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some honest suggestions to improve pokemon go

since ive admittedly been posting a lot of negative stuff about the game lately, allow me to share some ideas i’ve had for improvement.

-Varied bags:  in the more modern versions of pokemon games, the trainer’s backpack has multiple pockets for different items. healing goes in one, pokeballs in another, stat mods in a third, etc.  This helps me keep organized since there is an item limit.  I’d rather go ahead and dump all my low-level potions so i have more room for pokeballs and this type of organization just makes things more straightforward.

-Vanity: At this point in my game (level 21) there’s really not much I would bother purchasing from the store with pokecoins, unless there was an additional tier of customization.  For a handful of coins I should be able to buy a different style hat, patterened pants, or a jigglypuff shaped backpack.  I guarantee there are a lot of people who would rather spend money on vanity than things like lures. personally, I felt dirty when I used money to buy pokeballs and lures, it felt like a cop-out, like i was paying to win.  but i’ve got ZERO problem paying for vanity! (maybe thats just me?)

-Companion pokemon: Just like pokemon yellow, you get a little buddy to follow you around!  One pokemon from your list can be set as your companion, they will follow your trainer around on the map (the graphic could be disabled if people want).  If you wanted to get really into this one, your active pokemon could use a passive move (like growl or tail wag) to help subdue wild pokemon while you tray to catch them (basically replacing a razzberry).

-PVP: I know this is likely already being considered and will be released in baby-steps, but allow me to share my hopes.  For phase one, PVP fights can only commence if a player is standing within a very tight radius to you (10 meters should be plenty).  Its a 1v1 pokebattle where trainers can use their companion pokemon to fight.  The winner is offered a very small amount of XP and a handful of stardust (100 of each maybe to save friends from repeatedly exploiting this?).  Your pokemon would of course need to be healed between each battle.  In phase two you could battle over wifi/data with one specific user via their username. But to be honest the concept of a friends list/private messaging system worries me.  Kids are safe from harrasment right now due to the lack of social interaction and i’d kind of like to keep it that way (maybe 18+ users can consent to a messaging system??).

-Daily Rewards: This has so many possibilities.  First things to come to mind are walking dailies (walk 500m and receive 100xp and a handful of pokeballs), send prof willow 5 pokemon for a small reward like bonus candy for a certain species of pokemon registered on your pokedex (because ill never get my charmander to evolve at this rate : /), Catch x amount of pokemon in a day, train a gym for x prestige, pokehunts (track down a very specific race of pokemon for a significant reward).  Daily rewards could also stack (you logged in 5 days in a row! bonus!). There’s so many options here and it encourages people to log in every day and get moving!

-Timed events: We all saw the fantastic animated commercial from the original Pokemon GO ad where a horde of people ‘fight’ a mewtwo in Times Square.  This is far too large for what I’m considering.  The players living in the smaller cities will never get a taste so we need to think smaller, more localized. Every few days/weeks in moderately populated hubs (like bus/train stations, colleges [not elementary schools!], shopping malls) an event is triggered.  Exact details of said event may vary.  It could be a highly potent lure, item cache, or a bonus XP buff.