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for the longest time i didn't know what your url meant until you said it one time, like for a long time i thought it was like "lytrips upstairs" like who's lytrips? idk, maybe someday i would find out, they're upstairs though

I have the hardest time with urls that aren’t hyphened so I might change it so it’s easier for people to read!

Okay but that’s my new name now. Lytrips has a ring to it, it’s happening

hi! i’m aurumstudies, and this is my first post!

name - bia

age - 14

location - california, usa

reason for url - i love latin, and aurum is gold in latin. my middle name is ‘gold’ in arabic so i thought this url translates nicely with my life, and it has a cute ring to it!

facts - i’m an american muslim and of indian descent, i love ethnic food and i am an oldest child. enfj, slytherin. i speak english, urdu, spanish and i can read and write arabic. i’m sarcastically sweet and politely blunt. i’m a part of 34982 fandoms (you can see that on my  main blog @lucidumcal ). i like to write and i love raisins and i hate judgmental people.

reason for a studyblr - although i’m a straight a, honors student (since the fourth grade) i strongly believe that getting good grades doesn’t come easy to me. i have to work for it, and by creating a studyblr i am working hard to considerably tough goal (straight a’s in multiple honors and ap classes) as well as helping others. my biggest goal is to crush my procrastination.

classes i am taking/ will take as of july 2016 - i’m currently enrolled in honors pre calc, honors english ii, honors chemistry, spanish ii, physical education, women’s choir and ap world history. i’m also on the tennis team and in a bunch of clubs.

blogs i love - @areistotle @katsdesk @sirenastudies @mediocrestudyblr @studyign @hpstudyblr @scienceblrguild @hpstudyblrcommunity @cassidyastudies @lunastudyblr @enthusiastudy @obsidianstudy @intellectus @studyplants @studypetals @educatier @studytildawn @studie-s @theorganisedstudent @elkstudies 

i just wanted to say that i love the studyblr community and i am so excited to begin my journey and get utterly immersed in this wonderful side of tumblr!

xx, bia

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hey everyone - so valentine’s day is fast approaching and I wanted to do an awards so that we can celebrate together! i’m super excited for this and i hope you all are too. ❤


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good luck! love you all lots xx


In December 2012, I started this blog, entitled “RunningRepublican” and over the past few days, I’ve hit over 9,000 followers on tumblr alone. This blog has expanded to Facebook, twitter, and instagram.

The first part of my blog url “Running” has caused mild confusion which is easily cleared up. No I am not running for office, I’m a long distance runner. The second half has created a much larger issue. I’ve been told many times that while people agree and love my ideas, they realize I don’t fit the typical Republican mold. It’s true. Ideologically, I’m a hardcore right libertarian, but I am nevertheless registered as a Republican and occupy a position in a Republican campaign. So where am I going with this?

By the end of the day, I will no longer operate under the url “RunningRepublican” but will rather adopt a new url which I have chosen. This url will ring in a new, non-partisan style to my blog as well. While I will continue my the commentary and questioning of posts on his site which lead me to thousands of followers, I will begin to write lengthier pieces every once in a while to address current events. I will also be making an appearance on @quitefranklytv next week as another way that I will try to get a message of liberty to a wider audience.

While the name is changing, my views are the same. I’m still Standing with Rand. I’ll still be as active, if anything this blog will be more active. I’m trying to increase the activity and quality.

Lastly, after 3 years of being on tumblr, I want to thank everyone who follows me and for making this a really fun endeavor.