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Dragons are British

So i think you might like to hear what draconic langue in my game so my two players that are dragon borns got in a cussing match but the actual players use British slang and gestures so now the draconic langue is now British insults and hand gestures

For example the two were fighting over how to fight a boss
Gold (in common) im tired of ur shit man
Silver(in common) yea but at least im using my brain
Our cleric starts to get uncomfortable and looks like they are gonna cry
Gold(in common) lets use our native tongue to finish this
Gold(in draconic) oi mate ya fukn wanker at lest shes not a gerbil and my father dosent smell of elderberrys (flips off silver)

Yea so this is what our game is now

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Okay so my best friend is obsessed with white haired Altean Lance and Galra Keith in a Romeo and Juliet type of scene, so I decided to send the idea your way! If you like it after all!

I. literally the first thing in my head was mercutio and tybalt which is definitely not what you mean but I had a nice good laugh

okay okay the more I think about it the more I’m actually going to draw klance as those two bc can u imagine??? they’re in a play or something and Lance had wanted the Romeo role ofc and Keith is an assistant director or smthg and. the day of auditions they’re arguing about something /really stupid/ and the director ends up watching this argument all go down

and allura (director) doesn’t even know if Lance can act (she knows keith can bc assistant director) but she’s just like. “okay congrats you guys, you’ve got the part”

So I get so angry and frustrated with healthy (BOTH physically and mentally) people are lazy. I just can’t stand it because they’re wasting that perfectly good body to sit on their asses and do nothing. Or even have not healthy people do stuff for them.

It makes me so mad because I would kill to have a working body so I could do all the things I’m dying to do. I’d kill to be able to work out and go on adventures and travel the world…and just exist happily in no pain. I would kill for that. I think about it every day.

And then here are these certain people who could do all that and more. But they’re sitting on their asses doing nothing. Too lazy to even walk down the street for something or take the trash out or whatever. It kills me. I just want to scream at them.

I know this isn’t the nicest opinion but it’s something I feel. It’s something that makes me cry and rage. I just want a working body so badly and they’re wasting theirs.

So I did this with the amis…..

Enjolras is a great great movie

Grantaire just had a bonding moment

Courfeyrac of course was the only one that had been a bonding moment

Combeferre and I had a bonding moment

Joly I au moins une fois que je suis en vacances

Bossuet is the only thing I want to do with my god

Jehan just cut my hair off and I was like oh yeah that’s ok

Bahorel is the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life and I love it

Feuilly and I had a bonding moment

kibum is so beyond stunning that this video doesn’t even do him one (1) percent justice. also please look at jonghyun being tiny and bouncy and excited

Literally nothing is “ooc for Hawke.” They are a player character with no one canon personality or motivations. Things can be ooc for YOUR Hawke, but nothing is “ooc for Hawke.” Thank you for your time.

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Killuaaa you're finally back ! How are you?

I’ll be real: at some point the blog felt like an obligation and then it stopped being fun. It was just really easy for me to forget why I was here in the first place: it’s cause I love being free here and bringing happiness to the people who really truly care about me. 


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