to score offside goals in the extra time

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everyone is talking about how Bayern has been robbed and how the ref has been a disaster in last night's game, and I mean.. yeah Cris' second goal was offside, there's no debate about that. But we scored two more so we didnt win on an offside goal, and in the first leg Bayern got a penalty, which although they missed could have given them a major advantage even though in my opinion it wasnt even a penalty? so idk I mean the ref made bad decisions but that wasnt the deciding facor for our win(1/2

(2/2) and I’m really tired about everyone talking about it as if it was

S A M E!!! And we don’t even have to go as far as Cristiano’s second goal, because the game should have not gone into extra time. When Hummels passes the ball to Muller before the own goal, Muller is offside. The OG should not have counted because the play should have stopped before Sergio even had to touch the ball. Would have finished 1-1, Real would have gone through. A lot of people can argue that Vidal should have been sent off a lot sooner as well. + the non existent penalty in the first leg, that, yes, they didn’t score, but still… it was a beneficial ref call. You can name as many cases of Bayern benefiting from bad ref decisions as you can of Real. The second leg especially was all around really badly officiated. In general, both teams benefited from unjust calls. Yes, Bayern were robbed but so were we some times.

But exactly like you said, if you take away all the ref decisions we still dominated, we played better, and we scored 3 more goals. Even if u take away Cris’ second goal, we still would have won.

But you know how this works… someway somehow we never deserve to go on. Be it because we played against a weak team or because we bought the ref. They always find ways to take away our credit but in the end we’re the ones lifting the 11 cups so 🤷

Alright guys, now that the hype of the World Cup has (sort of) died down, I’m going to discuss another important World Cup Final as it relates to German history - it’s known today as the “Miracle of Bern.”

So, picture this: It’s 1954. World Cup is in Switzerland this year. You, by some luck, are a West German citizen. World War II ended nine years ago, and your country is on the slow road to recovery after being hacked into numerous pieces and divided amongst other powers like a Christmas Hannibal special.

Hitler was just so rude.

So. World Cup. West & East Germany were not allowed to play in the 1950 Cup, because Nazis or something. East Germany didn’t participate this year, probably because they couldn’t afford footballs.

So it was up to West.

Somehow, despite the odds, West Germany had made it to the final. Holy shit! Who thought they’d stand a chance against the powerhouse of Hungary?

Their coach did.

See, he had a plan: He had a strong team and he knew it - but Hungary didn’t. He had eight strong players and eleven REALLY strong players. When West Germany had faced off against Hungary in the knockout round, they had gotten crushed 8-3. But mostly because their coach wouldn’t let Hungary see his most powerful players. Despite the painful loss, they had to sit out the entire match.

The Final took place on 4 July in Bern, Switzerland. Hungary had unsurprisignly made it to the final. They had reigned undefeated for a whopping 31 matches prior.

So what happened that day? Well, it was raining like a motherfucker. Everyone knew Hungary would win. How could they not? They had blasted through the World Cup. People hardly even took bets during the match - it was just known who was going to win. Hungary was, statistically, the best team in the world.

So the weather that day was terrible - rainy, windy, chilly, overall terrible - except for someone on the German team. Fritz Walter, a West German midfielder, was known to Hulk out and kick ass in the rain, because the alternative was hot blistery summery weather, and fuck that.

Pictured above: Fritz Walter and a Hungarian player.

After just six minutes, the Hungarian star Ferenc Puskás scored. Again, no big surprise. Two minutes later, Hungary scored again bringing the score to 2-0 before most people in the stadium had even taken their seats.

During the rest of the match, the Germans equalised with 2 more goals, and it remained that way until the end of the match. By the time it was almost over, extra time was being considered, tensions were high, people were frustrated, and then –

With six minutes left, Helmet Rahn scored West Germany’s third goal. Holy shit!

No big deal, four minutes later Puskás scored a third goal as well for Hungary.

…Well, he would have, but the referee ruled it offside.

Minutes later, the match ended with 3-2 with West Germany as victor. Nobody saw it coming, not even most of West Germany, who were happy to just be in the finals their first year playing in so long. To say the least, it was a pleasant surprise.

West Germany, 1954. Confetti included.

Even today, the 1954 victory is known as the turning point in post-war German history. It lifted the people from their suffering after World War II, with the knowledge that they had risen so quickly to become a global force in sports.

It was the first time the German national Anthem had been played at a global sporting event, and people could actually, for the first time in a long time, be proud of their nation and of themselves.

“Portugal could make it without winning a game in 90 mins” and your point? games go into extra time for a reason and that is because the two sides cannot be separated within 90 min. Portugal haven’t won their games by a controversial penalty or an offside goal. They didn’t win a game in their group, but they came away with a win against Croatia, and you can call that luck or whatever you want, but Croatia didn’t score a goal either???? so what made them better in that game???? In this game, both sides are even, both have played well and deserve it but in the end one team has to score and one team has to win and if that team is Portugal, what can y'all say lol??? Poland have done nothing to make them better so far and neither have Portugal so who wins in the end wins none of this “they didn’t deserve it” shit