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everyone loves this moment and I do to.  It’s perfectly delivered, perfectly set up and its a perfect conclusion to this whole jailbreak.  Lance gets his chance to shine and save the day.  So - can talk about the fact that - Shiro lets him.

I’ve already talked about how, if shit suddenly hits the fan, Shiro’s first response is action.  Someone else talked in their post about how he tends to leap in ahead of the others, even when one of the others might be more suited, simply because he has a meat-shield complex.  This is a split second moment.  They’ve got a chance for one attempt and one alone and if it fails, they’re going to have to go back in and do this the very, very hard way.  Shiro sees what’s happening.  He has a jet pack.  He’s capable of reacting and throwing himself into things and its his nature to.  But.

But Lance says he’s got this - and Shiro stays put.  Let’s talk about the level of trust in Lance, the level of faith in Lance’s competency, the fact that Shiro listens to Lance and accepts his assessment that this moment holds.  They’ve got one chance to do this right - and Shiro trusts Lance enough to let him take that chance.  He does it without a seconds hesitation.  He doesn’t say ‘are you sure?’, he doesn’t head back in in case Lance misses.  He stays put and let’s Lance do his thing, no backup plan or safety net in place.  No matter how Lance may see himself, Shiro very obviously proves here that he sees Lance as a competent and important part of the team and trusts him and his judgement in a time of crisis without hesitation.  Can we please put to rest the fanon interpretation that Shiro ignores or belittles Lance’s place as a member of Team Voltron.  Shiro listened to Lances judgement call and trusted him to make it.

I know I’m just preaching to the earnest woman choir but sex positivity…is definitely in large part responsible to my unhealthy use of substances, and my eating disorder, as well as my discomfort with sex, and kept me in the closet for as long as I did. the fact that I spent ages like 14-19 getting drunk and high to lower my inhibitions because part of me knew how much i hated what I was doing and knew I needed to be near unconscious to subject myself to horrible traumatic sex as a temporary bandaid solution for my hating myself and then the consequent years convincing myself I actually enjoyed fucking men because if I didn’t why would I have done it. And the subsequent desire to make myself as small as possible because I hate being Curvy and having a big ass and big tits, or at least how i know men look at me because of them. And all of the time spent trying to unlearn all of these horrible ideas that I’ll probably be in the process of doing til I die etc lol

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Hello sorry to bother you, but i think you would be the best person to ask- how do the cwhl and nwhl view each other? Would there ever be a merger of the two?

this has been sitting in my inbox for weeks and I’m so sorry for that.

There’s a great series by Zoë Hayden on The Victory Press about the history of the NWHL and CWHL:

The Story So Far: CWHL and NWHL (Part I)

The Story So Far: CWHL and NWHL (Part II)

There’s also Angelica Rodriguez’s history of the Minnesota Whitecaps, which covers the start of the CWHL quite well.

These are very long reads but they are worth it. Everything you could want to know about the history of the NWHL and CWHL is included in those articles. Please read those first before continuing down this ask, as they have important stuff I’m going to reference in the rest of this.

This got really long so I’m going to put it under a read more.

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Adhd is already taken much too lightly, it can be extremely debilitating to many people and impacts every aspect of their life. I’m tired of it being treated as a less serious or “less important” disorder. I’m tired of it being thrown under the bus. It can be just as debilitating and hard to live with as depression or autism.

I grew up thinking i was neurotypical until 9th grade, despite being diagnosed with adhd in first grade, because nobody treated it seriously as a disorder. All I’d known about it was “Hyper and draws in class uwu” until ealier this year, 10th grade, i found out about executive dysfunction, hyperfixations, memory problems.

I grew up thinking i was neurotypical, but that i was just lazy and st*pid, that something about me was broken because i couldnt remember things i had just been told, i was told that i just wasnt trying hard enough because i was a smart kid.

I thought i was messed up because of my hyperfixations, and i hated how “obsessed” i would get with my fandoms and how much my friends made fun of it because many of them were “cringey” (Mlp, hetalia, fnaf, and undertale to name a few)

Please stop treating adhd as nothing more than “hyperactive and easily distracted”. It’s fucked up.