to shibuya station!


Shibuya Hikarie: Shibuya Crossing by Dick Thomas Johnson
Via Flickr:
渋谷ヒカリエ 渋谷スクランブル交差点



Today I went to go see the Engeki Haikyuu poster in Shibuya Station~
Shouri told me to go take this photo for the both of us, so I took one with the both of us in it! 
I was a little nervous, ha.  
Happy now? Shouri!

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Shibuya Hikarie: Shibuya Station by Dick Thomas Johnson
Via Flickr:
渋谷ヒカリエ 渋谷駅


Ayumi Hamasaki at Shibuya Station by Alan D. Newton
Thousands march to support LGBTQ visibility in Japan
Spotted: Japan's first officially-recognised same-sex couple.
By Victoria Ho

A colourful procession of rainbow flag-waving supporters marched in downtown Tokyo on Sunday during one of its annual LGBTQ pride parades.

According to local reports, about 5000 people marched the 3km parade route for Tokyo Rainbow Pride, which took them through through the iconic Shibuya Station crossing intersection.

In November last year, two women made history by obtaining a government certificate officially recognising their union.

But Hiroko Masuhara and Koyuki Higashi’s certificate isn’t legally binding, so spousal rights such as hospital visitations are regarded more as suggestions rather than enforceable by law.

Despite small steps inching toward more equal treatment, LGBTQ issues remain largely underground in Japan’s conservative community.

He had been walking to the Metro at Shibuya Station: a tote-bag casually held over his shoulder, and a cassette player in his pocket playing Seasons of the Sun.

He hadn’t been paying attention and bumped into a man walking the opposite direction, jostling the large package in his hands.

“Oh- I’m sorry!” He exclaimed as the man stumbled and caught himself. The man’s sharp blue eyes met his own.

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Osomatsusan × Tokyu Lines “おそ急さん Osokyusan” (2017)

six twitter followers of Tokyu official who post photos of Osokyusan events will win the sextuplets dolls in Tokyu costume which have been actually used for the promotion of Tokyu Lines by draw.
according to Tokyu official tweet, the sextuplets turned in their resignation letters to Tokyu, and they are going to leave the company at the end of this March.

Osomatsu - 中目黒駅 Nakameguro Station
Karamatsu - 目黒駅 Meguro Station
Osomatsu & Karamatsu - 田園調布駅 Denenchoufu Station
Choromatsu & Jyuushimatsu - 三軒茶屋駅 Sangenchaya Station
Jyuushimatru - 世田谷駅 Setagaya Station
Osomatsu & Karamatsu - 渋谷駅 Shibuya Station
Osomatsu - 代官山駅 Daikanyama Station
Todomatsu - 石川台駅 Ishikawadai Station
Choromatsu - つくし野駅 Tsukushino Station
Todomatsu - 洗足池駅 Senzokuike Station

Went to Shibuya Station at late night and wait until people are gone just to snap this beauty :’)
Met a group of girls too who were trying to take a selfie of all 4 of them with the poster and I offered them my help, and we instantly became friends (*´꒳`*)♡ they’re not a fan of the actors but a big fan of the manga since it started a few years ago, and one girl also loves Kuroo so much just like me 💖 one of them will be going to Tatchan’s event next week and we promised to see each other there 🌟 my good deed of the day ended up with new friendship ♡ thanks to Haikyuu, Haruichi Furudate, the stage production and of course the giant poster at Shibuya Station ♡