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i rmr being so confused when i first learned that 1d has been an opening act for big time rush, i became a fan during tmh era when they were already 'the worlds biggest boyband' and everytime im seeing your posts its like......... its so hard to imagine that they used to be an opening act and even the xfactor tour and all those small performances before that and it always gets me a little bit (a lot) emotional

Ohhh ja definitely feel, bud–I became a fan almost five years ago to the day now and they were literally ~this band from the UK I can’t remember their name have you heard of them I think? I love them??~ and everything was sort of this hushed excitement and like. This was their “set”:

Just that cheap dinky fuckin banner and nothing else and then just two years later they were back HEADLINING THEIR OWN STADIUM TOUR, complete with fireworks and streamer cannons and a fucking obstacle course to trip over as they belted chart-topping hits from their three record-breaking number-one albums:

They took their baby steps just like everybody else, but they took them so fast it was more like a baby sprint.

“Kalau dengki, sampai bila bangsa nak maju? Lu punya nasi, lu makan. Dia punya nasi, dia makan. Apa salah makan sama-sama?”

“How will our race succeed if we are envious of one another? You eat your own rice. He eats his own rice. What’s wrong with eating together?”

The line itself was written by our most beloved entertainer, P Ramlee. To me, he was more than just an entertainer, he was a social critic who cleverly comments on issues during his time through his movies and songs. One of the issues he highlighted in Seniman Bujang Lapok was the lack of adab (ethics) shown by Malays through the line above. To explain the line as simply as possible: we accept our blessings, just as they accept their blessings. So why not we be happy for each other’s blessings?

Of course, some of us may perceive the line differently. On one hand, we can also look at it in the sense that we all have our own problems, so why not we share our burdens with each other? But ultimately, the message behind the line remains the same. P Ramlee has stressed on the importance of being united as a society - an issue very much relevant today. We should be happy for each other’s achievements and be there for one another through times of despair. If we are not united through our ups and downs, we cannot progress as a country.

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Hey there, I noticed that you have quite a few light coloured corn snakes and I want to ask, how can you tell they are going into shed??? Mine is hiding a lot more and is a little grumpier so I have my suspicions but I want to be sure


It’s pretty easy to tell when your snakes are going into shed, even if they’re light colored. I notice that their colors will start to appear dull or dingy and they may start to look a bit bloated around the face. Their eyes may look matte instead of clear and bright. And of course, as you’ve already observed, they will spend more time in their humid hide and be a bit grumpier. They may also refuse food during this time, though most of my corns will still show feeding responses when they’re fully in blue.

Your suspicions will be confirmed within a few days when their eyes fully cloud over.

I wish your noodle pal an easy and stress-free ecdysis!