to see this giant wall

for real though can you imagine the horror of being trapped underground and hearing some distant thundering behind you, only to turn and see this giant pulsating wall of flesh come hurtling towards you in the darkness

pretty yucky imo

  • Skulduggery: “Oh, help me, Skulduggery, I’m going to get eaten by something just a bit smaller than my fingernail!”
  • Valkyrie: Let’s just get back up to Gordon’s house.
  • Skulduggery: Want me to hold your hand in case more half-inch terrors try to eat you?
  • Valkyrie: Shut up, okay? That thing was huge!
  • Skulduggery: Pfft. No it wasn’t. [Indicating giant spiders crawling out of wall] See these ones here? THOSE are huge.

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Can you do roadhog and/ or junkrat taking care of a girl who was abused and ran away but found them she has like scars its that bad. All the fluff please!

I chose poly Roadrat because… I’m poly and like poly stuff. That’s it, that’s my reasoning. <D


  • When you escaped your abuser, the city you lived in was being attacked by what you heard were vicious, crazy heathens
  • Of course, even during the attack, you were being treated like shit
  • You abuser was making you do their chores for them while on your hands and knees, and they’d kick you and beat you down if you did something even slightly different then what they ordered
  • Then half of the house blew up, which seemed like a pretty decent distraction while you threw the laundry basket at your shaken but pissed abuser then attempted to limp away
  • Unfortunately, you could only limp so far and your abuser was only shook for so long
  • So they start to stumble after you and you try to push yourself harder
  • Through the giant hole in the front wall of the house, you can see a giant-ass man with a pig tattoo on his stomach laughing as he hooks down an entire building nearby
  • You’re choking and coughing on smoke and dust but your abuser’s coming up behind you so you scream to best of your ability
  • Just as said abuser yanks you up of the ground by your hair
  • “What the fuck was that bullshit?! Throwing the laundry at me like you’re some boss-ass bitch; you’re about to get yours!”
  • Abuser pulls their free hand back to hit you
  • But your scream had been just loud enough to attract the interest of the giant beast-man
  • “Now, I don’t normally get involved in people’s personal affairs but when you’d rather get the attention of the people destroying your town rather than hiding from them, I’d say your home life sucks pretty bad. And it looks like I’m correct, from your current situation.”
  • Snarky mask-wearing beast-man is snarky
  • Abuser is stupid enough to be a snark back, so they shove you to the ground and walks up to the guy who’s a good five times bigger than him
  • “Whaddya think you’re gonna do about it! This is none of your business, so screw off!”
  • Dude, the guy’s literally destroying your town and you think it’s smart to get in a fight with him???
  • Needless to say, Abuser doesn’t exist a couple minutes later and you’re crying in the arms of the behemoth who basically just saved your life
  • He (who identified himself with a gruff “Roadhog”) rocks and shushes you like a child, then sets you aside on some wreckage while he rounds up in ally
  • When he returns, he’s with a tall, kinda scrawny guy who’s yelling
  • “I wish you’d hollered for me before ya sliced his head off ‘is body! I could’a roasted him, given the Sheila a good– Is that her?”
  • Roadhog gave a snort and a nod in response
  • Then he had to hold the dirty blonde man-boy from running over to you and jumping away
  • At first, you were scared, but you calmed down after watching the large man scold and force the loud man to calm down
  • He was still loud though
  • “So, what’s your name, Sheila?”
  • “(Y-Y/N)..”
  • “Well that’s pretty. Suits ya.”
  • Sometime later, you’re taken to the Junkers’ hideout, where Roadhog makes you and Jamison (because he doesn’t want you to get dirty again), you know now, take showers (separately, of course)
  • Roadhog showers too, then the men offer what they can (a pair of Jamie’s pants and a short that had originally been taken for Mako but it was too small) for you to where, then Roadhog patches you all up and even massages your scalp and fixes your hair with surprising gentleness
  • All the while, Jamison’s asking you questions about your abuser and complaining about the fact that he hadn’t had a go at them
  • By this time, you’re barely awake, so Mako makes up a place for you to rest on the couch while Junkrat (also with surprising gentleness) carries you over and tucks you in
  • These men were supposed to be insane heathens?
  • It’s your last thought before you fall asleep for almost an entire day
  • When you wake up, Roadhog had set up a “small buffet” and Jamison is dishing you up a plate
  • Mako takes the small gap of time to check your wounds ask you how you’re doing (even bandaging the old scars along your back and legs, as if it would heal them)
  • Welcome to the Junker household

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how did highgarden fall so quickly? are there no vassals left to see a giant lannister army racing through the reach? are there no walls to be besieged?

To your first and third questions, Highgarden got tele-fragged. Can’t defend against that. Walls are irrelevant.

As for your second question, if I have learned one thing from Game of Thrones it is that there is nothing as sneaky as mass military movement. It’s practically invisible.

The beautiful @seventiescherry tagged me to post a picture of myself. 💞 (and her Tumblr is the bomb so y'all should go check it out)

I tag @californiapoppychild @weeangel @steplightly-stayfree @joestrummershowl @pshcydelia @spookyl0ser @the-beat-girl and literally anyone that wants to do it, I’m shit at tagging people in these lmao. 

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If you plan to visit the US again, would you go to Hershey's Chocolate world in Hershey PA or the Mütter Medical Museum in Philadelphia? (You can adopt a skull there and see a bunch of sweet medical stuff. Plus theirs a giant wall filled up of human skulls and a sweet gift shop)


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Hi hi uh dad uh could you maybe do a reverse bad boy au where Taehyung is the bad boy? K LOVE YOU BYE

Yoongi’s parents made a spare house key for Taehyung after the first time he tried to sneak over. 

It had been pretty hilarious actually. Yoongi had been texting Taehyung after he woke up late at night because of a nightmare and honestly all he had wanted was some comfort in the form of his soft bad boy bf. He hadn’t expected to hear some tapping noises on the window next door to his only a few minutes after telling Taehyung he missed him. 

The tapping continues for a bit until Yoongi finally walks over to his own window and his eyes widen when he sees his boyfriend, with his tattoos on display hot damn, sitting on the tree nearby tossing pebbles on his parents window. 

“Taehyung what the fuc-” 

Yoongi is cut off as the window to his parents window opens and his father is raising an eyebrow at Taehyung. 

“Oh…. wrong room….” 

Yoongi acts like he hates it tbh but he highkey gets the biggest boner when Taehyung casually and randomly opens the door to his classroom to pull him out of a lecture when he’s horny. This time Yoongi’s in algebra trying to learn about numbers or something and Taehyung walks in, leather jacket and a cigarette between his teeth, and wraps his hand around Yoongi’s wrist to pull him up from his chair all while ignoring the teacher telling him he’s not supposed to be there. 

“Yeah yeah whatever you say, he’ll come back to class after i cum.” 

Taehyung blows out some smoke from his cigarette and Yoongi laughs at how red the teacher’s face is in anger. It’s honestly so hot to see Taehyung not give a fuck.

At first Yoongi’s parents and friends didn’t like Taehyung. They took one look at his bright red hair and the tattoo over his right eyebrow and they were quick to tell Yoongi the boy was no good for him. 

Of course Yoongi didn’t listen to them 

They came around to liking him though when they saw how he defended Yoongi. Of course Yoongi is capable of defending himself but Taehyung would prefer he gets in trouble over Yoongi. It’s during a shopping mall trip with Yoongi’s parents and a few of his friends that Taehyung really shows how much he cares for Yoongi. 

Taehyung had been walking kind of behind the group as they shopped because he knew how they felt about him and he didn’t want Yoongi to feel uncomfortable. He’d only turned around for a few minutes  while everyone ordered something to eat at the food court when suddenly he heard a very loud yelp come from his boyfriend. 

He quickly tuns and sees some guy smirking while Yoongi looks angry and covers his backside. Taehyung’s boyfriend instincts quickly kick in.

“This asshole grabbed my ass.” 

That’s all Taehyung needs to hear to pull his arm back and punch the shit out of the guy so hard he’s pretty sure the guy’s nose is broken. Yoongi’s mom gasp as Hoseok moves closer to Yoongi and that’s when Taehyung notices the guy had friends that were now trying to fight him. He punches another guy and one of the guy’s friend elbows him but that’s about all they can get in before Taehyung is throwing himself at them to headbutt and punch them. When the fight is done everyone kind of expects Taehyung to do anything besides come straight to Yoongi and look over him worriedly but that’s exactly what he does. 

“Are you okay babe?” 

Yoongi’s mom speaks up before Yoongi can. 

“You just got in a fight and you’re asking if he’s okay?” 

Taehyung just nods like it’s obvious. 

“He just got groped i want to make sure nothing else happened.” 

There’s one time where Taehyung manages to convince Yoongi to sneak out of his home and go swimming in his neighbors pool. It’s not really hard to convince him really but it’s still fun. 

Yoongi is highkey scared they’ll get caught but Taehyung is giggling and smiling the whole time they’re jumping the neighbors fence. 

“Babe what if someone sees us?” 

Taehyung’s already stripped down to his boxers while Yoongi turns to ask him the question and Yoongi literally feels like the breath has been stolen from him. Taehyung looks so fucking hot. He doesn’t really have abs but he does have ink trialing all over his hips stomach and chest. Taehyung winks as he catches Yoongi staring and runs before jumping straight into the pool. 

“Come on in beautiful, the water feels almost as good as you feel around my dick.” 

Taehyung is so fucking blunt Yoongi laughs and jumps in so Taehyung can wrap his arms around him and hold him. They spend about an hour playing in the water and racing back and forth in the pool before Taehyung gets Yoongi pinned against the pool’s wall. Yoongi whimpers as Taehyung sucks hickies into his neck and he knows he should be quiet but fuck Taehyung knows his weak spots. 

Taehyung is in the middle of marking up the other side of his neck when the back door opens and Yoongi’s neighbor is yelling at them. Rather than be scared at getting caught like he though, Yoongi laughs the entire time as Taehyung holds his hand and they run away.

Taehyung is that cliche bad boy that spends two week tagging a wall with different colored spray paints just to surprise Yoongi on their anniversary. 

Yoongi worries a bit the week before their anniversary because Taehyung has been basically missing. Sure it’s normal for Taehyung to skip class or just be up to no good but it really worries Yoongi because Taehyung’s never just up and disappeared for days. At one point Yoongi even worries that Taehyung might be cheating on him because he mistakes some paint on Taehyung for a hickey. 

It’s the day of their anniversary and Yoongi’s mood is horrible because Taehyung had literally just kissed him on the lips once that morning before disappearing all day. He just wants to curl up and nap and forget that his boyfriend is being shitty but Taehyung doesn’t let that happen. Around 11 in the night Taehyung uses his key to Yoongi’s house to wake up Yoongi and drag him into his car. 


Taehyung rolls his eyes as Yoongi shouts at him the entire time Taehyung is driving to the place he’s surprising Yoongi. Even when they get out of the car Yoongi is cursing Taehyung out until finally Taehyung smiles and turns Yoongi around so he can see the giant realistic heart painted on the wall. 

“V + SUGA” 

The letters are in cursive and wrap around the heart and Yoongi’s eyes water because what the fuck how can Taehyung be this fucking romantic it’s not fair. 

“I was going to paint a sun and moon on it but i liked the heart better.” 

Yoongi turns and kisses Taehyung hard. 

“It’s perfect, you asshole. I love you.” 

This Thursday 6/22 we’ll host an art show for Keith Jones at 7 pm, which will also be the last chance to see his giant mural which has graced our walls for 6 years. Come by!

How Can That Be (7/?) [Ft. Reader x Hulk]

Summary: Bruce finds himself drawn to the new avenger by an unknown force. What happens when this force causes Bruce to become the Hulk?

(Side Note: I’m aware that the GIF is of Edward Norton as the Hulk and not Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk BUT I liked the GIF for this part of the story)

Originally posted by do-androidsdreamof-electricsheep

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 12

Recon mission, a simple in and out. However during the mission you became separated from your team. One minute you were walking beside Bruce and then next the floor you were walking on broke off and shifted upwards. You screamed as you were catapulted into the air away from your friends.

Bruce watched helplessly as you ascended into the air. It happened so fast, in a blink of an eye you were gone. Bruce and the Hulk went into a frenzy and the Avengers didn’t know what to do as they watched Bruce transform. The Hulk’s eyes dashed around and upwards as he searched for you, when he didn’t see you he roared. It was a painful roar that shook everyone to their core, it was almost like he was howling in agony.

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EPISODE 74 THE THRILLING FLAshback episode? oh.

We open with our average everyman, let’s call him Sato Justtryingtogettofuckingworkprobably, who’s probably just trying to get to fucking work. He’s flabbergasted by the duelists everywhere, blocking the streets with their duels. 

So I’m no expert in textual criticism but to me, that line suggests it’s early morning. (Which is what made me think he’s just trying to get to work.) BUT. When the fuck did the tournament start then?! They’ve all been dueling for hours!! And isn’t the next duel, on the pier, at sunset?! HOW LONG IS THIS HELICOPTER RIDE?!

But we’ll get to the helicopter in a minute. First, let’s satisfy Sato  Justtryingtogettofuckingworkprobably’s curiosity. 

“Oh, of course. That’s eminently reasonable. It’s not at all disturbing that a private company could so completely occupy public space and dictate the terms of the use of that space for hours or maybe days. Certainly it doesn’t raise questions about the influence of privately-held corporations over elected city officials. And probably there aren’t any public buildings in THE FUCKING CITY that public citizens might need to access during this time. Like a hospital or anything. It’s completely fine that the POLICE FORCE is being paid taxpayer money to enforce the rules put in place by a rich 16-year-old.”

Sato, having never met this Kaiba Seto, does immediately divine the man’s major characteristic.

This guy gets it!

[I named him Sato for the gag because Sato is the most common surname in Japan, according to The Japan Times. And Takahashi is the third most common!]

So! The helicopter! 

Mokuba’s tracking Jounouchi on a REALLY AMAZING system.

Like okay Google can do this. Now. In 2016. 

Anyway we’re not here for the 3D map GPS tracking system, we’re here for really fucking weird camera angles. Apparently.

“Well if you’ll come out from behind your knees, I’ll tell you.”

Yami tells Seto and Mokuba that he doesn’t know much about Malik but he does know he has a Millennium Item. Then, when Seto starts scoffing at the idea that Malik’s jewellery might be important, Yami mentions Pegasus.



(Although I mightn’t find the Kaiba brothers’ heartbreaking reactions to hearing Pegasus’s name quite so heartbreaking if I wasn’t feels-deep in @bellamy-taft‘s Glass fanfic right now.)

Yami quickly moves the conversation along and pretty much blurts out “btw I’m a ghost”.

Fair, tbh. 

(Btw see that giant glowing pill on the wall behind Seto? Yeah there’s like a full-on close-up of just that thing later. Bc reasons? I wanted to let you know that, but I didn’t want to waste precious minutes of my life screencapping light fixtures in YGO so here we are, you’re welcome.)

Interestingly, this seems to be the phase where Yami’s accepted his presumed identity, but hasn’t really internalised it.

He still thinks of himself as “Yugi”, even though he knows now that he’s not Yugi, and he’s able to talk about Yugi in the third person, meaning the, you know, original Yugi. He describes being “awakened” when “Yugi Mutou” completed the Puzzle. I find the personal identities of the Spirits of the Puzzle and Ring fascinating. Who are you if you have all of someone else’s memories but none of your own? Or some of your own?

Seto is struggling with the concept too.


Jfc Seto. “What the hell are you?!”, really? Couldn’t even muster a “who” for the poor guy?

Yami’s answer is so ridiculous we have to step outside while he says it.

“And I’m in a helicopter. How many other Pharaohs do you think got to ride in a helicopter, hmm? NOT VERY MANY!”

Kaiba says, out loud, “Pharaoh, you say?” and then immediately, also out loud…

… as he launches into a flashback, which is obvious to us, but to Yami and Mokuba, Yami goes “I’m a Pharaoh”, and Seto goes “That woman!” out loud and then stares into space for a bit.

He thoughtfully remembers the expositioniest bits of Ishizu’s speech for us:

Interestingly, Seto’s memories are sharp, and briefly static-y, and he remembers Ishizu speaking like a video, like normal animation, you know, where her mouth moves in time with her words … you know … speaking. #helpme

Whereas Yami’s memory of Ishizu is sepia-toned and soft, and her voice is just overlaid on still images of her.

There are a lot of bold animation decisions this episode, some of them, ahem, less successful. #KNEES #lightfixturecloseup But this one is actually really cool! I wonder if it’s that Seto has a very good memory, maybe even an eidetic memory? And Yami might have even a worse memory than normal? Or just he focuses on different things than accuracy?

Anyway then Seto shakes himself out and plays the “I’m Seto Kaiba and obviously all this blatant, visible magic is nonsense” game.

“Heh, I’m in a lot of denial.”

RFA + V + Unknown Headcanons - Apologies

inspired by @mystic-imagination-messenger thank you for writing so much MM goodness for us! I had this idea brewing in my head for awhile before I realized you had already done a similar prompt, sorry ;~;

Scenario: How would each RFA member apologize after a big argument or realizing that they f*cked up?


  • immediately after, he realized he was wrong and oh god he shouldn’t have what should he do?!
  • 11/10 starts crying
  • Trying to say sorry, but the poor boy can’t even get the words out
  • Wants to hug you but is too scared, he knows he did a bad boo boo and god why did he do that how could he have been so stupid??
  • …the tears just keep pouring out and he’s so nervous he starts to stutter and his words come out so garbled and nonsensical it’s like he’s typo’ing IRL you can barely understand him
  • you have to hold back laughter and try to keep a serious face on even though in your heart you’ve already forgiven him
  • sobs into your shoulder while promising he’d never do it again and you end up having to comfort him


  • Usually she knows not to let her emotions get the better of her, but she got caught up in the heat of the moment because you’re the only one who can affect her like that
  • really she only said those things because she has such high expectations of you
  • but she realizes it was unfair
  • and now she feels incredibly guilty
  • Gently knocks on your door, quietly waits until you’re willing to see her and hear what she has to say
  • Brings you a perfectly-brewed cup of coffee and a blanket
  • While you’re taking sips, she takes a deep breath and apologizes for her behavior
  • She’s also managed to write up a full 10-page report with the first few pages detailing a plan on how and why she will never make that mistake again and the remaining pages filled with how much she adores you, all the little things she loves about you and how she hopes you’ll accept her apology but that she understands if you can’t forgive her because she doesn’t deserve you
  • You can’t believe she did that but you read it anyway and it brings a smile to your face because she’s poured all her feelings into it and filled it with sappy things she’s usually too embarrassed to say
  • You keep it hidden away but you like to pull it out when she’s not home and read it again and again


  • All he remembers is that he was really mad but now he can’t even remember why
  • he feels so bad he never should have yelled at you
  • if anybody else had raised their voice against you he would’ve punched them so now he’s seriously debating punching himself and the only thing stopping him is that the director would kill him and he kinda needs the job
  • He’s so moody and restless he can’t even focus at work and the director sends him home early
  • Uses this time to plan something elaborate and when you get home he surprises you with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a heart shaped box of chocolates
  • …while dressed in a black and white striped prisoner’s outfit that he stole from work because “I should be jailed for committing such an atrocious crime against you, please forgive me my princess
  • Sings a really sappy love song to you and ends it with “I’m sorry” whispered in your ear followed by a gentle kiss on your cheek
  • You forgive him of course how could you not when he started kissing everywhere else too


  • The stubborn oaf didn’t even think he was wrong at all
  • He was just trying to protect you why would you even be mad at him for
  • You give him the cold shoulder for a few days until you realized it was up to you to show him what he did wrong, because it doesn’t matter if the entire RFA tells him he was wrong, he won’t listen to anyone except you
  • You patiently wait for a chance and one day you find it while he was talking about some company business, and you use the context as the perfect analogy to calmly explain to him why you were upset before
  • it clicks and he finally gets it, and is horrified that’s how he made you feel and vows never to do it again
  • the next day your apartment is filled with 10,000 red roses cuz Regret Ham knows no chill
  • like you could smell it while you were still a block away from the door
  • he shows up at your door right after you arrive, hands you a crisp white envelope with your name elegantly penned on it in his handwriting
  • Inside the envelope is a blank itinerary
  • He tells you that he’s cleared out his schedule and for the next 48 hours he was completely yours and would take you wherever you wanted to go and do whatever you wanted him to do
  • You briefly debate telling him to dress up in an embarrassing outfit and dance the macarena but what ended up happening was you both end up not leaving bed for the next 48 hours
  • True to his word though he never made that same mistake again


  • It’s not really apparent because he’s usually always joking around but the boy has a temper
  • he accidentally loses it one day and needs some time alone to cool down
  • But soon realizes that welp, he done goofed and he feels so so bad and guilty he doesn’t sleep at all
  • Creeps back into your room and notices you had cried yourself to sleep
  • Unlike Zen he does punch himself and it takes him so much to stop himself from crawling into bed and curling up next to you and holding you tight but he doesn’t want to risk waking you up
  • When you finally wake up, you discover he’s built a fort around you in the form of offerings of honey buddha chips and Dr. Pepper and also a mountain of mint chocolates because he knows you love them so much
  • You dig your way out of the giant wall of offerings and see him sitting cross legged on the floor his eyes puffy from crying and his hands fidgeting nonstop
  • All he can do is mumble “I’m sorry I’m sorry” over and over again and he’s so scared you’re going to leave him
  • When you tell him you forgive him he looks like he might cry again and envelops you in the biggest bear hug
  • You thought that was it but when you turned on your laptop it burst into a 30-minute long animation of a cartoon Seven shouting out the words “I’M SORRY” in every possible language on earth
  • and when you checked your phone the same thing happened and it puts a big goofy smile on your face

Bonus: V + Unknown + Vanderd00d (lol) under the cut

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Glitch In The Matrix

Submitted by:

Length: Medium

I’m obsessed with these stories since I have experienced it myself. I’m not sure if what happened to me is a “glitch” but I don’t know what else to call it.

When I was a kid, probably 6 or 7, the grocery store we shopped at had a pharmacy in it. Above the pharmacy there were three giant photos on the wall that you could see from anywhere in the store. One was a mother holding her baby, one was pills on a counter, and the last one was a woman with a stapler in her cheek. This is probably the weirdest thing to have on a wall anywhere. I still don’t know what it had to do with a pharmacy. There was something about it that was almost hypnotizing to me.

Anyways, I was obsessed with this picture. I would always stare at it anytime we went shopping. I would get in trouble for being so zoned out. One day after shopping, my very stupid 6/7-year old self decided to find out how a stapler could just go in skin like that. I went to my dad’s office, got his stapler, and put a stapler right in my bottom lip. I remember doing it so vividly, I feel the pain in my lip whenever i talk about it. Obviously, my mom rushed me to the hospital. My dad left work early to meet us there. The doctors removed it, life went on. It wasn’t ever really spoke of again.

I’m 18 now, I still have a little scar on my lip. One day after looking in the mirror, I brought it up to my mom. I asked her if it was kind of funny to her now. She looked at me like I was a ghost. She had absolutely no memory of it. Later that night, I asked my dad. He had no clue what I was talking about either. I showed both of them the scar on my lip, they swore that they had no idea. To try to refresh their memory, I told them about the photo of the woman at the grocery store with the stapler in her cheek. They didn’t know what I was talking about. They told me that the place we shopped when I was a kid didn’t have a pharmacy.

I know that it happened, I even have a scar to prove it. I don’t understand how, not just one, but both of my parents have absolutely no memory of their child literally stapling herself. A “glitch in the matrix” is the only way I could describe it.

Credits to:

No need to say goodbye

Request: Once again I loved the OS that you write with my request! And as I still have some ideas lurking in mind, I come again pollute your ask. May I suggest a GabrielxReader? Shortly after Gabe’s death, she discovers she’s pregnant, so she decides to stop hunting and leave the TWF, to try to have a normal life. Obviously, nothing normally happens as she must raise a half human half archangel son who loves to make jokes like his father, but (…)also regularly faced angels to whom the child is an aberration and demons who want to kidnap him (for I don’t know why). And one day, as she tries to protect her son again, she receives the unexpected help from Gabe, who had once again faked his death. Happy end with fluff and candies ! Thanks ♥

Words: 2348

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader, Dean, Sam, Castiel

Warning: nothing I think, correct me if I’m wrong, maybe a little angst

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Spic and Span

This is an odd medium.

I wonder how many of you really follow me. How many notice. How many just let my words trickle past as they look on for something more relevant to themselves. 

Perhaps some savour. They take time and reread the specific lines that call out for it. They project meaning where there may be none, and they enjoy the little cracks in the metaphoric sidewalks, spreading out like cobwebs from what might be the footsteps of giants. 

Up against the wall here. 

I can see myself, maybe collapsing, a few miles from the finish line. 

I can feel the cold concrete wall, biting against the thin flesh on my back as I get shoved into place. 

There once was a girl…

One taught me how the be hungry.

The next taught me to be hurt.

Another shot me dead at midnight under a moonless sky, just to collect on the insurance money. 

All that really matters to me now, is whatever I need to get by. This, I guess, and you, and something else.

Something else. 

Part 2 - The Building Of The Wall

From Sacred Texts. 

Always, there had been war between the Giants and the Gods - between the Giants who would have destroyed the world and the race of men, and the Gods who would have protected the race of men and would have made the world more beautiful.

There are many stories to be told about the Gods, but the first one that should be told to you is the one about the building of their City.

The Gods had made their way up to the top of a high mountain and there they decided to build a great City for themselves that the Giants could never overthrow. The City they would call “Asgard,” which means the Place of the Gods. They would build it on a beautiful plain that was on the top of that high mountain. And they wanted to raise around their City the highest and strongest wall that had ever been built.

Now one day when they were beginning to build their halls and their palaces a strange being came to them. Odin, the Father of the Gods, went and spoke to him. “What dost thou want on the Mountain of the Gods?” he asked the Stranger.

“I know what is in the mind of the Gods,” the Stranger said. “They would build a City here. I cannot build palaces, but I can build great walls that can never be overthrown. Let me build the wall round your City.”

“How long will it take you to build a wall that will go around our City?” said the Father of the Gods.

“A year, O Odin,” said the Stranger.

Now Odin knew that if a great wall could be built around it the Gods would not have to spend all their time defending their City, Asgard, from the Giants, and he knew that if Asgard were protected, he himself could go amongst men and teach them and help them. He thought that no payment the Stranger could ask would be too much for the building of that wall.

That day the Stranger came to the Council of the Gods, and he swore that in a year he would have the great wall built. Then Odin made oath that the Gods would give him what he asked in payment if the wall was finished to the last stone in a year from that day.

The Stranger went away and came back on the morrow. It was the first day of Summer when he started work. He brought no one to help him except a great horse.

Now the Gods thought that this horse would do no more than drag blocks of stone for the building of the wall. But the horse did more than this. He set the stones in their places and mortared them together. And day and night and by light and dark the horse worked, and soon a great wall was rising around the palaces that the Gods themselves were building.

“What reward will the Stranger ask for the work he is doing for us?” the Gods asked one another.

Odin went to the Stranger. “We marvel at the work you and your horse are doing for us,” he said. “No one can doubt that the great wall of Asgard will be built up by the first day of Summer. What reward do you claim? We would have it ready for you.”

The Stranger turned from the work he was doing, leaving the great horse to pile up the blocks of stone. “O Father of the Gods,” he said, “O Odin, the reward I shall ask for my work is the Sun and the Moon, and Freya, who watches over the flowers and grasses, for my wife.”

Now when Odin heard this he was terribly angered, for the price the Stranger asked for his work was beyond all prices. He went amongst the other Gods who were then building their shining palaces within the great wall and he told them what reward the Stranger had asked. The Gods said, “Without the Sun and the Moon the world will wither away.” And the Goddesses said, “Without Freya all will be gloom in Asgard.”

They would have let the wall remain unbuilt rather than let the Stranger have the reward he claimed for building it. But one who was in the company of the Gods spoke. He was Loki, a being who only half belonged to the Gods; his father was the Wind Giant. “Let the Stranger build the wall around Asgard, Loki said, "and I will find a way to make him give up the hard bargain he has made with the Gods. Go to him and tell him that the wall must be finished by the first day of Summer, and that if it is not finished to the last stone on that day the price he asks will not be given to him.”

The Gods went to the Stranger and they told him that if the last stone was not laid on the wall on the first day of the Summer not Sol or Mani, the Sun and the Moon, nor Freya would be given to him. And now they knew that the Stranger was one of the Giants.

The Giant and his great horse piled up the wall more quickly than before. At night, while the Giant slept, the horse worked on and on, hauling up stones and laying them on the wall with his great forefeet. And day by day the wall around Asgard grew higher and higher.

But the Gods had no joy in seeing that great wall rising higher and higher around their palaces. The Giant and his horse would finish the work by the first day of Summer, and then he would take the Sun and the Moon, Sol and Mani, and Freya away with him.

But Loki was not disturbed. He kept telling the Gods that he would find a way to prevent him from finishing his work, and thus he would make the Giant forfeit the terrible price he had led Odin to promise him.

It was three days to Summer time. All of the wall was finished except the gateway. Over the gateway a stone was still to be placed. And the Giant, before he went to sleep, made his horse haul up a great block of stone so that they might put it above the gateway in the morning, and so finish the work two full days before Summer.

It happened to be a beautiful moonlit night. Svadilfare, the Giant’s great horse, was hauling the largest stone he ever hauled when he saw a little mare come galloping toward him. The great horse had never seen so pretty a little mare and he looked at her with surprise.

“Svadilfare, slave,” said the little mare to him and went frisking past.

Svadilfare put down the stone he was hauling and called to the little mare. She came back to him. “Why do you call me ‘Svadilfare, slave’?” said the great horse.

“Because you have to work night and day for your master,” said the little mare. “He keeps you working, working, working, and never lets you enjoy yourself. You dare not leave that stone down and come and play with me.

"Who told you I dare not do it?” said Svadilfare.

“I know you daren’t do it,” said the little mare, and she kicked up her heels and ran across the moonlit meadow.

Now the truth is that Svadilfare was tired of working day and night. When he saw the little mare go galloping off he became suddenly discontented. He left the stone he was hauling on the ground. He looked round and he saw the little mare looking back at him. He galloped after her.

He did not catch up on the little mare. She went on swiftly before him. On she went over the moonlit meadow, turning and looking back now and again at the great Svadilfare, who came heavily after her. Down the mountainside the mare went, and Svadilfare, who now rejoiced in his liberty and in the freshness of the wind and in the smell of the flowers, still followed her. With the morning’s light they came near a cave and the little mare went into it. They went through the cave. Then Svadilfare caught up on the little mare and the two went wandering together, the little mare telling Svadilfare stories of the Dwarfs and the Elves.

They came to a grove and they stayed together in it, the little mare playing so nicely with him that the great horse forgot all about time passing. And while they were in the grove the Giant was going up and down, searching for his great horse.

He had come to the wall in the morning, expecting to put the stone over the gateway and so finish his work. But the stone that was to be lifted up was not near him. He called for Svadilfare, but his great horse did not come. He went to search for him, and he searched all down the mountainside and he searched as far across the earth as the realm of the Giants. But he did not find Svadilfare.

The Gods saw the first day of Summer come and the gateway of the wall stand unfinished. They said to each other that if it were not finished by the evening they need not give Sol and Mani to the Giant, nor the maiden Freya. The hours of the summer day went past and the Giant did not raise the stone over the gateway. In the evening he came before them.

“Your work is not finished,” Odin said. “You forced us to a hard bargain and now we need not keep it with you. You shall not be given Sol and Mani nor the maiden Freya.”

“Only the wall I have built is so strong I would tear it down,” said the Giant. He tried to throw down one of the palaces, but the Gods laid hands on him and thrust him outside the wall he had built. “Go, and trouble Asgard no more,” Odin commanded.

Then Loki returned to Asgard. He told the Gods how he had transformed himself into a little mare and had led away Svadilfare, the Giant’s great horse. And the Gods sat in their golden palaces behind the great wall and rejoiced that their City was now secure, and that no enemy could ever enter it or overthrow it. But Odin, the Father of the Gods, as he sat upon his throne was sad in his heart, sad that the Gods had got their wall built by a trick; that oaths had been broken, and that a blow had been struck in injustice in Asgard.

The Slytherin Common Room is partly under the lake which gives a greenish-blue tinge to part of the common areas, as there are giant glass panels lining one part of the wall allowing one to see the merfolk, giant squid, and a number of different sea creatures, magical and muggle. The common room is often updated as the moistness requires it to be, thusly it’s the most extravagant of all the common rooms. There are plush white sofas and black desks along with silver chandeliers. Natural stone lines most of the common room and years ago a part of the common area continually flooded until they resigned to creating a pool, the Slytherin headmaster at the time considered it fitting since Slytherin is the house associated with water. Soft moss grows on some of the walls and the grand stairs leading up to the dorms are lit by silver candles. The dorms are grand, with domed canopies and flowing velvet draperies. 


anonymous asked:

Thinking of Ezra's empathy/connection abilities, and then seeing those giant wolves on the wall of the Jedi Temple made me think. What if little Ezra, after his parents are taken, their friends abandon him, left the city? And he finds some Loth-wolves, and he is still innocent and open, and connects to them, and is adopted by them? He might end up good at certain Force-skills for survival reasons, able to run as fast as his family, much more in tune with Living Force, for connection and location

pt 2: and he would have /strange/ social skills, and still likely be distrustful of people. And maybe he goes to the city sometimes to steal/barter for things he needs that the wolves can’t provide. But being forced to rely on instincts and would likely have a stronger force presence that Kanan would notice, and he would notice Kanan’s more too. Might be harder for this wild child to agree to go with the crew, but the crew wouldn’t want to leave him with wolves. Food for thought.



okay, okay: so.

  • little Ezra, like you said, is having a rough time of it on the streets. 
    • he’s half-starved and frost-bitten and he’s too young to fight stormtroopers, to exhausted to run away from them, and and not yet quite savvy enough to trick them.
  • he’s on the edges of Capitol City, desperately scouring through somebody’s trash, when he’s caught by stormtroopers. 
  • scared out of his wits, he makes a desperate attempt at fleeing, and he succeeds. but he can only go one way - out, on to the plains of Lothal
  • he runs and runs until he can’t anymore, and he’s actually a couple miles from Capitol City
  • he’s curled under a big stone spire, half-frozen, tears streaking down his face because it’s been a year and where Mom and Dad, no they’re dead don’t think about it
  • and empathy works both ways, right? so as he’s out there, shivering and sniffling and shaking with exhaustion and fear, he comes to the attention of a bunch…Loth-wolves?
    • (think of the wolves from the Ahsoka-riding-space-wolves-gallery-concept-art)
  • if Ezra wasn’t scared before, now he is. he’s heard legends of these things, horror stories, the kind of ghost stories seven-year-olds tell each other during play dates
  • so it’s a whole pack of them - seven or eight - and Ezra’s frozen with fear as the come up and…sniff at him? lick him?
    • Ezra’s sitting there going “what is hAPPENING”
  • but the wolves petting him, trying to tug him into standing

  • Loth-wolves are nocturnal, so the younger ones nip at Ezra and try to get him to play, to integrate with the pack
  • and soon enough it’s morning and Ezra’s fallen asleep into a very warm pile
    • it’s the warmest he’s been since he left his old bed back at home a year ago
  • and then, of course, why would the wolves let this child go hungry?! so they
  • one comes back and offers him a half-eaten dead Loth-cat
  • Ezra’s a little wide-eyed and horrified, but it finally clicks
    • “You want…to feed me?”
    • the wolves bark, yes small hungry child you are VERY thin (not literally but you get the gist)
  • and Ezra’s like okay i can’t eat that so he manages to make a small fire and cook it(ish)
    • it’s all blackened and nasty now but Ezra doesn’t care and wolves like the warm fire and the kid’s eating so they’re like lol okay
  • the wolves see a small hungry child that they should take in as their own
    • so they try to tug him to go running with him, farther away from Capitol City
  • and Ezra’s like “well…why not?”
    • because he knows he can trust them, he doesn’t know how he knows but honestly the things that kids ten and below can believe are normal is ENDLESS and Ezra’s eight
    • they’ve fed him, they’ve played with him, they’ve kept him warm - nothing that anybody’s done for him in a YEAR
    • and they’re wolves, so they can’t possibly be plotting or have some agenda
  • and so he goes. 
  • and things are little weird at first, because even an eight-year-old knows that someone’s not supposed to be raised by wolves BUT
    • he learns how to hunt and make GOOD fires he catches Loth-cats, Loth-rats, Loth-fish, Loth-birds, Loth-anything, really
    • even WOLVES can tell when a kid’s too thin so in the first year they catch him Loth-deers every week and they watch him eat it ALL
    • they teach him to run as fast them and most of the time he just puts his shoes in his bag until he’s just like “why did i even wear things ugh” and his feet are so callused he barely feels the heat or the cold
    • and he doesn’t name them or anything. he just…knows them. like he knows their presence, knows their minds and simply saying “you” means something to him
  • and as the wolves migrate across the continent Ezra always gets good at guessing where the towns are, so he’ll saunter in to buy useful, carriable things
    • and the wolves migrate around their patch of land, so people come to know him in the surrounding villages as “that wild child” 
      • it’s said very affectionately, though
    • especially because the kid can hunt. nobody knows how he downs a Loth-deer, but he does
    • so shopkeepers and butchers agree to trade and barter with him, so he gets new clothes
      • and someone forces those wretched SHOES on him
      • “It’s going to snow,” the shopkeeper argues, “if you don’t take the shoes in exchange for the deer, I’m going to give you them anyway.”
      • “Fine,” Ezra snaps, but he can feel the guy’s worry so, ugh, whatever.
      • (He won’t admit when the snow comes to actually appreciating the warm socks and shoes, because it’s chilly, even when snuggled up with his friends in a den.)
  • and Ezra’s still a human boy, and he’s around towns every-other, every couple of weeks, (and sometimes he’ll stay for a couple of days during mating season because, um, gross, thinks Ezra) so he retains some familiar things
    • like, he definitely bathes himself and gets a toothbrush and toothpaste because he used to hate having baths but ew going without a bath for a week is NASTY, he privately thinks to himself, Mom was right, even though rivers are FREEZING to bathe in
    • and he cuts his hair shorter when it gets in his face and even brushes it 
    • he’s still a boy so he’s like “ew, i’m not going NAKED” so he buys himself some durable clothes, and he actually manages to grow a little, now that he’s got people looking out for it? he’s definitely healthier health-wise than in canon
      • but still short
    • and while it’s oddly sort of soothing to be ~at one~ with nature (ahem, the Force, cough, cough), Ezra begins to realize how much he really misses being with others who could talk back to him
    • so he keeps a mindless stream of chatter with the wolves
    • and he also learns to fight. nastily. with the other wolf cubs, Ezra’s all teeth and bones and wolf.
  • but being with wolves for so long…it kinda rubs off on him
    • like, everyone in the towns already knows “Lothal’s Wild Child” (and, no, they are not talking about Dindo who ran off with that hooligan and broke her poor daddy’s heart, though she is a wild child) is strange, because he just appears sometimes, but he’s harmless, honestly
      • after one encounter, Ezra realizes that bringing wolves into the villages with him are not a Good Idea, so he comes alone - no one has any idea who he actually lives with
    • like, he tends to mutter under his breath because he forgets that he can’t just keep talking like he can to the wolves, but he usually remembers when he can and can’t talk within a couple of days
    • and he’s got some weird mannerisms? like not only is he weirdly adept at reading others’ emotions but not their facial expressions, he unconsciously tilts his head in confusion, or scrunches when scared, or stands straight up when he gets alert, and why can that kid pull off the BEST puppy-dog eyes?!
    • and his vocabulary is very limited and he generally has trouble understanding when people talk too fast, so he gets by with a lot of pointing, and he can barely read
    • but he doesn’t mind villages because they appreciate him as a source of income, so shopkeepers tend to be willing to teach him new vocabulary
  • and, like, emotionally? Ezra’s…well, he’s not much of anything
    • because he doesn’t really have to deal with complex emotions that often, because he’s not much around humans
      • his emotions generally go from “hungry” to “cold” to “hot” to “sore” to “having fun with my wolf friends”
    • but he also doesn’t have to deal with the trauma of living on the street, so he’s not damaged by that in any aspect
    • he’s generally much less trusting of humans, though, so he doesn’t get strange Tarzan levels of “these noble savage,” or something weird
    • but he does come away with a sadder but probably true understanding of death - there’s a lot less anger
      • because wolves die. and the other wolves move on, they comfort Ezra when a young wolf or an old wolf dies, but they’re generally pretty “meh” because that’s what happens
      • but it’s not like wolves tell Ezra “conceal don’t feel don’t let it show” so he’s welcome to work off his emotions any way he wishes
      • empathy goes both ways, so the wolves are always…validating and supportive of his emotions? dogs are great honestly
  • either way, Ezra gets by from agree 8 - 12 like this. but once he hits age twelve (he counts years by seasons) he ends up with a problem. the Empire.
    • because as the Empire’s trying to harvest minerals from Lothal’s crust, they don’t have any time for things like Loth-wolves, so they put out bounties for Loth-wolves being dragged back dead
    • (and these things are BIG and VICIOUS - who wouldn’t want them gone)
  • so when Ezra’s out with the pack, one day they come across a pack of slaughtered Loth-wolves
    • that’s when Ezra, who does remember a year on the streets, dredges up an old lesson: when you can’t run, hide
  • which is how Ezra comes across an old comms tower
    • he sets up shop there with the rest of the pack, who come to view it as “home base” even though they prefer to migrate, if only because it’s warm and who else will bring food back to the poor hairless creature they adopted?!
    • Ezra salvages an old air mattress and somehow it’s literally the best thing he’s ever had because how did he forget how awesome beds were
    • slowly as things get worse the wolves bring back more and more other packs of wolves and literally the entire tower is SWIMMING in Loth-wolves
    • but as this happens and Ezra and the rest wander around looking for food, he keeps wandering closer and closer to Capitol City, half-wanting to go back and look at his old home, half-dreading walking into the city
    • but eventually he’s drawn back because he’s slowly recovering more things he forgot about humans - particularly, books and reading because the comms tower is FILLED with meaningless brochures and pamphlets and sometimes Ezra could SWEAR he knows how to sound out some of them, so now he has created a reason to go back to Capitol City
      • he can’t bear going back to his old house, but he wants to remember his parents
    • so he reminds himself to put his shoes on, and he vaguely remembers something - a library, right? is that what it’s called - and he’s INTERESTED because he has all these good memories of his mother reading to him and his father at his desk so he’s gotta do something, right?
    • when he enters into the city, he’s horrified and overwhelmed by how many people their are, the amount of EMOTION that he’s feeling, but he manages to find the library
    • he’s sort of bad at communicating what he wants and/or needs but the librarian takes pity on him
    • he’s kinda cute looking, like he’s rough around the edges - really rough and his glare is nasty, it’s a wolf-stare - but he really manages puppy dog eyes well
    • the librarians take pity on him, thinking that he’s probably either not fluent in Basic or maybe from some hick town or perhaps has a disability - or maybe all of the above - so they want to teach him, tell him to come back everyday at eight, okay?
    • and Ezra listens really, really, hard but he doesn’t quite remember how to tell time works, so the next day he just shows up at dawn to make sure he isn’t late
    • and this sorta turns into a routine, up until six months later when Ezra’s reading chapter books and he can understand everything the librarians tell him, and he’s really proud of himself, and he tells his wolf friends all about it, and he reads them stories 
      • by this point Ezra has much more advanced vocabulary, but weird vocabulary, and he’s just desperately copying anyone - the librarians, the dialogue in his story books - trying to sound normal when talking
      • but he doesn’t sound normal at all it’s stilted and kinda funny, and Ezra vacillates between Regency-era England insults, nasty ones he’s picked up on the streets, and just flat-out stupid insults
    • which is when the Empire closes down the library
    • it’s the first time Ezra remembers what real, true anger feels like
    • but he’s not sure what to do. so he just checks to make sure all the librarians are alright - they are - and then he goes and steals basically the entire library’s worth of books and brings it all back to his tower
  • and so he’s just left. feeling angry.
    • but for wolves, anger isn’t useful. they don’t care about anger unless it serves a purpose. if you’re angry, you get it out by wrestling with another wolf, and then you’re done.
    • and so Ezra begins to realize how valuable that lesson is as he curls up in his tower reading book after book. 
      • (because he misses humanity, but he doesn’t miss humans, he remembers what they did to his family, his friends, and him on the streets)
    • he learns all about fatal flaws, and he learns about humanity and the human experience and what’s healthy because he reads all through these psychology textbooks
      • “Stop peeing on my books, thou dastardly villain,” Ezra complains to a wolf.
      • pay attention to me, the wolf communicates, getting in front of his book
    • so he’s also got an oddly mature and specific vocabulary and weird bits of knowledge because he reads and reads and reads over again, he wants to be human and meet humans but he doesn’t want to be hurt
  • by the time he hits fourteen, he’s still traveling with the wolves in short bursts - for food and for substance to trade 
    • (in Capitol City, this time, and Ezra learns more about the Empire than he wanted to know. and more about the stormtroopers and cruelty, and while he wants to cajole the wolves into coming with him to attack, wolves only attack for a good reason and Emotions, Trials, and Tribulations: the Human Experience and How to Live Healthily says that immediate anger and wanting for violence as a response to a threat is Not Good, so that’s a no, and his favorite King Valiant would never do that. so. no. but he glares out of the corner of his eyes, a wolf’s stare, and stormtroopers tend to back off of a feral child)
  • but this is when Kanan and the crew show up on Lothal
    • once they land, something’s wrong. Kanan can feel and he repeats it to himself but he isn’t sure what.
    • what does do, though, is go and get a drink in the cantina. this is where he begins to hear of Lothal’s Wild Child
      • “He’s dead, I tell you,” says one farmer to another.
      • “Naw, he showed up just last season,” disagreed the butcher, “brought with him a mighty big Loth-deer, considerin’ the Empire’s restrictions. Could fed him for a month but he wanted a bunch of dog treats. Dunno why.”
      • Why is that he’s cracked in the head,” threw in an old crone, “I wouldn’t mind seeing the stormies take him away!”
    • and Kanan’s like, wait a minute. i have a bad feeling about this.
    • and as the Ghost crew suits up to go foil an Imperial shipment in Capitol City, Kanan notices something - wolves. why are there so many wolves around Capitol City?
    • and as they make their getaway with the cargo, like in Spark of Rebellion, Kanan sees the comms tower in the distance.
      • oh, Kanan thinks, before shouting, “Zeb, take my cargo! I’ll be at the rendezvous before dusk!”
  • so when dusk rolls around and Kanan’s not there, Zeb and Sabine agree to go find him, which is when they come to the comms tower.
  • Sabine opens the door.
    • “Um,” Zeb says, as they open the door only to see what appears to be an entire fluffy, white carpet made of Loth-wolves.
    • “Er…Kanan?” Sabine calls as they carefully tread their way around the wolves and up the stairs. They sniff and glare, but don’t move otherwise.
  • That’s when they find Kanan, surrounded by a library’s worth of books and dozens of Loth-wolves, arguing with someone who stubbornly has their nose stuck in a book and ignoring Kanan from under a pile of four wolves.
    • “Um,” Zeb repeats, and Sabine agrees.
    • “Zeb, Sabine,” Kanan says, “good. Where’s Hera? By the way - this is Ezra. He’s a new crew member.”
    • “You mean there’s someone under that?” Sabine says, before what he says catches up with her and she demands, “What? You want to adopt somebody without Hera?”
    • “I want to add a new member to the crew,” Kanan says through clenched-teeth, sounding more than a little intense, “because, for the last time, human children cannot be raised by Loth-wolves their entire lives!”
    • “Um…” Zeb says, really, really struggling for something to say.
    • “Cruel creature,” the book flips down to reveal - is that a teenager under all those wolves? “You would deprive me of my greatest companions?! Stupid head.”
    • “Someone help me,” Kanan says faintly.
  • Sabine and Zeb really, really have no idea what’s going on.
  • When Hera finally shows up, they get the full story. - a kid raised by wolves for eight years. literally, literally raised by wolves. 
  • Kanan explains that the kid’s Force-sensitive which is why he’s able to connect with the wolves
    • the wolves seem to take a liking to the Ghost crew, too, Ezra isn’t sure how he feels about this
  • Hera just sits back and watches the show of Ezra and Kanan arguing.
    • “Why should I come with you? I don’t want to! I’ve been fine before!”
    • ”The Empire can and will get you, kid!”
    • That’s the final straw. 
  • No one’s quite sure what changes, but Ezra’s face goes white and drains of color. Thirty wolves pile around him.
    • “Your presence is strong,” Kanan softens his tone. “I can’t leave you here to get hurt - or taken by the Empire. Come with us. Fight them.”
  • But Kanan doesn’t even need to tell him that. Ezra’s sold, though he does later ask Hera:
    • “The Empire took away my chums at the bibliotech. Would we thwart the Imperial scum from that?”
    • Hera grins. He’s a little strange, a little unused to people, and a lot untrusting, but a kid who can win the hearts of eighty wolves is good with her.
    • “Yeah, we help people. That’s what we do.”
  • But when he’s on board the Ghost things get a LOT more lively. Pretty much everyone is vaguely bemused but amused by him.
    • He’s very rarely seen droids before and has a hard time thinking of them as not being animals, and Chopper can’t seem to find the heart to do anything but half-heartedly grumble when Ezra pets him and chatters on like he did with his wolves.
      • He was allowed to bring one wolf, though he bartered for ten. He managed to get two, as long as they wouldn’t reproduce. (He brought a pair anyway, because puppies are cute :D)
      • The wolves bid him farewell without much adieu, pushing him on to his new pack. Ezra feels kinda abandoned, kinda honored by their support.
    • Zeb finds Ezra hilarious, mostly because he can’t insults seriously when they include words like “doth” and “thou.” But he was incredibly educated on Lasan, so they bond over Ezra’s love of books. Lasan had an oral tradition, so Zeb teaches Ezra how to recite some stories.
      • even though it’s kinda funny to listen to Ezra speak, Zeb’s eventually the one who teaches him how to regulate his speech and language so he sounds normal
    • Sabine teaches Ezra all about technology and how institutions like school, hospitals, things like that work. He teaches her how to hunt and build fires without technology. 
      • Sabine tends to think of him as being very innocent, until at one point they got into an altercation and Ezra nearly ripped out a guy’s throat with his teeth. Yikes, Sabine thought, and rethought her opinion.
      • The guy is tough and scrappy - but not naive or innocent, just ignorant.
    • Hera helps Ezra learn how to establish and work within relationships and boundaries. He’s read a lot, so he’s got the theory down, but not the actual practice.
      • She helps him mediate between what’s considered appropriate in terms of attack and what’s considered flat-out freaky and how animals are good in some respects to mimic but not in others.
    • Kanan, because he brought Ezra on, deals with the more basic areas of Ezra’s life. He convinces Ezra to wear shoes, shows him how to use cutlery (and because he was diplomatically trained by the Jedi the rest of the crew is awed by his odd and extended knowledge of cultural differences in table-settings) and, of course, how to be a Jedi. 
      • it’s different than Kanan expected because, well, Ezra can touch and be apart of the Living Force to a point where Kanan doesn’t even understand and even asks Ezra to help him understand this, but works with Ezra in terms of perspective and Ezra’s place in the galaxy. Wolves are just wolves, but Ezra’s something more.
      • Kanan’s more just trying to tame Ezra for more of “I don’t want to feel guilty if the Empire gets him” point of view and it feels like a fruitless endeavor until (especially because of the “you can’t take sixty wolves with you into space thing”), late one night, Ezra knocks at the door to his cabin.
        • “I loved the wolves,” Ezra says frankly because the kid does not know how to beat around the bush. “But they are wolves. And I love you, too, but you are not pack. You are family.”
        • Kanan maybe tears up a bit.
  • Raising a half-domesticated wild child’s a bit rough and they all appreciate when Ezra can finally start to use contractions and make jokes and normal kid stuff, but, damn if Zeb and Sabine didn’t enjoy seeing Ezra’s wolves take down two Inquisitors before Ezra cried, “I strike thee with the teeth of justice!” and cracks Seventh Sister’s hand in half with a well-placed bite after she creepily stroked him one time too many.

sorry for this embarrassment, anon, but I consider it my duty to take wacky AU ideas to the logical extreme in many varied attempts to get kicked out of the fandom. 

also, this may’ve just strayed from Ezra being raised by wolves…? but i hope you enjoyed it! :3