to protest like that at his funeral

Ask Democrats if Mitt Romney should continue fighting for what he believes in, and the resulting laughter could power a city for a month. Ask Republicans the same thing about Obama, and their dumbfounded looks could only be described as “otherworldly.” See, to the opposition, those people aren’t “fighting for what they believe in.” They are the personification of evil whose only goal is the total destruction of the morally sound.

From the other side, they’re not heroes – they’re zealots, because they refuse to compromise, and compromise is what allows humanity to function. And compromise starts from recognizing that the other guy has the same “True heroes never back down!” bullshit going through his head. Even the fucking Ku Klux Klan believe that what they’re doing is morally correct. So do people who bomb abortion clinics, or protest at military funerals, or scream “God hates fags!” under picket signs that look like they were written in blood and feces. Adolf Fucking Hitler fought to the death for what he believed in, and it redefined our perception of evil.

So if you want to “never stop fighting” for something, how about going on a lifelong crusade to make absolutely sure you’re not the Hitler in this situation?

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Please Pray for Baltimore

The Protesters are being lumped in with Rioters
The Riots are getting worse
Gangs have threatened the police
Police have actually been injured!
The Protesters peaceful movement is at a stan still because of these individuals

Im deeply upset, Im an African american from Baltimore….I do not condone this mess it does us no Good! Where is the respect, Freddie Gray’s family asked for no uproar ! Today was his funeral let the man rest in peace…

The media, keeps calling these people protesters, they are NOT PROTESTERS!!!!

LABEL This group AS RIOTERS!!!!

I’m so afraid that marshal law will step in…. i just wish all this anger could be directed to something that matters like

*the killing in our own community
*Uplifting young black men and women
*Keeping the young of the streets
*having more education in our community
*protesting the right way about senseless killings from police

i just hope all the peaceful protesting that did happen all week and saturday don’t get overshadowed by these dumb and useless riots!

Before you comment about Baltimore please do understand that it is really Riot Vs Protesters Vs Police

Im so embarrassed but I can’t hold my silence anymore….