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"can I kiss you?" with Juggie? pretty pleeease

[sorry this is super super short but I could have wrote tonnes and I didn’t want it to get out of hand]

You slid yourself into the booth next to the quiet and angsty looking teen.

‘Can I kiss you?’ You asked quietly with charming smile, hoping the the boy sat three booths down couldn’t hear you.

‘Excuse me?’ Came the dry and amused reply.

‘Okay, don’t look-’ you spoke through gritted teeth, 'but a guy who blew me off is sat a few booths down on another date. I figured out of all the people in here it’d annoy him the the most if I kissed you. I mean it doesn’t even have to be on the lips, just a peck on the cheek.’

'Is he gonna come and punch me if you do?’ He eyed you conspicuously.

'No- he’s all bark and no bite, couldn’t harm a goddamn fly even if he tried.’

In a flirty facade you gently held onto his arm and glanced over at the douche sitting three booths down, his eyes which were watching your booth averted themselves as you looked over.

'Okay,’ the boy winked secretly at you and tapped his cheek, 'lay it on me.’

reassurance | alfie solomons

anon wanted alfie being looked after and also being a cute little shit

Alfie winced and leaned back in the chair.

“N’aww poor baby”

“Fuck off”

You chuckled at him and waved your fingers forward.

“Come here, let me finish”



“It’s hurts”

“So will me punching you in the face. Now come here, I wanna wipe this stuff off of my hands”

“Well you’re not wiping it on me”

You quirked an eyebrow and he huffed. You reached out to dab the rest of the cream onto the side of his face, him letting out little huffs and groans as you went. You shushed him as you finished off.

“There, all better”

“No, not really”

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“I’ve known Tolga Ekmeğe for nearly 30 years.  I have a lot of esteem for him and he recommended you for the job - for me that says a lot...How do you know each other, Mr. Occhilupo?  Forgive my bluntness but you don’t seem the type to run in the same circles.”

“Ah…I did some…’security’ work for him once or twice in Oasis Springs.”

“I see.  Well, we’re a small firm but we’re old and we have a strong reputation.  You probably recognized Robert Madbouli just now…”

“I didn’t.  I don’t know who that is.”

*exasperated sigh*

“Dear God…what did Tolga send me…”

*defensively* “Listen Mrs. Gudauskas, I’m new to the business and new to Windenburg…but I’m a hard worker and I don’t pull my punches. You just tell me what you want done and I’ll do it.”

*deep breath*

“Put down your hackles, Mr. Occhilupo.  I’m not having second thoughts.  I want someone with a fresh perspective but I won’t tolerate any shenanigans.”

*amused* “Yes ma’am, no shenanigans.”

“Let’s get you settled in.”

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Yo! TH!pj, ya know that girl that tried to punch you really hard but you punched her even harder? Welp! Turns out she went to your lil bro to teach her how to fight so she could beat you? Alsoo, do you think anyone can beat you in a fight or naw?

“Someone tried me to fight me, and he knocked out quickly”

You have so many fetishies, now, little jerkslave. Shoes, feet, stockings, hair.. So many things you goon over.  So many things you focus on.

And so many triggers, too. Maybe the way She rocks her foot, reminds you of a cock you need to suck. Maybe the way She twirls her hair, reminds you to punch yourself in the balls. Who can tell what fucked little things are programmed into what’s left of your mind.

But there’s one trigger, above them all. You stroke, so you worship. All fetishes are one fetish, all desires are one desire. They all are you Worshiping Porn You crave to serve Porn. You need to give Yourself to porn, completely.

  Well, what are you waiting for, loser? @pornsexualprincess  is waiting, porn incarnate, to consume your worship. And sacrifice. 

  • tumbler: i do not like music such as Led Zeppelin and Rush, i listen to...fuckin idk neko case or someone like that instead
  • me: SHUT UP! *punches you* SHUT UP! *punches you again* SHUT UP! *punches y


  “Daria, I agree. So much potential in this forgotten little town. An art museum would look lovely here and would really play on the traditional feeling it has.” Jacques is scouting out real estate opportunities again. 

  “I agree! Plus, you get to put a big Villareal stamp on this place before someone else comes along and beats you to the punch!”

  “See! Now you are thinking like a Villareal!” 

I Said I Love You

Notes- Kyle takes you out for breakfast early in the morning and shares how he feels with you.

Words- 528 (Kind of short)

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Your fingers were intertwined with Kyle’s as you walked down the sidewalk. Kyle had spent the night with you and woke you up early asking if you wanted to go get some breakfast with him. Of course you agreed to go. You were letting him lead you around seeing as you were still half asleep. “So what are you in the mood for today,” Kyle sweetly asked you.

 “I’m fine with anything as long as it’s food.”

“Well, that just knocked out all of my options.” You punched in the arm as both of you laughed at his dumb little joke. You decided to eat at a small cafe with outdoor seating.  You picked a table where you had a perfect view of everything going on around you. A waiter brought menus, two mugs, and a coffee pot to your table and dashed back inside the restaurant. “ Coffee is the best part about going out to eat,” you stated as you poured the dark liquid into your cup. 

“I knew you’d say that.”


“Coffee is on of your favorite things, second to me of course.”

“I’m glad you think so,” you jokingly responded.Kyle placed a hand on his chest, “Ow, I think you just broke my heart and crushed my soul.” You couldn’t help but laugh at Kyle. He was adorable and always wanted to have a good time. He’s very seldom in a bad mood.  The waiter walked back to your table and pulled out his small notebook, “What can I get both of you today?”

“ I want pancakes and bacon,” you said to the waiter.The waiter glanced at Kyle,” Biscuits and gravy, please,” Kyle said.The waiter walked away stopping at another table before going to put your order in. 

“Is there anything you want to do after we eat?”

“There’s nothing I can think of,” you said,”but I’m sure we could find something.”

“We could go stare at a wall together.”

“That we could.”You slid your hand across the table, letting Kyle take it. He began to play with your fingers. You felt your phone vibrate, so with your free hand you pulled it out and looked at the message. It was your mother asking what you were doing today. As you started typing a response, you heard Kyle say something but weren’t pay close enough attention to make out what it was. “What’d you say,” you asked as you sent the text.“ I said I love you.”

“ I love you too.” 

 “Good because if you didn’t that would have been embarrassing,” Kyle flashed his dimples when he finished talking. You hadn’t been dating long, but  you really did love Kyle. He was sweet and funny and always tried to make you happy. You hoped that you made him feel the same way. When your food arrived you both scarfed it down without any hesitation. Kyle paid for your food and you both got up to leave. 

As you began to walk down the street Kyle said with a giggle,”So which wall are we going to go stare at.” You shook your head and kiss him on the cheek.

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Anti seems like the type of guy you could go to a party with and he'd spike the punch bowl and you'd wake up the next morning not remembering a thing. There's like a dead body in the bed next to you and a strange guy in the kitchen making paella. All you know is that it was great and you'd totally do it again. And antis just like sup bitch get ready for tonight's party as soon as you wake up. I'd hang out with him.

Admin sighed, rubbing his eyes. “Scribbles has some stories that refer to that.”
Anti grinned, “We have fun.”

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Who're you planning to romance with in ME: Andromeda?

Geez, anon. I don’t know, it’s between Vetra and Jaal but I just can’t decide. I like Vetra and I like turians in general, she’s fun. But Jaal is a puppy and also reminds me a bit of Garrus, my one true Mass Effect love, because they are both huge dorks. Jaal: “I probably seem capable and confident to you”. Me: “Aw babe. Absolutely not”.

Argh. It’s not usually difficult for me to choose a romance and stick to it in Bioware games, but it seems Andromeda just gave me one choice too many.

Gotta say also, I like Liam a lot. That guy makes an awesome bff for a smartass-Ryder playthrough. We nearly got blown off a ship into open space and found time to joke about it. Vetra: “My only regret is that I can’t punch both of you right now”.