to save his captain


Q: What do you think was going through Flint’s mind when Madi & Silver reunited in 4x3? Your face expresses so much. 

Toby Stephens: A bittersweet happiness for Silver, mixed [with] a sense of his own isolation.

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captain swan + 93? hope you have a good day!

a bit of canon fluff for you, love, with a little nod to Killian’s dialogue on the horizon being calming. I hope you like it <3

93. “You have the most amazing eyes.”

“You have the most amazing eyes.”

The sentence drops unbidden from Emma’s lips, a soft string of words that breaks the comfortable silence between them and causes Killian to halt his caressing fingers.

He pulls back a little to look at her, equal parts confused and amused.

They’d been sitting pressed against each other at the balcony of their bedroom for what felt like hours. After the griffin attacked Storybrooke last week, she’d only finished with handling repairs and complaints late last night. Her dad had insisted (in what she assumed was his Royal Voice) that she stay at home for the next few days. Killian had agreed, texting David sporadically throughout the day to ensure him that she was, in fact, relaxing.

(She’ll never understand their relationship.)

Killian’s insistence is how they ended up cuddled together, watching the perfect view of the sea, with mugs of hot chocolate to keep the chill away. Emma doesn’t know when she stopped mapping the horizon and instead started mapping the planes of Killian’s face, just that she didn’t really want to stop. And then the evening started approaching, and in the light of the golden hour, well, she just couldn’t help but make her judgment out loud.

“Have you only noticed them now, love? You sure know how to wound a man,” he chuckles, voice as quiet as hers was.

Emma smirks. “Please. I was just making an observation,” she taps once at his chest with her hand that’s resting there.

He hums, resumes running his fingers up and down her arm but doesn’t break eye contact. “I’d say it was more of an opinion, Swan. Which could only mean you’re trying to seduce me with your words, and although I am a man of honour, I do accept.”

He says it with such propriety that Emma can’t help but laugh. When he breaks out into a full grin, she knows that’s what he was going for.

Emma reaches up and runs a thumb under the curve of his eye. It makes his expression soften, his eyelashes flutter. (And yeah, he’s got amazing eyelashes, too.) He doesn’t wear as much kohl anymore, only a little, and sometimes he forgoes it completely. It used to make his eyes brighter, but she finds his eyes are already a colour she can’t quite describe. It’s as though someone mixed all the oceans together to create the most striking blue.

“Your brother’s were a different shade,” she muses, knitting her brows in concentration to make sure she’s remembering Liam correctly.

Killian nods, leaning into her palm. “I took after my mother in that regard, or so Liam told me.” He smiles, and she can’t help but mirror it. When she leans into him, he doesn’t hesitate to respond with a lingering kiss that she can feel down to her toes.

“If you keep staring at me, you’re going to miss the sunset,” he says with a smirk when he pulls back. He raises an eyebrow for good measure when she doesn’t look away from him.

“I think I like this view better,” she hums.

Killian looks down and then back at the water, an adorable rosy hue tinting his cheeks and the tips of his ears. She wonders just how long he had to go without someone offering him a genuine compliment based on a simple observation. She thumbs at his cheeks for a moment before dropping her hand back to his chest, the other playing with the tuft of hair at the nape of his neck.

She wants to tell him about all the amazing things he is, and she promises herself to do just that.

Killian presses her a little closer to him. They fall back into silence, and Emma watches his gentle expression as he watches the water, his eyes like the ocean calming her like no other thing can.

  • Star Trek: Jim Kirk broke the rules and risked losing the enterprise and his position as captain to save Spock's life from an erupting volcano and after months of being emotionally fine, Spock becomes emotionally compromised when Jim dies and he almost kills khan.
  • Star Trek: but like
  • Star Trek: not in a gay way
Some things the Legends keep forgetting about Mick Rory:

1. He was tortured and brainwashed
2. He has lived more lives than all of them combined.
3. He took wouldn’t leave Ray behind in a Russian prison.
4. He has mental illnesses.
5. He was willing to sacrifice himself for this team.
6. He has literally carried most of them at one point.
7. He has saved their asses on numerous occasions.
8. He captained his own ship, the man knows more about time travel than probably even Rip.
9. He’s a trauma survivor.
10. He watched the one person who had his back, who didn’t treat him like a dog, die in his place.

Please add as you will.

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Hi! Okay so im a lil embarrassed about this lol, but how do I achieve that fresh out the shower smell all day with smooth soft skin? I shower everyday, moisturize, and put on perfume, but it usually lasts only maybe 3 hours and then throughout the day it fades. Like Idk what I'm doing wrong. How can I achieve this? Like you know those girls who smell like they just took a shower and it's 5pm????!?! What products/ what routine should I do to achieve this?? Sorry if I dont make sense or its long

Hello, I get this, I smell nice all day but I didn’t used to!

1. Men’s deodorant, That is key, It’s better than women’s deodorant and unless your guy/gal is into weird armpit stuff it’s unlikely they will know.

2. Use lots of heavy scents. don’t go for a very light scent that is easily drowned, go strong.

3. You get what you pay for unfortunately. Cheap perfume has more alcohol in it which makes it evaporate quicker, this means the scent won’t stick around. In more expensive perfumes they use oils instead so they don’t evaporate as quickly and will stay the whole day. I recommend tom ford or acqua di parma. 

4. keep a small roll on version of it in your bag. You can buy roller ball applicators online and you can just pour some perfume in and update your perfume throughout the day. 

5. Rub some vaseline on the spot before you apply perfume, I don’t know why it works but it works.

6. Use nice body washes and moisturisers which match scent. it will make everything more intense. I recommend Le Labo for stuff that smells great and lasts throughout the day.

7. Scents travel up so sprits on thighs, wrists and cleavage. Also spritz some in your hair.

That’s it x its just money an placement unfortunately x

Lots of love, Mary xoxo


Prompt/Summary: This is fic number 12 for @mrs-squirrel-chester​‘s album challenge.  You know the boys before they go off to war

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: Some angst. 

Word Count: 931

Author’s Note:   See the end.  I love this song.  I sing it in the shower a lot.  I hope I did it justice.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5

Bluebird Video

Album Challenge Master List

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nct dream!volleyball team au


  • the !!! libero !!! and !!!!! team !!!!!! captain !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • he’s always there to save his team and keep the ball in the air
  • basically the team’s backbone
  • always up to give his team pep talks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! buys everyone food !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • keeps everyone in check (aka stops jisung from roasting donghyuck mid-game)
  • does not know how 2 give up or what the definition of giving up means 
  • as long as theyre still playing, he knows they havent lost, even if theyre down like 20 points
  • always there to encourage the team to improve!!!!!! a true captain :’))
  • he dives like he’s invincible and wont ever get hurt which made a bunch of kids think that he couldnt feel pain at all iM LAUGHIN
  • has a lot of bruises but he never seems to mind
  • keeps bandaids in his backpack just in case his children needs them !!!!!!!
  • got a friction burn on his side bc he dove to save the ball and his shirt rode up so his skin ended up scraping the ground and it just never went away
  • doesnt know what hesitating is either,,,,,,, he doesnt even care if he sees jeno diving for the ball, he’ll like, still go for it full out,,,,,,,,,,,,,, pls,,,,,,,,,, pls save him,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


  • i feel like he’d be a setter but he wouldnt be a starter
  • he doesnt mind tho bc it means he can read the opponents better
  • master of getting inside the other team’s head
  • basically co-manager who also has killer tosses
  • the ‘tough love’ in the group that motivates everyone when even mark is too down to say anything
  • will actually fucking cream you in game if you provoke him in any way
  • had a hard time trusting his team, tried to win every game alone for a lil while
  • probably also tried to blind them with his beauty
  • the type to call bullshit from the ref but has to be held back so he doesnt actually do it
  • his brain reacts faster than his body so sometimes he ends up flailing instead of hitting the damn ball
  • if you whisper things to him like “oh u see number 7 over there? he said your serves were weak” he’ll automatically go into satan mode and becomes 12348739483 times more competitive


  • the dream team’s setter !! 
  • him and jeno are an unstoppable force and the two of them are usually always on court, which is a reason why hyuck doesnt play often
  • total team player
  • freak genius who relies solely on instincts when he tosses
  • bUT that’s ok! 
  • knows all his spikers well: knows how much they can handle, how fast they are, what kind of toss they like the best and can spike with their maximum potential
  • literally sets all his bois up for success
  • acts like he’s nonchalant about everything but deep down he’s like lowlowlowlowkey 
  • he and ren didnt work well together at first
  • like they were good friends but their playing styles just wouldnt mesh in the beginning


  • left wing spiker dont even fight me on this
  • perfect boy lives up to his perfect name by scoring most of the team’s points
  • most accurate spikes on the team 
  • it comes from his years of vball experience 
  • he and jaemin have been playing since grade school and boi his spikes are uMF 11/10
  • probably has like,,,,, a lot of fangirls,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • jumps like…. really high
  • like really high
  • like he’s pretty tall as it is but dude,,,,,,,,, when he jumps he towers over everyone 
  • pretends to be humble when really all he wants to hear is praise and it makes jaemin wanna punch him
  • him and jaemin probably practice a lot together since theyre like the dynamic duo of the team


  • middle blocker 
  • not the tallest but not the shortest either 
  • his blocks used to be 50/50 because he always hesitated to jump
  • he scares the absolute FUCK out of the other team
  • when he gets really into the game and becomes 110% concentrated, his expression grows dark by default
  • an absolute monster 
  • AFTER GAMES, HE’LL STILL HAVE THAT “im gonna spike the ball in your fucking face and cream you” LOOK ON HIM
  • AND EVERYBODY’S JUST LIKE “ren,,,, the game’s over,,,,,,, pls,,,,,,,,,, pls no more scare,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • his spikes will break your fucking neck dont get hit by oNE OF THEM
  • his quicks that he executes with jaemin are actually no fucking joke jesus christ theyre like sonic
  • but like sonic on steroids and one too many energy drinks
  • the ace that no one suspects when you first glance at him
  • also had a hard time fully trusting his teammates bUT he basically trusts them with his life now
  • pays an insane amount of attention to detail and notices every little shift the other team does
  • one time someone called him a shitty excuse for an ace and boi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it didnt look good 4 the other team,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • scary fast reaction times that sparked a rumour that he wasnt even human??? made him laugh really hard and still thinks of it at like 2 am


  • vvv insecure wing spiker + he’s a defense specialist 
  • he’s really smol and gets towered over by a lot of people
  • had a really really hard time trusting himself and his own abilities 
  • felt like a burden to the team and contemplated on quitting
  • before volleyball, he had naturally been good at everything
  • he eventually stayed on the team because volleyball gave him this adrenaline he had never felt before aW BABY
  • and now he’s a starter! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  • everybody doubts him (including himself) but when he finally starts to believe in himself, he’s a beast
  • can also jump ppp high, makes jeno jealous bc chenle probably jumps a lil higher than him, will never admit this
  • he’s probably the decoy too
  • theatrical little shit puts everything into his spikes, even if he isnt going to hit the ball
  • the sunshine of the group that cheers everyone up after losses
  • vocal as fuck during games bUT it encourages everyone
  • plays every game like it’s gonna be his last
  • wants to die before every game bc his nerves always gET TO HIM


  • baby bean !!! but like, a scary baby bean
  • looms,,,, over,,,,,,,,,, everyone,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • right wing spiker
  • baby bean wants to be the ace one day
  • this boi,,,,,,,,,,,,, doesnt know,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, what defense is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • all he knows is how to spike the ball really hard 
  • like, so hard that he’s pretty sure the enemy team would cry if they got hit by it
  • has no expression the entire game, no one knows what he’s thinking
  • gets really hung up over losses bc he’s still young and losing sucks in general
  • also plays every game like it’s gonna be his last!!
  • his need for victory drives him to be the best like no one ever was and motivates him even more to win games
  • like mark, he refuses to give up
  • a mini renjun basically but less scary and more ducky
  • almost had to quit bc he hit his head on the ground really hard after he lost his balance spiking the ball and his mom got worried
  • works best when he’s cornered
The closer we get to the end of this journey, the more the contradictions will accumulate… confusing issues we once thought were clear. I suppose the good news is that’s how we’ll know we’re finally getting somewhere interesting.
—  Captain Flint, Black Sails XXXII

       ❝They took your scroll, Tintin! It’s gone.❞

       ❝How? What happened?❞

       ❝It was Allan! He-He knobbled me in the garden and then…❞

I love luffy’s personality SO MUCH. I love it when he’s careless and reckless and just doesn’t give a shit about pretty much anything, making everyone frustrated. But when he acts all badass? caring about everyone? being the sensible one? looking for a way to take control of the situation and save the day? taking his role as captain so seriously? with that look™ in his eyes? I LOVE THAT EVEN MORE.

Fallen Tears and Soldiers

In response to this tear-inducing post by @readinglikewildfire, I wrote a (hopefully) tear-inducing fic!!

Credit to Helena for the prompt! I hope I did it justice.

The stars above Rowan Whitethorn seemed to mourn alongside him. Perhaps they too were searching for the woman who had so often gazed upwards searching them for answers.

Aelin loved the stars.

It was ironic, he thought, that someone who embodied flames and light would love the night so.

Rowan took another swig of wine, the creaking of the ship and the rasp of the waves against the wood the only sounds in the dark night. His mind was empty.

She was gone.

Rowan squeezed his eyes shut and leaned further over the wooden railing, the spindrift cooling his face. The deck was empty save for himself and the captain.

He could hardly believe what had transpired only hours before.

Aelin was gone and Lysandra was wearing her skin. The allies Aelin had gathered. The Thirteen were searching for the Crochans and the next wrydkey. And Gavriel and Lorcan’s blood oaths had been severed.

Rowan shook his head.

Soft footsteps sounded behind him and he didn’t look away from the sea as Gavriel stepped beside him.

“How are you?”

Rowan just shook his head again. He didn’t want to talk. He didn’t think he’d be able to utter a single word before breaking down.

He shoved off the railing and looked away from his friend. “I’m not doing this tonight.”

He strode away, ignoring Gavriel when he called for him.

 Rowan went down the steps to the cabin he had shared with Aelin.

As he reached the threshold, he paused. He hadn’t been in there since that morning.

Rowan didn’t want to enter it. He didn’t want to be reminded. But he wasn’t about to make someone else take it.

So, he opened the door and walked in.

Rowan refrained from shifting and flying away when Aelin’s scent wrapped around him. His mate’s marks were all over the darkened room.

They were in the clothes she had scattered over the small desk, in the sheets that smelled like her.

Rowan took a large gulp of wine and set it down on the desk, anger and fear sadness bubbling over inside.

 The weight of today’s events crashed down upon him, and Rowan snarled as he ripped the sheets of the bed, tears stinging his eyes. Aelin was gone.

He gathered the underclothes, tunics, and shirts that Aelin had worn and shoved then into a drawer. Then he shoved the sheets away.

His breath was catching in his throat.  

Maeve had done this.

She had done it again.

Ripped away the shred of happiness that Rowan possessed just to further her own plans. Rowan felt the tears spill over, their hot trails covering his cheeks.

Rowan slammed his door shut and collapsed against it, heavy sobs wracking his body.

He had contained it all day.

He needed to be strong for his court, but for now, he could be weak. In the emptiness of their room.

Heaving sobs and gasps pierced the silent dark and Rowan pressed his fist to his mouth to try to stop them, but they only grew worse. He sunk to the floor.

Aelin was gone, because he’d been too late.

He was always too late.

Aelin was bleeding and hurt because he hadn’t gotten there fast enough. It was just like Lyria.

It was his fault Maeve had gotten away.

“I will find you, Aelin.” The words were barely intelligible through the gasping breaths and sobs, but Rowan couldn’t care less. Aelin was gone.

Another sob wracked his body and the King of Terrasen hung his head to cry.

Because he was too late. Again.

Itsy Bitsy

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Peter Parker x Reader

Request:  Peter Parker request: Can I have a oneshot where u already know he’s Spider-Man and u want him to admit it so u say things like “I don’t think he’s that great of a superhero” (something like that) so he can confess it (Does it make sense????)

A/n: Yes, it makes complete sense! Ah, oh my. If there’s one thing I am good at writing and doing, it’s pissing someone off >:D I’m sure Peter would get really annoyed to the point he confesses. Like…yes. Existential discourse is what I live for xD

Genre: Friendship, Romance, Fluff

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Swearing, Fluff, Shenanigans, Crude Humor

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

You couldn’t help but stare at Peter, an unimpressed look on your face. You were sitting with Peter in his room, studying the upcoming algebra test the two of you had. At least, you were supposed to be studying. It had soon turned into the two of you just talking about anything. Peter was talking, more like fangirling, about his Stark internship. You were trying to get him to admit that he was Spiderman. 

The way that you had found out was stupidly easy. All the times that Peter disappeared whenever something bad happened, and Spiderman would magically appear into thin air to save the day. The way Peter would get really flustered whenever you would mention the spandex-clad hero. You weren’t dumb or naive, and honestly were surprised no one else had noticed. 

So, you made it your goal to get Peter to confess that he was Spiderman. Although it sounded cruel, you just wanted him to admit it and get on with your life like nothing happened. You were stubborn, and certainly weren’t about to miss this opportunity. You wouldn’t admit it out loud, but a flustered and annoyed Peter Parker was a cute Peter Parker. 

So, that’s what you were doing now. Sitting at his desk while he sat on the bed, making jabs at the hero, almost laughing at how Peter’s face became a bit red with each jab. 

“You know, I don’t really think Spiderman is that great of a superhero. I mean, he wears a onesie for crying out loud.” 

If steam could shoot from his ears, Peter would have been a fucking steam engine. Peter replied, eyebrow almost twitching in annoyance. 

“It is not a onesie, (Y/n).” 

You smirked a bit, tilting your head a bit, an eyebrow quirking up. 

“Oh? Then what is it, Spiderman Expert?” 

Peter gave you a look. 


You had to laugh. His attempt to not seem all-knowing was feeble, but better than not trying to be subtle at all. 

“And exactly how do you know this, Peter?” 

His eyes widened for a moment, a look of ‘oh shit’ crossing his face before he stuttered out, looking down at his textbook. 

“I-I, I assume it is? I mean. Spandex is easier to move around in, I guess. Not that I would know or anything…” 

“Peter Parker, are you admitting that you wear spandex?” 

His face turned red and you laughed, head thrown back. While completely unexpected, you guessed you should have seen it coming. Peter tried to save what dignity he had left, giving you a pointed look, though the blush on his face made it unbelievable. 

“No, I’m not. I would never wear spandex. At least, if I’m not playing a sport or something.” 

“Peter, you don’t play sports.” 


You snickered before continuing on your earlier comment. 

“But like I said. Spiderman isn’t really all that. I mean, what else can he do other than shoot webs and climb walls?” 

Peters ears became red as he argued. 

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe save lives and catch bad guys?” 

“But anybody can do that. Iron Man can do that. Captain America does that. Seriously, Peter. Come on.” 

Peter groaned out before letting his head fall back against the wall. 

“Yeah, but Spiderman is a really nice guy!” 

You snickered at his feeble attempts to save his dignity, saying in response. 

“So is Captain America. I heard Falcon was a pretty funny guy too.” 

“Yeah, but none of those guys even compare to me. I’m super nice. I help old ladies cross the street! I don’t see Mr. Stark doing that, or even Mr. Rogers!” 

Bingo. Peter froze a moment, his mouth agape and eyes wide as saucers. His eyes flicked over to you, your face smug as you gave him finger guns. 

“Bingo! Gotcha, Spiderman!” 

“No, no, no! I’m not…I’m not Spiderman! I was just acting! Ya know, defending him!” 

You laughed a bit before shaking your head. 

“Peter, I’m not an idiot. I knew all along, I was just trying to get you to admit it.” 

“But I’m not Spiderman! I swear!” 

You rolled your eyes before grabbing the web shooter that had been in your bag the whole time, waving it around in front of you. Peter audibly sucked in a breath, stuttering out. 

“Th-That’s just a fake! For…for the costume I’m making for ComicCon! It’s made with silly string and-” 

You cut him off by shooting the web at his textbook, yanking the textbook to your hand, your eyebrow quirked. Peter made a noise of dread before putting his hands to his face. 

“Oh no.” 

“Admit it, my spider dude. You’re Spiderman.” 

“Fine, fine. You want me to admit it? Fine. I’m Spiderman and I’m a pretty decent guy!” 

He gave you an annoyed look. 

“I actually can make really funny jokes and I can do things that Iron Man and Captain America can’t do and that’s help nice ladies across the street that give me churros afterwards!” 

You were laughing hard at the end of his little breakdown, his chest heaving with annoyance before he calmed a bit. You laughter made him smile a bit before he started laughing as well, shaking his head. Trying to breathe, you were able to say. 

“Oh my god. Peter, you are the best. I wasn’t being serious, you know that right? Spiderman is my favorite out of the Avengers.” 

Peter looked at you, his eyes shy and lips turned into a shy smile. 

“Wait, really?” 

“Of course, you idiot. I was just making jabs at Spiderman because I wanted you to admit you were Spiderman. Now that I know, you can have this back.” 

You took the web shooter off and threw it to him, Peter fumbling to catch it. He looked at you before saying seriously. 

“You cannot tell anybody, understand?” 

“Of course. Like I would tell anybody that my best friend in the whole wide world is my favorite superhero in the whole wide world.” 

Peter beamed at you before gesturing to his textbook in your lap. 

“We should really get back to studying, (Y/n).” 

“Aw, but I wanna hear your awesome war stories!” 

Peter chuckled before sighing, a gleam in his eyes as he asked you.

“Where do you want me to start first?”


The only way I’ll accept the hydracap story line to play out is:

  • Steve’s busy being a nazi when Bucky goes to check on him and bucky’s like “wtf the fuck”
  • So he’s like “steve no” and steve’s like “steve yes” and Bucky’s like “that’s only funny when you’re a good guy doing reckless things and not a NAZI doing NAZI THINGS” and steve’s like “(ง'̀-‘́)ง” because he’s a dick now
  • but Bucky can win this
  • because Bucky’s got a secret weapon
  • an assassin you know and love who’s unafraid to step in
  • he’s constantly confusing, confounding the marvel henchmen
  • Deadpool
  • so he goes to deadpool like “you know that thing you do where you break the fourth wall or w/e” and deadpool’s like “yeah?”
  • “can i use it for a bit?”
  • so they go off and fight the marvel writers (with swords) and then destroy the new issues (with fire) and then they go to see steve and steve hugs them all and he’s crying and thanking them for saving his characterisation
  • and then they go out for ice cream or something

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Any chance for kitten/jerk au update during the SCF? your writing is amazing btw :D

Thank you so much! I’m pretty much focusing exclusively on the new WIP I’m writing right now, but I’ll see what I can do. In the meantime, have this short extract from the new fic:

The next morning, just as they are about to leave the house, Sidney puts a hand on his arm and says, “So, we’re, uhm.” He blinks up at Evgeni, eyes huge in his face.

Evgeni wants to kiss him right there on the doorstep for the whole street to see. “What?”

“Are we boyfriends or just friends who—”

“Boyfriends,” Evgeni says firmly, before Sidney can get any other ideas. Communication, Papa always says, and Evgeni is not about to let there be any misunderstandings about this. Not after their last one.

Sidney beams at him happily.

“Boyfriends,” he agrees.