to see the new movie

  • Friend: OMG did you see the new movie that came out??
  • Me: No.
  • Other friend: I watched all of the oscar nominees. Have you seen them?
  • Me: No.
  • Friends: BUT YOU'RE IN FILM!
  • Me: Yes, and that requires me to spend my hours watching classic films, indie films, foreign films, old films, and, oh yeah, my focus is TV so my free time this week was spent binging all the seasons of The Wire. Not just watching it but ANALYZING IT. FILM IS A TIME CONSUMING MAJOR.
  • *Friends back away slowly*
Yall need to stop boycotting Spilt

Okay, I usually don’t come on here with my own opinions but I feel the need to speak up. And fuck all yall haters.

Split is the most mental illness empowering movie I have ever seen.

M. Night Shaymalan used great care in handling both illnesses displayed (DID & PTSD) throughout the film. James McAvoy’s performance is well portrayed, chilling, and beautiful. I never felt like his character was a bad person. What I saw was a good man struggling with an illness in his brain and trying to live in a world that broke and triggered him constantly.

The movie itself is, at times, hard to watch but that is expected for a Shaymalan film. In true Shaymalan fashion, this movie is filmed in an artistic way that forces you to face some hard truths without actually having to shove it in your face.

I honestly feel that every person with any kind of mental illness needs to see this movie. I personally walked out of the movie last night feeling empowered and even more accepting of myself because for once the characters with mental illness had the upper hand in both bad and good ways and I had witnessed a movie that not only understood how things can be for a mentally ill person but was able to display both the up and down sides of the illness.

And to top it all off there is a surprise at the end that completely turns the film on it’s head and even changes the world that you believe the film is in.

So basically what I am trying to say is don’t bash this movie until you have seen it. Go see it and if you still feel like it displays mental illness poorly then hate on it all you want.

I, however, want to thank Mr. Shaymalan and his cast and crew for a tense, beautiful, well researched and well put together peice of cinema. This is what movies were meant to be. Thank you for all of your hard work.

Juju’s Top Animated Movies That Everyone Should See Just Once

1. Song of the Sea

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2. Coraline

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3. The Last Unicorn

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4. Scooby Doo on Zombie Island

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5. Castle in the Sky

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6. The Road to El Dorado

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7. My Neighbors the Yamadas

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8. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

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9. The Emperor’s New Groove

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10. Yellow Submarine

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  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Hufflepuff:</b> Do you want to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie?<p/><b>Ravenclaw:</b> *playing "Evermore" loudly*<p/><b>Ravenclaw:</b> I've seen it twice already.<p/><b>Hufflepuff:</b> So is that a no?<p/><b>Ravenclaw:</b> Are you crazy, when's the next showing?<p/></p><p/></p>
BTS as quotes from my co-workers
  • Seokjin: "Watch your self, there's some ham on the floor. Fell out of the garbage earlier and I didn't pick it up."
  • Yoongi: "Man, I just want to go home and SLEEP."
  • Hoseok: "Ohmygod she's vomiting! I can't look, somebody else deal with that!"
  • Namjoon: "Oh trust me, you're going to be soaked by the end of the night, and I'm going to be soaked too but I don't even do dishes."
  • Jimin: "I expected you to be more happy to see me, imagine if I wasn't here..."
  • Taehyung: "I never wear jeans. I wear sweatpants, track pants and all the other pants but you won't catch me in jeans."
  • Jungkook: "Did you see the new X-men movie?"
the signs as places

Aries: an amusement park. fun and exciting, filled with noise and enthusiasm in the air. tons of people ready to have a good time, feeling the rush and adrenaline of the rides and soaking up the fun

Taurus: a coffee shop. smells familiar and comforting, and the aura is inviting. you feel safe and comfortable there, watching as people go by or hearing the chatter of other people’s conversation. it’s warm and cozy

Gemini: a movie theater. everyone is excited to see a new movie, experience new things. they are ready to lose themselves in a film, in other characters, plots, and worlds. you leave a different person than when you came

Cancer: the beach. it’s serene and calming to hear the waves roll and see the beautiful sky. it’s fun to walk along the sand and water line, feeling it underneath your feet. it’s leisurely 

Leo: a nightclub. the lights are bright and the aura is extravagant. people are dressed up, ready to forget their troubles and push them aside to let loose. it feels electrifying

Virgo: a library. the smell of old books, the hushed whispers of people talking, and the comfortable silence as you read or find new books to lose yourself in, new knowledge to learn. it’s safe

Libra: a spa. very relaxing and light, the aura is made to loosen you up and make you feel brand new. you feel rejuvenated and refreshed. you feel ready to face the world again

Scorpio: an abandoned warehouse. it’s empty and a bit eerie. it’s uncomfortable yet so fascinating, it fills you with curiosity and fear, but you can’t bring yourself to leave

Sagittarius: a waterfall. adventurous and free, it’s powerful. the water is rushing and spraying you in the face. you jump in the water and swim around, feeling yourself get intoxicated with the wonderful nature

Capricorn: downtown. full of life and bustling people, people going to and from work, and people going about their daily lives. it’s busy and hectic, and the energy is high and strong

Aquarius: a science museum. full of knowledge and intellect, and full of little quirks and fun ideas and displays. you feel like a little kid again, roaming around and discovering new facts while being entertained

Pisces: a garden. sensitive and graceful. it’s full of beauty and wonder, the sun shining bright and the flowers full of life and color. it smells of grass and dirt and it’s delicate and refined. it’s a perfect way to spend an afternoon