we run things, or whatever you want to know about us and this time next week, post them all together to spare you guys from being spammed haha.

So yeah I guess that’s about it. If you’re lucky I’ll probably draw something for a few responses. I’m sure Admin P will edit this if I’ve forgotten anything.

- Admin N~