Other vampires: Untouchable

I randomly stumbled on this manwha (Korean Manga) and thought you guys might enjoy it too. For other reads, here!

The art is so pretty, and the story is driven by romance and comedy.

Vampires hide from mortals, and they evolved to blend in as a different species. They feed through touching, absorbing the energy of humans as they go, and think about them as “food”.

As different species, vampires stay between themselves (they were never human), and they grow old as well. Sunlight is okay, and they all have striking looks.

In Untouched, Sia, a vampire supermodel, crosses paths with Jiho (pictures above ^^) and she accidently touched his hand. She never tasted anything similar to him and begins her obsession with him… who has a fear of germs (mysophobia) and absolutly hates being touched. Because coincidences, they happen to become neighbors.

Her childhood vampire friend doesn’t like how she’s obsessing over what he sees as food, which of course, creates a good amount of tension about who dates who and backstabbing around.

I’ve found it here posted by the author and fantranslated, but if you can find it officially translated into your language, buy it ^^

It’s a bit too clean and naive to be really, really interesting for me as a WoD source, but I still enjoyed the smoothness of it!

What do you think?

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Best AUs you've ever read?

I can’t decide x’D I love AUs so much, to be honest i always skip canonical fic and goes to AU, Anyway,  end up make a really long list :

  • As He That Sleeps Here Swim , ghost AU,  - or spirit harry, or idk… but harry is not human, there’s globe and shakespeare (i never ever can be done with this xD even though i don’t read any shakespeare at all before)
  • a million roses (bathed in rock n’ roll) , LANA DEL REY AU,  i love this so much, everything in it (well i even made a comic of it soo….)
  • Loathy, arthurian AU, elf and knight and swords and king, and harry is not pretty in it… it’s kind of different with what i usually read. really good.
  • From Eight Until Late, I Think About You , Youtuber AU, this is just really cute, all of them have youtube channel and do weird challenges just like what youtuber usually do 
  • i wanna be your lover, baby, i wanna be your man , Fleet week AU, i don’t even know what fleet week is until i search google because this fic makes me curious and aww-ing too much
  • Outwit, Outplay, Outlast - survivor (TV SHOW) AU - this is just really fun to read xD and i never really imagine them on that tv show, but it works pretty well
  • Has Me By My Heart , Con Artist AU this one is really fun, harry is con artist and louis has record label, and niall is so so resourceful. I think this one is the one that made me so into ziall as side pairing at the end eheh
  • no grave can hold my body down, Ghost AU , but in this one harry and louis are human, the other boys are ghost in a haunted house that gems dare harry and louis spend a night in. 
  •  Who Painted the Moon Black, Hunger Games AU , i only watched hunger games several times, so i don’t really know the book. beware of angst and killing and hungar games… but this is really good, i love lottie in it.
  •  Pretty Boy, Prostitute AU and royalty AU, prostitute harry and louis is prince of england, i always have a thing for hooker!harry, but this one is my favorite of favorite :’D
  • As We Are, royalty AU harry is the prince, louis is one of JK corden worker. James is something like olivia pope? - fixing public images and stuff, and this is really good :’0
  • surrender to the afterglow, President AU, Lawschool student Harry and Politiican Louis, i like how it’s written not in a usual timeline
  • We Made These Memories for Ourselves , Family AU, because of course footballer louis and bakery owner harry and mpreg, is still one of best combination ever :’)
  • Kiss From A Rose, Rockstar x Model AU, shamelessly reccing my own fic because we need more rockstar louis and model harry :’DD

i’m now in the middle of reading escapade and the cowboy fic :’D they’re already good even when i just started, i want to rec it but maybe after i finished them. 

Anyway, I remember I read a dancing AU, Zoo Keeper AU and wedding planner AU before but i really forget what’s the title, i really want to re-read it again. tell me if someone know? :)

the intern - trishapocalypse - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Nick Grimshaw/Harry Styles, Zayn Malik/Harry Styles, Zayn Malik/Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik/Liam Payne, Harry Styles/Ben Winston
Additional Tags: Anal Sex, Rimming, harry’s a little slut like for real and never has sex in a bed, harry cries a lot too, this is a little self-indulgent, Oral Sex, Sexual Content, Sexual Tension, Pining, Alternate Universe, Mildly Dubious Consent

“Mr. Tomlinson?”

Lou’s head snapped up and his first thought was no, no, no this kid could not be his intern. No. That just wouldn’t be fair. “Yes?”

“I’m Harry, uh, Styles. I’m your intern?”

(Or: Harry is Louis’ new intern, has a lot of sex with a lot of people, makes Lou a lot of tea, cries a little too much, wears a flower crown, and steals Lou’s heart.) (I swear there’s a happy ending.)

“If you’re really listening, if you’re awake to the poignant beauty of the world, your heart breaks regularly. In fact, your heart is made to break; its purpose is to burst open again and again so that it can hold evermore wonders.”

- Andrew Harvey

my ‘i’m trash but you should read this’ list

So I like to think I read and keep up with a substantial amount of fic. However, this community is flourishing every single day and with that means a lot of new, wonderful fics that I have yet to throw myself into. And, as much as I’d like to think my brain is this amazing, multitasking champion, I forget a lot of the time the ones I want to check out in the future. I do have a to read tag, but I thought what might be really beneficial, both for myself and you, is to compile a fic rec page with fic I haven’t actually read, but really really want to! Some will be new, whilst others have been around a little longer and I just haven’t been able to get around to. This doesn’t include one shots, so I may do another separate list of those later!!

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Holy shit. the dark and the dentist is the best canon compliant thing ever. feels like peering into their real lives. archiveofourown(.)org / works / 3465416

Ohhhh! This sounds good and I’ll probably cry. Thanks :)

“I know this song,” Louis whispers, and Harry has to lean his ear toward him to pick up what he’s saying. “It was written for people to dance to it. We should be dancing.”
We can’t, Harry almost spits, but it’d be stupid of him. Louis knows they can’t. Even if he looks like any regular Parisian in their twenties, and Harry looks like any hipster Parisian in their twenties, they can’t anyway. To be fair, they probably wouldn’t do it even if they were out. But if they were two uni students, both in Paris for an exchange, meeting over fallen books at the library, or because of mutual friends, or watching Monet’s Water Lilies?
“How would we dance?” Harry murmurs, mouth almost pressed to Louis’ cheek, so close he can feel his warmth. What a picture they must make, two millionaires freezing in a park and dreaming of a different life.

yesterday I went into the local accessory shop for a new pair of glasses and I started trying on pairs and looking in the mirror and the old lady behind the counter was like

“put those back, sweetie. Those are for old people. You’re young. Your eyes work fine. You kids who wanna look trendy can buy these fake glasses over here, the lenses aren’t magnified. Put those back.”

So I looked in her direction and squinted and was like

“who said that”

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i dont know if you care about greek mythology but i do know you care about gay things so im here to tell you about "the dark wife" which is a book about persephone and hades except hades is a woman and its so gay its sooo gay everyone is gay im only in the beginning but its awesome. also fun fact its online for free

OH MAN thanks for the tip!! i’ll look it up asap!