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yes24 gangnam olympus hall fansign ♡ 170426
translation: fantaemsie via tidlsl_0525

(on: the flower crown.) a fan said they asked jonghyun if he wanted to wear the flower crown himself or if they could put it on his head themselves. they said they were afraid to cause an incident in case he didn’t like putting things on his head which is why they told him it was okay if he didn’t wanna wear it, but jonghyun lowered his head and asked them to put it on. fan said their hands were trembling so they end up putting it too much to the front so he said: “back, to the back” so, again, with shaking hands, the fan moved it a bit to the back.

I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Seven

Summary: You explain everything to Kathryn after faking your way through the rest of the convention. Back in Vancouver, you and Jared have to have a serious talk about the future of your pregnancy
Jared x Reader (mentioned Jared x Gen, Jared x Reader x Gen), Jensen, Kathryn Newton
Words: 4.6k
Warnings: pregnancy, angst, smut
Beta: @blacksiren

I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Series Masterpost

Your name: submit What is this?

For once, you were grateful that you were flying back on Monday morning so that you were able to spend Sunday night in the hotel.

You promised Kathryn that you’d tell everything to her that night, seeing as the small break for lunch really wasn’t enough time to explain yourselves properly.

She agreed to keep it quiet and, seeing as she didn’t have any panels left where she might accidentally slip up, you trusted her.

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Thoughts for Another Bride

You told me you loved my hair. I hadn’t had time to put it up yet, so I was standing in pre-op with my hair falling to my waist (8 months of residency and no time to get it cut). You pulled your cap off to show me yours was gone now.

You touched my ring and showed me yours. You told me the proposal had come before the diagnosis. Everything was on hold for you now, waiting for the end of the chemo and the surgeries. I thought about the unfinished pile of invitations on my coffee table, the dress hung in the closet at my parent’s house.

The man who loved you is like the man who loves me – tall but not too tall, broad shouldered, with a big, easy smile.

Then it was all blue paper drapes and silver instruments and I knew I wouldn’t get a chance to tell you all the things I should have said. The words maybe I could have given you - if any of them would have mattered.

So instead, I gave you what I could, I closed slowly; tiny stitches to make the scar as small and perfect as I could, so maybe it wouldn’t show if you wanted to wear a strapless dress. I squeezed your hand as they woke you up.

I think about you here in blue scrubs and I’ll think about you again when I’m wearing white. I’ll forget you in a hospital gown, and think of a wedding gown instead.

Her “mother” abandoned her, she was a child, alone in an unknown village without friends or family.  

No matter what she went through, she never wavered.

And despite all the things she’s endured up until now, she remains grateful

Because she has all she needs, she was able to meet her real family.

Family isn’t about whose blood you carry, it’s about who stayed, who loved you and remained loyal no matter what.

mbc fm - starry night radio ♡ 170511
translation: fantaemsie

the following is a series of question that he had to answer - several that came from a sixty seconds video.

question: i’ve listened to blue night as just a listener.
jonghyun: yes.

question: as a producer i underwent rejection and the rejected song was put in my album.
jonghyun: yes. i gave the song “breathe” to lee hi but, before it, i wrote the song “fireplace”. i wanted lee hi to listen to it but i let tablo first listen and, when he did, he said: “i like this kind of song, but …” and that’s always how i know that the song doesn’t really appeal to the other party when they start it with a “it’s good, but …”. that’s how i ended putting it in my own album.

question: as a twenty eight you old, something you wish to do before turning thirty.
jonghyun: release a book, a thriller one.

question: as a man, my charm is …
jonghyun: my honesty.


Crossover screenshot redraw of Star vs. the Force of Evil and One Piece.

“The Tapestry of Nefertari Vivi”

Hahahaha This is kinda like OP in SVTFOE AU. I don’t know why but from the first time I saw Toffee.. I can strongly felt the Crocodile’s vibes from his appearance. Well I mean yeah he is an alligator monster but he is also very cunning, tactical and has that sleek black hair too, just like Crocodile. And in the end of season 1, almost the entire episode has the ‘ Rain Dinners underwater jail’ scene vibes..haha. Featuring Toffee as Crocodile, Star as Vivi and Marco as the entire crew inside the jail.

So, when I saw Moon’s tapestry in the later episode, I was like..” wow.. I must redraw this scene in OP AU”. XD

I kinda want to draw Nefertari Titi on the tapestry and Vivi as the watcher.. But I decided to put Luffy as the the watcher instead..hehe

whenever i see anything from the first few acts of homestuck because it makes me so emotional that this is where it all started
with a dork who likes ghostbusters and putting fake arms into cakes
with a mature snarky gothic girl who likes knitting and h.p. lovecraft
with a meta-ironic hipster dude way ahead of his time who makes music and shitty memes
with a simple sleepy pacific islander girl who is friendly, loves gardening, and has an OP dog

this is who we initially knew them as. but as their priorities shifted and shit got more threatening to their lives and existence, we were able to see character arcs and what really affected them all the way to the end. even shit in hindsight that we thought was funny but was revealed to be really sad or more serious

john egbert wanted to be a hacker but was really bad at it. thousands of pages later he’s altering the entire reality of a game to save his friends and session from a decaying timeline.

rose lalonde wasn’t fond of her mother’s drinking habits. years later, she’s acquired a taste for alcohol on the meteor despite not even liking the taste. seeing her mother die at the hands of jack really fucked her up i guess

dave strider always thought his brother was cool but just toying with him. years later he’s sitting with his brother’s alernate universe teen self before their final battle, and finally venting his buildup of realization ever since jack killed him that his bro was abusive and his ‘irony’ was just masking how sick he really was.
dave learned that he didnt always need his cool dude funnyman facade to be likeable

jade harley initially wouldnt hurt a fly and didn’t do much. later she’s one of the most important characters and she’s responsible for saving the essentials from the kids’ first session like the planets, the sprites, and skaia, and responsible for creating the Space Frog. she’s like the one thing the big bad wolf bec noir can’t touch since bec, even prototyped with jack, was still her loyal companion. thats how she ascended to god tier in the first place.
since jade was given the most important responsibilities, she’s grown much more assertive and can get shit done

thats not even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to why i love homestuck so much. i think the fact that it was spanned out over such a long time made the characters mature…in a relatively realistic time span

i know homestuck is long as fuck but thats what makes it so good. this comic is written by one guy. he has massive talent in worldbuilding, characters & development, humor, the meta intelligence and genius planning behind all that paradox time shenanigans, and the fucking devotion. one person. and its just… these fuckin characters are so realistic

got fuckin damn

IM CRYING GUYS MY TEST STICKERS OF THE EMOJIS CAME IN and it’s really cute and in perfect size!!!!! I have 90 of these to give away so I’ll be putting random 1 or 2 sticker freebies for the first people who have ordered so far from my shop :’)

Warning: my dog barks at the end I’m so sry omg

Private Party

(gif from james-bucky-barnes)

Private Party:  A Bucky Barnes one shot

Pairing:  Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings:   nsfw below the cut, smut.  penquins.  bad old man jokes.  delayed party gratification

Synopsis:  You and Bucky are stuck out on surveillance on an unexpected mission.  Turns out there is an excellent way to distract your partner and boyfriend from missing his 100th birthday cake…

A/N:  Written for @bucky-plums-barnes​​​​​ 100 Banging Kinks for Bucky’s 100th Birthday challenge.  She still has a few kinks to fill so if you can write a drabble quick go help her out.  This kink was Outdoors.   Now how can a geologist resist that?   Please be gentle.  Have never written this format before.  Hugs to @emilyevanston for holding my hand and making sure it didn’t suck too much. 


“Helluva way to spend a birthday….”

Bucky shakes his head, grumbles low for just the two of you before sighting through his scope for the umpteenth time.   Away in the middle distance nothing moves.  Not a bird.  Not a cavy.  Not even one of Darwin’s blue grey foxes Tony was so enthused about.  So far a bust.  If Xisis was planning on making his final move he was taking his sweet time about it.  

A low hiss of angry steaming sigh leaks out.  Nothing—you’ve both got nothing–just like the last ten times you’ve checked.  Reluctantly Bucky hunkers down, uses the jut of rock that forms your blind to shelter from the wind.  The March air might be warm but the swirl whipping across the poa grass is strong.  Grit flies with every gust.

It makes you itch to clean the barrel of your gun.   

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The various chopin etudes (op.10)
  • (I'm only doing the ones I know since I'm too lazy to go search the others up)
  • Op.10 No.3: SADNESS BEAUTIFUL MELODIES VOICING!!!!!!!!! lyrical melody harmony bUT WAIT AGITATION RAGE RAGE RAGE MORE RAGE RAGE DISSONANCE and more calmness and beautiful melodies um *fades away*
  • Op.10 No.5: all BLACK KEYS BECAUSE YOU DON'T NEED YOUR RIGHT HAND THUMBS ANYWAY and lets just put chords in the left hand just because ALSO I DON'T REALLY CARE IF YOUR HANDS ARE SMALL OR NOT BRILLIANT OCTAVES AT THE END!!!! (I played this piece for a while...and my hands were smaller back then so ugh the octaves)
  • Op.10 No.9: I want to be a rebel so let's just make this a sped-up typical-Chopin-nocturne-style-arpeggiated left hand HOWEVER THE RIGHT HAND MUST HAVE OCTAVES AND GOOD MELODIES AND STUFF and F minor
  • Op.10 No.12: Rage rage rage anger RAGE REVOLUTION MY COUNTRY NOOOOOOOOO BUT FORGET IT I'LL MAKE YOUR LEFT HAND SUFFER AND MAKE YOU REGRET THAT YOU WERE BORN WITH A LEFT HAND dotted rhythms and I'll make you love this piece but hate to play it jUMPSCARE OPENING

Finally finished! I got a wild hair to put together an anime-style Voltron OP, but I wasn’t sure what OP to use. I ended up being torn between this and Haruka Kanata, and this won out. Of course since I’ve done some actual subbing in my day I had to go hard or go home, and I decided to make it look as 2008 as physically possible. That includes at least one awkward translation (”Defender of Legend” instead of “Legendary Defender”), badly-timed title splash watermark, and a horrendous hardsubbed .avi encode hosted to an off-beat streaming website.

Enjoy! I had a lot of fun with this, and please excuse my rusty Japanese in the onscreen credits. Transliteration can be hard. 


the highlight of the photo op was hands down bambam like he was so sweet and genuine ;;;; he was joking around with us when and he saw our headbands he went like “jaebum? jackson? oh sorry i’m not jaebum or jackson” aND HE LAUGHED IN SUCH AN ADORABLE WAY MY HEART HURT and we were so flustered because even though we have our biases we still love bambam so much??? we talked for a bit more and he ended up putting his arms around us like this during the photo op aND I WAS FREAKING OUT that’s why i look so stiff and dumb aND GOD MY HAIR WHY 

also just a little more info but this was probably the second picture they took because the first one got messed up since we got tangled up in his necklace and had to retake it LMAO

The Princess and the Demon - Damian Wayne x Reader

Requested by Anon -  an imagine about young Damian Wayne falling for a girl in a pink princess costume at the Wayne’s Halloween Gala

Damian stood in the far corner of the ballroom, seething at the costumed people around him. They fluttered around like deranged birds, ignoring him in favor of their own selfish socializing. 

He fidgeted in the ugly prince costume Alfred insisted he wear. It itched like poison ivy against his skin, but he refused to scratch, believing it to be a sign of weakness. Damian’s scowl grew even deeper.

“You don’t have to look like you’re going to kill someone, Damian,” Bruce reprimanded gently, having escaped the hoard of single women trying to entrap him to find Damian’s sulking in the corner. “This is part of the job.”

“Yes, I know, Father,” Damian grumbled. “We must play the part in order to ensure our secret.” He rolled his eyes as Bruce’s hand rested on his shoulder. “That doesn’t mean I have to enjoy it.”

Bruce sighed before adjusting the collar of his own prince costume. The entire family decided to attend the ball in prince costumes if only to add to the family’s flamboyant image. “Well, it will only be for a few more hours.”

“If I last that long,” Damian mumbled as Bruce slipped back into the crowd. Damian crossed his arms, slumping against the wall. The band started to play as some of the costumed people in the center of the room began to dance. He frowned when he saw his father dancing with a lovely woman dressed as a cat. 

Suddenly, it happened. A group of people separated, heading towards the buffet table, and you stepped into view. Damian’s heart stopped in his chest as he found he could no longer draw breath. 

You were dressed in a puffy pink dress with a sparkling mini tiara on your head. While Damian would normally think the dress was ridiculous, on you it was magnificent. He noticed you appeared to be as uncomfortable as he was. 

For a time, Damian watched you from afar. He moved only when his view of you got blocked by groups of guests. Eventually, Damian felt the need to approach you, though he didn’t understand why. However, you beat him to it.

“Hi,” you began, appearing at his side. Damian jumped, surprised at your sudden presence. He only lost sight of you for a second. “I noticed you were staring at me.”

“I was not staring at you,” Damian replied hurriedly, doing his best to sound uninterested. “You just happened to be in the direction I was looking.” You laughed, knowing he was lying.

“Right…so do you want to go do something?” you asked, gesturing towards the door. 

“What?” Damian was startled by the bluntness of your words. He couldn’t believe you were talking to him, it almost felt surreal.

“Well, I figured since I am bored, and you look bored, we can go do something else.” You looked at him curiously as his mouth opened and closed like a fish. “You do live here, right? So, there is something fun we can do, isn’t there?”

Damian’s brain took a long moment to comprehend what you said. “Yeah,” he stammered, speechless for the first time in his life. “There are lots of things we can do.”

“Great.” You smiled cheerful, taking his hand. “Let’s go.” Damian’s hand burned at your touch. A shiver ran up in his spine as if your touch was magic. He lost his breath again.

You pulled him out of the ballroom and down the hallway before he recovered enough to take charge. “We can go to the game room,” Damian suggested, guiding you through the halls. An uncomfortable silence fell between the two of you as you walked. Damian cleared his throat before meeting your eye. “Your costume is nice.” He winced at his weak word choice.

“Yeah, my dad picked it out,” you explained, smiling at the awkward complement. “I wanted to dress up as Freddy Fazbear, but he said I had to be a ‘proper lady’.

TT,” Damian huffed, not wanting to admit he had no idea who Freddy Fazbear was. “Nevertheless, you look lovely.”

“Well, thank you. You look handsome as well,” you commented back, smiling at the blush growing on his cheeks.  You both reached the game room with Damian opening the door for you.

“Wow, this is so cool,” you gasped, running in to check the assortment of video game consoles and other things in the room. “Now, I see what you meant by lots of thing we could do.”

TT.” Damian entered the room after closing the door behind him. He watched you in fascination as you struggled to kneel down to look at the collection of games. Damian knelt down beside you, loving how bright your eyes were as you took in the titles. “Which one do you want to play?”

“You have a Super Nintendo,” you exclaimed, noticing the Super Nintendo games lined up on the shelf. You started to look through them while Damian wondered what a Super Nintendo was. He vowed to learn more about this room if only so he could understand what you were talking about. Actually, this was the second time he had been in this room. The first time was when Dick tried to force him into some brotherly bonding. It didn’t end well.

“Do you want to play one?” Damian asked, trying to hide his ignorance.  You gave him a excited look, making Damian’s heart skip a beat. 

“Yes!” You pulled out a game, holding it up for him to see. “Ooo, you have Super Mario World. This has good co-op, so we both can play.” You looked at Damian, waiting for a response. Damian nodded quickly in response as you struggled to your feet in your puffy dress. You moved over to the console, putting in the game. 

Damian grabbed the remote to turn on the television as you booted up the system. “I must admit…I am not completely familiar with this…console.” 

You gave him a bright smile, stuffing a controller in his hands as the main title popped up on screen. “Don’t worry, I’ll teach you.” 

TT,” Damian huffed, his face remaining blank as you struggled to sit down on the couch in your puffy pink dress. He glanced back at the cartoon man running on the screen before looking back to you with a smirk appearing on his face. Maybe this party wouldn’t be so bad after all.

“Have you seen Damian?” Bruce asked Alfred after searching the emptying ballroom for ten minutes. He had planned to grab Damian and sneak away to go on patrol, but he couldn’t find him anywhere.

“I did see him sneak out of the room with a pretty young girl about two hours ago,” Alfred informed as he gathered scattered glasses from various places in the ballroom. 

“What?!” Bruce’s mouth dropped open. The possibilities forming in his head.

“Oh, don’t worry, Master Bruce. Master Damian has not reached the age where that would be a concern,” Alfred reassured, frowning at a chip in one of the glasses. “I believe they are in the game room.”

Bruce’s frown deepened as he headed towards the game room. The closer he got, the louder the laughter grew. Gently opening the door, Bruce was shocked by what he saw.

Damian and you were laughing while they both played the Mario game Bruce remembered playing with Dick once or twice. A smile broke onto his face as he saw Damian just as bad at it as he was.

They were having so much fun, Bruce almost felt bad about interrupting. “Damian, we have to say goodbye to our guests.” Damian jumped to his feet, a embarrassed blush burned onto his face.

“Of course, Father,” Damian answered, raising his nose into the air. He held out his hand to you as you got up from your seat.

“Oh, I better go find my dad,” you said, straightening your dress while taking his hand to stand up. “Thanks for making this party fun, Damian. I hope we can do this again.”

“You’re welcome,” Damian mumbled, blushing even brighter when he heard Bruce chuckle at him.  Suddenly, a different voice distracted the three of you.

“Excuse me, Bruce, but have you seen (Y/N)?” a deep voice called out from down the hallway. Bruce smiled at the man before gesturing into the room. 

“She’s in here,” Bruce answered as the origin of the voice appeared at the door. You smiled while Damian’s jaw dropped open.

“There you are, (Y/N). I was worried,” Oliver Queen, your father, replied. He narrowed his eyes when he noticed you were in the same room as Damian. 

Damian turned to look at you with a stunned expression. “Oliver Queen is your father?” he gasped. He couldn’t believe someone as wonderful as you could come from someone as incompetent as that.  

“Yeah,” you admitted, raising an eyebrow. Lowering your voice, you leaned over to him. “He only found out two months ago.” Damian nodded slowly, understanding the situation. 

“(Y/N), we need to get going,” Oliver reminded, not liking how close you were to Damian. He turned to shake Bruce’s hand, thanking him. 

“So,” you began, shifting around uncomfortably. “It was nice to meet you, Damian.”

“Yes, it was nice to meet you too, (Y/N),” Damian replied. His face was redder than his Robin suit. You looked at him for a moment before getting a playful smile on your face. Suddenly, you leaned over to kiss him on the cheek. 

Time stopped for Damian, his skin tingling from the pressure of your lips. You seemed to know the effect you had on him. Grabbing his phone from the table where he had left it after taking it out of his pocket earlier, you typed fast as the gaze of your fathers burned into you.

“Call me,” you whispered before running towards Oliver, who frowned at you. You both said goodbye to Bruce, walking down the hallway. Damian could hear Oliver’s scolding echoing down the hallway as you went. 

“Damian, let’s go,” Bruce said, grinning like a mad man. “We need to get on patrol.”

“Yes, Father,” Damian coughed, trying to recover from your kiss. He walked out of the room stiffly. Bruce rested a hand on his shoulder, guiding him down the hallway. “Father?”

“Yes, Damian.”

“You don’t need to tell Grayson about this,” Damian demanded, his cheeks burning. 

Bruce smiled, swallowing his laughter. “Don’t worry, Damian. Your secret is safe with me.” 


I’m curious to listen to what the wide world of OP’s have to offer. For fairness (and because I’m feeling like gushing), here’s some of mine! These songs have actually helped me out during rougher times in my life by giving me the spring in the step I need, so here’s to you, ya weeb songs!

departure! - Hunter x Hunter OP 1-6

This song is used for every OP with changed visuals each time, and it looks great for all of them! I specifically chose 3 because I love the Phantom Troupe. Anyway, I love this OP because the song always puts a spring in my step (a common theme among these), and helps me feel energized and confident when I need!

The Rock City Boy - Fairy Tail OP 8

Fairy Tail was the first anime I watched all the way through and I saw it with my girlfriend, and this song was our favorite out of all of Fairy Tail’s great openings (Fiesta, Yumeiro Graffiti, and Masayume Chasing was a VERY close second). Like the show it’s based on, it has it’s flaws, but I still absolutely love it’s high-tempo energy all the same. It’s mostly that opening riff and the melody that hits in the chorus. So nice!

Great Days - Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure OP 7(and 8?)

Anyone who’s been following me knew this was coming since I havent been able to shut up about this song or the anime it’s from. Honestly, all of the OP’s from JJBA are fantastic (specifically looking at Bloody Stream and End of Za Warudo The World), but this one is by far my favorite with an energetic and memorable opening to a “beezer” chorus! I put the full version of the song for the video because the song actually contains a small hint to the villain’s abilities.

Papermoon - Soul Eater OP 2

I just think this is a neat song, and they made a pretty slick OP to go with it so hey how bout that!!

So those are four of my favorites!! And that’s just from shows I’ve seen! I know I haven’t seen a lot of anime yet, but I’m more than happy to hear what awesome openings you all enjoy, so post your favorites! I’d love to see them!!

The Aspiring Creator

I’ve seen many people complain “Oh great, not another self-insert MC”“Why is he even here, what’s his purpose?” but I like Souta so far and think he has potential. In the first episode he says that he’s just a narrator, “she” was the main character, the person who was at the center of the story.

I don’t think he’ll ever get powers and start fighting alongside the others, he shouldn’t get some power to make his drawings come to life or summon more characters either. What I’m hoping for is that the story will go for the Aspiring Creator route. He will be a negotiator and meet other authors and characters, and most importantly he’ll learn from them.

Episode one starts with Souta having an artblock and checking Piclive and a preview for the anime he likes while looking for inspiration, that might be giving us an idea where this story will go. Then there’s another scene with Meteora:

It reminds us again that he’s not the hero and that the characters are beings that have their own feelings, wishes and purpose.

Then there’s both the OP and ED.

Souta is standing in a desert and water is slipping out of his hands = lack of inspiration. Meanwhile, we see the glasses girl drowning and her glasses slipping off = creator who killed herself? At the end of the OP Souta puts his glasses on and turns around with a resentful look = life goes on?

Then there’s a frame with broken German saying:
Do not rush, but do not rest either.

Theory: Glasses and Souta were friends (or family), perhaps working on the same story, Glasses dies and Souta is depressed, suppresses some memories and ends up art blocked.

ED has him having fun with the others, the calendar at the start of the ED is displaying November 2016 and at the end of the ED it’s November 2017. Souta is finally smiling.

And of course, Meteora’s best moment:

In this anime, Souta won’t be some Gary Stu protagonist, he will be the narrator and a student, he will learn to overcome whatever happened in his past and will gain precious memories with the others which will shape him as a person.

His purpose is to become a creator, and not just one that makes everyone happy, but one that is the author of a respectful story.
A story where there are no forced twists and needless suffering to attract more audience, but one where the actions of the characters have purpose. No cheap romance that’s just shipper bait and goes nowhere, but where characters have actual relationships (haha, I wish).

So these are my hopes for this character and the story of this anime! Tune in weekly to see me get disappointed, but I still hope I’ll have lots of fun with this anime. I can’t wait to finally see all the characters.