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7 Letters...


Member - Taehyung x reader , Jungkook x reader

Genre - Angst, Fluff, (future) smut

Warnings - none for this chapter

Word count - 1,936

Summary -  A mysterious person who writes on your skin, an interesting co-worker who is making his way into your heart. A man whose past you need to know and a man who needs to understand your present. In a  journey that takes you beyond the boundaries of time, sanity and love, you are left torn between choices to make and decisions to take.

And no. Not everything was about love. It was also about destiny.

[A/N] - This is my original work and has in no way has been plagerised. If you see a story similar to this that was posted by @bts-things-we-all-imagine please know that I am the owner of that blog and that I have abandoned it because of certain issues. I’m reposting my work on this, my new url and have edited it heavily (cause why not :), but it is all my words and my work only.

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A black lane…..a small bridge……two swords……a ring spinning on the floor…….the painting of an unknown someone….the sound of a flute…a strange constriction cutting your breath….

and you begin to scream.

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anonymous asked:

idk if you've answered this before but where did your url come from/what inspired it?

Okay, so basically I had deleted my Instagram and I needed a new URL bc I was remaking it. I had a friend at the time suggest ‘lum1natrix” purely because it was the first thing that popped into his head
It had a nice ring to it so I took the suggestion. It’s my username on literally everything now lmao

phanwhom  asked:

congrats on 7k! my favorite song right now is probably sarah smiles by panic! or palace by hayley kiyoko


color: dusty rose | forest | ivory | obsidian | lilac | caramel | amber | cobalt

flower: baby’s breath | sunflower | rose | bugloss | carnation | delphinium | cherry blossom | chrysanthemum

material: silk | denim | leather | chiffon | suede | flannel | lace | velvet

clothing: ripped overalls | doc martens | long sweater | tortoiseshell glasses | baseball cap | lots of rings | turtleneck | denim jacket

city: new york | paris | venice | seattle | brighton | tokyo | rio de janeiro | amsterdam

sounds: heavy rain | cats purring | fire crackling | birds chirping | crickets |
running water | vinyl scratching | pages turning

greek god/dess: poseidon

song: “BLUE” by Troye Sivan

comment: I laughed a lil at your url I lov it

send your favorite song to my ask box to get a celebratory 7k blog aesthetic!

rules: answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers you’d like to get to know better!

I was tagged by @mistermooneyes (your new url is awesome ♥)

name: Sara

nicknames: Kumi; Kuu-chan; “ugh, not you again”

zodiac sign: Aries

orientation: bi-ace

nationality: Spanish

favourite fruit: …I don’t know? Apples?

favourite season: Winter more layers of clothes? sign me the fuck up

favourite book: …The Hobbit, maybe? I mean, it was easier to read than The Lord of The Rings.

favourite flower: Pink roses.

favourite scent: Mint.

favourite color: Pink OMG WHAT A SURPRISE, RIGHT?! and any pastel color

favourite animal: ALL THE ANIMALS ARE GOOD but siamese cats are just ♥♥♥

coffee | tea | hot cocoa: Hot cocoa

average sleep hours: 8~10 what? I’m lazy ok?


favourite fictional character: Kenjiro Minami, Kanna Kamui and soooooo many more.

number of blankets you sleep with: 1

dream trip: To any place where my online friends live.

blog created: I don’t know… but long before Naruto manga ended so… this blog is OLD.

number of followers: 493

random fact: Once I slept for 25 hours straigh. Never do it.

@honorificabilitudinitatibusa, @trans-gay, @suiwalker, @konekolovescats, @tsaltyshima-kay, @iltani-sol, @orion-keep-me-company, @jinxed-plinami-fangirl and anyone who wants to do it ♥

Tagged by @starshepard thanks!

Rules: Tag 20 blogs you’d like to get to know better

Nickname: Logaboga

Zodiac sign: capricorn

Height: 6′2″

Last Thing You Googled: A New Hope quotes.

Favorite Music Artists: Avenged Sevenfold, August Burns Red, Arctic Monkeys, CHON, Metallica, Johnny Cash, The Devil Wears Prada, Royal Thunder, Intervals, Animals as Leaders etc.

Song Stuck In My Head: Girl I Know - Avenged Sevenfold

Last Movie you watched: emporer’s The Fellowship of the RIng

What are you wearing right now: Shorts an avenged sevenfold shirt and a flannel sweater.

Why did you choose your URL: Its my nickname :D

Do you have any other blogs : @horizonphotomode and co runners of @fuckyeahthewitcher and @heleusdaily

What did your last relationship teach you: Just gonna leave this one blank for reasons.

Religious or spiritual: Both

Favorite color: Navy Blue

Average hours of sleep: 5

Lucky Number: Don’t have one.

Favorite Characters: Luke Skywalker, Rey, Darth Vader (Insert SW characters here) Ciri, Yen, and Geralt. Ellie Williams and Joel Miller. The Uncharted Cast. (insert Mass Effect characters here).

How many blankets do you sleep with: 1

Dream Job: I really have no idea.

I will tag @chuckhansen @rock-paperback-scissors @pelassaria

anonymous asked:

Hi :) I was wondering if you maybe know the series "chemistry" about baekhyun? It was finished some time ago but the author changed her URL (it was something like solarexact or something along those lines) and I wanted to ask if you make know her new URL?

Hey sweet pea,

It doesn’t ring a bell… But if any of my followers know about this blog and scenario, please comment on this to help each other out!

Good luck, lovely!
Admin Mimi

@local-gay-cryptid tagged me in a thing 

rules: tag 20 blogs [no] you’d like to get to know better.

Nickname:  chris (i guess? its short for christian lmao)

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 4'11

Last thing you googled: “shunsui kyoruka" (i wanted to read more about him asdfgh)

Favorite music artists: twrp, starset, mother mother, the zolas, mars argo, purity ring, brand new, said the whale, and probably more

Song stuck my head: Die For You by Starset (im listenin to that rn tho)

Last movie you watched: Halloween II ?

What are you wearing right now: black pants, uhhh black boxers, & my stupid freddy krueger and jason voohees shirt

Why did you choose your URL: doctor sung is a ray of sunshine and i accidentally called him sungshine once

Do you have any other blogs?: i have too many i have 13 that i actually use but i have 17 all together (too many)

What did your last relationship teach you: im not really cut out for relationships, im too clingy and then im too distant 

Religious or spiritual: spiritual

Favorite color: blue!!!!!

Average hours of sleep: not enough

Lucky number: 7, i suppose

Favorite characters: all of bleach (except like 2 characters so far)

How many blankets do you sleep with: 1 even though its cold asdfgh

Dream job: im not even sure tbh

~ Please do not delete the text or self-promote, as doing so will mean you are automatically disqualified.~

Hello, beautiful! Lately I have been feeling somewhat nostalgic for the experiences, adventures, vibrance, icons and various other treasures of the 90′s. So, I decided to host the 90′s Throwback Awards. So, without further ado.


r u l e s ~

✿ Must be following me (ocea) to be considered.

✿ Reblog this post at least once. Likes will not count, but you may use them for bookmarking. 

✿ When submitting proof of your follower count for the Shooting Star category, please also ensure that you inform me that it is for these particular awards.

p e r k s ~

✿ A follow from me, if I am not already following you.

✿ Your beautiful blog will feature on a fab awards page (under construction, the link will become active once it is completed.)

✿ You may request a promo of your choice a maximum of twice per week.

✿ I will queue a ton from you!

✿ A new friend, yay!

c a t e g o r i e s ~ (There are far too many iconic things from the nineties. Oops. I will be choosing one to two winners per category.)

✿ Clueless - Blog Envy 

✿ FRIENDS - Most Aesthetic

✿ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Most Desirable URL

✿ Nintendo 64 - Most Unique Theme & Theme Edits

✿ Easy-Bake Oven - Most Stellar Icon

✿ The Spice Girls - Must-Have Playlist

✿ Tamagotchi - Most Innovative Updates Tab

✿ Treasure Trolls - Cutest Colour Palette & Decor

✿ Lizzie McGuire - The Conversationalist

✿ Mood Rings - Most Selfless Blogger

✿ Rugrats - Most Angelic Personality

✿ Full House - Best Boho/Indie Style Blog

✿ Slap Bracelets - Best Fashion/Posh Style Blog

✿ Hocus Pocus - Best Minimal/Aesthetic Style Blog

✿ Furby - Shooting Star (Best Under 1K - must submit proof of follower count, that also clearly displays your url to be considered for this category.)

h i g h e r  c h a n c e s ~ 

✿ Talk to me, here. I don’t bite, promise!

✿ Follow my Kappa Nu Sorority Brother, JC and message me here to inform me when done. Please do not lie, I will be checking.

✿ Participate in any of my current promos and message me here to inform me of which ones you participated in when done.

o t h e r ~

✿ Adorable banner was made by the beautiful Haniah (@rehticent), you may request a banner or blog makeover from Haniah at @bannersbyrehticent​.

✿ I will be choosing the winners when I am happy with the notes.

✿ If this flops, we will all pretend that this never happened, okay? Okay. Please don’t let it flop though.

That’s it loves, I wish you all the very best of luck! Happy reblogging!

Much love, Kaelyn. <3

YOU Write: Drabble Game

Please partake in this. I worked hard on the graphic and finding prompts so I’d greatly appreciate if you join!! (cr. image of Vernon from 17 Hakron)

YOU GUYS!!!! Thanks to you all we now have 1.1k followers *cries* Since I’m dirt poor I can’t do a giveaway and I don’t really have any ideas on how else to celebrate (if you do though please send send send!!) so I’m thinking a drabble game for all the writers (and those who want to write) that way you can showcase your work to like 1000 people! I’ll give you an AU for each member and whoever is your bias you use the AU to write a drabble or short scenario. 

1. Gender neutral please!
2. Short scenario or drabble (tbh I’ll probably be lenient with this one. I use the term drabble very loosely)
3. Write about your bias! Or fav AU prompt!
4. Your name/url is important!!! I want to credit you for your hard work
5. You can write in 1st person, 2nd or 3rd its up to you! warning if you write in first person I will cry
6. Send it in through submissions only please!! 

“I did that annoying thing where I put loads of smaller boxes inside one big box and you’re getting really mad but you don’t know that the ring is in the smallest box and i can’t wait to see your face” AU

“I go to this restaurant every week and sit at the same table and suddenly you’re my new server” AU (x)

“I moved into the apartment next door and it’s 100% haunted so please let me crash here for the night” AU (x)

“I write a bad pick up line on your cup every time I’m your barista” AU

“Your url is really similar to my friends and I accidentally messaged you” AU

CEO or Lawyer AU someone please write this

“its 2 AM and I’m knocking at your window, wake up and lets go on a late-night walk or something idk can we just hold hands already” AU (x)

“Were in a class together and I sit behind you and all you ever do on your laptop is watch cat videos on YouTube and its extremely distracting” AU

“I’m in art class and I just opened a cupboard to find a tiny person (you) squished inside and you just looked at me and said “shh i’m hiding”” AU

“Hey thanks for literally saving my life by pushing me out of the way of that car, but now you’re yelling at me bc i was reading and walking and you said I’m too cute to die” AU

“we’re doing karaoke and you sang a song after me and i felt like i had to one-up you so now we’re having a karaoke battle” AU

“My pet tarantula accidentally escaped and I forgot to warn the person who lives below me” AU

“I don’t really care if I win that giant stuffed animal but I keep playing the carnival game you’re running just to see you” AU (x)

Most AU’s taken from here unless stated otherwise

I can’t wait to read and post your writing!


it is our pleasure to bring to you our 12 Days of Christmas Awards!!

Me (simplyjoli)  and my homie Ansana (glammist) have been talking about hosting an awards together for months now and since CHRISTMAS(!!!) is around the corner, what better time than now?! 

Each day from December 25th to January 4th, TWO blogs will be chosen (one by me, one by Ansana) to be represented for a particular day!


  • reblog this post!!! (likes will be counted as bookmarks)
    • please please do not delete caption or self-promote on this post! <3 
  • mbf me and Ansana 
    • and that’s it!


  • A Partridge in a Pear Tree: Best URL (x2) 
  • Two Turtle Doves: Best Icon (x2)
  • Three French Hens: Best Theme (x2)
  • Four Calling Birds: Best Posts (x2)
  • Five Golden Rings: Nicest Blogger (x2)
  • Six Geese a Laying: Best New Discovery (x2)
  • Seven Swans a Swimming: Best Color Scheme (x2)
  • Eight Maids a Milking: Best Blog Detail (x2)
  • Nine Ladies Dancing: Best Playlist (x2)
  • Ten Lords a Leaping: Best Overall (x2) 
  • Eleven Pipers Piping: Ansana’s Personal Favorite
  • Twelve Drummers Drumming: Joli’s Personal Favorite

How to Increase Your Chances!

  • reblog this post multiple times for us to notice
  • message us!– seriously, we’re very friendly. Ansana and I became friends because I literally messaged her saying hi and that I read her info page and thought she seemed cool af (WHICH SHE WAS) 
  • any blog type can apply, but you will probably have a higher chance being either an indie or fashion/luxury type blog (one of us is each of these, so we both get to pick one per category!) 
  • reblog our uploads! here are mine, here are Ansana’s

Perks of The Awards Themselves!!! 

  • we both will be following you!
  • showered with queues from the both of us 
  • featured on both our blogs
  • and obviously, two new friends!! :D

if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to message us here or here 

happy reblogging!!! we’d love love LOVE for you to participate in this <333 

we will begin choosing blogs on christmas eve!!!

*please don’t delete the text or self-promote*

hey everyone - so valentine’s day is fast approaching and I wanted to do an awards so that we can celebrate together! i’m super excited for this and i hope you all are too. ❤


  • must be following me!
  • must reblog this post *likes for bookmarking*
  • don’t delete the text or self promote down below


  • cupid (best icon - 2)
  • flowers (best theme - 3)
  • candles (best posts - 3)
  • love letter (best color scheme - 2)
  • a ring (best url - 2)
  • sweeties (best blog decorations - 2)
  • teddy bear (best new discoveries - 3)
  • chocolates (nicest blogger - 2)
  • cupcakes (overall faves - 2)

perks of winning:

  • promos of your choice
  • queues whenever you like
  • a new friend and follower

higher chance:

  • reblog this a bizillion times
  • send me a message!
  • reblog this and this and tell me if you did so


  • will announce the winners at the end of february
  • message me if you have any questions
  • banner created by me, message me if you want one

good luck! love you all lots xx


In December 2012, I started this blog, entitled “RunningRepublican” and over the past few days, I’ve hit over 9,000 followers on tumblr alone. This blog has expanded to Facebook, twitter, and instagram.

The first part of my blog url “Running” has caused mild confusion which is easily cleared up. No I am not running for office, I’m a long distance runner. The second half has created a much larger issue. I’ve been told many times that while people agree and love my ideas, they realize I don’t fit the typical Republican mold. It’s true. Ideologically, I’m a hardcore right libertarian, but I am nevertheless registered as a Republican and occupy a position in a Republican campaign. So where am I going with this?

By the end of the day, I will no longer operate under the url “RunningRepublican” but will rather adopt a new url which I have chosen. This url will ring in a new, non-partisan style to my blog as well. While I will continue my the commentary and questioning of posts on his site which lead me to thousands of followers, I will begin to write lengthier pieces every once in a while to address current events. I will also be making an appearance on @quitefranklytv next week as another way that I will try to get a message of liberty to a wider audience.

While the name is changing, my views are the same. I’m still Standing with Rand. I’ll still be as active, if anything this blog will be more active. I’m trying to increase the activity and quality.

Lastly, after 3 years of being on tumblr, I want to thank everyone who follows me and for making this a really fun endeavor.


I am back, feeling renewed. After some weeks of being on semi-hiatus, I feel like doing another tumblr awards.

Requirements and ads:

Follow me, purebluds.

A reblog is what counts, likes can be used as a bookmark but don’t count as an entrance to the awards.

Must have 50 notes to be realised.

There will be a winner and two runner ups, if someone else applies for it.

It ends 31st October. And, probably, the winners and runner ups will be announced on 1st or 2nd November.


Best url.

Best theme.

Best posts.

Best creations.

Best Harry Potter.

Best The Hunger Games.

Best The Lord of The Rings.

Best Sherlock.

Best Game Of Thrones.

Best multifandom.

Individual favourites.


All winners will get:

  • a follow from me,
  • indefinite promos until 25th November,
  • a honour place in my blog,
  • a graphic of whatever you want,
  • a new friend,
  • cookies and hugs.

All runner ups will get:

  • a follow from me,
  • five promos until 25th November,
  • a honour place in my blog,
  • a new friend,
  • cookies and hugs.

     🎄🎅🏻 Fleuriah’s 12 Days Of Christmas Awards 🎅🏻🎄

Hey Everyone! I’m here with a new award and I would love, love, love if y’all would participate in this because I think this would be fun and it is a bit different from regular awards! 

To Get Started: 

  1. The Twelve Days Of Christmas starts on Dec 25 to Jan 5
  2. Starting From Dec 25, I will choose 1 or 2 winners (depending on amount of notes) for that category/day
  3. A new post will be posted on each day showing the winner, BUT at the end of the day post, there is a question 
  4. That question is for higher chances, you can answer as much times as you want and the winner will be shown the next day
  5. The process then continues ending with the question on the 11th day


  • Must Be Following: @fleuriah
  • Qualify: Reblog, Similar Blog Styles
  • Disqualify: Deleting the text, self promoting, or commenting


  • Featured: On a Page  *Under Co.*
  • You Get: Queues, A New Friend … Duh, ETC.

12 Days Of Christmas 

  1. A Partridge In A Pear Tree - Best Urls 
  2. Two Turtle Doves - Best Posts 
  3. Three French Hens - Best Themes 
  4. Four Calling Birds - Best Add Ons 
  5. Five Golden Rings - Best Colour Schemes 
  6. Six Geese A Laying - Blogs Worth Following
  7. Seven Swans A Swimming - Best Blogs Of December 
  8. Eight Maids A Milking - Newest Discoveries
  9. Nine Ladies Dancing - Nicest Bloggers
  10. Ten Lords A Leaping - Best Blogs Of January 
  11. Eleven Pipers Piping - Best Blogs Overall 
  12. Twelve Drummers Drumming  - My Favourites 


  • Banner: @fleuriah​​ , @beesdesigns
  • Choosing: Between Dec 25 and Jan 5
  • Want to get noticed more? 
    • Reblog this post often
    • Have a perf blog; make it slay
    • Reblog posts and posts that I’m hosting
  • Any Questions? Message me
  • Don’t Be A Grinch And Spread Christmas Cheer!

Thats All Loves! Happy Reblogging, Good Luck, Merry Christmas & Have A Happy New Year!

Love, Bee

Hello everybody!!! You might wonder; “Is it a new crappy edit? Is it a follow forever?!" 

No! It’s a ”Thanks to“ post! 

Because I can’t promise to people I will follow them forever, and because I also wanted to thank people that follow me, I decided to make this, instead of the classic follow forever.

So, my blog officially turned 1 year old on August the 3rd! *yay congratz* And I wanted to make something special, like this, thanking people, because you guys are the ones keeping my blog alive!

Ok ok, let’s talk about this edit. Well, "first year” of being and EXO blog? Yeah, it had to be an EXO first year pic, and Luhan of course. And I just wanted to make him look pretty and now he’s Luhannie Monroe (by Aurélie Warhol u_u), okay!

So, the names aren’t gonna be by alphabetical order, but by my own categories. And some sort of tiny message will be added. You’ll understand soon why I couldn’t make it as a follow forever!

Aaaand it’s gonna be very long, so here is a little read more button; and for those who, like me, have the xkit thing that automatically opens read more on the dash, I’m sorry xD

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