to show how rich and powerful he is

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Hi, since I've seen that you sometimes post about pride&prejudice I wanted to ask for your opinion on something: I've often seen people say that Elizabeth changes her mind about Darcy only after she sees how wealthy he is i.e. she realised what it meant being married to him and that's why she agreed to marry him later. Do you think that's the case? For me it's a complete misinterpretation of the book but maybe I'm the one reading it wrong...

Austen is indeed my specialty!

It’s a regrettably common reading going back to, at least, Sir Walter Scott’s contemporary review. It’s rooted in Elizabeth’s joke to Jane, that her feelings started to change when she saw his beautiful grounds at Pemberley, but 

1) it’s a joke

2) she’s struck by the beauty of the grounds (and his personal interior decorating projects), specifically BECAUSE of his wealth. She expected it to be tacky or at least OTT—a monument to riches—and she’s impressed because it isn’t. There’s elegance and restraint, emphasizing the natural advantages and beauty without overpowering them. Elizabeth is all about the #aesthetic, not splendour; even in the joke, it’s what she emphasizes.

And, if anything, she’s pretty dismissive about the scale of Darcy’s wealth that is discreetly apparent there. She notes that the furniture is suitable to his fortune and immediately redirects her attention to the grounds, Georgiana’s drawings, etc. The thing that hits her at Pemberley, if you’re going for the materialistic approach, is not wealth but power. She always knew he was rich, but she’s explicitly startled and impressed by his power at Pemberley (specifically by how nobly he exercises it, but perhaps to a certain extent the simple fact of it). 

So I’ve always been a bit perplexed that the conspiracy theory is fortune-hunting!Elizabeth and not power-hungry!Elizabeth. :P 

Now, I think it’s very clear that Elizabeth is impressed by his power largely in the sense that it shows character. The freer you are to act—and in this case, to impose your will on others by simply existing—the more your actions betray your inner character. And by that metric, Darcy’s inner character is exemplary. That’s really very clear, IMO, but people (esp people who are looking for something to problematize!) nevertheless miss it.

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Dirty Laundry ; L. Donghyuck

lee donghyuck normal teen!au

⇢ WORDS: 4.0k

⇢ NOTE: this is heavily inspired by All Time Low’s album “Last Young Rendegade”. I pulled inspiration from 9/10 of the songs on the album, so the songs correspond to the story in timeline as you can see through the story. 

this i also for my son’s birthday! i hope you guys enjoy!

⇢ EDITED? [✕]

Last Young Renegade [x]

The sky was vermilion from the setting autumn sun, its rays gleaming down on the industrial city. The beams caught onto every reflective surface, creating a red room effect. The world seemed to stand still for a moment, as what looked like a fire consumed the sky.

Sneakers screeching along the sidewalk interrupted the quiet environment as two middle schoolers jumped around, the look of the sky in their eyes. Passion and love escaping them through the most valuable piece of themselves.

Kim Byeol jumped in her excitement, the world slowing as her dark hair whipped around her body, she looked like a tornado. She was a tornado, soon to wreck his life. Her eyes were gleaming as she looked at the boy to whom she would destroy. He stood in front of the setting sun where all the rays hit him just right, and for a moment she lost him.

He looked like a storm, raging and ready for the next sudden turn. The placid look on his features turned to dust as the lights started to fade along with the sun. His lips rose, and he turned so that his back was towards her.

“Let’s go,” he proposed, a flicker across his back.

Byeol always loved this about him. The constant need for adventure, the feeling of adrenaline running through her veins that she never expected to gain from such a charming teen.

He took off, a grin showing off his pearly teeth with Byeol stood in his wake. She stared at him sprint, before joining him.

They continued to drag their sneakers along the concrete, deafening screeches once again coming from them before it all halted, their breaths mingled and long. Boys and girls stood around them, paying no mind as they continued their painting.

“The best place you could ever go. Where would that be?” he asked her, standing an inch closer than she thought necessary.

“Wherever you are is the best.”

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The Pirate and The Diplomat - Chapter 8

Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Hardenshipping
Word count: 8,380 for this chapter
Contains: Mentions of death, violence, blood, eventual smut and romance, mentions of various headcanons, and a lot of rivalry mixed with sexual tension.

Summary: Maxie McDewitt is a diplomat on the way to Johto to make a trade deal when the boat he is on is captured by pirates. The captain of the ship, Archie Brimsey, decides to keep him prisoner with a promise of treasure. At first tensions between the two are high, however pirate life ends up influencing Maxie’s behaviour, and his feelings, in ways that neither man can begin to comprehend. 

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Author’s Note: Well hey there everyone. This chapter is unbeta’d as my girlfriend is currently asleep at the time of this coming out and I have no idea if I would have been able to post it tomorrow. Any issues with this fic, raise them with me and I’ll get to editing asap. 

Apart from that, this is a long one so enjoy! 

From below deck came the muffled shouts and orders of the crew, a constant reminder as to where Maxie was, though after awhile he found himself able to block out the sounds of the crew altogether. Once he did, he found the sound of the water hitting the hull comforting, after many voyages where the sound had kept him awake with dread. Somehow, he found himself dozing off, ignoring the hard wood that he sat on, letting his thoughts take over. The slow bob of the ship as it traversed the waves calmed his breathing, lulling him into a peaceful state of mind, one he hadn’t really been in for a long time. He wasn’t really sure how much time was passing outside either, eyes drooping every now and again as he tried to fight off the sleep, however he soon gave in, just about managing to keep himself sitting upright against the wall.

Unfortunately, sleep didn’t last very long, around half an hour at the most, before the door to his cell slammed open, causing him to jump, eyes snapping open in surprise, right towards the cell door. Matt stood there, the key to the cell in his hands, a stern look on his face.

“Get up, the captain wants you.”

Maxie opened his mouth to retort, but didn’t have time to before Matt roughly grabbed him, hauling him up to his feet. He staggered a little, his legs having fallen asleep, before scoffing and making a show of straightening his clothes.

“Could have added a please in there somewhere,” he muttered, ignoring the glare he got in return.

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How to analyze a POT. $$$

I read a lot of girls posting analysis of income, and tell if the guy can afford to have a sugar baby.
Here is my take:
Big city and single: 250k
Big city and married: 350k
Not big city and single: 150k
Not a big city and married: 250k
Net worth and income do not always have a direct relationship with each other.
Scenario 1: guy makes 50k and inherited 5 million
Scenario 2: guy makes 300k and spends it all.

I think you should use this for a basis of what you are looking for a pot to spend minimum: 3000/month big city and 2000/month not big city.

Now, I firmly believe that someone who is making more than 400k per year is smart enough not to reveal his true net worth. Why would someone smart enough to make that kind of money put himself at risk of blackmail by showing off? What girls should be more concerned about is how much he is willing to spend on you. I think anyone making 200k has the spending power (depending on circumstances) to afford at least 2000/month.

For my profile, I put an income and net worth to portray the type of allowance I want to spend. I don’t reveal my true income. I don’t reveal my true net worth.

How to tell if someone is rich AND willing to spend $:

Not by how he dresses. My father used to take me to clothing trade shows when I was young. He pointed out. See everyone in suits! They are not the rich guys. Look for the guys who are dressed casually in T-shirts ( Egyptian cotton), they are the ones who don’t have to look nice because they hire people for that.

Not by his car ( although there are minimum standards. An E class would be a minimum as well as A6, 5 series, etc “hybrids excluded”) anyone who drives anything less is either lying or cheap. If you make 200k and drive a civic, ur not gonna be spending thousands on an arrangement. Reason being, these cars are safer, more comfortable, and shows that a man is into luxury hence, able to afford a SB.

Drinks. Anybody making 50k can afford a restaurant bill. But they can’t afford good champagne. On your next pot date, tell them you like champagne and ask if they would like to “have champagne with you” ( never ask to share a bottle) In effect, what you have done is tactfully put them in a position to reveal what they are comfortable with or whether they are comfortable and accommodating. A man who is serious about impressing a girl will order a bottle whether they like it or not. Anyone who has money has had champagne and can tolerate it even if they don’t like it. If they tell you they will have something else, in effect they are forcing you to order by the glass (aka shitty stuff). ( this is my opinion and may not be correct for all guys) but one thing is true, if he orders a bottle of something nice, he is willing to spend money on you. You can’t get good champagne at a restaurant for under 150 dollars (small city prices) and 250 (big city). This, in my opinion is a good sign for a pot date. Lol. So many guys are gonna hate me for this but I’m tired of all these bullshit guys ruining it for real SD’s.

His watch. At some point, ask him the time and compliment him on his watch. Ask about it and take genuine interest. Google it later and if it’s worth 5k and up, he is a pot that will have money for a consistent arrangement. I know a lot of rich people and 98% of the ones making 300k+ have a watch worth 4-5k minimum. No exceptions. This shows he has disposable income to spend on himself and you. Nobody poor spends their tax return on a 5000 watch. 1000 maybe. Watches for men is the gift they treat themselves for being successful. They all do it. If you spend 1000 on a watch, you only have one. If you spend 5000 on a watch, chances are you have more than one. Also, anyone with a Rolex is a douche (opinion) because they just want to show off. For that price, there are so many other options that are far more satisfying than a Rolex. Now, if he says the watch has sentimental value (eg. his father gave it to him) then price is not important.

Travelling. (Note: this applies to 80% of pots) Anyone with money and who is willing to spend money on you (aka discretionary spending) will like to stay in nice hotels. This is not a maybe or an option because rich people (half have expense accounts) don’t stay in shitty hotels in big cities (does not apply to small cities due to lack of options) Talk about travel. Then mention ritz Carlton or trump hotels. Ask them if they have stayed in those chains. Ask them what hotel chains they like. You can read up on them online and pricing. When a man doesn’t cheap out on hotels, this is a big $$$ sign that they like luxury (aka:you) and will pay for it.

With these three things, you will be able to determine if he is willing to spend money on you. Being rich doesn’t matter if they are cheap. All that matters is if they are willing to part with their money.

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So how about Akechi lashing out to S/O for caring too much about him (like he gets suspicious as to why somebody would stay with him for so long) It can end nicely or badly, up to you! Thanks in advance!!!

S/O was just treating his scars from the Metaverse; daylight was breaking and the night was still young as Akechi sat there blankly. He triggered another mental shutdown today… S/O never questioned the bruises, scraps, and swollen knots he came home with, assuming it was just him doing his detective work. However, they did know the circumstances revolving around Akechi’s father and what had happened to his mother. Maybe they felt pity?

“Hey… why have you stayed with me for so long?”

S/O looked up, cocking their head and raising a brow, “What do you mean?”

How they said it so innocently, so selflessly. If only they knew what a piece of scum he truly was! The conflicting battles Robin Hood and Loki had with each other almost every single day… Loki spoke about his insecurities: You know they’re going ditch you. You’ll be alone again and continue showing the fake mask… unless you break and let your powers take control.

His eyes glowed gold for a brief second as he felt Loki; did he intentionally make Akechi go berserk? It wasn’t in its full strength but damn…

Without thinking about, he grabbed a fistful of S/O’s hair and yanked them upwards, ignoring the yelp they cried out. S/O looked at them, confused as why someone as sweet as Goro would harm them. They were eye-level with each other now as the rich chestnut brown pupils bored into their S/O’s. It was scary how intense his gaze was; it was scary he was treating them like this; it was fucking scary how Akechi just… snapped with no sudden reasoning.

Akechi repeated himself, aggressively, “Why the fuck did you stay with a piece of shit like myself? Do you perhaps pity me? Is this for your sick amusement?”

“W-What… Goro… w-why would you say that about yourself… why would you believe I just stay here out of pity. I stayed… because…” S/O felt the cheeks dampened with hot tears, worrying they may have been the one to fuck things up. It was hard to please others but for months, the two had open to each other about everything. Well, not quite everything… but still.

Loki chuckled and released Akechi from his hold, allowing him to get a grip of reality and realize what he had been doing. He gasped, releasing the patch of hair he roughly held and looking at his partner, guilty and ashamed.

“I’m sorry… I think you should–”

“Goro…” S/O reached up and hugged the boy, “I… I know you have your insecurities… but… I don’t pity you. I love you, no matter what…” 

Akechi sighed, a hand reaching to gently run his fingers through the same patch of hair he had roughly pulled on a moment again. He noticed S/O flinched and it broke his heart. What kind of monster deserves love? Deserves someone as special and glowing as S/O? But, as a monster, he was selfish and didn’t want to let go of S/O, no matter what.

“I love you too, S/O…” But you don’t deserve me.

This is just my opinion, but I don’t think Izaya is as feminine as he’s seen as.

I was just thinking about it after that ask. I don’t think Izaya is a feminine man. I think he has been described as a ‘beautiful man with handsome features’ or a ‘handsome man with beautiful features’ (can’t remember which way was it lol) but I wouldn’t describe Izaya as feminine.

I mean when I think of feminine, stereotypically feminine, I think of not only a slender body for a man like Izaya has, but gentle and soft-spoken and caring and Izaya is not any of that lol. Like, the dictionary meaning of feminine is ‘having qualities or an appearance traditionally associated with women, especially delicacy and prettiness’ And for effeminate (used to describe feminine men) it’s ‘having characteristics regarded as typical of a woman; unmanly. ‘

Izaya is pretty manly, as in he has traditionally masculine characteristics such as being straightforward and direct, he doesn’t mince his words or show concern for people’s feelings in them. Maybe his face is beautiful and his features delicate, but his personality definitely isn’t lol.

Like Izaya isn’t like Yoru (Tsukiuta) who’s great at cooking and is called the mother of his idol group. Not only that, he’s caring, always extending a hand to others. Like when his teammate said he didn’t like to eat some food, Yoru offered to cook for him in a way that would be easy for people who don’t like to eat it. Yoru takes care of others gently, and he could be considered effeminate. It’s not the taking care of others that makes him seem feminine, since Kai takes care of others too but he does it in a big brother way, like doing things for people, while Yoru is more the offering type like a concerned mother.

Izaya also isn’t like Shun, and this is probably a more fair comparison because they’re both observers of humans and adults. Shun is a cool and composed guy like Izaya, unpredictable, doing whatever he wants. He calls himself the Demon Lord and says he prefers to be taken care of by people than taking care of people. 

But since Shun is a human observer like Izaya, he treated people the same and didn’t have friends before, so much that his parents were happy when he finally got interested in a stranger. Shun was all high and mighty when he first became the leader of his idol group. But over time his caring nature came out especially with Hajime.

Shun’s motive for meeting Hajime is like some shoujo manga love story. He became an idol because he wanted to form a bond with Hajime. I think there is some shojo manga about a girl doing the same thing - oh yeah it’s called Kimi Hana and the girl sees a guy on TV and ‘begins to idolize the young athlete and eventually transfers to Japan to attend the same school’ as him. Shun’s story is almost like that shoujo manga love story - he heard his academic rival Mutsuki Hajime had become an idol and so he accepted the scouting offer, moved all the way to Tokyo when he didn’t even know how to take a train because of his protected life, just to meet Hajime and form a bond with him (he literally said it’s his dream) and began to idolize him, saying he was a huge fan even before he met Hajime (even though he’s the leader of the rival idol group). If Shun was a girl it could become the plot for some romance drama lol.

And while Shun is mostly a fanboy with him, saying how cool he is and speaking about his Hajime-LOVE exuberantly, he gives power to Hajime. He took care of Hajime on their date, and in the drama CD told Hajime that seeing him shine makes him happy and he wants Hajime to show more of his shine to the world and him. And said, “Hajime, if it’s what you wish, I’ll do anything to grant that wish.” And also said in a scene in Tsukipara that he can do anything if it’s for his beloved Hajime. 

Despite being the one provided with things because of his rich lifestyle, Shun becomes a provider to Hajime with his love. He offers, like Yoru, taking a passive role, unlike Izaya who directs (stereotypically masculine) the choices of the humans he loves (push them in the direction most to his advantage) though he’s also fine with being made use of. But unlike Shun, Izaya has his own agenda, and isn’t as selflessly caring as him.

And it’s not only with Hajime, though Shun is whimsical and unpredictable like Izaya, when it comes down to it, he’s willing to sit back and listen (without interrupting or giving his own opinions like Izaya often does). His partner Kai talked about his first love story and Shun who usually directs Kai to make tea for him listened carefully and spoke gently and softly like he was catering to Kai’s feelings. 

Shun also giggles. He literally giggles (and it’s so fucking cute) and it’s the first time I’ve heard an anime guy giggle like it’s normal lol. It’s not like his voice is feminine or anything, but giggling is pretty girly and Shun giggles like it’s natural for him. He’s also called another guy a pervert teasingly. Twice. Once when his teammate asked him to put some clothes on (he was half-naked for some photo) and he asked if that means he wants to see him in nothing at all and said he was a pervert (”Ecchi”) teasingly, and the other when they wanted to see his abs (whether he had them lol) he went “Kyaa~Pervert~♪” before undressing enthusiastically xD (he’s not shy about his body at all though lol so contradictory lol Shun)

Also Shun is pretty. He’s more handsome in the anime because of the different design, but his original design is like the definition of pretty boy. I’d call a guy like Shun delicate rather than a guy like Izaya, in both looks and personality (Shun even said he’s a delicate young master himself lol)

So yes this mostly turned into a post about how feminine and cute Shun is but the point is, there are other guys like Yoru and Shun who I think are more feminine than Izaya, so I don’t think Izaya is as feminine as he’s often seen as. As mentioned already in the ask, I see Izaya as more the Makio-type, masculine but doesn’t mind being bottom (since Izaya is often seen as feminine because of being the ‘uke’)

I mean even when he saw the picture of him in a dress in Dufufufu, Izaya reacted like - well, a man. He was pretty calm about it though disbelieving, and just said he’s never cross-dressed before. He was more exasperated than anything, he’s probably confident in his masculinity lol (even though Tsukumoya poked fun at him for it)

I guess Izaya is often seen as feminine because he’s often paired with Shizuo, who’s like, brash and vulgar and manly. So the contrast makes him seem more effeminate than he actually is. But Izaya does parkour - he may have a slender body but he’s probably got some muscles, I mean it takes strength to scale building walls lol with your hands and feet alone. 

So I suppose Shizu-chan is just too manly (is that why you call Shizuo Shizu-chan lol Izaya so Shizuo’s manliness won’t outshine yours) and since Izaya is often paired with him, Izaya seems like the effeminate one? So yeah I think Izaya is effeminate compared to Shizuo, but not as feminine as he seems. 

fight for my way ep 1-8: kdrama rants

I only watched the first episode then I had to put it on hold for exams, but I’ve finally caught up and boi is it getting cuter

ngl at the start i was like this isn’t that cute and it’s okay but i’m only wathcing for park seo joon and kim ji won but now they’re growing on me (especially sul hee she’s so adorable) and i love them together like their slightly violent friendship, how they always stick up for one another and how they’re always there for each other, but still keep one another on their toes with the constant insults slad;jflsdj i think it’s so cuuute

I honestly love choi ae ra’s character. she’s spunky, she’s daring (like that time she punched the other guy for unfairly hitting dong man, or facing off against a bunch of rich bitches like u go girl) and she works hard. 

I also love ko dong man. he acts before he thinks, he’s strong, and such a knucklehead, but he’s not afraid to stand up for injustice (like when ae ra had to unfairly kneel bc a vip abused her power and got out of stealing)

I love how despite how they often show their intolerances for one another, they’re still (although a little awkwardly) able to be there for each other when they show their weaknesses and stick up for one another when they face injustice. (their hugs are also really cute).

although i found it kind of annoying that it was okay for ae ra to chase her dream as an announcer, but when dong man wanted to do mma, she tried to interfere and get him a job as a security guard. and that it was okay for ae ra to interfere in him and hye ran’s “relationship” but he couldn’t interfere in her and moo ki’s “relationship”.

I also love how this drama isn’t just a cute story about friends who turn into lovers, it also addresses the injustices of the world and how money can be a light for some and just a toy for others.


  • ae ra being told to kneel despite the fact that she caught a thief, all because a rich vip customer who brings business to the company is able to abuse her power
  • dong man choosing an expensive operation for his sister at the price of his dreams, so that another spoilt rich guy can get his moment of fame
  • ae ra being rejected for the announcer position at the department store, because she doesn’t have connections, isn’t rich or young, despite her loyalty to the store as a worker
  • moo ki using his money to try and make girls believe that he’s successful and com further than dong man, and him trying to feed his happiness through success (sucking up to higher ups pssh) as a cosmetic surgeon and the monetary items he gets through them 
  • kim tak su using his money to injure and debilitate dong man’s debut as a fighter, through paying their way to rig his fights and corrupting his career, which he has to work to overcome through his skills and effort
  • ae ra not being given a fair chance at the interview at kbc because she didn’t have the money or time to do volunteer work or study internationally due to having to work hard to earn money and make a living

in a way, it addresses problems that can happen in our world, and approaches the idea that money and power is only as good or bad as the person who has it. it’s honestly almost as if, in a way, both ae ra and dong man are victims of money abuse, giving the drama depth rather than just a cute surface story.

aLSO MOO KI WHAT A LIL BITCH LIKE I HONESTLY THOUGHT HE’D GROW ON ME BUT HE WAS LIKE AN ITCH WHO JUST WOULDN’T GO AWAY LIKE STOP BEING SO OVERLY KIND IT’S TO THE POINT WHERE IT’S SO ANNOYING and then boom bitch out of nowhere he comes out with a fiance that he probably got engaged to bc he wanted to suck his way up to an even higher position in the hospital to fill the emPTY HOLE IN HIS SOUL 

but honestly he’s kind of cute if you take away basically everything he did, except that time he even searched it up and tried so hard to appear sexy when reversing his car out and grabbed ae ra’s hair instead of the headrest lmao

and here’s just some more gifs of ae ra and dong man being super adorable and hugging cause their hugs are just real cute ok

gif credit: leejaeshins, sseureki and captainjoongki (and again)

Runaways, as Defined by their Sins

Just sparked by a recent post, I find that characters are better defined by their flaws than by their virtues. It’s what they struggle against internally that makes them compelling.

So, here’s my take on how that works out for the original Runaways!

Alex Wilder - Alex’ main deal is Pride. Thematic naming in full force here.  It is all over his planning, his manipulation, and what gets him in trouble time and time again.  There is a bit of Greed in him as well, with Lust a distant third in his ‘sin’ hierarchy.  He Has a Plan, and it will get him Power and Glory, as well as riches and “Love”. 

Though any relationship that has “I committed Genocide for You!” as one of its starting points is not exactly going to understand that concept, as Thanos learned the hard way.

Nico Minoru - Nico is defined by a sin that was once its own thing before being folded into something that doesn’t describe her problems as well. Acedia or Melancholy.  It’s appropriate for a goth, but it shows up primarily because of how hard she has to fight it and on how many fronts.  There’s leading the team, surviving on the street and her magic staff which requires super-hard work to operate.  A far cry from her cushy Malibu life she once had.  It strains her, and she breaks under it several times.  She recovers, but it is what she fights against hardest of all.  Next is Lust, because she often seeks emotional escape from the stress of her life.  She knows she does it and hates herself for it (which is why I think she’s Catholic).  Finally, and the one that’s least addressed is Wrath.  Again, most likely as an outgrowth of her stress, she lashes out with harsh words, or harsh spells (or both) regularly.  she has a cruel streak in her that has gotten worse over time in some respects.

Chase Stein - Chase is something like an ID in many respects.  He’s lustful, prideful, and generally, acts before he thinks.  He has a depth to him beyond that, but he can be very simple.  His main thing is a low self-worth.  He seeks simple pleasures because that’s all he feels he’s worth.  He accepts the worst about himself without question and attempted a very elaborate suicide on top of it all.  Like Nico, he is Melancholic but has more Pride than Wrath within him. it may not make sense for a person with low self-esteem to be Prideful, but that is in part because he has to try and bring about pride in himself to combat that Melancholy (and of course make things worse for it). 

Karolina Dean - Karolina is harder to place.  While using strict religious terms, she’d be categorized as Lustful, I don’t feel that captures her at all and obfuscates things by focusing on her sexuality rather than how she reacts to it.  Which is why I put Envy up in the forefront.  Aside from her crush on Nico (and how she reacted to her relationship with Alex), her being in the closet brings out this sin more than simple desire itself.  Since she has Hollywood body type, she also can fall into the progenitor of Envy: Vainglory/Vanity.  She is casually beautiful in both her forms, so it mostly comes out by accident. 

Gert - It feels sacrilegious to use Catholic sins to describe a Jewish person, but Imma do it anyway!  Pride comes up again in a Runaways and again at the forefront with her.  Her’s is more tempered than Alex’s, but she believes herself to be right and her intelligence compounds such thinking.  Lust comes up second for her … if only because of how she and Chase talk together.  It would be a mistake to label her a glutton because she doesn’t have that body shape from poor eating habits, thank God.

Molly - Ah, the most innocent of Runaways … is also as appropriately immature.  Wrath is her sin, partly in part thanks to her powers.  Now that she can solve a lot of things by hitting them, it becomes her go-to solution.  She also has some pride in her intelligence as Gert does.  She’s smart and is sure she’s right about stuff, but is not unwilling to listen.  But if you piss her off …

Old Lace - Has No Sins of Her Own.   She’s been saved by Raptor Jesus!

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That ask with the Face fam and the s/o with a love acceptance issue but with the axis including romano and prussia? Plz and thank

2p Axis:
2p Romano: Since Flavio came from this rich mafia, people were kinda afraid of doing anything to put him in a bad mood, so he was around a lot of fake people. Saying this, he understand what they’re feeling and comforts them with a ton of kisses and cuddling trying to show how much he cares for them.
2p Italy: Romano and Italy same story, but instead of feeling self conscious, he felt more power. He wouldn’t really understand, but would tell them something similar to, “Don’t second guess with you and I. If I didn’t love you, you wouldn’t be here.” Followed along with small kisses and sweet Italian. He’s not the best with comforting, but he means from the heart and is trying.
2p Japan: He understands them in an opposite way. Like instead of the only people who loves him are family, his family is not built on love and more on obedience. So, he sees his s/o as family and would have more trouble of being lovingly and romantic.
2p Germany: Is absolutely clueless but still comforting. He loves his brother, had many friends and has been in plenty of relationships from romantic to quick flings. Like I said, it completely goes over his head because he’s incredibly loving and is mostly is surrounding by cool people, but definitely reassures them that they’re the only one who could make him this happy and wants to do everything to make them comfortable.
2p Prussia: Wants to sit down with them and just have a conversation about this, because he’s very self conscious about how people perceive him and hearing his s/o talk about their insecurities with their relationship, would help him open up and have a little laugh. Since he constantly would think about, ‘what if they leave me?’, ‘what can I do to make them happy?’.

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Everyone's drunk tonight goddamn me too. Tell me why you love spuffy so I can feel things!!!!

lol welcome to the party anon

tbh i love spuffy because we know both the character so well before they think of each other in a sexxual or romantic way? like. we get to understand them and they’re both so complex and they bring such a rich history to their relationship. 

plus, i love the way spikes love of buffy drags him toward the light. he wants to be good for her.
and i love how buffy has always felt Something for spike - eeven though it remains undefined for most of the series. she never kills him and kinda relies on him to do what she can’t. otr like to fill in the gaps of her power. 

there’s just so much Intimacy in their relationship. they know a side of each other that they don’t show to anyone else. and okay i know it’s problematic as hell but still. early s6 spuffy is hot as hell. really gets to me tbh 

Conversations with a Bay Laurel-fae

I make my call to a Bay Laurel fae. A male flower-fae approaches me, about four to five inches tall. He looks to be about thirty years old but it is impossible to say how many years he has existed. His wings look like silvery green bay laurel leaves. I ask if it is okay to record our conversation, and he agrees that this is alright. I note that of the three flower-fae I have called so far, all of them are male.

He comments that my conjuring crystal is uninviting. I ask if I should create a more inviting space within it and he agrees. He would like to see a comfortable room with a couch perhaps. I create these things. He appears to take on the form of a large human man without wings, and sits on the couch. He smiles at me. “What shall we talk about today?”

I explain that I would like to know more about bay laurel and its magical uses. He nods at me. “What shall you give me in return for this information?” he asks. I ask what he would like. “Some water would be very nice,” he suggests. I go to get him some water. I place the water within my large conjuring table and he is surprised by how much I bring. He does not drink the water, however. “There could also be incense,” he suggests. I agree to this as well. I say that after the incense he should share what he knows. He agrees. “Now that I am comfortable we can begin,” he says after I have lit the incense. “What would you like to know?”

I ask him how bay laurel works to purify a space. He shows me a vision of bay leaf’s powerful vibrations, lifting and elevating any negative energies up and away. I ask if bay laurel is best combined with any other plants. He shows me that to burn it with frankincense and myrrh will create a rich, luxurious atmosphere. Burn it with rosemary to create solid protections after the space is purified. I ask why bay laurel is so accommodating and helpful to people. “People are alright,” he says. This answer surprises me. “It is in our nature to fight evil. If man needs to use our leaves and wood to fight evil, then so be it.” I thank him and ask if he would like to hear a hymn I wrote in honor of bay laurel. He seems surprised and agrees. When I read the hymn to him he laughs and claps. “That is excellent!” he says. “I would like to hear more.” I explain I only have one hymn in honor of bay laurel but he indicates he would like to hear any of my magical works. I read to him various charms from my book. He disagrees about the effectiveness of some of them, and others he likes a lot. He shows me visions of how each charm would “work” astrally. After a few moments he asks to hear just one more. I read him one. “I meant one more good one,” he says. I read him a good one.

I ask about bay laurel’s famous reputation as an oracle and wish-granter. “It is true that we have many powers,” he says. “It is our divine connection to the stars which grants us this ability. Tell me more about these wishes you speak of.” I tell him of the spell or superstition that if a wish is written on bay leaf and kept under the pillow, it will come true. “This is a good spell,” he suggests. “But ensure that the leaf knows of your intentions, otherwise it will not know to take your wish to the stars.” I understand visions that once dried, a plant cares little about what happens to it physically, and the spirit of bay laurel may not understand your intent unless you express it. I question him more about his status as an oracle. “Bay laurel is close to the heavens,” he explains. “We can receive divine wisdom and truth. It is through this virtue that humans can also access divine truth by using bay twigs and leaves.”

“You are a good host,” he suddenly expresses. I thank him for his compliment. “I am willing to answer more questions for you.” I think about it for a moment and ask, “what is the best spell to do with bay laurel leaves?” He thinks this is a good question. “Take twelve bay laurel leaves and a stick. Tie the bay laurel leaves to one end. You now have a powerful wand to banish any evil.” I ask him why twelve. “Twelve is a good number,” he says. I ask if the leaves should be fresh or dried, and what the stick should be. “It may be any stick you like. If the leaves are fresh they will not crumble.”

I cannot think of any more questions. I thank him for his time. “We are done?” he asks. I explain I cannot think of more to say. “Then you may listen,” he says. I listen.

“Bay laurel is a powerful plant, not to be under-estimated. We are not the servants of man but we are dedicated to protecting man just as we protect all creatures from evil. Do you understand?” I indicate that I understand. “To use the psychic powers of bay laurel, wear a crown of bay leaves, or burn some bay leaves and let the smoke touch your forehead.” He pauses while I type. “You yourself may benefit from more bay laurel during your conjure,” he says. “Place some bay laurel underneath the conjure stone and you will be sure that only good and righteous creatures will come forth.” I am pleased to receive this excellent advice. I show him pictures of how I created an herbal grid once using bay laurel. “This was good,” he expresses. “Except you should have used mullein on the outside. Bay laurel has many uses but I am concerned that you are not advanced enough to understand.” He either means I am not magically skilled enough to grasp his concepts, or I am not skilled enough as a conjurer to grasp his words. “Yet for you, I will try. Remember that bay laurel is not a shield. Always combine it with a protector plant when using it for protections.” I ask about combining it with basil. “Basil is a good plant, and righteous in nature. You have been thinking of basil a lot since we began speaking. What is special about it?” I explain that I am trying to learn more about basil. “Basil makes a good shield but it is not the perfect plant to combine with bay leaf. Rosemary is better, even mullein.” I point out that to many, bay does indeed serve as a protector on its own. “Bay will keep out evil spirits just as a flood keeps out dogs,” he explains. “Yet it does not form actual shields like the kind you are thinking of. Bay laurel forms excellent protections with the use of cinnamon.”

Since he is so willing to speak I ask again about how bay laurel may be used to improve oracular powers. “You may benefit from some now yourself,” he comments, perhaps referring to my weak connection. “Hold some bay laurel in the mouth to improve focus. You may also bathe in it to remove evils from the body.” I fetch my bay laurel and put a leaf in my mouth. “Now evils are also driven away from your head,” he notes with approval. I question if this would have been a good technique to use while fighting demon attacks. “If you did not use bay laurel while fighting a demon, pity to you,” he says. I feel that the bay leaf is indeed improving my connection, at least to this bay-fae.

“Now, who will you conjure next?” he asks. I express that I wish to learn much more about plant spirits so perhaps I will conjure lavender next. “Lavender is good. Combine a little lavender with bay leaf to create a more soothing atmosphere. If you wish to learn much more about divination, conjure star-anise.” He can see what herbs I have at my home. “Why not conjure a crystal spirit?” I am surprised at this advice. I will certainly take it under consideration. He laughs. “Or conjure a whiskey spirit! Conjure everything. You are doing a good job.” I again thank him for his input. Unlike what fae lore tells me, he does not seem bothered by being thanked. “You are not a conjurer yet, though.” I understand that among many spirits, ‘conjurer’ seems to be an earned title, not a description. I ask what I shall be called instead. “Apprentice-conjurer, taught by the spirits. Here is how I will teach you.” He touches my forehead and says something in an archaic language. I see a white oval dot glowing on my forehead before my body consumes it. I wonder what has just happened but I doubt he will tell me. “That was a good blessing,” he decides. I feel that I can see him much more clearly now. I ask if all bay laurel spirits are so willing to speak as he is. “Bay laurel is tired of being ignored,” he tells me. “If someone is willing to listen, we will speak. What other wisdom do you desire?”

I am truly surprised at his willingness to be so open. I ask him for any advice for a young mage who wishes to work with bay laurel. “Truly you have chosen the best plant to work with,” he says, as if speaking to an audience. “Bay laurel will protect you fully from any dangers or evil. Merely burn some in a space to drive all evil away. Wear it on you as a constant aura of protection. Combine it with other plants for certain effects, but do not forget that bay laurel should be the strongest.” I ask him, what about mages that cannot burn plants. “Simply hang bay laurel up around a room and call to their spirits, and they will do the same job.” He asks me if some humans have not yet discovered fire. He suggests perhaps I conjure Prometheus next to further our human technologies. I explain that due to living conditions, some humans may not use open flames or smoke. This saddens him. “Humans are finally divorced from nature,” he says. I feel that this is being a little dramatic. He seems willing to argue this point but I ask to carry on instead. I ask if there is a best way to call on the spirit of bay laurel for purification and wish spells. He says, “Bay Laurel, bringer of light, mighty and true, come to me as I come to you.” Say this over a bay leaf while focusing on the leaf, and the spirit will return and be willing to aid you. He shows me a powerful vision of fire releasing a tree’s spirit in to the stars, just as fire releases plant matter in to the atmosphere of our room. “This is why plants work well with fire,” he explains. “Only burn dried plants, though. You do not understand how to properly prepare a live plant for cremation.”

I am feeling prepared for our session to end. I ask if I may call on him again. He agrees and says he will keep an ear out for my call if I ever wish to speak again. I thank him for his time and he thanks me for the water and incense. Using his fae magic, he condenses all the water I have brought and takes it with him in a little bottle. He goes through the portal and I quickly close it.

Almost 120 years ago, during the first Gilded Age, sociologist Thorstein Veblen coined the term “conspicuous consumption”. He used it to refer to rich people flaunting their wealth through wasteful spending. Why buy a thousand-dollar suit when a hundred-dollar one serves the same function? The answer, Veblen said, was power. The rich asserted their dominance by showing how much money they could burn on things they didn’t need.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017) Review

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword joins the list of many filmed interpretations of King Arthur’s story that came before it. The source material for these films and television shows like the BBC’s Merlin are derived from collections of stories about Arthurian Legends. Arthurian Literature is full of a rich palette of characters from Merlin to Tristan to Morgan Le Fay, but I’ve never been very invested in the iconic character of King Arthur himself. He always seemed too noble, idealistic, and more vague than any of the minor characters that surrounded him. I could not, no matter how much I tried, find a way to relate to this guy no less actually see him as a realistic person. His character was simply overwhelmed by the scale of his mission, the power of his weapon Excalibur and the importance of his destiny and heritage.

So honestly, when I first saw a snippet of the trailer for this film, I did roll my eyes because here there would be another film version of a story that I felt had been told enough times already. How many times can Hollywood recycle ideas with all its remakes and sequels and generally the inability to let something original stay original? However, I did watch the trailer and what I saw was something vastly different from the King Arthur versions I had seen and read before. The tone of the movie was hardly dull or set up an ambiguous character. This Arthur had drive, had passion and humor and overall seemed like a realistic, complex character that I could believe in. So, I decided to go see the film despite all the horrible reviews that I had read because it seemed like something special or at the very least I knew I had to find out for myself what this movie felt like.

The opening sequence immediately inserts you into the film. It’s the middle of an intense battle with giant elephants and armies and dark magic. The King, Uther Pendragon, is hardly the type of guy who sits on his horse and gives commands to his soldiers. No, he’s heavily engaged in the action and in this visually stunning sequence, Excalibur makes its first appearance and Uther uses it to defeat his enemy. Therefore, magic and the crown (the Pendragon line) are tied together and fighting with that sword, believing in it, is what helps this king rule. However, the tension certainly does not end with that battle sequence. Danger lies not only in magic but in blood, which creates an interesting dynamic for the story as it proceeds into Arthur’s timeline as a young man growing up. The entire movie creates this very dangerous, yet realistic world for young Arthur to grow up in and makes the point that we are products of the world we live in and vice versa (the world is a product of the people in it).

Due to the betrayal toward his family and awful massacre, young Arthur becomes an orphan and barely manages to escape. He grows up in a brothel and is raised by the women that work there, which certainly shapes his views of women and the way he respects them later on in the film. This future king has nothing and from nothing he finds his strength. It turns him into this epic warrior who isn’t polished with graceful moves or formal manners or fine clothes and weapons. His fighting is rough like the life he grew up in and he becomes a sort of wise con man, navigating deals and earning money. It also seems a big reason for him learning to fight was to protect the women of the brothel that raised him, who were being beaten by their customers. In that respect, Arthur is noble and chivalrous in one of the best ways possible because he values women and does not appear to treat them as his inferiors at any point in the movie.

The way that this film is shot with the cutting back and forth is a signature thing for Guy Ritchie and he’s used it in many of his films before. I think it works really well in this film because Arthur is the same way. He’s very physical sure, but he’s also an intelligent, fast talking guy and it’s almost as if the way the movie is shot is representative of Arthur’s personality. His language is notably different from that of Vortigen and the people in the castle. I don’t see that as a clumsy mistake, but a careful detail included in order to ensure the separation of classes and emphasize Arthur’s place as an outsider.

Another element that I really want to focus on is the music in this film because it felt like a whole other brilliant character. The soundtrack was done by Daniel Pemberton, whose other credits include: Steve Jobs and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. I think his music was a beautiful addition to the film and that it has tremendous presence in scenes without dialogue. Particularly the scene where Arthur is riding into the castle after he is bitten by the snake, Pemberton’s song The Devil and the Huntsman featuring artist Sam Lee is playing and it transported me so vividly into that world with all its magical realism and brutality. A face moving in a tree and a giant snake could’ve easily become silly, but the film kept a nice tone of gravity in dealing with the magical elements of the Arthurian world. It set up the stage for something epic to occur. Even the shot with the famous Lady of the Lake was breathtaking and the shot right after with Arthur rising out of mud and holding up Excalibur was such a powerful image. I think it captivated the struggle of rising out of poverty and essentially thwarting all the dangerous obstacles his uncle put in his way. I suppose that’s also one of the reasons I love fantasy films because they key in on images and how powerful they can still be without words. Some people might see that as a weakness in saying that there isn’t enough dialogue in the film, but I disagree. I see it as a strength and there is certainly enough fast talking banter between Arthur and the other characters to add a wonderful layer of comedy to this film.

I also enjoyed Arthur’s teamwork with all his friends. It felt like a very different Knights of the Roundtable because it seemed like a bunch of good mates that were hardly knights. Yet, they had the qualities of knighthood and would each sacrifice their lives for each other. Also, the character of the mage was fantastic and my favorite thing was that she was not made into a love interest. She was an important part of the narrative and showed how magic helped Arthur regain his throne, but she didn’t have to become his Guinevere.

Overall, I was impressed over the attention to detail that this movie had and it really disappointed me that so many reviews were writing it off as unoriginal and accusing it of plagiarism. There was a mention of the elephant scene being too similar to Lord of The Rings. I’m a huge LOTR fan and the scene in Pelennor Fields where those massive creatures show up is totally different in my opinion to the scene in King Arthur. I just feel that scene in LOTR:ROTK is so iconic and the shots feel different, especially the way that the elephants become obstacles for people on the battlefield in LOTR is different. In King Arthur it’s really short and the elephants just don’t feel like they have as much presence. They’re just there being controlled by magic and represent the power and danger of magic in that world whereas in LOTR they were enslaved creatures trained for war. The scenes are different also because of the scale and the focus. In LOTR it’s much more of a collaboration of all these warriors and the focus is constantly switching from Eowyn and Peregrin to the other Rohirrim and then Aragorn and Legolas and Gimli. It’s the battle before the final battle. In King Arthur, this battle is just the beginning and it sets up the war setting that Arthur grows up into. The focus is on Uther solely and everything else around him is just there so he can prove himself as a capable king. Now, could other animals been used at the beginning so as not to cause such a controversy? Of course and I do see how people could easily call it plagiarism. Perhaps the director was paying tribute to other fantasy movies in his film by having creatures like the elephants, giant snakes, big rodents, bats…etc. However, I’m an English major and I want to point out that there is a serious difference between plagiarism and paying tribute to other films. Also, I’d like to point out that Arthurian Literature is much older than a lot of the fantasy stories we know well like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter…etc. All modern fantasy stories draw upon centuries of folklore and Arthurian literature is medieval. So, a lot of stories that include these strange beasts are actually not as original as we’d like to think. J.K Rowling did not create giant snakes (basilisk) just as Tolkien does not own the myth of dragons or elves. They did what great fantasy writers do and they did their research and brought new interpretations to old myths. I would say that King Arthur has also done that because it is relying upon characters that have been around for a very long time and it uses magical beasts, but why is that such a bad thing when it creates something pretty awesome and unique in the process? I recommend this movie for anyone that wants to go on an exciting, adrenaline pumping action ride and also feel like what they’re watching is witty and funny and worthy of their time. Feel free to ask me questions if you’ve seen the film ad want to discuss it!
The new status symbol it’s not what you spend – it’s how hard you work

Almost 120 years ago, during the first Gilded Age, sociologist Thorstein Veblen coined the term “conspicuous consumption”. He used it to refer to rich people flaunting their wealth through wasteful spending. Why buy a thousand-dollar suit when a hundred-dollar one serves the same function? The answer, Veblen said, was power. The rich asserted their dominance by showing how much money they could burn on things they didn’t need.

While radical at the time, Veblen’s observation seems obvious now. In the intervening decades, conspicuous consumption has become deeply embedded in the texture of American capitalism. Our new Gilded Age is even more Veblenian than the last. Today’s captains of industry publicize their social position with private islands and superyachts while the president of the United States covers nearly everything he owns in gold.

But the acquisition of insanely expensive commodities isn’t the only way that modern elites project power. More recently, another form of status display has emerged. In the new Gilded Age, identifying oneself as a member of the ruling class doesn’t just require conspicuous consumption. It requires conspicuous production. 

If conspicuous consumption involves the worship of luxury, conspicuous production involves the worship of labor. It isn’t about how much you spend. It’s about how hard you work.

The Hot7 |4|

A/N: Yay! This part is early onlybecauseihavealotofotherscenariostowrite.

Also, why else would this school be called JYP Academy?

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“Do you know him?”

Well, everyone knows him.” He took a seat on the bench and patted the empty space next to him, inviting you to sit as well. “But, I know him better than most people.”

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anonymous asked:

Yknow, im curious, what is it about t8 that lured you so much? You've stated time and time again that they (barring Hinata) got next to no development, we never see them as a team in canon, Kiba is considered a joke and no one remembers Shino (Kishimoto probably is among them), Hinata is the only one with a clear backstory, etc - So with so little ground for anything in canon, what did Kishimoto do that won you over with them? He cares so little for them - Why are you the opposite?

This question has a double answer.

First, while Kishimoto treated them like crap in part 2, part 1 was a different story. They were already interesting to me by design alone (both visual and character wise). Only team with two female characters. A recently made jonin who is also a genjutsu specialist (back when we didn’t know male Uchiha would be the only ones that would be allowed to use powerful genjutsu), a rejected heiress with serious confidence issues that came from an abusive household, a brash kid that came from a family that includes active kunoichi and another kid shrouded in mystery with insects inside his body. 

Team 8 was the second team that completed the test in the forest of death, behind the Sand Siblings. They left a team to die, killed by blood sucking leeches, just to get one of the scrolls. Shino pulverized his opponent and then gave Kankurou (who destroyed a Sound Four) problems. Hinata, while losing her match against Neji, still displayed an impressive amount of guts. And while Kiba got humilliated in his match against Naruto, his fight against Sakon/Ukon (where he almost killed himself just to defeat him and protect Akamaru) was fantastic. Even with her limited screentime, Kurenai showed that she cared greatly for her students and was still proud of them even if they didn’t win.

Second, there’s the potential. If this series was still about ninja and not about who gets the most powerful fireball, Team 8 was tailor made to be a beast search and destroy team. And that’s not even getting in how rich their backgrounds are. Hinata had her clan issues, Kurenai is the only female jounin among the teachers, Kiba has a mother and a sister who are both kunoichi (something that makes him pretty unique in Naruto, since 99% of the mothers are housewives and sisters are rare) and Shino has a clan where putting beehives inside their bodies is the norm. Not to mention that being the only team that has two female characters (I don’t count Team Samui since they appear later in part 2 and they get even less development) that makes their dynamic completely different from the other teams.

A long running series like Naruto sometimes puts too much focus on a couple of characters and leaves the rest in the dust, so you get a combination of potential and a thirst for making something out of it, that’s why characters that don’t get screentime can still get a fan following if they strike a chord with you. 


Reign 3x07: Prince on the Streets Freak in the Sheets

Reign’s “The Hound and The Hare” had a lot to teach us, such as 1) Kings of the Valois got a bonus mini funeral for their organs, apparently 2) you should always throw down a foam mat under your sex horse and last but not least 3) don’t take it personally when a guy is not into you. Sometimes it’s not you it’s him and the fact he’s being blackmailed by the new annoyingly sexy English ambassador.  

But what this episode really tried to get across most of all is that Mary seriously has to start dating. It may seem very soon to us, still deep in our Francis feels, but there’s been a time jump since the last episode (enough time to get her portrait to Don Carlos and for him to travel to her from at least Austria) and again: courtship for Mary is not about love anymore. It’s for funding her military, defending her borders, making powerful allies.

And if it also involves hearing a handsome prince shade Elizabeth that’s cool too.

Mary had a nice long laugh about Carlos demanding to see Queen Elizabeth’s vadge, and then he was like “Hey how about a game of chase in the woods for kisses?” and Mary was like “No thanks creeper.”

Then she met Heath Ledger lookalike Gideon, and a flash of chemistry was registered on elite chemistry-monitoring equipment at American’s Center of Chemistry Studies, almost 500 miles away.

Gideon’s first order of business is to chase off Don Carlos, and was able to scare him off pretty good with a single vague note about secrets:

Mary, of course, immediately blamed it all on herself.

Meanwhile Catherine was pressing the Privy Council to hurry up and make her regent already so the country didn’t look like it couldn’t get its pants on. Sensing her Privy Council was stalling to keep her off the throne, she approached Narcisse and made him an offer: elect me to the Privy Council and I’ll promote you to Lord Chancellor. Then her boy toy Christophe appeared and they made sweet love in a breezeway.

A couple things about this: who knew Catherine wore such sexy underwear!!! I want that corset type top. And secondly, guys: you appear to be in a HALLWAY.  Sure, even the best of us have made out in the shower stall of an Ikea display bathroom, but we’re not royalty, the most we risk is getting ejected from the premises without eating any swedish meatballs . You are running for regent, Catherine! And thus must remember that the best erections come with discretion. (Motto of the round table.)  

When Catherine noticed Don Carlos’ lackeys hauling boxes of his shit out of the court, she asked Mary what had happened and Mary was like “I missed up. He doesn’t love me. Probably because I refused to play his creeper games.” Catherine was like “So play his creeper games. Yes it’s a physical and emotional violation of your boundaries but welcome to gender dynamics in the 16th century girl.” and Mary was like “UGH FINE. I’ll go hide his luggage so he can’t leave until he falls in love with me.”

Determined to show Don Carlos she could handle a nightmarish chase through a woods, Mary told him while he waited for his luggage to show up (LOL) they could try his little Hounds and Hare game, which is when he told her she would be chasing him. Mary was like “Okay I guess that’s slightly less creepy. Slightly.”

Meanwhile Lola was trying to talk Narcisse out of a high powered Lord Chancellor job and also why did his junk smell like strawberry chapstick? Clearly her arguments about how his job was good enough, couldn’t he just focus on being satisfied and suddenly I’m humming “That Would Be Enough” from Hamilton… hold on brb.

Okay! Had to listen to that track real quick. Anyway: despite the fact they keep me breathing, Narcisse and Lola’s marriage is already showing cracks. Maybe due to Narcisse’s deception infidelity? If I could be mad at Catherine I would be but sorry, between Lola and Catherine I will always be #TeamCatherine.

Meanwhile Bash woke up next to Delphine looking *thrilled*.

Hahahaha Bash is so miserable! Sorry you wake up on top of a supermodel, seems like a real ordeal. Granted he’s just lost his brother and tipped into a relationship with a very witchy woman who has a mind-heart link to a serial killer. I guess that could be kind of stressful.

Speaking of which, Delphine sort of but not quite trailed the killer to a village/Greer’s tavern. Bash wanted to close the tavern to protect the working ladies, but Greer pointed out that the serial killer would just find another victim, why not lay a trap for him and spring when he went for the bait?

Annnnnd speaking of hunting metaphors, all the ladies of the French Court were trading their dainty heels for riding boots so they could chase the guys through the woods and honestly this looked very fun. Is it sexist of me if I insist on doing this on my next birthday? There doesn’t have to be kissing. A woodland girls vs. guys chase just seems like a good time.

Of course I would probably do exactly what Mary did: immediately turn my ankle. Yes, Mary “pulled a Lily” by severely spraining her ankle while trying to ford a stream within like fifteen minutes of the race starting. I feel you girl.

With no other players in sight and dark falling on the woods, Mary was facing a real Bear Grylls situation when Gideon popped up through the trees and offered to carry her home.

Since Romancing the Stone I have been a sucker for Begrudging Chivalry so I really enjoyed this moment.

And the human horse ride came with a prize: Gideon spilled a little tea about Don Carlos being rumored as a “real freak in the bed”, but still generously carried Mary within reach of Don Carlos so she could make her own choices.  Mary ran straight down to the basement to see what exactly was in Don Carlos’ luggage and Don Carlos turned up again to yell at her for a) not catching him during his creeper game b) stealing his luggage (fair) and c) trying to crack it open like a Prohibition detective (very fair. Shame on you Mary.)

Mary made the point that he should find her schemes flattering: she is just, after all, trying to marry him. That’s when Don Carlos threw a plot twist/steamy ultimatum into the mix: love me, love my sex horse.

Apparently Don Carlos is a masochist. He is looking for a Queen with a little streak of dominatrix to her. Mary was like “Thank you but no thank you.”

Meanwhile Catherine was looking sexy as hell in her nightdress and didn’t she know it.

Yes when Narcisse marched into her bedroom like he owned the place (!!!) to confront her about having sex with her boy toy in the wide open woods (!!!!) Catherine was like “Don’t act like you don’t love it. Sorry I’m not boring like your wife. You want power? You want excitement? Get in this bed.”

And as much as I have rooted for Narcisse and Lola and need them to be together, I just love watching Megan Follows turn Catherine into a femme fatale so much I’m not even mad.

Across town, Leith showed up at the Tavern and he and Greer had a little “we are so over our relationship we can give each other relationship advice” talk. They teased each other about how Leith clearly has a thing for poor little rich girls and Greer likes slummin’ it sea dog style.

Then Leith left, forgetting his cloak and Greer was like “Hold on Leith! You forgot your cloak! Let me run into this foggy alleyway where a serial killer is literally expected to appear any minute!” And then she was roughly pushed by a drunk. Bash came throwing punches in her defense but false alert, drunky was just being drunk. Meanwhile Delphine was getting spirit-choked by the real deal killer!

Watch out Delphine!

Luckily Delphine made it out okay, except for has she even ever been okay?! Delphine is juggling a lot what with sensing a killer’s intentions and dark magic and resurrection powers and I think maybe she should back-burner a relationship until she sorts some things out that she personally has going on. But that’s just me.

Meanwhile, Catherine went to attend the Privy Council’s vote for Regent, which was rudely interrupted by the LIVER OF HER DECEASED SON.

YOOOOO. Reign is going there with the dis-embodied pieces of its former love interest literally on screen!! That has to be a first?!! I mean we are living in amazing times, basically, although clearly not as amazing as the 16th century. Basically Francis’ liver had turned black, a sure sign of poisoning, and we all know Catherine is to poison what Betty Crocker is to cake mixes. After she was accused of murdering her own son Narcisse was like “I guess I’ll step in and act as Regent then until this is sorted out.” A SHAMELESS power grab!

Catherine just about bit a pillow in half she was so angry. Mary was like “If you think you have problems, listen to this shit: Don Carlos wants me to smack him with a whip.” Catherine was like “You call that a problem?! Marry that freak. Sounds like a good time. Does he do threesomes?”

So then we had this incredibly hilarious scene where Mary kinda sorta experimented with light BDSM. Don Carlos got in his leather pants, strapped himself to a sex horse, Mary blindfolded him, and then Catherine tip-toed in and started whipping him SUPER HARD.

Despite the fact Catherine was giving herself tennis elbow smacking his naked torso Don Carlos was like “Is this McDonald’s? Because I am loving it” Still, Mary (who is it turns out a bit of a kink-shamer) got freaked out and told Catherine to stop and Don Carlos slipped off his blindfold and saw that she had called in a friend for their BDSM sesh. This threw him into such a rage he tipped over the sex horse and brained himself on the stone floor.

While Catherine and Mary were trying to figure out how to hide his body, he then disappeared and ran down the hall like a bloody mess!

Cue “Oh boy” Tango & Cash buddy movie look from Catherine and Mary.

The Queen’s Club in a Quagmire, basically, which is my favorite kind of cliffhanger because there’s literally nothing I love more than Mary and Catherine working together against impossible odds and these odds just got super impossible. Will Spain attack France? Will Don Carlos be disinherited? Can the sex horse be repaired? (It looks custom-made, you just know it’s expensive.)


So yeah, an extremely entertaining episode. I will admit my skin crawled at the idea of Francis’ liver being hauled around in a lovely shoe box and waved threateningly at his mother, but props for showing me something I never in all my days imagined I would ever see on TV…AND a sex horse. We are living in a golden age for the CW.

As you might know the CW has announced an indefinite hiatus for Reign while it shuffles around its winter/spring schedule. The next new episode won’t pop up until after the holidays, January 8th. Then regular episodes should continue until January 22nd, when the show will go into a hiatus with return date TBD. Nothing makes a cold night crackle for me like pearlescent gowns, hair jewelry and brandished goblets, so I’m hoping hard that it comes back within the winter. Until then I’m just going to get my holiday on.

Thank you so much for stopping by my Tumblr and having a read. Your comments, likes & reblogs are the air I breathe (too thirsty? still true.) I will be back when Reign resumes & will post news about the winter hiatus as I hear about it!

Ok listen up Tumblr because I am going to tell you about this book and this book is the fucking BEES KNEES OK


let me tell you what this fucking book has

  • 2 protagonists, one gay and the other pan
  • gay characters and it’s not all about them being gay
  • gay characters without it being centered on gay romance
  • it’s a dystopian thriller and it has some kick ass action
  • one of the main supporting leads is a girl who is such a bad ass like you don’t even know oh my god
  • one of the themes is how incredibly powerful people with money are and how many of them abuse their power
  • it also shows a terribly huge gap between the rich and the poor
  • but it’s so interesting and great oh my god

this book is not popular at all which I do not understand why because actually this is one of my favorite books and honestly just READ THIS BOOK

The Synopsis is under this read more

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hey remember that WoC Javert I made? Well I was thinking about how hilariously quick Enjolras would be smitten by her because Working Woman? Who excels in her field??? And can totally beat the crap out of whomever mouths off at her (which he made the misfortune of doing in this particular scenario) and he’s never been so twitterpated by anyone before and the Amis are like bro she’s like 30 years older than you and he’s like BUT SHE IS STRONG AND POWERFUL IF WE CAN SHOW HER THE RIGHT WAY SHE COULD BE PERFECT and Javert’s just like did this rich white boy just say he can help me?

this is great stuff man