to publix!!!!

Florida Gothic
  • The further south you go, the further north you get. Directions mean nothing. You drive and drive and end up further away from where you were going than when you started. You only end up in the south (or is it the north?) by accident, and are never sure how you eventually get back.
  • Several times a year the tourists flock into your town, clogging the highways and the beaches and the restaurants. You look the other way as they wade into water that is just a bit cooler and murkier than it should be. What’s a few tourists, in the long scheme of things?
  • You see the Snowbirds come, the retirees that visit every winter to escape the cold. You have never met the same one twice. You stop asking for names.
  • You take a kayaking tour of the coast. Your guide whispers to you to be careful, says that the mangroves can be dangerous, warns you not to get lost. In the distance there is screaming. Your guide says that it’s just the local frogs, and you pretend not to see his haunted stare.
  • Alligators appear in every body of water. You hesitate to leave the bathtub unattended, never leave the dishes to soak in a full sink, but it does no good. They crawl out of the water pitcher, the birdbath, the puddles on your counter. You try to ignore them. They ignore you. You learn to live with them.
  • There is a Publix on every street, and you are glad. You love them with a fierce devotion you cannot begin to explain. When you visit other states, you feel empty inside, always thinking of when you can get back.
  • You do not believe in snow. You have seen it three times, on vacations up north… you do not believe in snow. 
  • You barely even notice anymore when the hurricanes come, not until the air is heavy and yellow and the wind is strong. You think ‘oh’, and drive to the store to buy the third-to-last loaf of bread, and then it rains for 5 days and you eat canned beans by candlelight. Afterwards you can barely recall that it happened. Outside, there is a pile of woodchips where a tree used to be. You don’t remember why.
  • There is a man selling oranges beside the road, beside almost every road. You have never seen anyone stop for them, but there they remain. Someday, you think, you will buy some of those oranges. You never do.
  • In the distance, the clouds loom like mountains. You are not sure what mountains are, but you think they must be mostly like that. A handful of minutes later, they are gone.
Open letter to publix

I ate an entire six pack of your super bowl cupcakes and the black frosting stained my teeth and my mom asked if I had been eating dirt and then started to laugh really hard. I would like a refund

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Look at this carefree happy black family just having a nice Thanksgiving. This is so freaking sweet. Hulu’s been playing it every commercial break and dang it if it doesn’t make me tear up every single time.

Alright guys we’re gonna have a little chat! Just now a friend of mine had a tag for Vernon saying “My beautiful mixed son”. Though I know she meant no ill will, I had to let her know that it was offensive. And I wanna explain to you guys why it is wrong.

I don’t think any of you know this, but I am mixed. I am Puerto Rican, Cuban, and White. I thankfully have never really received any harsh or negative comments for my race mainly bc I am a white passing person who just looks like they have a slight tan all the time. Especially now since I’ve gone blonde, you really can’t tell except for my last name. But I am mixed and I am proud of my heritage.

However, I am much more than my race. Yes I’ve got a variety of blood in me, but I also tell terrible jokes and cry over Publix commercials! I like to stare out the window and think for ages. My favorite food is pizza and I can’t sleep unless the room is freezing. Yes, I am mixed, but I’m not JUST mixed. I am a complex person with different traits that make me up as a whole.

Vernon isn’t just Korean and White. He’s a talented rapper with a beautiful mind and a kind heart. He is smart. He is funny. He is loyal to the people he cares about. And he is a person who goes beyond his race.

I feel with Vernon. My family on both sides have never seen me as one of theirs in the race sense. I have never fit in with White people or the Latinx community. The only group I have ever felt like I belong too are the ones who have been looked down upon for being “mutts”.

You shouldn’t identify a person by their race. Regardless if they’re mixed or not. But as people who have never been accepted in either of their communities, it hurts way more when those outside make it our only identities. Please, just be mindful of this. That’s all I ask of you 💕


You can hear Ashlyn Harris cries all the way from Minnesota 😂

I swear I want to say this to them

Customer: *sees me in uniform* *makes eye contact* *sees me talking to customer* Sir do you work here ?

Me: no sir I don’t, this is just one of my hobbies, I like to dress up and pretend I’m an employee of this company for no pay, you can find me here every Sunday except on Fridays I work at target, Saturdays Walmart, and on Monday thru Thursday its either Best Buy or Publix McDonald’s or Red lobster depending on how I feel.

inell  asked:

“According to US Weekly we’re married.” Allison/Stiles

Stiles knew that the baseball hat and sunglasses combo wouldn’t stop people from recognizing him, he knew that even with his between projects beard he was recognizable, but he really needed eggs, milk, and cheese so here he was in the express checkout of a Publix in Atlanta. 

He looked to his right at the checkout, out of habit he scanned the covers of the tabloids. He laughed at the smiling picture of the Hale siblings with the caption ‘Family Feud?”, the Hale’s weren’t feuding, they were closer than ever.

His eyes went wide when he saw the cover of US Weekly, There was a picture of his own face, not unusual, no the unusual part was that Allison Argent was next to him in the picture and they were holding hands. The big headline on the cover was ‘Secret Wedding in Italy’.

As much as he wanted to buy it he the magazine he didn’t want to draw attention to himself. It would be kind of awful if someone spotted him buying that magazine while he was in Atlanta, a city that he had no real reason to be in.

When he slid into his rental car he pulled his phone out and called his number one speed dial, “According to US Weekly we’re married.”

“Hello to you to,” Allison said, her voice deadpan.

“We got married in a secret wedding in Italy,” Stiles said as he pulled out of the parking lot and drove toward the apartment that Allison lived in while she filmed her TV show. 

“They never get the details right do they,” Allison mused, “Did you get the wine?”

“Shit no I forgot it,” Stiles said, “Want me to go back?”

“No we have beer still,” Allison said, he could hear her open the fridge, “I was thinking we could order Chinese and celebrate our secret wedding.”

“I’ll be home soon,” Stiles said, “Love you.”

“Love you too,” Allison said before she hung up. 

A few minutes later Stiles kicked the apartment door open with his bags in one hand, “Honey I’m home.”

“Secret wedding in Italy,” Allison said with a laugh, leaning in to kiss Stiles, “The wedding was in Northern California and it was three years ago.”

“They were bound to catch up eventually,” Stiles said, “At least now we can stop hiding.”

“But that’s half the fun,” Allison said, “Now that people know I’m so much less attracted to you, we might need to get divorced.” 

“I’ll call the lawyer,” Stiles said, kissing Allison’s neck and jaw, “I want half of everything, even the clothes off your back.”

“You can have all the clothes off my back if you order dinner,” she said, running her hands down Stiles’ back and fishing his phone out of his back pocket, “Here, order dinner and I’ll go change into something a little more fitting for our secret honeymoon.”

Stiles slapped her ass as she walked away, enjoying the view. He called their usual Chinese place and then made his way to the bedroom where Allison was wearing the same lingerie she had worn on their honeymoon three years before. They had thirty minutes before the food would get there, they had time to get started. 

Reasons to love Publix (if you don’t already)

1. Publix employees (called associates) are trained from the start to provide “premier customer service”. If asked where something is, associates happily lead customers to the product rather than pointing them to it. In addition to this, baggers offer carryout service on any order that requires a buggy (and even some that don’t).

2. Children under 12 can visit the bakery for a free cookie, produce for a free balloon, and are offered stickers at the register that read “Publix Loves Kids”.

3. Associates are known to use their break time or their time off (after clocking out) to follow customers home to help them unload orders, travel to another Publix to pick up an item that’s out of stock at the customer’s home store, and even give customers a ride home to pick up a spare key when they lock their keys in their car.

4. Publix encourages associates to donate part of their paycheck to United Way charities, and associates can even designate which specific agencies they’d like to donate to. This includes domestic violence programs, etc.

5. Publix also runs annual campaigns for organizations like Children’s Miracle Network and March of Dimes.

6. If an item rings up for more than it’s listed for on the shelf, the customer gets it for free as part of the “Publix Promise”.

7. Publix is the nation’s largest employee-owned company, meaning that its stock is not publicly traded. Instead, employees get an extra 8.5% of their paycheck put into stock, courtesy of the company, which they can withdraw when they are vested– after 3 years of employment.

8. After an associate’s 5th year of employment, and every fifth year afterwards, Publix lets them pick a gift from a special catalog. This includes watches, etc.

9. Publix pairs with travel companies, amusement parks, etc to offer employees discounts on hotels, theme park visits, etc.

10. Publix offers its associates unparalleled 401k and retirement plans, as well as health, life, dental, and vision insurance.

11. Publix extended marriage benefits (life insurance, etc.) to its same-sex-married associates in states where same-sex marriage is legal.

12. If an associate receives a customer compliment or otherwise does something notable, they are given a voucher for a free Publix sub (or 4-count muffins, chicken tenders, etc.)

13. Publix promotes management from within the company, never hiring from outside. This means that department managers, store managers, team leaders, etc. have all been Publix employees. This also means that there is plenty of opportunity for advancement within Publix.

14. Publix’s founder, George Jenkins, was good friends with Walt Disney– hence why Disney brand reusable bags, balloons, etc can be purchased in-store.

15. Publix offers dozens of weekly buy-one-get-one-free deals, as well as two separate coupon booklets wherein customers can find additional deals. Publix also accepts competitor coupons. In addition to this, if something is on sale but out of stock, customers can get rain checks so that the sale price still applies to the item whenever it is back in stock even after the sale period is over.

16. Publix has an Aprons program wherein a trained associate prepares samples of full meals all made on a budget and with ingredients that can be found in the store. As a part of this, Publix offers hundreds of free recipe cards that customers can use to recreate the dishes if they like the sample.

17. There is free wifi in every Publix store!