to see one of her concerts ok


Okay so I didn’t have the guts to break anyone’s heart. So I made everyone happy! I love the idea of poly relationships, and it’s my headcannon that Star is poly. My BFF is poly and her and her girlfriends are so cute!!!! I’m aromantic, but I really enjoy seeing loved ones find happiness with others. I can appreciate romance. And seeing those four girls with so much love to give each other, it melts my heart.

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“Star and I went to a Love Sentence concert this weekend.” Marco grinned. “It was so much fun. She even made shirts for the two of us, like last time.” He laughed and showed Tom the pictures. Tom made a face that made him look nauseous. “Hey, are you alright?” Marco asked. Tom rubbed the back of his head and nodded.

“Yeah… I’ve just been feeling sick lately.” He sighed. Marco frowned and put a hand on Tom’s shoulder.

“Do you need anything?” He asked. Tom shook his head and got up, walking a few feet away. “Tom… you’ve been acting really weird ever since we got Star back.” Marco told him. “I didn’t want to say anything but… you’ve been avoiding me.”

“I have not.” Tom defended. Marco rolled his eyes and took another step closer to his friend.

“Yes you have, you won’t even look at me.” Marco told him. “What’s going on with you? Tom, you’re starting to worry me.” He admitted, playing with his thumbs nervously. Tom gritted his teeth and whirled around to look at Marco, all the sudden furious.

“Stop it!” Tom hissed. “Just… I know where this concern is coming from and I don’t want it!” He yelled. Marco fell back, confused as to where the lashing out was coming from. Tom turned around and looked down, so Marco couldn’t see the tears threatening to spill out of his eyes. “I think you should leave.” Tom mumbled.

“No, you’re upset.” Marco told him. “I’m not just going to leave you alone in a time of need.” He explained. Tom groaned and ran his fingers through his hair.

“It’s things like that! You say things like that, and it makes this so much harder for me!” Tom cried. Marco tilted his head, more confused.

“Hard for you to do what?” He asked. Tom squeezed his eyes shut and tears fell out. Marco gasped when he saw this and ran over to the demon. “Tom! What’s wrong, please tell me. I want to help you.” He told him. Tom growled and pushed Marco away.

“I don’t want your help!” Tom yelled. He then fell back, breathing a little heavier. “I… do though… I want you help but I can’t… Not if I…” He sat down and Marco took a seat next to him. Tom sat up and took a deep breath. “Marco I need to tell you something right now, because if I hold back any longer I won’t be able to tell you.” He started.

“Tom… what’s going on?” Marco asked. Tom closed his eyes and put his hand on top of Marco’s.

“Marco… you have to understand that this was all an accident! I didn’t mean for any of this to happen! But you were just… always so nice to me! And you made me feel so wanted and… good! I felt happy with you! I felt like I was good enough.” Tom rambled. Marco took his hand away and stared at Tom in shock.

“Tom… are you saying…?” Marco whispered and Tom nodded.

“I love you Marco. And I helped you find Star because… I just want you to be happy! I know you love her and not me, and I want you to have the happiest time you can with her, but you have to understand that it hurts so badly.” More tears fell down Tom’s face and he began to sob. “I-I-I’m trying to be a good person, and let you be happy. But it hurts Marco.” More and more tears fell down his face. “I try to move on but… But you just… you’ll be nice to me and tell me these wonderful things! Like you care about me and want to help me!” Tom sobbed harder. “I can’t not love you… I’m sorry.” He squeezed his eyes shut.

Tom sobbed for a while longer until he felt himself get enveloped in a warm hug. He opened his eyes and saw marco was holding him close. “Please don’t cry.” Marco whispered. Tom sniffled and couldn’t help himself. He threw his arms around Marco and buried his face in his hoodie. “You never have to be sorry for how you feel, you’re feelings are valid, and you can’t control them.” Marco added. He pulled away and looked at the demon.

Tom wiped his tears away and nodded, trying to keep strong. But every time he looked at the human in front of him he felt his heart break more. “Marco… I-I’m so sorry.” He blubbered. Marco nodded and held Tom’s hand. “I just… I just can’t…” He shook his head and dove into Marco’s arms. “Please pretend.” He whispered.

“What?” Marco pulled away a bit. Tom wiped away his tears.

“Just hold me for a minute.” Tom begged. “LIke you actually care about me. Just for a minute and… please just for one minute.” Tom blubbered. Marco hushed him and held the demon close, letting him cry.

“It’s okay, it’s going to be okay.” Marco soothed. Tom shook his head and Marco wrapped his arms tighter around him. “Tom, I never knew you felt this way. I’m so sorry for causing you pain.” He told him. Tom nodded and just nuzzled him closer. Finally Tom mustered enough courage to pull away.

“I think you should go I… I just need some time before we… I’m sorry.” He covered his mouth and Marco nodded, getting up to leave. He wanted to go back and hug him again, offer comfort and love, but he knew that would only make it harder. The best thing to do now is leave Tom alone, and hope he was strong enough to move on.


“I think I love two people.” Marco admitted, looking up at his girlfriend. “I’m sorry, but I have to tell you. It’s not fair to keep you in the dark.” He explained. “I mean, we’re part of each other’s lives, you have a right to know and-”

“I understand.” Star cut him off and Marco looked up at her. Star looked down. “I thought I was the only one who… I often find myself having multiple crushes at once. I guess I just have a lot of love to give.” She grinned.

“Are you saying you also have feeling for somebody else?” Marco asked. Star looked away and nodded.

“Are you angry with me?” She asked. Marco shook his head and gave her a kiss.

“Of course not! You mean to world to me! I love you, so I love the people you love too!” He explained. Star smiled big and laughed, tackling Marco in a hug and kiss.

“I’m so happy you feel the same way! I thought you’d be upset with me!” Star exclaimed. “What do we do about this though? I don’t want to break up with you.” She told him.

“We don’t need to!” Marco assured. “We have enough love to give each other and others. Especially if we feel the same way.”


Tom opened the door slightly and sighed when he saw Marco and Star holding hands. “I thought I told you it’d be best if we-” Tom was cut off when he was tackled in a big hug by both the other kids. He blushed deeply when Marco and Star gave him a kiss on each cheek. “Uh… thanks.” Tom looked down, blushing. “Why though?” He asked.

“Because you’re our boyfriend now!” Star told him. Tom blushed even deeper and shrunk away, causing the others to giggle. “Come on Tom, Marco told me everything, and I know you still have feelings for me.” Star boasted. At being called out Tom became so flustered that the carpet beneath him burnt up a bit.

“I told you I was right.” Marco crossed his arms at Star.

“W-wait.” Tom stuttered. “You both… like me?” He asked. The others nodded and To felt a little smile form on his face. He looked up and blushed even deeper, feeling a lot more confident all the sudden. “Well it’s a good things I really like you guys, or I wouldn’t wanna be your boyfriend.” He laughed, but then looked up bashfully. “But I do… I really do.”

dirkpaninistrider  asked:

Oh, maybe the main 5 reacting to MC being a fangirl? Like she has a lots of books and posters about her favorite bands and wears their hoodies and thankssss.

Okay so since you were mainly talking about bands I focused on that, and thought that MC would have a favorite band, so she decides to share that specific one more than others.

-Gets really into it with her
-Will go out of his way to listen to their music with her
-Takes the time to find out MC’s favorite songs from the different bands she likes and makes a big mix cd for her as a birthday present
-Also saved up to give her concert tickets with that cd as well
-Lives to see her so happy
-Ends up getting to be just as excited as MC is about all her favorite groups

-So at first he’s just saying like
-“Ok I get it but I’m still your favorite right?”
-Yes sweetie but I’m still in love with these people
-He decides to take the time to learn MC’s all time favorite song and will sing it for her whenever she’s sad
-Will also secretly arrange a performance with her favorite group but she ends up finding out cause his fans found out and were spamming the message boards about it
-Makes MC the only VIP there so only she can meet them after the concert

-Takes time to look up as much as she can about MC’s favorite group
-Can understand how she feels
-Cause let’s be honest she’s one of Zen’s biggest fangirls
-Will trade stories of how they became fangirls, and their favorite things about them
-They’ll start taking turns bringing each other to different events the center of their fangirlness
-Buys each other merch
-On days off they just binge watch concert dvd’s

-He doesn’t really understand it at first
-He’s just like “Wtf they’re just people calm down”
-Then MC it’s like how much he obsesses over Elizabeth 3rd
-Except it’s with people
-Then he finally understands and goes out of his was to indulge her fangirl needs
-Will arrange a private concert just for her and it lasts like 3 hours
-Jumin literally makes them play every song they ever wrote ever
-You die of happiness

-Has probably been a fan for years too
-Or will get into it to be just as big of a fan as MC is
-Will spend hours with her just blasting music and singing along until their throats are sore
-Gets them front row seats to all the concerts they have when they’re in the area
-Will go out of his way to make sure to get on stage to sing with them at least once
-After it’s done and she gets a hug from the band MC literally cries tears of joy
-Seven will cry with her because he’s happy for her too

Whipped - Michael Clifford

“Hey babe! Hi guys!” You came up to the guys chilling outside on the patio, sitting down on Michael’s lap. 

“Hey love what’s up?” Michael wrapped an arm around your waist while you clasped your hands together behind his neck. 

The past week has been hectic of errands and organization because of your sister’s wedding coming up this weekend and you basically being her second wedding planner. Calum, Luke, and Ashton have been invited as well but you’ve especially been having Michael be active in helping you helping your sister out. Tagging him along to stores, to the venue, to last minute things, and all other types of craziness in which you’re completely grateful for. 

“The tailor just called and said that the suit we got last week and my dress will be ready to pick up today at 2, and I need you to pick it up please." 

"Ok yeah no problem,” he said smiling back at you. 

“And my parents want to have one last big celebration dinner thing with family at their house so we’re gonna go to that tonight. Sorry it’s kinda last minute." 

"That’s fine I don’t have plans." 

"And one last thing… The shoes that I originally was gonna wear, one of the straps are actually ripped so I wanna buy new ones tomorrow.” You said with a tone hinting for him to come with you. 

“Ok sure I’ll drive you to the mall babe." 

"Yay, thank you Michael you’re the best!” You said giving him a quick kiss on the cheek and getting off him to get ready for whatever other errands your sister wanted you to go on. “Don’t forget 2 o'clock! Love you!” You yelled back. 

Michael looked back at you smiling, "Yeah babe, love you too!“ He turned back around facing the guys, looking off into the distance with a smile on his face and lost in his current thought. 

"Wow,” Ashton whispered. And Luke and Calum chuckled, already knowing that the three of them had the same thought. 

“What?” Michael asked. 

“Doing her errands?” Luke raised his eyebrows. 

Helping her with her errands,” Michael corrected. 

“Buying her shoes?” Calum added on. 

Taking her to get shoes." 

"Come on Michael we all know how this goes.”

“And what do you mean by that?" 

"That you’d do anything for Y/N.” Ashton chuckled. 

“Well she IS my girlfriend so…” Michael dragged on. 

“Yeah but sometimes you just seem so whipped for her." 

"You guys always bring this up. How am I apparently so completely whipped? I’m just helping her out with her sister’s wedding." 

"How? Well what about that one day you basically bought her like 72 different outfits?” Ashton exaggerated.

“I don’t see the problem with buying your girlfriend things every once in a while." 

"Ok and how about the many times you ditched hanging out to staying in?" 

"Once again - see no problem." 

"Mike… You literally almost cancelled a concert because she was sick." 

Michael opened his mouth to defend himself again but realized that was actually a valid point and that actually almost did happen. 

"But on a serious note, even though you two are equally head over heels for each other right now, you never know what will happen in the end. And we don’t want you to get hurt again." 

The guys have always looked out for Michael when it came to relationships because he always seemed to be the one putting in more time and effort and being the one with more feelings than the other. Before you, Michael just seemed to have bad luck with relationships. Especially with the last girl. She cheated on Michael after 3 months they started dating, and he found out on their 1 year anniversary when he was supposed to meet her at a restaurant. That she was already at with the other guy. It ended with a bad fight and even though Michael was furious he couldn’t help but be just as heartbroken. He knew the guys were looking out for him. He sat there in thought while the other guys started a new conversation. He thought of all the little and big things he did for you, doing things that you didn’t even ask for, realizing that he has done some above and beyond things for you, all until he finally came to a conclusion "Fuck I am whipped.” 

It came to 2 o'clock and the guys were still at yours and Michael’s place. But you left to help your sister put together little gift baskets for each bridesmaid. 

Michael was in the car on the way to the tailor when you called. But the rest of the day he couldn’t help but feel so down. All his thoughts were wondering if you loved him just as much as he loves you. Three years together that must mean something to you. You definitely weren’t like the past relationships and this was definitely Michael’s longest relationship, so what’s the big deal if he was whipped? But one thing - he couldn’t take his bandmates commenting on it any longer. 

“Hey babe are you on your way to the tailor?" 

"Yeah,” even though it was just one word, his reply seemed so monotone and tired. 

“You okay Michael?" 

"Yeah I’m fine, look I’m getting our clothes okay I’ll just talk to you later.” And he hung up. 

“Ooookay…” You whispered, looking down at your phone confused by his sudden attitude. 

“Everything okay?” Your sister asked tying a ribbon around the last gift basket. 

“Yeah I just got off the phone with Michael but he just seemed so… I don’t know, irritated? Mad? But he has never talked to me like that.” You said pretty sadly. 

“Aw well maybe something came up and he got stressed about it?” You gave your sister a sad smile still clutching your phone in your hands. “Well we’re all done with the baskets. Why don’t you go back home to Michael and I’ll see you later at mom and dad’s?” You nodded your head and gave her a quick hug before leaving her house. 

You weren’t sure if you were just overreacting about how Michael seemed to sound like on the phone, but he has honestly, never in three years of being together, spoken to you with such attitude. Even during fights while you’re being the crazy girlfriend screaming your head off, he’s the one who manages to keep a calm voice. 

You arrived to your house and saw Calum’s car outside so you knew the guys were there still. You walked in and instantly heard chatter and laughter, so why did Michael sound so annoyed? 

“Hey guys what’s up?" 

"Oh hey y/n,” Ashton said looking up at you, and the rest of the guys looking towards you. 

“Why are you home so early?” Michael said quite rude. 

“Well we finished early. So I’m done for the day,” you said shrugging your shoulders up and hopefully that now maybe you and Michael can do something together, despite the thing at your parents house later. 

“Yeah well we’ve been here the whole day, we’ll leave you guys together.” Luke added in while getting up, but Michael interrupted. 

“No, no guys you can stay here it’s no worries, I’m not busy today anyways.” And the guys sat back down agreeing that they had no plans either. 

“Um, Michael what about my parents later?" 

"Oh yeah I don’t think I’m gonna go." 

"What? What do you mean you’re not gonna go?" 

"Meaning I don’t want to go,” Michael looked at you sarcastically but you knew he wasn’t joking. 

“I thought we were gonna go together-" 

"Well now you can go by yourself Y/N. I don’t need to be there.” You couldn’t believe that you were really arguing with Michael with the boys still in the room. But you were starting to get heated. 

“Michael are you kidding me?" 

"No I’m not fucking kidding Y/N, I don’t need to be with you and do shit with you 24/7. You can take care of yourself." 

"So what about my sister’s wedding that’s literally in two days Michael are you gonna bail on that too?" 

"Sorry babe,” he turned his head back and looked at you and gave you a sarcastic smile. 

You scoffed at him, raising your eyebrows completely in shock with this new attitude. Michael had never treated you like this and you were so close to running towards him and slapping some sense into him. And the fact that Ashton, Calum, and Luke were there didn’t help how awkward and embarrassed you felt. You weren’t going to continue this so you went to your bathroom to freshen up a bit before leaving early to your parents. You hated acting like a little drama queen but you felt like you had every right to do so. You didn’t give one acknowledgment or “goodbye” to either of the guys and just left slamming the door. 

“Well that went well,” Calum said. 

“She’ll get over it,” Michael shrugged. 

“Dude… We were just kidding about earlier,” Luke said, “I don’t know if it was because we pick on you a lot for being whipped for Y/N but I don’t think you shouldn’t have done that." 

"What? You guys made a point. I don’t need to be doing every little thing for her, she can handle herself." 

"Michael we were genuinely kidding. Y/N is a keeper. She treats you better than any other girl you’ve had. Don’t lose her just because we said some stupid shit." 

"Well fuck you guys,” Michael thought after realizing he just fought with you because he didn’t wanna look too whipped for you. 

“Hey hun- oh where’s Michael?” Your mom said opening the door, greeting you and noticing you were alone. 

“I don’t know at home,” you said back walking in, leaving your purse on the couch, clearly letting her know that you two got in a fight. 

“Okay…” Your mom awkwardly muttered to herself. 

As time passed, more family arrived. Family you haven’t seen in years, family who live in different countries, and family who live just a couple minutes from you. It was nice to reconnect with all of them in celebration of your sister and your new brother-in-law. Although it wasn’t so nice hearing, “oh where’s your boyfriend?” “isn’t your boyfriend in a band? How’s that going for him?” “how long have you and your boyfriend been together?” Especially since you just stormed out a couple of hours ago. You tried to avoid talking about him by simply answering the question quickly and going to the next family member. 

As people continued to linger and get food, socialize, do whatever they pleased, you were leaning against a wall by yourself checking your phone, realizing you haven’t checked it since you’ve been here. 

19 text messages and 6 missed calls all from Michael. 

You read them all and listened to his one voicemail that he left. 

“Hey babe, um… I’m sorry how I acted earlier. I shouldn’t have acted like a douchebag and told you those things. I should be there right now with your family. I should always be with you regardless but this one time I just didn’t wanna seem so whipped for you for once. But I can’t help it, it just comes naturally,” he paused for a bit to let out a small chuckle. “Anyways, I love you I’ll see you later." 

You smiled to yourself thinking how stupid Michael could be sometimes, but still loved him and how sweet and sincere he sounded in his voicemail. As if on cue, a pair of arms snaked around your waist and you quickly turned around and saw Michael looking down at you apologetically. You returned the same smile back and grabbed his hand, walking to what used to be your old room which your parents had now turned into a guest room. 

"Y/N, I’m sorry-" 

"It’s okay Michael,” you giggled at him noticing how nervous he seemed to be. 

“it’s just the guys always comment on how whipped I am-" 

"Michael it’s okay." 

"And this one time I just snapped because I was tired of hearing it and they always worry about my relationships because I always seem to get fucked over but really they’re probably just jealous because I have you and they’re single as fuck-" 

"Michael,” you laughed at his rambling and him clearly not paying attention to you. 

“So I acted that way because of them but honestly just know that I will never- this will never happy again because I don’t know if you listened to my voicemail but acting like this towards you just comes naturally because I’m so in love with you and you deserve everything that I can give you and more." 

Michael has never opened up to you like that, I mean, sure he said sweet things to you occasionally and vice versa but never anything so intimate as he did now. 

"It’s okay Michael,” you said grabbing his hands and pulling him towards you. “And for the record I’m never going to treat you the way your past girlfriends have. They’re your ex for a reason and now you’re stuck with me”, and you lazily pecked his lips and lingered away by resting your chin on his chest to look up at him. 

“Why are you so damn good to me Y/N?" 


So this request is finally done, I’m sorry it’s about two weeks delayed though - just been overwhelmed and super busy these past weeks. If you want to request more ideas, feel free to! But just know it will probably take a while for me to write them :( Anywho, let me know what you think and have a good day :)

Baby Adie Series: Just a little too loud.

Sitting at the restaurant with Harry and Adie was quite relaxing despite the number of people walking past our sidewalk table in Soho New York. Adie was in a high chair a chip (fat French fry) completely squashed in her hand as she slowly munched on it.

Harry was back on tour and once again Adie and I were joining him. It was easier know that she was nearly eight months old and she was getting into a more regular routine. We were still careful to protect her from the paparazzi but after Harry had snapped at some of them just after he had posted the Instagram picture of her they weren’t too much of a hassle.

Whenever they had gotten close to us Harry had buried her face into his chest so they couldn’t see her or interact with her at all. If they ever did get a picture whatever website, magazine or TV show used it would blur her face out but with the way the paparazzi often talked with Harry and I we didn’t want her to have any association with it.

After an hour we get ready to leave and head down to a shop we had passed earlier. As I cleaned the remnants of Adie’s lunch from her face and lifted her from the chair, Harry paid the bill. As we left I could feel as if we were being followed but when I had turned I couldn’t see anyone. When Harry came back he took Adie from my hands, she smiles up at him as he held her against his chest, basking in his warmth.

We’re only walking for a few seconds when I feel that someone is behind us again and when I turn back around I see a handful of girls duck back around a corner with squeals. I had the baby bag on my shoulder with my other arm around his waist my fingers tickling gently at the skin at the bottom of his back.

Harry was too absorbed in his daughter to notice what I had. “Harry,” I say trying to get his attention on me. When he turns to look down at me I continue. “There are some fans following us.”

Harry purses his lips and turns back around to see what I had seen. Harry lets out a small sigh when he sees them and I hear them actually come up to us now.

“We’re sorry Harry but we wanted to just say hi.” One of them says as she smiles at Harry.

“Hi (Y/N),” another smiles at me and I smile back at her my hand still on Harry’s back.

The last one of them is crying and Harry slides from my hold holding Adie in one as he wraps his now free arm around her shoulders.

“It’s ok, are you alright?” Harry asks her, his hand rubbing over her back. Harry this way with fans was one of my favourite things behind him being a father and it was one of the many reasons why I loved him.

“I just love you so much.” She says through sobs.

“I love you guys too.” He says with a squeeze of the fan.

The two other fans watch their friend like I watch Harry and Adie. Adie had kept her head against Harry’s chest since the girls had walked up eyeing them suspiciously. She had seen all the girls at concerts before but this was the first time she had been in Harry’s arm when they had come up to him.

“Did you guys all want a picture together?” I ask seeing that Adie’s starting to grow fussy in Harry’s arms with the girls taking his attention away from her.

The one closest to me nods her head excitedly and I take her phone from her when she holds it out. “Can Adie be in the picture as well? We won’t post her face online or anything.” She asks me.

“Yeah that’s all ok.” I say and she moves to stand with her friends and Harry. The girl has stopped crying now and smiles at the camera as Adie hides her face back in Harry’s chest.

Once the girls had asked to get a photo with me I had passed them back there phone as they thanked us and said goodbye Harry giving them all a hug before they left. Adie was watching them again and I could see that she was ready to go back to the hotel for her nap.

“Can you wave bye to the girls?” Harry asks his hand rubbing her back.

She raises her hand and waves her hand with her chubby fist opening and closing.

“Bye cutie,” the girls say waving back at her laughing when she giggles and buries her head back against Harry’s chest.

Even though the girls were quiet and respectable the fans had gained attention of other fans and it’s not long till we’re escaping into a shop to wait for a car as more fans and paparazzi show up. Adie was restless in my arms. She had started screaming when the first number of people wouldn’t leave us alone and no matter how much I swayed her and cooed her I couldn’t get her to calm down, she just wanted to sleep.

“Hey,” Harry says almost scarring me half to death with his sudden appearance. “The car should be here soon and they should be able to make a clear path but stay behind me so they can’t get close to her.”

“It annoys me that I already know how to do it.” I say in a soft voice so I don’t disturb Adie, despite what I feel is completely opposite.

“I’m sorry.” He whispers pressing a small kiss to my forehead.

When the car arrives Adie almost knows that the screams for her dad are going to get louder and she buries her head further into my chest as she cries out herself. Harry helps me into the car before he gets in after me.

When we get back to the hotel room Harry has Adie and is singing quietly to her as they laid back on the bed. The song was one he had written for me and the soft vocals were often something that easily calmed Adie down and I’m glad that it’s working now. She stopped crying soon after and had fallen into a deep sleep in Harry’s warm arms.

Dropping down on his other side I try to relax myself as Harry continues to sing the song but this time serenading me.


Well I feel weird posting this now. I wish Louis, what’s her face and the baby all the health and happiness in the world but baby gate is shady af. Any who do have any readers that live in NYC?

Favorite Uncle | C.H. | Part Two

A/N: Requested by a few anons and the people above :)

[ P1 ] [ P2 ] [ P3 ] [ P4 ]

Once the screaming and hugs stopped you all quickly packed up and went back to the house to get ready for the concert tonight. You all walk in and you make some sandwiches for everyone while Sydney and Calum go take showers. When they come down Calum is dressed in black skinny jeans and black boots along with his red and black flannel, and Sydney is dressed just like her father in all black which includes her All Time Low shirt.

You smile, “You guys look amazing,” you say and Calum picks up Sydney putting her on the counter next to us, “I made some sandwiches for you guys,” you say pushing the plate towards them and they happily take one each. You start to clean up everything you used, but Calum stops you, “Did you eat?” Calum asks and you shake your head no, “I’m not really hungry. I’m just going to clean up then go shower,” you say and Calum pulls your close pressing his lips to your ear, “I wish I could join you,” he whispers pressing a gentle kiss underneath your ear and you quickly pull away, “Careful…there is a child in the room,” you whisper before you walk upstairs leaving Calum just chuckling in the background.

When you finished with your shower you dry off and quickly apply light makeup on your face and dark makeup around the eyes to make them pop. Before leaving the bathroom you dress in your black bra and underwear and fix your hair up in a high ponytail. Once you finished you walked out of the bathroom seeing Calum sitting on the bed making you jump, “Damnit Calum you scared me,” you say making him laugh, “Sorry baby I just couldn’t resist.”

He gets up walking towards you looking up and down your body, but you stop him with a finger on his chest, “No way. Sydney is downstairs,” you say but he smirks, “She’s watching her favorite movie downstairs, and I just want a kiss,” you raise your eyebrow not sure if he was telling the truth, but you give in, “Fine. Just a kiss Hood, thats it.”

He smirks and leans in connecting your lips with yours as you wrap your arms around his neck with your lips move in sync with his. His hands slide down your back grabbing your ass with both of his hands gently squeezing making a slight moan from your throat, “Calum…,” you say with a warning tone, “I love you, but I need to get dressed before this wont stop,” he nods, “I agree,” he says pecking your lips once more, but you quickly step away. Calum sits back down on the bed and watches you get dressed in some black skinny jeans and a black tank top that was one of Calum’s old ones that he gave you to cut up, and then you finished off your outfit with an all black pair of converse, “There i’m ready,” you say, “I’m ready.”

He makes his way over to you and wraps his arms around your waist tucking his head into the crook of your neck which makes you automatically wrap your arms around his neck, and with one hand you run your fingers through his hair, “Calum whats wrong baby?”

“Nothing. You’re just so beautiful, and I love you so much. I just don’t tell you enough, and I just don’t want you going anywhere,” he says tickling you neck making you giggle, “Calum you don’t have to worry about that, ok? I’m not going anywhere,” you say kissing his temple. 

His grip tightens on you and your eyes slip shut both of you holding each other, “Whats wrong with Uncle Calum?” you hear Sydney ask making you jump, but Calum stays in the embrace, “Its ok Syd. Calum just needed a hug is all, but I think he might need a hug from his favorite girl,” Sydney smiles and runs next to Calum’s leg and he finally lets go of you to pick up Sydney. She wraps her arms around him, “Don’t be sad Uncle Calum,” he smiles and leans his forehead against hers, “Don’t worry baby girl. I’m feeling a lot better now. Thank you,” he says and then kisses her cheek, “Now whose ready to get see All Time Low?”

You all arrive at the venue and Sydney is pulling on your hand with her backstage lanyard around neck maneuvering to where we were going to be sitting. Calum was lingering behind, but let you know that there was a balcony that we all would be sitting in. Right when we turned the corner Sydney ran into a tall man with bluish hair that was fading, “Hey watch where-,” he says before turning around seeing you then looking down at what hit him. A huge grin spread across her face, “ALEX!” she screams and he picks her up, “Hey munchkin! Where is your dad?” he asks as Calum comes up behind you wrapping an arm around your shoulders, “He’s recording with Feldy all day today, so we kidnapped Syd so she didn’t have to be in the studio all day.”

Alex smiles, “I’ve missed you, but the show is about to start, but I think I have a surprise for you during the show you just have to be ready when someone shows up ok?”

You look at Calum whose smiling enthusiastically and Sydney is nodding, “I’m always ready!” she says and Alex puts her down, “Good. Now handshake before you go.”

After their very elaborate handshake you all head up to the balcony where there are tables and chairs set up which Sydney automatically takes one of the chairs and puts it by the balcony so she can see perfectly, “Sydney be careful ok?” you say and she looks back at you and nods as the lights go down in the auditorium. Calum brings you a beer and you gladly take it from him and also hands you a water and you both walk beside Sydney. Throughout the concert you spend it singing and dancing with either Sydney or Calum, but as if on cue as All Time Low were singing their second to last song Dave 5sos’ security comes up behind us, “Hey guys Alex wanted to know if Sydney wanted to sing ‘Dear Maria’ with them? I would take her down of course and bring her back up right after.”

Dave has always helped watch Sydney on tour so you had no problem with it and of course Sydney was ecstatic, so she ran with Dave to get on stage. As the song started playing Calum came up behind you and wraps his arms around your stomach and rested his chin on your shoulder singing softly in your ear, and then when Sydney came on he started cheering for her. You both watched her being, so proud of how far she has come in her short life even if it wasn’t perfect, but happy that so many people helped fill that gap in her life.

When the song finished the crowd went wild, and Alex picked her up and left the stage, but before she came back to the balcony Calum pulled you close, “I wish we had a daughter like Sydney,” he whispered catching you off guard, but before you could reply Sydney came through the door telling both you and Calum about the experience she just had on stage.


rat-a-tit  asked:

Could you do some kind of CarmillaxLaura fic that has laura falling in love with the lead singer of a band Carm?

Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 End

“Nope….nope I can’t do it”

Laura turned on her heel and walked off, gripping the cd case close to her chest and felt heavier with each step. 

“Ooooh no you don’t” Lafontaine grabbed the back of her jacket before she was too out of reach and yanked her back, she yelped and stumbled, finding herself once again pressed against the wall.

The concert had finished hours ago, the venue was empty, though a few straggling fans drank in the parking lot, it was over. But Laura and LaFontaine were hidden in an alley, where just a few feet away was Laura’s favorite band member, by herself taking a smoke break behind the concert hall. 

“You’re not passing up this chance. She is right there, no one else is hording her. You’ve been waiting for this since you first heard about their tour” They said under a harsh whisper. 

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👯🌞👸 The Best Best Friends T-shirt. Ok So i stayed up late, till 4:am! And i designed this for you and Karlie! Cause i combined everything you love! Karlie! Crop tops! Polaroids! Emojis! And friends! I bought it for you and one for her! Using these polaroids! I know the chances of giving it to u are very slim, so I hope u mite see it!would you wear it?!!! I want to prove everyone wrong, for laughing at me, for doing stuff like this for you. Im going to 1989 concert in l.a on 08/26/15! Maybe? Lol I just love it so much, i don’t have friends and instead of being sad , I I made this for my friend you! I’ve been having a rough year, and cant go to fashion school. So I made this! and because you’ve been mine for so long, and i love you! Please see this ❤️. So if anyone could tag taylor it would mean the world!!!!! taylorswift samantha-swift altoowhale swizzle-1989 bubblyswiftie13 givingoutchances andreeeeeaaaaaaaa

unfortunate circumstances


Several months went by on this new job as Ash worked as in house Security for a record company. it had been fun and he had meet Ashley the lead to one of the bands there and they had a rough start to their friendship. They worked through it and he could not label what there relationship was nor did her want to he cared for her that’s all that mattered and she had accepted him for who he was.

He had the house to himself as Ashley’s band had been on a small statewide tour and he knew he missed her. They texted often and and sent jokes as well as the light flirtation they had both become accustomed to. It was the last night of her tour and she planned to be home that night Ash was waiting up and on the porch smoking when he got the call from her manager.

“Did Ashley ditch her last gig to go home no one has seen her since this morning.” the managers voice sounded angry.

Ash got really quiet. “No I have not herd form her since last night, she would never blow off a gig for anyone.”

Ash was becoming very worried with the panic that the managers voice held. “Umm Ok we might have a problem then one of security had seen one of her Ex’s at several  of her concerts. I dont think he would be stupid enough to do something though.”

“Enough, call the cops check her room, spa, check her cards see if she was spotted by anyone in the hotel. I will start my own search.” with that he hung up and was heading to his room. He linked to his computer and with ease started digging up all her ex’s a finding one who was in the area using his cards at all her concerts. “Ashley please be ok I will get you out of this.” he pulled out a case from under his bed and started getting ready to hunt.

eleanor fanfiction for @ calderholics

u re at a concert

u look over and see her

the minute ur eyes lock its love and she says to u

what is ur twitter

u say “i dont have one”

she say its ok and she leaves

u turn yor head back to 1d singing and u cry

they are signing little things

u think of eleanors expression when u first saw her 


u leave the concert and go home

your blog is called “iloveeleanoroedirecton”

you delete your blog

what doesnt kill you makes you stronger

u will find love again

My Night out at Sway!!!

OMG!!! Sway was sooo good!!! I had such an awesome time. Unfortunately, no photos or videos of the performances bc wouldn’t you know it but Papa C got wise by the second show and was patrolling during the show- esp near where I was sitting. The women next to me kept trying to video but he would come down the aisle and motion to them to stop and towards the end of the show it got really sad bc he came back with a pen light and was flashing people who were holding up their phones. He wasn’t even really mad at the end just pleading with people to stop recording. I felt so bad for him.

But back to the show… Tony has never been my favorite pro. I have nothing against him but he just was never my favorite but in person his personality just pops off the stage. He comes across as a suave but cheerful persona- sort of like Gene Kelly. The way he tilts his head and smiles sort of reminds me of an old school music and dance man from the 1950s. And his performances with Elena had such nuance and detail in the performance. They didn’t do huge tricks but their little arm motions and flicks just really brought the music to life. I was so impressed with their section.

But their section was just a warmup, I’ve always liked Val best out of all the male ballroom dancers from DWM but when you see him in person you get a sense of just how smoking he is. If you’re reading this, then it means you are at least a fan of Valdaya- but you must go and see him dance live at least once while he’s in his prime dancing years. The sizzle and propulsive energy that he has to his dancing is just awesome to watch. Maybe he’s not always like this but he was “ALIVE” on that stage tonight. And Miss Zendaya was not far behind. When that girl is on her performance has a searing energy all its own. You could tell that there were a few moments when some of her jive steps weren’t quite as second nature as Val’s and I think she missed a hand hold during the salsa in the evening show but when she’s in her element (during most of the salsa, the chacha, and esp in the hip hop) she stands out there and her soul comes out of her body. One thing I noticed about her in the salsa she played the character in such a way that she didn’t really look at Val- that girl was strutting and sashaying her way around the stage and making him and us look at her. You could tell that’s why we and he couldn’t turn our attention away from her. Girl owns it on stage. In the jive there was a second when you could tell she had to think about her next step, but she has this marvelous way of almost stopping for a millisecond and you can feel her tune into Val and pick up his energy and get back on track again. It was sort of interesting to see that.

Maks was amazing tonight- and I’m not a big Maks fan. He and Peta were spot on with their technique and so sensual. Peta is really an amazing partner for him. Their Cuban night club dances and their paso was lights out hot.

At the end of the night, Val was so hepped up that he unbuttoned his shirt right as the curtains were coming down and then threw it out in the crowd. Some lucky lady in the first few rows got a sweaty Val shirt as a souvenir to take home. ;-)

The one thing I came away with overall was how this show sort of reminded me of the Zendaya concerts that I saw last summer. In Z’s concerts, you could see how her Dad, Ms Kim, her brothers, everyone in her family were there working and supporting her. I felt that tonight as well with the Chmerkovskiys. Teddy was manning the WearValentin booth, Nicole and Alex were on stage, Eugene was handing out the will call tickets, Papa C was milling around making sure everyone was ok and in order. He even changed for the evening show- had on this slick black suit with this beautiful grey, black, and white tie on. That man is so handsome it’s not right!! I even saw Claire walking around before the show checking things out. It had a different more grown-up and mature flavor but I was struck by how Z and Val really do come from similar family atmospheres and how that’s one of the reasons why they’ve made such a connection.

If anything more pops up for me, I’ll be sure to post but that’s it for now.

Concert Run ins- Sammy Wilkinson Imagine

; requested: HI, i love your fanfics. They are truly amazing!! I was wondering if you could maybe write one where Y/N meets sammy and then idk things happen and they fall in love BUT IDK WHAT HAPPENS OK YOU ARE THE WRITER MAKE SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL OUT OF IT BC YOU CAN!! Srsly love your stories

A sammy imagine!! Maybe where y/n meets sammy at a concert of the jacks and accidentally spills her drink all over him and idk you imagine the rest 😉

Hope you guys enjoy! Let me know what think, and as always, feedback is appreciated, and requests are open! ;

I jumped up and down, trying to see if I could spot my friend, London. We were at the Jack and Jack concert, and I had left to go to the bathroom. In that small time span, the crowd had tripled, and I could almost guarantee that London was somewhere in the front, and there was no way I was going to get up there. I sighed, not even wanting to bother and try and get there. I turned and went to the bar to see if I could manage to get a drink.

The bartender was sleazy, but didn’t bother to ID, so I was able to get a Jack and Coke. I sipped my drink to try and prevent it from overflowing, and grabbed it off the bar. I turned to go walk towards the back of the crowd, and ran right into someone’s side, my drink spilling all over him and I.

“On my god, I’m so sorry!” We both said at the same time. He turned completely to face me, and I immediately found myself staring at his eyes. They were gorgeous. He had bleach blond hair, and a smile to die for. His eyes crinkled in the corners as he smiled, and he looked down at his shirt, and then mine. I looked down at our clothes and blushed, incredibly embarrassed now.

“I’m so sorry” I repeated, not really knowing what else to say. He shrugged it off.

“Don’t be. I shouldn’t have been standing so close, but who can blame me” He said, winking at me, sending my heart into a frenzy. “I’m Sammy. And you are?” He asked, holding his hand out.

“Y/N” I said, grabbing his hand and shaking it slightly; although it was more of me just holding it.

“Well, Y/N, it’s nice to meet you, even if we did have to ruin our clothes in the process” He chuckled, motioning at our clothing.

“It’s nice to meet you to, Sammy” I replied, pushing my hair behind my ear. He seemed to be thinking about something, and held his hand back out.

“Here, come with me” He said, motioning with his head to walk back with him. I grabbed his hand, so I wouldn’t get lost in the crowd and followed him. We started walking towards the back, and when we reached the security, he just flashed them a smile.

“She’s with me” He told the guard, pointing to me. The security nodded at both of us, stepping to the side to let us in.

“Wait, are we going backstage?” I whisper shouted, not really knowing how loudly I could talk.

“Yeah, I figured this would be the easiest way to get us both new clothes” He explained like it was common sense, but all I was, was confused.

“How are we able to back here though?” I asked him the most obvious question, trying to get answers. Before I could get them though, two taller, dark haired boys walked out of a room and into the hall, towards us. I recognized the one with the dimples and slightly longer hair as Nate Maloley, or Skate as he’s commonly known in the music business.

“Hey guys” Sammy greeted them, dropping my hand and hugging both of them.

“Sammy, there you are man. We were beginning to think you got mobbed” Nate said, before glancing at me.

“Well hello there, lil mama. I’m Nate, and this is John, but you can call him Swazz” He said, introducing the two of them. I gave them both a shy smile and waved.

“Sammy, you really need to teach me your ways. I need to find a beautiful girl like her for myself” Swazz commented, causing me to blush at his compliment.

“Exactly, go find your own, she’s mine” Sammy said, swinging an arm around my shoulders and pulling me close to him. They both laughed at Sammy, and then said bye to both of us, walking away.

“Wait, you’re Sammy as in Sammy Wilkinson?” I asked him, finally starting to put it together. I’m surprised I didn’t recognize him.

“Ya caught me” he said, putting his hands up, flashing a smile.

“It definitely all makes sense now” I said. He laughed before pulling me forward.

“Come on, let’s get you out of these clothes. I think my sister has some extra clothes you can borrow” He said, walking into a room that had the name “Wilkinson” on it. A beautiful blonde was sitting on the couch.

“Hey Em, got any extra clothes? I ran into Y/N and spilled her drink” He explained. She stood up and walked to her suitcase.

“Of course. Here, this will look cute on you. And I apologize for my brother, he can be a real dipshit sometimes” She said, pulling Sammy into a headlock, causing him to burst out laughing. I took the dress she handed me and walked into the bathroom. I held it up to me, highly doubting it would fit, but to my surprise it fit perfectly. It was a maroon colored halter dress with a lower neckline, hitting me about halfway down my thigh. I walked out and Sammy immediately stopped talking.

“Whoa.” He let out in one breath, staring at me.

“What, does it look bad?” I asked, suddenly extremely self-conscious.

“Hell no, it looks incredible on you! I’m pretty sure you pull it off better than I do” Emily commented, giving me a grin. I wasn’t used to all these compliments, and it was really throwing me for a loop.

“Well thanks” I said, accepting her compliment. Sammy walked up to me and grabbed my hand once more.

“Let’s go watch” He said, waving bye to his sister and walking us out the door. We walked down the winding hallways before ending up on the side stage.

“This is the best view in the house, if you ask me” He said, and my mouth dropped in awe. I couldn’t believe I was going to be watching Jack and Jack from the side of the stage, with Sammy Wilkinson of all people.

“This is incredible” I said quietly, looking up at him and smiling.

“Please Welcome, Jack and Jack!” I heard the DJ announce as the boys ran on stage, getting the crowd super hyped. I was giddy from my spot, and I started to clap and sing along to their songs. About 4 songs in, they stopped for a moment and spoke to the crowd.

“If you guys know this song, we want you to sing the words real loud, alright?’ Johnson said, causing the crowd to erupt into screams.

“We need some help for this song though. So please welcome to the stage, Skate and Sammy Wilk!” Jack G said into his microphone. I turned to Sammy who had a huge grin plastered on his face.

“Be right back” He said, pecking my cheek. He ran out, pumping his arms up and down to get the crowd going. The opening notes to “Like that” started, and found myself swaying to the rhythm. Jack’s melody to the song sounded perfect, and his body rolls added the perfect touch. Nate started his rap, and Sammy joined him. Sammy kept throwing glances in my direction.

But it’s funny, cause I’m the one screaming now for you, baby

I’ve been messing around with too many girls I need a lady

At that exact moment, Sammy pointed in my direction, causing my heart to skip a beat. I must’ve made some sort of reaction, because Sammy started laughing on stage, sending a wink my way. He finished up the song with the boys, and waved to the crowd when he was done.

“Seems like Sammy was thinking about a certain someone during that” Johnson said into the microphone, causing all the girls to scream.

“Just thinking about how good all you ladies look tonight, especially those in maroon” Sammy replied, making a comment about my dress. “It would definitely be a good outfit to wear out on a date tomorrow at 6:30” He added, and I could’ve sworn my heart was going to beat out of my chest. Did he really just inconspicuously ask me out on a date in front of hundreds of screaming fans?

He waved one last time before running back to me, standing in front of me. “What did you think?” He asked me.

“You were great out there” I gushed, smiling brightly. His face flushed slightly, and he turned to stand next to me.

“I’ll have to double check, but I’m sure my sister won’t mind if you were that tomorrow. Ya know, for our date” He said, winking at me.

This feels like falling in love (2/?)

Summary : 6 years ago, Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak struck up an unlikely friendship. This friendship has only strengthen with time, through good and bad moments, such as Oliver losing his mother and Felicity facing an unexpected pregnancy. Now that Oliver’s antics has gotten him cut off and thrown out by his father, he seeks refuge with Felicity and her daughter, and realizes it is time for him to re-evaluate his life, find a job he loves and discover happiness was right in front of him this whole time.

All my gratitude to Sam @awriterincowboyboots for the amazing beta job.

Also I wrote this before knowing that Stephen Amell *actually* knew the lyrics to Frozen…adorable dork :)

Chapter 1 AO3 FF.Net

“So…Are you climbing up the walls yet?”

Felicity smiled at the pretty face of her friend Caitlin on her computer screen.

“No. Everything is going really well. To be honest, I thought Oliver would go out much more, but he’s staying with us almost every night. He takes care of Millie as if she were his own, and did I mention he was a great cook? A+ roommate.”

“Does he put down the toilet seat?” Caitlin asked with a smirk.

Felicity rolled her eyes. “Not always.”

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anonymous asked:

did you see one of the videos of the t-swift concert? taylor is too tall and kelley sometimes was slapping a bit too low lol

Ok but like is that not Kelley in a nutshell. Her hands are about as obedient as a small puppy in that they are not obedient at all. When was the last time Kelley actually kept her hands to herself or when was the last time she had any real concept of personal space? The answer is never. Like hello this is Taylor Swift we’re talking about. She touched her butt and Taylor had zero qualms about it - did you not see how eager they were to hug each other? It’s like Taylor already knew about Kelley and once in the same vicinity there was no holding back. As for Kelley, she knew what she was fucking doing. First patted her on the hip then DELIBERATELY MOVES HER HAND DOWN AND SLAPS THE ASS. THAT WAS NOT AN ACCIDENT, O’HARA. 

Now I’m fucking mad and pouting at my computer.

Lana Del Rey in Philly Experience ok

ok so i typed this like twice and my computer kept shutting down so this will be shorter and less detailed than it was oops

i left my house at like 10 am. like 3 hour drive ugh ew . i got to the venue at 1pm nc my mom didnt wannna leave any earlier, i met some really cool people on the line, waited 6+ hours in the heat without any food or water bc i couldnt get up. it was brutal, but i mean yolo i had to see the queen

they finally let us in at 6:30 i s2g i have never ran so fast in my life. they scanned my ticket and i was off to the races (see wuht i did there) yeah and i was like pulling my brother with me and we some how made it to 2nd row so fricken close you have no idea

then we had to wait 2 hours standing up for her and i swear it was horrible. it was so hot and i hadnt had a drink of water. i had to sell my soul for a bottle of water to this girl. this girl risked her life going through the crowd to give me a bottle of water. i ended up paying her 10$ and bless her soul bc without her i might not be here typing this today 

the concert starts and honestly it was so unorganized and chaotic. girls were passing out ALL over the place literally you turn around and another girl is on the floor gettting carried out by security. i lost count tbh of how many did pass out. idk if it was the heat or dehydration but hey they were dropping like flies. i was literally being pushed all over the place but managed to hold on to my brother

she FINALLY comes on and she looks gorgeous. however, i thought i was being pushed hard before, no no


i was wrong bc the crowd suddenly turned in to a wave, i thought everyone was gonna fall over it was crazy. i was lucky and got to see a lot of her bc im kinda tall, but my brother didnt see anything i felt so bad i kept trying to get him in front of me but he wouldnt move

so i mean it was hell tbh but it was worth it. ive waited like 3 years to see her and it was amazing to finally be able to. she sounded amazing her band was soooo good, she looked great. she couldnt have done any better. she was so cute too. she told us ultraviolence was being released in a few weeks so yay!!!!

i was quite upseet that she didnt come in to the crowd and take pics with everyone on the barricade bc i probs couldve gotten a selfie with her if she did. instead she came down for like 2 minutes and only took a few selfies :/

i mean it was hell but the moral of the story is do not go to an LDR concert if you arent a crazy fan bc tbh its not worth it if you dont really like her that much. i had the time of my life seeing her finally and i loved it. waiting hours in the heat is the price you pay for the ones you love

thats my story ok if you actually read this bless you

Picture > Profile


Name: OKCupid Member #124083

Summary: Hey everyone! I’m a pretty easy going person, just looking to meet some new people. Shoot me a message and say hi!

What You’re Currently Doing in Life: Just graduated college and trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

Favorite Movies & TV Shows: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Stuck in Love, How I Met Your Mother, New Girl

Favorite Books: Richard III, The Great Gatsby, Harry Potter (duh)

The 6 Things You Can’t Live Without: Food, family, friends, phone, house keys, Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

On a Typical Friday Night I Am: Grabbing dinner and a movie with friends

Looking for: Friends, Long-term relationships, Short-term relationships

Online dating has quickly turned into the new and improved blind date. You meet a nice girl on OKCupid, read up on her profile, and send her a message when you find that you both love Thai food. That’s generally the way a conversation starts on one of the many dating websites out there these days.

Hijabi women, however, seem to get a special welcome. Too often do our photos take precedence over our profiles, leading to messages like this:

“Assalamo alaikom. Can you teach me how to be a better Muslim?  I am Turkish, so technically I am Muslim.”

This gentleman saw a young hijabi’s photo, assumed the way to her heart must be religion since she wears a headscarf, and proceeded to ignore all other interests listed in her profile. Because hijab, as we are all aware, defines the woman who wears it, right?

Wrong. Unfortunately, this assumption is a rather common one on both the online dating scene and in every day social interaction. The first impression people tend to get of a woman in hijab is that of a quiet, conservative, and narrow-mindedly “religious” person who somehow represents the eyes of God.  As a college student, there have been so many times when my presence alone has made others feel uncomfortable speaking or acting like themselves. I’ve had people apologize to me for swearing in my presence. Others have snuck off to take ninja sips of alcohol from the next room during a party. Some of my closest friends today felt the need to censor their behavior when we first met, for fear of judgment on my part. In fact, a girlfriend of mine was met with a strange reaction from a good friend of hers when she first started wearing hijab. Although she and her friend hung out comfortably pre-hijab, he suddenly became extremely self conscious in her presence when she donned the headscarf.

The reason behind this is that so many people tend to see the hijab, and not the individual wearing it. They see the image of the hijabi woman and automatically apply a pre-determined personality to her. Hijab however is just one piece of a woman’s personality. It is one factor of many that come together to shape an individual. A woman who covers still has her own set of hobbies, interests, and opinions. Hijab does not create a wall between a woman and the rest of the world around her. It does not keep her from pursuing the same pleasures and goals as her peers nor does it erase her sense of self and throw her into a pool of identical minded women. A college student wearing hijab still wants to socialize and explore her talents. The fact that she wraps a scarf around her head every morning is not a testament to her outlook on life and her surroundings.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not diminishing the dignity of hijab to a mere fashion accessory. It definitely holds meaning for the woman who wears it. However, its significance is not the same across the board. For some, wearing hijab is an act of spirituality and devotion. For others, it’s part of a choice in life style. And for others it is just a fashion statement. All of that depends on who’s wearing the hijab, not on the hijab itself.

So please, the next time you meet a hijabi, put away your assumptions of her Islamic-tunnel-vision mindset. When you see her picture on OK Cupid, read her profile below it, engage in conversation, and get to know her. Don’t drop a silly “Islamic” pick up line in her inbox like the one above. A woman in hijab is still a woman. She eats junk food, goes to Drake concerts, and drops the F-bomb when she pricks her finger on a straight pin. She goes to college, makes impromptu trips to the beach at 3am, and goes on road trips during spring break. Remember that hijab is a piece of her being. Get to know that piece along with all the others that make her the person she is.


Ok so you guys this girl this is one of my most amazing friends Micky ( tswiftay ) she is going to the DC concert tonight and this is what she’s wearing and her sign that lights up. She’s been a fan of taylor for so long. She’ll be in section 8 row 20 seat 7 and if you could please reblogged this and tag taylorswift and tree-paine so maybe they could see it would mean everything to her

Exo’luXion in Dallas Fan Acc

Okay so to start off… I was driving four hours from Houston to go see the boys and i left two hours later than planned (at 12 instead of 10) and there was traffic on I-45 that most of us got stuck in. I was so afraid i would get there too late and miss seeing everyone. I got to meet @sleepykimjongin@shrimp-ass@saltyapples@cytaoplasm​ (omg you are the cutest!!!!) and you were all very lovely and amazing to talk to before the concert

At 5:25 there was a dance mob and all the dancers were so incredibly talented! I wish EXO themselves could’ve seen them. They danced to a mix of the Dubstep Intro, Mama, History, Drop That, Growl, and Love Me Right. I’m pretty sure Call Me Baby and Overdose were thrown in there too. 

The doors did not open at 5:30 as was stated, but much later. The venue kept playing an announcement that Kai wouldn’t be there which all us salty Dallas Exo-Ls kept screaming “Shut Up” to LOL

When the doors did open I was one of the first people to get in and i swear you could see almost every person take a deep breath of the air inside the venue. WE WERE IN THE SAME BUILDING AS EXO!!

It took a long time for everyone to get inside the venue, but guys IT WAS FULL!!. All those doubts we had about showing Exo an empty venue were so unwarranted! I could cry just thinking about it.

But the concert didn’t start until 7pm instead of the 6:30 it was planned to. So everything was running behind schedule. Though this was good for osme fans because a lot of people got to the venue late. A lot of people will tell you it was unorganized or something, but I honestly thought that MMT did a fine job.

Seats!! Verizon theatre is such a small venue that even though i was seated in section 203 I swear i could see all of their faces so clear!!! AND GUESS WHO I WAS SEATED NEXT TO?!?!? @bisexualbaekhyun She ws possibly the sweetest!! She accidentally sat in my seat and I had to repeatedly tell her that it was okay. As one of the admins of EXO-L USA fan support for the concert she had been under a lot of stress lately, but I am so glad she was able to enjoy the concert and spazz over Suho. I really hope i wasn’t a bad seat partner


I already uploaded the setlist here, but guysssssss i swear when it started we could see EXO just standing there for about a good 30 seconds and we all went crazy. Chanyeol and Sehun were standing next to each other and they were SOOOO TALL OMFG SOOOO TALL. Kyungsoo is as glorious as everyone says. Since Jongin was absent, he was the only one I could focus on. I kept trying to look at everyone else, but Ksoo was just there the entire time. With his smiles and eyebrows and sensual hand movements. They all looked so flawless!! AND CHANYEOL’S HAIR!!!

So the venue actually extended the stage to allow for pyrotechnics which i am so glad they did! But the fire really scared me because they were really close and also…It was kind of hot. I could feel the flames.

They did not perform a lot of the songs i was hoping for, like Hurt, El Dorado, and Angel and they cut a lot of the extra performances off, such as Sehun’s Baby Don’t Cry dance solo and Xiumin’s solo he had in Hurt. 

During the ments Chanyeol, Suho, and Sehun tried to speak in as much english as possible and it was the absolute cutest. They talked so muuuch. I will post a separate post of what everyone said because I have them almost word for word. I swear you will die at some of the things that came out of their mouths. Xiumin was most adorable. He kept telling us that he loved us. The favorite phrase of the night was “Thank you very much” and during the last ment Suho skipped Kyungsoo becuase he couldn’t stop laughing at himself. When it was his turn to speak he didn’t say anything and then started laughing so Suho was like “Okay Xiumin”. Also Suho was being a troll by thrusting a lot while different members were speaking.

During every performance Sehun danced like his life depended on it. He was so sensual and moved his hips a lot. Xiumin was like a little kid. He kept turning in circles the entiire time. Baekhyun and Jongdae definitely tried to impress with their new dancing skills. Chanyeol was just so tall gdi. All i saw was his height. But Jongdae smirked a whole bunch and Kyungsoo looked so manly, especially during The Star and Playboy. 

During the ments the boys kept calling us pretty and sexy. Kyungsoo, Chen, Baekhyun, and Sehun kept stressing about how they really didn’t think the venue would be full tonight. BUT IT WAS. SOUTHERN EXO–LS MADE IT HAPPEN!! They called us “amazing” “sexy” “excellent” “handsome” and just so many other words I just cannot even write here. They were so lovely to us. Suho kept trying to come up with more adjectives until they gave up and kept saying “sexy” over and over again.

Baekhyun’s english isn’t that good so he chose to speak in Korean the entire time except for simple phrases. But that was okay since we had a translator and he said some of my favorite lines of the night. 

The fans didn’t really know any of the fanchants (or maybe didn’t want to sing them) which i was a bit disappointed by. But i sang all the fanchants and didn’t care who was looking at me. 

During one ment Chanyeol was sitting on one of the speakers (trying to give those in the pit nosebleeds lol) but Kyungsoo kept motioning for him to get off until he finally got up.

The boys had so much energy up until the last song. They didn’t seem tired at all. And while Sehun and Chen sweated buckets, I swear i saw like one stream of sweat on Kyungsoo. It’s true what everyone says….he really doesn’t sweat!!

Before the “Club Exo” remixes Chanyeol and XIumin asked us to stand up, but the fans had already been standing since the beginning of the concert. I don’t think they knew we were standing so they kept asking us to stand up and we started chanting “Stand Up”, but like we were all standing. I think he finally noticed and moved on to the next part. The majority of the fans couldn’t get the “ 완벽한 아름다움” part down or just didn’t want to say it, which kind of disappointed the boys. They had to keep asking us to chant louder and louder. But we finally got a lot of participation and they could start the song. I was really upset at the fans because of the lack of fanchants and response to the boys sometimes. But overall the fans showed EXO a lot of support and gave off a lot of energy.

However the fans that were in the pit really disappointed me because whenever i would look they would just be standing there. Even after Jongdae made us promise that we would scream and shout, they just stood and recorded :((

But the boys got extremely close to the fans. Even going out in front of the speakers to talk and point at those in the pit. My favorite moment was when Kyungsoo saw a girl with a D.O. poster and talked to her for a long time. Pointing back and forth between the poster and himself. He had the hugest smile on his face and stayed on that side of the stage the most. I think out of all the members he was probably the most shocked at seeing all the fans. He was literally speechless. 

I am pretty sure I’m missing a lot and i hope to get all the missing info when i make the post of all that they said. Overall I probably just experienced the best day of my life. (The next best day will be when they come back with both Lay and Jongin)


And the boys did address Yixing and Jongin not being able to make it to the concert. And out of respect for Jongin’s absence the boys did not try to sing his lines or dance his parts for the most of the concert. They would just let his lines play out and continue dancing. Of course, where Jongin had main parts, like in Call Me Baby, they got Sehun to do his dance, but they did not try to have anyone sing for Jongin. I really liked that about the concert because i did say before that i would be bitter over anyone who was assigned Jongin’s parts (sorry he’s my bias and i love him to death. I really didn’t want to see anyone performing his parts but him

That brings this part of the fan acc to an end. Though i still have much to say. Sorry this is so long, but 3 hours is a lot to talk about!! 

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you mentioned in a couple of your tags about wanting to talk about zayn after the last concert but you didn't have anyone to talk with, and that you have a lot to say about him? would you mind explaining what that was about? and would you ever do like a concert write-up/review type of thing, even a tiny one on what you thought? basically i love hearing your thoughts on any and everything lol. hope you're doing okay <3

okay okay okay like, ah. i’ll do this as best as i can, with as much as i can remember.

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