to protect every single friend he has

The One

Requested by anon:  (Summary) Angsty imagine James x Ravenclaw reader, who is super shy. He protected her and they became friends. She fell for him, but James started to like Lily.

Characters involved: Reader, James Potter, Sirius Black, Lily Evans

A/n: *sobs*

  • Warnings: angst
  • Word count: 1.5k

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Can someone keep you alive and kill you at the same time?
Is it possible that a person fills you with joy, yet unconsciously sucks out every single strand of happiness? If somebody was able to do it, James Potter would be the one. And you would happily volunteer to let it happen again.

It has always been him. 

Since the very first day of school, when you made your way to Hogwarts, it was him who helped you, when a group of second years had fun mocking you and took away your stuff on the train. It was him who stepped in front of you, when your voice decided to break, who told them to leave you alone, who offered his hand for you to hold on to and pulled you up from the ground.

It was him, who noticed you, being alone in the library all day, taking notes and preparing for tests. Who asked you if you wanted to hang out with his friends. 
Him, who had been interested in your story, what you thought, what you felt.
It has been hard for you, to open up to others and make friends, since no one was curious enough to ask question after question, trying to dig a path through your thoughts and understand your minds’ workings.
No one, but him.

Before people knew that he had taken you under his wing, you were an easy target for bullying, being the shy, smart girl. Some found it entertaining to bombard you with balls of paper during class, or jinx you in the corridors. Until he stepped in for you, again and made it clear for everyone around, that if they messed with you, they were also messing with the Marauders.

Sure, his pals welcomed you into their group and they became brothers to you, over the years. But none of them knew you like he did.
And none of them made your insides flutter, when they sat beside you, letting their knee touch yours, like it was no big deal. None of them left you out of breath when they intentionally messed up their hair, fluffing it up with one hand. 
No one, but him.

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good trans will fic ideas besides the usual “coming out” tale;

1) binder fashion show - will is the self proclaimed Binder Boy and buys every single binder design ever. its a good thing he lives at camp and has wealthy friends (nico - “your boyfriend should be your best friend” - and cecil) otherwise he’d be suffocated by debt

2) nico (or lover of your choice, though i myself am partial to a finely aged Solange TM) having to buy menstrual products and being a total weenie about it. please consider this. bonus: cashier jokes “for your girlfriend?” and he gets steely and protective and growls “my BOYfriend, actually” and leaves the store glaring at the cashier for assuming. bonus bonus bonus; dont use the term “feminine hygiene”. keep things as gender neutral as possible. bonus bonus; “menstruation… more like, MANstruation!! hahaha geddit nico, cuz im a dude? ….nico? neeks, where are you going, come laugh at my-”

3) beach day fic, because every anime needs a beach episode and pjo is my favorite anime, obviously. you get to have fun picking out beach wear, plus everyone gets to be cute and splash around. maybe will cant go into the water because he doesnt have one of the special binders and mentions this, or hes wearing a bikini top (“its my MANkini. wait is that already a thing”) with a tank top over it so you can see his Moobs TM. bonus if a monster attacks and everyone is ready to fight, but will (who has taken down HOW MANY?? enemies with a single whistle) just waves his hand like hes shooing a bug and a flash of sunlight cuts the huge creature in half. he then goes back to reclining in the sun, calling to nico/your lover of choice to “come back over here, baby, sit with meee~!! its so nice out today, isnt it?”

4) zombie apocalypse or just apocalypse au. will Refuses to bind with bandage and thus has visible boobs. you can vaguely mention he’s transgender then go back to the zombie punching and otherwise assorted badass violence

5) any fic at all. like above, all you gotta do is find a way to throw in “nah i didnt feel like binding today” or “ugh i have a boob itch” or “he/him please” or “will wore a tiny trans pride pin” etc. all you gotta do is mention that he is trans and he continues to be trans throughout the story. you dont gotta mention genitals or menstruation or even dysphoria at all. just throw the word trans in there somewhere and you done did it and im proud of you

Do you ever just think about Snake?

Do you ever think about how he was alone in the world but was finally accepted by a group of people who came to be his family? Yet he was never quite in the inner circle of that family and that no matter how much he loved them he was, as far as he knows, abandoned by them.

Do you ever think about his relationship with the Phantomhive household? Everyone accepted him so readily and Ciel taught him to be more comfortable with himself. Even in the circus he was often alone but now he his seldom seen without human company. No matter how you look at it the Phantomhive household has become like his new family.

But then

Do you ever think about how his relationship with the Phantomhive household is founded entirely on lies. Not only did Ciel tell him the Circus are still alive but every single member of his new family were responsible for the deaths of his old one. Every day he wakes up in the house where half his family were murdered by the people he calls his friends and he has absolutely no idea.

Do you ever think about what’s going to happen when he finds out?

I think about that a lot.

My favorite manga boys, who I fell for from first to last

Ranma from Ranma ½ was definitely my first manga love.  So dorky and boyish, yet rough around the edges and so very tortured by a past he could not control, as well as incredibly strong and protective.  He lead me to…

Inuyasha from Inuyasha: a Feudal Fairy Tale.  Oh man, I fell head-over-heels for this guy.  And while he was a bit more serious than Ranma was, he still had the main things I love in a male lead:  Rough around the edges, tortured by an uncontrollable, sorrowful past, yet still strong and protective.  Once I started writing fanfiction for him, I never turned back!

Tamahome from Fushigi Yuugi was next. Can you say “Crazy intense love story that 15-year-old-me couldn’t get enough of”?  From the moment Miaka fell into that wonderful book and she laid eyes on him I was done for.  Again, he’s got those same amazing traits I can’t seem to live without: strong and protective.  I’ll never get enough, it seems.  Also, I named my golden retriever ‘Fushigi’ after this series (Fushi for short, rest her soul), and NOT after that stupid Fushigi-ball thing that was all over TV for an instant.

Ugh, talk about tortured.  Kurosaki from Dengenki Daisy was tormented by the knowledge that he killed his best friend, and his promise to watch over his friend’s little sister.  Smart, skilled and quick as a whip, Kurosaki was harsh and even somewhat sadistic at first, with a crazy strong and protective streak.  The fight within himself to hold back his feelings got me so crazy, and I mean, look at that smile.  Can you blame me??  I fucking love you, Kurosaki.

Last but not least, I leave you with Hak from Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the Dawn). Tortured because the chick he likes likes his best friend? - check.  Tortured because his best friend murdered his crush’s father and tried to murder his crush? - check.  Incredibly strong and protective?  OMG yes, so, so much I can barely stand it.  Don’t even get me started on the other guys in that group, okay??  Because all of them together are just too much, and it’s like Mizuho Kusanagi reached inside my head and pulled out everything that checks my list in this manga series.  Why has she written such a perfect story??  WHY?

So interesting too, because every single female lead in these series are all kind of naive and weak at first and then, despite their amazing protectors, really step up and manage to hold their own.

Have anyone to add to this list?

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Hello! Could you continue the like hyperactive MC but have it so she ends up falling or getting hurt or something and RFA + V + Saeran reacting? It's so cute and I loved it when I read it. Thank you!

* You could sneeze and this man would call a team of surgeons
* So you falling is small to you, but he acts like you broke a 8,000,000 yen (kiss kiss fall in love)
* He tries to get you to have a doctor on sight everywhere you go
* You’ve grown accustom to falling tho, so you are usually never damaged
* It takes it sometime but he gets used to your clumsiness
* Yet he’ll carry bandaids around just in case
* They have cats on them
* Feel special


* this boi
* this boy somehow manages to catch you every time you fall
* ???????
* lil physic rat I swear
* and every time he spews some cheese pick up line
* “It’s seemed you fallen for me”
* “Zen please this is the 3rd time today”
* When he is not there to catch you
* He’ll be even more extra
* Stubbed your toe? Looks like you need to be carried bridal style
* Always offers a kiss to make it better
* This smooth lil cheese ball


* you are going to give this boy a heart attack
* He tries to swoop in like zen and be Prince Charming
* Yet he ends up falling on top of you
* Apologies a million times
* This lil nugget is so concerned for your health
* Your his lil girl friend and he want to protect you
* Always helps you up and checks to make sure you’re okay


* probably the most unfazed by your fall
* “Really MC, try and be more careful”
* She has ninja skills
* So after the first few times you have fallen she can recognize when you are going to fall
* For get swooping in like a prince
* This girl is a ninja
* Swoops in, saves your butt, whist staying straight face and holding 3 cups of coffee
* Really no one knows how she does it


* he records every single time you fall
* all the CCTV footage is comedy gold and you know it
* for your birthday he gives you a compilation of you falling
* (it is later uploaded onto YouTube)
* Will laugh first, but then make sure your okay
* If you fall down in public, then he flipping joins you
* Two nerds on the pavement, laughing about who knows what
* The clumsy couple ™


* the V can not the see
* but he’s trying he’s best, okay?
* He can sense that you’re about to fall and usually grabs you in time
* “MC, please be more careful”
* ok whatever you say mom
* Probably the most concerned when you fall
* Also carries around bandaids
* His has lil cameras
* (also hc that v has a mom purse full of everything he needs)


* He can’t let his cool boy façade down
* But on the inside he’s screaming
* He hates seeing you in pain
* But you immediately get back up and laugh it off
* ???????
* “Whatever you weirdo”
* Secretly checks to make sure there no boo boos
* What a cinnamon roll

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The 4's reaction to their teenage daughter introduces there boyfriend

Edd: Daddy Edd here is gonna try and embarrass the ever loving hell out of his little girl. He’s going to tell and show the boyfriend all of their most embarrassing moments that he can think of, he’ll be extra punny and pull out his worst jokes. He wants to annoy the boyfriend in the highest way possible, this is his method of scaring off boyfriends. Anything horrible that you thought would happen, will happen.

Matt: Matt is going to be very dead pan while meeting his previous daughter’s love interest, he stares at him blankly while shaking his hand and doesn’t even nod a response to his greeting. While they talk at the table he doesn’t show any signs that he’s actually listening until it’s his turn to talk, when he does begin to speak all he does is brag and brag about his daughter, it goes on and on, he puts her on the highest of pedestals and makes her seem like the queen to be. Obviously the boyfriend is hugely out of her league. When the boyfriend tries to respond and talk about what he likes and likes about his daughter Matt always interrupts him with a remark on how that’s not a good thing. No one is good enough for his little princess.

Tom: Now Tom isn’t apposed to his little girl finding love, but love is when you get married and have babies! She’s only a teen, nothing she should be getting involved with at the moment. She can date when she’s in her late 40’s… Or when Tom dies… When he meets the boyfriend he puts off his most intimidating aura he can muster, he wants to show that he can kick the guy straight into next year. He just stares at the guy angrily and defiantly makes the kid sweat and stutter nervously, he’s a big protective papa bear. When the boy leaves he turns to his daughter and begs her not to dAte, she’s his sweet little baby girl and needs to not grow up anymore, please.

Tord: Guess whose getting a personal tour of every single one of Tord’s weapons? The boyfriend! Tord has lots of stories to tell of how he’s personally destroyed anything and everything in his path and how to dispose of a person properly, he has many “friends” in his life that are very capably of doing the same as him and more even. Interesting fact on how easily people could go missing without a trace. Would you look at that? I’m sorry to say this daughter but you’re boyfriend might have ran out the second the door even opened.

My writing partner in crime @becausedamnsun and I spend far too much time coming up with ideas for malec and here’s another one 

Magnus was never very good at dealing with terrible situations. Especially when those bad situations had Alexander Gideon Lightwood at the heart of it. See, Alec had this unique ability for every villain to become attached to him as if he were the Shadowhunter who personally killed their family and friends. Sometimes it was, but in most cases, it wasn’t.

Magnus severely disliked the fact that Alec was a magnet to every single Downworlder in existence. He understands that Alec is a strong, well-trained Shadowhunter who can make any Downworlder scream in pain, but that doesn’t mean that Magnus doesn’t want to keep him completely safe and protected.

There have been a few times where Alec has arrived at the loft bloody and bruised and each time, Magnus has seen red. In most cases, all he wants to do is find the person who thought touching Alec was a good idea and slowly and meticulously tear them apart. But then he’d look at Alec, bruises marring his skin and the need to hurt would be quickly replaced by the need to protect. He’d drag him to the bedroom, ignoring all his attempts at trying to stop Magnus. He undresses Alec, batting at his hands when they try to aid him with the task.

When Magnus is finished undressing Alec, which is normally the time when Alec realises that he can’t stop Magnus, he lays Alec in the bed. He encases him in blankets as to act like a comfortable and protective barrier so that no one can hurt him. They normally fall asleep like that, Alec cocooned in blankets and Magnus curled around him.


This time though, as soon as he hears Jace walk through the doors to the loft, half dragging something behind him, Magnus knows that this time around, caring for Alec is not going to be as easy as it normally is.

He runs to the door (he’d say that he was walking briskly if he was asked) and helps Jace carry Alec to the sofa. “What happened Jace?” He can hear the hard tone in his voice, the tone he only ever seems to use when Alec’s hurt. He can already feel anger beginning to seethe within him. The edges around his eyes are already becoming red. His magic is all ready to come out, attacking anything and everything that is surrounding Alec.

“One of Valentine’s cronies got him when he wasn’t looking. They hit his head pretty hard.” Magnus can feel his heartbeat pulsing in his ears. He can feel the urge to attack and protect building inside him. “Whoa calm down Magnus.” He gives Jace a look, the one that he only reserves for when he’s gearing up for battle. “Izzy and Clary made sure that the guy wasn’t breathing for much longer.” He takes a breath, holds it for a second. He puts his glamour back up, lets the magic running through his veins calm down slightly. “You good?” He nods. “When Alec wakes up, he’s gonna be a little dazed. Maybe confused.” Magnus grabs Alec’s hand, he can feel the little cuts marring his palm. “I know he’s in good hands Magnus. We know you’ll look after him. Just keep us informed okay?” He nods. “We’ll be at the Institute if you need us.”

Magnus watches as Jace leaves, as soon as he hears the door close, he’s letting his magic scan for any severe injuries. The blue wisps of smoke dance across Alec’s chest, it stops at the cut on his head before disappearing. The hesitation from his magic means that the injury is worse than it looks, but Magnus can’t let his magic heal the cut without him knowing how affected he is from the injury.

He decides to clean the cut while Alec is still out of it. a quick click of his fingers and a bowl of water, cloth and bandages appear. Before he has any time to start the cleaning process, Alec’s eyes slowly open. “Hello Alexander.” He tries to move but Magnus is quick to stop the movement with one finger to his chest. “No darling, I have to clean that nasty cut on your head. It’s going to hurt love but breathe through it for me, okay?” Alec smiles. He grabs the hand closest to him and he squeezes. “Okay. Squeeze my hand if it hurts, okay love?” Magnus proceeds to dip the cloth into the bowl before patting it on Alec’s head. He can feel his hand being squeezed just before Alec’s sharp intake of breath.

“I know it hurts my love, but just a little bit longer.” He cleans the cut a little bit longer before putting the cloth in the bowl and grabbing the bandages. “I’m going to need both of my hands for this part Alec.” The hold on Magnus’ hand tightens. “Just for a moment. And then you can have my hand again.” It takes a second for Alec to let go. When he does, he begins to unravel the bandage. “I’m going to need you to lift your head for me my love.” Alec does and Magnus is gentle when wrapping the bandage around his head.

“Are you an Angel?”

Magnus smiles. “Far from it darling.” He finishes dressing the wound and places another pillow underneath Alec’s head. “There we go. How are you feeling?”

“If you’re not an angel then who are you?”

“Jace said you might be a little confused.” He magics up a blanket before draping it over Alec. He smiles down at him. “I’m Magnus.”

“You’re a Warlock?”

He laughs. “A little bit more than that Alexander.”

“A High Warlock?” Magnus nods. “I’ve never met a High Warlock before. Can I hold your hand again?” he offers up his hand. “I’ve never held hands with a High Warlock before.” Magnus laughs. “I like it when you laugh. It sounds so pretty.” He laughs again. “Hey Magnus? Do you like me?”

It takes a moment for Magnus to understand the question. When he does, he gives Alec the largest smile. “Of course, I do darling. We’re married.”

“Married? I’m married to a High Warlock?” he looks at Magnus. “How did I get to marry someone as beautiful as you? I must be very lucky.”

“Oh, no my love, it is I who is the lucky one.” He watches as Alec looks around. “This is our home Alec.” He moves his arm around, watches as Alec glances around in awe. “Are you okay my love?”

“Yeah just,” He looks at Magnus, eyes soft. “can you tell me about our wedding?”

“Oh, Alec you looked stunning.” He gently runs his fingers through Alec’s hair. “You wore this amazing navy suit, fitted beautifully to show off every cut and edge of your body.” He gently strokes over the cut on Alec’s head. “I was so very close to taking you home right then but alas, I wanted you as my husband.” He squeezes Alec’s hand. “You were worried about your vows, but I thought they were perfect. Just like you.” He unbuttons a few of his shirt buttons before pulling his shirt back. “Here’s the rune, yours is on your wrist.” He watches as Alec begins to trace the rune with his finger, awe written all over his face.

“It looks so pretty on you.” His eyes glance from the rune to Magnus’ lips. “Can I kiss you?”

“You’re supposed to be resting Alexander.”

He pouts. “One kiss and then I’ll rest Mags. Please?”

Nobody can expect Magnus Bane to say no to his darling Alexander. He can’t deny Alec anything, especially when he asks so nicely. He leans down, gently presses a kiss to Alec’s lips. He begins to reel back but Alec is wrapping his arms around Magnus, deepening the kiss. Magnus lets him, he was never very good at denying Alec. He lets Alec control the kiss, lets him lick at Magnus’ bottom lip until he opens his mouth. He lets Alec taste and devour him, would have let him taste him a bit longer but unfortunately, they both needed to come up for air.

They’re both panting, sharing each other’s breath. “Good yes?” Alec nods. “Time for you to rest.” He nods again. “Close your eyes then.” Alec does. He waits for Alec’s breathing to even out before kissing his cheek and busying himself.


“Do not move off that sofa. I’ll be with you in a second.” He grabs a bottle of water before walking to the sofa and offering the bottle to Alec. “How are you feeling my love?”

Alec groans. “My head hurts.” He takes a sip of water. “What happened?”

“The bad guys got you.” He runs his finger through Alec’s hair. “You got a nasty cut.” Alec touches the cut, inhales sharply from the pain. “You deserved that. Do you remember what happened when you got here?”


“You forgot we were married.” Alec blushes. “Don’t worry darling. I thought it was very cute”

“What else did I do?”

“Oh, nothing too embarrassing Alec.” Magus laughs. And in that moment, with Alec blushing so beautifully, he thinks, How lucky am I?

The many interpretations of Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki

Real Ichigo: A good and kind-hearted character who has his depressed moments like any other human but can find his way out of shit, can crush his despair ALONE, protected every single friend of his at least once, a strong-willed guy who takes no crap

Ship-made, unhealthy, ever-refined Ichigo as some “fans” (khm-antis-khm) see him: Constantly broken and depressed, useless, only functions properly when Rukia is around, can’t think his way out of problems without Rukia, constantly needs Rukia to “buttkick some sense into him”, is basically a wimp without Rukia, probably hasn’t even lived before he met Rukia

Real Rukia Kuchiki: Strong but kind, always helps her friends with their problems, irresistibly adorable, blushes very often, easily embarrased, level-headed and thoughtful but never emotionless and always smiling

Ship-made, unhealthy, ever-refined Rukia as some “fans” (khm-antis-khm) see her: Bitchy, abusing Ichigo, his only reason to live, as stoic as a brick wall, unfazed by anything, constantly “pulling Ichigo out of his despair” via butt-kicking, probably making a plan on how to kill Orihime Inoue in the most painful way possible

Get your minds out of the gutter. It’s time, really.

— when he loved you ; lee minhyuk

Pairing: Minhyuk x Reader
Words: 2,392 words
Rating: G
Genre: fluff, angst
Warnings: None
❝ You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky, and you decided purple just wasn’t for you ❞
Note: Hello! This is for @wonhoinamillion. Thank you for your beautiful words, I was really inspired! 😭😭😭 Hope you’ll like this! 💕

He’s that boy.

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What Hogwarts House BTS Would Be In

EXO Version by Admin Mocha

I really love Harry Potter. It has been such a big thing for my family. We have so many Potter things in my house (as well as Star Wars) and went to the exhibit in Florida. It is amazing. I have two sisters and one brother and it is funny because we each belong to different houses (I’m a Slytherin) <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Jin: I could see Jin being a Hufflepuff one hundred percent. Not only he is loving and a total sweetheart, but he is so loyal and patient. I mean, come on, have you seen him with the younger boys. They playfully bully him and he has nothing but a smile on his face and laughs with them. He would do absolutely anything for his friends. He isn’t all too adventurous, so I couldn’t see him being a Gryffindor, but he would be up for tagging along to make sure that no one got hurt while goofing around in the castle after hours. He would be the one to befriend everyone, even the creatures in the forbidden forest.

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Suga: I know what people think, Slytherin means evil, but it really doesn’t. Yoongi would be sorted into the Slytherin house because not only is he resourceful, he is ambitious. He will do anything in his power to prove people wrong about himself. He knows his potential and will not stop working and striving to reach that point. He can also be a bit of a rule breaker. He has made it clear that he does not care about the rules when it comes to expressing himself or his work. He would be the student to be a bit standoffish; working on his own thing during class and constantly getting detention for leaving the dorms after hour so he could go finish whatever he was working on during class.

Originally posted by judyisjustsaying-cypher

J-Hope: Like Jin, J-Hope is such a loving, patient, and dedicated person that he would be a Hufflepuff. He believes in equality and would be a stickler for playing fair. He would want his friends to always be happy, doing everything in his power to make sure they were having a good time. He would tag along with them to explore at night, but he may not be as keen on the creatures in the forbidden forests (especially the spiders). He would be the keeper if he played quidditch, taunting the team a bit every time he managed to keep them from scoring; but it would all be in good fun.

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Rapmon: He would be a Ravenclaw for sure. Yes, he is a genius, but he also is quick witted and a natural leader. He would be the boy would point out everything wrong with the younger boys’ plans to go and explore the forbidden forest after hours. But of course, he would tag along and be their little guide. He would be the one who had read up on all the creatures, any dangerous plants, and knows the spells to protect them from getting hurt. He would also be the student to score the highest on both the O.W.L.s and the N.E.W.T.s. He would know just about everything and maybe even annoy the teachers with all of his knowledge.

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Jimin: I could see Jimin as a member of the Gryffindor house. Although I could also see him as a Hufflepuff, I think that he and Tae would be a lot like the Weasley twins. They would be so adventurous and always down to go exploring not only around the castle but also the forbidden forest. He wouldn’t really care if they broke the rules, but would be more interested in learning hands on about the creatures and spells. He would be the student who has a ton of friends and would make sure that every single one of them was protected, even if it involved fighting and ogre or dragon. On the quidditch team, I could see him as the beater. He would be so quick to protect his teammates and would even come up with different strategies with Taehyung to ensure they score (If they were both Gryffindor).

Originally posted by beatriceindre

V: Like Jimin, I see Taehyung as a two houses; Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. They would both be up for exploring and he would be the type of wizard who would the bravest when his friends are in trouble. He wouldn’t even realize he was really fighting a dragon until he was already half way defeating it; he would be only focusing on taking care of his friends. He is also totally chivalrous and daring. But like a Ravenclaw, he would do everything out of pure curiosity; wondering how everything worked and what creatures truly were like. He is a smart boy, who just has a different outlook on the world (a lot like Luna Lovegood). He would be the type of kid who learns a new spell and does it perfectly or creates a new potion on total accident and just smile his big rectangular smile. On the quidditch team, he would be the chaser; creating great strategies with Jimin to ensure they make the most points (If they were both Gryffindor).

Originally posted by glitterjin

Jungkook: He is definitely a Slytherin. Yeah, I could see him as a Gryffindor, but he is all about ambition. Everything he does he puts 100% dedication to and strives to do things correctly. He wants to show people that he can do just about any and everything better than them, even if he can’t at first, he will push himself until he can. He is also pretty resourceful. He makes sure he can achieve whatever he puts his mind to; no matter how hard it is. He would be that student who is a bit full of himself because he knows that he is better than everyone else in his class. On his quidditch team, he would be the seeker all the way. Not only is he fast, he is determined to win, so he would take every hit and go through any obstacle to reach the Golden Snitch and snatch victory for his team.

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Would the Haikyuu!! characters survive a zombie AU

oh @hogwartiansworld​, what have you done? ;)

Strap in, people, this is going to hurt.

Also: gore warning.

Dies within the first day

- Yachi: I’m so sorry. Yachi has a hard enough time dealing with the regular world, so when she comes home to find a design assistant feasting on her mother’s corpse, she screams, and shudders, and cries. Her only plan when he turns his attention to her is to hide in the bathroom. It fails miserably.

- Tsukishima: Walking home alone, listening to light j-rock on his headphones, Tsukki can’t shake the eerie feeling of unease. He slows his steps as he comes up to some people in the street. What are they doing? Why are they just standing there? He shrugs, crosses the street and walks on. The beat of his song picks up, but there’s a noise underneath it. Are those… footsteps? He stops and takes off his headphones, but the next moment someone grabs his arm and he feels a sharp pain in his shoulder. The world goes black.

- Bokuto: “Heyhey, what is this? That’s such a neat costume!” Bokuto walks up to the group of weird cosplayers and doesn’t even register Akaashi’s horrified ‘Bokuto-san!’ before it is too late. The poor setter is forced to flee to the sound of spluttering and the cracking of one thick skull.

- Takeda/Ukai: Ukai walks into the teacher’s office after practice to find a bunch of dead people and Takeda cowering in a corner. “Sensei? What the hell happened?” As he walks over, he sees his friend shivering. “Let’s get you out of here,” Ukai says and he lays a hand on his shoulder. When Takeda turns to him, his face is a mask of horror, blue veins bulging on sickly pale skin, eyes fully black and teeth sharp as knives. Ukai has no time to react before they’re on his throat.

- Terushima: This is totally how they do it in the movies, Terushima thinks, as he revs up the chainsaw. He manages to hit three of the undead before the thing screeches to a halt, little bits of bone and guts effectively blocking its mechanism. It was cool while it lasted, he shrugs, as he succumbs to the horde.

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Adam and blue

I know I post a fuckload about them, but I strongly believe they are going to be bffs so don’t even try to stop me 

  • always sharing food and stuff, like everyone else buys their own and they just get a large and share bc its cheaper and they like the same things anyway 
  • they like to get together to bitch about Gansey and Ronan and how they always take stuff for granted 
  • they also like to get together to talk about how much they LOVE their nerdy boyfriends 
  • they are both intensely bisexual (fight me) and are ready to fight anyone who says that bisexuals don’t exist, they also once pretended to be invisible for an entire day because some idiot said bisexuals didn’t exist and they were so. fucking. done. 
  • Blue’s family has unofficially adopted Adam, Calla has decided that she has always wanted a son and is ready to join the Parrish protection squad 
  • they learn sign language (I wrote a fix about this that you can read here)
  • for some reason Gansey has to go to Virginia and Ronan is going taking Matthew out so Blue goes to St. Agnes and brings every single blanket and pillow she owns and decides that they are having a sleepover with a pillow fort so they build one and they’re all snuggled up like the best friends that they are and then Adam says he never built one before and that makes Blue really sad bc she spent 99% of her life until the age of 10 inside one with Orla so they just sit there and hug for a little bit and it’s a bit better 
  • “you know Adam I’ve always wanted a brother” “yeah I wanted a sister” - 3 am discussion 
  • They are really intensely competitive on bikes and have raced to Monmouth so many times that Noah is now in charge of the scoreboard that they keep and at the end of each month the loser tidies the winners room 
  • Adam really likes dogs okay so when he knows Blue is walking some and he’s not at work he just happens to show up to pet all of the tiny puppies 
  • like to tease their boyfriends by exaggerating their Henrietta accents just to see how flustered they can possibly make them (the answer is very) 
  • every time Monmouth is empty they go through it in search of precious evidence of Ronan Lynch doing some Irish dancing 
  • Both of them are so sleepy and can drop off at any time, usually in the back of the camero leaning on each other’s shoulders 
  • so Blue knits herself a bi flag beanie and is super proud of it and Adam thinks it’s really cool (and asking for stuff from Blue seems a lot easier that asking for it from Gansey or Ronan because they are in a similar position so it is definitely fine) so he asks her for one too and they are really super cute and matching and then Ronan wants one in a rainbow one so now he has one too and Gansey has a demisexual one and Noah has an ace one and they are all so cute and #squadgoals 
  • and people start noticing how cool their little hats are so now Blue is running a tiny little business in pride hats 
  • you know how close they were when they were dating, all the holding hands and Adam lying with his head on her lap and stuff??? Now they are like 10x more cuddly than that and they are just so much better as friends guys their friendship is truly magical
Youtuber!Jungkook's Proposal

So since I actually already explained how youtuber!Tae would propose in his post (if you haven’t read it, you can click here) I’m going to jump straight to our not so lil but still lil in my eyes maknae, the other half to the Busan line, Jeon Jungkook aka can we talk about how cute Jungkook looked while back hugging Jimin like I literally had to replay the scene bc lil teeny tiny bunny was so happy just hanging onto chim like I refuse to accept this kid has also lifted that very same person for a move when he was fucking 15 what is Jeon Jungkook actually can we talk about that is he real like how does he go from smol child who just needs to be protected to not smol child at all who’s suddenly a man like lol okay don’t remember signing up for that

  • For the original youtuber!Jungkook post, click here
  • For an alternate version of Jungkook proposing, click here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original youtuber post, he has a gaming channel
  • He isn’t horribly open with his viewers when it comes to his personal life but he’s also not closed off
  • He tells them a few stories about his childhood, about his friends about his opinions but he’s not the type to reveal every single detail about himself
  • Like most people know about you, they know his name, his age, where he’s from things like that
  • But they don’t know about what your first date was like, who said I love you first, the deeper things about his personal life
  • He’s not the type to really show his relationship off
  • He may have a few videos with you here and there but he’s never the type to constantly have his relationship in the public’s eye
  • He likes certain things to be private, one of those things is your relationship
  • No one even knows he’s in a relationship for like the first three years of his career tbh
  • Normally he films when you’re out of the house so he doesn’t bother you with his commentary bc we all know how sometimes games get intense and even if you don’t mean to you kinda just let out a scream when something scares you or you get pissed off
  • Sometimes though you’re home when he plays and you sometimes come in without realizing that he’s filming
  • He normally edits it out bc he’s still keeping the relationship hush bc he doesn’t know if he really wants to expose that side of him to the internet yet
  • But one day he’s streaming something right and he’s trying to find his phone so he just kinda calls out for you to see if you know where it is
  • “Babe have you seen my phone??”
  • The “babe” kinda gives it away but it could also be brushed off as oh maybe that’s just something normal for him
  • When you bring his phone in, he kinda absentmindedly gives you a quick kiss as a thank you and the camera catches it all so now he can’t edit it out bc oops live
  • He features you in his next stream so they can get to know you better
  • He ignores the more personal questions but he does ask you the lighter questions like what your career is and how you two met
  • Okay but also imagine lil kookie getting all flustered when you tell the viewers you love him and that you’re proud of him
  • He just kinda squirms and is trying so hard not to smile and just blush galore
  • He likes needs a genuine second to recover bc cute
  • It’s pretty obvious to everyone that he’s quite content and happy with his relationship and that he adores you
  • When you film with him, he has this habit of paying more attention to you than the game
  • Literally everyone notices, even you do
  • “Look I’m flattered but I wanna win fair and square, keep your focus on the screen you can stare at me after you’ve lost”
  • He doesn’t really have much build up before the proposal tbh
  • Like he starts leaving a few hints that are pretty lowkey
  • Like he starts slipping in the discussion of marriage more bc when he games he tends to talk about whatever’s on his mind
  • “I would love to be married in the future, idk how soon that future is but we’ll have to wait and see won’t we”
  • No one can tell if that’s like just an oh I haven’t thought too deep into it or an I’m being coy but lol I got that shit planned out
  • When he does propose, it’s v v personal
  • He does film the proposal but it is strictly just for him to be able to watch back, he doesn’t want it on the internet at all
  • He just wants to be able to watch it right before the wedding or on the tenth anniversary or just whenever he needs something to make him smile
  • He sets up this cute lil dinner date in your backyard
  • He’s got a few gamer references like the cue cards are player 1 and player 2 instead of your names
  • “If you were a Pokémon, I’d choose you”
  • “Leave”
  • “I also bought cake”
  • “Ight you can stay”
  • I mentioned this in the other post but I think he would be tied with Jimin for the most nervous to propose
  • Like he’s gulping and his foot keeps tapping and his heart is beating a mile a minute
  • You notice bc you’ve been with him for years so you know him in and out
  • He says he’s okay but you’re still ???
  • He does make an official announcement this time, instead of having it be like an accidental slip of the tongue
  • He starts off his new video in his lil black chair and you’re off camera but he has you stay close so he can bring you in to show the ring when he's ready
  • “Hey quick update, I may not be able to upload as often bc I’m gonna be pretty busy since I have a wedding to help plan:D”

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Okay. This might sound stupid but I seriously don't understand why Cas leaves Dean. As in the infamous crypt scene where Dean confessed his feelings. And then again where he leaves to hunt Lucifer directly after he tells Mary he thinks he doesn't belong. Also when Dean is talking to Cas about his mother living in the bunker and how awkward it is and Cas just says something and hangs up on him. I mean why!? Why!? Doesnt Cas love Dean?!! 😭😭😭😫😫😫😑

Hey! Apologies for getting to this so late - Christmas has turned into the freaking apocalypse around here (but, then again, that’s sort of our Christmas family tradition, so I feel both resentful and weirdly reassured and thank God for raw cookie dough).

So, first things first - Cas does love Dean. Cas loves Dean very much. In fact, Cas loves Dean so much he can’t focus on anything else, which means he can’t function, which means he’s useless and broken, because angels are not people - as far as we know, they were never supposed to have free will and were created to obey orders and carry out missions, so if they aren’t capable of doing that - then what? If your laptop stopped working and started doing its own random thing instead (and, I don’t know, set fire to the whole house just to save one beetle trapped against a window), you wouldn’t keep it around, right? You’d bring it back to the factory and have it reset.

(Or, as it happened in this amazing fic, you’d fall in love with it and then hate yourself, because, yeah, that’s not normal until it is.)

So, no - if Cas walks away, it’s not because he doesn’t love Dean. 

Mostly, Cas walks away because he doesn’t feel like he deserves to be there (and Dean’s understated signals are not strong enough for him to pick up). In his mind, he hardly deserves to exist, let alone to live a life of diner food and Star Wars marathons with the Winchesters in the Bunker. I mean, Cas failed as an angel - apparently, he fucked up every single mission he was ever given, had to be tortured into obedience way too many times to count, and yet he kept fucking up and now his brothers hate him and even God himself didn’t bother to acknowledge him in any way. And Cas also failed as a human, so much so even Dean sent him away. He failed as a hunter, he failed as a guardian angel, he failed as a surrogate father (look at Claire and how her family was torn apart and destroyed). And, well, he failed as a friend, because he couldn’t protect and keep safe those people he loves most in the world.

(This is not the way I see it, obviously, but from what we know, it’s definitely how Cas feels.)

And, well - some of it is all Cas - we know that ‘too much heart’ was always his problem, after all - but lately, every single ‘wrong’ choice Cas has made, he made because of Dean, from rebelling against Heaven to hurting Sam to letting loose an ancient and terrifying force whose only purpose was to swallow the world whole. Because Cas is learning feelings from Dean, so it doesn’t matter if the actual responsibilities are much harder to pin down - Cas will think it’s his fault, because without him Sam would never have managed to save his brother and the correct course of action in that situation was Death’s, not Cas’: Dean sent to space somehow, or to some alternate dimension of primordial forests and loneliness, and Sam - Cas could have erased Dean form Sam’s mind, just like he erased him from Lisa’s and Ben’s.

(As for his own mind - yeah.)

But, of course, Cas couldn’t do it. And those people who died? On him. Lucifer out of the Cage? On him. And you could argue many of Cas’ ‘mistakes’ are now old history, but in my opinion - we are human - we are designed to forget and overcome and heal - our pain blurs, bad memories fade, mistakes are excused and buried. But Cas - Cas is a machine, and all the things he’s done, all the choices he’s made, every single angel he killed, every person who died on his watch, every single flower which withered and wilted and got extinct - also that one Tongtianlong limosus who stumbled and fell and drowned in a bog, his wings flailing uselessly, his mind a black music of urgency and panic - all those creatures Cas had to kill or couldn’t save - they’re all right there, and Cas can’t let go, and he doesn’t know how to get over it -

(“We were supposed to be their shepherds.”)

- and it plain hurts. And Dean is not helping, because every damn step of the way, Dean wordlessly confirms that yeah, this is completely normal, man, and welcome to the fucking club (feeling guilty about everything, giving up on the stuff you want, because you were never supposed to get it; always putting others first).

So, to answer your questions more specifically -

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TITLE: Bad Decisions 

A road that has a small bump does not mean you take another route -an easier route-, it just means you have to get over it, and once you’re past it, it’s in the past.’

IMAGINE: Having Steve break up with you for your protection. 

[gif is not mine] i am not dead for all those wondering, i merely took an unplanned hiatus, but hopefully i am now back. request are open so send them in my lovely pickles! 

The stars shone brightly across the night sky, Steve looked up at the twinkling stars. He usually loved them but at this moment he hated it. They were so far away, away from the consequences and they could live their happy life. He scowled, it was almost as if the stars were mocking him.

It has been two days ever since he walked away from her. It has been two days since he could function like a normal human being. The door to the apartment opened and he didn’t bother turning around knowing that it was either Sam or Bucky. None of the others wouldn’t converse with him and he knew why. She was like a sister to them, or a kid –depending on who you ask. They absolutely adored her and Steve broke her, therefore them not speaking to him, virtually making him the pariah of the superhero group.

“You’re a fucking idiot Rogers,” he heard the familiar voice speak behind him. He didn’t want to turn around. This had to be a dream. It had to. “How dare you make a decision like that? A decision that affects two people –me and you.” Steve closed his eyes, she wasn’t here. She’s not supposed to be here.

“Look at me,” after no response from Steve she raised her voice. “LOOK AT ME!” He finally turned around and opened his eyes. There she was standing in front of him, her nose flared fists clenched at her sides. She took a deep breath, “How dare you,” she seethed and Steve moved forwards and around her, moving back inside the room.

(Y/N) followed storming after him. “HOW DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU MAKE THAT DECISION FOR ME!” (Y/N)’s face was filled with anger, every crevice in her body filled with frustration. “Did you really think that breaking up with me would solve all of your fucking issues? Huh?”

“It would have protected you!” Steve protested.

She scoffed, “Protected? Me? The person who has managed to be best-fucking-friends with every single bloody Avenger? Don’t you think that they’ll come after me either way?” She moved forward, “Did that even cross your stupid pathetic little mind?”

“(Y/N)…” He knew where this was going and if he was honest he loved this. He loved seeing her getting all riled up, all passionate.

“NO! You’re being stupid, moronic and above all, selfish!”


“YES! You made the decision to break up with me, break us! Because of what? You were scared that I would die because of you?” She scoffed once more, “Please, you and I both know that I would probably get myself killed. I mean have you met me?” She gestured to herself.

(Y/N) shook her head, “You didn’t even ask for my opinion Steve, you didn’t even tell me.” She stopped, suddenly finding interest in the vase that was on top of the table, “You made me believe that you didn’t love me anymore,” she sucked in her cheeks and closed her eyes.

Steve shook his head profusely, “No, never.”

“But that’s what you made me think! ”She rubbed her face, “I don’t know how or why you would ever think that breaking up with me would ever be a good idea or how it would benefit us in any way,” she broke off, staring intently at him. “How could you be so foolish?”

“I’m an idiot,” he heard (Y/N) agree, “but I want to tell you that I have been miserable for the last couple of days.”

“I hope that you were.”

“What I did…what I thought was for the best ended up being the worst decision that I have ever made.” (Y/N) shook her head in agreement, “I want you to forgive me for being such an idiot,” whatever Steve was going to say was cut off as (Y/N) launched herself at him, kissing him heavily on the lips. “(Y/N)?” He mumbled, surprised at the action. He expected a slap, or a kick but not this.

(Y/N) broke off the kiss and looked at him, “Look being in a relationship means that you have to communicate with the other person, you get me? You can’t make these life changing decisions by yourself, it’s not like switching milk, okay?” She caressed his cheek and Steve unconsciously lent towards it –much like a cat would-, “I came here to yell at you and then storm out, never intending to kiss you,” she broke off with a sigh and lent her head on his chest, she felt his arms come around her and smiled. “But I fucking missed you so much, even if you did break up with me.”

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, kissing her head softly. “I can’t fathom what I would do without you.”

“Neither can I. So protect me, and I’ll protect you, be my side for the long-haul,” she gazed up at him.

“I promise that I’ll never leave your side.” And Steve meant it with all his heart, there was nothing on Earth or the entire galaxy that could make him break this promise.

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Harry is such an old soul he's so special and so young but kinda wise, I'm in awe every single day, he's just more than we think and it fucks me up lol I love him and wish I could protect him from everything

He’s such an enigma isn’t he? He’s such an old soul and thoughtful and comes across as much older than he really is. His music taste, his love for poems, how he has a lot of older friends etc. But at the same time he can also be 7 years old, with his knock knock jokes, he clearly knows some memes, how he’s around kids or interacting with some fans. I love that’s he’s all in one ❤️

Felicity (One Shot)

Summary: There are five things that make them happy.

I  II  III  IV  V   VI  VII 

01.  Sleeping In

Min Yoongi is aware he is a glutton when it comes to sleep, letting lethargy take its toll as it drags him into the sedated depths of his mind where no one exists. Had one asked months before why he slept so long, he would’ve simply said to escape. He kept his eyes shut in hopes of drowning out the world and hiding himself away for the briefest of moments, letting peace befall his tired frame.

Ask him now and perhaps that answer is different.

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Friends (With Suho, pt 1/4)

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

genre: fluff, angst, smut later (excitement! all three included!)
1759 words

Summary: Protective brother Jongin, infatuated Suho, and the exo k crew messing around with the leader. (Inspired by the Friends episode ‘The One Where Everybody Finds Out’)

pt 1 2 3 4

It’s been twenty minutes and your nose was still bleeding. Your bus was going to leave in seven minutes, you have no ride to school and it takes you an hour and a half to get to that far, far away school. You really felt like destiny doesn’t want you to pass your year.

You’ve been on the verge of failing. But if you showed up to every class you’d probably get enough bonus points to pass your year with somewhat average grades. It didn’t make sense. Why is attendance so important in college? You thought it was the complete opposite?

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I'm sorry #40 and Riarkle❤️

40. This is not how I wanted you to see me.

He’s been angry lately.

He’s been lashing out at people unprovoked, skipping going to Topanga’s after school, ignoring calls and texts from his friends.

He’s been avoiding her, too.

At first, she thinks she’s being completely paranoid. Farkle loves her, he’s said so hundreds of times, and of course he wouldn’t just shut her out. She must just be overreacting.

But then he’s not responding to her messages, keeping his head down and walking on the opposite side of the hallway when she knows he sees her.

She’s confused. Confused and upset.

Why won’t he talk to her?

She brings it up one day to Maya, and vocalizing her frustrations only makes her want to cry.

Maya wraps her arm around her shoulders and holds her close.

“Maybe something’s going on that he isn’t comfortable with us knowing yet.” She says, gently stroking Riley’s hair as they sit in the bay window. “And not telling anyone is making him stressing him out.”

“What can I do, Maya?” She can feel Maya sigh, and she curls closer to her friend. “How can I help him if he won’t tell me what’s wrong?”

“Maybe-“ The blonde pauses for a moment, considering her response. “Riles, maybe he doesn’t want help.”

Maybe he doesn’t want help.

It makes her stomach curl thinking about Farkle holding something that’s hurting him.

But if that’s what he wants, then she’ll listen.

And then he cracks.

It’s a cloudy fall day, and she’s in the middle of spanish class when she gets a text from Lucas telling her that Farkle’s literally exploded at their math teacher and stormed out of the classroom.

She puts up her hand and excuses herself from the class, without even mentioning to Maya what’s going on.

She exits the classroom, practically sprinting down the hallway.

Even though they haven’t talked in longer than she ever imagined they wouldn’t, she knows exactly where he’ll be.

Of course, she’s right.

“Farkle?” She peers around the empty chemistry lab’s doorframe.

Well, almost empty.

He’s sitting on one of the stools, head in his hands, and he’s shaking.

She crosses the room swiftly, reaches hesitantly to place a hand on his shoulder.

Now that she’s close, she can hear him, his shuddering breaths in between undeniable sobs.

And her heart shatters to pieces.

“Farkle.” She repeats, her voice catching on the end of his name, and, after pausing, she wraps her arms around him.

He doesn’t push her away, and so she holds him even tighter.

They stay that way, barely moving, until the crying begins to subside and his breathing begins to even out.

She sits beside him, breaking away from her embrace and leaving their only point of contact their hands, both of hers over one of his.

“Farkle.” She says quietly, and he looks at her, his lips cracking into a weak smile.

“I’m sorry, Riley.” It’s the first words that he’s said to her in ages, and she could just kiss him. “This is not how I wanted you to see me.”

“I’m just happy to see you.” His laugh is dry, and her hands tighten around his. “What’s been going on? Are you okay?”

Dumb question. Of course he’s not okay.

His face goes dark, and he looks back down at the table.

“My parents are getting a divorce.”

“What?” She puts her head on his shoulder, wraps her hand around his arm. “Oh, Farkle.”

“I can hear them fighting. Every single night, after they thought I went to bed.” He wipes his nose on his sleeve. “My mother says she wished I’d never been born.”

Oh, Farkle.

“She said that the only reason she had forced herself to stay with my father was because of me. If I hadn’t existed, she could’ve lived happily for years.”

If she had thought that her heart had been shattered before, she was completely and utterly mistaken.

“I just thought that maybe-“ He inhales, and she can tell that he’s started to cry again. “Maybe that’s what everyone thinks. That I’m a freak of nature in everyone’s way, and that life would be so much easier if I just stayed alone.”

“No.” She pulls away, looks at him with wide, determined eyes. “You think we’d be better without you? Is this why you’ve been avoiding us?” When he nods, she wants to hit him. “Farkle, I need you in my world. Can’t you see that?”

And she cups his head in her hands and pulls his face towards hers, so he has nowhere else to look.

“I need you. I love you, Farkle, you know that. You don’t need to hide things from me.”

“I just don’t know how to handle this. It’s out of my control.” He looks so, so lost, and she wants to hold him tightly and protect him from every single bad thing the world could offer. “How do you deal with something out of your control, Riley?”

“You lean on your friends.” She leans back, moving to fiercely hold his hand. “You let us help. You let me help.”

“I let you help.” He repeats, and she smiles softly. “People change people.”

“People change people.” She pulls him in again, wrapping her arms around him in another tight embrace. “Don’t ever be anything but you, Farkle.”

“I won’t.”

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