to sober

my smoke,
your trip,
we’re both faded and gone.

while we sit in silence,
it’s like we’re talking to each other.
is your heart beating as fast as mine?

i’m sad,
you’re scared,
this is just a mess.

you see shadows,
i lost mine.
do you see my shadows dancing in the pale moonlight?

i’m alive,
on a high,
living on the soul delusion of time.

you’re here,
next to me,
with a mouth that’s cotton dry.

we’re both dead inside,
living on the reality of love and hurt.
will you still love me even if i’m sober?


Katelyn: You okay?

Neha: No. I’m confushed.

Katelyn: You’re drunk too. Maybe lay off the juice?

Neha: No ways! Juice is da only thing that won’t tell me wha to do and how to feels. 

Katelyn: Neha… is this the thing with Jules? Are you sure you don’t want to talk about it, instead?

Neha: I’ve talked and talked and talked. Now I just need to sing ‘bout other things. Besides you’re a Philomel. You’ll side with Jules. 

Katelyn: I may be a Philomel but I’m also your friend, Nee. Your friend who is sober and thinks you should lay off the juice.

Neha: Off to da nesh (next) song! 

i’m real and i don’t feel like boys

Summary: Vilde has a secret she needs to tell, and Sana’s the only person she trusts to hear it.

Notes: HUGE shoutout to Zoë (@ziggy-sapphdust) for being an AMAZING beta, and to all the gays in the @skamwlwnet for being supportive and wonderful.

For Lesbian Visibility Day 2017

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The night starts out like a typical Friday night. Vilde or Eva or Chris have secured  invites to some party at someone’s house and now Sana’s surrounded by loud music and drunk people trying to dance. Pounding, hot, and stuffy, and yeah–pretty much a typical friday night. Noora’s MIA again–citing something having to do with Linn and Eskild and cooking dinner as her excuse–so Sana’s left alone to be the sober one looking after her friends and making sure they don’t get hurt or do something particularly stupid.

Sana’s taken her typical place among the party guests, perched on a couch off to the side in an angle that gives her a full vantage point of the room. From here she sits and watches, taking in everyone around her and taking mental note of anything that catches her eye observing the couples dancing and hooking up and drinking. Sometimes she thinks she knows some relationships better than the actual couples do. This thought makes her chuckle a little.

Realizing it’s been a bit since she’s checked on her friends, she looks up to scan the room. She spots Chris right away in the center of the room, talking to a group of guys who are laughing and hanging onto her every word. A little more searching and she locates Eva dancing and laughing with Ingrid and Sara. And Vilde…Sana sits up straighter. She can’t find Vilde.

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little-noko replied to your post: If Decay and Vibe get married who would most…

pfffff I forgot how much those two are just so hhhhh GOD I love them so bad

i love them too the lovely dorks 

omg remembering the ice skating rp asdghjlr

remember when dec got drunk and confessed on the island

and vibe was just “i love you toooo…but uh lets get you sober before we do any more kissin’, yeah?” 

these dorks asdghjk


I’m a bitch, I’m a bitch
Oh, the bitch is back
Stone cold sober as a matter of fact
I can bitch, I can bitch
Cause I’m better than you
It’s the way that I move
The things that I do

Bitch, bitch



Please - This Is A MUST Read!

anonymous asked:

SO imagine: Sid plus Geno plus flirty russians plus bby pens go to the bar. Maybe some french Canadians too. Geno is unfortunately the most sober, so he is busy packaging bby pens into cabs cause they were dumb enough to go shot for shot with the Russian Clique. He leaves Flower/Ovi in charge of Sid, because he is very very drunk (oh, how did this shot get into my hand, it would be rude not to take it). Geno returns to Sid sitting in the WRONG Russian lap... 1/2

And Geno just growls. And looses English a little bit. And Sid’s busy talking about how great his Geno is. ‘Oh hey, did you know my Geno is russian too? I like Russian things.’ And then Sidney just finds himself bodily picked up and put in Geno’s lap 2/2


sidney sitting in laps is giving me feelings. like sidney immediately gets all starry-eyed and happy and kisses geno’s face and goes “Geno!! You’re back!! I missed you!! I’m having so much funnn have you met my new friend–”, and geno does a dumb little smug smile at every russian in the vicinity

Flower: Ugh, Geno’s doing the face again
Ovi: The one where it looks like he knows he’s getting laid?
Flower: Yeah that one.

anonymous asked:

I was reading your headcanons and read the part were Touka's drunk, I was like OMG! I would love to see Kaneki try and take care of a drunk Touka. I would be funny because with re 122 if he can't handle regular blunt (and flirty) Touka, he definitely can't handle a drunk Touka 😂

IMAGINE HOW DRUNK TOUKA WOULD IT BE! If she’s extremely sassy and honest just by being sober, imagine how crazy she would become if she gets drunk 😂 but at some point i think Kaneki wouldn’t find that uncomfortable? I thikn he would feel like she’s super cute, like a grumpy little girl. I wonder what other dirty things she can say to him while being drunk 👀

Three years ago right now I was sitting in rehab hating everything and like tbh sometimes I hate being clean and sober and but i can’t ever change the fact that I’m an addict and almost in 3 years of sobriety, my life has been amazing. Like that’s the stupid stereotypical bs that you hear said but like…I get to travel, I have a job I love, I’m not scared all the time, I don’t wanna die all the time, words don’t do shit for the change that sobriety made

Interview Tag Game

I’m doing @electricarmchair‘s interview tag game! Thank you for including me!

1. Are there common settings (fictional or real)  that show up in your writing?

I write about forests all the time. I can’t leave them alone. I even recently tried to jam a forest into a science fiction story that had no place for forests in it. 

2. Do you plan before writing, or go with the flow?

It depends! I always plan prose, and for poetry, sometimes I will go with the flow, and sometimes I will have a specific plan for how I want to work with an image. 

3. If you could be a colour, what colour would you be and why?

I would be blue, because it has the most emotional range. Blue can be the saddest or the happiest of colors, it can be whimsical and vibrant or it can blend into the background, it can be the sky or the sea or the unexpected flower in a forest. I love blue. 

4. Do you often and prefer to write sober? Why or why not?

I write sober without fail. I need clarity to be able to write. 

5. Do you multitask while writing?

I’ll sometimes listen to music!

6. What genre(s) would you classify your writing under?

I write poetry, but I also write some fiction, which is usually magical realism, fantasy, or science fiction. 

7. What do you do more, read or write?

Sadly, I write a lot more than I read, if you don’t count my readings for my classes. 

8. What’s your favourite word and why?

Right now, my favorite word is cerulean. It’s a corny one, but I love the color, and I love the way it sounds.

9. Why do you write?

I write because I feel the need to express myself, and because I love knowing that people are connecting with my words. 

I shall tag @isteauctor, @eccepoems, @amended-noumenon, @eggletine, and @voidlightmoon. Make sure you tag @electricarmchair in your answers! 

Thanks @sonador-reveur for tagging me  ❤

1. Are there common settings (fictional or real)  that show up in your writing?

Not really. There’s little standardization in my writing. It’s mostly random.

2. Do you plan before writing, or go with the flow?
I never plan because for me any creative process is hindered by planning. Planning is projection and estimation and that messes up my creative process. But I usually write when an idea hits me. So it’s not like I am just staring at the screen wanting to for a flow. 

3. If you could be a colour, what colour would you be and why?
I guess because that’s my favourite colour at the moment. 

4. Do you often and prefer to write sober? Why or why not?
I have never tried writing while drunk but I definitely want to try it some day. 

5. Do you multitask while writing?
In general, I don’t multitask.

6. What genre(s) would you classify your writing under?
Can’t classify 

7. What do you do more, read or write?
Read, definitely. 

8. What’s your favourite word and why?
I don’t know, I think most times it holds so many hopes and nervous anticipation and is generally the beginning of a real life story. If that makes sense?

9. Why do you write?
It’s one of the few things that inspires me. Makes me feel alive. 

so i am never able to really decide on headcanons for aged up kageyamas and alcohol.

they both make sense like: mob who doesnt need drinks to have a great time with friends, or, mob that took up some bad methods for coping w emotions or is just trying to socialize.

and for ritsu its even harder ,because i am entirely convinced it could easily go either way:

  • 101% salty, 111% done-with-everything straightedge ritsu, standing somewhere in the corner with a glass of carbonated water judging everyone he sees
  • at one point takes a flask out his pocket and takes a long sip out of it,
  • “ooh, kageyama kun, is that vodka or sth?? can i have some-”
    “its coffee.”


  • absolutely trashed, “im too sober for this” ritsu, lowkey highkey passive aggressively telling off everyone in the 20 meter radius of where hes standing
  • halfway through the night, ends up bent over some live hedge, trying not to puke; some girl from his class comes up to him “are you okay?”
  • ritsus just like “go away you slut, i remember when you stole my eraser back in the 3rd grade”
  • bonus: “*blush* it still reminds me of you, kageyama kun”
    ritsu: *actually throws up*