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Catching up from my twitter here is a BNHA sona/oc I made. Their name is Mariko Madoka also known as Empuppy! Their quirk is Empathic Absorption. They can absorb negative emotions from everyone in the nearby vicinity and then use that energy to launch psychic type blasts. 

Mariko is generally a very relaxed and even shy student. They admire their classmates and want success for everyone. They understand stress and tough times come with being a hero but they will do anything to ease those heavy emotions.

Also some interactions with @silvermender and  @gh0stdoe because I love their OCs >:’C

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emergency commissions

Would anyone be interested in lineart commissions, going for 40$ waist up, 50$ full body

+20 for additional characters

Sketch page at 80$ 

I can also do traditional lineart with ink shading for 60$

If so email me 

Taking 5 slots for this week, though each slot(individual) can commission up to 3 pieces




Bri, commissioned by @silvermender . This one goes to 3d print, let’s hope it doesn’t break

anonymous asked:

I absolutely love your art! Your artstyle is so cool... It's the #1 inspiration for developing my own style. You rock.

Oh man, thank you so much, that’s so flattering!! (I’ve been having kind of an art crisis for the last few months so, thanks ;w;)

I know you didn’t ask but, since you like my style and my approach to drawing, I’m going to share some of MY biggest influences and artists that I’ve always tried to emulate, especially while I was first learning to draw!

Tim Sale - my favorite comic artist, everything he touches is gold. My favorite comics from him are Batman: The Long Halloween and Batman: Dark Victory

Bruce Timm - I was obsessed with Batman: The Animated Series in Junior High and it had a huge impact on my art. (BTAS is still aces, you should watch it.)

Eiichiro Oda - One Piece was the comic I was obsessed with when I first tried making comics of my own! Oda’s comic style, brand of humor, character design, and linework has been a big inspiration for a while and I wanted nothing but to draw like him in high school.

CLAMP - Specifically their work on Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. First manga I ever read! I love their linework, and their really really good use of stark black/white with limited use of halftones (esp in the first half of the series!)! It’s such a sharp looking comic!

Ayami Kojima - JUST LOOK AT HER WORK????

And I’m gonna go ahead and link a couple art blogs that are always so inspiring to me cuz if you like my stuff, you’ll LOVE theirs:
@millionfish @becdecorbin @ohpsshaw @afuchan @whitefoxcub @jakewyattriot @thezombiedogz @neonjawbone @silvermender @dunesand