to protect the living

(Omegaverse AU) To Be Your Alpha (Yoongi)

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“You don’t know what you’re agreeing to,” Yoongi mumbled, draped in the arm chair, head resting on hand, “You’ll change your mind- you’ll find somebody better, but it’ll be too late to go back.”

           “I won’t.” You whispered, sitting still like stone on the couch. Your balled fist sat rigidly in your lap as you looked down. The only good thing about being an omega is that there are very few of them and that meant they usually got their pick of the alphas- since they were the most desirable. And Yoongi did desire her.

           He wanted you more than anything in the world- but he knew he had nothing to offer you. He had a poor, ramshackle of a home. A low-paying job doing menial labor. He couldn’t even give you a proper wedding ceremony for their mating. The only thing he could give you is his love and protection.

           The image of you having to live such a poor life made his heart ache.

           “You’re an idiot then.” He spat out, not looking at you. he struggled to ignore your intoxicating scent which was quickly filling the room. His eyebrows furrowed. Your scent was much stronger than normal. That only meant…

           He shot up out of his chair as you looked up at him, eyes have lidded and cheeks tinted pink. You knew he didn’t think he was good enough for you, so you ignored his comment. What you couldn’t ignore, however, was how much your clothes were becoming a hinderance to you.

           “Yoongi…” You breathed out, leaning forward slightly in your seat, the heat in the pit of your stomach spreading fast, “I choose you, bite me.”

           He growled. Yoongi tried to hold his breath as he backed up against the wall. Your heat. His heart was beating a million miles an hour and his body itched to get closer to you. Of course, he thought, she knows I can’t resist.

           You held out your hand, “Please?”

           “(Y/N), don’t give me that face, I might not be able to hold back.” He groaned, starting to feel hot himself. You smiled languidly at him. Getting up from the sofa and slowly approaching, his body going rigidly still, eyes closed.

           “Then don’t hold back.” You put a hand to his cheek, his eyes fluttering open to meet yours, “I want you as my mate, Yoongi.”

           With that Yoongi let go of his self-control. But he never let go of you. He snatched you up into his arms, spinning around to pin you up on the wall, his mouth already attacking your bare neck. You moaned wildly and gasped when you felt his teeth graze your burning skin. Hearing you, he froze and pulled away, cursing.

           “Shit sorry, am I going too fast?” He asked worriedly, breathing hard. You shook your head no.

           “(Y/N),” he said, his breath deep and trembling, “do you really want this?”

           You took hold of his hair, “Yes, I want you.”

           A second letter you screamed out in pleasure as his teeth sunk themselves into you, forever marking you as his.

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Everyone seems to want the next campaign to have a warlock with a pact with a certain Archfey. But I’m just over going, but... what if it was a warlock with an undying one pact and later on in the campaign it turned out to be Vax? I just real like the idea of Vax being an otherworldly entity granting protection to the new generation of heroes.

oooooooooooh nice

honestly vax living up to his puck-esque qualities and also snipping with artagan from beyond the grave like “yeah they could have picked you but they picked me so suck it” is a wonderful mental image 10/10

Protection Charm

No matter who we are or where we live, there are times we feel beset emotionally. Maybe it is a brother who cannot accept us, a teacher who will not listen to us, or a co-worker who treats us poorly. We may not be in a position to speak up for ourselves or to leave, but we can guard our hearts and minds from these emotional attacks. This is a simple charm you can use to protect yourself.

I call on Brigid’s shield

To prevent the pain

To protect my way

Until I’m safe again



RoyEd AU where Roy’s a Cleric and Ed’s a pagan Mage - @idontcarelifesucks and me went into a LOT of detail about this one :’)

This is kind of what I pictured a scene of Roy stumbling into Ed doing a ritual with water nymphs would look like - Ed’s limbs are made by Winry, an Elf who dwells in the forest he lives in and protects :)

We’ve got like, 10 pages worth of HC on this, so if any of ya’ll wanna know more hit me up and I’ll send u the link to read all of it :DDD

Ok I have to ask

Why is Amy McNulty from AnimeNewsNetwork allowed to write opinion pieces about Naruto/Boruto when she can’t even get the fact that Sasuke’s been out PROTECTING the world right?

Her latest one about why Sarada would br a better Hokage than Boruto (which I think we’ve all agreed on since this princess announced her dream over two tears ago), and claimed that Sasuke freaking ABANDONED Sarada for ATONEMENT PURPOSES.

No. No ma'am he did not! This has always been about protecting the world his daughter lives in from another Ootsutsuki clan threat! It has NOT been about atonement! When he came back to the village, that was the end of his atonement journey, and you would know that if you paid attention to Sasuke Shinden AND what was said during Sarada Gaiden.

Get your bias out of here and treat Sasuke properly. Stop making him out to be a horrible, deadbeat father who doesn’t care about his child when Sarada Gaiden proves that wrong.

Everything he’s been doing has been for his daughter, so stop acting like he’s a horrible character.

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I saw a joke online where if Barry and Iris were at a protest and someone would dare challenge Barry, Iris would find a megaphone and try to get it with Barry being "Nope, nope, nope!" And vice versa. By wishing Iris dead, these people that claim to love Barry must really hate him. Did they not see what a mess he was in 3x19?

he was such a mess without her. iris still continued to help protect the city despite barry being gone while barry lived in a freaking vault and rotted away lmao. oh wow that difference. iris has always been stronger than barry. at least emotionally and the ONE time she breaks down over her fiance being gone for 6 months the ugly fandom shits on her for it. transparent as fuck. 


Ready to support our trans brothers and sisters and GNC siblings today?

U.S. Dept of Justice : 202-353-1555
U.S. Dept of Education : 800-872-5327

If you’re a New Yorker,
Senator Schumer : 914-734-1532
Senator Gillabrand : 315-376-6118

And this is all you have to say :
“Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent from [CITY, ZIP].
I’m calling to express my opposition to President Trump’s reversal of Obama’s executive order allowing transgender students to use bathrooms based on their gender identities. The real threat to school safety is not transgender students in bathrooms, but discriminatory policies that stigmatize vulnerable children and teens.
Thank you for your hard work answering the phones.”

There may be extended hold times but stay on the line!


An adult teacher (whose job it is to protect the children they preside over) flippantly dismissed the fact that the child in their care had been beaten up in the boys’ bathroom. 

The power structure of transphobia ensured that this honor child would be so affected by a shattered self esteem, and fearing for her safety, that her grades–and therefore whole future–was going down the toilet. (And no one fucking cared about her needs)

And of course, trans people of color will be hit hardest. 

We have to do better as a society. 
Protect trans kids. 

–Mod CS



PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to the drop in volume when colorism is being spoken about vs racism.

You are not pro black if you are a colorist piece of shit. Black lives don’t matter to you if you are a colorist piece of shit. You have no seat at the table if you are a colorist piece of shit. BLACK WOMEN DON’T MATTER TO YOU IF YOU ARE A COLORIST PIECE OF SHIT.

Light skin black women show solidarity and self-respect and STAY AWAY from men who find your complexion ideal. You may get shit from black men but it will NEVER be because you’re light SKIN. RECOGNIZE that and STOP cosigning colorism.





So Magnus and Alec had a bit of a problem where Magnus was in Valentine’s body, and Alec didn’t believe him? And there was a lot of, sort of betrayal on that? And it didn’t really went anywhere? Is that something that’s gonna come back?

2x12 Alec/Valentine/Magnus Scene Recap by Matthew Daddario