to save his captain

  • Star Trek: Jim Kirk broke the rules and risked losing the enterprise and his position as captain to save Spock's life from an erupting volcano and after months of being emotionally fine, Spock becomes emotionally compromised when Jim dies and he almost kills khan.
  • Star Trek: but like
  • Star Trek: not in a gay way

(っ´▽`)っ so proud of him

In Hook, Robin Williams’ children are kidnapped when his family is visiting his wife’s grandmother, Wendy, and a former Lost Boy, Tootles. He goes to Neverland to find them, is able to regain the magic of childhood of whatever, and saves his kids from Captain Hook. In the middle of all this, Phil Collins makes a cameo appearance as a British detective. It’s a nice little scene, though it’s a bummer that Collins doesn’t break out into a performance of “That’s All.” Not even once. This absence takes the movie from a B to a C effort, if I can be honest.

At the end of Hook, about three seconds after Robin Williams returns to the real world, Tootles gets sprinkled with some pixie dust and flies back to Neverland. The movie never really makes it clear about how old Tootles is, but from how he looks and acts, he’s somewhere between 60 and Fuuuuck. So when he flies back to Neverland, it may well be the last trip that he ever takes. It’s meant to be a magical moment, but this house and family were under investigation a day ago. Maybe give it a second before you think “Oh, my youth!” and leave everyone who’s ever loved you forever.

Detective Sussudio is going to come back, find that Williams and the kids have come back, but now the old man is nowhere to be found. He’s an old guy, it’s not like he could go anywhere substantial on his own. You can’t tell the law, “Yeah, he just went to the grocers. He’ll be back in a few … days.”

Williams’ kids are going straight from being held hostage in Neverland to being held by the British police. And Williams, just having rediscovered his happy thought, is going to be the number-one suspect in the slaying of Tootles.

5 Films That Are Horrifying If You Switch Their Perspectives


If you allow him to dictate the terms of battle, you court a disastrous outcome.


     Carlton Richard Grimes | Seventeen | Staying for Unknown Duration

  Carl’s always been a little shy, the kid that sits in the back of the classroom and has a panic attack if he’s called on.  Depression set in quickly once seventh grade started ( following the death of his mother ), which didn’t help him in any way.  He started eating a lot more often, even when he didn’t really need to, which led to him putting on quite a bit of weight.  After he’d noticed what he’d done, Carl stopped eating entirely.
  He refused to eat anything placed in front of him, and if he did eat something, he’d immediately force himself to vomit whatever he’d eaten.  It didn’t bother his father too much, until he passed out while at a family gathering and went unresponsive for several hours.
  Due to the panic he caused Rick, Carl was involuntarily submitted to Tranquility Lake, which caused him to have a complete mental breakdown.  He’s started a rebellion, throwing the plate across the room of whatever food he’s given.  He refuses to listen to anyone, abuses his medication nearly everyday and harms himself whenever no one’s watching.
  Carl hasn’t gotten any better than when he’d been submitted, and he doesn’t care if he dies while inside this damn hospital.  If he dies, at least he’ll be happy.

And here we have Mr Van Winslow riding a goat with a party hat Majestic Unicorn.

I can actually imagine Guybrush getting kidnapped and Van Winslow riding this goat Majestic Unicorn into battle to save his captain.

This is part of a King’s Quest / Tales of Monkey Island crossover AU. I got this idea after @captmickey and had a bit of a headcannon brainstorm a while ago.

Invisible (Bucky Barnes x Reader)


Word Count: 3k

Synopsis: James Buchanan Barnes went to war and got captured by the enemy. Steven Grant Rogers became Captain Amerian to save his childhood best friend and that’s what he did. But after going through hell, could Bucky really resume his life and live the way he used to before all of this happened? Steve hopes so, therefore he brings him back to Bucky’s favorite bar to go lady-hunting.

“I’m invisible!” Bucky exclaimed, defeated after the girl left.

For the second time tonight a pretty girl came up to Steve and him and started cooing and giggling at Steve’s every word all the while looking at him like he was the most delicious eye candy she had every laid her eyes on. It was simply infuriating to see the roles swapped like that!

“I’m turning into you, it’s like a horrible nightmare!” He realized the irony of the situation.

That’s how Steve must have felt the whole time – every time Bucky charmed a girl and he was left alone at the bar, not even drinking more than one beer because he had such a low tolerance for alcohol. Now, only God knows if he even could get drunk anymore with his super solider serum filled blood. And the guy had the audacity to enjoy himself right now!

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ichigo: *decides to rescue rukia because it’s the right thing to do and he owes her for giving him the power to protect the people he cares about, proceeds to do so, and then immediately hands her to renji at the first opportunity while telling him to “protect her with your life; that’s your job!”*

IR fans: omg he’s totally in love with her!

renji: *has dedicated most of his life to becoming strong enough to get rukia back, defies his orders and rebels against all of soul society while being branded a traitor just to try to save her, fights his own captain and finally achieves bankai all for her sake, refuses to let her go even if he dies, and has literally been in love with her for the last fifty years*

IR fans: he only likes her as a friend!

y’all I still can’t get over my Millian feels


I just really love them together? 


I mean, yes, I think they made some very poor choices, but I can’t fault them for running away together. You know she spent that first evening with him, soaking up his stories, seeing how his crew respected him, and dreaming of what it would be like to be so free. She’s so desperate for something more, and then something more strolls into her tavern in the form of a handsome blue-eyed pirate, and would you turn it down, if fate offered you a way out on a silver platter? 

And it’s not a choice to be made lightly, but it speaks to how utterly miserable she is that she takes the chance and asks Killian to take her away after only knowing him for a few hours. You know that underneath all his Captain-y swagger, Killian Jones can’t resist saving a beautiful woman with sad eyes and a vibrant personality from the life she never wanted, not when she looks at him like that, not when he understands the feeling of being trapped, not when he can actually help her

She probably cries, once the initial exhilaration of her escape wears off, but Killian sails to the most beautiful places in the realm- to beaches, and islands, and mountains, and everywhere he can think of- and listens when she talks about Baelfire, and swears that if she ever changes her mind, he’ll take her home. She becomes part of the crew, and they love her fiercely, and they teach her everything they know about sailing, about fighting, about the world. 

And they fell in love so quickly, they’re inclined to brush it aside as nothing more than infatuation, but as the weeks pass Milan and Killian both realize that they can’t imagine life without each other. They kiss and they fight (and the fights are legendary among the crew, who watch and take bets on who’s going to win until Milah cocks her head just slightly to the right, and they know better than to stick around after that because it’s going to get ugly) and they fuck and they mourn (for Baelfire, for Liam, for everyone they’ve loved and lost) and they challenge each other and they make each other laugh and they live.

For a while, they’re both so, so happy. 

Until they visit the wrong city.

Even though we only get to see them together for a few short scenes, there’s so much in there showing how much they loved each other, and respected each other, and enjoyed being together

it hurts my heart