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BigBang Reaction #10 - They see a pretty girl in the Cafe they’re in

@aurorerocks asked: Hello there ! Could you please do à BigBang reaction when they see a pretty (European) girl sitting alone in a café they’re also sitting within ? 😇 Thanks a lot ! 💕

Jiyong: He’d be cute asf. Around those he finds attractive he’s a mix of innocently cute (at first until he knows them better and gets a lil braver lmao) and super charming with a small dash of awkward. He’d get giggly if she flirts with him and would definitely flirt back, getting braver the longer they talked. He’s a confident man for sure, but we all know how giggly he gets when he’s embarrassed/caught off guard. He’d leave the cafe with a boosted confidence and more swagger in his step as he headed back to the recording studio with a smirk plastered to his face.

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Seunghyun: For sure he would just admire her from afar. If she approached him he’d get a little awkward and be unsure what to do. He’s 100% introvert and while he has massive charisma on stage and in interviews, one-on-one with someone he finds attractive leads him to feel slightly on edge and sets his social anxiety/awkwardness off. He’d smile like a dork the entire time though and probably end up trying to “accidentally” run into them again, being way less awkward next time since he knows them better now.

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Youngbae: (if he didn’t have a girlfriend) I feel like he would find a way to secretly pay for their coffee/muffin/whatever they got. He’s a gentleman for sure so he would find a way to say hello and en excuse to sit with her for a while (as long as they wouldn’t get caught by paparazzi) that didn’t make her feel awkward.

“Excuse me miss? Is that book good? I heard it was amazing but I’m kind of on the fence about reading it… Do you mind if I talk to you for a little bit about it?” *stunning and beautiful-ass sunny smile inserted here*

(because of his girlfriend though he’d probably not do anything about it, but you know, lets pretend he doesn’t have a gf for a moment lol)

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Daesung: He would either approach her and try to make her smile and laugh as much as possible, or just smile at her when she looked at him and then leave. It depends on how brave he’s feeling that day. He’s a people person, but I think he’s a tad more awkward when around people he finds attractive. For this reason alone he may not try to approach them

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Seungri: Being a really friendly and outgoing guy, he’d probably approach her and start some small talk with her. He wouldn’t take it further than that though because he knows how dating rumors could ruin lives in a heartbeat. He’d make sure to mention how pretty she is before he left her if the conversation went well, making her entire day for sure.

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