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Big nose

Baekhyun: You know what people say about guys with big noses

Yixing: That they have more mucus??

Baekhyun: -sigh- Hyung… Of all people you should know

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You and ur blog give off a vibe to me that is so friendly and warm,,, makes me think of a time I was at a lake house with my family and I would sit on this One Chair that was super duper comfy and that's where I spent my days and that's just the kind of emotion and comfort that I get from u dad


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Regarding FFXV Boys.

Me: I am not thirsty for him too. I am not. No. Nope. I do not want him. Do. Not. Want. Definitely not. Nuh-uh. No way.

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listen... listen you are the MOST ATTRACTIVE PERSON. like... u are so good looking and i died when i found out that you have tattoos i'm literally ded❤️

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damien bloodmarch has the coolest name ever and is my dream daddy. i love my victorian goth vampire boyfriend a whole lot. i support his taxidermy hobby, will hold his hand during every scary movie, will find the best floral arrangements to show my love and gratitude, help him out with the good ol’ rebellious lucien, go to lots of cemetery strolls with him, and get some sicc victorian outfits to match with him when we go out on the town


As anxiety inducing and as nervous as that race made me, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The wrecks. The restarts. They way NASCAR did him dirty. He really fought for the win and earned it. Kasey is having that passion and fire again. I would change not one thing about it.