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the way you hunger for me to unmake myself into clay / to be as red and malleable as the word girl in your hands / when i was born early and impatient, the earth hungered for me then too / but don’t you remember? / the first car ride home, three months old, i did not sleep / i watched the stars / i watched the light and how my true name nestled there / waiting for me to grow wild enough to reach up for it / mother, don’t call me sorrow because you can’t hold me / call me what i am / canticle threaded into the aegean sky by god’s own hands / a chosen man, a chosen thunder

Petition for Haz to turn his YouTube channel into his own cooking show

I’m pissed off at neurotypical society. I want to get this off my chest and stand up for the autistic community all in one go. This rant can apply to society’s view of disability in general because disabled people who aren’t autistic will understand where I’m coming from. 

Disability carries a stigma that someone who is neurotypical and able-bodied cannot experience or understand unless they become disabled themselves. Disability itself is something society has been taught to fear and hate. 

Well, it’s time for me to throw down and speak up. This is what neurotypical society looks like to me. You are not going to like this picture. Too freaking bad! My voice matters and I’ve got something to say.

I am so tired of neurotypical society holding autistic people to standards it won’t define, won’t explain and won’t teach us about.

I am so tired of that same neurotypical society punishing autistic people for not meeting these nebulous standards like it’s our fault.

There are times when autistic people mess up, yes. Nobody is perfect and everybody makes mistakes. Mistakes are good and we should make more of them. It’s how we learn.

But at least 90% of that messing up is because neurotypical society leads us into messing up and then punishes us for it.

Autistic people are expected to reach up for goals while the neurotypicals keep lifting them up beyond reach like the tall bully kid dangling something over a shorter kid and raising it up higher every time the short kid jumps up to grab their stuff back. 

It’s very rare for neurotypicals to help us reach that thing the tall kid is dangling over our heads. No, autistic people have to do all the struggling, reaching and fighting while neurotypicals sit and watch and laugh.

Society, look at yourself and stop blaming autistic people for not meeting your impossible standards.

Society, look at yourself and stop moving the goalposts because you don’t like how autistic people approach them.

Society, look at yourself and stop punishing autistic people because we can’t inherently see the expectations you claim are so obvious– because if something was as obvious as you claim it is, we would notice! Autistic people are Fleet Admirals at Obviousness! Fleet Admiral is the highest rank you can get in the Navy, by the way, so you can’t get more obvious than that!

My point is the only obvious thing I see here is most of you neurotypicals don’t care to learn or communicate with me in my world– the autistic world– yet you expect me to learn, function, communicate with you and survive in yours. I’m always twisting myself into unnatural positions for you, yet you won’t even try to do the same for me.

Autistic people are always the ones inconveniencing themselves to please neurotypicals, but neurotypicals won’t inconvenience themselves to help autistic people.

Yes, I meant what I said. We have to please you, but you don’t want to help us.

How is that fair, society? Huh? How is that fair?

Dicen que no te olvidas de alguien hasta que encuentres a alguien o algo mejor. Como humanos, no tratamos bien con el vacío. Cualquier espacio vacío debe ser llenado. Inmediatamente. El dolor del vacío es demasiado fuerte. Impulsa a la víctima a ocupar ese lugar. Un solo momento con esa mancha vacía causa un dolor insoportable. Es por eso que huimos de la distracción a la distracción y del apego al apego.