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Been wanting to doodle silvermender’s tar-baby radioactive alien monster Pint for a while now (was originally trying to draw Karel but I didn’t have internet at the time or a ref so I gave up and attempted Pint instead), hope you don’t mind the terrible inaccuracies, haha… like I said, no internet = no ref. lol

I love you, I love your art, and I love monsters bby. <3
P.S. Stay fabulous

silvermender  asked:

Hey Porp! I wanted to ask, could you elaborate more on what are the princess spores in your game? I got a vibe that they were rejected royalty, though not too sure..I love the worldbuilding tons, wish I could get more insight to it!

Thanks! Princess spores are laid every year by the skull empress, they’re a regular excretion like shedding skin or sloughing uterine lining.

If they were allowed to flourish, they could potentially threaten her power, growing into strange new xeno-empresses and neo-queens. So culling them was turned into a festivity, where everyone can show their loyalty and vent their emotional tension by stamping out her brood.

But it seems very possible that some must have escaped and formed feral queendoms deep in the death jungle, or were cast up on some coral isle across the sea where a gossamer seafoam city began to form…or imagine if a princess spore had someone loving to take care of it, some lonely witch in the wilderness followed around by a giant pink puff…


SAM, WITH ONE LAST (MAYBE) , ULTIMATE REVAMP! And also the nicest ref sheet i’ve ever made…….

@silvermender n i were talkin n they made the suggestion I integrate a bit of my peridot’s design into my wisps! AND BOY WAS IT THE BEST IDEA I EVER SEEN….look at this teeny tiny menace to society….

SO,Wisps are now glowing bug monkeys!! that tend to make lots of awful hissing and chittering sounds. They can scream loud monkey screams and loud bug screams. The worst things to ever happen to human ears, probably..

My dear friend Gabo @silvermender commissioned me to draw her character Rajenlo! I was happy to draw a such a complex character, a four-armed ruthless queen who is grappling with wounds and motherhood. If you get the chance you should check out amazing Gabo’s art!

Should you be interested, my commission info is at the top of my blog :)

small monster is food? no? 

I really enjoy silvermender’s character creation and worldbuilding so I drew Karel interacting with Midera, who is one of mine. 

I’m not sure if Karel still has a ponytail? Either way Midera likes the idea of being tall and she’s trying to convince Karel but I don’t think he’s listening.

Artist Appreciation Week

I’ve been seeing around tumblr that it’s time to give the proper shout outs to the people of tumblr who inspire you with art. Almost anyone who shares their art online has my immediate admiration, but I definitely want to recognize the people who share their amazing art without ever asking anything in return. In no particular order:

leftforbed/ cynellis | phaselockandload| actuallyagentcarolina | artydorksout| sueslayer | gr33dsama| jambandit| coffee-elemental| buttmst3k / grandpafucker| necromorph-slayinglovemachine | wutruffbeest | milesupshur | tangite | drbyron / drbyron-art | nakawhatever/ damedonger | fatalfelidae| figmentforms| slimekid | rothusband | mellowmonsters| wishfulsketching| owlygem | corseque/ corseque-art | jam-art| siins | asieybarbie | lang95 | gorillaprutt | mo0gs  | alderion-al  | cortnan  | sugarrushes  | amaet  | sanshodelaine  | krokodilov | kanatariaaaa  | taustekli | h4ndsomebear  | clovercrepe | emkapart/ mrflexington| mongoliantiger | cparris | ewylouie/ mensrightshotline | silsol/ ssulsol  | kingsiha | epsee | silvermender | inklie | owligator | the-orator | ghoulkiss | janearts | bridgetbougan | domirine | mayakern | ziggyzagz | dead-haven | theminttu | groovy-bastard | usbdongle | mimiadraws | makanidotdot | snuffysbox | wannabejack | theboyofcheese | oyoshima | wraithlike | worthikids | ljrmr | odlaws / odraws | syggy | kiseksartblog | axtonsbutt | sicorey | c2ndy2c1d | bloochikin  | lassenby

you’re all great ok you’re GREAT thank you thank you thank you