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I feel kind of stupid... I graduated highschool a year ago and I still have no job and the only college classes I've taken I've failed, or just barely passed. I've never gotten good grades. I love learning to death but I've never been good at turning in work on time or at all... I know that that inherently doesn't make me stupid but at the same time... well lets just put it this way- the first college course I failed was a college success course. I should try harder but i give up so easily...

Be more forgiving to your self! You’re acknowledging that you’re a hard-worker and smart… so why not forgiving your self the failures? It’s so hard to find a job in this world, there’s lot of trouble in society as how it is.. There are many many people out there with the same problem, wandering in a haze or state of void. Maybe focus on what you can better so you can outshine the others: what are your best qualities? Can you pick one and work on it to “upgrade”? What is most fulfilling to you, what subject did you study with most joy? Is there a way to learn deeper about that subject..? Once you become more sure of your skill, you might become more confident and not let things interfere with turning in work on time. Become more aware of how your lateness might affect others…Become more strict toward your work/routines/habits - strictness is something you decide, same with discipline! You just gotta start with small changable thing. Once you succeed, you can move on to bigger things! If keeping a diary, scheduler or stickynotes helps, do that! Proceed at your pace, discover what you like but AIM FORWARD!(do not feed what holds you back or deprives you of confidence) (small steps). GOOD LUCK!


its been like 6 years since i’ve last drawn nico, my little italian death prince