folks, i need book recs.

i need stories that will fill my soul with wonder till my heart aches. 

help a fellow queer out. 

Classic Literature

Foreign Language Literature

Biology & Medicine




Geography & Anthropology

Economics & Politics



Philosophy & Theology

Art & Art History


[This is by no means a perfect list and I had real trouble finding books written by female authors, specifically in more scientific areas, so if you have any recommendations then send them to me and I’ll update this list]

First forget inspiration. Habit is more dependable. Habit will sustain you whether you’re inspired or not. Habit will help you finish and polish your stories. Inspiration won’t. Habit is persistence in practice.
—  Octavia E. Butler, “Furor Scribendi” in Bloodchild and Other Stories
Novel Length Friday

Philes!  We have a feeling you’re going to hate/love us for this.  This week we are doing a  recap of the last few months to allow everyone to catch up on novel length fics, and to read anything that may have been missed.  Trust us, each one of these stories is so worth cancelling any and all plans for.  So, please, scroll through and read till your heart’s content.  

Each link provided below takes you to the original post, which contains the length, rating, trigger warnings, and a synopsis. 

Lots of love, and we will see you with something fun and fresh for Smut Sunday!

And Death Shall Have No Dominion by Jean Helms

As by Dri

Diary of the Second Holocaust by Megan Reilly

A Legacy by dlynn

Twelve Tales of Christmas by Anne Haynes

The 13th Sign by Prufrock’s Love

The Sins of the Father by MD1016

Summer’s Lease by Brandon D. Ray

All Things Bright and Beautiful by dlynn

An Alluring Indiscretion by Beduini and M. Taylor Harrison

Original Sin by Syntax6

Lost Time by Spider

Portions of Eternity by Dianora

City of Light by Bonetree

Butterflies All Tied Up by Bugs

Mesabi Ferum by Zoonr

And We Remain by Shannono

Queens Gambit by Suzanne Schramm

*Please note:  there is a post from August which contains a list of earlier novel length fics.  We can’t find it, but if you do, feel free to read those as well!

The Seduction of Jazz

A few months after college graduation, I moved to a tiny studio apartment in Manayunk, a neighborhood in northwest Philadelphia.  My apartment was on top of a bar tending school and was large enough for a bed and a coffee table, nothing more. To give you perspective, the kitchen stove was about four feet away from where I slept.  I found a picture of my empty apartment below and the photo was taken in the “kitchen”. It was here where I remember first listening to jazz….on purpose. 

My short-lived love affair with jazz started one night after I watched Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris.  I always have romanticized the 1920s but the movie triggered a night’s worth of appreciation. I poured myself a glass a wine, sat on the stool near my window, lit a cigarette, and listened to the sounds of Louie Armstrong while watching the night life below me. That evening was so pleasurable that I made it a weekly habit that lasted about six months…

I later moved in with one of my best friends (shout out to Erika) to a new neighborhood in Philly.  Living with a roommate has a lot more pluses than negatives but you do have less time (and freedom) to enjoy nights alone. It was here where I stopped listening to jazz.

Flash forward to the present, where I am being seduced by jazz for a second time, and again it was triggered by a movie.  Although the film is set in modern times rather than the Jazz Age, La La Land’s one protagonist is a passionate jazz musician (played by Ryan Gosling) who’s dream is to open his own jazz club.  This resurfaced memories of my time in Manayunk and the nights where I suppressed the habit of watching TV, playing video games, or being on my phone but rather indulged in a slight buzz and jazz music.

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The reasons I find jazz so alluring is because:

  • Jazz was the soundtrack to the Roaring Twenties, a decade that was progressive and rebellious.  Women’s suffrage was at its peak at the turn of the decade and women wanted a new standard for themselves. Women danced, smoked, drank, and talked freely about sex.  African American culture had a big impact on the 20s and females like Bessie Smith took over the radio. The youth took to night clubs and speakeasies to enjoy different styles of jazz.  People were using automobiles and telephones at large scale and motion pictures grew in popularity and accessibility. Those in their teens and twenties rebelled against the cultural norms of the older generations and progressive cities like London, Paris, and New York experienced a new “cultural edge”. In France, the Roaring Twenties are known as the Crazy Years which speaks to the chaotic nature of this decade.

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  • Jazz is ever-changing.  Ryan Gosling’s character touches on this during a scene in La La Land –> jazz has a improvisational component to it which allows the artist to change up a song every time he/she plays it. This means that if you are listening to a live jazz band/artist, you may never hear that unique version of the song they are playing ever again. The same artist can play the same song over and over but the piece, to those that really listen, is always new.  Jazz also, on a larger scale, has evolved over time, as most genres do.  I encourage you to check out reddit user johno456′s answer to the thread below (also earning him reddit gold) to better understand the changes in jazz throughout the last few decades:
  • Jazz gives me the feels.  Jazz makes me feel optimistic, sexy, and inspired.  I feel mature, yet youthful.  I find the whole experience of listening to jazz very pleasurable.

If you want to dabble, here are some of my recos:

Dream a Little Dream of Me - Ella Fitzgerald

Let’s Get Lost - Chet Baker

Heebie Jeebies - Chick Webb & His Orchestra

The Girl From Ipanema - Amy Winehouse (+ the original version from Gets/Gilberto)

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LOOK WHAT I’VE GOT BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. 😍😍😍 I finally have the Fantastic Beasts screen play!!! Definitely jumping in to this once I finish my current read! Isn’t it just sooooo gorgeous??? 😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️ #latesbookibought tag tagged by @whatsername_reads, thank you! 😊❤️📚

Here’s a list of A/B/O fics I collected to read/ re-read/ rec.

These fics were recently recommended to me, so if you have more that you think I’d love, please reply with a title or link :D Doesn’t matter if I’ve read them before. Also please everyone is more than welcome to rec me your own alpha!Dean and omega!Cas fics!

Here are just the fic titels and links, below the cut you’ll find summaries and some initial blurb by me.

Take On Me by Powerfulweak

How To Keep Warm In Winter by WingIt

Poisk Istiny {Finding Truth} by CassondraWinchester, lotrspnfangirl (pdlessard07)

The Old-Fashioned Way by cheeseburgersmakemeveryhappy

Like Cats and Dogs by sweetdean

Bonded by Luciel89

Disclaimer: All fics are alpha!Dean and omega!Cas ♥

Keep reading

Creativity and imagination are important.  I often remember back to my days in college, when earning my history degree, and later MBA, reading took my mind off the stresses of studying.  All throughout my professional career, reading has always been a creative endeavor. 

It’s always important to read meaty subjects that will challenge your mind, or teach you how to be a leader, learn new professional things, or to learn how to manage and work with people.  Do not forget to read relaxing and engaging stories.  I love science fiction and fantasy, and often find myself very refreshed and engaging when at work.  Sometimes a new idea of born out of reading something completely unrelated. 

Read a variety of subjects, and read as often as you can.  Keep your mind engaged and the ideas will flow.

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