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A day late for #fanartfriday but I felt like I already posted quite a bit yesterday, that I would spare you guys the spamming and give this the spotlight today!!! Such BRILLIANT pieces of artwork from you guys and I am so honored by it all!! Tap the pic on Insta to see the full art and check out the artists!! 🙏

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We are still okay. It’s been raining nonstop, but gently enough that we’ve only gotten a couple of inches.

But if you’ve been anywhere near a news outlet today, you probably already know that the same can’t be said for Houston. They’ve had more rain in one day than they get in an ENTIRE YEAR. Parts of the city are underwater. Alligators are swimming in flooded neighborhoods. Thousands of people have been rescued from their homes. The entire area is under a constant tornado threat.

And it’s only the first day of what may be a four-day weather event.

Please continue to pray for everyone in Harvey’s path. If you’d like to do more than pray, here is some relief info I’ve picked up throughout the day:

- In the San Antonio area, the SA Food Bank is accepting donations and volunteers to help the evacuees taking refuge in the city.
- In the Houston area, police are asking for boat owners to lend their vehicles to rescue efforts (if they can get there SAFELY).
- Rockport and the coastal areas that were impacted by Cat 4 winds are still in need of donations (clothes, bedding, hygiene products, etc.).
- Remember to get all emergency numbers from official sources. There are already idiots out there trying to scam people in Houston, and in the current situation, viral misinformation can be life-threatening.
- Try to avoid spamming local news outlets and rescue groups with messages/photos. Some people have been tweeting their locations to these groups so that they can be saved from their flooded homes.
- If you’d like to open your house/spare room to evacuees, you can register with Air BnB’s disaster relief program. Check their website for details.

That’s all, folks. I hope you’re all doing well.


I actually did it, the absolute madman, but if anyone wants to know what I did, here was my trashy strategy:

Max AP
HP up
and the Max Rainbow Cannon thing

Main Units:
Macaroon Ichi (Lvl 40): The only unit who actually got through the flying Totokos and destroyed the enemy boss and base
Ice Skater Kara (Lvl 30+): Meat shield numero uno, used to stall to ensure that no totokos got near my weak base
High School Musical Kara (Lvl 30+): Meat shield numero dos, also used to stall to keep totokos at bay
Kitty Ichi (Lvl 30+): Out of all the 3 ground Ichis, this one had the longest range and helped the most

Honestly, for the other units I had on my team, I used Fish Totty and F6 Jyushi only when the Karas all died and I needed some units to take some hits for the Ichis. White day Choro and Oso never went out since they were too quishy to be death fodder.

The actual strategy:
I spammed the Karas first to hold off some of the Totokos, then immediately spammed the Ichis mostly the Kitty Ichi), with Macaroon Ichi taking the spot for the “Most-number-of-times-I-smashed-my-phone-to-summon-him Award.” I put in Totty and Jyushi too because they were as good enough as death fodder as anyone could get. Also, anytime the rainbow cannon bblast was available, I’d use it to push the Totokos back, even if by a little bit in order to spare some damage from my units. Every time my Karas all got wiped out, I’d send in more and just about everyone else but Choro and Oso. As most of the other Hesowar strategies say for this level: KEEP THE AIR WALL ALIVE AND DO NOT REST IF YOU WANT TO SURVIVE. 

Aka spam and keep spamming and hope that it all works out in the end.

okay that was my two coins I put into this event k bye

Yes this is exactly what it looks like ahahha.

We’ve been pondering what to actually do for the 1000+ followers achievement and perhaps inevitably we’ve come to the, perhaps cliche, good old Q&A. We’ve had a few questions popping up recently about us Admins so figured why not do a collective posting about it for any of those little queries you guys have while we rebuilt our drafts of finished RPs~

So starting today, for a week we will leave the inbox open for prompts as usual, but also be collecting any questions about the RPs, how we run things, or whatever you want to know about us and this time next week, post them all together to spare you guys from being spammed haha.

So yeah I guess that’s about it. If you’re lucky I’ll probably draw something for a few responses. I’m sure Admin P will edit this if I’ve forgotten anything.

- Admin N~

Mentally Ill Queer Kids in Need

So you may have seen me and my partner, didnotstopweepingforninedays, rebloging a lot of stuff from our Etsy lately; this is because we’re heading towards a pretty desperate situation money wise. Ellie’s homophobic and ableist parents are forcing her, and our best friend/sibling queerquentinquire out of the house in the next month or so. Ellie works but Nan and me are students and we’re all pretty mentally ill so holding down any job is really really stressfull at the moment. 

Luckily, we’re not in a situation that we need to accept donations (yet) but you can still help some mentally ill queer/trans kids by buying cool stuff from our Etsy! We have pins, charms, candles, hand-knit bunnies, garlands (and soon, goody bags of stickers and stationary!)

So if you have some spare change it would be really great if you could help us out! Or just reblog this!