to play a little

i went around the house, from hallway to dark hallway, with a cardboard box under my arm, and gently picked up all the remnants of my old poetry;
i got all the loose bathroom tiles, i picked up the broken pens and burnt notebooks, all the stapled manuscripts with missing pieces;
i went into the kitchen, got a plastic bag, and somehow, someway, scooped up some vomit that had been laying around on the living room carpet;
i vacuumed up the throw-aways: dust and crumbs and pills;
carefully picked up all the broken shards of glass that somehow glowed bright against the coming of the night, reflecting and refracting every little light;
i even found the dirty polaroids behind the couch and ripped those up, because there was a new dawn coming in a few hours and i wanted the house ready and clean to meet it;
the tv had a big stuck stuck through it; i resolved to replace the tv later, i had done enough cleaning for one night
—  spring cleaning (in the summertime) // every little light

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I'm living for your little pirates verse! What about Wes being jealous about Beth being born and Harrison comforting him?

Thank you so much for being a fan of my Little Pirates series. I’m really glad that people are enjoying my darlings. With that being said, your prompt is a little on the tricky side, mainly because when Beth is born, Harrison is 4 years old and Wes is 2 years old, and while Wes is totally capable of being jealous of Beth, I don’t think Harrison is quite old enough to provide that comfort for him yet. So, for this one, I’ve decided to venture outside the Little Pirates side of this universe and into the Ever After side, which is all stories about Harrison, Wes and Beth when they’re older and very much coming into their own as people. So in this one, Harrison is roughly 31, Wes is 29 and Beth is 27. It’s mainly focused on Harrison and Wes reminiscing on their childhood and comparing it to Harrison’s own children in regards to jealously. Anyway, spoilers (I guess?) to the fates I have designed for all three of them. So here’s 3,600+ words on older!Harrison and older!Wes talking about…a variety of things but mainly childhood jealous towards siblings (thanks Laura for letting me bounce ideas for this prompt off you. you’re my mvp.)

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Things I need daddy to do:

1. Cuddle me
2. play with my hair
3. Make me food
4. Call me good girl
5. Remind me that I’m the only little in his life
6. Take me out
7. Play games with me
8. And finally just love me

the_sad_gay and NICHOLASonICE‘s yoi/p5 crossover au is rly cool and i am

w e a k

((and also a sucker for all their aus and art akjfdhskjfhdksgf))

pls don’t repost!


every hour, every minute 

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did u hear about the malec spoilers ppl saying there is a fight?? what do u think

I DID the info is a little all over the place and i got a glimpse of what ppl were talking about. TBH i am pretty intrigued because if it’s taking place how I think and if the context that was provided for the line is true, then I can really see Magnus telling Alec to get out over the incident with the Shadowhunters being killed and the Downworlders being so angry because Alec doesn’t get it why this is happening – this oppressive conflict that’s been going on for centuries.

This is what I really, really hope is going to be addressed in 2B and while I don’t…quite trust that they’ll do it or do it well, based on this tidbit it looks promising? But it’s impossible to tell from such little information. Anyway, my ideal scenario is for them to show that while Alec and Magnus are in fact in a very loving relationship, there’s still a world of racial politics that divides them and a lot that Alec doesn’t get (understandable, considering the society he was raised in, but equally understandable for Magnus to get upset about it and/or call Alec out on it).

As someone in an interracial relationship, we really do navigate these conversations and situations as part of it. So I think it would be really important to see it played out thoughtfully on screen and to show that if you’re in a loving relationship with someone – esp someone who holds privilege over you – you have every right to call them out on their privilege and be heard. And if your partner is respectful and caring and genuinely loves you, they’ll listen and learn better.