to quietly love

And people will not stop asking why I am so quiet while I have a million thoughts racing through my mind. There are just some things that words fail to speak no matter how hard you try to shape them into words. Some thoughts are meant to be left unsaid.
—  Lukas W. // Quietly

LANDO: We’re a small outpost and not very self-sufficient. And I’ve had supply problems of every kind. I’ve had labor difficulties– (catches Han grinning at him) What’s so funny?

HAN: You. Listen to you. You sound like a businessman. A responsible leader. Who’d have thought that, huh?

Lando is reflective. He looks at Han a moment.

LANDO: You know, seeing you sure brings back a few things.

HAN: Yeah.

For years, you served as a faithful Main Character. Your Author rewarded you by maiming you and forcing you to marry a woman you never cared for. Then he cursed you with children you never wanted, took away everything you ever loved, and quietly destroyed you while your children replaced you, all to thunderous applause. Now, after all this time, you have come face-to-face with your Author, ready to demand an explanation

If there ever comes a day when you wake up to the sound of uncertain feelings for me, do not stay any longer. Tell me that you need to go, tell me that I am no longer the one. Make it quiet and gentle. I will understand.
—  Lukas W. // Gently and quietly

“I think that… I think that until you’ve fought those battles yourself, until you’ve had the guts to stand up for who you are, you should be really fucking careful talking about and putting yourself above Gay Pride.”


First meeting of Oswald Cobblepot & Edward Nygma (1.15)


Practice Room- Where it all began

(Who’s extra emo about sugamon tonight (every night)??? tHIS GIRL. Every time they talk about reminiscing about their hardships and achievements in interviews, it warms my heart to the 27363744th power)

Okay so, here’s the dealio:

  • You’re allowed to miss Isak, actively ship Evak, and want more Evak + Sana interaction. It doesn’t make you a fetishist.
  • You’re allowed to NOT want a lot of Evak in Sana’s season so that the focus remains as closely on her as possible. It doesn’t make you a homophobe or “too preachy.”
  • You’re allowed to ship Vilde with Eva or any other girl and think that Vilde is a lesbian. It doesn’t make you desperate or “reaching” or mean you “just want everyone to be gay.”
  • You’re allowed to believe Vilde when she says that she is indeed attracted to men (whether that’s exclusively or not), or to ship her with Magnus. It doesn’t mean you hate lesbians or hate women.
  • You’re allowed to ship Sana with Yousef or any other dude, as long as you do it with care and sensitivity. It doesn’t mean you’re sexist, or that you think that every girl needs a guy in her life.
  • You’re allowed to NOT ship Sana with Yousef (or anyone else). It doesn’t mean that you don’t think Sana deserves love or don’t think Muslim women can be romantic or sexual beings.
  • You’re allowed to be pissed at the girl squad for their recent behavior towards Sana. It doesn’t mean you hate them or hate women.
  • You’re allowed to defend the girl squad as imperfect but ultimately good people. It doesn’t mean you hate Sana or are minimizing her feelings.
  • You’re allowed to love the balloon squad boys with all your heart. It doesn’t make you weird or mean that you only care about male characters.
  • You’re allowed to acknowledge that the balloon squad boys probably won’t all be 100% perfect, 100% of the time. It doesn’t (necessarily) make you racist (some folks are, no doubt about it. I’m talking about recognizing that the complexity of the human condition applies to people of every race, creed, ethnic background, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc.).
  • You are allowed to find Isak, Even, (or anyone else on this show, though tbh the dumb stuff I see is disproportionately about Isak) attractive. It doesn’t make you a fetishist, and it doesn’t mean that it’s the only aspect of the show you care about.
  • And yes, you’re allowed to read Evak smut and ~feel sexual feelings~ without being a pervert, or a pedophile, or someone who doesn’t also recognize the emotional gravity and beautiful storytelling of this great show and its characters. (Seriously some of y’all don’t just kink shame, you shame people for finding other people attractive at all, and it’s kind of weird and puritanical?? Like don’t read that stuff if you’re not into it but don’t be a dick about it).
  • But also: You’re allowed to not find any or all of the characters on the show attractive, or not want to read about them in sexual situations. It doesn’t make you a prude.

Obviously there are super, super problematic people around these parts, some for every single bullet point above (and others I neglected to mention), who don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt. There are legit racists, Islamophobes, homophobes, sexists, problematic fetishists, and every other stripe of dumbassery you can imagine. It’s important to call that shit out when you see it. Just asking y’all to learn the difference between an actual asshole (there are plenty of those to go around, trust me) and someone whose opinion or preference differs from yours, and play a little nicer. Oh, and I didn’t really get into a lot of the racism and Islamophobia stuff because none of that shit is defensible. Anyway imma get off my soapbox and go spend some time NOT on Tumblr byeeee


Happy 264th Birthday, Robert Townsend!


thank you game for giving me this tiny gems of confirmation that Token and Tweek are 100% friends who do dumb shit like sing at a seniors’ home together, and care about each other.