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You won’t regret sneaking a look at MinJoon

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So, shall we carry on?!

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They are The tallest and the shortest members of BTS

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You might think these two have no synergy whatsoever

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But No No No No

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You just didn’t notice their similarities

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Jimin may be the only one from the maknae line who can bully Namjoon and Rapmon will be ok with it

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Tossing him in the pool

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Calling him an old man, when he is just one year older

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Calling him a cry baby

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And making sure that the world knows that he is a pervert

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Normally Rapmon should get mad

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but who can get mad at Jimin?

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The man finds him cute whatever he does

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And Chimchim knows how to use his assets

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to make the leader one of his biggest fans

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Rap Monster is even impressed by Mochi’s smol fingers

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He thinks it is the most adorable thing EVER

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I am telling you he is a fool for Jimin

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And it got worse during the blood sweat and tears era

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There wasn’t a video where our leader wasn’t bragging about him

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Even when Jimin was just winning plushies, RM was cheering like he just won the gold medal at the Olympics

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If Park-attractive-handsome-will-make-you-fall-hard-for-him-Jimin look the other way, RM will try to make him turn HIS way

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Just look at him:

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He literally wanna have a bite 

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By now, Namjooni (and every JM stan) thinks Jimini ain’t even real !!

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Who will blame someone who got to experience that angelic smile so close

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At concerts, they are the cutest 

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and it is soooooooo

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heart fluttering !!!

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Jimin is a great dancer so he will be Namjoon’s teacher at times

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They look cool for one minute

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then turn into THIS:

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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is Namjoon the brain of BTS and Jimin one of the best dancers of the group

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Skinship is so natural for these two

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And they like each other shoulders?

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Most of the times if you look at Rapmon’s left shoulder

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You will find a cute little mochi occupying it

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For him, it’s as cozy as home

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He will lean on Namjoon

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Cling to him

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You have certainly seen this habit that Jimin developed: laughing while leaning on RM

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It is seriously … a thing

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He will glue himself to Monie and laugh until tears come out

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but it seems this habit got to Namjoon too

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Seriously, If you just look at them you will find yourself smiling with them

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Jimin is one of the members who expresses his emotions easily

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While Namjoon is a leader who is proud of even the smallest achievements of this maknae

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So you will end up with beautiful moments where you can see both their eyes shine while they pull one another for a hug

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Namjoon will naturally grab Jimin’s hand to help him stand up

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because Jimin is his precious younger brother

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Rap monster gave many good pieces of advice to Jimin, yet what is unknown is that Namjoon will talk to Chim about his hard times too as he is a good listener

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These two’s amazing relationship get overshadowed by other ships quite often

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So people do not see how hard they try for each other while doing the smallest things

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Jimin literally lays down on the floor to take a good selfie of Namjoon (tell me if one your friends even cared that much about your photo?)

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There are times RM will talk about deep things that Chichim will not understand, yet he will still listen to him

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Their friendship is built on both admiration and respect

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At good or hard times, they will always grab into one another

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So please stop sleeping on their amazing relationship

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They are two handsome, talented and charming young men worth ALL the time

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So I hope this post will make you catch up and appreciate their future precious interactions

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I promise you

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they are worth your care

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and love

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This post ends here but I hope your appreciation for these two starts now

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There are a lot of things to love about these two, the savagery, the pranks, the hugs, the laughs … I got interested in them since that fan meeting back in 2014 where Jimin got on his knees to propose to Namjoon with a red rose but RM refused him because he had to get his parent’s approval first, then in another fan meeting Jimin will put a veil on Namjoon which will make him stand up and hold into Jimin like they are going to walk down the aisle LOL. They are very random and entertaining so I really get happy whenever they do something together. I wish many other ARMYs will grow to love this duo too~

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By @mimibtsghost

Okay but literally I love the Food Network so much like

- They are so diverse, there is not one show of Chopped/Cutthroat Kitchen/Guy’s Grocery’s Games that I have seen that does not have an assortment of races/cultures (white, black, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Mexican, French, African, etc), both judges and participants

-They are a family channel that is wonderfully supportive of LGBT chefs; I’ve seen a fair amount of gay and lesbian chefs on it and the judges/hosts are always super supportive

-They do children’s versions of a lot of their shows, which is really good for children’s self esteem, to see kids their age able to do such cool things

-They have yearly competitions to help one group of people learn to cook better and another group to obtain their own show on the Network (and the first group isn’t chosen by them, there are literally kids/husbands/wives/partners who send in letters begging the Network to help that particular person cook better). 

- Guy Fieri. Most unproblematic fave in the entire Network. 

-They are so fast to get rid of problematic people as soon as they recognize they are a bad person (Paula Deen, anyone?)

- In every competition, unless specifically stated otherwise, they do their damnedest to have at least one female chef compete which is difficult since male chefs outnumber female ones. 

-They regularly have competitions between Food Network chefs and give any money they “win” to a charity. 

- They always give money to children who are impoverished and are in need of school lunches

Like I can’t…think of anything I don’t like about the Food Network? Except that I CAN’T EAT THE FOOD I WATCH THEM MAKE

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RFA + Saeran and V reacting to a tsundere MC admitting that she loves them?

Hope you enjoy this! ^^

RFA + Saeran and V with a tsundere MC


  • At first, he thinks it’s kinda adorable you’re always so angry around him, he even thinks you’re playing hard to get and take it as a challenge
  • But then he notices you’re like this just to him, because you’re pretty nice to everyone else , including Jumin
  • Like… you’re reaaaaally nice to Jumin, while you’re always scolding Zen for taking too many selfies and thinking the world revolves around him
  • So he just… accepts that maybe you’re interested in Jumin… once again, trustfund kid has everything…
  • And when he sees the blurred picture Jumin posted in the chatroom, with you beside him having dinner…  well, he’s sad… and angry! This isn’t fair!
  • So he decides to work out to forget this, maybe he can send you a selfie later… oh yeah, forget it! You told him a million times “sweaty isn’t sexy, you fool!”
  • He’s working out hard, lifting more and more weight, and then he hears a snap!  He just feels his body feeling and the worst pain he ever felt on his lower back… shit!
  • Jumin took you to the hospital, you seemed… worried, he didn’t know what to do to calm you down…
  • Zen gets so embarrassed when he sees you and Jumin coming in to his room. Jumin looks stoic as usual, but you… look like you’re shooting lasers with your eyes!
  • “Again, Zen? For real? Haven’t you learn last time you can’t strain yourself like this? Oh my god… are you really that dumb? Or are you just relying on your monster healing whatever? Next time, break your neck and let’s see how long it takes for you to heal! Oh, you won’t happen, because you’ll be dead! You hear me? You’re gonna die if you keep being that dumb!” great, now you’re wishing his death too…
  • “MC, calm down…” Jumin says, you take a deep breath and look to him: “Jumin, can I talk to Zen alone? Please…?” oh, the pleading in your voice… Zen would do everything to hear you talk to him like that… “As you wish, MC…” and he leaves, smirking. WTF?
  • “What happened? Last time you did that, you were angry at Jumin! What did it get you so angry for you to hurt your fucking spine?” “I… I saw something I didn’t like…” “What? You finally noticed how big is your ego?”
  • “Stop being that mean to me! Jesus… why do you hate me so much? Oh, and by the way… if you hate me that much, what are you even doing here?” “I… I… don’t hate you… and I got worried, it was just that… Jumin and I got worried and came to see how you were doing… and I see now you keep being stubborn and dumb and…”
  • “Enough, MC! God… why are you like that to me? Not even Jumin talks to me like that!” “Well, of course he doesn’t! He doesn’t love you like I do, and…” you look at him, eyes widened and your mouth covered by your hands.
  • “What… what… did you say?” Zen is legitimately shocked, he holds back a grin. “I… I… you heard me.” You look away and blush, oh god… SO CUTTTTEEEE!
  • “I don’t like seeing you hurting yourself, please, don’t do that again, if you don’t think about your health, I do. “ “Okay, I won’t! If you are by my side taking care of me, I’ll be fine!” “I… I… guess…”  you timidly come close to him and give him an awkward hug. “MC… I… I’m still all sweaty.” “I can get used to it.”


  • Why are you doing this to him? He’s so sweet and nice and adorable… “And you’re gullible, naïve and need to grow up, Yoosung! You keep whining about nobody seeing you as a man, but you keep acting like a little boy!” AND YOU’RE A MONSTER!
  • You scolded him a million times now, you do it in the chat, you do it when he calls you, you do it whenever you see him in person…
  • And why would he still like to be around you after all? Well… he… likes it? Most people spare his feelings or just tease him, and not even Jaehee is so direct like you are. He likes you’re not afraid to be brutally honest to him. Also, he’s an M, so…
  • One night, he’s playing LOLOL and notices you’re playing too, sometimes you join forces, he never understands why you do this, you’re so unpredictable… yes, another thing he really likes about you.
  • “Hey, MC! Good to see you here!” “Oh, you’re already here? God, go get some help for your addiction, dude!” “I… will, I swear I will, MC…” you’re talking through headsets.
  • You two lose a round, and he’s ready to listen your lecture… “Shit! Good night, Yoosung!” “I… I’m sorry we lost, MC… I… I should go and get some study… “ “You’re gonna study now? It’s almost midnight!” “Well, yeah… I have this test tomorrow and…” “DUDE, WHAT THE FUCK! AND YOU’RE GOING TO STUDY JUST NOW? WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?”
  • “I… I forgot, MC. And you showed up to play and…” “Oh, don’t blame me for your irresponsibility! It’s not my problem if you’re such a lazy bum!” oh, he’s fucking gone when you call him a lazy bum… “Yes, MC, yes…”
  • “Ugh… you’re such a weirdo, Yoosung! I… I’m coming to your place to help you study, ok?” “R-Right now? It’s pretty late, MC…” “Yeah, no shit! But if I don’t help, you’re screwed! I’ll be on my way soon, don’t sleep and open the door to me, you heard me?” “Y-Yes…”
  • He’s so nervous, you’ve been to his place before and nagged him for being so messy, so he picks all the clothes on the floor and shoves them into the closet, you’re not coming to his room, anyway… are you?
  • “Don’t get any wrong ideas, I’m here to help you study!” “Yes… yes, of course, MC!” “Why does your place smell so weird? Ugh…”
  • You two start studying, he’s shocked at himself for knowing so much about the subject. Yes… ever since you came along, he’s been able to focus more…
  • “Hey, focus! We’re not even half done! God, do you always space out like this? Pay attention!” “Yes, MC…” “And stop saying that! Why do you keep saying ‘yes, MC, yes’? I already told you nobody will see you as a man if you keep acting like a puppy, Yoosung!”
  • “I… I’m sorry, MC! I… am really sorry…” and you see the tears… OH SHIT! “Wait, are you crying? Don’t… don’t cry…” “Why? Because it’s not manly?” “No, because… I hate seeing you sad…” “You what now?”
  • You throw the books away from you and hug him, he’s so confused… “MC?” “Do you think I like treating you like that? I hate it! But I need you to bring your A game in everything you do, you have so much potential, and I love you so much! And…” oops
  • “MC? You… you… love me?” “I… I…” the clothes he shoved in the closet earlier fall down and you let him go from your embrace. “Oh my God, Yoosung! What a mess! How do you live like that? Let’s go clean this and continue with the studies. God, I can’t believe I’m in love with someone so messy!” “You said it again, MC…”


  • She doesn’t understand why you’re so cold and just answer her with “yes”, “no” or “mmm”
  • Not that she’s this master in being affectionate, but you are on a whole level, seriously.
  • She likes you a lot, but sometimes is really unbearable to put up with your bad temper. Like, at one moment you’re fine, and few minutes later, you’re snapping at her for nothing!
  • This was one of those days… you dropped by to her café to help her, she didn’t even have to ask you, you just… showed up.
  • And everything was going ok, you were working together, she even made you smile! She loves your smile, it’s a shame you don’t show it that often.
  • And then this customer came in, she recognized him, he would come almost everyday. “Welcome!” she greeted cheerfully, “How can I not feel welcomed with such a warm greeting?” you rolled your eyes.
  • “What can I get you?” “Oh, If it was possible, I would want to take you home, but since I can’t… just the usual.” She giggles, embarrassed and goes to prepare his orer, you stop her: “I got this.” And you don’t even look at her, you’re just shooting daggers with your eyes to the flirty guy.
  • “Here you go, sir.” You handed him his coffee, he barely ignores you. “Does it match your taste, sir?” “Hum? Yeah, I guess…” “Good! Take another sip, then.” You lean to him and whisper: “ I dare you!” cue to the guy paying and leaving this place like his life depends on it. (it probably does)
  • “MC, what… just happened?” “Don’t be that nice to guys, you dork! They can really get the wrong message! Men are not reliable!” Zen, is that you?
  • “Well, I… I am just being nice to customers, you know, my customers, at my place,  where you barged in to work and just scare one of them?” “I was doing you a favor, It’s not my problem if you can’t recognize that, but sine you don’t want my help, I’m going now!”
  • You head to the exit, she stops you. “No! I can’t stand this anymore, MC! You can’t just do as you please and walk away! Tell me, did I do something to you?”
  • “Let it go, Jaehee…” “Seriously, why do you keep coming here if you’re gonna act like that? And why you’re nice, and then you switch your mood completely? Tell me, why do you hate me, MC? What have I ever done to you for you to act like that with me? WHY DO YOU HATE ME?”
  • “I DON’T HATE YOU! I LOVE YOU!” both of you gasp in shock. “Happy now? I… love you… and I hate how oblivious you act around me and around… weird guys who clearly don’t give a shit about your coffee.”
  • “MC… are you serious?” “Why would I ever joke about something like this? Do you think I like coming here and opening up about y feelings to someone who probably don’t even like me back?” she hugs you, you don’t know if you should hug her back. “You’re the dork here, you know that?”


  • He’s very confused, because you act a lot like Zen around him, but when you do it, it’s amazingly… cute.
  • You don’t call him a jerk or trustfund kid, you prefer more refined insults as spoiled, pretentious, self-centered… and you never say anything bad about Elizabeth.
  • Still, as cute as can be, sometimes it gets really annoying. He met all those really nice women (if they’re genuinely nice or not, that’s a whole another story…) and yet, the only lady who catches his attention is that one who’s always angry at him.
  • But apparently, all the hate you have for him doesn’t affect the way you feel about Elizabeth, as you always ask about her.
  • One day, you even offered to babysit her, he felt surprised. “Well, I’m just doing to free Jaehee a little, not everybody has to like your cat as you do, you selfish prick!” oh okay…
  • He barely could concentrate on the business meetings knowing you’re at his house taking care of his cat… why does he even care so much? You like the cat and can’t stand him!
  • He’s taken aback when he sees your name on his phone: “I need you to come over right now!” your tone sound even more serious and cold than usual.
  • He runs to his house and finds you pacing back and forth and biting your nails. “What happened, are you okay?” “I can’t find her!” OH SHIT
  • “What do you mean?” “Did I stutter? I don’t know where she is!” “How could this happen?” “Well, if I knew how I lost her, I would already have found her, no?”
  • He was worried, and he noticed how worried you were too. “What are you staring at? I’m not pleased either! Don’t think I lost your cat on purpose!” “I know you didn’t, MC! Calm down, let’s think about this objectively…” “Oh, I should know you would say something like this! It’s so typical of you! The ice king, Jumin Han! You’re so worried about not showing any emotions you don’t even look around you to notice how worried other people feel! Zen is so right about you…”
  • “Ok, if that’s how you feel, maybe you should go to Zen now…” “I CAN’T GO ANYWHERE, I CAN’T BE CALM WHEN THE MOST PRECIOUS THING THE MAN I LOVE HAS IS MISSING!” Wow… Jumin widen his eyes a little, then he looks down.
  • “Can you repeat, please?” “I… I didn’t mean to call her a ‘thing’, you know…” “No… the other part…” he comes close to you and holds your chin. “You love me?”
  • You blush furiously and he can’t hold back a chuckle. “Okay, let’s discuss this later, first we need to find her… did you look under the counter, she sleeps there sometimes…”
  • Please don’t be there! Please don’t be there! Shit, she’s there! Now you have to talk…


  • Seriously? You really wanna fool a former secret intelligence agent? You really want him to believe you don’t have feelings for him?
  • And the tsundere thing… yes, very cute… but he knows you’re trying to hold your laugh when he tells a joke or pranks someone.
  • He pushed people away his whole life, so seeing you doing it too bothers him, because he sees a little of himself in you. At the same time, he loooooves to tease you just so you can scold him as much as you want.
  • He knows you probably don’t love him, that would be insane, but you definitely have a crush on him! And he’s determined to make you spill it out.
  • So he invites you, Yoosung and Zen for a ride on his brand new baby! “I’ll pick you guys up in that order:  MC, Zen, Yoosung.  Don’t be late!”
  • Privately, he already talked to Yoosung and Zen, telling them this is just an excuse, he just wants to pull an innocent prank on you, none of them believe it, they just think he wants a little time alone with you. That’s not entirely a lie,tho.
  • So when you are in his car and he doesn’t turn in the direction he should to go to Zen’s place, you start your trail of insults: “What are you doing? You should have turned left, you idiot! Seriously… you’re always bragging about your amazing driver skills, but can’t even remember your friend’s address? What’s wrong with you?”
  • “My bad, baby.” “Don’t call me ‘baby’! What… what are you thinking?” “Oh… you’re blushing, MC~~~~” he sings. “SHUT UP AND WATCH THE ROAD, YOU FOOL!” “Seriously, you’re redder than my hair right now, it’s so adorable…” “Well, I’ll let your face red when I slap you for saying bullshit!” “Oh, so you’re kinda kinky too, huh? You’re gonna spank me?” “WATCH THE ROAD! WATCH THE ROAD!” “Don’t change the subject-“ BANG! The car is hit on a tree, okay, that wasn’t exactly his plan… he can’t believe he got so carried away by teasing you…
  • “Oh my God! Are you… are you ok, MC?”  “Not thanks to you, buy yes.” “I’m sorry, that wasn’t part of my plan, and…” “Plan? What are you talking about?” uh oh…
  • “I… had planned a picnic for the two of us…” “What a manipulative prick! What’s wrong with you?” “I… don’t know, I… just wanted to spend some time alone with you…” “And what makes you think I would want to spend time alone with you?”
  • “MC… come on…” “Come on what?” “I… I know, MC. As sexy as you look when you act like that, don’t need to pretend anymore, I already know…” “You… You really know?”
  • “Well, it’s pretty obvious…” “It is?” “Yep, pretty much…” “Oh, okay then… probably Yoosung didn’t notice, because I told him I love you and…” “WHAT?”
  • “What what?” “You… love me?” Uh oh… now his face matches his hair color. “Why are you so surprised? You said you already knew!” “I thought you had a crush on me.”
  • “ME? A crush on YOU? Are you insane?” “MC, loving me is even bigger than having a crush on me…” “Well, yeah, but still… gross! And what are you waiting to call a tow truck to get us out of here?” “Nah, let’s stay like this a little more, I’m finding out so many interesting things because of that…” Please God, kill me now.


  • Two tsunderes? Lolololol this will be fun to watch
  • No, seriously, all the RFA members feel entertained to watch your interactions, because they are so freaking hilarious. You yell at each other, then turn your back and resist the urge to look back to know if the other is looking, it’s kinda cute, actually…
  • None of you know that, but there’s a bet going on to know who will be the first one to confess. Zen and Jumin finally agreed on something and voted for Saeran. Saeyoung, Jaehee and Yoosung went for you.
  • But this is taking too long, and there’s a lot of money involved in this. I mean, just imagine if Jumin loses…
  • Everybody is waiting for a closure to this, so Saeyoung come up with this amazing idea to put you and Saeran to handle the guests list for the next RFA party. Jumin thinks is a bad idea, but even Zen, who’s on his side, agrees he’s just afraid of losing.
  • To prove he’s not, he even offers one of C & R meeting rooms, also because there’s security there, and if something goes wrong, they have trained people to take you two out of each other throats.
  • So there are you two. This is so fucking weird… “Okay, let’s do this quickly so it can end quickly!” you state. “I hate to say I agree with you, ugh…” you roll your eyes.
  • “So… Rui?” “Check!” “Cat hotel?” “Check!” “Detective?” “Check!” “Naming?” “It’s not here…” he says. “What you mean ‘it’s not here’?” “Exactly what I said, are you dumb? IT’S NOT HERE!”
  • “Don’t yell, you asshole! This is not your house for you to behave like that!” “Don’t tell me what to do! Not even my brother talks to me like that!” “Maybe he should, then you would learn some manners!” “Now you’re yelling too, you’re such a hypocrite!” “Don’t use words you don’t know the meaning!” “I told you not to tell me what to do! And I know the meaning, because I’m not stupid like you!” “SHUT UP!” “NO, YOU SHUT UP!”
  • The RFA is watching this through the CCTV. “Maybe this was a bad idea, Saeyoung…” Jehee says apprehensively. “No! We’re going somewhere, I can feel it! Just wait for it…”
  • “Seriously, what’s wrong with you? You’re so GRRRRR!” Saeran says. “Oh, I don’t understand cave man language, I’m sorry…” “Cave man? HAHAHA! You’re the wild one here, MC. You are… so wild! And… crazy! And… and… the way you tease me with your craziness, seriously…” “I’m the tease here? I’M THE TEASE HERE? YOU’RE THE TEASE HERE! You’re the one who keeps looking at me like a lost kitty! I… I hate how you look at me!”
  • “Well, I… I hate this shiny and silky hair of yours!” “And I hate your weird smile!” “This shirt is so tight I can see your stupid curves!” “So don’t look at them with these weird beautiful eyes of yours!” “Only if you stop talking with this melodic voice!” “HOW CAN I STOP TALKING IF I LOVE YOU, YOU IDIOT?” “OH YEAH? THEN I GUESS I LOVE YOU MORE!”
  •  So he asks: “Do you want to ditch this and have angry sex?” “Is there any other kind of sex?”
  • Jumin and Zen accept their defeat, but the other three don’t stick around to celebrate their victory. Everybody leaves to give you guys some privacy. Also, they’re freaking terrified of both of you.


  • Oh god… is painful to watch.
  • Because you keep snapping at him, and he just chuckles and says how adorable you are when you get mad.
  • So you two keep at this full circle, you get mad, he says you’re cute, and you get mad because he said you’re cute… this never ends.
  • Jumin asked you to hand some papers to him at his gallery. He chuckles at so fast you agreed on going.
  • You find him painting… what the fuck? You thought he was a photographer?
  • “Oh, welcome MC! What can I do for you today?” “D-Dude! How do you know it’s me? I… I didn’t say anything!” “Well, I recognize your smell and your pacing very easily…” “That’s… really creepy!” can he detect in your voice how much flustered you are?
  • “Jumin asked me to give you this. So… there you go! I’m off now!” “So soon? Please stay! Do you want to see what I’m doing?” YES “No… I’m okay.”
  • “Well, you may not know this, but painting and photography walk side by side…” “I… didn’t ask anything for you to be saying that.”
  • “Sometimes you just need the right angle, and the right moment…” “Dude, I… I have no idea what you’re saying…”
  • “So why don’t you take a look? I could really use your… honesty on this.” You roll your eyes and go to look what he painted, only to find it is… you! You smiling…
  • “What the fuck? What’s this?” “I believe it is you…” “I KNOW IT’S ME! BUT… H-HO-HOW YOU DID THIS? I mean… you can’t… see and…
  • “Oh, the paints have different textures, see how your smile looks smoother than your hair, for example?” “What do you have against my hair?” he chuckles.
  • “Nothing… on contraire, I assume it’s beautiful! I… would love to touch it to sense it and make a more accurate painting of you… will you let me?” “Wha-What? What? Touch me? No! Stop being creepy!”
  • “Okay…” “ALRIGHT! Just because you insisted so much…” he didn’t insist…
  • So there he goes to touch your face, running his fingers through your nose, your forehead, your lips… then he touches your hair… “So silky…” “Yeah, my secret is washing.” He laughs, and you shiver.
  • “Are you shivering? Don’t need to be so tense…” “Who’s tense? I… I’m not tense!” he smirks and you lose it! “I’ll show you tense!”
  • You grab one of the paints and rub it in his face,  that shit is probably expensive, but do you care? He’s rich anyways… he looks serious! Uh oh…
  • Then you get caught by surprise when he throws paint at you! And this become a paint war!
  • You two roll in the floor getting paint everywhere, and you’re both laughing. “God, I thought you were so uptight! I had no idea you had it on you… maybe that’s why I love you so much and…” shit! You got a little carried away there…
  • “Well, I guess I have to keep showing you new sides of me for you to love me even more, then…” seriously… this guy…

anonymous asked:

Whats wrong with that show

Albert Camus once wrote, “Good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence if they lack understanding.”

Numerous credible evidence-based organizations with a firm grasp of the suicide prevention world discourage graphic depictions or discussions of suicide, because, according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and others, risk of additional suicides increases when a story explicitly describes the suicide method, uses dramatic or graphic headlines or images, and when repeated coverage of that story sensationalizes or glamorizes a death.According to a variety of expert sources, harmful portrayals of suicide may include some of the following features, many of which “13 Reasons Why” uses in its portrayals of Hannah and her community:

  • They may simplify suicide by suggesting that bullying alone is the cause.
  • They may make suicide seem romantic by putting it in the context of a Hollywood plot line. A simple, logical, and well-connected plotline may satisfy the story arc needs of a viewing audience, but it is rarely, if ever, the way that suicides really happen.
  • They may portray suicide as a viable option, one that can be an understandable outcome given a particular set of circumstances. In nearly all cases, people who die by suicide have a diagnosable (and therefore treatable) mental health problem at the time of their death.
  • They may display graphic representations of suicide which may be harmful to viewers, especially young ones and those who are highly sensitized to suicide imagery, as most attempt survivors and loss survivors are.
  • They may advance the false notion that suicides are a way to teach others a lesson, and that the deceased person will finally be understood and vindicated. They won’t. They’ll still be dead.

    Make sure to read this other great article:

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anonymous asked:

Hi Red! I hope you don't mind me asking... you're exactly what I aspire to be in terms of art skills, I can only dream of one day being as good as you. But I don't know where to start and sometimes I feel a little lost and don't know how to improve at all. I thought I'll ask you for a bit of help? for example what drawing apps you use or if you have any quick tips? sorry I'm sure you get this all the time but it would be helpful. Thank you!

Hello nonnie! Thank you so much for the wonderful compliments, first of all. I’d be happy to help if I can. 

So… for my art the applications I use the most are the following:

Photoshop: This is a given. Most artists who do art professionally tend to prefer PS over any other program for the simple reason that it’s a really amazing tool. The brush sets available for it are great and unlike other applications, it doesn’t crash or struggle when you push it (say working on really big canvas dimensions and whatnot). Learning how to master PS fully is, however, quite hard and time consuming. But worth it. I use PS for all my more complex pieces, for paintings and pretty much anything that’s not simple, quick art. 

Paint Tool Sai: Now, Sai is as accessible and easy to use as it is lackluster in certain departments. You’ll find a lot of beginner artists using Sai because of how easy to master it is, and it gives you good results. If you struggle a little to learn how to use complex applications, this might just be your best friend. I use it occasionally for sketching or any simple, quick work (like the doodles I do for this blog). 

PureRef: This is an application I’ve never seen anyone talk about around here and I often wonder why. I get most of my income from commissions, and this application is so useful I just can’t go without it. But the concept is simple. Essentially, it allows you to create a collage of references and this window will always stay open on top of any other windows while still allowing you to operate on the windows below. For example; you can have PS open and you can be working on your art while PureRef stays on top (wherever on your screen you might want it to be) and that way you can look at your references while working on your art comfortably. Simple but neat.

Now those three are the ones I use the most, but I also occasionally use these: 

Krita: This one is great because of the unique way in which layers work in it, the brushes look great and it, for me, functions like a professional application. It is essentially a Photoshop replica for free. But fair warning, it crashes and lags at times.

Paintstorm Studio: Another one I never see doing the rounds anywhere on social media. This is a wonderful application and I dare say superior to Photoshop on the brush department. I’m only learning how to use it now, but so far I’m quite impressed with it. 

As for tips, I don’t know… because what helps and doesn’t often varies depending on the particular artist. Not everyone learns the same way. I’d recommend watching a lot of art related videos; tutorials, speedpaints, even just people talking about art programs and tools often helps. There’s a really good website called Skillshare where professional artists make videos to show you in detail how they work and how they produce their art. I’d definitely recommend it. Also just check out art in general, all the time, all kinds of art, different styles. Pay attention to the details that make certain art styles unique and appealing. If you’re self taught like me, trying to figure out how someone produced a certain piece of art, what technique they used, is often the way to learn. 

And last but not least the thing everyone’s sick of hearing but is the ultimate truth so I’m sorry, here it goes: Practice. Draw your heart out. My right wrist sounds like an old creaking door while my left wrist rolls smoothly, there’s a reason for it. (DISCLAIMER DON’T HURT YOURSELF WHILE MAKING YOUR ART OMFG. Get yourself a table of wrist exercises and stretch often.) I draw all the time and I draw every day. Every. Single. Day. I don’t usually take off days, for me an off day means I’m drawing for an hour or two instead of six or nine hours. Practice truly does make perfect, and try to balance the things you’re good at with those you’re not. Practice more the stuff that you’re worst at if you want a balanced skill set. Don’t be scared of trying new things and going out of your comfort zone, otherwise you might get stuck on doing the same thing over and over and will never learn new stuff. There’s nothing to be afraid of, worst case scenario some of your art will suck for a bit but keep at it, and you can be good at just about anything. 

And don’t half ass things. Try to put passion in everything you do. This is harder than it sounds. There might be things you don’t really feel like doing at a certain point in time but even those deserve your full attention. Give it your all and your art will always have that something special! Commit to it, and you’ll achieve anything you want, trust me. 

I hope this was of help in some way? I wish you luck out there doing your art :) 

See you around~



Reading comments from people whining about how public school was traumatizing because the teachers WERE SO MEAN.

One person literally describes DIBELS and how that ruined their reading life because they stood up and proved they could read but they were still put in some percentile because of it. Uhm. That’s literally the point of DIBELS.

Another one crying about how they got punished for not showing their work in math. The teacher isn’t specifically targeting you. The teacher wants work shown so that the teacher can help you if you’re doing something wrong. The teacher can’t read your mind.

It blows my mind to see so many people who lack the empathetic ability to put themselves in a teacher’s shoes. It doesn’t excuse the true traumas (teachers telling children they’re stupid/smell/bully a child for not being good enough) but to actually believe that a myriad of teachers over the years got on to you constantly and somehow it’s *their* issue and the public school system’s issue but not yours? Really?

Yeah maybe they don’t react in an always professional ways because they have 30 students in a class and are expected to make each one not only benchmark but grow. And maybe they made you do something they had no control over because a district mandates what they are allowed and not allowed to do in order to meet their job standards.

Idk man. Some of these complaints I looked at from the teacher’s perspective and *know* all the little actions and small grievances that led up to it. Because I hate to tell you: I have kids exactly like you in my room. Every teacher has had kids exactly like you. None of you were once in a lifetime students no matter how smart/talented/gifted you are.

I was just so put off by a lot of the arrogant tones in the stories being shared. Especially when they were mixed with real, horrifying stories. Being sat out for recess for not following directions (that’s essentially what you did, girl who kept reading ahead despite being asked multiple times not to) does not equate to being told you don’t belong in a class because you had to ask help from the teacher. (For the record: I never sit a child out for recess unless it’s something grievous, and I NEVER punish for reading ahead b/c I was reading ahead person in school too. Usually I just give them a funny look and the student giggles to themselves and stops because I’ve asked them to. They recognize it’s not about reading ahead; it’s about following a direction I’ve asked of you.)

And don’t even get me started on the people who asked why school is necessary and gave their experience with homeschool in which they were top percentage of the graduating class and gifted. School is necessary for the children unlike you who *don’t* have parents willing to help them get and stay ahead. School is necessary for the kids who are neglected and whose only source of food comes from that cafeteria. School is for the children who don’t always have the money or access to the good stuff like tablets, computers, an abundance of literature. Homeschool is an amazing option but it’s not the best or only option for a large percentage of children in school.

Let’s be clear: just because you’re above your peers intellectually does not mean you’re the only child in the classroom or the world. Being unable to look beyond yourself is the real problem. And you’re either the person in life everyone likes and looks up to or the person in life who *thinks* everyone looks up to you and likes you.

Education is a science. We learn the research and psychology for children. We *know* what we are doing. Does that mean we’re perfect? Heck no. No one in any field is perfect. But we’re overworked, underpaid and expected to do the job of five people. Have some empathy for us. Most of us are doing the best we can with both hands tied behind our back. Some of us are real jerks, and it sucks. And I’m sorry. But if it still bothers you to this day you need to talk to someone about it. I barely remember anything from school and definitely not enough to remember incidents where the teacher sat me out for reading ahead despite being asked multiple times not to. Because I know that happened. I guess I recognized and had parents reinforce that it wasn’t about reading ahead: it was about not following the directions.


Originally posted by seungcheofine


Warnings: Public, daddy!kink, over stimulation, spanking, underage drinking.

Bass shakes the foundation of the fraternity house as students mill about the living room, red cups in hand. Some awful remix of an even worse pop song drowns out any and all conversation but no one seems to mind. The goal of the party is to let loose after the stress of finals and as your eyes sweep over the dance floor, you note that plenty of people are doing just that.

“I see you guys are letting the kids off their leash for the night,” you note to Jeonghan as the two of you observe the party from your spot atop the kitchen island. “Good for them. They deserve some fun,” you laugh as you catch sight of two of the pledges helping another in a keg stand.

Jeonghan rolls his eyes as he reaches for the bottle of vodka behind you. “Sure,” he hums as he refills your glasses, “I just hope they took our advice about not getting too wasted. Cleaning this place with a hangover is a bitch.”

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Royals pt1

Reader x Jimin

Genre: Fluff, maybe some angst? 

Anonymous said: “Could you write a Jimin x reader story where Jimin is royalty?”

Short synopsis: All you want is to protect him, all he wants is freedom. After disguising yourself as a boy to join the royal guard, the prince might be more of a handful than you could have ever imagined.

Disclaimer: This takes place in a land far, far away. You know, like Shrek, but I promise Jimin isn’t going to turn into an ogre. Nothing that happens is remotely historically accurate, because it does not take place in the past. 

You would never forget the first time you saw him. He was standing on a balcony that overlooked the courtyard with his father, the king. Even then, he held his head high, the way a prince should.

It was his eyes that first struck you. The way he looked out at the crowds of people, his people, without fear or hesitation. 

He had just recovered after being at deaths door for over a month, and he still looked slightly ill. His cheeks were hollow and his lips pale, and you thought how miserable he must be standing in the cold winter air after such an ordeal. 

Your family, along with hundreds of others, was there to show your respect. Not even a week ago, there were rumors that he wouldn’t make it through the night. The kingdom had gathered together, hoping for a miracle but expecting to hear the worst.

“Poor boy.” An elderly women said to your mother as the people cheered, the miraculous recovery of the prince a relief to all. “They say it was poison. Which means it must have been someone close, to get past the food tasters and all…”

“Must be such a lonely life.” Your mother had sighed. “Never knowing who to trust, or who’s close because they care and who just wants your power.”

You felt a pang of sympathy for the young prince as the two spoke. It sounded like a lonely life indeed. 

“I heard they’re investigating the royal guard. Such a shame when even the people who are supposed to protect you may not be loyal.”

“I’ll protect him.” You chimed in. In your mind, everyone deserved to be surrounded by people who would look out for them, and if no one else could be trusted to, you would do it yourself. “I’ll join the royal guard and keep him safe.”

“What a sweet girl.” The elderly women said with a smile, patting your head. “Maybe one day they’ll change the laws and you can.”

You were only vaguely aware of light trickling in through the thinly veiled window when you woke up, your mind still groggy from sleep. It was the same dream you had increasingly often. It was funny, you thought, how a memory from the age of 7 could shape someone’s life as drastically as it had yours. 

it was later than you had meant to get going, but it only took you a few minutes to slip on your boots and comb your hair. You had slept in your clothes the night before, too tired to change after the long ride. All you could do was hope your shirt wasn’t too terribly wrinkled. 

Your sword swung slightly from your hip as you made your way down the inn’s stairs, having no time for breakfast.

“Good luck, boy.” The innkeeper called after you as you made your way toward the door. 

“Thanks. I’ll need it.” You called over your shoulder. 

You still couldn’t believe how close you were to achieving what you had been working towards for years. With any luck, you would pass the final test the next day and become part of the royal guard. You had the skill, you knew you did; as long as no one guessed that you weren’t actually a boy, everything would be fine.

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Two Year Tumblr-versary!

   Holy moly ya’ll. I can’t believe it has been 2 years already! Feels like just yesterday I was bookmarking CC on here and finally decided to make a Simblr. I remember being so nervous to even reach out to anyone and I’m really happy I did. I have made some of the best of friends on here! Having a simblr was more than just the sims to me, it was about meeting new people and friends. 

   My situation as a military wife is extremely hard and making friends irl is just near to impossible because of always moving. Ya’ll have kept me thriving and never bored and just yea, this saved me. I thank ya’ll from the bottom of my heart<333 SO, instead of a “Follow Friday” I decided to do a Follow Forever with a few honorable mentions. Love you all!

My Best Friends;

@myfireheartt: I honestly don’t know what I would do without you. You are hands down the ultimate best friend<3 Thank the heavens we were actually able to hang out last summer! I don’t know where my life would be if you were not in it. Thank you for being my best friend boo!

@selaronosims: To my first friend on here! I have and always will look up to you. From our long conversations about our babies, to playing WoW with your boys. Thank you for being a shoulder to lean on<3

@coliswonderland: In the last few months I have really gotten to know you! We were always friends from a far but now we talk everyday xD You are my go to girl anything CC! It helps we are both HP fanatics haha.

@lizillasimming: I LOVE YOU. No, seriously, I do. One of the happiest and upbeat person I have the pleasure of knowing<3

@iheartdinosx3: My partner in crime! Us together means an enormous amount of giggles and jokes. Thank you for always being there!

@this-nerdy-sim: Another one of my HP lovers and amazing friend! I love how you always see the good in people and it makes me happy when you really let loose! You deserve all the happiness in the world hun.

Follow Forever;

A-F: @108sims @asterllum, @alittlethoughtgarden, @applezingsims @alwaysimming, @ahunnasims, @annabellee25, @alyssajoltsims, @berrysweetboutique, @butterfly-tattoo, @buildingsimm, @callisto-sims, @citrontart, @carmysims, @ciruelabob, @deelitefulsimmer, @dust-spirits, @dustflwr

G-L: @ghardenia, @grumpysimmies, @generalsimmingllama, @graycurse-sims, @halbtagssmiley, @holly-plumbob, @immortalsims, @industrisims, @invader-sim, @itsscreamingcolour, @jenba, @jools-simming, @lumialoversims, @lilsimsie, @leo-sims, @leeleesims1, @lovelypixels, @lyshasims

M-R: @mintiphresh, @meowlr @mwgaybachelor @maimouth, @meisiu, @madmono, @moon-craters,  @neopixiesims, @notsoberry, @nadinemaee, @notquiteaberrysim, @nooboos-in-wonderland @our-dazed-sims, @obisims,  @publicwoohoo @plumbboxx @pooofy @pixelsimdreams, @peacemaker-ic, @pixelunivairse,  @pixielated, @panda-plumbobs @pancakesims4 @pixeltrashcan, @redhotchilisimblr, @rickeygirl24, @ricagrim

S-Z: @simmingswimmingly @simmingbee @simsimmajay  @simlaughlove, @sage-pie @saudade-sims4, @simsrocuted, @simmerapple @saucysims @storylegacysims @simaroosimblr, @simseasons, @shysimblr@tragicplumbobs @trillyke, @tajsiwel, @tainoodles, @themweirdsims @tenkasims @tabbyrh, @thisissimtastic, @tinkerbelch, @thesimsofnoalyn @tigresssimmer, @tipsycowplant, @toddlers-and-tiarras, @valhallansim, @wildlyminiaturesandwich, @weepingsimmer, @willow-creeks, @wyattssims, @xo-nocturnealley-ox, @your-nerdy-wife-lizilla

Really hoping I didn’t miss anyone! I love each and every one of my followers and the people I follow <3 Ya’ll mean the world to me! Thank you so much for always bringing a smile to my face! Happy Simming!


Lena Luthor Appreciation Week - Day [4/7]
↳ Favorite Quote

That time when Lena was already dropping hints. I wrote this text post about this months ago, but it’s always just stuck with me.There is absolutely no reason for her to word it that way. She could have either say “So I’ll see you tomorrow night.” The only feasible reason for Lena to bring up Kara is because she was the link between them. But even so, I think that’s a stretch. 

More likely Lena is either 1. Teasing Kara because she knows Kara is Supergirl and looking forward to seeing how Kara manages that one. Or 2. You will often phrase a line that way when you consider the other person you mention, your date. 

This line also comes off the back end of an entire scene of Lena trying convince Supergirl that all she wants to do is help people and be good. That she isn’t just another Luthor. Which in general is just a testiment to her character and I hope that the writers don’t mess that up in the upcoming rest of season 2 and into season 3. 

Also, she looks so cute when she’s saying it.

Cop!Tony & Thief!Steve pt.2

Because I love this trope too much to just leave it alone, so now there’s Plot. Here’s part one

Steve hadn’t even meant to become a criminal.

Seriously. It had just sort of… happened, one day.  Someone at the coffeehouse he worked at had been having some seriously questionable conversations with the person on the other end of his call, and Steve couldn’t exactly just stand by and let them get away with the fucked up shit they were planning on doing, could he? It had sounded as if they’d been going to murder someone.

He had considered calling the cops. Except he’d… never actually gotten around to it. It was a lot easier just slip the phone into his apron while he’d been collecting the drinks off the table and then hack his way in. Bucky might have shot him some seriously dubious looks, but Bucky did that a lot, so Steve wasn’t particularly phased by it.

And anyway- it had been lucky he had! If he’d left it to the cops, they would probably have faffed around with search warrants and the like, and by the time they’d managed to get through all the red tape, the person those two guys were planning the hit on would have been dead. So Bucky could take his disapproving looks and shove them up his ass, because Steve had saved someone’s life.

But anyway- after that, everything had just sort of…escalated.

He tried to keep it to a minimum- he really did. He and Bucky struggled to keep their coffeehouse going as it was, and if he got caught one day, Bucky would be screwed. But- well- there was just so much crime. There was so much Steve could do, and sitting back had never really been his style.

Anyway, he was far too good to be getting caught, at that point.

(Read more, mobile users!)

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“You also love Natalie? You become even more awesome after ever new post you make. Which Katie character would you ship with which Natalie character and why? Which of their characters would hate each other the most?” - (anon)

Yes! I love my two queens oh so very much. The fact that they are so close is a bonus. So as requested, let us discuss ships/aus and rivaling characters shall we?

For ships, rather than having a winded explanation as to why, I thought I would do more of a summary into my thoughts of what the ship would be like. Think: potential fic summaries! Here we go.

The Rambling Thinky Thoughts of Brittane Presents: A Ship Storm - Katie McGrath/Natalie Dormer Edition

Hold onto your pants everyone!

Margaery Tyrell/Lena Luthor

Originally posted by tinyvalyrian

Originally posted by luthorial

Rival CEOs, turned friends, turned lovers. OR! Consider an AU where Lena is still CEO of L-Corp and Margaery is either her attorney or head of PR. They begin seeing each other and Margaery insists they keep it quiet in order to maintain their integrity/credibility and that of L-Corp’s in the public eye. Margaery would believe that it is also important to keep Lena’s love life out of the tabloids. Secret lovers are always fun!

They are both kind, yet cunning, and care deeply about trying to make a difference for everyone in the city. They would definitely make a great team! Hey! Imagine Lena filling Margaery’s office with flowers or vice versa! Or both. Both would be good.

Jamie Moriarty/Gloria Miller

Originally posted by goodobservationshirley

Elementary AU!! Gloria is a young FBI agent that is obsessed with cases surrounding the mysterious Moriarty. She eventually discovers that she is on the notorious criminal’s trail. Little does she know that Moriarty has been keeping tabs and leaving strategically placed bread crumbs to get closer to the very intriguing and attractive agent. She enjoys playing games. A very tense face-to-face meeting leaves Gloria feeling shocked after learning Moriarty’s identity (#OHNOSHESHOT). Gloria continues to work her case but still lacks evidence as Moriarty is too careful and never gives her all the answers she needs during their increasingly frequent rendezvous. Things grow even more complicated when they develop feelings for one another that both loathe to admit to. Will Gloria go rogue? Will Moriarty step back from her criminal dynasty?? Will anything change at all??? Who knows???? (*freeze frame* *disk scratch* Hi…. someone feel free to write this. I want it. I will love you forever!)

More after the cut! It gets better. At least I think it does! 

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Communication/ Soulmate Jeno

this is for @s-v-t-saythename !

Genre: -

Request: yo i saw that you do soulmate aus so could you please please please do one for jeno? this ask seems really calm compared to how i’m feeling but there is literally no one i love more?? than lee jeno!??!?! if you do it, thank you!!! 💖💖💖💖

A/N: it’s been long since i did a soulmate! series so thanks so much for requesting !! Also , to clear things up about how soulmates work in this story because it may get confusing - so every morning you hear/get a sentence that your soulmate is going to say that day and vice versa !! Also , y'all are able to communicate with each other through dreams sometimes ~


“ Stop it ”

The two words flashed in your mind the moment you woke up in the morning , and soon you were filled with confusion , as the words appeared out of no where - for the first time .

You closed your eyes tightly as you tried to recall the dream you had just last night;

A faint shadow of a young and tall boy shone on the side walk as he walked slowly infront of you , his head hanging low .

No one else was there around the both of you , not even a single car was passing by . Your arms instinctively reached out as you called out softly , “ Excuse me ? ”

The boy stopped in his tracks as he turned around slowly . His eyes met yours as he raised his eyebrows . His jawline was well defined for his age and he had the perfect facial features .

“ Yes ? ” he called out as his hands stayed in his pockets of his jeans , looking at you in curiousity . Before you could answer , your alarm clock went off and you were awaken , the two words flashing in your mind right after .

You shook your head as you tried to forget about everything that happened , but the dream kept replaying over and over in your mind . As weird as it seemed , you could remember dream vividly and every single detail of it , as compared to your previous dreams where you’d forget about them the moment you woke up .

“ Y/N you look so stressed out , had a bad dream ? ” your older sister asked as she passed you a piece of toast .

Sighing , you took a sip of the cup of milk , “ Yeah .. Actually , no , it was just … weird ? Neither good or bad ”

Your older sister stopped whatever she was doing and started patting your back , “ Congrats to you , ” You gave a her look and stared at her in confusion , unsure of what to say or do .

“ What are you congratulating me for ? ”

She gave a small smirk before she laughed and said , “ It’s a sign that you’re going to meet your soulmate soon Y/N . You two are able to communicate through dreams and oh .. did you get any sentences or words today ? ”

You paused for awhile before nodding , still in confusion .

“ Your soulmate’s going to say those words today , it’s somehow like the ’ highlight ’ of the things he’s going to say today . I’m so happy for you i have to go tell mom , ” she said as she ran towards the telephone to call your mother .

You sat there frozen as you let the thoughts process .

His face flashed through your mind again and you could remember every single detail of it , as though you were stunned by his beauty .

You recalled the words and also his expressions in the dream - he looked sad .

“ Stop it ”

“ Was it going to be a bad day for him ? ”


He raised his hand up and offered you a small smile , which instantly caused you to blush .

“ I’m Jeno , i just learnt about this today when i told my friends about it , nice meeting you , soulmate ” he said in a gentle and cheerful tone , still smiling .

You reached out for his hand and held it tightly , “ Hey Jeno , i’m Y/N , nice meeting you too ”

He laid back onto the back of the bench the both of you were sitting on , as he took in a deep breath before sighing .

Curious , you tilted your head slightly and asked , “ What’s up ? Had a bad day today ? ”

You notice him smile a little as he looked at you , but soon it went back to a frown as he sighed again , “ Yeah , some things happened today ”

Your eyes met his and you gave him an assuring smile . His eyes instantly lit up as he smiled back .

“ Do you want to talk about it ? ”

“ Just some classmates of mine - they’ve been teasing me about failing the recent class test , it’s getting really annoying to be honest “

” They’ll stop soon enough , don’t let their words get to you , “ you assured him as you pat his back .

He flashed you a smile again , before he gave you a small hug , ” I can’t wait to meet you in real life honestly , you seem so nice “

You froze in your spot from his touch but at the same time , your head naturally rested on his shoulders and your arms wrapped around his body , ” Same here , you seem like an interesting person Jeno “

Just like that , the bright sunrays shone on your face and you were awaken again , before the dream could even finish .

You rubbed your eyes as you stared blankly into space , smiling a little as you got reminded of the dream , as though it really did happen in real life .

” Because she told me , “

The words flashed in your mind right after , as you felt your heart beating faster .

Who was the ’ she ’ he was going to refer to today ?


You tightly clenched your fist , your other hand rubbing your temples . The thick pile of books sat on the table infront of you , as though they were waiting for you to read through all of them .

The heated arguement you had with your bestfriend just earlier that day replayed in your mind , making you even more stressed than you already were .

” Stop being so selfish , just because you score well in academics doesn’t mean you have to show it off “

” I didn’t at all Y/B/N , i was just trying to help you out since you looked like you were struggling .. Please don’t think like that “

” I’m going to be honest with you now and tell you that i stopped considering you as my best friend since a few months back - ever since you got that scholarship . You keep trying to show off your abilities infront of me when you know i’m already bad at studying ,“

” What’s with this sudden outburst ? All i ever wanted to do was to help you but now you’re blaming me ? “

She rolled her eyes as she grabbed her things and stomped out of the library , leaving you both in shock and anger .

6 years of friendship was gone just like that , because of a misunderstanding .

Your phone’s ringtone woke you up from your thoughts , as you looked at the contact and it was your other close friend .

You let out a sigh before picking the call up , trying to sound fine ,

“ Yes ? ”

“ Hey Y/N ? I just wanted to ask you something ”

“ Yes what is it ? ”

“ I was just thinking if you could replace me for the English debate coming up ? I have something on that day and since you’re really good at everything- ”

Your tears were already falling and you let out a small cry .

You felt like pulling all your hair out from the amount of stress you were facing , and yet another person asks you for help since they know you well enough to see that you can never reject someone asking for help , which was probably one of the reasons why people tend to take you for granted .

You said in between sobs, “ Sorry i can’t do this anymore , ”

You hung up on her - the first time you ever did to someone .

You hid your face in your arms as your tears stained your sweater .

Your breath slowly calmed down as you felt your body sink into the chair you were sitting on , your head lying restlessly on your arms .

You stood alone in the park , kicking your legs lightly at the fallen leaves on the ground around you .

You waited patiently as you tried to clear your mind from everything that had happened .

Soon , a familiar pair of hands tapped your shoulder from behind . The boy infront of you flashed you a big warm smile as he slung his arms around your shoulder , “ You feeling alright ? ”

You shook your head and sighed .

“ Just as i expected … The words that came up today seemed to tell me that things weren’t going to be well for you ” he said while stopping in his tracks , playing with your hair .

You looked up to meet his warm gaze and you instantly smiled a little , but soon enough your tears were falling again and you were on his chest , his hands patting your back .

“ What is it that you can’t do anymore Y/N ? ”

“ Everything , i’m so stressed out i don’t think i can function anymore , ” you paused and looked at him again , “ yet the only person that can calm me down only appears in my dreams , it sucks even more Jeno ”

You saw him blush a little as he gave you a warm hug , “ Don’t worry , i’m sure we’ll be able to meet soon . ”


“ Hi , My name’s Jeno ”

These four words kept playing in your head over and over again , as though it was a broken record .

Your furrowed your eyebrows together as you took a bite out of your breakfast .

Was he going to somewhere new today ?

Why did he have to introduce himself ?

You tried your best to remember everything from last night but nothing appeared - for the first time that day , both of you didn’t appear in each other’s dreams , no communications at all .

“ Y/N hurry up and stop staring into space , you’re going to be late for school , ” you heard your sister nag at you as she playfully flicked your forehead , snapping you out of your thoughts .

Sighing , you grabbed your backpack as you made your way to your sister’s car .

You finally arrived in front of your school and you were greeted by a large group of girls , screaming and jumping in excitement as though an idol was there .

From a distance you could spot a tall , brown haired boy standing in the middle of girls , his head hanging low with his earpiece plugged in .

You shook your head as you made your way to the classroom , uninterested in the new boy since you already had thoughts to keep you occupied

The image of his face appeared in your mind as you tried to get it out , but couldn’t . You laid your head on the table as you tried to get some sleep before the teacher came in , hoping that something would happen if you dreamt .


“ Hi , my name’s Jeno ”

A soft and gentle voice called out from the front of the classroom . You shot your head up from your table and your eyes met his , the ones that could always cheer you up almost every night in your dreams .

His eyes widened as he stared at you in disbelief , his eyes scanning every single part of your body , making sure that everything was real .

The two of you stared in silence and said nothing else as you couldn’t believe it - you finally met him in person .

“ Okay thanks Jeno . Could you please sit right there , ” your teacher pointed out to the other end of the classroom , as Jeno nodded his head nervously , his eyes still in contact with yours .

2 more hours to break

You caught him stealing glances at you and you couldn’t help but blush every time , and like always , he’d give you a bright smile , his eyesmiles slowly forming .

1 more hour to break

It was too hard to concentrate in class , especially with him catching your attention with every single action he does - be it playing with his stationery or taking down notes , he always had your attention .

Your eyes couldn’t leave him .


The two of you sat at the school’s rooftop , his arms around you , the way he always placed them .

You felt his head leaning towards yours , as you let out a breath of relief , “ I’d never expect to meet you in my school Jeno , all these still seems so …. unreal to me ”

He let out a small laugh as he replied softly , “ And i wondered why my parents decided to transfer me here suddenly as well . But now i’m glad i did ”

His smile instantly made you blush as you tried to stay cool , but couldn’t as Jeno was already giggling at your red face .

“ Oh by the way - ” he paused and sat up right .

You raised your eyebrows and nudged your head , giving a sign for him to continue .

“ Your words today were - ” he paused again , as he leaned closer towards you .

You gave him a confused look and waited quietly for him to finish his sentence .

“ I love you ”

Your heart started beating faster and faster as you saw his loving eyes and smile , his hands holding tightly to yours .

Shyly , you leaned forward and whispered into his ear ,

“ I love you ”

Patched Up (Part 2)

Patched Up (Part 1) !

Originally posted by tomhollandisdaddy

  • pairing: peter parker x reader 
  • summary: apparently, discovering peter’s secret at 1 in the morning wasn’t the only important thing that happened that night 
  • a/n: ahhhh sorry for the wait!! let me know what you think of this, i feel like this was kinda shitty and not my best, so i apologize in advance 

“Ha! I knew you were hiding something!”

You bit your lip excitedly, pointing your finger at Peter’s chest, as he watched your reaction unfold. A confused expression was plastered on his face, thinking you would be furious with him-yelling at the top of your lungs, hitting him on the arm, and pacing back and forth-was what he expected from you. How were you not upset?

“You-You’re not…mad?“ He asked, eyebrows kintted together, as he started to stand up a bit from his seat on the bathtub ledge.

"Peter, I’ve been suspicious of you since the day you ran out in the middle of band practice after school, saying you had to ‘help Aunt May with something’, and then quit band altogether the next day.”

You crossed your arms, a smirk on your face that started to tug into a small smile. You had Peter Parker fooled since day one. His mouth opened and closed, stuttering to reply with something smart, but he failed, as usual. He closed his mouth, sighing in defeat and took a seat back on the bathtub ledge, holding his head in his hands.

Suddenly, you felt bad for him. Did you say too much? A question pulled at the back of your mind, something you’ve always wanted to ask him. You never wanted to ask Peter about him always running out at unexpected times, at first, fearing that it would be a terrible misread of communication that you would forever be embarrassed about.

You kneeled on the tile floor in front of him, your hands resting on his knees. He slowly took his hands out of his face to look down at you, a glimmer of sadness in his brown eyes.

"How come you’ve never told me? We’ve known each other for a couple years now, Pete. You’re my best friend.“ You asked him softly, your voice bathed in sympathy. It killed you to call him your best friend, but you had to say something to get him to talk-and it was the truth. As of that moment, you two were best friends and nothing more. That is, if either of you made a move.

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Writers Creed Interview: @justscribbledwords

……. I would write a few things I felt, yes like you said mostly about pain because that was all I did feel. But I never saw writing as anything more than that, it wasn’t even a hobby back then. But now it’s a passion…

This time at the Writerscreed Interview, we got to talk with Shraddha, the sassy and inspiring writer behind the blog @justscribbledwords. We got to talk about problems writers face and what does writing really meant to her and how she aspires to contribute in uplifting the writers on tumblr that have just started off with their journey. Hope you enjoy the interview.

WC: “Justscribbledwords”, a subtle name as we would like to call it, as its simple but holds a deep meaning to it just like your writings, so how did an url like that strike you and what meaning does it hold in your frame of reference.

S: It just seemed appropriate to what I wanted to do, I just wanted to scribble words with feelings and emotions. Google told me to choose a URL that wouldn’t be too hard to remember or read. So I had a list of URLs similar to this one, but JustScribbledWords was on the top and my first choice and soon it seemed like my only choice since it fit. And yes it seems subtle but also intense and serves the purpose of letting people know that I am just made of scribbled words.

WC: Fair enough, subtle and intense, quite a combination you got there.

WC: Any other names your family or aquaintances call you by or something you love to be called and do you love your name, if so then why?

S: I have many many nicknames among my friends in real life and in tumblr life. Most of them are just short for of my real name Shraddha, which means faith in Sanskrit. I am not a huge fan of my name, because one- people usually pronounce and spell it wrong and two - I don’t like the meaning. I used to think of faith as just faith in god and so I hated it because I don’t have that faith but recently I’ve been trying to make up my own meaning for it as in not faith in god(for which I was named) but just faith, maybe in the universe or myself or my words. Other than that my family has a ‘pet name’, for me that I don’t really tell anyone. If you are interested the names my friends have come up with are Shraks, Addha and Shadie

WC: Well Shadie sounds good to be honest, yeah wrong pronunciation of your name is definitely annoying, a pain only the ones that go through it can relate to.

WC: What actually got you into writing was it a hobby that turned into passion or a series of event lead you to it or you were finding and safe abode and you thought nothing could be better than words, your writings do portray a painful contrast which makes us more curious indeed.

S: I think it all had started with writing in a diary for no reason around 4-5 years ago. I just needed to get a few things in writing because I wanted to remember them or forget them. I needed to somehow know whether I wasn’t the only one who felt it. Tumblr wasn’t a very open popular thing back then so I thought I’d try and put up some things here. I made a new account just for my writing which was this account. I would write a few things I felt, yes like you said mostly about pain because that was all I did feel. But I never saw writing as anything more than that, it wasn’t even a hobby back then. But now it’s a passion, it’s not just my oxygen but something more that keeps you alive. One can call it an obsession but that sounds negative at times. I see writing as my calling at times even though it’s not something I pursue professionally or ever will I think, but we never know.

WC: Writing does keeps many of the real version of us alive, its like a way to bid farewell to some problems or situations even if thats for a small period, many would connect to that concept of yours and yeah obession doesn’t seems quite a good word for it.
Moving on to our next question.

WC: So what problems did you face as you started off on Tumblr like what were the challenges and how did you face them?

S: When I started off on tumblr one thing that always bugged me (as superficial as the problem was) that I didn’t have enough notes on my posts and I didn’t have enough followers. I think I was trying to seek validation from people about what I was feeling and whether they felt it too or was it relatable, because I didn’t want to be the only one feeling them. Another problem I faced was not having any friends here and it often felt lonely to see people conversing and having people who they could call friends. And the main problem was not knowing of any platforms that helped new writers grow.
I can say now that I have overcome almost all of these problems. At times I still do worry about notes and followers but not as much and I’ve found some really good friends here who now seem like a family of misfits fitting together and also various platforms like yours that helps writers grow and be part of a community.

WC: Well yeah notes are a killer for anyone starting off with tumblr but its all gets better with time and we do agree on that seeking validation point, but we do reach a point where we just stop caring about the followers and focus more on building our community and getting reviewed by writers we admire, yeah we actually are a family of misfits fitting together with words being our ultimate glue.
Thats why we focus on connecting to more and more people and helping them out so they don’t give up just because of dull response to their posts.

WC: So you’re a part of Procast which is one of the amazing communities here on Tumblr, what do you have to say about that and how do you feel about it?

S: Yes! The Procast is one of the best communities of writers and I am so honoured to be a part of it. I have become friends with some of the most amazing people here on tumblr and I know I’ve found a few friends for life. If only people had a look at our Facebook group chat, they would know how amazing the members are!

WC: Oh that indeed sounds good, for those of you reading this interview, unaware of Procast, well its a group of amazing writers that post amazing proses and poetry, we’ll surely recommend you to check it out.

WC: What do you like writing about, we do see quite similar shades in your work but are you flexible with others genres too and does what does writing means to you, if you could elaborate on that.

S: I like to write mostly about love or heartbreak, they’ve always been synonyms to me. I also seem to write a lot about pain and sadness. I love it when I get messages saying they relate to my writing but at the same time I feel extremely sad that there are so many people relate to such sad and painful things.
Writing to me is life, it has become a part of me or just me, my being. I can’t imagine myself ever not writing now.

WC: Well many writers including us, love the emotions you pour into those quotes, poetry and proses, makes it easy for the reader to connect and relate, well its a magical felling to experience.

WC: If you ever got an opportunity to help writers, what would you do, how would you keep them motivated and do you have any of your plans for helping the writer community that are under work?

S: If I can get an opportunity for that, I would really love to help writers, but honestly I don’t know how. I am not at a level where I can give any advice to them because even though I’ve been here for quite some time, I’ve only started being more active for the past year. And I might just be planning something but it’s all hush hush yet, it’s just an idea so if it goes to plan, I’ll let you know for sure.
Other than this all I can say is let the smallest things motivate and inspire you to write it draw or whatever art you like to pursue. Don’t let haters discourage you.

WC: Thats one hell of an encouragement, our audience would surely appriciate that. Coming to our next question.

WC: What improvements would you like to see in writerscreed, something about us you dislike and would want us to work upon also any of your ideas that you would like us to implement?

S: Honestly I really can’t find any improvements needed, you people literally reblog everybody’s WC tag, you all are active, in fact so damn active that I sometimes wonder if any of you ever sleep, you have given me an a chance to be a part of an awesome community and I’ve made some really really good friends and connected with many artists. I cannot ask for anything more!

WC: We really appreciate that.

WC: Before wrapping up, we would want you to tell any fun fact about you be it any thing you’ve done or happend to you and you an also share something about you that very less people know.

S: Oh something not many people know about me, now this is a hard one to think about. I think people think I am too closed off when I am not, they just need to ask the right questions and I’ll tell them everything.

WC: It was our pleasure interviewing you, we appreciate you taking time out, to talk to us, hope many writers get inspired reading this interview.

S: I really enjoyed whole way through the interview, thank you for choosing me to be a part of this.

Dear Fanfic Writers ...

You know that ball of lead you get in the pit of your stomach when someone leaves a negative comment on one of your stories? It really sucks, doesn’t it? And it’s hard to shake that bad feeling once you get it. You worked hard on that fic and posted it hoping people would like it, and it hurts when someone tells you they didn’t.

Well, listen up, because I’m going to tell you something you need to hear right now: people who leave negative comments on fanfic are rude garbage people, which means their opinions are also garbage.

You don’t have to give weight to garbage opinions from garbage people. They’re not worth your time or emotional energy.

Instead of letting that one negative comment crumble your sense of self-worth, try to focus on all the positive comments you’ve gotten. Because those positive comments were written by kind, thoughtful, lovely people who think you’re terrific. And their opinions deserve to carry a lot more weight than garbage people’s opinions.

If you’re still feeling down about a negative comment, here are a few more things to try telling yourself:

  • That negative comment might feel important right now, but it really isn’t.
  • You don’t have to pay attention to it.
  • You don’t have to defend your choices to anyone.
  • You don’t deserve to be treated like this.
  • Your feelings of inadequacy are irrational. You can let them go.
  • It’s okay to make mistakes. You don’t have to dwell on them.
  • You don’t have to be perfect to be okay.
  • You did something creative and took a risk. That’s worth being proud of.
  • It’s not your responsibility to satisfy everyone.
  • It’s not your problem that someone didn’t like something about your story.
  • You did the best you can do and that’s good enough.
  • You have value, and other people can see it even when you can’t.

Hopefully this will help you feel better and get back to work. Believe me, we’ve all been there at one time or another, and we’ll all be there again. Such is life. But remember: this feeling will go away. And you are appreciated.

anonymous asked:

Hello, if it's alright, are you familiar with Tenko's backstory? I heard a lot of different sources and I don't know what's canon or not.

I’m not sure if you’ll like the answer because Chabashira’s backstory is kinda dumb, as it’s mostly about her blindly believing what we see as obvious lies because ideas were planted into her head since a very young age. I mean, that parallels the story’s main themes, so I can see clearly why it’s there, but things could be better handled.

Anyways, Chabashira’s backstory. Kid Chabashira was a little bit too hyperactive (volcano level, as her parents put it) and this got to a point where her parents really weren’t able to handle her anymore. Without knowing what else they could, the parents just sent her to live in a Buddhist temple so the religious discipline could make her calm down (ironically, she is the most vocally atheistic character in the game).

The temple was also ineffective in calming kid Chabashira down, so the abbot (an abbot is the chief monk in a Buddhist temple) decided to tell her they would create a new a martial art together in an attempt to keep her under control. That’s how Neo Aikido was born. Unlike regular aikido, Neo Aikido has no formal practice and all of its training consists completely in just actual combat. We can easily deduce that that’s because the abbot has no real aikido experience and is just making stuff up to channel a child’s excessive energy into something constructive, but Chabashira really believes in everything her master taught her no questions asked.

With that, Chabashira’s dream became taking Neo Aikido to its limits and turning it into an official national sport. The abbot used that dream to keep her in line by telling her that her aikido powers would weaken if she did stuff like eating more than 3 sweets a day, touching boys or not cleaning her room, etc. The “touching boys” part was kind of a mistake on the abbot’s part because it caused her to see men as a strong threat to her dream of taking Neo Aikido to its limits, so she started thinking of them only as obstacles to that dream and grew very resentful (yes, that is The Reason ™. I told it was not that good).

Now here’s my favorite part and something I really looking forward to seeing fanart of: another thing the abbot did to kid Chabashira was taking her to the city with both of them dressed as superheroes, mask and everything. And they still do that even at her current age. As superheroes, they do superhero stuff, like helping old ladies carry their grocery bags, helping kids cross the street, cleaning up litter and cheering up heartbroken people. She also casually mentions one time the two heroes actually caught a shoplifter and other time they beat the shit out of a rapist, but she doesn’t go into any further details about any of those cases. That’s basically all about her backstory. 

Good for one date. (Clint x reader)

A/N: When I go to coffee shops I am there to fill a singular need. If you want to talk to me find me at the record store or in the park. This story will make a lot more sense if you’ve read some of the Life as a weapon series, but all you really need to know is Clint is my man. *finger gunz* Song used listened at bottom to avoid spoilers.

Originally posted by venomousxdanger

“Do you remember how we met?“ You grinned mischievously lacing your hand in his large calloused ones. Clint purses his lips trying to resist your charms.
“Barton.” You whined playfully sending a shiver down his spine. He loved the way you said his name, any of his names, but especially his last name because of how you met.
“What do you want from me?” It was meant to be playful but there was a meaning behind it. You absolutely had him like putty in your hands and he didn’t have the best track record with relationships. He just wanted the magic instructions that would make you stay forever…

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anonymous asked:

Hey! I was wondering how you deal with jealousy towards other writers? Sometimes when I read really popular and extremely well-written fanfics I can't help but compare them to my own. Then I feel inadequate like no matter what I do people will never like my writing as much as theirs. Have you ever felt like that? And if you did how did you overcome that feeling? P.S I love all your stories :)

Overcome it?  I haven’t.

I mean, jealousy is a normal, human emotion.  If it weren’t utterly common there wouldn’t be so many warnings against it.

So, I let myself feel it, then don’t let that feeling goad me into any kind of unpleasant actions.  

I feel inadequate every single day.  That isn’t something, at least for me, that goes away.  There is no magic number of reviews, no magic number of likes, no magic number of anything that makes that gnawing feeling disappear.   One day I realized I could literally win the Nobel Prize for literature AND sell enough copies of something to buy a castle in Scotland and I STILL would feel inadequate and that realization helped somewhat.  These inadequacy feelings we, as artists, have are not usually connected to any kind of rational assessment of our work.   

My poor, beleaguered friends are probably tired of me going, “Oh, look, it’s another favorite list not a single one of my dramione made.”  I mean, the struggle is real.   

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Comparison is the thief of joy?”  It’s true.  I’m going to BEG you not to read things that make you feel lousy.  

Time helps somewhat, and mastering another took in the kit of your craft helps too. There are people who made me just want to curl up into a ball a year or two ago and now I read their things and I enjoy them but don’t see them as some unattainable perfection.    (Weirdly, I am not bothered by actual geniuses.  I can read, say, Gertrude Stein and not think, “Oh, I am a failure because I cannot do this.”  I just enjoy.  Brains are weird.)

Another thing to realize is that other people can have terrible taste.  Truly. Someday you will write an absolute gem of a story and you will KNOW it’s good and no one will care because it isn’t their thing.  And you’ll probably also write something you know is just trash and people will gush over it.  That will help because you will realize in your gut, not just your brain, that a lot of the time other people’s opinions on your work are SO subjective it’s not about you or your prose, it’s about their buttons and kinks and preferences.   

I think, in the end, that it’s important to not set up any one thing as a defining measurement of your worth as a writer.  No one story, no one contest, no one anything is a final grade on you.  Is the story you wrote this year better than the one you wrote last year?  Then you are doing well.  Your own journey is all that matters.


tl;dr:  Jealousy is normal.  Everyone feels it.  It never totally goes away.   Slog on and know your work isn’t measured by kudos or comments or anything and every story you write gets better and please only measure yourself against your earlier works and not against other people.

P.S.  Thank you!

ML Fluff Month Day 2 - Goodnight Kisses

Goodnight Kisses

Rated: T (some light making out because I have no self control)
Pairing: Adrinette

For: @miraculousfluffmonth


Day 1 / Day 3

Marinette and Adrien were the embodiment of “good kids.” Always staying out of trouble, following the rules, and doing their best to be upstanding students. They were also the superheroes of Paris, but people didn’t need to quite know they were that good. People were aware of their flaws, of course. Marinette was totally clumsy, and Adrien was sometimes socially awkward because he never attended school before. Although, the two “good kids” weren’t so good that they didn’t pass up the opportunity to sneak out and see one another with the help of their secret super powers.

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