to see each other again

Venge and Snape walk into a bar.

They don’t say a word. They sit at opposite sides of a creaky booth and share a bottle of REALLY nice Corelian Brandy, and a bottle of REALLY NICE Firewhiskey, they glare at the universe. When they stand up to leave ONE of them snarks “I’m so glad we had this chat.” And that’s it. They never speak or see each other again.

When Venge gets home, there’s a bottle of Firewhiskey waiting for him on the counter of his apartment. It’s unlabeled. 

When Snape gets back to his rooms, the day after the Fall of the Dark Lord (as the tabloid rags are calling it.) there’s a bottle of Corelian brandy there. There’s a note, but all it has is a smiley face on it. 

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Which are your top 5 BC scenes and why?

Okay. There are big BC moments.

  1. The List. Watching him sleep. That he CAN sleep. Putting his name down. If I’m on that list you’re on that list. Him putting her name down. The hand. The nuzzle. but why did you leave bellamy? Stop steering away from love.
  2. The mutual hand wrapping (plus when they first see each other again and they stop breathing!) Because it’s so symbolic but also the way they are testing their relationship again. Seeing if they are still them.
  3. The Hakeldama argument. Because it brought all the pain up to the surface and they needed that. Both were hiding until then.
  4. The beach hug. Because it was a hug about finding each other again.
  5. The chip feeding and hand holding. No reason for those to have happened. It was all about emotional support. (huh.  4 of these moments happened in season 3. how interesting.)

But there are also smaller BC moments. 

  1. when they became a team and banished Murphy (sorry murphy)
  2. the fireside when he watched her sleep. then she woke up and they absolved each other.
  3. When Clarke got Jaha to pardon Bellamy. He couldn’t believe someone would be on his side like that.
  4. Grabbing the radio off his belt in Demons. It was unconscious. Natural. Partners.
  5. How CLOSE they stand to each other in 4.01. Like they can’t be apart. This is right after they realize they could have lost the other to ALIE and how much that meant. Right after his belief and her hand holding. There’s a distinct difference in the way they stand next to each other between heading into the throne room and coming out of it. 

Honorable mention: The whole hand holding story. Looking at the development of the way they hold hands/wrists from season 1-season4. Like what kind of romance is that? Platonic my ass. 

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Can I tell you what I love????? Either as a pairing or platonic like really awesome bros McCree and Genji, like when these two are just the menace of thenold overwatch days because they had the same level of humor, were both broken, both just clicked and were like running through overwatch on each others backs just YELLING but put them on a team??? Deadly fuckers, they were best friends and loved each other but respected the others leaving overwatch and were happy to see each other again like ye



They hashed out their issues over the next two hours and as the sunset, Anika was asking when he was coming home.

“I think the Mrs. wants me at home so I guess I better get out of here. We have to see each other again, hopefully under better circumstances.” Bennett suggested and Nigel nodded in agreement.

“Hopefully when I meet my new grandbaby and before my next one is born.” Nigel pointed out. Bennett’s eyebrows went into his hairline. “Yeah, yeah don’t look surprised. I’m going to go back there and talk to Aili and spend the night with her if she’ll let me. You’re right, she needs me.”

“I guess I got through the thick scull of yours.” He nudged his dad’s arm and her got an eye roll in response as Nigel pulled him into a hug.

“Where do you think you get yours from?” He asked. “Thank you for everything. I love you and drive safe.”

“I will dad, I love you too.”

Some people might laugh at how much Yuuri and Victor missed each other after being apart for like 3 days at most, but friendly reminder:

Victor and Yuuri spent every single day of the past 7 months together.

Every single day.

Whether it was practice, or taking a bath or mealtime or competitions, for the past 200+ days they were living together and literally saw each other every day.

I’d say it’s even fair to assume that the first and last things they saw on some days were each other.

Then suddenly they’re torn apart and it’s really no surprise that they desperately run towards each other and hug when they finally see each other again. It’s always when someone is not by your side that you realize how much you’ve always loved and appreciated them.

Yes, they’ve been apart for no longer than three days. But after being together for so long, they realized how different it suddenly is to be alone now, versus being alone before they met each other.

And I think that’s important.

Queer tv series couple: *are together for more than 5 years*

Heteronormarive fans: “Ugh why they are shoving this  forced gay shit in our faces”

Hetero tv series couple: *girl and boy have just met, have sex, immediately become a couple.

Heteronormative fans: “Ah, what a lovely couple! I ship them so hard, they are so perfect!

Queer tv series couple #2: *boy meets boy, they blush, touch each other’s hands, months later become a couple*

Heteronormative fans: “Why they are forcing this gay shit again? Why everyone needs to be gay nowaydays?

Hetero tv series couple #2: *girl in the bus, guy seats next to her and blushes. One stop after, she is gone, they never see each other again.

Heteronormative fans: "Oh my god, they are so cute!!

Queer character: *I’m a girl who likes girls, and I’m okay with that.

Heteronormative fans: ” Not every character needs to be gay!“

Hetero character: *I’m a girl who loves boys, I’m not like the other girls, because I’m cute, popular and funny*

Heteronormative fans: "Aw, she’s so sweet!!

Queer tv series couple #3: *give a couple of pecks and pull apart.

Heteronormative fans: "Disgusting, I don’t wanna see that pornographic shit in my TV”

Hetero tv series couple #3: *literally have sex in an open field*

Heteronormative fans: “Wow, so much chemistry, they are perfect together!!

Queer character: *dies*

Queer fans: "We are tired of seeing the only representation we have being killed off! Stop killing us in real life and in fiction, please

Heteronormative fans: "Stop playing the victims! In this show, everyone dies! It has nothing to do with the fact that they are queer!!”

Hetero character: *dies*

Heteronormative fans: “I’m not watching this show anymore! If "x” character (white,cis,hetero) dies, we riot!!“

We keep on
“I miss you"s,
and it’s funny
and it’s sad
how it seems
that none of us
did anything
just to see
each other again.
—  ma.c.a // Hurtful Lies
You lost me okay. For real this time. Doesn’t matter if I broke your heart over the criticisms I made. You equally did the same. If this is your answer then I guess this is goodbye because this means we will never see each other or even think of each other again. Because this is the decision you made. You want me gone because I’m too much to handle, this isn’t the first time someone said that to me. And okay. I get the message.
You really f**ked with my head yeah, but I guess it doesn’t matter. I would’ve worked this out with you in a heartbeat. But I know when it comes to the matters of your heart and your feelings you will always deny them and refuse to listen. So goodbye. Please don’t come back (without a reason) because you’ll destroy me if you do.
—  allthefleekyppl, I hope you don’t read this but if you do, god you really made me insane. I have nothing, why would you do this?

Shoutout to internet friends. They are actually so important bc you connect with them through similar interests and even though they live half the world away you put effort into your friendship and talk (almost) every day and care about each other and it’s just so so nice. Unlike some of the school/uni friendships that are based on pure necessity and as soon as you graduate you never talk again because you don’t see each other.
Shout out to all my peeps whose besties live thousands of miles away.
Shout out to all my friends that I’ve never met, you make me happy and ily all dearly💙🌍