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I think that Leiftan isn’t dateble because he doesn’t really love Erika, yes he needs her, as we know she’s somehow connected to the cristal right? He care and protect her because he needs her, shes important for his plan, he tald Erika that he wants avange his family, so maybe he wants to resume his kind? And for that he need more power, what have power? cristal. In ep17 he was really “agressive”, market accident with erica, “date”, than kiss, why now? cuz he noticed that she likes nerva/ez/val

Resume his kind? I guess. If he is the only demon left. But wouldn’t that also raise the question of offspring? I doubt you can bring dead back to life.
Unless he wants to be the only , true and powerful demon in Eldarya and beyond.

He does need her. I think we have noticed that for quite some time now so you are right there. He seems to know more about her than the others as well.
He was never suspicious of her unlike others. From the start he was for her.There has to be a lot more to it other than her supposed power / her connection to the crystal.

I am not sure about your case, but when ever I had him as “someone” in the crush option, he would flirt with Erika here and there and my options would be either neutral or flirty (I had to choose ). So I don’t know about the aggressive part during this episode. Most of the episode I had “Nevra “ as my crush. He didn’t react in jealousy or in an aggressive way. He was rather…Hm…Distant. 
Another aspect of that is the whole LOM point system. The points should show us how much the character cares for us. In my case Leiftan is at 50. So his actions were neutral. If your points are higher then he will turn flirty and touchy.
Another example: I had my crush set to someone, but I did not get a kiss on the corner of Erika’s lips from him what so ever. I didn’t even cross him. Someone people did. 

I think his “aggressiveness” depends on the points stand he has with Erika. The higher it is, the more he likes her and thus acts on that more. 

Because in my case he is at 50 and the only one acting up all flirty is Nevra who was at 100 and now is at 90.

He needs the crystal for his plans. True. Right there again.

I am not sure if any of our points are the reason why he is not datable.
But I think we agree he is there to mess things up.


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If shiro ever does come back we all know what's gonna happen to rin and yukio but Mephisto..... Mephisto is gonna be ether almost dead or dead by the time Shiro's done with him

Oh, you can bet your ass he’ll be dead af. Shiro might’ve raised his boys kind of poorly, but he loved them both dearly and he wouldn’t let Mephisto go so easily. I bet he’s rolling like a pinwheel in his grave.

A city where necromancy is legal and actually a part of every day society.

So long as you follow a specific set of laws to make it seem a bit more ethical, you’re allowed to use it to do anything from helping you in a fight, to helping you run your business. In fact, there are entire shops or restaurants where the staff are undead.

Laws to handle the undead could be things like:
• The corpses used cannot have flesh on them for sanitary reasons, especially in the case of businesses. Those who raise undead who are more than just bone will face a fine dependent on their situation.
• Similar to how people can donate their bodies to science, or donate their organs to those in need, people can choose to donate their bodies to necromancers before their death.
• If it is unknown if a person wished for their body to be donated after death, and they have been dead for 150+ years, you’re allowed to raise them. If next of kin is still alive, you must get permission from them first.
• You must take care of the undead in your charge. Keep them clean and unbroken. If one of them starts to get too much wear and tear, you are required by law to respectfully lay them back down to rest. Failure to do this will get you a hefty fine.

Guess Who’s Back

Writer - @damndescendants 

Requested - nope. Send in request!

Disclaimer - I do not own any of Descendants’ characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney Descendants

Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader

Summary – (Y/N) is the daughter of Dr. Facilier and is one of the Villain Kids who go to Auradon but when Mal returns to the Isle she goes with Ben, Evie, Carlos, and Jay to get her back when they run into her boyfriend, Harry Hook

Warning(s) - threats, if you squint harm/harassment hinted and mentioned, protective 

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Making Dragons Deadlier...

D&D Stands For One Thing - Dungeons & Dragons!

And what’s the second part of that name?


One of the most famous, if not the famous, creatures in all of D&D History.

And so for the Reptile-Lovers and Exceptionally Cruel Dungeon Masters who just happen to have a few dozen Dragons in their Settings and Campaigns, here’s a selection of Traits and Weaponry to armor-up those special little guys and girls and turn them into the world-destroying weapons of D&D, that we all know and love…

Note: Here is 80+ Traits, Actions, Reactions, Attacks and Much More for all your Dragon-Making Needs…

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