to see this giant wall

  • me: gets a simple to-do list of 3 items from my boss, with details about how to complete each task correctly
  • me: sees giant wall of text, chest immediately tightens, anxiety increased by 400% therefore rendering this simple task incredible difficult and effortful
Tiny in turmoil

Do you ever just get so depressed that looking at your interests (gt) and doing your hobbies (drawing and writing gt) brings you complete and utter agony to the point where you just wanna give it up completely and disappear into a tiny hole in the wall.

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skittles at the carnival??

“There’s no way that thing will fit in the back of the Jeep,” Stiles mused with a touch of smugness as he chomped on a cloud of rainbow cotton candy. 

“Then maybe you shouldn’t have won it for me,” Scott amiably countered from somewhere behind the enormous teddy bear he struggled to hold in both arms.

Stiles, throwing an arm around Scott’s shoulders to help guide his path through the throng of carnival-goers Scott couldn’t see due to the giant wall of fur he carried, chuckled and said, “Nothing but the best for my Scotty.” 

The Slytherin Common Room is partly under the lake which gives a greenish-blue tinge to part of the common areas, as there are giant glass panels lining one part of the wall allowing one to see the merfolk, giant squid, and a number of different sea creatures, magical and muggle. The common room is often updated as the moistness requires it to be, thusly it’s the most extravagant of all the common rooms. There are plush white sofas and black desks along with silver chandeliers. Natural stone lines most of the common room and years ago a part of the common area continually flooded until they resigned to creating a pool, the Slytherin headmaster at the time considered it fitting since Slytherin is the house associated with water. Soft moss grows on some of the walls and the grand stairs leading up to the dorms are lit by silver candles. The dorms are grand, with domed canopies and flowing velvet draperies. 


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Honestly they would just be really confused about it all and might be lowkey judging but like not too much, they love the reader too much to really judge her for anything. 

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Thinking of Ezra's empathy/connection abilities, and then seeing those giant wolves on the wall of the Jedi Temple made me think. What if little Ezra, after his parents are taken, their friends abandon him, left the city? And he finds some Loth-wolves, and he is still innocent and open, and connects to them, and is adopted by them? He might end up good at certain Force-skills for survival reasons, able to run as fast as his family, much more in tune with Living Force, for connection and location

pt 2: and he would have /strange/ social skills, and still likely be distrustful of people. And maybe he goes to the city sometimes to steal/barter for things he needs that the wolves can’t provide. But being forced to rely on instincts and would likely have a stronger force presence that Kanan would notice, and he would notice Kanan’s more too. Might be harder for this wild child to agree to go with the crew, but the crew wouldn’t want to leave him with wolves. Food for thought.



okay, okay: so.

  • little Ezra, like you said, is having a rough time of it on the streets. 
    • he’s half-starved and frost-bitten and he’s too young to fight stormtroopers, to exhausted to run away from them, and and not yet quite savvy enough to trick them.
  • he’s on the edges of Capitol City, desperately scouring through somebody’s trash, when he’s caught by stormtroopers. 
  • scared out of his wits, he makes a desperate attempt at fleeing, and he succeeds. but he can only go one way - out, on to the plains of Lothal
  • he runs and runs until he can’t anymore, and he’s actually a couple miles from Capitol City
  • he’s curled under a big stone spire, half-frozen, tears streaking down his face because it’s been a year and where Mom and Dad, no they’re dead don’t think about it
  • and empathy works both ways, right? so as he’s out there, shivering and sniffling and shaking with exhaustion and fear, he comes to the attention of a bunch…Loth-wolves?
    • (think of the wolves from the Ahsoka-riding-space-wolves-gallery-concept-art)
  • if Ezra wasn’t scared before, now he is. he’s heard legends of these things, horror stories, the kind of ghost stories seven-year-olds tell each other during play dates
  • so it’s a whole pack of them - seven or eight - and Ezra’s frozen with fear as the come up and…sniff at him? lick him?
    • Ezra’s sitting there going “what is hAPPENING”
  • but the wolves petting him, trying to tug him into standing

  • Loth-wolves are nocturnal, so the younger ones nip at Ezra and try to get him to play, to integrate with the pack
  • and soon enough it’s morning and Ezra’s fallen asleep into a very warm pile
    • it’s the warmest he’s been since he left his old bed back at home a year ago
  • and then, of course, why would the wolves let this child go hungry?! so they
  • one comes back and offers him a half-eaten dead Loth-cat
  • Ezra’s a little wide-eyed and horrified, but it finally clicks
    • “You want…to feed me?”
    • the wolves bark, yes small hungry child you are VERY thin (not literally but you get the gist)
  • and Ezra’s like okay i can’t eat that so he manages to make a small fire and cook it(ish)
    • it’s all blackened and nasty now but Ezra doesn’t care and wolves like the warm fire and the kid’s eating so they’re like lol okay
  • the wolves see a small hungry child that they should take in as their own
    • so they try to tug him to go running with him, farther away from Capitol City
  • and Ezra’s like “well…why not?”
    • because he knows he can trust them, he doesn’t know how he knows but honestly the things that kids ten and below can believe are normal is ENDLESS and Ezra’s eight
    • they’ve fed him, they’ve played with him, they’ve kept him warm - nothing that anybody’s done for him in a YEAR
    • and they’re wolves, so they can’t possibly be plotting or have some agenda
  • and so he goes. 
  • and things are little weird at first, because even an eight-year-old knows that someone’s not supposed to be raised by wolves BUT
    • he learns how to hunt and make GOOD fires he catches Loth-cats, Loth-rats, Loth-fish, Loth-birds, Loth-anything, really
    • even WOLVES can tell when a kid’s too thin so in the first year they catch him Loth-deers every week and they watch him eat it ALL
    • they teach him to run as fast them and most of the time he just puts his shoes in his bag until he’s just like “why did i even wear things ugh” and his feet are so callused he barely feels the heat or the cold
    • and he doesn’t name them or anything. he just…knows them. like he knows their presence, knows their minds and simply saying “you” means something to him
  • and as the wolves migrate across the continent Ezra always gets good at guessing where the towns are, so he’ll saunter in to buy useful, carriable things
    • and the wolves migrate around their patch of land, so people come to know him in the surrounding villages as “that wild child” 
      • it’s said very affectionately, though
    • especially because the kid can hunt. nobody knows how he downs a Loth-deer, but he does
    • so shopkeepers and butchers agree to trade and barter with him, so he gets new clothes
      • and someone forces those wretched SHOES on him
      • “It’s going to snow,” the shopkeeper argues, “if you don’t take the shoes in exchange for the deer, I’m going to give you them anyway.”
      • “Fine,” Ezra snaps, but he can feel the guy’s worry so, ugh, whatever.
      • (He won’t admit when the snow comes to actually appreciating the warm socks and shoes, because it’s chilly, even when snuggled up with his friends in a den.)
  • and Ezra’s still a human boy, and he’s around towns every-other, every couple of weeks, (and sometimes he’ll stay for a couple of days during mating season because, um, gross, thinks Ezra) so he retains some familiar things
    • like, he definitely bathes himself and gets a toothbrush and toothpaste because he used to hate having baths but ew going without a bath for a week is NASTY, he privately thinks to himself, Mom was right, even though rivers are FREEZING to bathe in
    • and he cuts his hair shorter when it gets in his face and even brushes it 
    • he’s still a boy so he’s like “ew, i’m not going NAKED” so he buys himself some durable clothes, and he actually manages to grow a little, now that he’s got people looking out for it? he’s definitely healthier health-wise than in canon
      • but still short
    • and while it’s oddly sort of soothing to be ~at one~ with nature (ahem, the Force, cough, cough), Ezra begins to realize how much he really misses being with others who could talk back to him
    • so he keeps a mindless stream of chatter with the wolves
    • and he also learns to fight. nastily. with the other wolf cubs, Ezra’s all teeth and bones and wolf.
  • but being with wolves for so long…it kinda rubs off on him
    • like, everyone in the towns already knows “Lothal’s Wild Child” (and, no, they are not talking about Dindo who ran off with that hooligan and broke her poor daddy’s heart, though she is a wild child) is strange, because he just appears sometimes, but he’s harmless, honestly
      • after one encounter, Ezra realizes that bringing wolves into the villages with him are not a Good Idea, so he comes alone - no one has any idea who he actually lives with
    • like, he tends to mutter under his breath because he forgets that he can’t just keep talking like he can to the wolves, but he usually remembers when he can and can’t talk within a couple of days
    • and he’s got some weird mannerisms? like not only is he weirdly adept at reading others’ emotions but not their facial expressions, he unconsciously tilts his head in confusion, or scrunches when scared, or stands straight up when he gets alert, and why can that kid pull off the BEST puppy-dog eyes?!
    • and his vocabulary is very limited and he generally has trouble understanding when people talk too fast, so he gets by with a lot of pointing, and he can barely read
    • but he doesn’t mind villages because they appreciate him as a source of income, so shopkeepers tend to be willing to teach him new vocabulary
  • and, like, emotionally? Ezra’s…well, he’s not much of anything
    • because he doesn’t really have to deal with complex emotions that often, because he’s not much around humans
      • his emotions generally go from “hungry” to “cold” to “hot” to “sore” to “having fun with my wolf friends”
    • but he also doesn’t have to deal with the trauma of living on the street, so he’s not damaged by that in any aspect
    • he’s generally much less trusting of humans, though, so he doesn’t get strange Tarzan levels of “these noble savage,” or something weird
    • but he does come away with a sadder but probably true understanding of death - there’s a lot less anger
      • because wolves die. and the other wolves move on, they comfort Ezra when a young wolf or an old wolf dies, but they’re generally pretty “meh” because that’s what happens
      • but it’s not like wolves tell Ezra “conceal don’t feel don’t let it show” so he’s welcome to work off his emotions any way he wishes
      • empathy goes both ways, so the wolves are always…validating and supportive of his emotions? dogs are great honestly
  • either way, Ezra gets by from agree 8 - 12 like this. but once he hits age twelve (he counts years by seasons) he ends up with a problem. the Empire.
    • because as the Empire’s trying to harvest minerals from Lothal’s crust, they don’t have any time for things like Loth-wolves, so they put out bounties for Loth-wolves being dragged back dead
    • (and these things are BIG and VICIOUS - who wouldn’t want them gone)
  • so when Ezra’s out with the pack, one day they come across a pack of slaughtered Loth-wolves
    • that’s when Ezra, who does remember a year on the streets, dredges up an old lesson: when you can’t run, hide
  • which is how Ezra comes across an old comms tower
    • he sets up shop there with the rest of the pack, who come to view it as “home base” even though they prefer to migrate, if only because it’s warm and who else will bring food back to the poor hairless creature they adopted?!
    • Ezra salvages an old air mattress and somehow it’s literally the best thing he’s ever had because how did he forget how awesome beds were
    • slowly as things get worse the wolves bring back more and more other packs of wolves and literally the entire tower is SWIMMING in Loth-wolves
    • but as this happens and Ezra and the rest wander around looking for food, he keeps wandering closer and closer to Capitol City, half-wanting to go back and look at his old home, half-dreading walking into the city
    • but eventually he’s drawn back because he’s slowly recovering more things he forgot about humans - particularly, books and reading because the comms tower is FILLED with meaningless brochures and pamphlets and sometimes Ezra could SWEAR he knows how to sound out some of them, so now he has created a reason to go back to Capitol City
      • he can’t bear going back to his old house, but he wants to remember his parents
    • so he reminds himself to put his shoes on, and he vaguely remembers something - a library, right? is that what it’s called - and he’s INTERESTED because he has all these good memories of his mother reading to him and his father at his desk so he’s gotta do something, right?
    • when he enters into the city, he’s horrified and overwhelmed by how many people their are, the amount of EMOTION that he’s feeling, but he manages to find the library
    • he’s sort of bad at communicating what he wants and/or needs but the librarian takes pity on him
    • he’s kinda cute looking, like he’s rough around the edges - really rough and his glare is nasty, it’s a wolf-stare - but he really manages puppy dog eyes well
    • the librarians take pity on him, thinking that he’s probably either not fluent in Basic or maybe from some hick town or perhaps has a disability - or maybe all of the above - so they want to teach him, tell him to come back everyday at eight, okay?
    • and Ezra listens really, really, hard but he doesn’t quite remember how to tell time works, so the next day he just shows up at dawn to make sure he isn’t late
    • and this sorta turns into a routine, up until six months later when Ezra’s reading chapter books and he can understand everything the librarians tell him, and he’s really proud of himself, and he tells his wolf friends all about it, and he reads them stories 
      • by this point Ezra has much more advanced vocabulary, but weird vocabulary, and he’s just desperately copying anyone - the librarians, the dialogue in his story books - trying to sound normal when talking
      • but he doesn’t sound normal at all it’s stilted and kinda funny, and Ezra vacillates between Regency-era England insults, nasty ones he’s picked up on the streets, and just flat-out stupid insults
    • which is when the Empire closes down the library
    • it’s the first time Ezra remembers what real, true anger feels like
    • but he’s not sure what to do. so he just checks to make sure all the librarians are alright - they are - and then he goes and steals basically the entire library’s worth of books and brings it all back to his tower
  • and so he’s just left. feeling angry.
    • but for wolves, anger isn’t useful. they don’t care about anger unless it serves a purpose. if you’re angry, you get it out by wrestling with another wolf, and then you’re done.
    • and so Ezra begins to realize how valuable that lesson is as he curls up in his tower reading book after book. 
      • (because he misses humanity, but he doesn’t miss humans, he remembers what they did to his family, his friends, and him on the streets)
    • he learns all about fatal flaws, and he learns about humanity and the human experience and what’s healthy because he reads all through these psychology textbooks
      • “Stop peeing on my books, thou dastardly villain,” Ezra complains to a wolf.
      • pay attention to me, the wolf communicates, getting in front of his book
    • so he’s also got an oddly mature and specific vocabulary and weird bits of knowledge because he reads and reads and reads over again, he wants to be human and meet humans but he doesn’t want to be hurt
  • by the time he hits fourteen, he’s still traveling with the wolves in short bursts - for food and for substance to trade 
    • (in Capitol City, this time, and Ezra learns more about the Empire than he wanted to know. and more about the stormtroopers and cruelty, and while he wants to cajole the wolves into coming with him to attack, wolves only attack for a good reason and Emotions, Trials, and Tribulations: the Human Experience and How to Live Healthily says that immediate anger and wanting for violence as a response to a threat is Not Good, so that’s a no, and his favorite King Valiant would never do that. so. no. but he glares out of the corner of his eyes, a wolf’s stare, and stormtroopers tend to back off of a feral child)
  • but this is when Kanan and the crew show up on Lothal
    • once they land, something’s wrong. Kanan can feel and he repeats it to himself but he isn’t sure what.
    • what does do, though, is go and get a drink in the cantina. this is where he begins to hear of Lothal’s Wild Child
      • “He’s dead, I tell you,” says one farmer to another.
      • “Naw, he showed up just last season,” disagreed the butcher, “brought with him a mighty big Loth-deer, considerin’ the Empire’s restrictions. Could fed him for a month but he wanted a bunch of dog treats. Dunno why.”
      • Why is that he’s cracked in the head,” threw in an old crone, “I wouldn’t mind seeing the stormies take him away!”
    • and Kanan’s like, wait a minute. i have a bad feeling about this.
    • and as the Ghost crew suits up to go foil an Imperial shipment in Capitol City, Kanan notices something - wolves. why are there so many wolves around Capitol City?
    • and as they make their getaway with the cargo, like in Spark of Rebellion, Kanan sees the comms tower in the distance.
      • oh, Kanan thinks, before shouting, “Zeb, take my cargo! I’ll be at the rendezvous before dusk!”
  • so when dusk rolls around and Kanan’s not there, Zeb and Sabine agree to go find him, which is when they come to the comms tower.
  • Sabine opens the door.
    • “Um,” Zeb says, as they open the door only to see what appears to be an entire fluffy, white carpet made of Loth-wolves.
    • “Er…Kanan?” Sabine calls as they carefully tread their way around the wolves and up the stairs. They sniff and glare, but don’t move otherwise.
  • That’s when they find Kanan, surrounded by a library’s worth of books and dozens of Loth-wolves, arguing with someone who stubbornly has their nose stuck in a book and ignoring Kanan from under a pile of four wolves.
    • “Um,” Zeb repeats, and Sabine agrees.
    • “Zeb, Sabine,” Kanan says, “good. Where’s Hera? By the way - this is Ezra. He’s a new crew member.”
    • “You mean there’s someone under that?” Sabine says, before what he says catches up with her and she demands, “What? You want to adopt somebody without Hera?”
    • “I want to add a new member to the crew,” Kanan says through clenched-teeth, sounding more than a little intense, “because, for the last time, human children cannot be raised by Loth-wolves their entire lives!”
    • “Um…” Zeb says, really, really struggling for something to say.
    • “Cruel creature,” the book flips down to reveal - is that a teenager under all those wolves? “You would deprive me of my greatest companions?! Stupid head.”
    • “Someone help me,” Kanan says faintly.
  • Sabine and Zeb really, really have no idea what’s going on.
  • When Hera finally shows up, they get the full story. - a kid raised by wolves for eight years. literally, literally raised by wolves. 
  • Kanan explains that the kid’s Force-sensitive which is why he’s able to connect with the wolves
    • the wolves seem to take a liking to the Ghost crew, too, Ezra isn’t sure how he feels about this
  • Hera just sits back and watches the show of Ezra and Kanan arguing.
    • “Why should I come with you? I don’t want to! I’ve been fine before!”
    • ”The Empire can and will get you, kid!”
    • That’s the final straw. 
  • No one’s quite sure what changes, but Ezra’s face goes white and drains of color. Thirty wolves pile around him.
    • “Your presence is strong,” Kanan softens his tone. “I can’t leave you here to get hurt - or taken by the Empire. Come with us. Fight them.”
  • But Kanan doesn’t even need to tell him that. Ezra’s sold, though he does later ask Hera:
    • “The Empire took away my chums at the bibliotech. Would we thwart the Imperial scum from that?”
    • Hera grins. He’s a little strange, a little unused to people, and a lot untrusting, but a kid who can win the hearts of eighty wolves is good with her.
    • “Yeah, we help people. That’s what we do.”
  • But when he’s on board the Ghost things get a LOT more lively. Pretty much everyone is vaguely bemused but amused by him.
    • He’s very rarely seen droids before and has a hard time thinking of them as not being animals, and Chopper can’t seem to find the heart to do anything but half-heartedly grumble when Ezra pets him and chatters on like he did with his wolves.
      • He was allowed to bring one wolf, though he bartered for ten. He managed to get two, as long as they wouldn’t reproduce. (He brought a pair anyway, because puppies are cute :D)
      • The wolves bid him farewell without much adieu, pushing him on to his new pack. Ezra feels kinda abandoned, kinda honored by their support.
    • Zeb finds Ezra hilarious, mostly because he can’t insults seriously when they include words like “doth” and “thou.” But he was incredibly educated on Lasan, so they bond over Ezra’s love of books. Lasan had an oral tradition, so Zeb teaches Ezra how to recite some stories.
      • even though it’s kinda funny to listen to Ezra speak, Zeb’s eventually the one who teaches him how to regulate his speech and language so he sounds normal
    • Sabine teaches Ezra all about technology and how institutions like school, hospitals, things like that work. He teaches her how to hunt and build fires without technology. 
      • Sabine tends to think of him as being very innocent, until at one point they got into an altercation and Ezra nearly ripped out a guy’s throat with his teeth. Yikes, Sabine thought, and rethought her opinion.
      • The guy is tough and scrappy - but not naive or innocent, just ignorant.
    • Hera helps Ezra learn how to establish and work within relationships and boundaries. He’s read a lot, so he’s got the theory down, but not the actual practice.
      • She helps him mediate between what’s considered appropriate in terms of attack and what’s considered flat-out freaky and how animals are good in some respects to mimic but not in others.
    • Kanan, because he brought Ezra on, deals with the more basic areas of Ezra’s life. He convinces Ezra to wear shoes, shows him how to use cutlery (and because he was diplomatically trained by the Jedi the rest of the crew is awed by his odd and extended knowledge of cultural differences in table-settings) and, of course, how to be a Jedi. 
      • it’s different than Kanan expected because, well, Ezra can touch and be apart of the Living Force to a point where Kanan doesn’t even understand and even asks Ezra to help him understand this, but works with Ezra in terms of perspective and Ezra’s place in the galaxy. Wolves are just wolves, but Ezra’s something more.
      • Kanan’s more just trying to tame Ezra for more of “I don’t want to feel guilty if the Empire gets him” point of view and it feels like a fruitless endeavor until (especially because of the “you can’t take sixty wolves with you into space thing”), late one night, Ezra knocks at the door to his cabin.
        • “I loved the wolves,” Ezra says frankly because the kid does not know how to beat around the bush. “But they are wolves. And I love you, too, but you are not pack. You are family.”
        • Kanan maybe tears up a bit.
  • Raising a half-domesticated wild child’s a bit rough and they all appreciate when Ezra can finally start to use contractions and make jokes and normal kid stuff, but, damn if Zeb and Sabine didn’t enjoy seeing Ezra’s wolves take down two Inquisitors before Ezra cried, “I strike thee with the teeth of justice!” and cracks Seventh Sister’s hand in half with a well-placed bite after she creepily stroked him one time too many.

sorry for this embarrassment, anon, but I consider it my duty to take wacky AU ideas to the logical extreme in many varied attempts to get kicked out of the fandom. 

also, this may’ve just strayed from Ezra being raised by wolves…? but i hope you enjoyed it! :3

When you see giant walls and furniture covered in a gemstone/mineral etc (such as lapis, malachite etc) chances are that a major part of those photos aren’t real ones - they’re paintings.

It’s called Faux-painting, which is something I myself am studying.

Faux painting is a very old painting tradition and has been around for hundreds of years - especially common in northern Europe, where artists learned to imitate luxury marble and gems that wasn’t available to import from far away countries.

There are some VERY skilled faux artists that can imitate rocks, marble, breccia and minerals VERY well. They’re often hired to do work on murals and furniture. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if they’re real stone or faux!

Here’s examples:

FAUX(fake) malachite:

Real malachite:

FAUX(fake) Lapis Lazuli (resembling “poor quality”):

REAL Lapis Lazuli (poor quality):


“Faux painting is just a cheap tactic to make boring furniture look cooler”