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So I got asked to make a tutorial on how I did this effect. While there are a few videos about it, I thought it would also be nice to have a tutorial here, so here we go!

First off, you should know how to make a gif. Though I will briefly explain it here below the cut, it’s best you actually know how to make gifs so it’s easier to follow. If you don’t know and want a really in depth tutorial about it, I suggest looking up videos on how to make gifs. Those videos really explain how to make gifs well!

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Me, 7 hours late with Starbucks: hey guys don’t you just love how we might get a parallel between Raven/Tai and Blake/Yang?

anonymous asked:

are kid who eat tide pods valid?

I think they’re more valid than the kids from a few years ago who soaked tampons in vodka and shoved them up their butts to ‘get drunk’, less valid than the kids from when I was in middle school who made it so trendy to drink hand sanitizer that students were banned from bringing Germ-X to school because it was feared we would be doing shots of it at recess, and on equal levels of validness of those kids who sprayed lysol and raid up their noses to get high so like…take from that what you will.

(but seriously though, my pals - please don’t eat tide pods. even if you bite into them as a ‘joke’ your body doesn’t understand humor and does not realize the difference between poison you ingest as a way to freak out your friends and poison of any other kind, and tide pods are really poisonous in the sense that they can and will kill you and life is just already too difficult without adding internal bleeding you purposefully inflicted on yourself for the lulz into the mix.)


Katie McGrath // Feel Good Inc.

AU where Rhodey doesn’t find Tony in the desert, but Obadiah Stane’s men do. 

here’s the best i could do at figuring out the lyrics for “from shadows pt ii”

JEFF: ____ listen closely, i won’t say this twice
CASEY: hope’s really low that we haven’t lost time
please understand that the life we once planned is over
JEFF: now is the time you must fight for your lives
the battle is on, you’re already in sight (?)
CASEY: don’t turn back now, there’s nowhere to hide
nowhere to build your new world
nowhere to start anew
here, now, is all that we’ve got
ready or not, there’s a war to be fought
only one way through

this time, the wings (?) of the past will get over (?????)
we’ll climb, enlighten a new state of mind
and now i’ll stand with you shoulder to shoulder
out of the ashes, a new flame ignites
rise up from shadows and into the light
we’ll stand undivided, our futures aligned
a new brotherhood this time

this warning is dire, my words you must hear
a kingdom in shambles, your downfall is near
JEFF: but i still believe that the things we’ll achieve grow closer
but first (?) blood must spill like the wine at a feast
CASEY: the cold (?) only comes once the carnage has ceased
fight or die, there’ll be no release
JEFF: no way to avoid the warfare
CASEY: no way to escape this strife
here, now, listen to me
this time we ______ our final defeat
we must win our lives (?)


the world sees what we’re made of
we change the spite to love
it’s time to save our fate
and walk beside the human race
the past is gone, _____ behind us
victory’s in trust and kindness
heal now, we will restore
the path we’ve been shown ____ finding our own
we will win this war


EXO’s Multitalented Member | Chanyeol

STAN TALENT. STAN EXO. (pt 1) (pt 2) (pt 3) (pt 4) (pt 5) (pt 6) (pt 7) (pt 8) (pt 9) (pt 10 - other talents) (pt 11 - talent?) (pt 12)

Here is a not-actually-hypothetical situation:

Say a person has interests and kinks regarding giving up control and power. They read fiction about it, they experiment with it in consensual situations. And then tragedy strikes, and they get abused - maybe in a situation related to their kinks, maybe totally unrelated.

It’s traumatizing and awful. They can’t enjoy fiction or activities they once did without being triggered. It’s a long awful road to recovery.

But eventually they make it. They begin to enjoy the same fiction they did before, and understand the aspects they enjoy while being able to maintain enough distance from the fiction to avoid being triggered. Eventually they get a partner they can build up trust with, and are able to start doing power play again in a way that is safe for them.

Did that person do something wrong? Because their assault and recovery didn’t change their kinks, are they a bad victim? Are they not a victim at all?

When you say “cope shipping is a bad coping mechanism”, you are saying: if your kinks are superficially similar to your assault, you are a bad victim. If you reimagine your assault but place yourself in a position of power, you are a bad victim. If you acknowledge any positive feelings you had, any involuntary arousal, entertain any thought of how the situation could have been better, you’re a bad victim and you’re hurting other victims.

And if you do have those thoughts, you better never talk about or acknowledge them in public. You better never share your content, even under appropriate and clear warnings, or you’re normalizing what happened to you. Other victims who might stumble through your labels and warnings and be hurt by your content are more important than you, and the shame and isolation you experience thinking that the way you feel is different and wrong and shameful. Their recovery is more important than yours, and your existence - your ideas - your kinks are harmful to them by their very existence. If you have kinks that could be triggering to some other victims, you are not allowed to have a community.

If you don’t fit the model victim narrative, you better be quiet. You’re ruining it for everyone else.

And make sure you never tell anyone you were wearing a miniskirt were into kinky fiction. They might think you were asking for it.

Discussing Our Too Many Pen Holders On The Desktop: A Play in One Act
  • Wife: *holds up very cute Tokidoki Strawberry Milk carton pen holder* This, we have never used.
  • Me: Well. *gestures, irritated at the various cups and empty candles that house all our pens*
  • Me: There's THIS (burned out Supernova Luna candle full of plastic cutlery and pens), that I'd like to move. And THIS (empty candle glass with inspirational phrase about fire) that I use to hold lighters.
  • Me: *pointing to holographic 7-Eleven cup* And I'm going to be buried with this, so...
  • Wife: In two hundred years, when they unearth your corpse to study your long-dead culture and understand who you were as a human being, they're going to find your skeleton clutching that goddamn Taylor Kitsch as Gambit lenticular cup from Seven-fucking-Eleven. I hope you're proud.