to pretty should be banned

The logic antis use to argue that problematic fiction and ships are harmful b/c they can be used to groom out victims and thus should be banned could be applied to pretty much everything.

“Abusers use candy to groom out children and it’s dangerous, we want to protect our children! Ban candy!”

“Knives are useful tools for cooking but bad people can use them to harm and even kill people! Ban knives!”

“Cars are useful to transport between places but bad people can use them to purposely cause accidents and hide bombs! Ban cars!”

“Violent video games perpetuate such harmful images about war and other forms of violence and can brainwash people to become dangerous and aggressive, ban violent video games!”

“Big books can be used to harm people really badly and even cause concussion or death by slamming them in the head, ban big books and print everything as small books!”

And the list goes on.

Do you see how ridiculous this rhetoric is? It’s too vague and can be applied to everything. It doesn’t work.