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Are you a Turtle!Nino person or a Peacock!Nino person? Why and/or why not?

turtle xD and ngl, the main reason i lean turtle is mostly cos of @tides-miraculous​ and @thelastpilot​ :’D that design and skill set is just A+ and i love it. but whether or not the guardian role is also attached to the turtle miraculous [i’m assuming it is since it seems to come with long life?], it does make it iffy? nino is a good dude, he’s super chill, which kinda fits turtles. he’s also super supportive of his friends [which arguably could fit a turtle, cos you think turtle = tank type chara]… 

but i’m not sure he’s good as a decision maker or person would could handle a lot of responsibilities, which seems to be part of the turtle holder role? like, really, it’s hard to say if nino has good decision making skills since they haven’t given him much to prove himself in that way… well, aside from the movie thing in horrificator – he changed the script without consulting the writer, which is kind of a poor decision making example… or the time he fuckin calls out to chat in refleka, blowing chat’s cover lmaooogfjghdfjkhkj. but i guess that would get better with age, anyway xD i could def see him growing into that?

and like i mean the miraculous seem to compliment the holder, bringing to something they lack, so maybe him getting the turtle would…make him step up a bit more? teach him to be a better decision maker? idk…

as for peacock, i actually don’t know much about peacocks aside from the fact they are loud and obnoxious [there is a family of them next to a cherry orchard we go to for cherry picking lol]… and also they have the reputation of being kinda stuck-up/showy, which… doesn’t really sound like nino? he’s more of an ‘in the background’ kinda guy… [but again maybe it would teach him to step up and be more in the spot light? //more shrugging lmao]

so yea, tl;dr is i lean toward TURTLE. but i’d be open to hearing the opinions on peacock nino! :> 

So…today I went to see Hedwig again (matinee show) and as usual, Darren was beyond amazing. I saw him one month ago (May 16th) and the difference between that Hedwig and today’s Hedwig was mind blowing. I thought he couldn’t get any better, but I was soooo wrong. The last time my favorite song was Wicked Little Town (reprise), this time Midnight radio was THE song! Also, I finally witnessed the ‘Col-fur’ joke and I have to admit that I squealed with anticipation , obviously trying not to make it obvious since a lot of people didn’t know about it, and it’s amazing to see the reaction of the audience. (A huge *face palm* to that small group who already knew that the joke was coming and started to cheer before Hedwig even said it *sighs*). Anyways, there’s no much I can add about his sublime performance; I think I already said a lot when I saw him for the first time. He’s just pure perfection. So if you haven’t, please go and buy a ticket (any ticket is a good ticket, trust me on this) and go see the man do his job because he’s just brilliant in it.

Anyways, there’s something else I would like to share with all of you, it’s kind of personal so I’ll just put it under the cut so you don’t have to read the whole thing if you don’t want to. I’m sharing this with full authorization from the person directly involved in it and I’m doing it just because I think that sometimes with all the turmoil of seeing Darren almost naked every night and all the stage door pics, we forget the true meaning behind this show. Today I was an eyewitness of what this show can do for a person. 

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