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A day late for #fanartfriday but I felt like I already posted quite a bit yesterday, that I would spare you guys the spamming and give this the spotlight today!!! Such BRILLIANT pieces of artwork from you guys and I am so honored by it all!! Tap the pic on Insta to see the full art and check out the artists!! 🙏

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A trend that I am so over?

The notion that capital letters are pointless in writing. People will go out of their way to spam emojis but they can’t spare a millisecond to hit the shift or caps lock key?

So there is this thing in typography called the x-height. Most lowercase letters are at or around the same height as the letter x. The x is used because all ends are flat. Letters like c might dip just a very tiny smidgeon below the x-height because of its curve, but for the most part, they do not wander far from x. Most lowercases follow this rule: weruoaszxcvnm.

when you write a block of text in nothing but lowercase letters, it starts to create a blur not unlike a run-on sentence. and for younger eyes, this might not be much of a problem, but for older eyes, there are less visual cues on when and where a sentence starts and begins. and i don’t mean “i’m old and crotchety and don’t like change!’, i mean “my vision isn’t what it used to be and i genuinely cannot see periods and commas sometimes, especially when i’m tired.”

People need visual breaks, and capital letters can help with that, and bolding does not count. I could continue this rant addressing further issues such as capitalizing i, and names, titles, countries, etc. but I’ll end up with a novel.

Also, Grammarly did not like this paragraph.

Yes this is exactly what it looks like ahahha.

We’ve been pondering what to actually do for the 1000+ followers achievement and perhaps inevitably we’ve come to the, perhaps cliche, good old Q&A. We’ve had a few questions popping up recently about us Admins so figured why not do a collective posting about it for any of those little queries you guys have while we rebuilt our drafts of finished RPs~

So starting today, for a week we will leave the inbox open for prompts as usual, but also be collecting any questions about the RPs, how we run things, or whatever you want to know about us and this time next week, post them all together to spare you guys from being spammed haha.

So yeah I guess that’s about it. If you’re lucky I’ll probably draw something for a few responses. I’m sure Admin P will edit this if I’ve forgotten anything.

- Admin N~

Mentally Ill Queer Kids in Need

So you may have seen me and my partner, didnotstopweepingforninedays, rebloging a lot of stuff from our Etsy lately; this is because we’re heading towards a pretty desperate situation money wise. Ellie’s homophobic and ableist parents are forcing her, and our best friend/sibling queerquentinquire out of the house in the next month or so. Ellie works but Nan and me are students and we’re all pretty mentally ill so holding down any job is really really stressfull at the moment. 

Luckily, we’re not in a situation that we need to accept donations (yet) but you can still help some mentally ill queer/trans kids by buying cool stuff from our Etsy! We have pins, charms, candles, hand-knit bunnies, garlands (and soon, goody bags of stickers and stationary!)

So if you have some spare change it would be really great if you could help us out! Or just reblog this!